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Richa and Jayant having swapping sex with Meghna and Manjeet

Part 1
I am following this blog from last few weeks and since I have found this page I was thinking about writing my experience and today I have started penning it down with a hope that I will be able to succeeded narrating my life experience in an erotic way. This is about partner swinging and my whole description is about two consecutive nights in which we; I and my husband somehow got involved with our best friends.

Group sex can be shocking to say the least and even when it was happened I felt like it was not real but it was real and I am trying writing down everything as it happened with flair of Hindi words, as it is not only arousing but also an easy way out to describe the situation. Like everyone I must mention that in this write up it is just names which are imaginary, and they are chosen from past posts of this blog and rest is 100 percent true.

I am Richa, female of 35 married to Jayant from last 10 years and other couple is Meghna and Manjeet. Manjeet is of my age and Meghna is little younger than me and their marriage is around seven years old. I can easily say Meghna and I are best friends and Jayant and Manjeet are best friends.

We’ve lived beside each other for around 7-8 years; from the day one I got married to Jayant and then when after few years Manjeet got married to Meghna, my friendship with her grew deep. Mostly we all address each other with names and as such I don’t have anything very special to describe whatever happened in these years except this that we were always available for each other for big or tiny; any kind of help.

Apart from this there were numerous formal dinners together on casual and special occasions like marriage adversaries or birthdays of our little ones, few casual lunches, mostly on Sundays when anything special was cooked in any one of the kitchens, countless movies together in theater, couple of out station trips by road on long weekends.

Through all this our friendship grew stronger and stronger, up to the extent that we all were like family and very frank with each other. Later things changed a bit, can say couple of years back Manjeet got shifted to his home town, far from this place and the incident I am writing down happened when after 2 years Manjeet came to the town for some official work and leaving her child with in-laws Meghna also came along.

Now before proceeding to the incident if I will brief our appearance and sex life then I would say in appearance I am fair and good looking with curly hairs and pleasant features with sparkling smile and expressive eyes. Physically I am not slender; rather I am short in height with bit heavy sexual assets.

I have prominent belly and I also carry ample flesh over my thighs and arms with very heavy melons and fleshy and jutting out ass. Now If I will talk about my husband, I will say that in physical appearance we match each other, like me Jayant is also bit over weight but he is taller than me.

For our sex life I would say Jayant is a fun loving guy and we both have criteria to enjoy sex up to max and we have enjoyed every single moment of intimacy since years; like we both frequently use Hindi slang words while having sex, also we have tried every possible way to pleasure each other, no matter how filthy and rough it is.

We have sucked and licked every inch of each other’s body and often behave like animals with each other, many times I behave as if he is a call boy and I am sex starved housewife and I have hired him to get a sexual satisfaction, sometimes he treats me like call girl and fucks me like a slut, many times Jayant has tore off my clothes just to simulate as if he is raping me and in reflex,

while getting fucked by him just like a victim I have nailed and bitten him wherever I could with my full energy. In addition to that we often do role playing in which fantasize about people living and working around us and here I must mention that among all, Manjeet and Meghna were always our first choice.

Numerous times Jayant has fucked me addressing Meghna and just like that I have lied under Jayant and rode over him addressing him Manjeet. Now If I will talk about Manjeet and Meghna then I would say they are also made for each other. In appearance as husband and wife they look perfect while standing beside each other.

Like Jayant Manjeet also has a pleasant nature with very good looks, fair, tall almost 6’ with a good built and does not have extra flesh at all and Meghna also has a good height, must be equal to my husband, say 5’6” or an inch less. She is fair and good looking with softly molded features; her hairs are long and thick ending below her Shoulders.

While talking about Meghna’s physical appearance I won’t say Meghna is slim and slender but she is any day in better shape as compared to me, her body is firm, with full breasts nearly with a size of small muskmelons or Khabuja we call it in Hindi, with almost a flat belly and well shaped thighs and ass mounds but having bit of extra flesh over them.

Now If I will talk about their sex life then I would say I was not much aware of what all was happening in Meghna and Manjeet’s bedroom, especially from last two years, since they were gone from here but yes I remember once; couple of months before leaving Meghna casually told me that their sex life is not going smooth because of her low desire.

She told me that after delivery she has lost interest in sex and gradually it is falling with every passing day. That instant I took all that casually and told her that such phases often comes in sex life and later suggested her, leaving her child with me go out on the holiday with Manjeet on second honey moon and she just passed that matter with a smile.

Truly speaking I didn’t know that matter is that serious and that is why I did not bother to talk about all this with Jayant. Anyway now while moving back to the incident I would say Manjeet and Meghna were coming to the town for 2-3 days and as such there was no question that where they would live.

It was a middle of the week when ending his work very early Jayant went to the airport to pick them and by 4 they both were here. Though we were connected to each other all the time through phone, FB and what’s app but still we all were happy to see each other after a long time.

In the evening we roamed around the town and came back home after dinner and as such there was nothing in anybody’s mind about fucking with each other’s partner. My son went to sleep and we all sat together casually in the living room with a casual drink of very mild alcohol and started chit chatting.

TV was on and suddenly trailer of a particular movie appeared and Manjeet’s eyes got glued to the screen. It was an “A” certified movie and while Manjeet was watching trailer my husband tried to get our attention and silently showed us how deeply he is engrossed in the television and this brought instant smile on my face but opposite to me Meghna got bit embarrassed and went silent.

Finally trailer ended and by the time Manjeet looked around we all were staring at him with a smile and to tease him Jayant casually asked him “kya hua bhai….? tu to aise dekh raha tha jaise…you know….jaise koi kunwara dekhta hai” and Manjeet just smiled while blushing over Jayant’s words and tried to change the subject.

I don’t know at my end what was it, after looking at Meghna’s expressions I strongly felt that something is wrong and saying “sab theek hai na?” I casually asked Meghna if everything is alright and for an instant Meghna said yes with her expression but then blushed a bit.

Males were sitting little far and busy talking over the upcoming movies so they didn’t notice and I spoke to her again and asked her “tu kuch chuppa rahi hai….?” (Means are you hiding something?) And saying “nahi…yaar… tujhe bataya to tha…! I don’t know tujhe yaad hai ki nahi” Meghna replied to me and I recollected our past conversation and asked her again

“wo problem abhi tak solve nahi hui?” and in response Meghna knobbed her head in no. I was still unaware of the seriousness of the matter until Meghna spoke again and uttered “we are not in contact since we are gone from here”. She spoke that in low voice and it was just me who heard that but I felt so shocked that I failed to retain the low voice and spoke out little loud “what….?” in an utter shock and that took males attention.

“Kya hua?” Jayant asked me back and I casually replied “nothing….mujhe samajh aa gaya Manjeet wo trailer aise kyun dekh raha tha….” And in reflex of my words except Jayant we all smiled significantly while looking at each other and like it can be expected next Jayant asked me the matter and saying “inko almost do saal ho gaye hain….Sex kiye hue” I disclosed the matter casually.

“Seriously……?” like me Jayant was also surprised and he looked at Manjeet while saying that and in reply Manjeet just smiled mildly. Next Jayant looked at Meghna and she blushed. “Chhod na yaar….” Manjeet spoke out and tried to end the conversation and saying “I am sorry…main tumhari personal life mein interfere kar raha hun…but I think you should consult a doctor asap”

my husband casually said sorry to them for interfering in their personal life and added that for this they should consult a doctor as soon as possible. “Sorry ki koi baat nahi hai…tu mera bada bhai hai…and we have consulted a doctor but treatment se bhi koi fark nahi pada…”

For Jayant’s statement Manjeet said that there is nothing to say sorry about what all he said because he consider Jayant his elder brother and then added that he has already consulted a doctor but even after medication they didn’t find any significant change in their sex life.

Then there was a silence for few seconds, may be because everyone could see that closing his eyes Jayant was thinking what to speak and finally he uttered with a mild smile “I remember tune mujhe bataya tha….aur maine tujhe kuch tips di thi”. I didn’t knew that like Meghna has discussed that problem with me Manjeet has discussed it with Jayant and Jayant has given him tips for solve the problem.

“Ya….I have tried whatever you said….” Manjeet replied back to Jayant in low voice and smiled significantly while looking at Meghna and me and that made Meghna blush again. By now for me it was really impossible to hold myself, though I could easily guess but still I was eager to know and I spoke out with a smile “by the way may I know wo tips kya thi….?”

In a way nobody listened me and Jayant looked at Meghna and spoke to her “I hope you are fine…if you are not ok…..we can stop talking over this” and Meghna spoke back to him by saying “nahi theek hai….ab aap logon se discuss nahi karenge to kiss se karenge…” next Jayant spoke to Manjeet who was intentionally looking the screen

“Manjeet let’s be frank…tell me what all you have tried” and Jayant’s question brought big smile to Manjeet face and he looked at Meghna and she too smiled significantly and finally Manjeet uttered “character playing bhi try kar liya ….issko call girl bhi bana diya…. khud call boy bhi ban gaya… aur to aur isska fuck bhi kar diya ….”

Manjeet ended speaking everything in single breath and after a pause spoke again “what else is left….?” and initially Jayant replied by saying one word “Nothing….!” but after a pause he added “matter bahut serious hai” and looked at Meghna in the end. Meghna blushed a bit but uttered “I really don’t know mujhe kya ho gaya hai….?”

(Means I really don’t know what has happened to me….) for which Jayant spoke out “ultimately you have to find the solution…aise kab tak chalega….” “Seriously….yaar do something…this is not right” I spoke to Meghna too and she looked at me and spoke out in bit of agony “ab mera man nahi karta to main kya karun….?”

And after a pause she spoke again “I often tell him to do it… but ye nahi karta…just because ki mera man nahi hota” “obviously…” while looking at Meghna Jayant spoke out in between and after a pause added “jab tak mutual desire na ho…it’s just fucking” and after a tiny pause once again added “agar Richa(me) ka man nahi hota to main usko touch bhi nahi karta….”

And then after a long pause Jayant spoke again, this time to both “Anyway…it’s your life…ultimately you two have to take out the solution…” and then added flair to his statement by adding “hum to aaj bhi sex karenge….” And looked at me and asked me “kyun…irada hai na?” I blushed with a prominent smile as by now everyone was looking at me.

Ideally matter should have ended there but in a way whole thing started from there only, when suddenly something came in Jayant’s mind and he uttered “mere pass ek idea hai….” everyone looked at him and he spoke to me “I want to ask you something” “bolo” I told him to speak up casually but saying “aise nahi…akele mein” Jayant said he wants to talk to me in solitude and he walked to the bedroom.

I followed him. Truly speaking friends anyhow I could not even guess what my husband was about to ask me, I reached to him and stood in front of him, Jayant was still thinking. “What…?” I asked him in bit of irritation “what do you say…..inke saamne karna hai…?” “kya…inke saamne karna hai” I asked him back in surprising tone, I could not even imagine what was he thinking to do in front of them.

“Sex…aur kya?” Jayant spoke back in confusion “what…?” I spoke out loud, this time I was in utter shock and I just continued looking at him and once again Jayant spoke back in perplexed mind state “ho sakta hai koi fark pad jaaye….” “tum pagal ho gaye ho kya…?” still I could not believe what all he was thinking and I spoke again in bit of sarcastic tone

“you mean tum mujhe Manjeet ke saamne fuck karoge…..” “Haan….” Though Jayant said yes to my statement but from his expression and tone I could make out that he was also in dilemma and he spoke again “see…I am not insisting you…I am asking you….main khud confused hun….and I need your suggestion...” and after a pause my husband continued speaking while looking into my eyes

“…and if you will say no, we will not do it….but you just give it a thought…….whether we should try this or not?” I looked into his eyes for few seconds and reached to the conclusion “No…we should not…” “Richa give it a thought before saying no….iss se unki sex life theek ho sakti hai….” Jayant paused and then continued

“I am sure hum dono ko karte hue dekh kar Meghna arouse ho jaayegi” Jayant tried to convince me “tum pagal ho gaye ho kya…? You mean main Manjeet ke saamne Nangi ho jaaun? And not only that…you will fuck me in front of him” I was getting out my senses. Like I said Jayant was still confused and not fully prepared with his Idea,

as I said that he went silent but seemed thinking and after few seconds spoke again “what if…. I will tell them that they too have to take off their clothes….” And then once again after a pause he asked me “tab to theek hai na….? Hum bhi Nange…wo bhi Nange” and I replied back to him while getting more irritated “Rubbish….jaise wo maan jaayenge humare saamne nude hone ke liye”

“wo nahi maanege to hum nahi karenge …but pahle tum to haan bolo ….tabhi to main unse baat karunga” Jayant spoke back in more or less same aggression “Jayant have you gone mad…?” I asked him back in sarcastic tone “see ultimately it will be me who will fuck you …they will just watch us…. Aur agar wo sex karenge to, we will also watch them….hisaab barabar…”

Jayant gave a long statement to clarify whatever he was thinking and then he spoke again “agar aisa karne se unki sex life theek ho jaati hai to what is wrong in this…?” Jayant was trying his best but still I was nowhere near accepting Jayant’s proposal and I spoke out while trying reading his mind and before I uttered prominent smile came to my face

“I know why you are doing all this….tumhen Meghna ko Nanga dekhna hai….” and my statement brought smile to Jayant’s face too but he denied though not completely “No…it’s just not that…I want to help them…we are friends…aur friends’ mein itni understanding to ho hi sakti hai….” While looking at each other’s face for few seconds we both smiled and Jayant spoke again

“you just think about it calmly…” and after a pause added “I know whatever I am trying to do is weird…but it will solve their problem and it will be very refreshing for us too”. Jayant waited for me to speak and spoke again “Imagine karke dekho…you will feel excited” Jayant was trying to get a yes from me but ultimately I knobbed my head in no while reflecting confusion in my words

“No I can’t say yes to it…..” “Why…? Just because ki tumhen Manjeet ke saamne Nanga hona padega…?” Jayant spoke back instantly, he asked me why I am saying no and replied back himself and continued after a tiny pause “Nange to hum sabhi honge ek dusre ke saamne…”

once again my husband waited for me to give the verdict and this time I gave a thought to what Jayant said but reached nowhere, neither “Yes” nor “No” and Jayant asked me again “bolo…tumhari haan hai ya Naa” I looked at him seriously and uttered “I don’t know…” Jayant looked at me calmly and spoke out after few seconds, after giving a thought over how to convince me

“Ok…tell me…you want to help Meghna?” “haan….” I replied back positively with in a fraction and Jayant spoke back again and more calmly “…I also want to help them” then after a pause he spoke again “and what I am trying to do is called same room action…believe me it’s very effective” “I am hundred percent sure ki humen sex karte hue dekhkar Meghna excite ho hi jaaygi”.

