Saturday, 5 September 2015

First Time Sex Lesbian

this is my first story so please excuse me if there is any mistakes and I don’t want you to miss on any details hence the story would be lengthy. I am Brindha from Vellore here to share my experience with my fairy. Let me tell you about me I am a well toned not too slim figure with good amount of flesh at the right places (32-28-34) It all happened when I joined a new company in the metro city. Busy life I had just finished my college and getting a job was really very difficult.

I walked into so many offices to a known answer no vacancy. One day, one of my roommates referred me to a company and said they are looking for receptionist & secretary. I had no choice but to go there. While I was at the reception waiting a guy came and gave me an application to fill. I was busy filling it with my head down. A sweet smell came as the door opened I also heard the staff saying “Good Morning Mam” a beautiful voice replied “Good Morning”. I was too busy to look up.

I finished filling and the guy came to me and asked me to follow him, Usual interview questions tell me about yourself etc etc; he finally said wait for sometime our Director would meet you. I walked back to the reception but I heard the voice again wanted to see the face but the door locked before that. Was waiting in the reception when I heard them call me I walked to my surprise to the same door. I walked in to the room and it was filled with the same wonderful smell. There behind the desk a beautiful lady sat with light baby pink saree. She read out my name “Brindha” wow her lips were so luxuriously soft and shining in the pink lipstick.

She was the director administration and accounts to whom I would be reporting if I get this job. She was very fair I was able to see her green nerves running on her hand. She was slightly on the plump side (38-34-38). I am not a Lesbian but seeing her I felt like hugging her and kissing her. As she was reading my profile I was reading her and was thinking of the guys working in the office. How hard it would be for them to control their horny hard ons went they see her.

She looked and me wow deep brown round eyes with little bit of liner, they were so expressive. We had the interview for half hour where I don’t know what I spoke I was completely mentally off in her beauty. She finally asked me when can you join I said immediate she burst into laugh she had beautiful dimple on her cheek. She said you can join on Monday since today is Saturday we work only half day and we are closing for the week. She asked me to collect the offer from the HR manager. The whole of that night I was dream about her and how I would enjoy seeing her daily.

I named her as MY FAIRY her name is Janaki (Name changed). On Monday morning I reached office even before the shutters were up not because of working but to meet my fairy. Same way before I could realize one month flew away seeing my beautiful fairy. She was not only pretty but soft hearted and very very very good boss. She taught me so many things as soon as I learnt them she would say good and pat on my back for that touch I would go extra miles every day.

It all happened on a Saturday, she was on a con call with our client in Malaysia she never likes to be disturbed then, so I would do the watch dog job. Suddenly there was a out break in news and all the staff were asked to go home. I was unable to disturb her after heavy thinking I told the watchman to close the shutter from outside and go. He told me he can open it only on Monday again. We checked the pantry and ensured we had some food for us to sustain for two days. Watchman ran to the near by shop and bought some bread eggs milk noodles packet vegetables cool drinks and Jam. I called up my friends and said Iam staying back at office.

All of them left I went up to the maintenance room turned off excess light, AC and CCTv cameras. I came down and sat on the couch in the waiting room at 5.30pm. By then my fairy came out very tired after the call to her surprise office was dark and empty. I wanted to play some game with her so hide myself in the rest room and called her mobile and said “mam have you finished the call there was news break out so we all left, since you don’t like to be disturbed we locked the office and left, we have kept some food for you in the pantry and we can open the shutter only on Monday” no sound from her end she just sat down with her hand on her fore head and said ok in a very sad tone. She walked back to her room I wanted see what she was doing I walked behind her slowly. She kept the phone on the table and said “at least someone could have stayed back I am afraid of darkness and being alone”.

By then I spoke to her “you are not alone I am here to give you company” her face brightened and she started to blush. I said do you like to drink something she said yes I would. I went up to the pantry searched for her favorite green tea. But was unable to locate them so warmed up some milk in the microwave and poured it in her cup and took it to her. As soon as she saw the milk she said “no I can’t drink milk”, so I told her “mam you look very tired please have atleast half cup”. Half minded she had half cup and gave back the rest to me.

I took it back to the Pantry and drank it as if it was some prashadham and it tasted so good. I used to admire her without her knowledge at office, while she gave me notes would peep into the dark beautiful valley when she was in salwars. When she was I saree I would keep seeing all uncovered parts. By now I started to think that I have become a lesbian and which is wrong.

