Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

I few days ago I saw an ad for a local cosmetic surgery clinic that is looking for new patients and offers free consultations. I looked at one of the doctors on the internet and there were no complaints and he seemed like a nice guy. There was a little profile on him with his picture as well as pictures of his clinic office. The office looked nice and he seems nice too. Not handsome, but just a normal, nice looking guy about my age.

So I made an appointment to see him for a consultation. The appointment was this afternoon. I wore a sundress since it was so nice out and I look so sexy in them too. It was an interesting appointment and I'll tell you all about it.

The nurse had me fill out some paperwork, but not that much since it was just for a consultation. Then she walked me into his office. It was a very nice office with his desk on one side and a little exam table on the other side. It was on the tenth floor and looked across the street at some other office buildings. I couldn't see in their windows as they looked like big mirrors. I wondered if they could see in his windows? 

Well, he took the file from the nurse and she left. He looked it over for a minute, then looked up and said, "Hello Catherine, I'm Doctor Webber. It's a pleasure to meet you. How may I help you today?"

"Well I need to tell you right up front that I may chicken out and not do anything or I may do something – I just don't know for sure. So I don't want to waste your time if you need a commitment from me."

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lactating Secretary

"What the hell was that," Jake Armstrong said to himself, as he walked passed the closed office door on his way to the copy machine room. The long corridor was empty, as most of the staff was out to lunch, and Jake wondered who could possibly be using the vacant office at this hour. Well whoever it was, they sure as hell were making quite a racket in there. Jake put his ear to the door, listened for a few moments, and then slowly turned the handle and pushed into the supposedly empty office. 

What he saw totally floored him, and for several seconds he stood there slack jawed, and quite unable to speak. "I I I'm sorry," a red faced Jake stammered, "I heard the glass breaking and just wanted to make sure everything was okay." The reason for his discomfort was seated in an office chair next to some sort of contraption with hoses and wires connected to her chest; it was the new secretary. He'd hear she was nineteen and just out of business school.

Nikki Shaw sat with her breasts exposed. A white blouse and large bra were on the floor at her feet. "That's all right Mr. Armstrong, I have a baby at home, and every four hours or so I have to milk my breasts and save it for later. Mrs. Cooper said I could use this room," she replied. "But for some reason, I'm having all sorts of trouble with this stupid machine. I just knocked a jar of milk on the floor. The hose seems to be leaking, and well, nothing seems to be working out today." 

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Party

"A few of my friends from work are throwing a party. I want to go." 

I looked up at my wife. "Okay. Am I invited?"

"Yes," this caused me to raise my eyebrows. Usually spouses weren't invited to her work parties. In response to my look Trisha continued, "this isn't a work party. It's just a few friends from work getting together. Mona and Bill are hosting."

I'd met Mona before, not her husband Bill though. Mona was a vivacious, buxom, free spirited woman who enjoyed every moment of her life. Some of the stories Trisha, my wife, had told of her were steamy to say the least. The first time I'd met Mona she gave me a long tight hug and a full blown French kiss that had set my libido on fire. My wife had not been upset about the kiss. It was just Mona being Mona.

"Who all will be there?" I asked while trying not to sound too interested.

"I'm not sure. Probably Adam Loya and his wife Anna. I think Debbie and whichever boytoy she brings. Oh, Stacy will be there. I don't know if Larry will come or not. He is a lot like you." 

By that my wife meant anti-social, which wasn't really true. I'm not anti-social, I'm anti-stupid. It just so happens that most "social" people are terribly stupid and dull. There is nothing I dislike more than being caught by some droning political fanatic who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up. 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Resort

We assembled in the lobby, all seven of us naked, and it was the first time I really got a good look at the other women. More than anything, I was shocked at how young Melissa was. She couldn't have been more than twenty. She was gorgeous — almost six feet tall, skinny, flawless alabaster skin, with blonde curls almost to her bellybutton. I'm sure she had had loads of sexual experience — she probably had to fight the boys off. But I couldn't imagine what would lead a girl so young to a place like this.

Peggy was clearly an old pro. She had jet-black hair in a pixie cut, rings in both nipples, and a tattoo that read, "slut for black cocks" across the top of her ample right breast. I had heard most women got their tattoos in places that were easy to hide — the ass, the inner thigh, right above the pussy. But if she wore anything at all low-cut, her proclivities would be announced to the world. I asked if she had gotten it at the Resort, and she told me this was her seventh time here, but she'd only been successfully bred twice. She was hoping for number three this week. She asked me if I had been bred yet.