Once again there was a silence and Jayant was waiting for me to say yes or no and I tried to avoid giving verdict by saying “I am sure they will not agree….” And Jayant spoke back instantly “that we will see…pahle tum to haan bolo” “first you talk to them…” “No I will not ask them until you say yes….baad mein tum step back kar gayi to it will be embarrassing for me”

“I can’t say yes…Mujhe is bare mein Meghna se bhi baat karni hai” (I want to talk to Meghna about this) “fine tum Meghna se baat karo main Manjeet se Baat karunga” Jayant spoke back instantly but I denied and came up with what I was thinking to do “No…first you speak out everything openly…I will talk to Meghna later…” “Fine….”

Jayant accepted without giving a second thought to it and I spoke again, somewhat gave a note to my husband “Maine abhi tak haan nahi kiya hai….main Meghna se baat karke hi Haan ya Na bolungi” and my husband accepted “fine…let’s go now” and then after a pause added “I am sure Manjeet maan jaayega….Meghna ko manane mein problem hogi” and I replied to her statement in sarcastic tone

“ya…I know…all men are alike…sabhi mardon ko Dusre ki biwi hi achhi lagti hai” and my sarcastic words brought smile to Jayant’s face and he ended the conversation with a smile along with blinking one eye and we walked out of the room.

I don’t know what all he had in mind and exactly what was he feeling, I just know I was feeling very weird, deep inside I was feeling excited and I was eager to know exactly how and in what words Jayant will present his idea and to start Jayant asked Manjeet if he wants to have another drink and Manjeet denied casually.

After that there was a silence and everyone was looking at Jayant because it was evident from his gesture that he going speak something. I saw Jayant was thinking; probably he was trying to give words to his thought and ultimately started by saying “tum dono soch rahe hoge ki hum andar kya discuss karne gaye the….?”

In response Manjeet moved his head in yes but Meghna remained unmoved and Jayant uttered again “hum log tumhari problem ka solution discuss kar rahe the…” this time Meghna moved a bit, she looked at me may be to ask me the matter from her expressions but just then Jayant spoke again “See we are just not friends… we are best friends…we are like a family…”

Jayant paused and looked at Meghna and asked her “isn’t it?” and Meghna moved her head in yes lightly. “Fine….ab main tum dono ke saamne ek proposal rakhne wala hun…but I have a condition, anyhow iss se humari friendship affect nahi honi chahiye” finally Jayant took the first step and after a pause rephrased his statement

“I mean….we all have full right to reject the proposal but we cannot get angry because of this” “fine..?” in the end Jayant asked both if they are agree with that condition and Manjeet accepted by saying “Ok….go ahead” “Meghna you also say yes…” this time I spoke while standing bit far from all three and Meghna moved her head in yes. “Have you heard of same room action”

Jayant asked both at the same time, he somewhat framed his idea in a question and Manjeet spoke out with a low sounding “Haan…” but Meghna remained unmoved, from her expressions I could see that more or less she has understood but like I was expecting she was in utter surprise.

She looked down and then looked at me, there was a silence for few seconds and Jayant spoke again and this time he asked Meghna “I hope you’ve understood ki same room action kya hota hai?” Meghna looked at Jayant and before she would have said yes or no Jayant spoke again and somewhat explained her exactly what is same room action by saying “I will make love to Richa in front you….”

And then after a pause added “it’s very effective…and I am hundred sure it will solve your problem”. Next Jayant looked at Manjeet and asked him “what do you say….?” Manjeet did not replied back for few seconds; I think he was also surprised moving his eyes from Jayant for a fraction he looked at me and then to his wife who was sitting more or less beside him and asked her “bolo…”

and that made Meghna little conscious and she looked at me with a question mark on her face. “Ek aur baat…before you say yes I must tell you ki we have one condition….” Jayant spoke again and after a pause corrected her statement “condition nahi hai…ek genuine si demand hai…” he once again halted and spoke out after thinking for few seconds and his words were

“while watching us making love….tum dono bhi nude hi rahoge…” Jayant’s words surprised Meghna and Manjeet both, I could make out from there facial expressions but they remained silent. Manjeet was looking at Jayant and Meghna was looking down. “Meghna….I want to talk to you”

I spoke from distance and somewhat called her in solitude from my expressions but Jayant interfered by saying “wait….let me finish” and then he spoke again “I hope you guys have understood, main kyun tum dono ko bhi nude hone ke liye bol raha hun….agar sirf hum dono nude honge to it will be embarrassing for us…”.

“That’s it…” Finally Jayant ended and from his expressions told Meghna to go and talk to me in the solitude and Meghna got up instantly and we walked to the bedroom. “bol…karna hai…?” I asked Meghna in soft voice as we reached in the room, “I don’t know….?” Meghna replied to me in confused state and I too spoke out my similar mental state by saying

“mujhe bhi samajh nahi aa raha…” after that we remained silent for some time, we sat down on the bed and keep thinking, I don’t know what Meghna was thinking, that instant I was thinking whether this idea will change anything in their sex life or not. Couple of minutes or bit less passed and I asked Meghna “tell me…tera bilkul mann nahi karta sex karne ka?” and Meghna replied with “no…”.

“Fir bol try karna hai…?” I asked her again and in response she asked me back “what do you say….?”And I replied back to her by saying “I don’t know…I will start thinking when you will say yes”. Once again there was silence for some time, may be another minute and Meghna looked at me with an expression as if she wants say something but ultimately she failed to utter anything and I somewhat told her

“you want to say something” and Meghna uttered while blushing “Haan…” but once again she went silent hesitation was significant in her face and I insisted her speak by saying “speak up…” and what she uttered was “actually…since we are talking about this ….I am going through strange sensation… especially jab se Jayant ne humen bhi nude hone ki baat ki hai”

she paused and tried to explain her mind state with different words “I mean….deep inside I am feeling ki…you know…!” ultimately Meghna failed to express in words exactly what is she feeling and I spoke while trying reading her state, “you are feeling aroused….” and she accepted by just moving her head in yes.

“I think then we should try…there is bright chance that it will solve your problem…” I somewhat reached to the conclusion “but how can we do this…I mean…how we can get nude like this….” “I don’t know….mujhe bhi bahut strange lag raha hai…but as you said you are feeling aroused …this means ye affective hai” “you are also aroused….?”

Meghna asked me back “haan….and it’s increasing…” I smiled a bit while accepting and that brought smile to Meghna’s face too. “Kya Karen…?” she asked me back again “see if you want to take out the solution then we should do it” I replied back and at my end it was really surprising that I was getting positive over the idea of getting fucked in front of them so easily.

“ya I want to take out the solution…sometimes I feel scared ki kahin Manjeet prostitute ke pass na jana shuru kar de…” Meghna spoke out her fearful mind state over the consequence of her problem and in a way I assured her that it will not happen, that Manjeet will never go to Prostitute for physical satisfaction but also scared her from another consequence by saying

“I think Manjeet Pros ke pass to nahi jaayega…but agar aise hi chalta raha to over the time he might get indulge in extra marital affair” and Meghna accepted my point with her expressions and closing her eyes lied on the bed for a while. I believe since then it was a biggest dilemma of our life and even after knowing that it will be helpful for them to solve their problem we could not say yes to it.

“Kya karna hai…try karna hai na?” I asked Meghna after couple of minutes and she opened her eyes and said yes while getting up, initially by moving her head and then spoke “yes… I want to get out of this trouble….” “Then let’s do it….and don’t think much about it…we are best friends and jo hoga dekha jaayega…” “Sure…?” Meghna confirmed again and I confidently said yes to it.

Part 2
We came out in the living room and both the males were having fresh drink in their hands and they were watching television. That instant I didn’t k knew what all they have discussed, as we reached back Jayant told us that Manjeet has given his consent and now everything depends on our decision and saying “we are also ready” I gave our verdict.

As weather was humid, before getting to bed we decided to take a shower in our respective rooms and fixed that after taking shower we will not wear clothes and me and Jayant will walk naked to the guest room where Meghna and Manjeet staying. Next we females walked to our rooms and Jayant and Manjeet stayed in the living room to end their drink.

I don’t know about rest three, at my end I was in very strange mind state, apart from all feeling aroused over getting naked and also getting fucked in front of some other man, I was feeling little ashamed of my physical appearance, especially because the other female; Meghna was in far better state as compared to me.

As I mentioned earlier in physical appearance I am short and bit plump, I have very fleshy sexual assets with a huge ass and a significant belly where opposite to me Meghna can easily be considered a well shaped female with a sexy figure.

Anyway while bit of inferiority I stood under the shower after getting naked and realized that I have hairs over my fuckhole which were not fully grown and were making my fuckhole look bit ugly and I decided to shave my pussy. And I was almost up with cleaning hairs when after taking his clothes off Jayant entered in the bathroom and saw me sitting on stool and shaving my fuckhole.

“hmmm…aaj Manjeet ne dekhni hai to isski shave ho rahi hai…….” I was already nervous and Jayant’s word made me more uncomfortable but I kept my mouth shut and ultimately got up to wash fuckhole after removing hairs and once again stood under the flowing water and Jayant came behind and grabbed me nicely.

I moaned in intense pleasure, I was aroused heavily and I really enjoyed his touch over my body, Jayant was hard, I could feel his erection over my back and he too seemed deeply aroused. He kissed me close to my ear from behind and I puffed in further excitement. “Jayant…mujhe tension ho rahi hai…” “ab thodi si tension to hogi hi….” He replied back while brushing his lips over my bare back,

“…Yaar…I am looking very ugly….” I spoke out what I was thinking from last few minutes and Jayant tried to cheer me up by saying “believe me….tum bahut sexy ho…and I must tell you ki Manjeet tumhara fan hai…” as I heard that I turned to see him and asked him “what are saying?” and Jayant spoke something for me which was really very arousing to hear

“haan…when I told him that we often fantasize them while doing role playing…he told me ki while masturbating wo sirf tumhe fantasize karta hai…” intentionally or unintentionally this piece of information brought mild smile to my face, I was leaking from my fuckhole continuously since long and that instant I felt getting more aroused.

“Usko tumhara ye fleshy bottom bahut pasand hai….” While moving his hand over my ass mounds Jayant added fuel to my arousal and I asked him what all they discussed in our absence and he casually said “like I knew he instantly accepted the proposal aur uske baad mainly hum bas yehi sab baate karte rahe… and what all we do and he told me ki usko tumhara kya pasand hai,

and later I told him ki mujhe Meghna ka kya pasand hai” “tumhen to poori ki poori Meghna pasand hai…” I spoke out in sarcastic tone and initially Jayant smiled over my expressions and spoke after few seconds “haan… but tumse jayada pasand nahi hai….especially ye fact open hone ke baad that she does not like having sex” I smiled over his reflex words and Jayant turned me back and we stood under the water.

He adored my melons from behind and once again spoke to arouse me further “Manjeet was saying ki Bhabhi ke Melons bhi acche heavy hain…tujhe mazza ata hoga into dabaane mein” and like it can be expected I grunted in divine feeling of getting aroused with a very strange sensation.