Suddenly she called out to me “Brin”, that is how she calls me. I said “coming Mam” and ran upto her. She asked me can we watch some TV feeling bored so we turned on the reception TV and sat on the coutch watching a hindi movie. I do not understand Hindi but I gave her company by now the time was 6.45pm. All the while she was a little bit uncomfortable. Out of curiosity I asked her what the problem was do I need to increase the AC.

She said no dear I am fine, in about 10 minutes she asked me “Brin would you help me if you don’t mind, don’t take me wrong I need this help badly I would fall sick if you are unable to help me”. I was surprised and did not know how to react and what her help would be, highly confused I said “OK mam what should I do? do you want me to get some medicines form First aid box or from your travel bag (She always has a travel bag at office so that on emergency she can travel from office). She said “no this is different, well you see I recently had a miscarriage due to lack of placenta movement, as you don’t know about my background let me tell my story”.

She started to say “I come from a very good wealthy family my husband and me started this business and he handles it abroad and I handle it here we have a son who lives with me and my mother, my husband visits us twice a month. Two months ago I had this miscarriage which doctors forcefully aborted since heart beat was not there for the baby after seventh month”. I felt very sorry for her and my eyes started watering. She looked into my eyes and said “don’t worry all for good what if the child was born and died”, I nodded quietly.

She said “now you would ask me what was the help I needed right?” I said “yes mam please tell me what should I do”. She took my hand in hers and said “please do not take me wrong it is very uncomfortable and painful hence asking you this big favour”. I looked at her beautiful brown eyes and said “it is ok mam please tell me”. “I usually go home at this time of the day and pump it out using the milk pump but today we are stuck here and I don’t know what to do” what ever she said was greek and latin to me I did not understand a word spoken by her.

She moved her pallu aside only then I realized what she meant. Can you please? she gushed in a soft voice. I said “Yes mam” I never anticipated for such a moment but when everything was happening I decided to go for it. she made me lie on her lap wow I was in heaven but acted as if i am not comfortable and got up she asked me ” what is wrong” I said no mam you remove your blouse then I will lie down. I wanted to see her deep dark valley of secrets before tasting them. I was in a light blue t-shrit and a black jean. she unbuttoned her purple blouse every button off my heart was beating so fast. when all the button was out I was able to see a light pink laced bra holding the white pinkish milk bags it was a front open bra which she opened in a second. Out sprang the beautiful milk bags off the cage full of milk. “Now take them” she said.

I slowly walked towards her and laid my head so that her right breast is on my chest and the left one is in my mouth. they were light brown and looked less used and dry. I wanted to give her some fun as well and seduce her and have my first lesbian sex with her. Two nights and a day is never going to be coming back. So i gently licked it and circled my tongue around the nipples and made it harder, I knew she was getting turned on. she said “ummm start drinking it is heavy you can play with it later”. These words gave me the passport and visa to travel on her beautiful body.

The moment I covered her nipples with my lips and tongue tasty flavored milk started gushing into my mouth. Suddenly i realized that my chest was getting wet. I lifted my head to see that her right breast was oozing out on its own. I did not move because I had different plans. I let it get wet completely slowly I took guts and started to press her left boobs, she thought I was draining it but I was enjoying it. They were very soft and very good to touch. In 10 mints all milk got over in the left bank. I got up and said as if I didnt see”oh my god my tshirt is also wet,Mam if you don’t mind can I remove it”she said ” yeah only both of us are here please do”.

So I got ups and removed it slowly and lay back on her lap with black bra and black jean. This time I wanted her to feel me so I turned my head towards her breast and held her waist closely to me rapping it round using my hand. I started to suck it so slowly she was really in cloud nine and said “don’t stop you are so amazing” I kept sucking slowly so the milk was coming slowly. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my breast she cupped my left breast and started to squeeze it so softly and firmly. I kept my magic on.

I removed my hand from her waist and started to play with her round nipples which were hard as wood now. Her hand moved on my back I guessed she was searching for the clip so I arched my back to facilitate in removing. She unhooked it and started to feel my bear skin slowly her soft fingers moved towards my breast and then cupped it and slowly up to the nipples and she squeezed it gently and pulled it. I know it was time she wanted to take them in her mouth, so I moved my hand over her head and slightly tilted or pushed it giving her a green signal. She bent down and kissed it softly and started to suck it.

