Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Breastfeeding Me

I imagine the empty area in my mother-in-law's basement is actually a large baby nursery. Most of her family thinks Mary works a normal secretary job, but she actually babysits infants every day. Every morning, 5 infant boys are dropped off at her house while the parents work. She only babysits infant boys, as she is a special type of babysitter. Mary is a wet nurse. She only babysits parents with lots of money, as parents bid for her services. When the baby turns 1 year old, she no longer watches the baby and has an opening for a new baby.
In addition to the normal things a babysitter does (cuddling, diaper changes, naptimes), Mary breastfeeds her baby boys that she watches. She stopped taking her medication over a year ago, and since has started producing milk in quantities that doctors cannot explain. She is able to keep 5 babies fully fed during the day, sometimes with one on each breast when necessary.

She does have help though. Her youngest daughter Hannah assists her every day with diaper changes, rocking, and any other things so Mary can focus on nursing her babies. She is paid very well by "Nana" and in return Hannah is sworn to secrecy. All of Nana's baby boys are fed exclusively by her breast milk until they turn 1. The parents are given her expressed (pumped) milk to feed their babies at nights and weekends. Nana will also do night calls if a baby is especially fussy or runs out of milk.

Frustrated Milky Breasts

I love the way my breasts look. They are large and full looking with big sticky-out nipples. What's more they are full of milk - too much milk!
I gave birth to a baby about six months ago and, since then, my body has become virtually everything I ever wished for. I've worked hard on getting my tummy flat, and have succeeded fairly well, and then there are my tits. I think they are simply amazing.

I produce a lot of milk naturally and this makes my breasts tingle with pleasure. I feel sexy all of the time, so no post natal depression for me. I delight in having to express some of my excess milk during the day, squeezing and pulling on my nipples or sometimes using a small pump to do the job. As the milk flows so do my pussy juices.

From all of this you might be thinking that life is great for me. After all I have a wonderful baby, tits to die for and I'm constantly aroused sexually. Well all of these are fantastic, but then there is the downside - my husband.

He now calls me 'mummy' and thinks my tits are only for the baby. He's also not too keen on sex at the moment. Sure we have a once a week coupling, but it's routine and is over very quickly leaving me feeling let down and frustrated.

The truth is that my husband doesn't like my tits, especially when they leak milk. Whereas I want him to ravish them, suck them and lick up any milk, he wants to run a mile.

My Wife's Sister

My wife namitha is 5.1 tall and under a 100 pounds. She is a beautiful black-eyed sexy young woman. She has great legs, a tight round ass and a set of biggest tits imaginable on such a petite frame. They don't sag and look positively mouthwatering without a bra. I love namitha very much and respect her as a person, but I have to admit that what first caught my eye were these huge firm 38-D's on such a tiny girl. We've been married a little over five years and have had a great marriage until now.
namitha has an elder sister named savitha who looks completely different from namitha. savitha is tall and curvy probably 5'10" or 5'11" with big ass and 34-D's tits. Anyway, savitha is a very successful realtor living in Mumbai and we hadn't seen her since our wedding day. We exchanged cards, photos and the sisters often called each other until last month. I don't get to travel as often but luckily i was assigned a trip to Mumbai, I called namitha right away and suggested her to join me so she could visit her sister.

namitha wanted to surprise savitha so we didn't announce our arrival and instead we just drove to her house, walked up to the front door and rang the bell and there was no answer. namitha suggested we look around back in case savitha was in the pool or gardening. As we approached the high privacy fence around the pool area, we heard voices. Both namitha and I pushed our faces close to the fence and peeked between the redwood slats. I had never seen anything like it in my life! savitha was face down on several towels on her knees with her ass high in the air, while this tan young guy was ramming in and out of her cunt with the biggest cock I have ever seen on a man and it wasn't just long, it was thick too. And that's when all my troubles began.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Exchange of Wives

Part 1:

"Kanaara? Did you say, Kanaara? Where in the hell is that?"
That was my dear wife Vani when I told her of my placement as new Development Officer of one of the prestigious Insurance Companies of India. We were a happy couple, married for one year. Now that I had finished my training as D.O. and she had cleared her B. Ed., we were out in the open to conquer the world.

"It's a small town of sixty thousand, some 200 Km east of Vapi."

"I don't want to go in a remote corner where you have no life of any kind including no potential for growth."

"There is such potential, You get on the job experience at a higher rate of salary. Besides it is right in the middle of mango zone."

That did it, Vani could go miles even to smell a good mango. She put aside all the negative aspects of living in a small town and we moved to a modest house rented by the Company by the middle of May. Luckily she got a job of a teacher in local high school

No sooner we moved in than a bevy of neighbors poured in offering help, unwanted advice, guidance and such. They enquired about our background, profession, our income, our families, and expressed genuine concern of us not having a baby even after a year of marriage. By evening time I was expecting someone to ask me the size of my pecker and frequency of our fucking. Well, nobody did.

