Sunday, 24 January 2016

Megan's Milk and More

Megan was brushing her brown hair as she prepared to head out to the mall. It was one of her friends' birthdays soon and she needed to buy her a gift. 

Megan is a young lady, now 21, living with her older sister, her husband John, and their baby Bradley. She had always been self-conscious about her body and appearance as she was not blonde like her older sister and was not blessed with large enough breasts to compare to her. She was filling in the right places though due to her many visits to the gym, and thanks to John, her lactating breasts had gone from a B cup from when they met, to a D. 

She had the past of having found John hot when they first met and wondered about his and her older sister's sex life. Little did she know that upon sneaking in a peek at them one night, that they were an adult nursing couple. She watched lustfully through the ajar opening of their bedroom door as John slurped and suckled Madison's large breasts and pink nipples. It moistened her womanhood and made her own nipples erect just watching, until of course her noises at the door revealed her clandestine watching. 

After some time of being fully interested and involved with their play, she convinced John that she wanted to give him what her older sister was giving him too, so they induced. John would suckle Megan 3 times a day and along with her bra size increase came her natural nectar of nourishment. After some time, she realized that she had to cool down with John as she almost got a pregnancy scare after them fucking unproctected after one nursing session. 

My Indian Maid Arrives in Delhi

It was almost eight months since Sunita had arrived in the capital on New Year's Eve. She had been staying with her cousin Ram and his wife Anu in their two bedrooms flat, having taken a while to get used to the luxury of her 'own' room. The city itself had been an amazing experience for her; the crowds, the traffic, the hustle and bustle of everyday living, the shops, the sights, the many acquaintances and friends that could be made, the beggars, the entrepreneurs, the vendors, the very life. 

Delhi, in Sunita's mind, was a living thriving 5000 year old city whose origins could be tracked back to the ancient Indian text of The Mahabharata. She had soaked in this cultural, and almost religious, significance absorbing the history and culture at a scale so vast and so grand. She was always glad about having left the village to come out into the world. She spent the first few weeks travelling all over the city, taking public transport buses to the Red Fort in Old Delhi, the Qutab Minar at the southern end; she walked along the tree lined avenues of residential locations surrounding Lutyen's Delhi and down Raj Path where the Republic Day parade took place every January; she took the Metro to a station near one of the posh suburbs in South Delhi and walked along the service lanes; she visited markets in places like Connaught Circus and Karol Bagh, saw street vendors sitting outside air-conditioned shops in Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar; stared out of the window when the buses drove past grand Five Star luxury hotels like the Taj and the Maurya; walked down the chaotic Pahargunj labyrinths opposite the main railway station; she had lived through the winter and the summer and the monsoon already. 

But very soon after Sunita's arrival, her sense of responsibility goaded her towards the need to find a job, however small, so she could contribute to the household expenses; Ram and Anu had been very hospitable and generous, never once mentioning the obvious financial burden that she must have added to. Initially she tried to help out at Ram's motorcycle repair shop just below their rooms but realised she wasn't being of much assistance beyond bringing glasses of tea for some of Ram's friends who visited or came to get their bikes fixed. She asked around some of the neighbouring shops if they needed an extra hand but none of them were willing to pay for help, least of all a woman who wouldn't be able to do any menial or physical work. She tried to take tuitions for school going children but their parents couldn't really afford to pay. 

Two Couples Swapping

"Have you ever considered having sex with someone, while your partner has sex with someone else in the same room?"

This was a question which had been asked by a couple that we had been friendly with for a number of years. Once I had replied, the conversation seemed to end. Three of us were about the same age, with only my husband being older. Knowing how my craving for sex and the need to experiment over the past few years had increased, I could only think that they were now experiencing the same need. 

It would take another few months before we saw them again. 

We invited them over for dinner and as I wanted to know some answers, I slipped a little cannabis oil into the food. It worked. The four of us were seated across from one another at the table and while we ate dessert, I asked them what had being on my mind over the past few months.

"So, did you guys ever get to swop partners yet?" I asked.

"Not yet," Rob answered, looking at Sarah.

"We are still discussing it," Sarah said, beginning to blush.

"We are the same. When we do it, I want the guy to cum inside of me, which means that we need to know that he is free of any STDs and I need to be on the pill, or he needs to have had a vasectomy," I said.

"Which limits our candidates," Steve added.

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