I was still nervous about talking about this stuff, but I figured if I was ever going to start, now was the time. "Not... I mean... I have two kids... but they're my husband's. This will be my first... my first black baby."

She smiled and squeezed my arm. "I bet it won't be your last. There's no feeling more powerful than being bred by black men. Especially the way we do it here."

Saturday, 27 December 2014

I And My Friend Changed Each Other Wife

Me and Giri we both are good friends from childhood. Each and every thing we will share each other including personal family matters also. At the 26 years of age we both got marriage. We both are doing jobs in private companies. Every week ends we will meet at bar and will discuss about our all matters. Sometimes we will talk about our sexual life also. Monthly once I and Giri will go outing with our families that means me and my wife, Giri and his wife. My wife and Giri’s wife were also good friends.

So when went outing, there leisure time we will sit with bottles. And our wife’s will spend in the room and they will discuss about their matters. Sometimes me and Giri while discussing, he will ask about our sex life and I also ask to Giri about sex life. Basically Giri is the very sexy guy. Always he will says he will do sex with his wife nearly 2 hours and she will also fully enjoy it. But he is saying feeling very bore as since 1 year he enjoying with same lady and he is looking another taste. I also said him me and my wife fucking long time and she will also encourage me while fucking. And I told him sometimes I will fuck my wife’s ass also. Then he said ass fucking I like very much. You are very lucky guy. But my wife will not like ass fucking. She wants only long time front side fucking with different angles only. Then I said to Giri, actually I don’t like ass fucking but my wife will ask to her ass fucking. To satisfy her I will fuck her ass. So Giri said ass fucking me and your wife liking, long time front side fucking you and my wife liking. Then I said yes.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Richa and Jayant having swapping sex with Meghna and Manjeet

Part 1
I am following this blog from last few weeks and since I have found this page I was thinking about writing my experience and today I have started penning it down with a hope that I will be able to succeeded narrating my life experience in an erotic way. This is about partner swinging and my whole description is about two consecutive nights in which we; I and my husband somehow got involved with our best friends.

Group sex can be shocking to say the least and even when it was happened I felt like it was not real but it was real and I am trying writing down everything as it happened with flair of Hindi words, as it is not only arousing but also an easy way out to describe the situation. Like everyone I must mention that in this write up it is just names which are imaginary, and they are chosen from past posts of this blog and rest is 100 percent true.

I am Richa, female of 35 married to Jayant from last 10 years and other couple is Meghna and Manjeet. Manjeet is of my age and Meghna is little younger than me and their marriage is around seven years old. I can easily say Meghna and I are best friends and Jayant and Manjeet are best friends.

We’ve lived beside each other for around 7-8 years; from the day one I got married to Jayant and then when after few years Manjeet got married to Meghna, my friendship with her grew deep. Mostly we all address each other with names and as such I don’t have anything very special to describe whatever happened in these years except this that we were always available for each other for big or tiny; any kind of help.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Neha losing virginity to brother-in-law

I am Neha, I am reading this blog from last few years regularly but since now I never had anything which I could share with my unseen friends but after coming back from my sister’s place I have an experience to tell and it is about loss of my Virginity which I lost over my Jija Ji. I was gone to Delhi to help my sister in last couple of months of her pregnancy and there my Jija Ji fucked me.

For introduction I would say I am fair and good looking girl almost done with my masters. I am short and little over weight for my height with fleshy sexual assets, thick thighs, plump and jutting out ass and reasonably big breasts but with a flat belly.

Before getting on bed with Jija Ji I had a boyfriend here in my collage with whom I have tried kissing and breast play and after getting my melons sucked from my boy friend I was somewhat curious to experience real pleasure with him but I never gathered courage to say yes for sex to him.

I must tell that I was not scared of pain or my parents and didn’t had anything like morals or ethics that I have to save my virginity for my future husband. Actually I was insecure about the about the privacy of the matter, because these days girls are getting filmed very easily while having sex and I never had that much of trust over my boy friend so I never reach to the decision of having sex

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Vienetta Ice Cream

She lay in bed, lightly running her fingers over her stomach, marvelling at how quickly she'd managed to lose her baby weight. She'd given birth five months previously, and had been exercising daily. She ran her hands over her breasts, still heavy with breastfeeding. She knew her husband, John, was running late, as he had been nearly every night since their child was born.

Suddenly, she sat up straight. She could hear a noise, coming from the back door. John always came through the front door. She stood up, ready to run and protect her baby, but then her bedroom door opened.

"Well, what do we have here?"

That was not John's voice. She sat back down, groping for some kind of weapon on her bedside table. Three men entered her bedroom, silhouetted in the dark. They were all tall, one thickset, one skinny, and one roughly average for his height. The thickset one came over to her, and grasped her wrist, making her gasp in shock. "What are you doing honey?"

