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Drinking Milk From Mangalore To Bangalore

Hi, Friends, this is Rajesh, presently 38 years working as an Engineer in an MNC, and settled in Bangalore now. I am fair in color, well built with a gym body and most important with an 8-inch dick. I was aware of the woman anatomy at that age by reading sex books and watching porn, but never had any chance to see a woman naked, but was longing to see a naked woman and masturbating myself thinking about it.

This is an incident happened when I had been to Mangalore to attend a marriage function. I had got good job in an MNC company as a software programmer and I had good brains along with my Engineering degree and I have a penis of 8-inch length with huge thickness and uncircumcised one. Let me come to the story quickly and not waste much of your time.

I had come to Mangalore to attended the marriage function till the evening and came to the main bus stand at 8 pm. I couldn’t get a ticket back to my place in the luxury Volvo buses as it was Sunday evening. So I tried all private buses, but to my bad luck (or may be good luck) I couldn’t get a ticket as it was Sunday evening. I badly wanted to report to the office on Monday morning and so I got on board on an ordinary bus to Bangalore.

Boss Exploiting Wife Secretly

I Firoz Bharmal, I am 26 years old. I’m working in Finance Company which deals with heavy commercial vehicles loans; this job pays me well enough to run my family comfortably. My office hours are morning 10 to 6 PM, on few days of the month ending I get late till 10 PM too. I’m married since 2 years now, my wife name is Nisreen Bharmal, aged 24 now, flawless beauty, she is taller than average 5’ 7”, has an average fitted body, very fair complexion, and spotless body.

She has thick legs, especially curved thighs, slim waist and perfect ass. Lips are pink, eyes are dark and big. She has 32 sized boobs, spongy. The best feature is her looks, being married too; she still looks like a virgin. No one can say she’s married. She has a teenager like features. Sex was good between us and we wanted family planning for us so that I could enjoy her more and more until we bring a child. But a year later family started to pressurize and finally I had to give up.

We stopped precautions and she was pregnant immediately. After 9 months she delivered twins, a baby boy, and a baby girl. I was concerned about her figure as didn’t want her to turn chubby. My father in law was an Ayurvedic doctor, so my mother in law fed my wife with a few herbal medicines and she was back in shape in 1 week itself. Now she looked even better and attractive. Two kids were enough for me to bring up, so I decided for a permanent solution. This way, in future, I wouldn’t require condoms at all and I could fuck her bare all the time.


One night Derek admitted that his biggest fantasy was to see me having sex with another man. Just the thought, he said, of seeing me with someone else's cock up me was enough to make him as hard as a rock. He didn't know why, but it just did, and he wondered, rather tentatively, if I would ever consider making it happen. 

At the time I was shocked and more than a little angry that my own husband could even think of such a thing, but alone at home the next day I began to think about it, and then fantasize about it, and finally to masturbate about it, until by the time he came home from work I'd decided that, under certain circumstances, I'd not only let it happen, but I'd like it to happen too. Over dinner I began to outline those circumstances to him.

'It's simple.' I told him when he looked at me in astonishment. 'I can't just go out and find a man, take him to bed and invite you to watch, I'd feel wrong doing that because just looking for someone would feel like cheating. But there is a way it could happen.'

'How?' He asked, intrigued.

'If you find someone for me, invite him here and then give me to him, actually making me his for the evening and telling him I'm his to do with as he wishes.'

Things Just Got Better

My name is Melody, Mel to my friends. I'm twenty three, average height, build, etc. with long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm single but in a long term relationship with Phil, and the story begins when he and I were invited round for a few drinks with our closest friends, Lucy and Jack. The company was good, the conversation flowed and so did the wine, until towards the end of the evening we'd all drunk just a tiny drop more than we should have. You know what I mean, we weren't drunk, but we'd reach the stage where alcohol fumes are beginning to cloud common sense and relax inhibitions.

Somehow, whilst we were in that state, the conversation had turned to the differences in thought processes between men and women, and it was at that point that Lucy made the remark that started things off.