Next Jayant’s hands reached to my fuckhole and rubbed my opening tenderly before saying “Hmmmm…..mazza aayega aaj issko Chusne mein”. His words took my senses and I once again turned and asked him in confusion “tum kya sucking bhi karoge unke saamne….?” And Jayant accepted casually and further added that he make me suck his Penis too

“why not….aur tumse bhi apna suck karwaaunga…..” “are you crazy…? Ab tum Manjeet ke saamne tum mujhse apna Penis bhi suck karwaaoge…” I could not imagine doing that act in front of Meghna and Manjeet but Jayant was cool at it and he replied me back sarcastically “jab main tumko uske saamne CHOD sakta hun, to uske saamne tumse apna Lund bhi Chuswa sakta hun”

“main nahi Chusne waali tumhara Lund” I denied straight forward and Jayant tried to relax me by turning me again and saying “arre yaar…sab ho jaayega….you just relax….”. Once again he wrapped his arms around my waist and sucked my earlobe to make me moan and spoke after seconds “You know Manjeet was asking me….Ki Richa teri sucking hai ya nahi….”

He paused and then spoke again “I said…sucking karti bhi aur karwati bhi hai…” I was enjoying listening whatever Jayant was telling me about his conversation with Manjeet as it was very arousing and unknowingly it was getting ready to face Manjeet stark naked. “Then I asked him Meghna uska suck karti hai ya nahi….?” Jayant continued telling me and I asked him back

“then what did he said?” and Jayant replied back while laughing a bit “wo bola sex to karti nahi hai…..sucking kya karegi….? bas kabhi kabhi masturbate kar deti hai….” And I too smiled over that. “tum samajh low…. chahe jaise bhi hoe…aaj humne…Meghna ko Chudwana hi hai….” Jayant spoke again and I replied back to him confidently “haan…we have to do it….”

and once again Jayant reached to my soft freshly cleaned fuckhole with his fingers and hummed in pleasure and ultimately spoke “udhar Meghna ko bhi bol de…wo bhi apni Chut ki shave kar le” and I replied back to him by saying “Bol dete Manjeet ko…..”. More or less after that we turned the water off and dried our body with a towel.

Jayant wrapped his towel around his waist and went out to see if our child is sleeping sound in his room and I came out of the washroom after wrapping my towel over my middle to cover my breasts and ass mounds. Jayant came back and confirmed that our little is sleeping sound and next he called Manjeet to ask him if they are ready and like I was expecting Manjeet confirmed that they ready and now it was time to start the action.

Next Jayant released his towel on the floor and his hard Penis popped out in my vision once again. Very next moment he pulled even my towel and threw it away and holding my hand moved out of the room. Truly speaking friends when I was walking to the guest room it was weirdest moment of my life, I don’t remember exactly what was running in my mind,

but suddenly I felt that my feet are gone heavy and I am not walking on my own, it was Jayant who was taking me there. He knocked the door and door got unbolted, one again I felt biased to try that and for a fraction thought about running back to my room after releasing my wrist from Jayant’s hand but before I would have reacted over that thought Jayant moved the door handle down and pushed the door.

Ohhhh….My god thought I knew what all I will see in the room I was still shocked, Manjeet was standing stark naked and he was harder than Jayant. I cannot say that Manjeet had a longer Penis as compared to my husband but certainly there was significant difference in their thickness and it was who Manjeet had a thicker one.

I looked at Manjeet’s face and found him smiling a bit and I failed to look at him even for one more second and felt as if I have lost strength even to stand on my feet. Next fraction I looked at the corner and saw Meghna was also standing totally nude, trying hiding her hairy fuckhole with squeezing thighs and clench fist.

Like it can be expected she was feeling introverted and scared because like Manjeet was looking at me Jayant was ogling at her without a flick of an eye.”Meghna you are gorgeous ….” Jayant spoke and that made Meghna more nervous she looked up and once again started looking down.

“Richa you are looking amazing” Like Jayant praised Meghna, Manjeet praised me and I looked at him and once again found him smiling and suddenly I recollected what Jayant told me; that Manjeet always fantasize me while masturbating and unknowingly it brought smile over my face. Manjeet was staring at me continually, at my sagging milks and also at my fuckhole.

Like Meghna I was not clenching my pleasure zone in my thighs and he could see my thick cunt flesh, wet and swollen in excitement. Anyway next instant I walked to Meghna, may be to avoid looking at Manjeet. I hugged her lightly and then kissed her on her cheek and asked her in low voice “feeling aroused” and Meghna just hummed to say yes and I replied back “ab sab theek ho jaayega…”.

Next before I would have thought anything I heard Jayant saying “achhi hai na…? Round and fleshy” He asked that to Manjeet and he was talking about my ass. As I heard that I turned and saw Manjeet was jerking his monster tenderly with his own hand and once again I failed to resist myself from smiling.

“Meghna please turn around….” Jayant spoke that and after a tiny pause he spoke again “I want to see your ass”. Meghna was already blushing a lot, much more than me, and Jayant words literary turned her face red in embarrassment.

“Richa just turn her around” Jayant told me to do that and I looked into Meghna’s eyes and eventually we both smiled with strange feeling and holding her tenderly from her shoulders I tried and she just turned. “Wow…just perfect” Jayant praised Meghna’s perfectly balanced ass I saw Meghna smiling significantly while facing away.

Everything happening in the room was weird and rare of rarest but best part was that we all were getting comfortable with that. “Chal Richa ab shuru karte hain….” next Jayant spoke to me and my heartbeat went almost double, now I was about to get fucked in front of Manjeet and Meghna,

though I knew that ultimately this what we have to do but still when it came to happen my uneasiness increased like hell and once again I thought about stepping back but it was too late to react negative as things were going in positive direction in Meghna’s regard, also deep inside at one corner of the heart I was enjoying whatever was happening.

Anyway saying “both of you sit here” Jayant spoke to the couple while pointing at a single sitter couch and then after a pause spoke while looking at Meghna with a smile “single sitter hai, tumhe Manjeet ki godi mein baithna padega”. Once again Jayant’s words made Meghna blush and she smiled while looking at me.

In a way that was the last statement by anyone before action as next moment Jayant came closer to me and pushed me lightly on the bed. We both climbed on the bed and saw Manjeet and Meghna adjusting them on the single sitter couch and like Jayant said Meghna sat down on her husband’s lap and Manjeet wrapped his one arm around her waist and with other took her melon in his hand.

Finally action started and awareness of this fact that somebody is watching me while making love was so arousing in itself that I started feeling wetness over my fuckhole increasing significantly and that made me puffing in pleasure from the very first moment, when Jayant was just touching my body.

Intentionally we were laying on the bed in a way that Manjeet and Meghna could see our entire body from sideway and while being in same posture slowly my husband climbed over me and crushed my fleshy body under his enormous weight. Like true lovers we started with a kiss and explored each other’s mouth with a new sensation passing though our body.

After sucking each other’s tongue thoroughly gradually Jayant moved down to my sagging milks and started sucking them like a child. I grabbed his scalp in excitement and moved my fingers in his hairs while grunting in pleasure. Jayant was playing with my luscious fruits passionately, he sucking one and squeezing other very roughly and I just went on going crazy like never before.

While Jayant was sucking my melons I turned my face, just to see Manjeet and Meghna and view was awesome, along with enjoying our live porn Manjeet was playing with Meghna’s melons tenderly and Meghna was puffing in pleasure in a very low voice. She was holding Manjeet’s other hand to stop him from touching and teasing her fuckhole and Manjeet was try to reach to her pleasure hole again and again.

Anyway Jayant moved down over my body and reached to my belly while licking my entire body and sucked my belly button while swirling his tongue over that. I was grunting in intense pleasure as my fuckhole was releasing fresh streams of pleasure juices and because I could see that Manjeet and Meghna watching me getting fucked, I was shivering in strange sensation.

Finally Jayant reached to my crotch and tried doing which I did not wanted to do him that instant. Spreading my thighs apart Jayant tried to reach to my swollen fuckhole with his tongue and in reflex I just pushed her scalp to stop him. I was not feeling like doing that act in front of Manjeet and Meghna but Jayant was desperate to suck my fuckhole. He tried again and I stopped him again.

Raising his head Jayant looked up at my face with a question and I told him not to do that. He stared into my eyes for few seconds, I thought he is thinking over my request and might not suck me but Jayant was thinking doing that in some other way.

He looked around and instantly pick the Dupatta which actually belonged to the Meghna’s dress which she was wearing since evening and before I would have understood exactly what Jayant is thinking to do, he turned me on my belly and after sitting on my fleshy ass he started tying my wrists together.

“Jayant what are you doing” “can’t you see…? Tumhare haath baandh raha hun…taaki tum mujhe rok na sako…..” “Please don’t do this….please…” I requested him but Jayant did not stop and after tying my hands tight turned me again on my back and spoke while looking into my eyes “jo kar raha hun karne do mujhe….”

I turned my face to see the couple and Manjeet and Meghna were watching all this with a flick of an eye, I was feeling embarrassed but along with that lust was also rising in my gesture and before Jayant would have reached to my fuckhole again I started gasping in a sensation of imminent feeling of getting intense sucking over my fuckhole.

Ohhhh….. I grunted loud and clear, finally raising my legs up and spreading my massive thighs wide apart my husband dived deep into my crotch and started sucking swollen fuckhole madly from the very first moment. I cried and cried and cried and Jayant just went on going passionate with his sucking.

Holding my legs tight and wide from my knees he chewed my thick and fleshy labia like a hungry animal and just went on sucking my hole like suction pump. I was trembling and crying in intense pleasure but I could not do anything, my hands were tied over my back and I was lying on them.

Truly speaking friends it was moment anyhow which cannot to written in words, I was already dying in sexual pleasure and suddenly I saw the couple sitting on the couch. Watching his friend having fun with his wife by now Manjeet was also gone mad and he was crushing Meghna’s naked body in his arms while brushing his wet lips over her neck and back.

Wrapping his one arm around her luscious milks he was holding her hard and his other hand was over Meghna’s fuckhole and possibly he was fisting her cunt with his finger because while trying her best to remove his hand from her fuckhole Meghna was crying and trembling in pleasure.

Along with getting sucked passionately within a minute of watching Manjeet playing with Meghna I felt pressure rising in my body and my pleasure gasps tuned into shrill cries and with a loudness of my cries Jayant passion also increased and he buried his face deeper into my thighs and swirled his thick tongue deep inside my fuckhole.

My thighs were spread painfully wide and I was trying to bring them together, may be because I was feeling as if I will blast in next few seconds but holding me wide and apart Jayant just went on eating my fuckhole and I reached to highest orgasmic peak where any female can reach before getting shattered in enormous climax.

Closing my eyes I was screaming in pleasure and wanted to burst, and I can say Jayant was sensing my state, he slowed down his sucking but to make me cry in worse he inserted two of his fingers in my trembling fuckhole and started fisting me along with crushing my clitoris between his thumb and fingers and my condition became more awful.

I lost my breath and for a fraction felt as if I am going to die in this pleasure, I trembled helplessly and failed to even scream and next moment felt, kind of dam bursting deep inside my womb. I can easily say it was most shattering orgasm of entire sex life; I was getting significant jerks while cumming, which were making my entire body shiver feverishly and still I could not breathe and my moaning voice was really very strange.

I was devastated like anything and I cummed heavily with sobbing gasps and my loving husband was still licking my love opening and his rough tongue over my swollen slit was making me shiver again and again. I was spent like a slut by own husband and I was feeling so embarrassing that I did not wanted to open my eyes to see the people around but as I recovered a bit I heard Meghna moaning loud.

Ohhh.. My God what a view it was Manjeet was holding her in her arms very tight while fisting her fuckhole vigorously and Meghna was trembling like a fish without water. Her state was more or less like mine, although her hands were not tied but because Manjeet was much more powerful than her, she could not do anything except crying in pleasure.

Certainly like me Meghna was not suffering, rather she seemed enjoying whatever her husband was doing to her and as I saw her taking sexual pleasure I felt so good that in a fraction I forgave my husband treating me like that in front of them.

Now we both, me and Jayant were watching them and Meghna was going mad in lust, keeping Meghna’s thighs wide as much as possible with one hand Manjeet was fisting and rubbing her fuckhole brutally and I was sensing that Meghna was also heading to a shattering climax.

I think Manjeet would have continued doing whatever he was doing until Meghna would have cummed but as Jayant saw Meghna enjoying so much he told him to bring her to the bed and suck her fuckhole like he sucked mine, “Manjeet bed pe le aa issko aur achhe se Chus isski Chut…jaise abhi maine Richa ki Chusi hai” and Manjeet did what Jayant told him to do.

He was in good position to pick Meghna and next instant holding her from her shoulders and knees Manjeet picked her up easily and brought her to bed beside me. Before I would have realized anything my husband turned me around and started untying my wrists.

By now beside me on the other half of the bed Meghna was struggling with her husband, she did not wanted him to suck her fuckhole and she was trying to stop him, like few minutes back I was trying to stop my husband to do that “Nahi Manjeet…please don’t do that….please” Meghna was requesting him while pushing her scalp again and again “Manjeet do it…suck her…“

Jayant provoked his friend and next instant told me to hold Meghna by saying “Richa…Meghna ko pakad…” Everything was happening so fast that I did not got even a fraction to think and I also did Jayant told me to do and I held Meghna’s wrists, to stop her pushing her husband and told her to relax and enjoy by saying “Meghna karne de…just relax….enjoy kar…”

as I resisted Meghna from protesting Manjeet got easy accesses of her wife’s fuckhole and widening her thighs a bit he started licking her hairy pleasure hole and Meghna started moaning in pleasure from the very first instant. Place where I was sitting while holding Meghna’s hands I could see Manjeet’s tongue going in and coming out of his mouth,

he was licking his wife’s fuck opening tenderly and I feel because Meghna had sable hairs over her fuckhole Manjeet was hesitating sucking her fuckhole properly and not me my husband Jayant also felt that and he once again provoked his friend to suck his wife properly by saying

“Manjeet spread her legs wide…go deep…don’t hesitate…suck kar achhe se jab tak ye jhadd na jaaye….let her cum in your mouth” and once again Manjeet followed what Jayant said and spreading his wife’s thighs wide apart he started sucking Meghna’s properly and we saw an instant effect over Meghna’s state.