Wow what an amazing feeling she was sucking me and I was sucking her. Now milk got over in both the breast. I whispered in her ear “do you want me to suck you dry in any other place? Jannu” She opened her eye wide and looked at me and kissed my lip, our lip lock lasted more than an hour with each of our tongues meeting each other with saliva transfer and biting chewing sucking lips. She parted our lip lock and said “yes I do have another place which is like fountain now but we will have dinner first and later have our full course meal”. I said “Boss is always right”. She smiled and said “I am your Jannu now no boss”.

We laid in the couch me completely naked on top and she was half covered. I asked her “till then can I have milk if is available!” she smiled and said “yes from now on I do not need the pump anymore”. I placed my lips on it and started to suck milk bags were actually empty with the left having a little in it.

I got up and asked her what you want for dinner she said anything other than bread and milk else you will have to drink milk the whole night. I laughed and said “that is what we have Of course we have noodles egg and vegetables but I enjoy dirnking my Jannu’s milk but just in case you don’t want to feed me!” she looked at me buttoning her blouse I would feed you the whole of today and tomorrow night and everyday starting now”. I was very happy I smiled at her and went to the kitchen made some scrambled eggs and toasted some bread and Jam one BIG glass of milk for my Jannu. She asked me “is it all for me” I said “yes my dear”, for U? I kissed her and said I have my milk banks. But she insisted that I ate something so I had some bread as well.

We watched TV for sometime then she went to clean up herself and changed in to beautiful black velvet nighty. I was flat seeing her beauty and kissed her and went to clean up. I did not have a change over so wore my jean and bra and came out. She looked at me and asked “are you comfortable in it”. I said not exactly. She said “why don’t you wear my other nighty” which sounded really exciting and thanked my stars for the new outbreak. I changed quickly and came out wearing only the nighty. We both went to her cabin, I thought we are going to sleep on the carpet but to my surprise the couch in her room was sofa cum bed. She pulled it out into a neat bed and we both sat on it. By now it was 11pm and I gave here almost three glasses of milk since she must be weak serving me milk.

I asked her “are they fully loaded” she said “I don’t think so” I smiled and started to kiss her soft cheeks. We slowly started kissing each other, and then our lips join the game we were locked like this for almost half hour her saliva was so tasty and she was an amazing kisser. This time I let her take the lead so that all her sexual urge comes out. In no time she stripped me off my dress and made me nude and started to kiss me head to toe and also lick me I was drenched in her saliva. She did not touch the nipples and the pussy all the other areas were soaked in her saliva. She sucked my armpit below my breast and Iam completely hair free so this made it easy for her.

Suddenly she let a small sound of pain and said your milk banks are ready for you. Now it was my turn but I was in no hurry I told her let it collect some more you enjoy me for some time. She was happy when I said that since someone is allowing her to have fun. She came on top of me lifted up her nighty and her skin was so soft and milky white. She was also hair free and I ran my hand over her soft tummy and slowly down.

She did not remove the milk bank from its cage. They were intact and I was able to see that they were bigger than ususal and waiting for me. She said will you suck me dry these two nights and day I love to be sucked dry. I told her it is my pleasure Jannu. She moved closer to my face and stopped just before my chin, her pussy was just inches away from my tongue. I moved myself lower she lifted her hip to raise her pussy and placed it on my lip oh my! It smelled so nice and pussy was like a fountain. She looked into my eyes and said please do it, I placed a kiss over it and started to lick its side walls first of the over flooded love juice. She started to mourn and said please bite me be wild with me eat me suck me drain me Brin Iam yours today do not stop or hesitate love you Brin. These words made me go crazy and she also nailed me down with her leg on my waist and both her hands clubbing my breast. She started to pinch and pull out my nipples kneeling over me.

I was happily drinking her love juice which never stopped flowing even I wished it never stopped. Suddenly I felt her pressing me and some kind of tension in her pussy and she got her first orgasm and was flowing wildly with love juice over and over again it lasted for almost 5 minutes and she started to tremble. I made her lie down near me. And looked into her eye and said I love you Jannu and we kissed again I shared her love juice to her from my mouth along with my salaiva.

She drank it like a hungry baby and said it tasted sweet. I then smiled at her and said time to clear up the milk banks. This time I would drink it like a calf she was surprised I made her stand in fours and I crept under her and started to suck the milk bank which was flowing like water sprinklers and I felt really tied after emptying them again. Was about to get up.

