Monday, 29 December 2014

The Party

"A few of my friends from work are throwing a party. I want to go." 

I looked up at my wife. "Okay. Am I invited?"

"Yes," this caused me to raise my eyebrows. Usually spouses weren't invited to her work parties. In response to my look Trisha continued, "this isn't a work party. It's just a few friends from work getting together. Mona and Bill are hosting."

I'd met Mona before, not her husband Bill though. Mona was a vivacious, buxom, free spirited woman who enjoyed every moment of her life. Some of the stories Trisha, my wife, had told of her were steamy to say the least. The first time I'd met Mona she gave me a long tight hug and a full blown French kiss that had set my libido on fire. My wife had not been upset about the kiss. It was just Mona being Mona.

"Who all will be there?" I asked while trying not to sound too interested.

"I'm not sure. Probably Adam Loya and his wife Anna. I think Debbie and whichever boytoy she brings. Oh, Stacy will be there. I don't know if Larry will come or not. He is a lot like you." 

By that my wife meant anti-social, which wasn't really true. I'm not anti-social, I'm anti-stupid. It just so happens that most "social" people are terribly stupid and dull. There is nothing I dislike more than being caught by some droning political fanatic who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up. 

"So when is the party?" 

"Friday night. We'll need to be at Mona's around eight."

"Do you really want me to go?" I asked with a smile on my face.

Trisha turned to face me and put her hands on her hips. "Yes."

"You know my price for attending parties with you." I grinned. My wife liked to go to boring parties with boring people. A couple of years ago as our sex life dwindled to near nothing I had started refusing to go to parties I knew would be nearly unbearable and eventually she and I had worked out that if she wanted me to accompany her to a boring party then she would put out for me first. 

"Maybe tonight." She turned and started out of the room. "But this party is not going to be boring. With Mona hosting I guarantee it." With that she forced a grin onto her face and left.

I actually agreed with her, but we hadn't had sex in over a month and I wasn't going to let this chance go to waste. I thought about that. During the last year our sex life had really gone to hell and I often wondered if my wife was having an affair. I had been in open relationships in the past and if my wife had a lover, well, it wasn't the end of the world. The problem wasn't the need for variety, hell I liked variety too, it was the deceit. I hoped she wasn't lying to me. 

The decline had started out innocently enough. A headache here, a backache there progressed to a just general, "I don't feel like it tonight." These nights became more and more regular and I got more and more frustrated, but my only choices were divorce Trisha, force her to put out, or live with it. I loved Trisha and would never force a woman to have sex with me if she did not want it, so I was left with living with it. I hinted constantly. I went out of my way to seduce her, flowers, chocolate, candles, gifts. You name it I tried it, but nothing revitalized her passion. Eventually I gave up. That is a sad thing for a husband to do, but I admit after constant rejection my wall was going up and I gave up. I started spending way too many nights masturbating in the bathroom before going to bed and sleeping next to a woman I only dreamed of fucking every night.

I also blamed myself, at least in part. Really a big part. When I met Trisha, I had just come off an open relationship where sex ruled and there wasn't much more between us. Eventually the sex just wasn't enough. I had taken a long look at my life and decided that I wanted more than just a sexual relationship. I wanted love, commitment, and a life partner. The problem was that I attracted the wrong type of women. All the women I knew were wild. All the women I had ever been with were wild. So I made a change. I met Trisha through Larry, a guy who was so straight laced I knew that anyone he introduced me to would be a very different kind of woman.

When Trisha and I met, I had just come out of a relationship with a woman I thought loved me. Nadia and I had done everything that a couple and more can do sexually. We'd had threesomes and foursomes. I had watched Nadia pull a train and she had two of her girl friends fuck me with her. It had been incredible sex but Nadia and I were not truly compatible outside the bedroom. The real world had torn us apart and I had vowed to find a good girl and settle down. That was one of the first things I had told Trisha. On our first date Trisha asked me what kind of women I liked. What I told her wasn't a lie, exactly. At the time I truly believed it was gospel. I had said that I was looking for a quiet girl who wanted a solid long-term relationship with out all the head games. And that is who Trisha had always been. I had found my friend and life partner, but I missed the sex.

As our love life decreased Trisha's work parties continued, but most of the time it was just for employees. The few times I was invited the parties were insufferably boring and so I did not object to not being invited. There was always internet porn to keep me busy while my wife was out. Our sex life continued to spiral down to the point that I didn't even get sex on my birthday or on our anniversary. I was really beginning to think of divorce. I even made up speeches where I told Trisha she needed to decide if she wanted to be my wife or my ex-wife, but she would have to make a choice. I never actually used any of those speeches, though. I also started seeing signs of frustration in my wife and I realized we were firmly in a rut and neither of us knew what to do about it. A week before my wife told me of the party, I had contacted a lawyer and spent a hundred and fifty dollars for him to tell me what the process of getting a divorce was. I told him I hadn't made up my mind but I'd contact him in a week or two.

That night Trisha and I made love. I tried to liven it up a little but when I attempted to touch my wife's sweet pussy, she pushed my hand away. "Don't that is dirty."

"It's not dirty, sweetheart, it is just me giving you pleasure."

"You would think I was a tramp if I let you do that."

I raised up on my elbow and looked at her in the dark. "Why do you think that?"

"I don't want you to hate me. I don't want you to think I am a tramp."

"I don't baby."


"I promise."

"Promise me you will never think bad of me, no matter what I do."

How in the hell could I promise that? "Sweetheart, why would I ever think bad of you. You are the sweetest, most wonderful woman I know. I just want you to loosen up a little and enjoy life."

"I enjoy life more than you know. You are a good husband and I haven't been a very good wife at all."

"Sweetheart, don't worry. We will get out of this rut."

Trisha rolled over onto her side to face me. "I love you, Mark. I have always loved you. I haven't been a good wife, but I want to fix that. I want you and I to be in sync and together, but for that to happen you have to promise me that you will not think bad of me, no matter what."

She was starting to kinda of weird me out. I've never known my solid, conservative, prudish wife to be like this. She was always sure of herself, always confident. Now it seemed that for the first time I was seeing a new side of her. Or maybe I was just getting a glimpse of someone else who had always been there, hidden from me. 