'What I don't understand.' She stated. 'Is why men always seem to be such bloody wankers?' She simply meant that she couldn't understand the male mind set, but it did leave her open to other interpretations.

'Hey, now steady on.' Phil exclaimed with a grin, deliberately taking her words at face value. 'You don't know what men do in private.'

'I can make a damn good guess.' She retorted in kind. 'And I do know that they spend a lot of time with the five fingered widow.'

'And women don't?' Jack interjected.

Housewives Club

Alice and David were married for almost 13 years now. College sweethearts, turned married couple when they were 23 (David) and 21 (Alice). The initial excitement of love, idealism, and adventure met reality within two years after their son - Mark - was born. David concentrated on bringing the bacon home and keeping the house lights on. Alice stayed at home to attend to their growing son. Through young Mark's elementary school, Alice was an active PTA contributor. David began to travel often for work, sometimes away for weeks.

Mark entry into middle school gave Alice a breather. She reflected on her life with David often. David seemed preoccupied all the time. The initial passion and lust began to wane. Alice felt under appreciated. On numerous occasions, her attempts to keep the passion, love, and adventure going, resulted in either being ridiculed and ignored. She struggled hard to come to terms with her situation. She needed something to change. She discussed this often with David which resulted in either fighting on his insensitivity to her needs, or him suggesting that she find herself a job.

After serious consideration. Alice reached out to her best friend from college, Lisa, who was a marketing lead promoting clothing line for a local chain. Lisa was only too eager to help. She had few temporary positions open to help with the seasonal demand, and she felt Alice the ideal hire. Alice would have the flexibility and work part time if needed, to enable her to balance her family life and work. Alice was excited. David was indifferent. He made sure he laid the rule that family comes first. She hated him for his dominance and control, just because theirs was a single income family and it depended on his employment. Alice was not paid much, but she appreciated the break she received. She was just happy to get away from being house arrested.

Soft Swing?

This is the story of a couple's initiation into the world of swinging.

My name is Megan and my husband is Bryan. I'm 5' 6" about 150 pounds with strawberry hair, fair skin and glasses. My Bryan is 5' 11" a little over 200 pounds, dark black hair with glasses. We are both a little on the nerdy side. Bryan, like me, has always had a little extra padding. While not fat, most people would consider us thick. We have been married for three years now, getting married right after college. We met as freshmen in college and fell in love.

Bryan and I both were virgins when we met but our virginity ended in my dorm room bed the spring of our freshman year. We had figured that we would wait till we were married to have sex but a night of drinking led us to be naked in my bed. One thing led to another and Bryan's cock found its way into my pussy. After that we were like kids that found the key to the candy store. Our Junior year we moved in together. We fucked a lot but we weren't very imaginative. Mostly Bryan would be on top or I would be on top so he could play with my tits as we fucked. As conservative as we were, we loved fucking.

College ended and we got married, settling into our new lives of being a married working couple. As much as I still enjoyed our sex, I had to admit to myself our sex life was getting somewhat boring. Bryan and I started hitting the gym working on getting in better shape. Our exercise kick got us more excited about sex and talking about it. Bryan brought up that he had noticed the guys at the gym looking at me more. I was shocked to hear him say that he liked when other guys looked at me that way that way. We tried some new positions but we both felt that our sex life was in rut. It was during a lunch with a good friend that our sex life was on the road to a big change. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Delighting With Milk


"Wow, you've more admirers today!" Auntie Uma chuckled. 

Completing the usual three rounds of running along the grass track of a local park, huffing and puffing, I stopped in front of the bench where she was seated. Managing a faint smile, I enquired, "Really? Where're they?" 

Starting a day with walking or running in the well-kept, small park brought many from nearby areas. Men and women of different ages gather together in the park for different reasons, some for brisk walks or running, and some for chatting more than walking, some for fitness exercise or yoga or just for fresh air. 

