Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Milk Woman farting Young 18 Year Old

Hello guys. I am Kiran from Ahmadabad. I am 23 years old and single son of my parents. I would like to tell you about an incident which took place 5 days ago. Talking about myself, I am unmarried doctor and have been serving in my dad’s hospital since 2 years. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and have good sized dick. I am usual reader of ISS and that is the reason why I don’t feel much bad about incest.
Coming to the point, I was always a woman stalker and fantasized all women whom I knew closely. I had 2 pretty close relationships in my life, but had to sacrifice them for my career and always had to satisfy my urge by masturbating.
Now there was a friend of mine Ajay, with whom I shared all my secrets. I also bonded well with his mother, Madhu as she was quite modern, rich and open minded. I unwillingly always tried to impress her and even she was amazed with my intelligence. She trusted me more than her son. We lived in same neighborhood and both my friend. Madhu had pretty big tits and I always was attracted to her due to her tits. Madhu is very good and cooks tasty food. I and Ajay often used to sleep together in each other’s home. It was long time since we stayed together with each other.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Playing With Fire

Part 1

My name is Tom, but on that particular fateful night roughly five years ago, that wasn't the name my wife was screaming as she was being fucked good and hard on our bed.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify that I was the one who was fucking her. You see, we had been doing a bit of role-playing at that time, and on that particular night, she had chosen the name of "Dale" as her imaginary lover.

We had been married for twenty-four years, and our eldest son had just moved out of the house, leaving us as empty-nesters for the first time in our lives. In the weeks thereafter, I noticed that Beth, my wife, had become very vocal in bed. We had endured so many years being as quiet as possible in bed, I honestly never realized she had it in her. But the moment Donnie left for college, she seemed to let her hair down a little.

Maybe it was hormonal, or maybe it was the fact that she had started exercising again, and was feeling sexier than usual. I didn't care why her sex drive suddenly went into overdrive; I was simply enjoying the ride. Prior to that, our sex life had become duller and more seldom with each passing year.

Free from having to be quiet all the time, she began talking dirty while we had sex. I have to say, it was a major turn-on for me. The things she would say would make her friends at church blush, and those frumpy old women in her bookclub would never have suspected that there was such a dirty little slut hidden beneath that prim and proper exterior.

As we reached middle age together, Beth and I began to talk about all the things we'd like to do before we get too old to do them. We talked about traveling, and scuba diving, and other types of adventurous activities that we never had the time nor freedom to pursue while being tethered to the house for so many years. Inevitably, that discussion morphed into a conversation about our sexual fantasies. Being the hornier of the two, I was the one who prompted that particular discussion.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Milky Way To Heavenly Sex

Hi, this is Malathi from Hyderbad. I am married and my husband has business and travels a lot. Once my husbands friend is going to USA on some project and left his wife at our house for couple of weeks as his parents are out of town and they will take her back once they come back. She came here with 1 year baby.
After one day my husband has to go Delhi for 2 days and he left he also felt happy that I have some company at house. On that night I woke up in the night and her baby was in bed but she is not. I thought she might have gone to bathroom after 10 mins she didnt return and I went near bathroom and checked the door was open and she is standing near the wash basin and squeezing her boobs for milk.
I knocked the door and asked if she is ok. She said the baby couldn’t drink all the milk and her breast is paining a lot so she needs to squeeze the milk out so that it wont pain. I said ok and I returned to the bed and slept. Next day morning I asked her if everything is ok she said yeah we had breakfast and lunch I saw her feeding her baby and I saw her boobs they were very big and she got embarrassed and said those were big because of her feeding and milk I said its cool and continued to watch the tv.
After 10 mins she called me and showed that kid fell asleep and didnt drink all the milk and again her boobs were getting bigger. She went to bathroom and squeezed all the milk. In the evening my husband called and said that it is going to take 3 more days and said if he will stay there he can finish the work as i am not alone in the house. That night again I saw her going to bathroom and squeezing the milk.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Traveled With A New Friend On A Ten Day Tour

I had to travel to Delhi for about 10 days for various meetings, and I wondered what I would do when I was not in meetings. Damn, it would be crazy to sit around for 23 hours for just a 1 hour meeting a day. And I was so tired. I was wondering if I could do something different just for once and thought of this idea. How about if I take a escort along with me for the travel. That way I can enjoy while I am not working. So I started my search.
I walked the busy streets of red light areas, and looked around and selected only those girls, who were thin, and had decent size boobs. I also looked for height, I liked kinda short ones. As I identified them, I spoke to them about a 10 day vacation and what it would cost me. Finally I negotiated with one of them and took her phone number. She was pleasant to look at and fit my short thin big criteria. I took her for lunch the next day, so that she can kinda relax. I also told her that she can have all the details like tickets, hotel information and schedule for safe keeping. Everything was based on the fact that I wanted total comfort during travel. No worries and fear. It would ruin the trip quality.
So there came the travel day. I had booked a Rajdhani 1st AC, which had a private room all to our selves. When we got to the train and into the compartment, I held her hands and thanked her. I also told her that she could leave anytime, there was no compulsion. She said, “No its fine, its the first time I have gone out like this when someone, and since you have taken the time to get to know you, I am comfortable.”. I thanked her again, with a small peck on her hands.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Me and My Father-in-Law