She started trembling a bit and her moans went louder and I could see she was enjoying whatever her husband was doing with her. “yess….do it….suck her hard and let her cry….” Jayant kept on motivating Manjeet while jerking his Penis with his own hand and once smiled when I saw him.

Slowly Meghna seemed heading to her climax and it was significant over her expressions, she was crying with sobbing gasps and once again Jayant guided his friend and told him to fist Meghna’s fuckhole along with licking her opening by saying “yess… ab finger insert karke saath saath fuck kar issko achhe se…jaise maine kiya tha…Richa ko”

and Manjeet did that and that made Meghna bizarre in sexual passion, she literary started crying in pleasure and I struggled a bit to hold her. Meghna was already heading to climax and Manjeet brutal fisting took her to the verge of explosion and I saw her belly rippled helplessly,

within few seconds her pleasure went so intense that it just went out of her endurance and she released her hands from my grip and pushed her husband with all her strength but by then it was too late and very next instant she orgasmed like we never expected.

Very next moment Meghna’s whole body got stiff and while squeezing her fuckhole in her thighs she arched her back like a bow and cried in harsh voice. She cummed heavily and tremble from head to toe with sudden jerks while releasing her pleasure juices. I could sense state because few minutes I was gone through all this.

Like me she was also not shattered like that in her past sex life and in my perspective for her it was moment of pure bliss because with that devastating orgasm she was back in sex life. Anyway next we both got up and leaving males jerking their rod with their own hands we both females went to the washroom and watered our pleasure zone to clean the mess.

As I said as far as blushing and feeling uneasy was concerned I was in much better state as compared to Meghna and it was me who started and asked her “mazza aaya…sucking karwa ke?” and Meghna replied with a smile “I don’t know…what was that….meri to jaan hi nikal gayi thi….” And I spoke aback “I am very happy….just because tu normal ho gayi hai….”

And Meghna spoke back “seriously… main bhi bahut light feel kar rahi hun…” and after a pause she spoke “although bahut embarrassing hai…aise kisi ke saamne ye sab karna….but it worked…” and she thanked me by adding “Thanks…it’s all because of you…..” I smiled a bit and opened my mind set

“mujhe bahut odd feel ho raha hai…. I mean I can’t believe ki main Manjeet ke saamne aise Nangi ghoom rahi hun…but it’s ok…we are friends and I am happy ki we have succeeded….” And after a pause I spoke again with a smile “waise I must tell you ke humen abhi aur embarrass hona hai” “why? I mean how?” Meghna asked back I replied to her casually “ab humne inka Penis suck karna padega….”

“Main nahi karungi…” Meghna instantly denied for sucking her husband’s Penis. “You don’t like oral sex….?” Sensing her gesture I asked her, and like I could feel Meghna denied “no…not at all…” “Pagal kiya oral sex….husband-wife ko ek dusre ke saath naughty hona chahiye….” “ek do baar hasitation hoti hai..fir sab theek ho jaata hai”

Like that behaving like an experienced sex partner I gave her bit lengthy lecture to convince her for doing such naughty acts regularly to spice up her married and sex life and Meghna listened me with a prominent smile all the time and in the end said that she do it but in the solitude, not in front Jayant and I too expressed my similar feeling to her, that I don’t want to suck Jayant’s Penis in front of Manjeet and we came out to talk about it to our husbands.

Part 3
Like I was expecting while sitting quietly both the males were eagerly waiting for us to come out and as we came out I saw Manjeet looking at me and Jayant looking at Meghna. “itna time…?” Jayant spoke to me “haan…itna time….actually we were discussing something…” I spoke and before Jayant would have asked me back anything I spoke again “ek request hai tumse….rather tum dono say…”

I looked at Manjeet too and continued “please humse abhi suck mat karwaao…we promise we will do it in solitude….” Jayant looked at Manjeet and finally uttered “ok…” Jayant agreed and then after a pause he spoke again “we were already thinking ki humne tum dono ko kaafi embarrass kar diya hai…and now we should finish all this as soon as possible”

Jayant words brought smile to my face and on Meghna’s face too and I asked him back “so what’s next…ek ek karke karna hai” and Jayant replied to me by saying “No… none of us (he and Manjeet) is in state to watch fucking other…so we will fuck together…” Jayant paused and completed his statement while looking at Meghna and speaking to her

“iss half mein tum aur Manjeet…aur us half mein hum dono” and Meghna moved her head in acceptance bashfully. Next Jayant and Manjeet went to the wash room and told us to get on the bed and we both friends lied on each side and while smiling and looking at each other’s face waited for our husbands to come to the bed “bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…..”

Meghna spoke and I just hummed to say yes and added “but mazza aa raha hai” and Meghna accepted by saying “haan…” and added “I will not forget this time in my entire life” and I spoke back “same here”. Finally males came out and like it was expected within next minute we all four were on the same bed.

Jayant and Manjeet climbed on the bed; obviously from there permitted sides and both the males took us under and started with kissing. Unintentionally we all were conscious maintaining specific gap while making love with our spouses. After breaking the kiss for a moment Jayant looked beside and then started sucking my melons and I too saw beside me, on the other half.

Manjeet was lying on Meghna partially and while squeezing her breasts he was kissing and brushing his wet lips over her neck and close to her ears and closing her eyes Meghna was moaning louder than me. I turned back and like Meghna, grabbed my husband’s scalp to reflect my arousal while moaning and tried to enjoy getting seduced without looking around but ultimately I failed.

Manjeet was really very aroused, while Jayant was busy in sucking my long erect nipples and playing with my sagging milks Manjeet widened Meghna’s thighs with his knees and using his hand positioned his monster over his wife’s fuck opening and plunged her with a sudden jerk. Meghna was getting fucked almost after two years and she reacted over Manjeet’s initial fucking thrust like that.

She cried loud and erotic and it took Jayant’s attention and watching his friend fucking his wife with a deep and screwing thrusts he too got excited and widened my thighs and plunged me hard with all his strength and I too moaned loud which ultimately took Manjeet and Meghna’s attention and for a moment they also looked at us.

Both the males were fucking their spouses steadily and both the females were moaning at their bests loud and erotic and whole room filled with our sobbing gasps and along with that I could hear churning voice coming out of bed.

We all were enjoying and nobody wanted to end this fucking but slowly passion increased significantly and it rose quickly not just because of fucking, our fucking passion amplified because of watching and getting watched while fucking.

I don’t know exactly what was Manjeet and Meghna’s state but at our end within a minute or bit more Jayant fucking pace increased drastically and I too started feeling pressure rising in my body. Jayant started fucking me roughly and we both were gasping loud while looking into each other’s eyes.

From Jayant’s speed, moans and facial expressions I could make out that he is reaching to the verge of climax and like I said deep inside my womb I was also feeling stress and I was expecting I will also climax with my husband but it did not happened.

Like many times Jayant did in past, he stopped fucking me at certain point and told me to change the position and saying “Richa oopar aa jaa” he told me to come over him. I obeyed and we switched position rapidly and ultimately holding my husband’s monster straight I shoved it in my fuckhole while sitting on his top.

Beside us Manjeet was fucking Meghna in the same posture, bit faster than before but still he seemed in control. While being on top of my husband I was getting a glimpse of Meghna’s fuckhole getting crushed under Manjeet’s massive crusher, his balls were much heavier than Jayant’s balls and they were pressing Meghna’s fuckhole again and again.

While lying beside her I was getting Meghna’s face’s side view but now I could see her entire face, she was sweating like hell and while holding her husband’s back tightly in her arms she was crying in intense pleasure, her legs were around Manjeet’s pumping hips and they way Manjeet was grinding her fuckhole with his thick monster there was no way she could stop crying.

Beside them over my husband, resting my hand over his torso I started riding and taking Jayant in my fuckhole with steady pace, may be because deep inside I wanted to last my fucking session more than the other couple but as Jayant was also watching and hearing Meghna getting fucked like slut he was too aroused and holding my big ass he started banging my bottom

with his upward moment and that excited me and I took pace and started fucking myself savagely. My heavy milks started bouncing erotically and Jayant got hold of them and squeezed them brutally, I cried out loud and it took Manjeet’s attention, he looked at me riding on Jayant and got excited and he too tried changing posture.

Though like us it was not a significant change but for me it was an erotic view to watch, Meghna’s legs which were around his pumping buttocks, he took them over his shoulder and eventually drifted bit up. Now Meghna was folded into her half and her feet were facing roof and down at their gentiles, I could see Meghna’s fuckhole stretched painfully wide.

I don’t know if it was intentional from his side and he purposely took that position, just to show me his Monster plunging my friend madly but it worked over me and I just went mad and while gasping and grunting started riding on Jayant passionately. In rising excitement instead of two and fro I started moving up and down up and down and my massive ass rose and fall over Jayant like never before.

Bed was moving as if it was going through high density earthquake and along with churning voice of the bed, room was high at sound as we all we crying and grunting while getting mad in lust and within next few seconds I felt I will blast and once again I started to and fro movement, just to rub my clitoris over Jayant’s crotch and just after few seconds Jayant stopped me as he was also wanted to climax.

I stopped and jerked my head up while keeping Jayant’s monster in my fuckhole I squeezed my fleshy thighs together and started to cum. Jayant also trembled in devastating climax and moaned like never before.

Anyhow I did not closed my eyes because Manjeet was still fucking Meghna and I felt that Meghna has also climaxed because she was trying to push Manjeet and her moaning voice was shriller than what it was during fuck.

Finally Manjeet also stopped hardly after half a minute from us, he squeezed his hips together couple of times and once again took previous posture and wrapping Meghna’s thighs around his ass lied over her while spewing out his gunk in his wife’s womb and almost at the same instant I felt Jayant’s gunk dripping out of my fuckhole.

Finally it was over, I collapsed over my husband and he grabbed me in his arms. There on the other half wrapping her thighs around him Meghna was holding her husband in her arms while trying recollecting her breath. We all were sweating and looking at each other while smiling.

“mazza aa gaya…..” Jayant spoke and we both; I and Manjeet rolled from our spouses and I saw Meghna fuckhole oozing out massive amount of white sticky cream from her fuckhole. Jayant walked naked out of the room after cleaning his limping Penis with a cloth to get the water and I sat down in the bed while looking at Manjeet and Meghna cleaning the gentiles.

Jayant came back with two bottles of water, salted cashews and one more thing to eat. We all had water and ate bit of those cashews, by now our hesitation was almost disappeared and we were behaving casual while looking at each other’s naked body.

Neither Jayant was hesitating looking at Meghna’s slender body nor Manjeet was hesitant in staring my massive milks and in response we both females were smiling while looking at each other’s spouses and their limping monsters. “So…is it done now…? ya abhi aur karna hai” Jayant asked both;

Manjeet and Meghna and before anybody would have replied Jayant asked Meghna again “problem solve ho gayi h ai na…?” and Meghna moved her head in yes with bit of hesitation and bit of smile. “Let’s go now” I spoke to my husband and like after a mind blowing fucking session we both came to our room.

We used our room’s washroom to clean our gentiles with water and as we both had a mind of one more sex session Jayant recalled me that I have to suck his monster before that and I agreed. Jayant asked me a cup of coffee before getting on bed to have sex and wearing a single piece short nighty, which was ending after a feat from big ass,

I came out to the kitchen to make coffee and it was a matter of sheer coincidence that at more or less same time Manjeet also came to the kitchen, to find something to eat. We smiled looking into each other’s eyes and I gave him his desired thing and asked him he too wants to have coffee and he said yes to it.

I added more milk to the previous quantity and he went back to the bedroom, just to confirm it from Meghna and came back and stood behind me while waiting for the coffee. I was feeling strange. Even while wearing a nighty I was feeling I am standing stark naked and from behind he must be staring at my massive ass.

“Richa…” he addressed my name and I turned to listen and he spoke “thanks for everything…” he paused for a fraction and then added “tumne meri sad life ko happy life kar diya….” I smiled while looking at his face and turned back and he spoke again “Do me one more favor…” I turned to him again and he uttered “Meghna ko bolo thoda sa weight put on kare…anyhow usko bh iapni tarah fleshy kar do”.