Yoga Transforms Wife

My wife started to get back into shape after she found yoga. The experience with yoga helped her to get her mind and body into shape and gave her more confidence than I had seen from her in years.
She is now into jeans I have not seen her wear in years, has let her hair grow longer and is getting her nails down French tipped style and is having a pedicure done weekly as well. She is looking better all the time in her Capri pants, sandals and smaller tops.

Through it all I have been struggling with an affair, having been seeing my college sweetheart, who has been driving me crazy with her body and the sex we enjoy weekly.

My wife told me she has been enjoying the new friends she has been meeting at her weekly yoga classes. She told me most of the class is women, but there are three men who regularly attend the classes. I asked her about the men and she said it was nothing, just guys wanting to get some stretching in. As I asked her more she told me more of course, which aroused my interest and made me wonder what if anything was going on.

After asking more questions, she proceeded to tell me about the guys in her class. She said Josh was a 33 year old, single, and an avid rock climber and outdoors person. He was nothing special, but a very nice person. Dave was a around 54, my age, and was an avid long distance biker and worked with light weights, as a form of cross training, and finally Jamaal was 45, and a former college basketball player and was using yoga to get back into shape after knee surgery while playing a pick up game. She said they were all nice and she enjoyed being around them and that they made the class more interesting.

Pass the Lady

My wife was quite reluctant as we had never even considered an adult game in the privacy of our own bedroom let alone in front of strangers. How did the office party get so raunchy?
Let me start from the beginning. My wife decided she wanted to go back to work as a real estate agent. She was excited to get out of the house and start working again; after all, our youngest was now in school and we could use the cash. She was working for about five weeks when she sold her first house. It had been slow and she was trying to find ways to pick up her business when one of her friends told her that she had to be more aggressive in getting clients by going to parties and making more contacts. So when she was invited to a party by one of her clients she decided we should go.

Now, I am not one for parties but since I wanted to help her business get started I agreed to go. We got a babysitter and she dressed really sexy as her friend told her sex appeal works and she had plenty to show off. She is 36 years old but has the body of a 25 year old, 36C firm tits and nice thin waste that she works hard to stay firm. Her hips are a bit larger than when she was in her 20s and we married but still very nice at 36” and very firm. She loves to get attention from men, don’t all women. She is a bit of a flirt but very subtle and certainly not sluty in her demeanor. Still, I was surprised at how low cut the dress was that she picked out and that it only barely covered her ass.

My Wife at the Holiday Party

A few months ago, my wife Karen and I were invited to a holiday party that was thrown by my boss. It was the beginning of the holiday season, and we were eager to go to a nice party, even though it was going to be mostly attended by my coworkers.
Karen and I had only been married a few years ago, after we met in college and fell in love, and we discovered very quickly in our relationship that I loved showing her off. Karen has a beautiful face and a gorgeous "girl next door" body, thin and curvy in all the right places but without looking like a plastic centerfold. Her crowning glory is her breasts, which were a small C-cup and were as perky and full as they had been in college, and were topped by perky pink nipples.

It turns me on to watch other guys stare at her, and Karen has indulged me by wearing tight dresses and low-cut tops. Once during the summer we took a trip to the south of France, and Karen even went to far as to take off her bikini top and sunbathe topless. Even jaded French tourists who had seen naked tits all day stopped and gawked at my wife's gorgeous breasts.

But around our own friends Karen is more reserved, and that meant that when we were home she won't show off or tease as much. Sometimes if we're at a bar or an event where we don't know anyone, she'll wear a blouse that gapes open and will bend over a lot and let guys see down her shirt and get a glimpse of her nipples, but usually she's too concerned about her reputation to do anything more.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Desires Exfoliated

Shweta entered the elevator standing there thoughtless. Her growing fascination had put her in many such absent minded situations. Realizing she had been standing in the lift she hit the 12th floor button. She forced her mind to dwell on the dinner plans for her family.
'Veg or Non – Veg....... Veg or Non – Veg......' she asked herself.

On reaching her floor she opened the door and entered her vacant house. Tossing her gym gear on the nearby desk she walked towards the window. She lined her sight to the building across the road to the 7th floor and saw that her husband was still in his cabin working. She could make out that his tie was loose and a couple of buttons undone to get some extra oxygen.

'As usual he is going to be late tonight'. She thought.This had been the case for months now. Rohan had immersed himself deeply in his work. He worked late and sometimes he would just sleep in his office if he got too tired, late and had a lot of work. He was a great provider but recently he had lost his sexual desires. At least that is what Shweta thought.