I am Seema. It's my first time to talk to you all so forgive me if I make mistakes. I am about 35 and married for the last 10 years. All these years my husband and I had nice sex life and he really can satisfy me. Of late we both started reading erotic literature on the Internet and read many stories on husband watching his wife getting fucked by other men. To tell you the truth we both were tremendously aroused after reading these types of stories. We started talking about it while having sex and the effect it made on our pleasure was very astonishing. Just thinking of getting fucked by other men aroused me to my peak and my hubby Sunil had instant erection just talking about this. He used to talk about any of his friend fucking me in front of him and sometimes strangers too. 

This led to some imagination of my own. Now to come to the point I am staying with his parents, my Father in law and Mother in law. My FIL (Father in Law) is 59 yr. of age and still very active. He has lot of friends and is very jolly fellow, always cutting some jokes and laughing nicely. He is medium built and look younger than his age. Name is Baba. He wears specs but that adds to his personality. That was my FIL!

As I had told you I started to imagine my FIL to be the other man who fucks me. Initially I just tried to avoid such thoughts but I could not! Every time we have sex it was my father in law I imagined to be fucking me. That was just imagination friends! And that made me cum several times. I never told this to my husband Sunil but it was my own secret. When I read some stories from Jeevan the intensity of imagination increased. The other stories like 'Debauchery of young housewife' was far more arousing and I started to put myself in the place of the young heroine of the story. Ohhh god! Was I pervert? How such thoughts of getting fucked by my own FIL came in my mind?

Finally I wrote to Jeevan and he gave me proper advice. So here I am imagining the sex thing with my FIL.

How My Life Changed

My name is Nichole and I’m twenty-nine years old. What happened in the last year has changed my life completely. I’m a fairly descent looking woman ; I worked at a company that had a great gym where all employees worked out on a daily basis. I was really into it; I’m 5’ 6” tall and 110#‘s with shoulder length dirty blond hair and gray eyes; also my breasts aren’t the biggest in the world at 36 B, but they are firm and they stick straight out with large, proud nipples. My best features are my butt and my shapely, slender legs. Overall, I am very proud of my firm body, I also know how to wear the right (hot) clothes to show off what I have, more for myself than others.

I‘m married to a great guy, but am I in love with him? I never could answer that question even after being married for five years. I think I got married Dave for the fact that I just didn’t like coming home to an empty apartment; plus Dave was a real nice guy, and I was reasonably content, or thought that I was.

Between my job that paid very well, and Dave’s business, he was an electrician, I should say, an electrical contractor, plus the money that we had saved before we got married, we bought a great house with five acres of land surrounding it, four bedrooms plus a gym room. . We really fixed it up and put in an in-ground pool with a Jacuzzi spa. The pool and spa was my idea because I loved the idea of lying in the sun naked, especially since we now have all this privacy. Sunbathing nude to me is very sensual as I feel the heat of the sun caress my entire body and it gets me very sexually aroused; even when I was very young, at the beach where I would wear nothing more than a skimpy string bikini, I would look for a somewhat secluded are so that I could grind my pussy into the hot sand under my blanket and get myself off; the thought that someone might be watching me, and realized what I was doing, would excite me even more.

Lesbian Ass Fisting Fun

Nadia Al-Nasser moaned deeply as I worked my fist into her asshole. At last, I had the tall, sexy Lebanese cutie right where I wanted her. Naked on my bed, her curvaceous body covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her thighs spread wide open and her hairy cunt staring at me. As tempting as her sweet pussy was, it's her ass that interested me the most. I've been dreaming about that ass for ages. My name is Amina Abdullah and I'm a booty-loving and totally freaky bisexual Somali Canadian woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

Go slow, Nadia pleaded with me as my fist filled her asshole. I felt such warmth and tightness around my hand. There's nothing quite as intimate as anal fisting, ladies and gentlemen. I highly recommend it regardless of your race, gender or sexual orientation. I discovered anal sex at the age of eighteen with my former boyfriend Ali Osman, a Somali brother I met while visiting my aunt Fatouma in the City of Edmonton, Alberta. 