His words made me bit uncomfortable and with a bashful smile I shivered in strange sensation but suppressing my uneasiness I just keep on going and ultimately gave him his mugs of coffee. I came back to my room gave Jayant his coffee and detailed him whatever conversation I had with Manjeet in the kitchen and he passed a comment that Manjeet loves me by saying

“Manjeet tumhen sache dil se pyar karta hai…” deep inside I went through a strange rapture over his words and I blushed and Jayant added “agar usko option mile to wo aaj hi Meghna ko chhod ke tumse Shhadi kar lega” “Shut up….” I slapped him on his shoulder in strange thrilled irritation and once again Jayant spoke to tease me

“ab to usse ye bhi pata chal gaya hai ki tum Bed par kya kya kamal karti ho” and recalling whatever happened some time back, Jayant’s words made me shiver in delightful sensation and I started feeling aroused. By now Jayant’s coffee was finished and we were ready for action again but intentionally Jayant was hanging on the session and taking me in his arms told me

to arouse him and came up with an idea of teasing each other by talking about other’s partner “Lets’ tease each…main Meghna ke bare main bolta hun, tum Manjeet ke bare mein bolo”. I accepted, I thought that Jayant wants to recall everything to get aroused and I could not make out that he wants me to speak up few things and to started the teasing he praised Meghna while comparing it with me

“I think Meghna ki Chut tumhari Chut se jayada tight hai…tumhari jayda khul gayi” “hmmmmm….Manjeet ka Lund tumhare Lund se jayada mota hai… Meghna ki Chut bahut achhe se khulti hogi…” I felt jealous and I spoke back in revenge and he liked my instant reflex and spoke “Good… I was expecting that…I knew ki tum uske Lund ke size ko lekar kuch na kuch bologi”

next Jayant took few seconds and spoke another statement to tease me “Just imagine Lund Chuste hue Meghna kitni beautiful lagagi” “jaao jaakar dekh low kaisi lag rahi hai…” I spoke out in irritation, “come on why are you getting irritated….tease me” “Ok…” I accepted and spoke out tease him “physically Manjeet is in better shape…that is why he lasted little longer… Manjeet tumse jayada powerful hai….”

I think Jayant was waiting for this and he ended the teasing session and spoke “Fine…to tumko aaj Manjeet He Chodega…I will play Manjeet’s role, I will praise you and you will praise me”. As such there was nothing new in that, I and Jayant often use to do that role playing so I accepted without giving a thought and that Jayant has some intentions behind this.

We started with a kissing and while playing Manjeet’s role Jayant took out my nighty from my arms and started sucking my milks and spoke “Ohhh…Richa…tumhari body kitni mazedaar hai…tum Jayant se divorce lekar mujhse shaadi kar low”.

Once again I would say that as such there was nothing new in that, we often use to pass such notes while playing roles but that instant these statements were extra arousing for me and I was enjoying every bit of it and considering him Manjeet I responded back to him “Nahi Manjeet hum shaadi nahi kar sakte….par sex kar sakte hain….kar low jitna sex karna hai mere saath” “Richa main tumse pyar karta hun…”

he spoke back and I replied with “main bhi tumse pyar karti hun…par tumse shaadi nahi kar sakti….” And started taking off my husband’s clothes and spoke while taking his monster in my hands “Ohhh…Manjeet kitna mota Lund hai tumhara…” and plying Manjeet’s role Jayant replied to my words by saying “Chuso issko…Meghna kabhi nahi Chusti”

and I responded by saying “haan main Chusungi….main tumhen satisfy karungi…..” and with that I started sucking Jayant’s monster and after few minutes Jayant took position 69 and sucked my fuckhole while getting sucked and ultimately he plunged me in missionary position and once again considering him Manjeet I repeated my previous words about the thickness of monster

“Ohhh….Manjeet kitna mota Lund hai tumhara…” and then I added a fresh statement “sirf tumhi satisfy kar paate ho mujhe…”. After a joint fucking session in a way we were at the peak of sexual arousal and after that this role playing added further fuel to our desire and within a minute of proper fucking we both; me and my husband reached to the climax and we both cummed heavily while embracing each other.

Finally like that first night ended there and we slept but I must mention that I was restless throughout night and could not sleep sound. Some strange feeling was breaking my sleep again and again and whole scene of joint fucking was floating in front of my eyes. While being in sub conscious state many times I felt it was not real but just a dream but it was really happened and because of that I was getting aroused even while being in the sleep.

Anyway night passed and because I slept restless I got up late and struggled to send my child to school on time and after sending him I slept again and again when I got up I was late for sending Jayant office on time. Ultimately in the morning everything happened in the rush as such I didn’t got much time to think about sex and nobody spoke anything in last night’s regard.

Manjeet also took leave with Jayant and it was just me and Meghna left in the house and we chit chatted about whatever happened and cutting a long chat short I will try to write just the important part. “kaisi kati raat….?” I asked Meghna while making breakfast for two of us and added in continuation “dobara kya tha na?” and Meghna accepted “haan…kiya tha..” “Aur sucking…?”

I asked her again “haan…wo bhi ki thi…but hardly for 2 minutes” and I replied to her by saying “it’s ok…dheere-dheere ye time lap increase ho jaayega and you will start enjoying” and in response of my statement Meghna made yucky expressions and I smiled over that. “What about you…? Tune bhi suck kiya….”

Meghna asked me and I replied with positive expressions “haan….why not?” “kitni der….?” She asked me for how long I sucked Jayant’s Penis and I replied casually “I don’t k now…may be 5-6 minutes….” And then added “I sucked him for a while and then we took 69 position” and Meghna smiled over that detail.

By now we were in the table and Meghna once again thanked me for whatever I did and said that Manjeet is really very happy because she has started having sex with him and then she added that Manjeet was saying that he would like to give both of a good treat and he discuss that plan with Jayant on the way.

Like I was expecting later somewhere in the noon Jayant called me to inform that Manjeet is taking us out and in the evening we all are going for a movie and a dinner and after that Jayant told me that like last night Manjeet wants do same room once again tonight and in continuation added that he has agreed Meghna for that.

Postponing my yes I spoke to Meghna about that and she accepted that she has said yes to Manjeet for doing it in a same way and after bit of discussion with her I too accepted the proposal and informed Jayant that I am also ready for that. Surprisingly even after doing it once, throughout the day I was uneasy and butterflies kept on tingling in my belly.

Like me Meghna was also fascinated and admitted that she has not waited for the night like this in her entire sex life. Finally we; me, Meghna and my child moved out in the evening and met males on decided venue and proceeded our schedule and after movie sat together to dine and throughout the meal we all were talking something to one another and immaterial whatever

the conversation id we all were smiling while looking at each other’s face. Manjeet was looking at me and I was getting conscious over my looks and like that throughout the evening Jayant started at Meghna’s body and face without any hesitation and like me Meghna also kept on blushing.

Finally while riding back home when my child was asleep conversation about that night’s plan rose and it was started by my husband. He openly asked “aaj kaise karna hai…dono ek saath…ya one by one?” and Manjeet came up with a thought of doing it one by one and we all agreed that while one couple will fuck other will watch.

Next Jayant asked that who will do first and saying “kal humne pahle kiya tha aaj ye dono pahle karenge” I told that they will do it first but Meghna denied for that and ultimately Jayant suggested that we will toss a coin to decide that. Like that we landed back home with my child sleeping in my arms and first thing we; me and my husband did we put him in his cot.

I will say by the time I came back in the living room after putting my child in h is cot we all were aroused and it was significant over our gesture. I was wet like hell in my panties and I could make out that Meghna was also in same state but here I will say it was just we two females;

me and Meghna who were thinking about another same room action and males had something else in their mind and to reflect that they both gave gift to each other’s wife. Manjeet took out my gift from his bag and Jayant took out Meghna’s gift. We opened the wrap in the living room itself and like I was expecting it was an intimate-wear which we both the females were suppose to wear in the night.

Part 4
Next like last night we decided to take shower first and tonight we had a plan to do it in our bedroom. Everything was running fine, just like yesterday night we both, me and Meghna went to our rooms and males stayed in the living room for some time.

I took shower and Jayant joined me after sometime and we came out together and I opened the night wear and commented on the two piece set given to me by Manjeet “this is good for nothing…sab kuch to dikh raha hai..oopar ka bhi aur niche ka bhi”.

If I will described the nighty I was suppose to wear that night then I will say it was just a formality that there is something on the body, indeed it was beautiful and very expensive but it was totally see through apparel, upper half was made of soft net and Panty of the set was also having a see through lacework over the fuckhole region.

Hearing my comment Jayant came closer and took the nighty and made wear with his own hand and spoke “Meghna ki nighty bhi aise hi hai” “obviously aise hi hogi na…” I replied back while wearing it by him. “You know tumhari nighty Manjeet ne pasand ki hai aur Meghna ki maine” Jayant spoke again while telling something which I already knew and I said “ya I know …that”.

“I want to ask you something” Jayant spoke while looking into my eyes when I was up with wearing it’s panty too and before I would asked him he spoke again “Actually we were thinking about doing another experiment today” and his words took my attention and I spoke in sarcastic tone “ab kya experiment karna hai” and Jayant spoke again

“See jaise main yahan tumhen ye night dress pahna raha hun na…waise Manjeet wahan Meghna ko pahna raha hoga” “so?” I asked in curiosity and he spoke again “I was thinking ki tumhen night dress pahnaai to maine hai but issko uttare Manjeet…aur Meghna ki night dress main utarunga” “what…you mean Manjeet will touch me….?”

I was shocked to hear that and Jayant smiled a bit in hesitation, from her expressions I could see that he wanted to say something but he was timid to speak “what?….chal kya raha hai tum dono ke dimaag mein” I spoke again with bit anger and Jayant tried to express his mind with a smile “I want say ki he will not only touch you…I mean we were thinking….ki ek baar”

he went silent in the middle of the statement and looked into my eyes, maybe read my mind, once again I could sense that Jayant wanted to say something but he could not decide how to speak and finally her uttered everything straight forward “hum soch rahe the ki ek baar proper swapping try Karen…” “What…? have you gone mad….?now he will fuck me…?”

I was shocked up to my soul but Jayant was calm and he spoke again in soft voice “See I am not forcing you…koi kisi ko force nahi karega…aur jo kuch bhi hoga mutual consent se hoga…” “I am just asking you…do you think we can do that…?” and I replied to his question instantly and negatively “NO...Jayant we have already crossed the limits…and this too much…” and he responded accordingly

“That’s why we are thinking to do it…ab limits to cross ho hi chuki hain…kar lete hain ek baar” I started into his eyes with fury and he spoke again “You very well know ki Meghna meri all time fantasy hai….you have played her role countless times…” he paused and spoke again “aur tum Manjeet ki fantasy ho…he likes you….and your fleshy body a lot…

moreover tum bhi bolti ho ki Manjeet bahut handsome hai…physically bahut fit hai…and I know sex karte hue you enjoy jab main uska role play karta hun…” he ended and I started “I agree he is good looking, I also agree that while having sex I enjoy when you play his role…but what does that mean…main uske saath sex kar lun…” I was getting hyper but Jayant was calm and he spoke again

“See I am not insisting you…I am just trying to convince you…it came in my mind and I asked Manjeet…. he said he is ok if Meghna is Ok with it”… and after a pause he added “See we are best friends and if we have understanding we can try…it’s just sex and not love” “No…this is not right…I am sure even Meghna will not agree”

I controlled my fury and spoke back and Jayant smiled over my words and said “tum maan jaaogi to Meghna bhi maan jaayegi” “wo kaise…?” “I am sure tum usko bhi manna logi” and his words made me smile too, though with a giggle but I continued saying no “no way… I am not ready to get fucked by Manjeet…” and once again Jayant smiled and spoke

“soch low…as compared to me Uska Lund bhi mota hai” “shut up…I didn’t mean that…” I instantly responded with a significant smile and he spoke again “I know you didn’t mean that…main to bas tumko yaad dila raha hun that he has a thicker Penis…aur wo tumhari Chut ko bahut achhe se kholega” and then after a pause he spoke again

“…aur wo powerful bhi mujhse jayada hai…tumhen der tak Chodega” “Okkkkk…” I uttered long sarcastic Ok and continued “so it is running in your mind since last night” he was caught and Jayant smiled like that “not in just my mind…Manjeet is also intended to do it” and though I failed to stop smiling but I spoke back while pointing finger and in warning giving tone

“I am telling you guys are crossing limits…” and continued saying “maine same room action ke liye agree kiya tha…just because it had a genuine reason…but this not acceptable” “fine…no problem…” Jayant spoke and surrendered while expressing it from his hand’s movement too and there was a significant disappointment on his face and I spoke again

“Jayant try to understand…how can you expect me to get on bed with someone else…” and Jayant replied back while trying convincing me again “See this is just for fun…don’t mix it with the love…and Manjeet and Meghna are our best friends…they are not just anybody…we are family…aur ab itna kar liya hai to thoda saa aur sahi…” and then after a long pause he spoke again

“Don’t you think it will recharge our sex life for years…?” I looked into his eyes and easily read his mind; he was somewhat desperate to try spouse swapping and here in my mind I was going through a storms of thoughts. I think Jayant was sensing my mind confused state and holding my arm he tenderly brought me in front of the life size mirror of my bedroom and showed me our reflection while hugging me from behind while saying

“See… we are made for each other and any such night cannot separate us…” and then added “because we are not attached to each other just because of sex…we truly love each other” “it’s not that easy…for me it’s just not sex, it’s about getting comfortable with that person and I cannot get comfortable with anyone else”