As usual, upon reaching the park, Auntie Uma and I had walked together for two rounds and when she retired on a bench, I started running. We were sort of regulars in the morning and came to the park around 6 a.m. Auntie Uma was my co-tenant; we lived in the same building in separate flats. My flat was in front whereas her flat was at the backside of the building. She was in her early fifties, a tall, slender housewife with two daughters in college and a husband who worked for the railways. 

Throwing myself on the bench, I sat next to her. As she indicated by looking at them, I noticed the group of four men, sitting on a similar bench about fifty feet away on our left. They must be in the age group of 50-60 and all of them were staring at us in unison. None of them bothered to shift their glances even when we turned to look at them. 

I was not stunning or hot and at the age of 29, I was not in my prime but I always drew a second look from both men and women. I had common features, with 5'3" height, fair complexion, and long black hair. Even though I was a mom of an eight month old, I still maintained my figure and looked younger with my unblemished skin, tender face, and curvaceous body and could easily pass for 22-23. 

Milk, Sex, Milk, Milk, Sex

I'm waiting for my wife in the mall, and watching breasts go by. There goes a cheerleader-type babe, now a mature woman whose massive breasts practically say "Ga-BONG, ga-BONG" with each step she takes. I take off my glasses to clean them, but am captivated by the sight of a woman coming this way. Even with my fuzzy vision, my cock is getting chubby from checking out this woman. 

Her big breasts STRAIN against the fabric of her tee. They jostle. But they strain UP against that worn-out cotton fabric. I thank the maker for making women like this, who can make me feel like a stallion just by walking by. 

Those really impressive, really big boobs come close, and then drop down next to me on the bench. I put my glasses on. Whoa. I've been getting a hard-on scoping out . . . my wife. 

It's a good life. 

Lana is wonderful to me, and I try my best for her. Want proof that she's good to me? She agreed to try an Adult Nursing Relationship. 

If you didn't know, that means her breasts give milk. I suckle her. Every chance I get. 

Some years back, she read about it on-line, and found herself getting really interested. And wet between the legs, too. 

Guess how much convincing I took. Hmm, my wife will get firmer, bigger breasts, and I'll spend more time with her. And with them. I had to think about it - for three seconds, perhaps. 

So we started with regular nipple-sucking and herbal supplements. It took diligence, but a month in we'd get some drops. Four months in, she was giving perhaps a cup a day. And yes, I'd get a stiffie, sometimes. But not all the time. It really brought us closer together, made us more loving, more cuddlesome. Our friend Marge said we looked more "couple-y." 

Swinging Relationships Ch. 03

As I closed the bedroom door behind us Sonia turned to look at me a mixture of nervous excitement and arousal marking her face. I quickly covered the gap between us and wrapped my arms around her and seconds later her soft lips were caressing mine as I allowed one hand to cup her hot ass and the other to slide gently over her swollen breasts.

After a few minutes I reluctantly released Sonia and led her slowly to the bed, laying her down and slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties and gently pulled them over her hips and down her soft thighs. As they slid down Sonia's beautiful pussy was revealed, with a full but neatly trimmed bush of light brown curly hair covering her pink lips that pushed out from between the strands of hair, her moisture already glistening in anticipation of what was to come.

I finished sliding her panties off, before quickly sliding my own underwear to the floor and slipping onto the bed beside the hot brunette. My hands quickly explored her naked body, Sonia's hand quickly finding its way to my hard dick and gently stroking me, her soft fingers expertly massaging the sensitive underside of the head of my cock.

I gently kissed Sonia one last time before slowly kissing my way down her body. As I slid down her body I gently kissed each of her milk filed breasts, gently sucking on each nipple savouring the small trickle of milk that coated y lips as I did so. I continued down her body kissing and stroking her soft pale stomach, gently teasing her belly button with my tongue, before gently sliding my lips through the soft hair between her legs.