From the first time Ali Osman worked his long and thick Somali cock up my tight yet well-lubricated asshole, I've been addicted to butt fucking. All kinds of anal sex turn me on, to tell you the truth. Hell, I even gave Ali a taste of his own medicine by fucking him up his ass with a strap-on dildo I bought. I made him squeal real loud as I bent him over the couch and stuffed his ass with my strap-on like a thanksgiving turkey. 

Yeah, I had some good times with the fellas during that memorable summer in Alberta. My former boyfriend Ali was a real screamer and I like that in a man. Not only did I fuck his ass with the strap-on dildo, but I later fisted him. That's an experience he'll never forget. I am a freaky mama. This always surprises people because as a five-foot-four, 120-pound, brown-skinned, dark-eyed and hijab-wearing Somali chick, I'm presumed to be a prude. Ha! 

Wife Gets Stretched

We were married only a few years when we started experimenting with the idea of including others in our sex play. We were both in our twenties and eager to try a lot of new things.

My wife talked a girlfriend of hers into having a threesome with us, which resulted in one very incredible experience for all three of us.

Turnabout was fair play, so I told my wife that I would find a guy to include in our next threesome. However, before I could find someone, fate put her in the path of a man named Ken. She met Ken at a house warming party and discovered that he had a very big, (nine inches) cock. She was so fascinated by it that I suggested that she get together with him and try it out. She had sex with him at least twice a week for about two months. She seemed like she couldn’t get enough of his big cock. After the two months passed, she came to the realization that she liked Ken’s cock a lot more than she liked Ken, so she stopped seeing him.

For years my wife told me that a man’s size didn't matter. She held to the belief that it was not what you had, but how you used it. That all changed when Laura met Ken.

She discovered a whole new world of pleasure that came with the sensation of being filled up by a large cock. Since her first experiences with Ken, she was eager to find more men who were well endowed.

We started going to swing parties, with the idea that she would have a good chance of finding more men who were well hung.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sharing My Wife

We've been married for about 6 1/2 years. After my first marriage ended thanks to multiple deployments (I'm in the Army), I found my wife online and upon my return from overseas we moved in together and a few months later we got married.

Yolanda was absolutely perfect (still is). She's very feminine, yet tough. She works AND cooks, laughs at my dumb jokes (still) and is a great mother and stepmother. She had a traditional Mexican upbringing so I never imagined we would ever try the things we have. I guess it really speaks to her open-minded approach to life. 

I have always fantasized about threesomes and such, but had never told anyone for fear of what others (especially women) would think. Our first year together was rough, but one thing that was always great was our sex life. We tried different toys and she was not opposed to watching porn, and we would watch porn together every so often. 

This allowed me to open up and share my fantasies of watching her get fucked by another man. It was always a turn-on for both of us as we'd talk about it and would always end up cumming like crazy. I suggested on a number of occasions that we should try it for real; but she always said "no way!" She loved the fantasy but made it clear that she would never do it for real. I was happy, though, as we always had great sex. 

During the tail end of my first deployment since we were married, she met a woman at a "passion party" -- one of those "parties" for women where they sell sex toys. She made friends with Mary and soon they found that both had husbands with the "same sick fantasy." As they became better friends, Mary revealed to Yolanda that it was more than just a fantasy to them... they had been swingers for a little while. So, of course, all this provided many jerk-off sessions while I was away. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Nor-Tea Club

Eighteen months had passed since Jack Trengate and his wife, Sherri had become swingers. First with their long-time friends, Glenn and Wendy then James and Valerie were added, a black couple they met at a party. The three couples met at each other's home once or twice a month and everyone looked forward to the encounters. 

Jack had long overcome his initial concern of seeing Sherri with other men and looked forward to watching her with Glenn and James. She enjoyed being with the two men so much that he had made the odd, casual comment that she might enjoy more. Sherri had not actually said she would want to have more than two men paying attention to her but she never said she wouldn't either and Jack had the feeling that the tone of her non-committal answer hinted that she thought it might be fun. 

He also liked looking down at Wendy and Valerie on their hands and knees on the bed, the perfect combination of black and white. It was so erotic to fondle their bottoms and pussies, so different yet ultimately the same. Wendy's lovely pussy lips were always slightly open and inviting, topped by a neat blonde bush. He particularly enjoyed her in a sixty-nine; she would suck his cock while he tongued her pussy until she was very wet then he would spread her open and play with her clit while James had her from behind. 

He liked Sherri in this position also and the sight of James' super large black cock assaulting his wife's pussy from so close usually resulted in a powerful ejaculation into her mouth. Then there was Valerie; with her large clitoris and a patch of jet black, silky pubic hair, he and Glenn had spent many hours enjoying the considerable assets of this black beauty. 

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