I replied back to him and revealed my mind state and he spoke in convincing fashion “arre yaar… you don’t know…you are comfortable with Manjeet… and Meghna is also comfortable with me” and then again added “we are even more than best friends… unless we would have not tried what we did last night” he paused and looked at my expressions in the mirror and asked me

“just tell me if you we think of trying all that with any other couple we know…?” “No...” like he knew I denied “this means they are special for us…rather we all are special for each other”. Deep inside I was not intended to go for it but this is also true that I was feeling weak in saying straight forward No and that is because of Jayant,

I love him more than my life and I did not wanted to see him disappointed and worst part was Jayant knew that he is my weakness. Jayant further embraced me from behind and spoke again while making me looking into the mirror “this is just about one night….and I assure you…you will love it …everybody will love it”

and as he saw that I am silent he continued saying and started arousing me while trying convincing me “this just for fun…. tum imagine karo…that how will you feel when Manjeet will touch you…” and with that Jayant rolled his hands over my front from my breast till my thighs and spoke again “he will take off this nighty and he will suck your nipples…”

with that Jayant squeezed my breasts tenderly and I moaned a bit, surprisingly even after a long debate I was aroused, may be because since morning I was thinking about what all we will do in the night and it was reached to the peak gradually and being a husband Jayant could read that and he also knew that he can further arouse me with his words and to do that he spoke again

“he is dying to suck your milk and I am sure tum bhi enjoy karogi jab wo tumhari breasts chusega”. Next my husband kissed me near my ear to make me shudder erotically and continued arousing me with his words “then slowly he take off your Panty and he will suck your pussy…he is also dying to taste your juices and he was saying that will gulp them”

and to stimulate me further Jayant tried to insert his hand in my Panty but I stopped him. I was going out my senses, truly speaking friends deep inside I was not feeling ok with whatever my husband was expecting me to do but this is also true that now I was biased, may be because my arousal was increasing with a significant pace since evening when I saw Manjeet again

and that instant I was at its peak and even after trying my best I was failing to stop thinking about what Jayant was trying to make me think; that how will I feel when Manjeet will make love to me and one again I felt myself leaking from fuckhole. “Manjeet Diwana hai tumhara….he was saying ki he is fantasizing you since his bachelorhood….”

Jayant spoke again and just went on fueling my arousal by speaking out his own cooked statements “Manjeet was saying ki if you say yes to it then he will fuck you in doggy style…usko tumhari ye Ass bahut pasand hai” while saying that Jayant rubbed his hand over my ass and finally after a long time I uttered in soft asking fashion “Jayant…tum maanoge nahi..?”

and Jayant replied to me by saying “main to maan gaya hun…tum nahi maan rahi ho” and his reflex statement brought instant smile over my face. “Is it yes….?” He asked me while looking at my smiling face in the mirror and I replied back by saying “don’t ask me…ask Meghna first”. Like last night once again in I tried to get an escape with a hope that Meghna will reject the proposal.

“Tell me its yes from your side….?” Jayant asked me again “No…I will say yes when Meghna will say yes….” And my words brought smile to Jayant’s face and she spoke in requesting tone “I don’t think Manjeet usko convince kar paayega…usko tumhen hi convince karna padega” and his smile and request brought smile on my face and I spoke out in sarcastic tone

“how can you expect me to do that…when I am not convinced… how can I convince her?” and Jayant replied back while embracing me from behind nicely “I know You can do that …mujhe maloom hai tum mere liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho……”. “No….you are mistaken” I replied back and next Jayant thought about calling Manjeet, to know if he has convinced Meghna and I laughed a lot,

intentionally to tease Jayant when ultimately I came to know that convincing Meghna is too far and Manjeet has failed to gather courage even to talk to her about that. After disconnecting the line Jayant once again started requesting me to talk about all this to Meghna and for few minutes I just kept on saying no.

Now after knowing Manjeet and Meghna’s status somewhere I was getting sure that ultimately this swapping will not happen and I casually suggested Jayant to call Manjeet and Meghna in the living room and speak to Meghna everything clearly and to my surprise Jayant agreed for that and called them out.

I wore a long gown over that see through night-wear and came out and as Meghna saw me wearing long gown she too went back to her room and wore same sort of night wear over her short nighty came to the living room again. Among all it was just Meghna who was totally unaware of what all was going and curiosity was evident on her face.

I was sitting quite on the couch and waiting for Jayant or Manjeet to start and they were talking in a low voice at one corner of the room. Couple of times Meghna asked me about the matter and by saying that her husband will tell her everything I avoided giving her any hint of male’s intentions.

Finally Jayant sat down in the couch bit away from Meghna and spoke to her and started with the same words that we are thinking about doing one more experiment and without uttering a word Meghna just kept on listening him, and once looked at her husband who was standing behind the couch on which Jayant was sitting

“actually we were thinking about moving bit ahead…and we need your consent…I mean we should try this or not…?” Jayant spoke again and once again he paused for few seconds and gave a thought what to speak and I sensed that he is getting conscious; he looked at me for a few seconds and then spoke again

“before going forward…I would like to tell you that Richa has already given her consent…” Jayant statement brought mild smile over my face, though that instant I wanted to say that I have not given my consent yet but I don’t know why I just kept my mouth shut, may be because I was keen to see Meghna’s first reaction over that.

Anyway as Jayant said that I have given my consent Meghna looked at me for a fraction and saw me smiling a bit and once again looked at Jayant while saying Ok in a very low voice. “Actually we were thinking that if we have done…you know…same room action and we are comfortable with each other then we should go ahead in this and…you know….”

Jayant was fumbling in saying everything clearly and uneasiness was rising in his gesture and for few seconds he went silent again and after lot of efforts uttered “you know…we should try…proper love making….” Finally he succeeded giving an indecent proposal of spouse swapping to Meghna,

though he was uneasy and very hesitant but still for me it was matter of surprise that ultimately he has spoke all that to Meghna which her husband failed. Anyway like I was expecting Meghna was surprised to hear that and as she understood that Jayant is thinking about fucking her, very next instant she looked at her husband with a strange gesture and next she looked at me,

possibly with a question if I am really agreed to do that and once again I did not uttered anything instantly and just smiled a bit. From her expressions I could see that her heart was beating high and she was little scared and I broke the silence by asking her what she is thinking “kya soch rahi ho…?” and before she would have spoke anything I asked her again

“I hope you have understood what he is asking for?” and once again before Meghna would have replied I spoke again in continuation and I was smiling and my tone was sarcastic “if not…I can explain…its simple….Jayant wants to fuck you and your husband wants to fuck me”. I really don’t know why I was smiling and behaving sarcastic,

it was totally spontaneous and as it can be expected my reaction surprised Jayant and he instantly reacted on that “Richa…don’t make fun of it and don’t play with our emotions…..” and Jayant’s words made me giggle a bit and I changed my tone and expressions and spoke “Ok…now I am serious….” And next I asked Meghna “what is your opinion…try karna hai?”

Meghna was somewhat stunned with my question, she just kept on looking into my eyes and I failed to resist myself from smiling again and I spoke to her “please don’t look at me like this…and take your decision”.

Meghna was nervous as we all were looking at her and her uneasiness was increasing and sensing her mental state I got up and sat beside her and tried to calm her mind by holding her in my arm and spoke “see no body is insisting you…if you think you can try say yes… don’t feel shy and don’t be scared…now we all are more than friends…”

my initiative calmed her down a bit but she remained silent looked at me and I spoke again “see…ye sab mujhe bhi ajeeb lag raha hai…and maine sirf Jayant ke liye haan ki hai…because he is keen to try that” and then again after a pause I spoke “you take your decision …and relax…tere saath koi zabardasti nahi hogi…” “I want to talk to you…”

finally after a long time Meghna uttered something and I asked her back “alone…?” and she moved her head in yes. Next we both got up to go in the guestroom, where last night whole action was done and Jayant asked us from behind “want to have drink…mild sa…” and I said yes for myself and asked Meghna and she also said yes to it.

We came in our bedroom and like last night once again we sat on the bed and I asked her same question “bol…karna hai…?” and in response Meghna asked me back in surprise “you are ready…?” “More or less haan…” don’t know why I did not hesitated at all before saying that, may be because I was feeling that Meghna will not agree to do.

“How…?” she asked me further in more surprise and I replied “I don’t know…Jayant is keen and I can’t see him disappointed” “that’s it…ya aur koi reason bhi hai…?” she asked me again and there was naughty smile on her face “I think like Jayant and Manjeet tera bhi mann hai change ka” and I just failed to stop smiling and Meghna spoke again and with a lot more than smile

“bol de agar aisa hai to…main mind nahi karungi” “No…aisa nahi hai….” I replied back confidently but then added “but you can say ki main aroused hun….Jayant ne bol bol le arouse kar diya hai…” “What did he said…?” Meghna asked me a smile and I disclosed the conversation we had in the room casually by saying

“who sab…Manjeet tumhari breast suck karega…Pussy suck karega…he will fuck you in doggy style and all that” Meghna looked at my face with a strange smile and asked me again “seriously …tu ready hai…?” “See…this is fact that we all are very close with each other…what we did last night was something which we cannot do with any other couple…”

from Meghna’s side it was simple question that am I really ready to get fucked by her husband and I just had to say yes or no but I don’t know what all I was saying, unintentionally I was repeating Jayant’s words and I spoke in continuation “and with that we crossed the limits…and now Jayant and Manjeet are thinking ki ab limits cross ho hi gayi hain to proper swapping try kar lete hain”

“I know what they are thinking…you tell me what are you thinking…?” Meghna asked me and tried to get me on the track and asked me again “tu ready hai Manjeet ke saath sex karne ke liye…?” and once again I was speechless, I did not wanted to say clear yes but that is what Meghna was waiting for and just then we got a knock on the door and I got up to see.

It was Jayant with the drinks and while handing over the glasses he asked me on the door “kya final hua…?” and I replied “abhi tak kuch final nahi hua…” and he asked me again “koi hope hai….” And I did not answer his question and closed the door again by pushing it with my feet and came back to Meghna and gave her glass. Meghna took a sip and the drink was too strong.

“Ye to bahut strong hai” Meghna spoke out “intentionally humen talli karne ke liye itna strong drink banaya hai” I spoke out after sipping mine “ya…that’s true…” Meghna accepted and we both kept the glasses on the side table. “So… you are ready?” once again Meghna picked the point which I was avoiding to answer and once again I smiled and finally uttered

“see if you can do it then I am also Ok with it….I mean…I am sure it will not affect my marriage…mera aur Jayant ka mental bond bahut strong hai…you think about yourself… if you and Manjeet are ok with it? Ultimately it should not affect your marriage in future…” “This means you are ready…”

Meghna took out the ultimate conclusion and I moved my head in acceptance without speaking out a word but ultimately added in the end “just for Jayant…!”. After that there was silence between us and I could see that Meghna was thinking and after a minute I asked her again “kya soch rahi hai…?” and she said “I can’t decide….”

And I spoke again “you know agar tum log bhi role playing karte hote to it would have been easy for you to say yes…” and after a pause I spoke again “Mentally I am fucked by your husband numerous times and same way Jayant has fucked you countless times” I paused and once again spoke “…moreover Manjeet has accepted that he masturbates while thinking about me…..”

And my words brought smile Meghna’s face and once again I spoke “So it’s just you who is in dilemma…” Meghna was silent, she was listening me and I continued “I feel it will not affect even your marriage… reason; we all are so close to each other that….you know….” I paused and once again spoke what I wanted to say in different words

“I mean what we did last night…was something jo best friends bhi nahi karte….this means we are more than best friends...” while I was saying Meghna was looking at me with a smile and as I stopped she uttered “I think you are getting desperate to get on bed with Manjeet…that is why you are trying to convince me…”

and her words made me giggle and for few seconds I failed to think how to deny that and finally I uttered “I don’t why you are saying that…deep inside I know that this is wrong and I have said just to see Jayant happy and if you will say No to it then I will able to say that I was ready and you stepped back…” “Please don’t put gun on my shoulder…”

Meghna spoke back instantly and I giggled over her words and spoke “I am not putting anything on your shoulder…you just take your decision…Yes or No…whatever you want…” “Certainly… deep inside I also feel that is wrong…but don’t know why…I can’t say straight forward no to it…” Meghna spoke after giving a thought for few seconds and then after a pause spoke again

“waise to kal bhi jo kuch hua even that was wrong…hum dono ek dusre ke husbands ke saamne nude the…rather we got fucked in front of them and we enjoyed that…I was never so relaxed in my entire life…” “Same here…I never climaxed like that in last ten years” I spoke back instantly and then after a pause continued

“that is why I was saying that we four are even more than best friends… …we all are connect with a very strong bone and it will not break because of one night…” Meghna was silent and I waited for her to speak and she uttered after few seconds “Tell you frankly…even I like Jayant…he is very helping…” “I know you like him…actually we all like each other…and that is why we are thinking to do all this”

I spoke out with a smile and Meghna accepted my statement while moving in her head in yes. “Feeling aroused….?” I asked Meghna with a smile and once again initially she accepted with a smile and then spoke “aroused to main subah se hun… you guys have completely changed my life…” “Sex life…!” I added that and Meghna accepted with a smile”.

