Saturday, 10 September 2016

Best Wife Lessons

My wife and I married young. We have been married for over 20 years and have two grown children. I have been her only sexual partner, although a couple others tried to get their hands (and more) on her body. Her best friend, who introduced us and now lives near us, was taking a trip back home for some family things and my wife was going along with her to visit her father.

When her friend came over to pick her up my wife was at the store picking up a couple last minute things for the trip so we had a little time to talk. I knew her friend was a little on the wild side and wanted to see if she could get my wife to get a little loose and crazy, so I bet she couldn't get my wife to kiss another guy when they were away. She asked if that was something I would be upset about and I assured her it was quite the opposite and told her I'd give her $100 for the kiss and $100 for every step beyond a kiss she could get my wife to take, but that she had to send me proof.

She held up her phone and said that would be no problem, but wanted to know where the limit was. I told her there were no limits as long as my wife doesn't get hurt. She said she knew a couple of really nice guys who would give her all the help she needed so she accepted the challenge and just as we were shaking on it, my wife returned to leave for the trip. Her friend recommended my wife pack something nice, like maybe a casual dress and they would go out for a nice dinner Saturday night. My wife said that sounded fun and grabbed my favorite dress of hers which was a knee length black with floral print skirt with a black top that zipped down the back and pair of white sandals.

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