"Is there something you need to tell me, sweetheart?"

"Yes, there are a million things I need to tell you. But I can't. I know I have to, but I can't. Please." Her voice took a tone of pleading. "Please, tell me that no matter what I have done or what I do, you won't hate me." Tears brimmed in her eyes threatening to spill out onto her lovely cheeks.

Now I know I'm a dumbass. All men are when it comes to women. But even I knew that we were at a turning point in our relationship. I didn't have a clue of what had brought us there or where the turns led but I was just smart enough to know that if I fucked this up it would be the worst mistake of my life. In that moment the scent of my wife filled my nostrils, and the soft light reflected off the smooth roundness of her heaving breasts. Her eyes were full of tears, she wasn't crying, but the tears were there threatening to flow. I looked at her and I took a deep breath.

"I promise that no matter what you have done or what you do, I will always love you." I meant that. I have always been a man who says what he means, at least when I know what I mean. The relief on her face was immediately evident but I didn't stop. "Now you need to understand something else." I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I pushed on. "I will love you, no matter what. But you need to make a decision. You need to decide if you want to be my wife or my ex-wife." Wow, I had said it. "I'm tired of being your roommate. I'm tired of being rejected out of hand with no thought of how it makes me feel. I'm tired of having to bargain with you for sex."

Her face had gone white and then red and then dark as I spoke but at the end she nodded. "I want to be your wife. But I need you to love who I am, not who you think I am or who you want me to be."

What the fuck! I'm a little slow on the uptake but reality was beginning to dawn on me. Softly, as gently as I could I said, "I don't think I know who you are, but I want to. There is a woman behind the mask you show me and I think I'm going to love getting to know her, but I can't love her if you keep her hidden from me."

"You want to see the woman behind the mask?" Her voice was gruff and low, a sure sign of how angry I had made her. "I'll show you the woman behind the mask. You want me to be your wife, but you don't know what you are getting yourself into. I'm not the woman you think I am, Mark. I never have been. Tonight I'm going to expose myself. I'm going to lay myself bare in front of you. If I'm going to lose you, I'm going to lose you as me." 

And she grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed. The covers flew off the bed as she landed on top of me, knocking my breath out. Her lips pressed into mine and she shoved her tongue between my lips and into my mouth. Trish had never kissed me like that, not in a year of dating and not in our three years of marriage. Sex with my wife had always been reserved. She had never been assertive or even very active in our love making. Now suddenly she was a wild cat. The kiss lasted a long time and I ran my hands up her sides to caress her breasts. Usually if I tried to touch her breasts she would allow only a quick feel and then push my hands away. Not tonight, tonight she moaned into my mouth as I caressed her. She moved her lips from my mouth and down onto my neck, kissing all the way. It felt incredible. I had been with a lot of other women before meeting Trish and I always enjoyed the ones who were active in love making. Trish had never been that way, but I always thought I could loosen her up over time. Just the opposite had actually happened. It seemed the longer we were married the more reserved she'd become. 

Her mouth moved down lower, kissing my chest and then she took one of my nipples into her mouth. Women if your man tells you his nipples aren't sensitive, he is lying. I love having my nipples sucked and bitten and for the first time, Trisha was doing just that. Her breasts were now too far down for me to caress so I let my hands move to her shoulders. To my surprise Trisha moved even lower, kissing down my stomach, lower and lower. Her hands came up and she took my nipples between her finger and thumb and gently twisted. The feeling was more erotic than anything she had ever done to me. Then her mouth reached my cock. My eyes flew open wide. Never, never had I ever in my wildest dreams believed that my demure, conservative wife would give me a blow job, but she took my cock into her mouth just far enough that the head was fully between her lips. As she held my cock in her mouth her tongue danced around my knob. It felt incredible and I groaned and looked down at her. She looked up and me and smiled around my cock. Then she pressed forward taking my entire cock into her mouth. 

I have had many blowjobs in my life, but I'd only had a few women take my whole cock into her mouth before. I felt the head of my cock press against the back of Trisha's throat and then she swallowed and pushed forward at the same time. My knob pushed down her throat and kept going. She pushed forward more and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. My God, how incredible it felt. My wife was giving me the best head I'd ever had and I didn't know she even knew what a blow job was. Then she swallowed again. The sensation was heavenly. It was like having my cock massaged and sucked at the same time. Trisha pulled back until just the knob was left in her mouth and again her tongue flicked and slid all around the head of my cock. Thrusting back down she once again took my entire cock down her throat. Again and again she repeated the cycle, when I thought I would cum, she would back off and then wrap her hand around the base of my cock until the feeling passed and then she started back up again. Time after time she did this and then finally she rose up and moved forward on me.

"Did you like that baby? Do you think I'm a slut for sucking your cock? Do you want to fuck me now? Do you want to fuck your slut wife?"

"That doesn't make you a slut, baby, that just makes you incredible, but yes I do want to fuck you now. Come on up here baby, fuck me now."

The answer must have pleased her because she pushed her pussy down onto my cock, impaling herself on me. I grunted and she grunted and then she began to bounce up and down on my cock. She was squeezing her pussy on my cock, milking me and I knew I wasn't going to last very long but I resisted cumming with everything I had. Trisha rode me hard and then rode me slow. All the while she kept talking dirty to me. The dirty talk was a new thing too. She had always been quiet in bed, never moaning or telling me she liked it or anything else. Now as she rode me she kept up a sexy banter with me.

"Do you like my pussy, Mark?"

"Oh, yeah."

"You like me fucking you?"

"Yes baby, I love the way you are fucking me."

"I loved the way your cock tasted."

"I loved the way your mouth felt."

"I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum."

I didn't know what to say to that. "Mmm, baby that is so sexy."

"Do you want to fuck me in the ass? Do you want to feel how my ass feels wrapped around your cock?"

Wow, where did this all come from. It was too much for me and I came hard deep inside my wife's pussy. Over and over again I spurted my love deep inside of her. 

"That's it baby, fill my pussy with your cum. Load me up. Fill me up, baby. I love having your cum inside me."

