Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Guy having sex with four slutty friends

Even before writing a single word, I would like to tell all of you that I am 100 percent sure that readers will not believe that all this can really happen, even then I am writing down extra ordinary sex experience of my entire life and there is only one reason for that, that I want to relive those moments.
Although at that time in the beginning it was not that pleasant experience for me but on later stage I really enjoyed that and now after few months I am cherishing that unpleasant experience too which really took my life at that time. This incident is not very old rather I can tell you it happened when winters in north India were yet not over completely climate was very pleasant and I remember each and every incident and word spoken very well,
further I will say that at present I am still into this sex affair but it was really very weird when it started. Anyway without wasting much time in intro, I would say that right now I am living thousand miles away from my home in a very decent flat in very good apartment in one growing city of U.P. which is touching capital of the country.
Say after around one month of living in that flat I realized that there is a female of nearly 36-37 is living next to me and like me she is also alone. Fortunately one day I stayed at home in a week day and saw her going inside the flat in evening. In appearance she was not that beautiful but she had sharp features and a luscious body on a heavier side.
We had few words on the door itself when we saw each other first time and had basic introduction, her name was Gunjan (not real) and she was working in a call centre. From her basic gesture I could see that she was confident girl as after knowing my name and where do I work she invited me for a coffee in her flat on the very first meet and later while having coffee I came to knew that like me she is also living alone in the town.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mother Earth

Lying in bed, she thought about his call. He had called to say that he was filing for divorce and that their relationship was over. It didn't really matter. She didn't care so much. Their relationship had already been on the wane when her baby had died. The miscarriage had just brought things to an end between them. She felt a deep pain within her, thinking of her dead, unborn baby. The child she had been waiting for with so much love and hope. Over the years, they had tried several times to conceive but had failed until this precious one came along. When she lost the baby, she felt she had lost her will to live and stopped caring.
The phone rang again and this time it was a call from her friend, Bill, calling to remind her that he was expecting to see her in an hour's time. He had asked her to help out at the soup kitchen where he worked. She knew he was simply trying to get her out of the house and out of her depression.

She slowly got out of bed, brushed her teeth and took a shower before going to the kitchen to make herself some coffee before going to the soup kitchen. As she was washing her mug, she noticed the potted plants on the window and remembered that she needed to water them. She quickly took some water in the mug and poured it over the different pots when she came to a little one. She paused. It was a tiny shoot that had just emerged and it looked so weak that it didn't look like it had sufficient nutrients to survive another day. Some deep emotion in her arose and she felt fiercely protective of the baby plant. "Now, listen to me, you can survive and you will survive" she told the plant. She felt some wetness in her breast and surprised she felt her breast to see she had leaked milk.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maid bathing dick with breast milk

Our maid join work after three months maternity leave, she is about 22 years old and this is her first child, so she is still learning most of the skill of being a mother. She is beautiful and has regain much of her youthful beauty and she almost look as she was before she was pregnant.
In fact I have been waiting for those three months to pass quickly, that I may see her again, she put her baby in a daycare centre and started work again. While she was working I can’t help but look at her bulging breast and saw that the portion of her blouse around where the nipples are wet in spite of the bra.
It is obvious that both her breast are discharging unused milk, because it was the first day that she had not attend to her baby’s need, so the extra milk is oozing out from her boobs. I went to my room and start working again, but few hours later I went down to the kitchen and saw her with both her boobs uncovered,
she was holding her left breast with her right hand and with her left hand she was holding a piece of cloth in front of her left breast while she was trying to pump out milk from her left breast with her right hand. She was initially shock to see me and tried to raise her bra up and lower her tops to cover her breast.
I asked her why and she replied that it is getting painful and she felt relieved when she discharges the milk in her handkerchief. I moved closer to her and told her not to feel sorry; I asked her if I can help? And she kept mum so I reach my hands to her breast and remove her top and her bra.
I move my face to her breast and told her that it smells so good and start sucking her left breast first. I drank all the milk from the left breast and then move on to the right breast and while I was feeding myself with her milk, she started to enjoy it. I took her to our bed and kiss her at the same time and because it is not the first time that we fuck each other, so both of us are not surprise.