Shweta pulled her sweaty top over her head and untied her lycra-track. She guided her tracks down her silky smooth legs until they piled at her ankles. She stepped out of them and bent downwards to pick them up.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Dance Parties Lead To A World Of Swinging

Hey everyone, this is Nabeel from Pakistan. I've been fond of reading and enjoying to so many stories that are uploaded here regardless of the real or fake nature. And after such a long association to this site, now I’ve planned to share my real life experiences with all you people. So cutting short let me introduce myself.
My name is Nabeel and I am a graphics designer by profession and working in an MNC. I'm married to my beautiful wife Afia who is running an NGO for women rights. We have been together from almost 3 years and got married just around 1 year back. We were very happy with our marriage life. Before marriage we had done loads n loads of crazy things like making out in the car parking, kissing and fondling in the public places, she used to suck me off while I drove etc. But after getting married things were going kind a smooth as we plenty of opportunities to make out at home and so the craziness was almost gone from our sex life.
My wife was from a simple family and was not involved in the night life as she had never been to parties or raves before meeting me, and once I started taking her there, she went crazy for them and would insist me always not to waste any opportunity if there is one. Even I make her drink for the very first time on such parties and afterwards she loved to dance and swing to the music and enjoyed at the peak.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fucked By Strangers

Hi this is Jyoti. i m married to sachin 2 years back. It was love marriage. Myself 5.4 tall an fair girl. my fig 32,28,34. Now i wan to tell my real story which happened before my marriage. This incident happened when I and sachin went out of city and sitting in his car. its almost 8pm and sachin started kissing me. Usually we did like this many times before but never had sex. Till that day I’m virgin. But That day was special for me because first time i was fucked.
I and sachin sitting in car and sachin is kissing me. His tongue is deep inside me. i was too hot that time. I was wearing jeans and top. sachin inserted his hand in top and started pressing my boobs. As my top is so tight we decided to remove top as there is no one to see us. then i removed my top and sachin started pressing my boobs. He just lifted my bra and make me half nude. we both enjoying and it happened for 20 minutes. Then Few men surrounded and trying to see inside car. As i frightened and started wearing top. After we dressed up we wanted to move from that place but they are standing in front of car and not allowing us to go. sachin Opened window and said we are talking in car and now we r moving but one of them said to come out of car or he will not allow us to go.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Cuckold Indian Couple With Hot Negro In Kerala Resort

Hi everyone i am suresh a 26 year old married bhramin guy. i used to fantasies cuckolding rit from wen i was it started? i was generally abused in college because of my fat body and hairless smooth body. People generally call and tease me hey booby boy, or your boobs and ass really look sexy. some of the hot hunks use to tease more saying after ur marriage better allow your wife to work so that she gets hot men for fun. i used to be very angry initially, but later on i started fantasizing the cuckolding part more and started loving it. So wen i was 25 i got married to a gal, akshara. i was in a well settled IT job and had many financial assets. so finding a bride was quite easy. akshara was 22 just completed college and was placed as HR in a private firm. i had wantedly searched for sexy/modern girls rather than homely ones. akshara has 38 sized boobs and 36 hips, quite chubby , fair and cute. she had a small round belly. so during our honeymoon in kerala, i wanted to make my cuckold things come true, so i asked her to come in a swim suit which was sexy and come to the pool and swim when some bachelors where there. i was there inside the pool and she came, many of them started ogling at her 38 sized boobs. My cock started to raise a little seeing this.
When she came inside the pool, i saw a negro man standing there and ogling her. WOW , this was my ultimate moment. i always prefer negro men to Indians. I went near akshara and asked her to lift her hands and relax wen she takes rest , and do it in the seat which is close to that negro. she was really surprised and asked why. i had initially told to her tat i love wen other men admire my wife's beauty and makes me proud. so i said her the same and said lets play little game and tease our black man here. she smiled naughtily and went outside the pool as per my instruction. she sat on the chair near him and streched her both legs and arms in a relaxed portion. it revealed her sexy armpits with small hairs and tight boobs pumping thorugh her cleavage. the man was really watching her this time ogling her helplessly.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Unexpected Swap At Munnar

Hi friends and we would like to share an unexpected erotic incident in our life which
will not happen again in our life, at least that circumstances especially my wife
wanted to share because it increased our emotional bonding
and sexual pleasure.
I will be short and crisp as I am not professional writer to make you finger or shag. I
am Kumar aged 37 working as associate professor near Chennai and my wife
Puspalata aged 34 works as assistant professor and we have 2 kids aged 8 a
nd 5 and
our is love marriage.
I was senior in college and she is Tamil Brahmin and my wife Puspalata is typical
Tamil Brahmin lady who had 2 kids with pregnancy stretch marks on her fair
stomach ass breasts hips and my wife Lata has round fair face with n
ose ring
mookuthi attached to her nose with thick lips and kumkum on her forehead.
My wife has 34b fair slightly sagging breasts capped with big thick
longish brown
nipples like cow teats with brown areole quarter of her boobs like all south Indian
women l
ata’s boobs and ass where cloths are covered is more fairer than other part of
her body.
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