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My Asian Wife

Part 1 : Her first encounter with her ex-boyfriend
My buddy, Nhan and I finished a round of tennis at the local community centre and decided that we would have a few drinks at my place. We arrived home and to my wife' surprise I had a guest with me on a weeknight. My wife's name is Lin and she knew Nhan from years ago when they used to date briefly during their early years of high school - 20 plus years ago. We sat down on our large sofa and the three of us started to drink and chat. 

I was in my mid 40 whereas she was in her early 40s. We were happily married and we were both Asian and like most typical Asian, we were thin and small. I was 5-foot 8 and weighted about 140 lbs with a fit body as I do workout in a gym regularly. She was just a bit over 5 feet tall and weighted no more than 110 lbs. Lin was able to keep most of the baby weight off after having children and still maintained an awesome mid-aged figure of 36D-26-34.

Nhan was also Asian but a little bit shorter than I likely around 5-foot 5 but he was extremely fit and muscular. He was also married but don't have any children.

Both Nhan and I can drink but as for my wife, one is all she needed to feel the impact. It must have been about an hour into our drinking that I decided after 3 beers, I have had enough and should head to bed. My wife was still trying to finish her first so Nhan decided to keep her company while I headed upstairs to get ready for bed.

Just before I went to bed, I wanted to say good night and as I was on my way downstairs, I heard some giggling and decided that I should quietly take a peak to see what was going on. To my surprise, Nhan was now sitting next to my wife whispering something in her right ear. What ever he said, she gave him a smile and not a second later, he had his right hand on her thigh slightly massaging it. Not sure if it was the alcohol or that they were catching up on where they left off 20 plus years ago but regardless, it looked like it was going to be an interesting night.

Fareeda and her Sister in Law

"Whoa Faree, I think that had to be the best orgasm of my life!" she gasped still recovering "Oh god I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I've wanted that for so long" she spoke this last while again giving me a powerful hug and pressing her lips to mine. I too was overcome by our remarkable closeness and the intensity of our passion.

As we were laying together embracing and cuddling, I felt her hand move between my thighs and as I spread them to open myself to her, she rolled me onto my back and laying on my right side, she cupped my waiting mound in her hand, rubbing it softly before curling her two middle fingers into wet hole. "Oh yes Jamee! Ohhh pleeease!" I moaned as I covered her hand with mine pushing it hard against my lusting sex. She knew exactly what I needed as I felt her lips and tongue gently caressing my right nipple before sucking it into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaahh" I placed my free hand on the back of her head and held her tight to my breast.

Between sucking on my nipple and massaging inside my sopping pussy with her fingers, I was in a heavenly place. Then she began moving her head down my body, first kissing under my breasts then down to my belly and now I felt her face lightly brushing against my pubic hair. Oh! I was shivering with anticipation of what I knew was coming.

"YES!" I groaned as her tongue parted my wet lips and began lapping at the juices of my arousal. She repositioned herself between my legs and went to work applying all her ability and passion to give me a level of pleasure I will not soon forget. She started out sucking and gently tugging my outer lips, progressing to penetrating me deeply with her tongue and then she sucked my erect little bud into her mouth and began gently playing with it between her teeth. I had been smoldering for too long and now the waves of orgasm rose within me. "Ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhh!" I was moaning and gasping for air and just as my orgasm was about to peak, she pushed her middle finger deep into my ass. My body went out of control and I thrashed wildly about on the bed screaming! 

Stranger Puts Suntan Lotion on Wife

Bob and Sara were on vacation in Florida with their friends Rich and Diane. The two married couples were staying at a nice resort and spent a lot of time down by the pool. One day Sara tore her modest one-piece bathing suit and had to go purchase a new one at the hotel store. Diane accompanied her and tried to talk her into getting a bikini instead of another one-piece.

"Oh, Diane, I couldn't wear that bikini," laughed Sara, blushing deeply. "I would be embarrassed."

"What have you got to be embarrassed about?" replied Diane frankly. "You have a terrific body."

"Why thank you, dear," said Sara modestly. "But what would Bob say?"

"He'll probably say 'Hubba, hubba,' or something like that," exclaimed Diane with a grin.

"Ok, I will be daring and get the bikini," consented Sara.

When Sara came out to the pool wearing her new bikini, she noticed a lot of the men turning to look at her. She fought the urge to cover her large jiggling breasts with her hands and she summoned the nerve to straighten her shoulders as she strode over to where the gang was waiting for her.

"Sweet Jesus," exclaimed Bob in shock when he saw how much skin his wife was showing. "What made you get that bathing suit?"

Mixed Doubles

"Where is my shirt, Ohh god you have not pressed it," Dilip picked up his crumpled shirt.

"At least I washed it," Anita shouted from kitchen.

"What am I going to wear, you know today is a very important meeting for me and I need this white shirt," he sounded miserable. 

"Please iron it yourself, my baby, I am busy preparing the breakfast," Anita spoke.

"Yeah, as if I am free," he murmured and grabbed the iron. 

Anita walked out of the kitchen and saw Rahul their six years old son, munching the bread.

"Eat quickly, beta, you don't have the whole day for that and don't forget to finish you milk, ohh god I have to get ready," she rushed to bedroom. 