My Hot Indian Wife in Threesome

My wife and me are so close that we share the most intimate thoughts without inhibitions. A few years back when she was 26 and I was 30, we were getting bored following the same old routines in our married life. Just to give you an idea, she is 5'5 and fair and very slim about 55 kilo and very very pretty with shoulder length curly hair. I am medium built and 5'8 and about 66 kilo.
So there we were making love (foreplay actually) on the sofa one Sunday afternoon and I was making her wet with very slight and slow movement of my fingers on her clit. (She was wearing a black tee shirt and a very small skirt.) That's when we were speaking about our fantasies and I just went ahead and told her that I would like to try out group sex and we could start by having a threesome where we could invite one of our friends to join in.

I was expecting a big "NO" and a shocked expression from her as she was quite conservative. But probably because she was already so wet and feeling horny that (to my utter surprise) she very slowly whispered a "yes, that will be real fun" in my ear.

While that really set my heart racing, I couldn't believe my ears and I asked her again to confirm and she clearly said yes. She said she would love to try it out but I should be broadminded enough. I told her that it was my idea in the first place so she was afraid of the wrong things. I assured her that our relationship is strong enough to get affected by the threesome as we were only using the opportunity to heighten our pleasures. We assured each other that we won't let this pursuit of pleasure spoil our relationship.

There Goes The Neighborhood

Debbie and Rob are an attractive couple basically living the suburban dream in a five house cul de sac called Travers Lane. They have a nice house with a backyard pool, decent incomes, nice families, and good friends.
Debbie could most easily be described as a "buxom" lass. She's 5'1", 130 pounds of sleek womanhood with eye-popping DD boobs. Her blond hair is medium length and her complexion almost flawless, making many people believe that she's younger than her thirty one years. This is Debbie's second marriage and she has no communication with her slimy ex.

Rob is nine years older than Debbie but in good shape and with a young attitude on life. This is also his second marriage but his ex is not a witch and they get along as well as could be expected. He and his ex-wife share custody of their eight year old daughter, Madison.

Debbie and Rob got it right this time. They are almost completely simpatico, have a healthy sex life, and non-judgmental open minds when it comes to relationships and life styles.

Rob and Debbie's best friends on Travers Lane are their next door neighbors Janet and Wally. Janet and Wally are in their mid-thirties and very similar to Debbie and Rob in appearance. Large breasted Janet in particular looks much like a six inch taller version of Debbie with brown hair. Wally is a little more muscular than Rob and about an inch shorter with a heavier beard but otherwise they are very similar too. The two couples are sometimes mistaken as being related.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Birthday Celebration

Prior to my last birthday, Vijaya, my wife of 15 years was teasing me a lot about my birthday present. She was repeatedly telling me that this birthday gift I would remember for a long time.
Vijaya is gorgeous. She has long dark hair, nice legs, flat stomach, but her best assets are 36-32-36 figure. Many times other men turned and gave Vijaya a long satisfying look as we walked by. We have average sexual life. At this age we depend on our fantasies to bring back charm in our bed. My fantasy is having sex with two gorgeous women. Vijaya has often told me that she would like to satisfy several men at a time. But our fantasies remained unfulfilled.

On the evening of my birthday, I arrived from my office late. I called by Vijaya's name, but she was not there. I took off my clothes first. Then I took a shower, dried off. When I came to our bedroom, I found a letter. I knew it was Vijaya's hand writing. Her letter instructed me to go upstairs, relax on the big bed. I was bit tired due to hectic work schedule, I found one colored book. I was going through the book; it was having pictures of naked men and women involved in group sex. I felt horny. Suddenly power was cut, but lights were there in the neighborhood bungalows. I thought some problem happened in our duplex only; somebody might have switched off the main circuit. I was about to go downstairs, I got a call in my mobile. It was Vijaya, I heard my wife say, "Believe me and lie still. Your birthday surprise has arrived." It was absolutely dark, but I realized two ladies entered our bedroom. I was horrified when they locked the door.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Two Husbands

Hello all friends. I am Savita from Delhi. I am a regular reader of ISS and today I am posting my First story. This is a true story of my life.
First let me describe about me. I am 29 years old married, housewife.I belong to a upper middle class family. My husband is a business man. His name is Rajesh and he has a good business of his own. We live in a flat alone without family. We do not have any children yet and planning now.