She immediately pulled my leg and got hold of both my legs with her face in between them she looked at my face asked can I! I said they are waiting. We were now in 69 position. Her pussy was ready again with the sucking of milk bank.

So we started to suck & eat other dry she was very soft in doing that as well. I felt as if a lotus petal was moving on my pussy and no force was applied to it I wished she never stopped. Suddenly she gave a sharp bite on clitoris and let her finger inside my pussy and asked are you a virgin. I said Yes I am. She said ho ok then virgin pussy tastes really good and once again back in action. I asked her why did you bite me suddenly I thought that you were sleeping and not sucking me so I did it to wake you up it was then I realized that I had her pussy in my mouth and I wasn’t licking it.

With this We both had our wonderful orgasm and rested for a while. she slept like a baby hugging me.

Suddenly at night I felt something warm on my breast I woke up to see her sucking my nipples and fingering me, and the game started again. that night I drank so much of fresh milk which I had never done even in my child hood. Her nipples also changed shape. At night she asked me do you want to loose your virginity I was surprised by this question and said I don’t know she told me we can do a plastic surgery later on to fix it, I wont let you go Brin I want to be in your arms and you in mine saying so she started to kiss me wildly. we had almost 10 to 11 orgasm that night. we started to sleep only at 5am. I woke up at 10 am the next morning I saw here sleeping near me and banks were full and oozing again. I softly placed my lips over it and started to suck them without waking her up. It was even more delicious than the night. both banks were half done I went to the wash room washed myself and came out.

I prepared some noodles for breakfast and a glass of orange juice for her. When I went to wake her up she was already awake and hugged me like a small kid. I never knew there was such a sweet child hidden inside her. She washed herself and came out, she told me why don’t we walk around freely today I asked her how she said in our birthday suits! I said ok to it. we had our breakfast and saw a lesbian sex on the you tube and were like bitches on heat. She drank milk and ate bread to feed me.

She sat on the couch with me on her lap with legs spread as usual I emptied half tank then thought of an Idea. I slipped between her legs kneeling down I started to suck her pussy then suck some milk and kissed her with all three mixed it tasted so good (Milk+love juice+saliva). Kept doing this till she came in waves after waves. I made get her orgasm more than 5 times in this position by fingering her, tongue fucking her & rubbing my nipples on her pussy which was her favorite. When I rub one nipple over the clitoris rubbed the other inside the pussy and take it up to her to lick it.

When I was tired she made me lie down and went to the pantry and came back with candles honey and chocolate syrup. She first poured honey into my naval and fingered it and sucked my naval, then applied honey on my armpit and licked it clean. She light the candle and applied honey on my nipples and massaged it hard. She asked me to close my eyes and I felt something warm on them.

I asked her what it was she said shh just enjoy it Brin, is it nice! I said yes it is amazing. Then the same feeling happened in the naval. then she sat between my legs and poured something cold on the walls I guessed it was the chocolate syrup then something hot on the clitoris. She started to click my flooding pussy I had my 1st orgasm in no time, she repeated everything again but this time in 69 position I get to eat her pussy as well. when I opened my eye I saw wax moulds on my nipple anal and clitoris on the side table. She said one for you one for me. Then came the milk bank clearing. This time she said I would give you a milk bath I did not understand she sprayed her milk on my body and licked it dry all over including my pussy. Both our pussy was red and we still were not satisfied. I did the candle game to her and took moulds of her.

By now it was afternoon we were tired and we slept hugging each other naked our bodies had smell of honey, chocolate & saliva. We got up in the evening and I had some juice Jannu drank milk and we had two more packets let in the fridge which was for later. We watched the evening movie on TV in a very different way I was sucking my Jannu’s milk bank and she was fingering me and eating some snacks. Night I saw her nipple have taken a shape of a feeding bottle nipple extended than being round. So was mine but less when compared to her that night was even more awesome with 69 position fingering role plays punishments with wax and lots of kisses and milk.

Next day morning we woke up early and saw there were bite marks all over our bodies black blue purple red even on our butts. We washed ourselves in the same bathroom with golden showers and water soaped each other and wore neat dress waited for the watchman to open the shutters. Once office was open we went home and took a day off to sleep.

Now my desk is shifted inside my Jannu’s Cabin now I get to drink milk whenever she feels uncomfortable from under the table. I was suck and eat her pussy even when she is on a concall as well she eats my pussy in the bathroom everyday morning, afternoon and Evening each time organizing me more than twice.

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