Suddenly, the baby started crying. She looked at her baby monitor in horror, willing her child to stop crying, and by some miracle, it did. The man holding her looked at the other two men; she could feel his evil grin.

"Well, well, well, we have us a yummy mummy, boys. What's your name sugar?"

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Collegiate Milkmaid

Part 1
"I'm getting some weird discharge from my nipples," Kelly said, squirming uncomfortably on the examination table. She hated going to the student health center, but where else was one to go while in college? At least they didn't immediately make her strip and put her feet up in the stirrups.

The doctor's manner was kind enough. He looked like a dropout from a hippie commune: long gray hair pulled back into a straggly pony tail, wool socks and sandals, wire rim glasses. He looked at her over the rims and asked, "Which nipple?"

"Both," she answered. 

"That's odd. Usually it would be one or the other. Is it bloody or yellowish, pus-like?"

"No," Kelly answered, anxiously jiggling her foot against the table. "Just white-ish."

He frowned. "Doesn't sound like an infection. But have you had your nipples pierced recently. Or removed jewelry from them?"

She was shocked at the question, then realized that pierced nipples were probably as common on a college campus as beer and fake IDs. "No, not me."

"Well let's take a look and we'll do a sample." He looked at her expectantly.

Kelly hated to be naked in front of anyone, even her boyfriend. Knowing this was coming was why she had delayed coming to the health center for so long. Reluctantly she pulled off her sweatshirt, unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down her bra. The folded washcloths she had placed in the cups fell onto her lap; they weren't soaked but it was obvious something was making them wet.

The doctor raised his eyebrows. "How long have you been like this?" he asked.

"Two days now," she said softly.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

After Dark ...A Bizaar 3some

Over the last 11 years I had numerous encounters of 3some's but the most bizarre was the one where I been part of it but yet I never saw the face of the woman whom I was having sex.

It was 2008 when I visited my School days buddy's place, who is a Doctor now and having a good name and fame. In the evening when quit his chamber he took to the Club for drinks. Over the drinks we keep on remembering our youth days and our own sexual escapades. The more drink flown in we became more loose in tongue and started spilling out sexual adventures of recent times. During conversation I blurted to him that I am now hooked to threesome and narrated him few amazing experiences of the swinging world. By the time we left the club he was all worked up and driving back he told me that currently he is having a sexual relationship with colleagues wife, who is nuts about sex and went on describing her.

He said her name is Shanti, she is around 40 year old, height is 5'1" and her boobs are well shaped size 32. She been born and raised in Village and is having a typical small Indian city background. She is fair complexioned small woman. My friend while describing her called her up over the mobile and started sexual talk over it in front of me. As talks became more raunchy and sexy he mentioned about me. He told her that I am an old friend of his and told her about my experimentation with swinging world. Then he told her about his desire to experience 3some with her along with me. Naturally at first she refused point blankly to him and rejected any idea to have a sexual relationship with anyone other than my friend. But after cajoling of 30 minutes over mobile, she later gave in to my friends persuasion power, as well her own desire to taste the forbidden. She agreed for one time sexual experiment but she put on one condition that I won't be allowed to see her!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Wife and Husband's Big Fantasy

At 28 years old, Stacy has been happily married to Jim for 8 years. They had not started a family yet, and have enjoyed living as a young married couple with a nice, but small apartment in the city. Both Stacy and Jim were raised on small farms on the west coast, but were really getting used to life in the big city. Stacy worked for a small real estate company downtown, and paid all the bills as Jim completed medical school. Stacy was of Korean decent, stood about 5'5" tall, and weighed about 105 pounds. Unlike some Asian girls, Stacy had nice curves to her body, and was the envy of many of her Asian friends who tended to be pretty flat. Jim was your average white guy, but did manage to keep in good shape despite long hours at school. He always thought he was so lucky to have an Asian wife with big tits and a perfect ass. He wondered some times how many other white guys would love to take his wife to bed instead of their plain Jane white wives.