I am 5'4" long with a stunning figure of 34,30,36, with quit whitesh colour. I have a natural sex appeal and I have seen lust for me in about every men's eyes. My husband is an average looking man with 5'6" of height and a little fat. But he loves me a lot and always cares for me. Before marriage I had many sex relationship with other guys, but after marriage I am completely dedicated to my hubby. He is an average man in bed too, and never tortures me in bed too and always believe in easy sex. It has been 4 Years to our married life and life goes easy. I am a housewife but I have done M.A. in arts. So i have a good communication skill. I use computer on house and I have internet on my pc. So I keep reading all these stuffs on net.

My husband never uses our home computer but he has his own laptop and dongle net card.
Now not taking your so much time I come direct to story. One day when we were having sex my hubby said me immediately that I now that I am not enough for you in bed.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

My First Time Swapping At Cuttack

We are a sexy, hot, bold, and BM couple, Rakesh and Seema from Cuttack, orissa.We had been married since 5 years. I (Rakesh) work in a company and make a comfortable living. I am 32 years of age and was 5-10" tall. Seema is 28 and could be called as a knockout. She was just average Indian height at 5'3". But, she had a beautiful figure measuring 34-28-38 and a classically beautiful face with a fair complexion. Seema was a virgin until her marriage. I was in other hand had long running affair with an aunty who lived in the colony where I grew up. This aunty had been widowed at a fairly young age and she seduced me when I was 19 years old. She taught me just how to please a woman and it was from her that I became an expert lover with special skills in eating pussy. Seema my wife was very shy by nature, but to please me she would let me indulge in his sexual fantasies, which until recently had been fairly mild. However, eight months ago I revealed my deepest fantasy which involved swapping with another couple to my wife. Initially Seema was shocked and she wanted to hear no more about it. But, I kept persisting. I rented a few XXX movies with the swapping theme. Seema slowly started wondering about making love to another man while I made love to another woman. She started to realize that her curiosity was piqued. She told me that she did not want to do it with any of their friends and was too afraid to do it with total strangers. As a result, nothing was done about it for months.

Ponnamma's Second Husband

This story happened to me around 10 years back, when I was 18 years old. My name is Kumar and lived in a village at that time. I am the youngest son in my family. My parents were farmers. I had two elder brothers and two elder sisters. All were settled and married by the time the story happened.
I was doing +2. My village was located near Kerala border. An aunty, named Ponnamma, lived near to my house. She was around 35 years old, mild tanned, plumpy and had voluptous figures. Her breast size was 40 DD and she never used to wear bras (as this was the typical style of village women).

When she was doing house work, her pallu gets shifted and her breasts will be clearly visible. She never bothered to cover her saree pallu. She had bulgy waist with around three folds on her waist sides. Sometimes, she will push her underskirt below the navel and her belly will be clearly visible. Her navel was around one-inch wide hole. She had birthmarks below her navel as well.

She lived with her husband named Rasu. Her husband was around 55 years old, very lean figured and always wear banian and lungi.Ponnamma prepares home-made food items and Rasu will sell them in nearby villages. Mostly he will be out of town for two days in a week.

They moved to our neighbourhood around 15 years back (as newly married by then). I heard that Ponnamma conceived and delivered babies for around 8 times, but none of the babies survived after their birth. My Mom told she was an unlucky woman on having a child (at that time, she did not know that I am the one who is going to give her a healthy baby).

Aunty Sells Her Milk For Her Husband

Hai i am Rajesh and this is about a couple named sandhya & rajesh,she comes from an educated and tradional family,she is very beautiful and cute,she studied law and she is a lawyer but not started practice,her husbands name is rajesh who works in a bank as a debt recovery officer.Recently she has given birth to a child.Sandya is in good shape even after giving birth to a child.
Her husband comes to house regularly at 7:00 clock and 1:00 clock some times,and at the time he comes late to house bring the recovered money with him and deposits in the bank early in the morning of next day.He had some disputes with the senior officials in the bank.One morning he found that the recovered money which he brought to home gone missing and he informed it to the bank officials and a police complaint was booked.The seniors officials who are angry on rajesh took this as an opportunity to take revenge on him and made the situation like he had stolen the money and he is removed form job,and he was taken into police custody for interrogation.
The police are making him accept the crime by using third degree,and since sandya is a lawyer she knows the only way bring him out is by paying the 20 lakh back.But she did not find the way how to gather that money,even by selling the house they get only 10 lakhs, and started going on thinking and she dont know when she fell asleep and she was woke up early in the morning by the sound of calling bell.
She went and opened the door it was the milkman and she brought the vessel and milkman poured the milk in vessel and she found him starring at her breasts and she asked him with anger what was he doing and he said he was feeling bad for her husband and he said madam you need 20 lakh to save your husband.She said yes exactly and also said she is not knowing how to get 20 lakhs,then he said i have an idea but..,