Meghna was more or less ready, I could make out from her gesture and now it was just a matter of acceptance and do get that I picked up and drink and sipped a good quantity in one go and spoke again after gulping it with a weird expressions “if it is yes then we should get drunk…it will help” and hearing that Meghna also picked her glass with a smile and spoke

“let’s do it…ab jo hoga dekha jaayega” and we both started sipping our drink fast while discussing what all we do not have to do with other’s spouse. I said I will not let Manjeet kiss on my lips and Meghna accepted and said even she will not let Jayant kiss her and then I said I will not suck even his Penis and once again Meghna agreed and like that Meghna asked if we will allow them to suck our fuckholes

“apni pussy suck karne deni hai?” for this I casually said “let them suck….” And then after a pause I added with naughty smile “waise bhi main to enjoy karti hun…?” next she asked if we should use condoms for which I said anyhow after doing it I will go for pills and then added that if we are doing it then we should do it properly and give males complete pleasure

because males do not like bars of condom while fucking, at least my husband does not like and Meghna accepted even Manjeet does not like using rubber. Like that we finished our drink and before going out, we both took off our long gowns and came out wearing see through nighty and a panty and saw both the males watching television while sitting on the couch with resting their legs on the center table.

Jayant smiled as he saw us in that see through nighty, he concluded that we are up with it and rest I did by saying “we are ready…” Manjeet also smiled with an intense happiness and next I spoke out our conditions that we will not suck Penis and we will not do lip to lip kiss by saying “but we have two conditions…first we will not do sucking….second we will not do lip to lip kiss…..”

I saw males getting bit disappointed with those conditions but they accepted and all in all they were happy that we are ready to get swapped. Next Jayant asked “separate rooms mein karna hai…ya same room mein?” and Manjeet replied by saying “as you say…” Jayant looked at us, and I instantly spoke “same room mein…”

I don’t why even at this stage I was ready to leave my husband with another female and it took me hardly a fraction to decide that I want everything happening in the same room in front of my eyes and after giving my decision I looked at Meghna and she too accepted my choice.

Next we both, I and Meghna moved to the dungeon; to our master bedroom where we were suppose to get fucked by each other’s husband and told them to come after 5-10 minutes as we both wanted to use the washroom. We both used the washroom one by one while just looking and smiling at each other and later Meghna asked “who will do first…?” “You…?”

I instantly replied back and Meghna denied by saying “nahi pahle tu kar…main baad mein karungi” and came up with an old pre fixed idea of deciding by saying “toss hoga… jo Jitega wo decide karega….”. I won’t say we were feeling sedated because of the alcohol we had few minutes back but there was a significant effect of that strong drink in our gesture,

we both were trying our best to hide our uneasiness but it was clearly visible in our gesture and Meghna was more timid as compared to me and she asked me in hesitant voice “are you sure Tu apni pussy suck karwa legi Manjeet se….mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai” “this uneasiness will go when we will start doing…and…we cannot put much conditions…nahi to ultimately it will be just penetration…”

“That’s true….” Meghna accepted and accidently I got a glimpse of her fuckhole from a see through region of the panty and today it was clean shaven and I asked her “tune shave ki hai….?” “haan… thodi der pahle hi ki hai…after reaching back home” and just then we got a knock on the door and we both got more conscious as our fuckers were about to enter, firstly in the room and then in our fuckholes.

Part 5
Finally both entered in the room and both were bare from their upper half with just boxer on the lower half and there was prominent tent in that. To my surprise I just took glimpse of Jayant and ultimately my eyes got stuck to Manjeet’s broad shoulders and as he smiled I blushed with a smile and looked at Meghna and found like me she was already blushing and smiling because Jayant was looking at her.

“So it’s one by one…?” Jayant asked and nobody opposed, next Jayant spoke again with a smile while pointing a finger to the couch “like yesterday other couple will watch while sitting here” next he asked “pahle kaun…?” and we both, me and Meghna smiled while looking at each other and I spoke “toss karo…hum dono mein jo jitega wo decide karega…”.

Jayant took out the coin and tossed the coin and I called for heads and unfortunately it landed on tails. Meghna won the toss and as such for me there was no hope that Meghna will say that she will get on bed with my husband first. It was me who was suppose to get seduced by her husband but still I looked at her to ask her choice and she spoke with a smile “you first”.

Even after trying my best to suppress my uneasiness I was feeling traumatized, my heart started beating high and I heard “Manjeet…go ahead…she is all yours” Jayant spoke as he heard the verdict, he was trying to be cool but that instant his voice made me very uneasy, like yesterday suddenly I was felt like stepping back from my decision, I don’t know what I was thinking that instant,

it was a moment which I cannot write in any language, like last night once again I was feeling as if I am losing strength of standing on my feet and in that delicate mind state when I heard Jayant I failed to control and spoke to him in anger “Jayant just shut up…now you will not speak even a word” and Jayant said sorry in a low voice.

It was just not me who was uncomfortable Meghna was also uneasy, like yesterday night she was suppose to sit on a couch but with Jayant, over his lap and as Manjeet moved closer to me Jayant moved towards Meghna and I saw holding her wrist Jayant took Meghna to the couch and before Jayant and Meghna would have settled down on the couch I felt Manjeet standing very close,

almost behind me and my heart beat went almost double. “Richa…” Manjeet addressed my name and before I would have turned to see him he tenderly wrapped his hands around my waist and that made me puff significantly. I closed my eyes and just left myself over his disposal and Manjeet’s grip over my waist went better and I felt his crotch touching my fleshy ass.

Ohh…My god I was never so restless, not even when I was touched by Jayant for the first time on my wedding night. Closing my eyes I was puffing with just his touch over my body and as such there was no hesitation in Manjeet in touching me like that. Gradually his hands rose up and he cupped my milks from behind and played with them tenderly and kissed me over my neck and uttered.

“Ohhhh….Richa….you are my heartthrob from the first day” and his words aroused me further I went through a strange sensation. His words recalled me something, I remember in past, when I was newly married, Manjeet use to stare me and I use to get uncomfortable and once I spoke about this with Jayant but Jayant took that casually by saying everybody stare at newlywed

to fantasize her in the night and later when Manjeet got married to Meghna many times I caught Jayant starring at Meghna and when I spoke to him about t that he accepted that he fantasize Meghna while fucking me and like that is how role playing was started in our bedroom.

Anyway I was melting in his hands and feeling weak but Manjeet was getting high and he continued squeezing my massive milks and the way he was playing with them I could make that he was going crazy by getting them in his hands. Slowly his hands moved down and I thought that he will touch my pussy and I felt myself leaking at fuckhole with a thick stream of pleasure

and I started breathing even more heavily and but that instant Manjeet lifted my nighty and took it out from my arms and I was just having a Panty over my body. Touching my bare shoulders tenderly Manjeet pushed me to bring me on bed and opening my eyes I moved in the direction.

Manjeet was behind me and Jayant and Meghna were sitting somewhat on my left and I glimpsed them and view was erotic. Meghna was sitting on my husband’s lap, they both were facing me and Jayant was handling her body crazily, his hands were inside her transparent nighty and he was enjoying squeezing her melons while wrapping his other arm around her waist while kissing her neck and ears.

I don’t know Meghna enjoying or not but her eyes were also closed and she was breathing intensely while trembling erotically. Trying my best not to get distracted from them I climbed on the bed and moved to the middle and Manjeet instantly reached to me and releasing his entire weight he lied over my fleshy body and started kissing me all over my face and neck.

I was gasping in pleasure but deep inside I did not wanted to see who is doing all this with me so could not think of opening my eyes in shyness, and next Manjeet moved down to my breast and started sucking my nipples like a hungry animal. Ohhhh…I was gasping and puffing and grunting loud in strange sensation, I was shivering as if I am getting handled by a male for the first time.

Manjeet just went on sucking my long and erect nipples and squeezing my milks and in a minute or two in rising lust I started enjoying whatever he was doing with me. I opened my eyes and looked down to see him sucking me like a child and I got so fascinated that I grabbed his scalp and started moaning in evident pleasure and I myself fed my milk to him by grabbing him hard and pulling him into me.

My act of feeding him took Manjeet’s attention, he stopped sucking my nipples and looked into my eyes and got further aroused and turned me around on my belly and started kissing and brushing his wet lips over my back and reached down to my waist rapidly, I cried in intense pleasure while shivering randomly with the touch of his wet lips and next instant Manjeet tried taking off my panty in the same posture.

I went crazy with a thought that I am about to get naked and I panted loud with a strange shuddering, but also lifted my ass to help him taking out my panty from my bottom and very next moment I was lying in front of with while exposing my massive ass. I was lying on my belly with closed eyes don’t when Manjeet took off his boxers and touched his crotch over my massive ass

and as I felt his hard and erect monster over my ass crack I went mad in passion and once again trembled erotically. “Ohhhh….Richa I love You…I love You…I love you” Manjeet was getting crazy could not control his emotions hand he just went on chanting I love you and released his entire weight over me and once again started brushing his lips over my back and moved down

while licking my entire skin and I just went moaning and trembling in fever as down there I was feeling his hard monster over my skin all the time, initially on my ass and then on my thighs. I don’t know what Jayant did with Meghna in this lap and when I looked at them Jayant was sitting like he was but Meghna was turned to him,

her nighty was off from her body and wearing just panty she was sitting on my husband’s crotch and Jayant was sucking her milks while grabbing her from her back and from behind I could see Meghna’s back and she was holding Jayant’s scalp while feeding him.

Down there Manjeet was licking my waist and as he reached to my plump ass mounds he just went mad, he grabbed the ample flesh of my buns and squeezed them together again and again and I just grunted and panted in unbearable pleasure. I must say Manjeet was really crazy about my ass,

he started licking and sucking skin of my ass in passion and he also moved his tongue over my ass crack and then again squeezed and parted my fleshy buns numerous time with all his strength. While being in my belly raising my face I was moaning and watching my husband playing with Meghna and like deep inside I knew that just like last night it will not easy for other couple to just watch,

wrapping her legs around his waist Jayant picked Meghna in his arms and came to bed beside me and took out her panty from legs instantly. Now we both females were on bed and stark naked for each other’s husbands. There Jayant widened Meghna’s thighs and buried his mouth in her fuckhole and here Manjeet turned me again on my back and went into my thighs and started licking my soft swollen fuckhole like a dog.

He parted my thick virginal lip with a powerful lick from bottom to top and in the end tried to flick my clitoris with his rough tongue. I moaned loud and trembled like fish without water. I raised my head and saw Manjeet was went deep into my fleshy thighs and I was feeling his thick tongue sizzling into my fuckhole erotically.

On the other side of the bed holding Meghna’s thighs forcibly wide Jayant was eating her fuckhole like an animal and Meghna’s pleasure was evident on her face and loud woofing gasps, she was screaming and trying to stop Jayant by pushing his scalp but Jayant was unstoppable and I make out that he was much more passionate than Manjeet.

Here on my lower half Manjeet was going deeper and deeper in my fuckhole and he further parted my thighs and folded them to get a better access of my pleasure hole for his tongue and within next few more seconds intensity of his sucking also increased and now he was fucking and licking my cunt with his tongue after spreading my pussy lips with his finger

and that really took my breath and I jumped in ecstasy and tried to push him, but like Jayant was empowering his wife Manjeet empowered my efforts and locked my palms with his and just went on sucking and licking my vertical slit with all his passion and I continued screaming in pleasure.

Like me Meghna was also in intense pleasure and room was filled with our erotic gasps ultimately which were making both the males crazy, more I heard Meghna crying, more I felt Manjeet sucking me hard and rough and possibly it was happening with Meghna too, hearing me panting loud,

Jayant must be taking out his passion over Meghna’s fuckhole and like I knew he must be trying taking out every single drop of her nectar by sucking it hard. And like that we both females reached to point of no return and we both climaxed one after another like bitches in heat. They stopped sucking us and now they were ready to plunge each other’s wives.

They looked at each other, Manjeet was already naked and Jayant took hardly a fraction to drop hi boxer and they both climbed on the bed and stretched our thighs almost at the same time and I don’t know what Meghna felt, I just know I felt weird when I saw Manjeet leaning over me, he was between my thighs and I was hardly moment behind from getting plunger by him.

Next I panted loud as holding his monster Manjeet was touching its tip on my opening and I felt myself oozing out fresh stream of pleasure juices. “Ohhh….My God” I panted loud, truly speaking I cannot forget that moment in my entire life, since then I was never so aroused before getting fucked, even after discharging few seconds back my fuckhole was convulsing in desire,

closing my eyes I was waiting for my fuckhole to get stretched with the thickness of Manjeet’s monster and it happened next instant. I looked at Manjeet with shuttering eyes and moaned as I felt his monster is searing into my love tunnel, it simply parted my pussy lips wide and next moment Manjeet’s entire length was buried in my womb.