Stacy and Jim enjoyed a pretty normal sex life the first 8 years of their marriage, and they were both virgins when they married. Besides enjoying a few pornos together, the two of them were pretty conservative in their sexual behavior. A couple of years ago, Jim purchased a standard plastic dildo for Stacy after she had brought it up one night. Stacy had taken to it much more than Jim ever could have imagined. Every time she used it, especially if she requested it, Jim became more aroused than normal. Although Jim knew she was lying, Stacy always said she used it just to get him more excited, and she could do without it. However, there was no hiding the fact that she came much more quickly and vigorously with the dildo than she did with normal sex between the two of them. Jim had also noticed that it looked like she had even used it several times when he was away late at school. This only got him more excited, but he never said anything to Stacy, because he knew it would only embarrass her.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Enticed Wife

Part 1

Once we got to my place, my wife and our new friends settled around the table while I went to get some wine. After we gobbled down 5 glasses each things took an unexpected turn. Karen started orienting the conversation towards sex and bragged about Jason's (her boyfriend) big cock and, which got me uncomfortable, but as I looked at my wife her reaction was stoic. I guess drinking for the first time in 5 years got her orientation and judgement impaired to some point, but not me. I was a natural drinking machine. Karen was explaining her boyfriend's attributes and how their sex life was raunchy and adventurous. 

"I met Jason a few years ago and I must admit that although he's cute and all, it's his attributes that got my attention." Sipping her drink.

As the conversation focused on Jason's dick I go more and more weary where this was heading because I was jealous by nature and I didn't like this conversation at all. Karen continued her conversation even with my apparent nervousness.

"I love his thick cock, I just love it, can't get enough of him and joining a swingers club is the best thing ever." She said. 

When she mentioned swingers club I got nervous, but I didn't even have time to react because my wife uttered a sentence for the first time.

"Swingers club, what's that?"

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Working Late

It was a another night working late for Ishani. Working in a small law firm often meant late nights to meet deadlines. Ishani was married and had a young 4 year old son. She was lucky her husband John had a job which allowed him flexibility and he could be relied on to look after their boy whilst she worked overtime. Ishani had been married to John for 7 years, he adored her and they met through mutual friends. 

Ishani was a Tamil from Singapore and John was immediately attracted to her when they first met, her dark skin, curves in all the right places and her beautiful visage melted him from the beginning. He couldn't believe his luck when she agreed to go out with him, a fairly unattractive and overweight white Australian didn't expect such a gorgeous woman to want him. But so it turned out and they were now married with a young son.

Ishani and John had enjoyed a vigorous sex life from since they were engaged, both of them had a high sex drive and they put it to good use. However, after the birth of their son Ishani's libido waned as she became more focused on being a mother and on her career. She and John had settled into a rut sex-wise. John's sex drive was as strong as ever and the drop in their sex life made him focus on it all the more. Ishani would relent and they would have functional sex where she would do just enough to satisfy her husband, but nothing more, she had no interest in doing the deed but rather wanted to keep John happy.

Ishani was still a gorgeous woman though, in her mid 30's, standing at 5" 8" with jet black hair, round dark eyes, luxurious chocolate brown skin, a nice pair of 18D breasts and an incredible peach shaped bum which immediately drew any man's attention. She'd filled out a little bit since becoming a mother, but at a nice size 10 she was still as attractive as ever.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Secret Swap

Part 1

I looked over at the alarm clock and saw the amber digits glowing brightly in the darkness: 1:58 AM. I suddenly realized that I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I had that excited tingly feeling in my gut. Jesus, was I really going to go through with this? I was still staring at the clock, and I saw the digital number change: 1:59. I didn't have to get up; I could just stay in bed and forget about the whole thing. Suddenly I became aware of my wife's breathing. I couldn't see her in the darkness, but she was obviously in a deep sleep. I pulled the sheets away and sat up in bed. She didn't stir. I moved to the side of the bed and put my feet on the floor. She didn't move. I climbed out of the bed and stood. She didn't wake up. I could see her alarm clock now; it was showing 2:00, but mine still had 1:59. I heard the ceiling fan whirling away above me. When my clock changed to 2:00 too, I started going towards the door. I made no conscious decision, I simply started to walk.

Our bedroom was absolutely dark. Besides the red glow of our alarm clocks, the only other thing I could see was the little green light on the fire detector, which was right above the door. I walked towards that light and then reached out to find the knob. I opened the door and listened carefully once more. I could still hear her steady breathing. I shut the door behind me and stood in the hall for a few moments. The street light was shining in thorough the window and lighting up the hallway. Jesus, was I really going to go through with this? I walked down the stairs.

At the front door, I looked out of the window. All the houses were completely dark. I unlocked the door and quietly slipped out onto the porch. It was a cool summer night, and very quiet. I shut the door behind me and started walking up the street. What the hell was I doing? It's a strange feeling, to walk around in the small hours of the morning in nothing but boxers and a T-shirt. Then I saw him. He was walking down the sidewalk towards me. I slowed. So did he. When he was close enough so that I could see his face, I saw that he was smirking. I blinked at him and we stopped, looking at each other for a few seconds. I had to call it off. But I didn't say anything. We simply passed each other without saying a word. I walked on without looking back.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mixed Doubles

"Where is my shirt, Ohh god you have not pressed it," Dilip picked up his crumpled shirt.

