Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sex Changed Our Life

Right from my school days, I was liked by the senior girls of my school. They used to call me to their congregation in the school and like to talk, joke and play with me. Some of the senior girls even kiss on my forehead treating me a younger one. But I get a pleasure out of this without understating sex. Still I liked to be kissed by them. Hence I like girls and like to sit, talk, and joke with them. This tendency of mine went ahead at a same pace with my growth.
Mine has two children, the elder one is in St.6 and younger one is still sucking his mother’s nipples. Whenever I attempt even to touch his mother’s nipple, he fights with me and does not allow me to touch. I was in financial crisis. Recently I joined in a big Private company. Rima is in search of a job. But it is not easy to get a job in these days.
One of my friends invited me to his home on the occasion of his son’s birthday. I and Rima (changed name of my wife) drove to my friend’s home at 8PM with a gift for the little baby. Rima had taken enough care to make her attractive. She was gifted with two beautiful melons which can make any one of any age to dream of having sex with her at least once in life. Her navel was clearly visible under his light blue color sari. Everyone who sees this must wish to encircle his tongue around her beautiful navel. Her dense armpit hairs are one of the reasons to arise anyone’s cock. We reached my friends home and joined the party. I observed that everybody’s eyes were focused on Rima. The transparent sari and the sleeveless blouse allow others to watch her body and armpit hairs.

Fall from Grace

I never meant to cheat. It was never who I was or who I wanted to be. I was raised to believe the Bible and try to follow what it said. I was always a good girl raised in a Southern Baptist church. I married a preacher and had two children. We were the perfect southern family. We were perfect until Clay joined our church. Clay was the type of man who could tear a woman down by looking at her. Undress her and turn her into a whore with his crooked smile. When I first saw him, I admit I felt the tug of temptation. He wasn't tall but he was very fit. His shirts seemed to cling to his hard muscles. He had such a cocky smug look and he made me tingle in places that usually stay behaved. 

Clay liked to look at me. I frequently caught him staring at me and he never looked away. My face always turned red and I was the one who looked away. I was used to getting looks from men. I always felt that I was attractive. I have long dark brown hair and blue eyes. I am on the shorter side around 5'1 and I would run everyday except Sunday. I kept myself in shape and I worked hard. I could not say the same for my husband. Everywhere Clay was firm, my husband was soft. I caught myself looking at him more and Clay caught me looking too. 

He taught at my son's school and he worked the car rider line in the mornings. I would drop my son off and Clay would smile that cocky half smile and joke around with me and the kids. He used the same gym I went to and started showing up when I would work out. He worked out near me and we constantly caught each other looking. Soon he began to come over and flirt while I was working out. That's when the touching started. He began by feeling my biceps and making a big show of how strong I was getting. Then he brushed my hair back from my face one day when the gym was empty. That made my heart pound in my chest. One day he helped me with my form when I was using the triceps machine. His hands were so strong as he grabbed my waist to move me. They lingered on my hips and then slipped back to my ass. He leaned in and whispered to me, "You are so fucking sexy. I can't take my eyes off you. You are exactly the kind of woman I love to fuck."

The Blind Struggle

My face felt warm as I started to wake from a groggy sleep. I fluttered my eyes open, then closed them immediately as the sunlight penetrated my retinas. I lay there trying to make sense out of the knot of emotions in my head. I had a headache. I prayed silently that my night had been a fever dream.

Carefully, I reached out my hand to feel around my bed. My fingers touched something hard, and I realized it was my laptop, still lying next to me. But my son, Adam, was not in my bed.

I forced my eyes open again and sat up, blinking. I looked around the room. Images danced through my mind. Images of my son lying beneath me while my hips ground against him. Along with those images came a dull physical sensation between my legs.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was lying to myself. Those images were too real. They were too vivid not to be true. I had just had sex with my own son. Worse still, I had let him come inside me. What if I got pregnant? The thought terrified me.

The thought of being pregnant brought forth some other images. Images I had buried. It wasn't all that long ago that I had been pregnant. But nobody knew about it, except my doctor. I had kept it hidden from everyone.

After my husband had moved to China almost two years ago, I had gone through a long period of loneliness. After a year, I finally agreed to go out with a guy from work. His name was Mark. We had had sex on our first date. Something about the guy didn't sit well with me, and I never pursued anything further with him.

The Summer Kitchen Ch. 02

I love two men. One of them good, caring, and faithful: my husband, Joe. The other is one of those "Bad Boy" types most of us probably knew in high school - the ones with leather jackets who rode loud, black bikes and got envious stares. They were always on the fringe, breaking rules, flaunting their freedom to do whatever they wanted, and to hell with everyone else. Almost always they were painfully beautiful, too. That's the other man in my life – my lover – my guilty indulgence – Ryan.

My husband Joe is steady, makes a good living for me and the girls and is always there for me. He doesn't deserve any of this. That's what makes my deceit so abhorrent. I'm disgusted with myself but I'm so hooked on Ryan that I can't quit him. Off-and-on, we have been involved in our affair for several years. A couple months ago he came back into my life after a year of absence. 

I hated myself afterward, but of course I went back and gave myself to him as soon as he called. As I said, I'm hooked. He's my drug, my alcohol, my very breath. I know someday I'll lose everything I have because of my need for Ryan. It's as if that is already preordained. If I lose Joe it'll rip my guts out. If I lose Ryan, I'll die. Pretty grim tale, huh? 

After being gone for a year with no word, Ryan called. He'd been in my dreams nightly so it was almost as if he'd never left, anyway. We got together again but he'd seemed different – somehow changed. Always the devil-may-care type with little regard for anybody else's feelings, since his return he was even more self-centered and demanding than before. Early in our relationship he'd told me he "owned me," although he was never mean or overly cruel to me. 

The Summer Kitchen Ch. 01

After almost fifteen years of marriage, I finally admitted to myself that I have a problem. It started around my ninth year of married life and has continued to this day. I am in some ways, like an alcoholic. The first step is to admit you are one, and the next is trying to stay clean. I'm trying to stay clean but it's a struggle. My addiction is Ryan. Yeah, as you might've already guessed, he's not the guy I married. My husband is Joe. He's handsome and a perfect husband and father. I love him deeply. We have two children, ages twelve and fifteen. As you can see from the age of my oldest, I was preggy when we married. 

Joe is six-foot, dark hair, brown eyes, and very handsome. He's a VP and regional manager for one of the large wine companies, steadily making his way up through the ranks to an executive position. As a result, we live well. He is athletic and still youthful, despite working hard to provide for me and his children. That is why my deceit is even more despicable. I'll get to that in a moment. 

We are both cyclist and stay trim, which is why we frequently get envious, and sometimes, lustful looks from both sexes. Narcissistically we enjoy their attention and I admit that every once in a while I spot a guy that makes me drool. Joe has also admitted as much to me about some chick he sees with nice tits. It has provided us a few laughs and often as not, some hot sex sessions between us. Neither of us have a thought of entertaining these impulses, believing them to be natural responses to the opposite sex. I always knew Joe would never cheat on me, and that I'd never cheat on him - mostly. 

I'm a five-six, slim built, blond with a 35 inch bust, and what Joe calls, "an ass to die for." I admit I like to wear jeans or shorts to show it off, and Joe likes it too. From day one, mine and Joe's sex life has always been great. He's a good lover, attentive, inventive and tender. We are not prudes. We sometimes watch porn and in the past have even tried out several sexual devices. 

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