I was playing with her breasts and thrusting hard into her pussy and just as my orgasm neared the end I felt her pussy contract around my cock as she came. As far as I know that was the first time I had ever made my wife orgasm and it was the most erotic experience I'd had in four years. Once we both came down she rolled off me and turned her back to me. I thought I heard her crying. I snuggled up to her and took her in my arms.

I was very confused. My prudish wife of three years had just given me a pro level blowjob. No woman deep throats on her first blowjob. Had she learned that before we met? Had she been perfecting her technique on other men for the last three years? My mind was spinning and my emotions were reeling. I was married to a stranger, but she was definitely a stranger I wanted to get to know better. Maybe it was the afterglow of the best sex I'd had in years, but I made up my mind that no matter what Trisha had done, I was going to forgive her and do my best to build our new relationship better than before.

After a few moments I also realized that Trisha was sobbing. I pulled her tighter into me. "What is wrong sweetheart. That was incredible."

She turned over and I could see she had tears running down her face. "Do you still love me?"

"Of course, that was beautiful."

"But now you know."

"Now I know you are a sensual woman? What is wrong with that?"

"It's all coming apart. I'm supposed to be chaste and pure for you. That is what you want, but I can't be that."

"Chaste and pure? Baby, that is a crock of horse shit. No man wants his wife to be chaste and pure. He wants her to be alive and vibrant and real and that is what you were tonight."

She gave me a weak smile. "You say that tonight but how will you feel in the morning?"

"Like the luckiest man in the world." 

"Will you, Mark? Will you still love me when you know me? Don't answer. I don't want you to lie to me and you don't know the answer."

I looked at her, she looked terrified. "I do know the answer, Trisha. I will love you forever." 

Trisha put a finger on my lips. "No, don't say that. You don't know that. Just hold me tonight, please."

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss and I held her until we fell asleep together.

The next night, Thursday, Trisha wore a sheer blue negligee that I didn't even know she owned. It was amazing. It showed off her beautiful breasts beneath the flimsy translucent top and showcased her slim waist and full hips. Her coal black pubic hair clearly showed through the filmy fabric that covered her crotch and I could even see her pussy lips, full and beautiful, swelling out from her sex. I thought for a moment that my eyes were going to fall out of my head. I had never seen my wife like this. Even on our honeymoon she had worn a conservative gown that had hidden her charms. 

I openly stared, drinking in the sight of the most beautiful woman I had ever known. I know that is a clich√©, but it was also a stone cold fact. 

She gave me a sad smile. "You like?"

"I love." I smiled at her and then took her in my arms and kissed her.

"Mark, don't make this bad for me. Just take me and fuck me tonight. Please give me a night I'll remember for the rest of my life."

I was confused. Her manner was that of a woman going to her death but instead of reassurance she wanted sex. A woman who had casually denied me sex for two years suddenly wanted it but was making me feel like I was condemning her to death.

I pulled back away from her, holding her shoulders. I looked into her eyes and could see the pain and the tears there. "I can't do what you want." Her lip quivered. "I love you. I don't know what you are hiding from me. Oh, I think I have a clue, but I don't know."

She put a finger to my lips to quiet me. "Tomorrow you will know. But not tonight. Please give me tonight without asking questions. Tomorrow you may very well hate me. At the very least you will not think of me the same, but tonight, I want to be the wife I have always wanted to be for you. Give me that. Tomorrow will be what it has to be."

"Why are you shaking so hard?" She was trembling from head to toe. "What are you so afraid of?"

"You! Me! The truth, the lies, everything."

Suddenly I knew. I knew my wife had been unfaithful. I knew that the woman who had fucked me the night before had fucked another man, probably other men, and she was sure, absolutely convinced that she was going to lose me. She didn't know my past. It occurred to me that whatever lies she had told me, I had deceived her as well. I hadn't meant to, it had just seemed right, but that did not change the facts. Apparently when I told her I wanted a good girl, she had taken it to heart. But now I knew it wasn't what I really wanted. I'd played the good husband and she'd played the good wife until neither one of us could take it anymore. We had hidden our true selves from each other and it had torn us apart.

I took Trisha by the hand and led her to the bed. That night we fucked for just the second time in our marriage. It was the fuck of a lifetime and Trisha made good on her request of the night before and made me cum in her mouth and then after she had me hard again, she had let me fuck her ass. Our session lasted until the early hours of the morning and we were both sweaty and exhausted when we both finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

Friday morning Trisha got up before me and hurried out the door to work before I could even talk to her. My only glimpse of her showed swollen blood shot eyes that had obviously been crying. I tried to catch her, but she pulled away.

"I'll see you tonight. Don't worry I will have it all together by then. I love you." And then she was gone.

Friday night came and true to her word Trisha was smiling and happy. She took extra time getting ready for the party. She always prepared for her parties with a bath and dressing nice, but this time she went beyond the usual. She took extra time with her silky deep brown hair, brushing it out until it shined and cascaded down her back to just below her shoulders. She put on makeup, not too much, but enough to highlight her already beautiful cheek bones and her dreamy brown eyes. She dressed like she usually did in a fairly conservative white button front blouse and a black skirt that came to just above her knee. Beneath the skirt she wore dark brown stockings that accented her long slim legs. She finished it off with a pair of three inch heels that really made her round ass look good. I was getting hard just looking at her.

As we left the house she stopped me. "Mark, tonight will change our lives. Please promise me that no matter what you won't freak out or blow up or do anything that will ruin the night. Tomorrow if you want a divorce I won't fight it. I'll understand, but please give me one night. You will see the real me tonight. If you hate me, I'll understand. I tried to be what you wanted for two years but I can't live a lie for the rest of my life. I need you to know who I am and if you can love me, the real me, then we have a chance."

That was the strangest thing my wife had ever said to me and it set off my spidey-sense full tilt. "Trisha, what is going to happen tonight?"

She looked at me in all seriousness. "I know you aren't happy with our sex life. Well at least not until this week." Ha, that was the understatement of the year. "I have known for some time that we needed to do something to get out of our rut. I've been trying and I now I realize that if it is going to work between us, we have to do that something together, not apart. "

I agreed with everything she said but my gut was still telling me there was more to this. "And..."