"At least I washed it," Anita shouted from kitchen.

"What am I going to wear, you know today is a very important meeting for me and I need this white shirt," he sounded miserable. 

"Please iron it yourself, my baby, I am busy preparing the breakfast," Anita spoke.

"Yeah, as if I am free," he murmured and grabbed the iron. 

Anita walked out of the kitchen and saw Rahul their six years old son, munching the bread.

"Eat quickly, beta, you don't have the whole day for that and don't forget to finish you milk, ohh god I have to get ready," she rushed to bedroom. 

Dilip and Anita were married for almost ten years now and they have a lovely six year old son. They met in collage, fell in love, finished the collage and landed nice lucrative jobs in once booming IT sector. Much against the wishes of their parents they got married and settled down in Mumbai. Dilip belong to the North India while she was from Mumbai so neither of their parents felt that the marriage is going to work, while Dilip was pure vegetarian, Anita has no problem with meat. Against all odds and cultural differences they were together for ten years and were madly in love with each other. 

Anita was a modern Indian girl but came from a conservative family where she was taught the Indian traditions and values of life. Her mother always emphasised about saving her virginity for her husband. She matured early and from a very young age she had developed a noticeable figure. She was always pursued by boys and men alike, she had minor flings, nothing serious, until she met Dilip. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Sarah's New Life Ch. 02

As soon as I got home from Nicole's lingerie shop, I stripped off all of my clothes and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. "Could this be Sarah Michelle Richards? The submissive, frumpy, little housemaker and wife of Phillip Richards?"I asked. Outwardly I had worked hard to change after the divorce but after spending a night with Nicole I also knew that I had changed inside as well and would never be the same person I once had been. 

While looking at myself, I saw the reflection of my old clothes hanging in the closet and knew what needed to be done. I spent the rest of the morning throwing out most of my old clothes and replaced them with the much slinkier outfits that I had purchased from Nicole to help show off my new figure. I also took the rest of my new body jewelry and hid it in the back of my closet. It wasn't that I felt embarrassed by it but I wasn't quite sure how Sam would react to knowing his mom wore such things. 

It wasn't until that moment that I had thought of Sam. "Where was he?" I wondered until I noticed it was well after the time he needed to leave for school. 

When he got home that evening, I was shocked by his nonchalant attitude when he asked where I had been and even more so when he replied, "Good for you," when I told him I had stayed with a friend. 

After that, I visited Nicole's shop weekly, sometimes to buy something new and sometimes to spend special girl-girl time with my lover. And after each visit, I found myself feeling more and more confident in who I was becoming and in the way I looked. Instead of the old, shapeless outfits that I had worn daily before my divorce I now wore sexy lingerie every day along with outfits that accentuated the curves of my body and, unknown to anyone but Nicole and myself, I wore my body jewelry under each and every outfit. The only difference being which piece of jewelry I wore. Some days it was simply a looped chain running from one nipple to the other, while on other days I wore the full-body piece that Nicole had given me that first night. 

Horny desi wife having sex with Mexican trainer

My husband just in the last few months has wanted me to have sex with other men. This is just not like me, I have been a good girl most of our marriage and don't understand why he would want another man fucking his wife. I have tried this a few times now and I really like it. I really don't think my husband knows what he has done. He has made me a slut and I like it.

I have started wearing different cloths, started flirting more, and I try and show as much as possible without getting naked. I like this and now don't think I can stop. This is the problem now. My husband tells me I can fuck anyone I want as long as he watches. He encourages me to flirt and tease other men. His only rule is I must tell him everything and no secrets are to be kept.

While having sex at home he usually asks me to tell any event in which I make men uncomfortable sexually. I was telling him how my training manager who is a Mexican looks me and I feel he has a lustful eye on me. He wanted me to take things farther with him and let him know about it.

Our training is about to finish in a day or two and one day we are out for lunch and there my trainer talked to me and straight away told me that he had hots for me from a long time. He said as he will be leaving soon so want to know if he could spend 2 hours with me in his hotel room. I came home and told this to my husband and he was very excited and told me to text him and fix a time to see him.

After some texting the time is fixed that I am going to meet him on lunch time in his hotel lobby tomorrow. I reached the hotel and was waiting for him in lobby. He came and saw me in saree and said I am looking beautiful and he said me to wait for few minutes and he went away. I waited for him some time and got to know later that he went to get condoms as he didn’t have any.

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