Swinging Relationships Ch. 02

Hi, this is my second story about my wife and I. We are a young coupe in our late twenties and as you may have read in my previous story we discovered an unexpected delight in sharing each other with my wife's best friend and her husband. After our unplanned night with them we shared a couple of other planned meetings which we thoroughly enjoyed, but had to call and end to it due to relationship problems between Dawn and Neil.

After that Laura and I talked a lot about what we had done with Dawn and Neil and decided that is was something we wanted to continue, but only if we could find the right couple. It took nearly a year and a half to find that couple, during which we had our first child who we absolutely adore, but eventually were we able to build a relationship with a young woman and her husband from Laura's work. They had just had their first child like us, and we have managed to fall into a very comfortable arrangement with them, where we swap partners for the night every other Thursday evening. After putting the kids to bed Danny and myself leave our houses to join each others wifes, we spend the night and then leave for work first thing in the morning before the kids wake. It's a great arrangement which we are enjoying very much. 

Lisa-Marie is a great looking young woman, only 22 with a hot full figure, luxurious long dark curly hair and beautiful plump 36C tits which I absolutely adore. Until we started our relationship with Lisa-Marie and her husband Danny both of them had only ever had a sexual relationship with each other having been virgins when they met. The night we first swapped with them was an amazing night, which I hope to tell you all about at some point, but for now let me tell you that the first night of sex with Lisa-Marie as only her second ever partner was an amazing experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. The combination of Lisa-Marie's natural innocence and inexperience together with her obvious enthusiasm for sex makes for an incredible sexual experience which I am privileged to share with her husband.

Swinging Relationships Ch. 01

I've been very lucky over the last few years to have a wife who has jumped excitedly and enthusiastically into the swinging scene with me. Until recently I have had quite an ordinary sex life with only a couple of different partners before meeting my wife. 

However about two years ago my wife and I had an experience that completely changed our lives and I'd like to share that story. Our sex life has always been really great, I'm not going to pretend that we were at it twice a day or anything, but we had sex two or three times and week and it was great sex. We were both open to telling each other what we liked and so it was not uncommon for Laura to cum two or three times a night when we did it. In fact I often managed to make it twice in a night, which as I'm sure you all know is quite an achievement for most married couples.

I should probably describe my wife. Laura is 5"7, with shoulder length brown hair. She has beautiful full soft tights, leading to a wonderfully tight full ass, slim waist and a soft silky smooth stomach. Her tits are magnificent, round and soft, silky smooth, they are a 34DD, with long pink nipples that stick straight out when she gets horny. We fell in love almost immediately (which was seven years ago) She is to this day the best sex I have ever had, partly due to the emotional connection, but also because she is dynamite in bed. I often think her sex drive is stronger than mine; she is always up for sex and loves trying out new things and different positions.

Problems of Parenthood Ch. 02

Jim jolted awake as the phone rang loudly in the morning air. "Hello?" 

"Hey Jim, sounds like you're just waking up." 

"Yeah, sorry. Who is this?" 

"HAHA. It's Diane, you're neighbor." 

"OH, hey! Sorry, still kind of groggy. We didn't get to sleep until late." 

"Oooh, sounds like you had some fun last night. Was just calling to check on when a good time to return Mary to you. We were about to go grab breakfast and didn't want you two to worry if you came by to get her." 

"Hang on a second Diane, let me ask Sue." Lightly shaking Sue's shoulder, "Hun, Diane wants to know if we want to pick up Mary before they head to breakfast." 

Rolling over to stretch, Sue lazily responds, "Mmmmm. Breakfast actually sounds good. They mind if we join them?" 

"Diane, Sue wants to know if you would like some company. I'm sure we could go for some breakfast as well." 

Problems of Parenthood Ch. 01

Susan and Jim were what you would consider to be a couple living the "American Dream". Successful careers, in their upper 20s and already owning a home, married to their soul mate, and planning on extending the family with a baby on the way. Sue was 8 months pregnant and already in love with the baby growing inside her. Jim was looking forward to either raising a little boy to be a professional baseball player, or protecting a little princess from the evils of the world. They couldn't wait for their little family to grow and blossom. The biggest issue between them, was a lack of sex between the two. 