"And tonight may be how we break the ice and get back in sync with each other. Come on, promise me you will not freak out and then we will go."

I figured that whatever happened it would, at the very least, answer the question of whether or not I needed the slimy divorce lawyer. I nodded. "I promise Trisha."

She looked me in the eyes for a few more seconds and then nodded. "Okay, let's go."

We arrived at Mona and Bill's house a little after eight. There was only one car in the driveway so I knew we weren't the last ones to arrive. At the door Mona met us with her usual flamboyant style. I wasn't even surprised when during the long tongue kiss she gave me she also grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze. Bill came up just as Mona broke away from me and introduced himself and then shook my hand. He gave Trisha a tight hug and I was a little surprised when his hand patted her bottom and even more surprised that she just giggled a little and gave him a peck on the cheek.

They led us into the house. It was a nice place with a beautiful entry hall that opened out into a large living room. The furnishings in the living room were nice. A large fifty inch television dominated one wall and a big fireplace filled out another. Two very plush leather couches and two matching loveseats were situated around the television and fireplace. A large leather recliner rounded out the ensemble.

Stacy, a tall woman with golden blonde hair, a broad forehead, prominent nose, high cheeks, full lips, and startlingly blue eyes was sitting on one of the loveseats with her husband Larry. I had known Larry for a long time, he was the one who had introduced me to Trisha. As I entered I said high to both. Stacy stood up and came to give me a hug. Larry went to Trisha. While Mona was full bodied with very large breasts, wide hips and a large ass, Stacy was a classic Viking woman. Tall and strong but not fat in the least. She had wide hips but an athletic build that made her look like a warrior princess. Stacy took me in her arms and kissed me full on the lips. That was a first. She had never before kissed me like that. By the time we broke our kiss, Larry and Trisha had parted and I missed seeing if she had kissed him or if he had taken any liberties like Bill had.

Bill asked everyone if they wanted something to drink and I took a Tom Collins. I had a suspicion that I might need it before the night was over. Trisha accepted a wine cooler. We all sat in the living room and talked. Debbie and her date, a young man named Jack arrived next. Debbie is the consummate cougar and Jack seemed nervous and intimidated by the whole scene, but Trisha gave him a long hug and a warm kiss and welcomed him to the party. Stacy followed Trisha and also have him a more than friendly kiss. 

Debbie was wearing a sheer black blouse that dipped down almost to her navel in the front and down almost to the top of her ass in the back. Her breasts were small, especially in comparison to Mona and Stacy, but her nipples were at full attention and holding the silk material of her blouse out in a wonderfully enticing way. She was a pretty woman with attractive green eyes and full red lips. Her raven black hair was probably dyed, but was still pretty and was cut into a short pixie cut that accented her face well. Her waist was thin and although her hips had filled in over the years they were still shapely. She wore a black skirt that was loose and reached her ankles, but the material was so thin that any light behind it made it almost transparent and as she stood in the entry way I realized that she was not wearing any panties under the skirt. 

Debbie walked straight up to me and took me in her arms, pressing her lips to my mouth and letting her tongue wind its way between my lips. I savored the intense sensation and marveled that I had now been kissed more times, more passionately than I had in three months excluding the last two nights. 

"I'm so glad Trisha talked you into coming tonight, Mark. I'm looking forward to this party so much more now that you are here." She gave me a wink and as she turned away she let her hand brush over my crotch. I didn't completely understand what was happening, but I had an idea and thought I liked it.

We were all standing around talking and Larry edged up close to me. "You know what is going on?"

"Not really but the girls all seem warmed up."

Larry laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. "Stacy threatened to cut my nuts off and shove them up my ass if I made a scene tonight."

"Were you planning on making a scene?"

"Nah, Stacy just thinks I'm a asshole."

"Well, you are an asshole." I gave Larry a grin. "Trisha pretty much made me promise not to make a scene too. So I guess I'm an asshole too."

This time Larry grinned. "Yeah, you have been since I've known you. So Debbie nearly took my tonsils out when she greeted me tonight."

"Dang, I thought it was just me." 

Larry laughed. "You ain't all that, man. She is one hot lady."

"Old enough to be her date's mom though."

"She likes to get em young and train them right. I hear her husband finds em for her."

"So Trisha tells me. She says his only thing is she can't keep them long enough to grow attached."

"I don't get that. I could never be that understanding."

"Even if you had that coming home to you at the end?"

"Stacy is enough for me." Larry gave me a grin. "I have to say that to keep my balls hanging straight."

"So you're saying that if Mona offered to let you play with those big titties, you'd turn her down?"

"Hell no. I'm not saying that. I'm an asshole, but I'm not a liar. I'm just saying if all I ever had was Stacy, I'd still die a happy man."

"I'm with you on that. I think I could be happy with Trisha too." I realized my answer was not as affirmative as his, but I let it slide. 

Just then the last couple arrived. Anna and Adam Loya. Anna was a classic Hispanic woman with big brown eyes, black hair and that beautiful Hispanic skin tone. She was a full figured woman with a little too much padding everywhere but when she smiled the whole room lit up and when she laughed it was infectious. Adam was tall and muscular. He was Hispanic as well and I guess he would be considered handsome. As soon as they walked into the room Trisha practically ran to him, threw her arms around him and gave him a long kiss. Anna watched it with an amused look on her face and then she looked around the room. She gave me a smile and then walked over to Bill and gave him a hug. I wasn't surprised when I saw Bill give her ass a good squeeze. Next she introduced herself to Jack with a warm hug. Larry got a long hug and a deep kiss from her and then she was in front of me. Trisha was still holding Adam's arm and talking to him quietly.

"Don't mind your wife." Anna said to me quietly. "I'll make sure you are taken care of properly." She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me down to kiss me deeply. My God that woman could kiss. I felt my cock stirring and I know she felt it as well. When she finally broke the kiss she stayed in my arms for a moment looking into my eyes. "I know you don't know what is going to happen tonight, but I assure you that if you just let it happen and don't over think anything we will all have fun and you and your beautiful wife will go home together happily married and still in love."