Naked Saints at Varanasi

Hi, I am Rajesh; I am 19 yrs old, a student of class 12 in South Point School, Kolkata. I am only son to my parents Vinod (42 yrs) and Vijaya (40 yrs). Our residence is at Salt Lake, Kolkata; a massive duplex. We are three only in that big house.
My parents are professors in Presidency College, Kolkata, having lot of holidays. We are affluent family. During my school holidays, my parents take me to different places for a change. In one of trip last February we went to Varanasi. We chose that time because of MAHAKUMBH, great time in this holy place.

During this time Varanasi is very crowded and in the bank of the holy river Ganga (called GHAT) generally many NAGA SADHU (Naked Saint) are visible in tents. They come from different part of India, mainly hill areas, they used to stay in caves in Himalayas even and they remain always naked. According to Hindu religion, the NAGA SADHUs' blessings are very powerful. So, Hindus go to meet them, get blessings. Even ladies go to them without any hesitation, beg blessings for themselves, husband, and children.

My mom actually chose Varanasi to visit as a family and obviously to get blessed by naked saints.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Grand opening

My husband and I have wanted to open our own club for several years. I have the business sense and he has the people skills. About a year ago we lived out another fantasy, that of having another couple join us in the bedroom. Now we are both full fledged swingers. So it's no surprise that our "club" idea quickly took another direction.
We eventually saved the money we needed for the start up, and picked a place way out in the middle of nowhere. The inside was a little gaudy in the daylight hours, but at night when it was dimly lit, it was sensual and erotic feeling. There were tables scattered around a dance floor, but most of the room was taken up with couches with thick cushions. We stocked the best drinks and hired the best DJ we could find.

Now all we needed was a gimmick. We needed something that would fill the place up on opening night. Sam and I talked about it at length and decided that something from our own private lives could do the trick. You see, we both love being blind folded during sex. There is something extremely exciting about not knowing where you are going to be touched next, and never knowing what you are being touched with!

We took this idea and expounded on it. We advertised on local radio stations and with flyers that our opening night would conclude with an adult surprise for all of those couples that were curious enough to stick around until closing time. Then we set about making preparations.

The Reluctant Lesbian

Jackie waits at the bus stop for the next bus. She's going to be late for work again because it was the earlier bus that she needed to catch in order to be on time. She has just dropped her infant son off at her mother's house after another attempt at breast feeding him. She loves it so much when he suckles on her but she isn't producing enough milk for him and she always ends up having to give him a bottle on top of her own milk to properly feed him. This in turn has made her late again.
A tear comes to her eye as she starts to miss Butch again. Things were so much easier when Butch was alive to help with him, but ever since the car accident, Jackie has had to do it all herself. Not to mention she's horny as all hell. A finger or two can only do so much to satisfy her. And she's had no time to date anyone new. Not that she hasn't had offers she muses. Guys love blonds and Jackie's hair is a natural golden blond. And her ass could always give J-Lo's a run for its money. Pregnancy has only enhanced her shape by making her tits bigger, a full 36C now, up from a 34B. This all helps her ego but not her state of horniness one iota.

Just as she starts to wonder how she is going to explain her lateness again a car pulls up and honks its horn. "Jackie, need a ride?" Jackie peers into the car and sees Sheila, her work partner waving her over to the car.

First Time Swap

After a long time, we had three days off from work. My wife Mira who is 28 & I at 32 were desperate to have an outing and managed to convince my colleague Pramod (31) and his wife Rina (29) to go with us to the Chandipur Beach in the state of Orissa.
This was a path breaking trip for us. When we left by road in a car, Pramod & I sat if the front driving in turns throughout the 300Km journey, but when we returned, we drove in turn with Rina sitting in the back with me when Pramod drove with Mira sitting in front; or with Mira sitting in the back with Pramod while I drove with Rina sitting in the front! Needless to say, we went back to the original seating arrangement for propriety's sake when we were 30Km from home!