Prior to the pregnancy, they had maintained a healthy sex life. Regularly making love during the week. Spontaneously banging each other's brains out on the kitchen counter or living room couch. Even the occasional quickie in public place like the beach at night or changing room at a local department store. But with the pregnancy, that tapered off within the first trimester. They still loved each other, but each had their own reason for not initiating any encounter. 

As the pregnancy progressed, Jim began to feel awkward about sex, not knowing what might be okay to attempt and what might cause damage to the baby. He saw Susan as a beautiful deity that became more gorgeous as time progressed. She began as a 5 foot 6 inch vixen with a set of D-cup breasts and a nice round set of hips connected to the best set of legs to ever squat onto a lucky man. With each passing week her breasts got bigger, nipples became darker, and hips broadened just a tad to add a little extra exaggeration to what Jim saw as the definition of pure sexual desire. And with the increase in perceived desire, came an increase in not wanting to do anything to disturb or harm his personal goddess. Jim was just completely unaware of how to go about any of the changes that occurred to a woman when she became pregnant and had heard too many horror stories about negative reactions from when his male coworkers had made the moves on their pregnant counterparts.

Blackmailing My Lactating Maid For Milk

I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s lovemaking in bed, but still, yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from college girlfriend during our golden college days. I loved the soft hands of my girlfriend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.

It was a Monday morning at 11 am, had finished my bath and was wearing a loose T-shirt with no bra because I love my boobs dance freely when I am alone in the house and a long skirt with a panty. And as usual, I was busy with the cooking for the afternoon lunch when the doorbell rang, opened the door and saw our new maid Shanti at the door. Shanti was working for us from the past one month, a middle-aged decent looking lady of maybe 30 to 33 years old, slightly brownish in colour and she was about 5’ 3” in height, slightly a plump lady with a 36D boobs and a fleshy stomach which was visible between her saree and blouse when she was working because she used to normally wear saree at work, and a bigger ass which used to wriggle when she used to walk with heavy load in her hands.

Shanti used to call me as Didi even though she was 10 years older than me out of respect. She had a one-year-old kid but never brought the child to my place which she would leave her kid with her in-laws whenever she goes out for domestic help. Until now I never imagined Shanti with whom I can share my bed with, but everything changed during the next two hours which I am going to explain now.

Lactation Help For My Needy Friend Part

Dear friends, this is Nalini (changed) again with my new sex story, and thanks for your comments on my previous stories, and please don’t forget to comment on Indian sex story too, and male readers stop asking about my personal details and don’t invite me on hangouts.

I am a newly married housewife aged 26 years with a 34B-26-36, enjoying and satisfied with my husband’s lovemaking in bed, but still, yearn for a feminine body touch which I am missing from college girlfriend during our golden college days. I loved the soft hands of my girlfriend roaming and caressing my body and especially the soft hands pressing my breasts instead of my husband’s rough hands.

It was a Monday morning at 11 am, had finished my bath and was wearing a loose T-shirt with no bra because I love my boobs dance freely when I am alone in the house and a long skirt with a panty. And as usual, I was busy with the cooking for the afternoon lunch when the doorbell rang, opened the door and saw our new maid Shanti at the door. Shanti was working for us from the past one month, a middle-aged decent looking lady of maybe 30 to 33 years old, slightly brownish in colour and she was about 5’ 3” in height, slightly a plump lady with a 36D boobs and a fleshy stomach which was visible between her saree and blouse when she was working because she used to normally wear saree at work, and a bigger ass which used to wriggle when she used to walk with heavy load in her hands.

Shanti used to call me as Didi even though she was 10 years older than me out of respect. She had a one-year-old kid but never brought the child to my place which she would leave her kid with her in-laws whenever she goes out for domestic help. Until now I never imagined Shanti with whom I can share my bed with, but everything changed during the next two hours which I am going to explain now.