The theory I already had was getting a hell of a lot of supporting evidence. I took in her words and while I'm not a philosopher by any stretch I know wisdom when I hear it. I resolved that whatever happened I would resist reacting until I at least had a chance to think it through. Anna pulled away from me and I realized I'd had my arms around her waist. She may have been a little chubby but she was one hell of a sexy woman.

A few minutes later Mona banged a spoon on a pan and got everyone's attention. "Everyone! Everyone! Okay, I think everyone except Larry and Mark knows what tonight is about, so everyone find your partner and we'll get started."

Larry and I looked at each other but then Trisha was by my side and Stacy took Larry's arm and we joined the circle in the living room. Without me noticing, the living room furniture had been moved back and thick padded mats were covering the solid wood floor. We all sat down on the mats in a circle and then Mona looked around at each of us.

"Okay, so we are going to play some party games to break the ice."

Larry, sitting between Trisha and Stacy to my left, spoke up. "Since Mark and I are the only ones in the dark will someone tell us what is going on?"

I was really glad Larry spoke up but it looked like I was the only one. Finally after a long pause, Mona said. "Okay Larry, I will explain. I'd hoped to break the ice first but I guess it might be better to get it out in the open.

"Bill and I are swingers. Adam and Anna are as well, and Debbie, well Debbie is Debbie." Debbie took a mock bow from the sitting position, leaning over deeply and I swear I caught a glimpse of a nipple as she did. Mona continued. "Stacy joined our group about nine months ago. Trisha joined about six months ago. Neither one felt comfortable without their husbands involved but they also did not know how to tell you. Two weeks ago they came to me and said they wanted to get you guys involved. I suggested this party. Okay it was a little more than that, we talked at length before we came up with this, but that is it in a nutshell."

Stacy turned to Larry. "Larry, I love you, but you know, you have to have known for a long time, I need more than you give me sexually. I can't go back to once-a-week love making in the missionary position. I don't want to lose you, but I need this."

Trisha then turned to me. "I have hidden the real me from you from the first time we met. You were such a good man and I fell head over heels in love with you when we first met, but I mistook your goodness for, well, for stodginess. I truly believed that if you knew I liked sex you would hate me."

I shook my head and started to speak but Trisha put a finger to my lips.

"No, don't speak yet. Please let me finish. Wednesday night I finally let go and let you see a little bit of who I really am. You did not react the way I thought you would. Your acceptance gave me hope. Thursday was for me, in case tonight goes bad. Tonight I'm going to take the biggest risk of my life and open up all the way. You told me I had to make a decision. Well after tonight you will have to make a decision too." She leaned forward and kissed me.

Mona cleared her throat. "So, Larry, if you haven't guessed by now, this is a sex party, and I for one am ready to get it started. Since that is out in the open I think we will skip some of the games we had thought out and go right into one of the sexy games."

A sex party. I knew what they were. I'd had more than my share during my single years. I'd seen the way that Trisha acted around Adam and jealousy flared in my chest. I'd been right. Trisha had been having an affair. And worse she had been denying me sex while she was having her fun. She had lied to me. She had deceived me. I almost stood up and left but then I took a deep breath. I realized that if I left now I would be leaving without Trisha and I would be throwing my marriage away. I had lied to Trisha too. I looked at her sitting there. Her eyes were locked on me and she was holding my hand. She was beautiful and she wanted me involved. She'd made mistakes, but so had I. I wasn't sure I could do this. I wasn't sure I could watch my wife have sex with Adam. But for my wife I had to try. I looked over at Larry. He looked physically ill. 

"Okay, I have two bowls. The blue bowl has tokens with each man's name on it. The pink bowl has tokens with each woman's name on it. I'm going to pass them around. Men take a token from the pink bowl. Women take a token from the blue bowl. Don't show them to anyone yet."

The bowls were passed around and I the token I pulled had Debbie's name on it. Once the bowls had both been passed back around to Mona she said, "Okay men keep your token and don't show it to anyone. You will need it in a few minutes but right now I need you all to stand up." 

Once we were all standing she continued, "Now ladies, go kneel in front of the man whose token you drew."

The ladies all moved and Stacy knelt in front of me. Trisha knelt in front of Jack. Anna knelt in front of Larry. Mona knelt in front of Adam and finally Debbie knelt in front of Bill. 

Mona spoke up once the girls were all in place. "Now as most of you know," she looked pointedly at Larry, "we always have door prizes for the games. This time is no different. So ladies we will be giving blow jobs to our men. The first woman to make her man cum will win the door prize. Men you have to put your hands behind your back and keep them there. You can't help her get your pants undone or in any other way and please be fair and hold back as best you can. If you cum, put your hands up."

I looked at Stacy and then over at Larry. I swear he was shaking and pointedly not looking at Stacy or me. I looked over at Trisha and she stole a quick look at me and then looked back at Jack. I had a feeling that Trisha was going to win the door prize. After all, the blowjobs she had given me the last two nights were mind blowing and she was working with the youngest man in the group.

Mona said "Go!" and Stacy attacked my pants. She yanked my belt open and then quickly got my slacks unsnapped and down. Without ceremony she jerked my boxers down and my cock was free. She did not take any time to admire my manhood. She just grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth. As fast as she was Trisha had been faster and I watched as she swallowed every inch of Jack's hard cock. I wondered if Debbie had been teasing him all night since he was already as stiff as a steel rod before Trisha ever got his pants down.

As Stacy worked my cock I was trying not to freak out. I focused on what Stacy was doing and willed myself to just enjoy it. It was a very erotic situation and I found that I was erect very quickly in Stacy's mouth. She had an unusual technique that consisted mainly of holding the head of my cock in her mouth while using one hand to jack my shaft and the other to squeeze my balls. I had only received two blowjobs in nearly four years but Trisha's blew Stacy's away by a mile. Still I found myself approaching orgasm quickly and to keep myself from cumming too quickly I looked over at Larry and Anna. Anna was having a hard time, or rather Larry was. I watched as Anna slipped him from her mouth and Larry was not erect at all.