I opened my eyes and gasped and moaned deliriously, as once again I realized that instead of Jayant Manjeet leaning over me. My legs were spread wide and folded and Manjeet was moving to and fro between my forked legs, his hands were on my swollen breasts and he was squeezing them and toying with my rigid nipples.

Beside me on the bed by now releasing his entire weight Jayant was laying on Meghna, his heavy ass was rising and falling over Meghna crotch while fucking her and she was wrapping her arms and thighs around my husband. Like Manjeet on me, Jayant was also riding on Meghna steadily and we both; Meghna and I were crying in intense pleasure.

Gradually lust enhanced and hardly after a minute Manjeet picked some pace and started fucking me with long, measured thrusts and as he saw that I am looking at him, he uttered in rising passion “Ohhh… Richa I love you, finally I fucked you”.

Manjeet was on the uphill and next instant he rose his pace significantly and like leaving his weight Jayant was lying on his wife he lied over me and like Meghna was holding my husband from his back I pulled him over me and griped him from his back and murmured “fuck me… fuck me….fuck me”. Suddenly my words enhanced passion of both the males and they started fucking us rapidly.

They were set on a fire and after that immaterial it was Manjeet or Jayant, each thrust made me and Meghna cry out in strange voice and drove the breath out from us with a whooshing gasp. Like last night once again room was filled with our cries and there puffs, bed was going through fucking quake with a churning voice.

Once, twice, thrice, four, five I don’t know how many times Jayant plunged into Meghna’s fuckhole hard and deep, it was Manjeet who ram fucked me as if I am slut and at last he slammed furiously into me and held still and moaned loudly. I too gasped very loud and felt his thick monster vibrating deep inside me.

It jerked and quivered and I moaned again when I felt the heat of his gunk spewing out. I gripped him hard clenching my nails into his strong back as the thick, white-hot shots of jizz sizzled sharply into my womb and just then I too started shivering in orgasm and busted loud.

Beside me like me Meghna was also shattered, she trembled more feverishly than me and they two too; Meghna and my husband also screamed erotically as they were also at blast. Ohh….I was fucked; finally I was fucked by Manjeet about whom I have fantasized numerous times while doing a role play with my husband,

at that time I could not imagine that it will ever happen in real life and I will be laying under him after getting fucked by him like a bitch. I was thinking all this while lying dead and over me Manjeet was also totally exhausted. Just like we two, my husband was lying on Meghna after emptying his balls into her fuckhole and Meghna was holding him hard by wrapping his legs and arms around his body.

Gradually we all got up and we both; me and Meghna went to the other room and used the washroom one by one silently, without looking at each other. I don’t know about Meghna but I was feeling affect of alcohol was more over my mind and gesture and now after doing everything with all my consent I was feeling very awkward could not decide what to speak with Meghna

and I could feel that she was also in same mind state that is why we were not talking to each other since we were alone after getting fucked by each other’s husband. “kaisa feel kar rahi hai…?” finally I broke the silence when after me Meghna came out of the washroom, “tu kaisa feel kar rahi hai….?” Instead of replying Meghna asked same question to me and I replied by saying

“I don’t know what to say…I just know ki ultimately ho he gaya jo hona tha…” “Haan…” Meghna accepted with a single word and then added “but bahut ajeeb lag raha hai…” “we are feeling awkward because excitement over ho gayi hai” and once again Meghna accepted and I spoke again

“I think we should not feel regret over what we did…and we always have to follow this mindset that we are best friends and we are Ok with whatever we did” virtually I was somewhat guiding Meghna but deep inside I was trying to convince myself that I have not done anything wrong and I was suppressing my embarrassed feeling and like Meghna was also trying her best to come out of it.

“I think they will ask for one more session” Meghna spoke, we both were sitting on the bed facing each other and I closed my eyes gave a thought to it and ultimately replied “yes certainly they will ask… and I think and we have to go through that….unless this uneasiness will increase” “let’s see…”

Meghna replied and after that we got a knock on the door, it was Jayant who informed us that they two are in the living room and making drink and somewhat told us to come out. We both wore fresh set of under garment and fresh clothes which were covering most of our body and we also came to the living. Males were already sipping and our drink was ready.

I was not feeling like having it and I told that I will prefer having hot coffee but Jayant told me not to have it because it might bring us back in our senses and his words were “Coffee mat piyo… it will bring your conscious back…in this situation we just have to be drunk” and I accepted his words.

We sat together in the living room far from each other, with glasses in our hands and television on and for some time nobody spoke anything. Everybody continued having his or her drink and after a while Jayant got up and brought one pen drive which was full of porn movies and connected it to the television.

I think he was sensing our; mine and Meghna’s mind and just to make lust rule our senses again he played a porn movie and we all started watching fucking things happening on the screen. Watching porn played vital role, at least over me, up to an extent it diverted my mind I saw Manjeet looking at me and Jayant looking at Meghna with smile.

Gradually by the drink came to an end like we knew Jayant asked what to do next and in continuation asked are we doing one more time “ab aage ka kya plan hai….hum ek baar aur kar rahe hain na…?” and Manjeet replied by saying “why not…” next Jayant looked at me and then to Meghna and we both remained silent and looked at each other.

“I have a suggestion…let’s do it separately… in separate rooms and we will sleep after that…I think it will be better” Jayant spoke that and Manjeet also accepted by saying “I am ok with it” once again Jayant looked at me and Meghna and this time did not waited for us to keep silence and asked me “what do you say…?” I was yet not completely out of awkward feeling but I wanted to come out of it and to do that I accepted.

Next Jayant looked at Meghna and she looked at me and smiled a bit and could make out it was not a smile of happiness or pleasure rather it was smile of acceptance and finally we both; me and Meghna got up and walked to the bedroom.

While saying bye and best of luck with a smile we hugged each other on the door steps of the bedrooms and I suggested her not to think much about all this and told her to enjoy and finally we both entered into separate bedrooms. I straight away went inside the washroom and sat there ideal, because of alcohol I was feeling dozy and up to an extent aroused too but still there was something dwelling inside me which was killing.

Finally I heard door of my bedroom getting opened and also getting closed. Manjeet was in the room and like I said apart from feeling aroused I was still feeling timid but ultimately I overcame my fear and uneasiness and came out.

Room was less lighted, only a small lamp was glowing but there was enough light for us to see other’s face. Resting his back with a support of pillow against a wall Manjeet was waiting for me on the bed and he smiled when our eyes met. I came to bed and lied and he also lied on the same pillow.

I won’t I was scared and did not wanted him touch me but still I was uneasy because of which I could not think of talking to him. Manjeet was sensing my mind and he did not tried to touch me and he spoke “I know you must be feeling weird….Meghna is also in same state…rather we all are feeling same kind of shilly-shallying”

I smiled a bit sarcastically and thought about keeping my mouth shut but I felt it will be his (be-izzati) if I will talk to him and I uttered “I don’t think…as such I cannot see you and Jayant feeling any such hesitation” “you know we are males and we overcome our feelings fast…” “Richa I want to say thanks to you…I will never forget these two days in my entire life….”

“Nobody among four of us will forget these two nights….” I replied back with a smile. I don’t know it was affect of alcohol which was actually increasing gradually which relaxed mental muscles and I started feeling comfortable with Manjeet just in few minutes. “What do you think…Jayant aur Meghna shuru kar chuke honge…”

Manjeet asked me again and his question brought a smile over my face and I replied “…as far as I know Jayant… Yes” and my reply brought a better smile to Manjeet “even I also think same…Meghna does not oppose much…agar Jayant ne approach kiya hoga to… she would have accepted and started doing…”

Manjeet spoke and just then asked me in continuation “tumhari Meghna se baat hui hai….I hope she was fine…with all this?” “Haan…she is fine…” I replied positively. We were lying beside each other on the bed, on the same pillow facing roof and then there was a silence, neither me nor Manjeet spoke anything for a minute and once again Manjeet broke the silence by saying

“if they have started, then we should also start…” “Hmmmm….” I won’t say my hesitation was over but still I would say I was willing to go for it and I hummed to say yes. I was wearing a Capri and a t-shirt; Manjeet got up slowly and asked me “kapde uttar dun naa…” and I just smiled while looking at his face to give him my consent.

Next holding elastic of my lower from waist Manjeet tried to take off my lower half cloth and I lifted my bottom. Next he took off my t-shirt and came over me and started kissing and loving me around my next and bare breast. Gradually my bra and panty also disappeared and Manjeet took off his boxer and under shirt too and once again he lied over me and sucked and licked entire body.

Lust rose in me too and I feed him my milk while moaning and enjoying getting rubbed over my fuckhole with his fingers. Slowly Manjeet went down and once again proved that he is obsessed with my big and fleshy ass, he turned me around and loved my ass cheeks by kissing and licking it and made me shudder in a loud pleasure moan by swirling his tongue over my ass crack again and again.

I was on my belly and next he told me to lift my bottom in the same posture. I did that and he accessed my fuck opening by sliding h is hand under my belly. I was moaning in strange pleasure and by now I was feeling that I am coming out of hesitation. I enjoyed getting fingered by him in raising bottom posture and slowly I felt that Manjeet is trying to get inside my thighs in the same posture.

I raised my bottom more up and in a moment Manjeet was under my belly and sucking my fuckhole. Wrapping his arms around my ass and holding ample flesh of my fleshy buns Manjeet rested my fuckhole over his mouth and just went on sucking and licking me like a dog.

We lied on the bed diagonally, keeping my fuckhole over Manjeet mouth I moaned and moaned and just moaned, I don’t know how many times Manjeet thick and rough tongue sizzled into my fuckhole and roamed around and massaged my inner virginal walls. I felt my fuckhole releasing endless streams of sticky pleasure juices in his mouth and Manjeet just gulped them.

Finally I was aroused up to the extent that my fuckhole was contracting again and again and I stopped Manjeet from sucking and got up from his mouth. Manjeet told me to massage his monster with my hands I did that. Because of excitement by now he was leaking a bit and also not fully and I massaged his thick monster and also balls

to make him hard and as he felt that he will be able to penetrate me he stopped me asked me in which position I would prefer and left that decision over him and he told me get on my four. Truly speaking I was expecting that, I knew that he loves my ass and as suck there is no other position which he could think.

Anyway I turned around and jerking his monster Manjeet came behind me tried to enter in my fuckhole in that posture but when because of massive size of my ass he failed to enter, I took his monster in my hand and guided it into fuckhole myself. Once he entered he managed to retain himself inside me and fucked me while holding me from my waist with steady pace.

I enjoyed getting fucked and panted in evident pleasure as Manjeet was having a thicker Penis as compared to Jayant and he was fucking me with deep screwing thrusts. Finally passion increased and Manjeet failed to retain that posture with a rising speed and after losing that posture he asked me if I can come over his top and I agreed.

I took his Penis in my fuckhole and rode over him with good pace and while moaning he played with my sagging milks and couple of times pulled me over him to suck my milks. After few minutes of enjoyment passion increased more and Manjeet took me under his body, I wrapped my arms and thighs around his back and waist and he fucked me with a rising pace and ultimately we both climaxed.

It was affect of alcohol, sexual and mental tiredness and also time was hours passed to mid night that I failed to retain my consciousness and slept with in 10-15 minutes from coming out of washroom and wearing back my clothes. Well I would say that was still not my last fucking session with Manjeet,

when I got up in the morning time was 5:30 and that was the time when I use get up and use to awake my child for school and by the time he use to get ready I use cook and pack his Tiffin. After getting up I awaked Manjeet and told him to go back to his wife and send Jayant here because my child prefers to use our washroom in the morning and anyhow I won’t b able to stop him from coming here.

Instead of going straight away in the other bedroom Manjeet called Jayant and Jayant told him that at that particular moment he is about to penetrate Meghna and Manjeet passed that piece of information as it is to me by saying that “wo dono confronting position mein hain”. I spoke to Jayant and told him that we are late and I have to send our child to school and I cannot take him here to use the washroom.

Jayant calmed me down and told me delay the whole process for half an hour and said instead of sending our child via school bus he will go and drop him. As such I did not have any argument to give and I disconnected the line. And now because Jayant was fucking Meghna there for me it was difficult to stop Manjeet here and holding my wrist Manjeet pulled me and hugged me

and once again gradually I lost all my clothes and once again Manjeet rose over me in typical missionary position and fucked me until he released his seed in my womb one more time. After that like it was decided males were back to their wives and ultimately both the males went to drop my child to school.

While trying end the write up I would say Manjeet and Meghna flew back same day in the evening and me and Jayant were left with the memories of these two nights. I was uneasy for 3-4 consecutive days but ultimately Jayant comforted me and we spoke to each other about our experience of the night when we slept separately with other’s spouse.

By now more than month is passed and there in their home town Meghna and Manjeet are also back to normal or I would say like we two they are also cherishing these two nights in their conversations.

So friends that was my first experience of spouse swapping and second experience is yet to come after around 2-3 months because now Jayant is planning to go to their town on holiday of two nights and he is trying to agree me to add a Penis sucking to the event because he wants to see Meghna sucking his Penis.

Write your comments if you think I deserve, I know many of readers will be bored of my experience telling because write up has long because I have tried writing down everything still I would say give your comment it will motivate me to write again when I will go through spouse swapping again after few months.

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