Loving Wife has sex with Ex-Lover

We are a Tamil couple live in Chennai Suburban. I came across this site and started reading stories, which is of my choice, like it very much, and I thought of sharing my own experience which took place eight years before. 

I am Sanjay(Name Changed) working in a Private Firm aged 32 and my wife is Ramya, (Name Changed) house wife aged 27 years. Ours is an arranged marriage and almost five years have gone but no issues till now. After getting married our sexual life was going on very well. 

Ramya is religious, cultural and traditional lady looking very beautiful, fair complexion with very good structure and with long thick hair up to her waist. She dresses up mostly in sari and at time occasionally in salwar, with long thick black hair oiled and neatly braided and presents before me more beautifully and does duty of sincere wife to husband. 

Before her marriage she has fell in love with a handsome guy and it could not result in marriage due to her parents' pressure. Being a traditional girl she did not go against her parent's wish and she is married with me by her parents. When she was getting married with me she is a virgin. 

After her marriage she found me to be a broad minded person she confessed everything about her and her past including her previous love. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

My Surprise Vacation

It was indeed a surprise package planned by my loving hubby Rajesh without neither discussing with me nor letting out any details whatsoever to me. He just asked me to pack our bags for 10 days and not to ask him any questions. I too obliged and just followed his instructions anxiously waiting to see what is in store for me. 

The warmth of the tropics took our breath away from the moment we walked off the plane. It was as if the cold bitter winter we had just left four hours earlier was only a memory. I looked at my hubby, as I called him and saw an incredible smile spread quickly across his face. It was as if our minds were both feeling the same rush of joy as the warm air blanketed us. 

On landing at the airport I came to know that we were at Montego Bay, Jamaica in the Caribbean Islands. We made our way through customs which was nothing more than a long line and a wasted hour instead of being on the beach. The airport was clean but not as clean as we are used to back home. Of course we both commented we were in a third world country so things were going to feel different. 

Rajesh was looking at me quite differently than usual. I was certainly in great shape even after two kids. As I saw him standing there it sent a message to my hormones that this was going to be a sex filled week indeed. I had pulled my hair back into a pony tail and tied it with a pink ribbon. I remember thinking to myself, wow, I looked hot! Rajesh smiled as we then grabbed our bags and headed out the door into the fading sun light. It was late afternoon yet Rajesh commented how warm it still felt. As promised the van was waiting and carried us off down the country side to our resort. Rajesh and I were the only one in the van as the driver, a local man, chatted away the entire hour ride. Odd thing was I noticed him carefully checking me out quite often. Figuring it was Indian skin that had him interested. I never really gave it much thought and kind of enjoyed the flirting on his part. Not really sure but I sensed Rajesh noticing it as well. No harm in having some fun. After all we were on vacation, right? 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Our First Time

I, Mohan aged 62, and my wife Puja aged 60 are first generation Indians settled in the US with an empty nest; and so it was the typical story of looking for adventure before time ran out after a rather sedate and dull married life. Our marriage, though a happy one by conventional standards, had lacked passion and we felt that we could perhaps spice it up a little bit by trying our luck at swinging. My wife as usual was not very sure but after we discussed this for several days she suddenly blurted out one day that ever since we had come to the US she had had fantasies about having sex with a big white male. On prodding further, she rather shamefacedly admitted that two persons she found very hot were Michael Cain and Sean Connery, not always in that order. 

Although professionally very successful I was a typical nerd - not very generously endowed as far as my physical attributes are concerned, and so naturally felt a bit inadequate but was thankful that they didn't involve people we knew since that would have really upset me. Luckily, she didn't ask me about my fantasies, perhaps she was a bit embarrassed after blurting out her inner thoughts, as in my case these were about everyday people around us and had included, in the past, a fantasy about her mother as well. My mother-in-law had had Puja at the age of twenty and when we got married she was just forty-five and quite a looker. Whenever she embraced me and kissed me affectionately, I would be pressed against her soft and huge breasts and invariably got a hard on. Of course, I had dared not press my luck further though I wasn't sure I wouldn't have succeeded if I had given it a try!