Anna looked up at him and smiled. "It's okay Larry, just relax and enjoy what is happening. I assure you that Stacy loves you and will still love you tomorrow." Her words seemed to help but he did not immediately get a hard on even though she went back to work on him and the blow job she was giving him looked a lot better than the one I was receiving.

I looked over at Trisha and I thought the game was about over. Jack's face was tight and strained but then I realized that Trisha had her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock and was intentionally holding off his orgasm for him. She probably didn't want to embarrass him. To my surprise, I realized that I wasn't jealous. I didn't know why but I'd never had a problem with insecurity and maybe that helped. I think that if Trisha and I had not talked and fucked like we did the last two nights and if this party had really been a surprise I would have already been out the door, but as it was I was secure that Trisha loved me. I was just learning who she was and I admired that she had the grace to help the young man out and not embarrass him. I actually felt proud of my wife and that confused the hell out of me. It also helped me hold back.

Suddenly Bill groaned and put his hands up. Debbie had won the door prize. I looked over at Trisha just as she released Jack's cock and he immediately groaned and put his hands up as well. Both Debbie and Trisha swallowed all the cum their partner gave them and then the game was over and Stacy pulled off of me. 

She smiled up and me and said, "I'll get you next time."

"You almost had me this time. Thanks."

"My pleasure." She stood up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. 

I saw all the other women do the same and then Trisha came back over to me. I started to pull my pants up, but Trisha stopped me.

"Anything that comes off in this party stays off until the end. It's a rule."

I nodded to her and just stepped out of my pants and boxers. I took off my shoes and socks as well and set all of it back out of the way. I looked around and realized all the men had done the same.

Trisha took me in her arms and kissed me deeply. I thought I could taste Jack's cum on her lips but I forced myself to not pull back. I was afraid Trisha would take it the wrong way. When our kiss ended, Trisha smiled up at me. "Thank you."

I gave her a smile. "We have a lot to talk about. You know?"

Her smile faded. "I know."

"It will be a good talk."

Trisha looked up at me and smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too. And just so you know, I'm proud of you." A look of complete confusion crossed her face. "I saw what you did. I'm proud of you for being kind and not embarrassing Jack."

"Oh. Wow. That?"

"Yeah, that." I looked around at the group. Each pair was holding and kissing each other except for Larry and Stacy. They were just staring at each other.

Then I heard Larry say softly. "I won't make a scene, but I don't know how much of this I can take."

"If you leave, I won't leave with you and I won't come home except to pick up my stuff." Stacy turned to face away from Larry.

Larry and Bill were the only two men in the room without raging erections. I guess it's good to be young because Jack was already completely hard again and Debbie was lightly stoking him while giving him a deep kiss. 

After a while Mona banged on her pan again and spoke up. "Debbie wins the first door prize. Come over here Debbie." Mona led Debbie over to where a large box was sitting on one of the loveseats. "Go ahead Debbie, pick your prize."

Debbie made a big show of digging through the box but quickly she pulled out a cardboard and plastic package containing a massive black rubber dildo made to look like a real cock. She held it up proudly. "I think I have found my next lover." She turned to Jack. "Oh, don't pout, Jack, I'll always have a place in my pussy for you."

Once Debbie had returned to Jack's side, Mona again spoke up. "Okay men you're up. Lie down in front of the woman whose token you have. Lay down with your feet in the center of the circle.

I positioned myself in front of Debbie and watched as Larry lay down in front of Trisha. Bill was paired with Stacy, Adam with Mona, and Jack with Anna. I truly envied Jack. 

Once we were all in place, Mona gave a laugh and then said, "Okay ladies, remove everything below your waist and then sit on your partner's face. Men, your job is to make your woman cum. The first man to succeed wins the game."

It only took Debbie a moment to discard her skirt and my earlier observation was confirmed. She was not wearing any panties. "I never wear panties. They only get in the way." She grinned at me. I looked over at Trisha who was quickly peeling her sexy panties off. Larry almost looked sick and his cock was completely limp. I wondered how a red-blooded man could not be fully erect with Trisha about to sit on his face. Then Debbie stepped over me and I saw her pussy clearly for the first time.

Don't get me wrong, Trisha's pussy is beautiful and all any man could hope for, but Debbie's sex took my breath away. Her lips were full and protruding nearly a full inch. They were perfectly formed. At the top of the v of her lips was a large clit that was already extended and engorged. She had shaved all of her pubic hair except for a very thin two inch long strip right above her pussy. As she straddled my head facing my feet I saw her wonderfully round ass and again I almost gasped. Her ass was as perfect as her pussy. I had envied Jack in drawing Anna but now I envied that at the end of the party he was going home, or to a hotel or wherever, with this sex goddess.

Debbie slowly lowered herself down to me and as she came closer her scent reached my nose. Her aroma was thick and feminine at the same time. My already erect cock jumped at my first whiff. As she squatted lower I reached up and took her butt in my hands. Her skin was smooth and soft but the muscles in her ass were firm. I tilted my head up and let my tongue touch her dripping pussy. God she tasted as good as she smelled and looked. I was suddenly in heaven and I admit I stopped thinking of Trisha. I attacked Debbie's pussy, licking all the way from the bottom to the top and then sucking her magnificent lips into my mouth and pulling gently before releasing them and pushing my tongue deep into her sex. She began to squirm above me and I heard her cooing and moaning as I did everything I could to give her more pleasure. I repeated my strokes, teasing her and bringing her higher. I felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter and I licked harder and sucked her lips deep into my mouth. Before long I felt her entire pussy beginning to quiver and I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked it hard, flicking it back and forth with my tongue as I held it with my lips.

"Oh, my God Trisha, where have you been keeping this man? To think I could have had this months ago if you hadn't been so insecure. Oh my, Oh my. Fuck yes!" And then Debbie came. Her pussy clenched and then she arched her back and her juice flooded my face. "Oh shit! Oh Fuck! God, God, God. Fuck, I'm cumming. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Finally she relaxed and pushed her pussy down firmly on my mouth as I drank her still flowing juices. They tasted delicate and sweet and I swallowed again and again as this goddess came and came. Around me I heard the other couples moving around, but Debbie did not relent, she just kept pushing her pussy harder on to my mouth and moaning. 