We never imagined in our wildest of dreams that things would turn out this way. We were just normal couples having a ball of a time whenever we got together for dinner.

On these visits, Pramod & I would retire to another room and binge out on drinks & cigarettes while Mira & Rina had their own great time gossiping far away from the smoke. We did get quite familiar with each other, but none of our activities ever had a sexual undertone. I am not sure what ran through each of the other three's minds, but speaking for myself, I did fantasize about Rina off and on. On every visit to their place, I would excuse myself to the toilet for a leak knowing full well that Rina had this habit of leaving used clothes in a bucket for washing on the morrow.

Wife Helps Our Friends

We were seeing them after almost 3 years now. A telephone really was a poor stand in for the close friendship we shared with Rehan & Sunitha when they stayed in Jamshedpur.
Getting to Bangalore together with my wife had taken some planning and we eagerly looked forward to catch up on all the missing years.

Oh! The joy on seeing Sunitha when she opened the door!

The instant flash of that wide smile was enough to warm the cockles of my heart. We'd had some swell times with the pair of them.

Sunitha looked different though...she really glowed; a direct outcome no doubt of the fact that she was carrying a child – now finally after 8 years of serious attempts. At eight months, she was really bulged out and her ample frame did little to hide the fact. Al almost 65 kilograms, she was a well rounded woman of 34. Standing quite tall at 5'6", she had an ample bosom and really wide hips.

Standing behind her with an almost silly grin on his face was Rehan; at 5'11 inches, he stood almost 2 inches taller than me. Fair like his wife, he seemed to have put on some weight compared to the slim guy I had seen off from Jamshedpur.

Indian Aunt Rina's milk

Apu as child grew up with his aunt Rina. When Apu was just 5 years old his both parents dies in an accident and there was no one accept aunt Rina to take care of him. Rina adopted Apu to fulfill the longing of her 9 month old son Jack who died of jaundice. To lessen the weight of tragedy in her day to day life she treats Apu as her own child and even Apu treats her like her mother. Both of them shares a very deep understanding for each other. Rina is a female of 35, whitish complexion and have long black hairs. As an Indian female she wears saree and blouse which makes her look more sexy than in any other outfits. Her bossoms are really huge and her blouse seems to hold her two beautiful breast with real difficulty. Apu, now 20 years old, subconsciously has always fantasized to suckle on those two huge milk bottles but couldn't accumulate enough guts to go and ask straight in his aunt's face for his craving need. That's not the end. As day passed he became more and more desperate to suckle on those titties but possibly he couldn't find a way out to this problem. One day accidentally he comes to the kitchen and finds aunt Rina is pumping out her breast milk onto the washbasin nearby. This was the first time when Apu saw her open breast jiggling out of her tight blouse. Her breast was well shaped and the nipple was highly protruded. Apu stood by the corner of the kitchen and started watching the whole show. Apu could see her right breast, swollen up and momentarily dripping milk out of the dark chocolate colored areolas. Apu could hear aunt Rina moaning as she was squeezing her left nipple. Milk was spurting out of her breast and was filing the washbasin. Apu couldn't continue any more at this sight and he called aunt Rina slowly tapping at her back.
"Aunty where is my lunch I am feeling hungry." said apu with a sense of fake astonishment.

Friday, 3 May 2013

A Unique Good Bye Gift

My name is Suresh. I live in Ambala city in Haryana. We are a small family. My father Surindersingh , My mother Sangeeta and My Sis Sugandha, except me . My father is a business man and my mother is a school teacher. My SIS is 28 years old and me 22 years. She is married at Panipat near Delhi and lives there with her hubby , who is working with some govtdeptt there.
SIS is married for about 3 years and still not having any baby. She is actually preparing for some competition examination and so they are not planning to go for child so early. Any way it is there life and there problem. I love my SIS so much and we have always been very close and rather had been like friends. She is older to me for about 6 years so in a way she way like my guardian when I was young. She helped me a lot with my studies and I respect her much.

I was in a gloomy mood after marriage of my SIS , as I lost a friend and she also missed me a lot. We usually had long mobile calls and I normally used to call her almost daily.

I had applied for engineering test and got admission to a reputed college at Hydrabad. I was to leave for Hydrabad in a weeks timeand after that I may not be able to come back to my family for about a year. So my father and mother were feeling very much for me and they were also in a pensive mood to miss me for such a long time.

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