Suzy's First

The day was sunny with a stiff breeze from the west. It looked warmer than it was, and when you were in the shade you realized it was not yet summer, but early spring. It had that fresh feeling, a new beginning. The trees were beginning to green and the weeds had already starting growing tall and strong. Before long, the grass would need mowed. The winter had not been a bad one, with only a few days of bitter cold. One record snow fall, and two smaller ones with lots of rain, a winter no one could complain about.

Suzy was excited. Excited would be an understatement. Her and Jack had talked for so long about a night like tonight and the day was finally here. It was 2 o'clock, and her date would not be picking her up until 7, but she could not sit still. She was thinking about what she would wear, or not wear. How would she do her hair, her makeup? Would her date be attracted to her, or would she be too old? It was early, but it was a special day and she needed to relax just a little so she decided to have a glass of wine to help calm her nerves. 

As she walked into the kitchen, Jack could sense the excitement in his wife, he felt it too. Or was it fear. He could not tell if he was scared because he might enjoy tonight, or hate it. What if he hated it and Suzy loved it? It was his idea, so how would he tell her he didn't want to do it again. The thought of tonight made his cock hard and throb in his pants. His balls ached from the excitement that was yet to come. 

Celebrating with Our Roommate

After we both entered our 40's my wife Ann was laid off and our daughter got married and moved out. 

Ann decided that she wanted some extra money for shopping and said we should rent out one of the spare bedrooms. I agreed so we could split the extra money so she could go shopping and I could use my half to put more towards the mortgage payment.

Ann and I both look a little young for our ages. Ann is 43 while I just turned 40. Ann and I are both 5' 9". She weighs around 160 lbs. and has curves in all the right places with 36C breasts and a nice full ass. 

Ann placed an ad online and within just a few days we had several responses. We carefully considered each and every one and, while I would have preferred a cute 20-yr. old with a killer beach body, we settled on a 24-yr. old named Mark. 

We chose Mark since he was a business professional and was being transferred to our area for four to six months while almost everyone else was looking for a year minimum. My wife and I thought that six months was perfect in case we decided that renting just wasn't for us. 

Awesome Threesome – Our First Experiment

Hi, this is Abhijit and this is my first story on ISS. I will keep sharing my real life experiences for people to read. I am born and raised in Kolkata. This story is about me and my fiancée and our first experiment with our sex life. I met Akansha during my Post graduation days in Delhi. It was 5 years back when I was 22 and she was 21. We are now engaged and will be getting married in February. Akansha belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan and had also come to Delhi to pursue her post graduation. It was love at first sight for both of us and our relationship immediately clicked and we connected to each other mentally. We had a rocking time in Delhi and since I had rented an apartment for my own self our sex life flourished too. We used to fuck like kittens. Both of us were equally adventurous and we enjoyed our time together. But this story is not about our experiences with each other but about our first real experimentation with our sex life. It was a threesome.

We had been seeing each other for almost a year and a half when this incident happened. Like all other Indian men I typically had fantasies of Threesomes and swaps and gangbangs. But I did not have the courage to tell her about these ideas out of the sheer love. But it one day stuck me to open up in front of her. At the first instance she thought I was kidding. But when she understood that I was serious, it was a kind of a mixed reaction. On one hand the idea did excite her which I could see in her shining eyes, on the other hand she was over cautious and pointing out the risks involved. I comforted her and made her ready some real life experiences people had shared on an online portal. I also showed her some videos and clips and tried to make her understand the concepts. She actually was eager to read and see all that which kind of gave me the hint that this could work. Eventually it worked out. Our foreplay sessions started revolving around such videos and stories that we started reading and watching together. This continued for some months till the time I was convinced that she is on the same page with me. It was time to hit the nail on its head. I causally one day told her that it is time we should try it out once.

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