Finally a laughing Mona pulled Debbie off me. "Come on baby, you are holding up the games."

"No, no, no. Awww, shit. That was so good." As Debbie stood up I could see that her stomach was still quivering and I swear her pussy was opening and closing, reaching out for me.

Trisha laughed and helped me to my feed. I looked at her pussy and she didn't even appear to be wet. I looked up at her face and she shrugged. When I looked around I didn't see Larry anywhere. Stacy was standing by herself and she looked absolutely miserable. I gave Trisha a questioning look. 

She shrugged. "He left."

Mona called the group back to the circle. "Well, we are a man short. Don't worry Stacy we won't leave you out of any of the games." 

Trisha went to her friend and gave her a hug and whispered something in her ear that made Stacy smile.

"Okay, Mark, you were the clear winner of that round, although in hind sight I think we should have handicapped your when you drew out Debbie's tag." Everyone in the circle laughed at that. "Come forward and claim your prize." Mona led me to the big box and I looked in. It had at least ten packages in it. All of the packages were sex toys except one which was just an envelope. I picked up the envelope. "Sex Card" was written on the outside of the envelope. 

I turned to Mona. "What is this?"

"Just what is says. It is a gift card for sex."

Trisha walked up and took it out of my hand and tossed it back into the box. "You won't be needing that," she said simply and then returned back to her spot. 

I chuckled a little. I was going to love getting to know my wife. I looked at the prizes a little more and then settled on an expandable butt plug that had a small hose that led to a pump like is on blood pressure cuffs. I showed it to the group to cheers and then walked back to Trisha.

"Is that for you or for me?" Trisha asked. 

I gave her a grin. "We'll see."

Mona gave us a moment. "Okay, our next game is going to be a little different. Since we are a man down already we are going to switch it up and play musical cocks."

I couldn't help but laugh and the others were laughing around me. 

"So this is how it will work. We'll put four chairs in a circle in the room. Bill, Adam, please go get the chairs." When they had returned and the chairs were in place, Mona spoke up again. "Okay, men take off your shirts. You look ridiculous with your cocks sticking out of your shirt tails. Ladies, you too, everyone gets naked. We will play four rounds. Mark as the winner of the last round you will control the remote." 

She handed me a remote control and showed me how to start and pause the music. I hit play and the song, "Party like it's 1999" came on. I chuckled and paused the music. Once we were all completely naked, the men including me, sat in the chairs and the women stood around us. I decided that I was going to make sure Stacy sat on my lap the first round, just to make sure she felt included. 

"Okay, one more thing. The girl who does not get onto a cock will have to perform a challenge from the challenge deck." Mona showed the group a small deck of three by five cards with writing on one side. "Okay Mark, whenever you are ready. When the music comes on, ladies walk around the men. When the music stops, find a cock and sit on it!"

I turned the music on and watched five beautiful women parade around the chairs. I made them make two full circles and then when Stacy was close to me I hit pause. Immediately all hell broke loose. Stacy leapt on my lap and my cock went straight up her pussy, all the way in. She was very wet and well lubricated and her pussy felt wonderful on my cock, I grabbed her hips and held her there. Around us the girls were pushing and shoving but it only lasted a few seconds. I looked around. Trisha was sitting on Adam and it was obvious she was fucking him for all she was worth. Mona was sitting on Jack's lap and her hips were moving back and forth rhythmically. Debbie was sitting on Bill's lap. Stacy, Mona, and Trisha were all facing their man, but Debbie had her back to Bill and she had her legs spread wide. As I looked at her I saw that Bill was still limp, but that didn't stop him from reaching around Debbie and mauling her small tits. That left Anna standing.

Anna stood there watching the eight of us fuck for a while and then she cleared her throat. "As wonderful as it is to watch you all having so much fun, my voyeurism only goes so far." Her voice was rich and warm and she had just a hint of a sexy Hispanic accent. 

Mona pulled off of Jack's young cock and it looked to me like he had come inside her. Either that or her froth was whiter than any woman's I had ever seen. She leaned down, her massive tits hanging away from her body and swaying beautifully, and gave Jack a deep kiss and whispered something into his ear. After she straightened up she retrieved the card deck and presented it to Anna.

"Pick a card." Mona grinned. 

Anna drew out a card and read it. I swear she blushed a little and I wondered what in the hell could make a lady like Anna blush in a situation like this. "My challenge is to give everyone oral sex." 

At first I thought she only meant the men but then it dawned on me, she had said everyone. I really thought I was going to enjoy this. Stacy spun on my lap without coming off my cock and I saw Trisha do the same. Then Anna came and knelt in front of me.

"Do you both want it at the same time?" Anna asked looking up at Stacy.

"God yes. Suck my pussy while Mark fucks me." Stacy gasped out as she continued to bounce on my cock.

And Anna did just that. I felt her tongue on my balls and then it slid up to Stacy's pussy. Stacy stopped bouncing and quivered as Anna reached her clit and then began to suck while I began to thrust up into Larry's wife. The sensation was incredible. As I withdrew from Stacy's pussy, Anna's tongue would slide down onto my cock shaft and then as I drove up, her mouth would move back up to Stacy's lips and clit. It was intensely erotic and soon I felt my balls begin to tighten. Just before I came, Anna reached up and pulled me from Stacy's pussy and put her mouth around my cock, taking just the head between her lips. Anna's tongue swirled around the head of my cock and I grunted out that I was going to come. 

"Do it lover, come in Anna's mouth." Stacy whispered in my ear, leaning back to lick and suck on my ear. 

I did just as she asked and it was one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. I pumped my jism into Anna's mouth, spurting over and over again, filling her mouth until she began to swallow. Still I came more, over and over I ejaculated and over and over again Anna swallowed until finally I was spent. 