Dilip and Anita were married for almost ten years now and they have a lovely six year old son. They met in collage, fell in love, finished the collage and landed nice lucrative jobs in once booming IT sector. Much against the wishes of their parents they got married and settled down in Mumbai. Dilip belong to the North India while she was from Mumbai so neither of their parents felt that the marriage is going to work, while Dilip was pure vegetarian, Anita has no problem with meat. Against all odds and cultural differences they were together for ten years and were madly in love with each other. 

First Time Swing with Friends

I watched silently as Sarah hesitantly reached out, her fingers lightly tracing along the length of my engorged cock through my skin hugging jockey shorts. She could clearly see how hard I was; my cock may as well have been naked the way the material of my shorts clung to it tightly. As her fingers slid over me my cock jerked slightly, the confines of my tight underwear preventing anything more.

Sarah looked up at me her innocent face clearly unsure if she should proceed or not.

"Go on Lisa." my wife called out to her from the other side of the room, where she sat next to Sarah's husband on the other sofa. I briefly looked over at my 30 year old wife to see that her large 34E breasts were naked and hanging free allowing Tom to grope them as Claire gently massaged his swollen cock through his underwear. My wife's nipples were swollen standing out hard and firm like little erasers in the middle of her large areola. As my wife shifted slightly giving Sarah's husband easier access to her full breasts, her thighs parted allowing me to she the damp patch spreading across her high cut black lace panties betraying her obvious arousal. Her thighs looked as inviting as always, famed by a sexy pair of lace topped black stockings.

My attention was suddenly dragged back to the inexperienced 25 year old kneeling between my thighs as her fingers suddenly tightened around my shaft. I looked down to see Sarah staring intently at the new cock between her fingers as she slowly and gently started to rub me up and down. She took a deep breath as my cock again jerked from the attention she was giving it and I watched her plump breasts heaving inside her bra as she did so, the soft flesh fighting against the, material and threatening to spill out.

Amy and I Star in WifeSwitch

Amy and I have been married for only a year but have been together for nearly 11 years. She stands 5'5", weighs 135lbs, long blonde hair and eyes that change from blue to green depending on her mood. She has a lovely set of 36C breasts, a nice round ass and legs to die for. Everywhere she goes she turns heads and she lives to flirt with both men and women. Amy possesses the friendliest personality and is very confident in her sexuality. This confidence has permitted both of us to live out many of our fantasies including swapping, wife sharing, orgies, and both MMF and FFM threesomes. 

For the last while we have had a difficult time finding anyone suitable to play around with so we decided to try looking online. We were disappointed that we found little success on the web so I made a suggestion that I thought might work. My wife and I enjoy watching porn together and we both really loved a series called WifeSwitch so we decided to explore how we could take part in an episode of our favourite porn. Amy and I visited the WifeSwitch website where we found an e-mail address to which we were to send pictures and a brief description of what we were looking for and what type of people we found attractive. In our letter Amy stated that she would like the guy to be physically fit but not too built with short dark hair and he must be a gentleman. I wrote that I would prefer a woman that was beautiful and had a natural body and that she need not be Caucasian. We also included that the couple must be very secure in their relationship and should have some swapping experience in order to avoid any jealousy or other complications. We attached a few pictures of ourselves and sent off our application hoping to generate some interest.

Give Me a Hand

At University there had always been the three of us, a trio of girls who were rapidly closing in on their twenties and turning into women, and who hung around together. Ruth, petite and red haired, was the giggly and adventurous one, Dinah was the willowy blonde that any group needs to help pull the boys, and Dawn - that's me - was the mousy one, the bog standard, general issue female who doesn't stand out in any way, but makes up the numbers.

We were almost never apart, whether we were out clubbing or drinking, at gigs, raves or festivals, attending lectures, and even occasionally studying in the library, we'd always be together. We even went on multiple dates together to make sure that our boyfriends of the moment only got as far with us as we were prepared let them. In short we were known to be inseparable because we were seen doing everything together.

But there was one activity which we indulged in that we took care nobody saw us doing together. I'm not sure how that started, although I guess alcohol must have had something to do with it, but about once or twice a week we'd all get together in one of our rooms and have what we called our private fun time. If we were all in the right mood, and that was pretty often, someone would suggest that it might be playtime and then we would undress and either watch each other masturbate or help each other masturbate, or even use the vibrator that Ruth had bought on each other. The main aim, besides collapsing into embarrassed giggles, was to make each other come as hard and as often as possible. 

Now I must be clear that we were not really attracted to our own sex at all and everything we did was without any romantic overtones. To understand you have to remember that we were all subject to raging youthful hormones and unaccustomed freedoms at that time, and so we found it easy to be horny around each other. Fun time was our way of alleviating that horniness. So rather than being secret lesbians we were more like secret exhibitionists, if there can be such a thing, and our purpose was simply to have fun in each other's presence, you know, fooling around sexy fun. We didn't kiss, or make love, or anything like that, we just made each other orgasm, and then laughed at the noises we each made and the faces we pulled. The only time when any of us got even slightly more involved was once when Ruth went down on me, just, or so she said, to see what it was like. I must admit that I enjoyed it and I came really hard, but I don't think she thought much of it because it was never mentioned again.

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