Anna sat up. "Wow, if all of you come like that, I'll be so full I won't eat for a week." Everyone laughed and Anna moved to kneel in front of Trisha and Adam. Stacy stood up and then and moved so that she had a better view of the action. I also stood up and for the first time I saw another man's cock moving in and out of Trisha's pussy. By now I knew that she had been unfaithful to me for some time, but actually seeing it was still a little bit of a shock. I looked up at her face and she was really enjoying the fucking she was getting. Then Anna leaned in and began to lick and suck on Trisha and Adam. It was incredible to watch. Anna threw herself into the challenge with everything she had and it was a lot.

I was transfixed. I watched Adam's cock sink into my wife's pussy as Anna licked and sucked on both. I had just had one of the largest orgasms of my life but watching this I felt my stomach tighten and my cock expand at the same time. My body and my heart were at war, but then I looked up at Trisha's face. She was watching me closely and there was love and fear and arousal all in her eyes. She saw me looking at her and smiled. "I love you." She said to me and my heart melted. All of the jealousy left me and my cock came all the way hard.

"I love you too." I said with a shit eating grin on my face. And I really did. Here was my unfaithful, lying wife fucking another man and letting another woman lick her pussy and I loved her. Love isn't anything if it isn't completely insane. 

Suddenly Adam grunted and thrust up hard into Trisha. Anna pushed Trisha up and pulled Adams cock from my wife's pussy. It was already spurting cum and I realized his first spurt had been buried deep inside my wife. Anna got another spurt on her face and then she had the cock head in her mouth and was swallowing for all she was worth. It seemed to take forever for Adam to quit cumming, but eventually Anna let his cock fall from her mouth. Anna stood up and moved to Debbie and Bill.

Trisha stood up and sidled over to me. Her beautiful breasts jiggled delightfully as she walked. I noticed that her pussy was red and puffy with flecks of cum splattered around her lips and up into her pubic hair. I thought she was the sexiest woman in the room and with Debbie and Anna there that was something.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Her hand idly slid down and stroked my hard cock.

"Yeah. You?"

She laughed and looked down at herself. "I'm a mess."

I realized that she did not mean the sweat and cum and mussed hair. "We will be okay. No more lies or secrets between us."

Trisha nodded and gave me a smile. "I need this." She spread her hands out, encompassing herself and the whole scene. "But I love you."

"I love you too. And I'm enjoying this." I spread my hands out in front of her.

That earned me a laugh and a smile. We turned to watch Anna. Anna had chosen to do Debbie first, maybe to give Bill a little longer to recover. Debbie was sitting out, almost on Bill's knees, with her legs spread wide. Anna was in front of her between both Debbie's and Bill's legs and her mouth was firmly planted on Debbie's pussy. I knew from recent experience how wonderful it was to eat Debbie and I watched in awe as Anna did a masterful job and brought Debbie quickly to her first orgasm.

As we watched Trisha resumed stroking my cock and I let my hand drop to her sopping sex. I slipped first one finger and then two between my wife's lips and began to move them inside her. As Anna let Debbie stand and move out of the way, Trisha leaned into my shoulder and held my arm with the hand that was not stroking my dick. 

Anna moved forward and took Bill's flaccid cock into her mouth and began to fellate him. My eyes feasted on Anna's beautiful face as she took all of Bill into her mouth. I worked a third finger into Trisha and found her g-spot. I felt her knees buckle and then she steadied herself. 

"My God, Mark, that feels so good." Trisha whispered into my ear. "Mmm, you are going to make me cum."

I pressed my palm onto her clit and let the motion of my fingers move my hand. I suddenly realized that Anna had pulled off Bill's still limp cock and everyone was watching Trisha and me. I looked over at Trisha, her mouth was open, her eyes were wide, and a long moan was building from deep in her chest.

"Uhh, Good God, that is so good. Mark, Oh God, fuck mmm. Shit, oh God please don't stop, don't ever stop." 

Adam was on her other side, helping to hold her up. His arm was around her waist and he was holding her breast but other than that he was just watching. I looked down. Trisha had her hand wrapped around my cock, her fingers lacking almost an inch from completely encircling it. Her other hand was stroking Adam's cock. Trisha's face tightened. I increased my pace, pushing my fingers deeper into her and feeling her juice cover my hand.

"God, I'm going to cum." She wailed. Turning her face to Adam she grunted out. "Suck me lover. Let me cum in your mouth."

I was a little taken aback. I had worked for this and I wanted to be the one to taste her but she wanted it to be Adam. It hurt my feelings a little but I forced my jealousy down and as Adam positioned himself in front of my wife I withdrew my fingers. Instantly Adam pushed his face into my wife's pussy. She released my cock and grabbed Adams head and forced his face deep into her sex.

"Gah shug mmph," was all Trisha could get out as she came hard on her lover's face. 

Her orgasm lasted several minutes and then she started coming down. She turned her face to me and kissed me while her hands still held Adam's face into her pussy. It felt good and weird at the same time to be kissing the woman I loved while her lover munched away at her pussy. Finally she allowed Adam to move and he pulled back. 

His face was covered in her juice and Mona, who had moved closer to see the action, took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. Trisha pulled back from me and smiled. "That was wonderful, Mark. Thank you for letting me have that."

"My pleasure." I said even though I was still in turmoil over what had just happened. I looked around and Anna came to me and kissed me, letting her tongue slip into my mouth. I kissed her back and put my arm around her, letting my hand slip down to cup her wonderful ass. 

Anna pulled back. "I still have to do Mona and Jack. That is if you three are done with your show?"

With Trisha's orgasm over we all moved to watch as Anna gave Jack a memorable blow job and then ate Mona's pussy until Mona pushed her away with a breathless moan.

"Is anyone really interested in playing any more games or should we get into the main event?" Mona asked before the men took their seats.

I looked over at Trisha. "What is the main event?"

She smiled. "A full blown orgy. You should see their bed."

Everyone voted for the main event and we all followed Mona and Bill back to their master bedroom. I had never seen a bed so large. It was a custom made bed that was much larger than even than a king. The seven of us climbed onto the bed and before I could even ask "What now?" Anna pushed me down and sat on my cock. I had wanted to fuck her since the beginning of the party and now I was. Trisha watched me fuck Anna for a moment and then turned onto her hands and knees and leaned forward and kissed me deeply. A moment later Trisha grunted into my mouth and I looked behind her to see Adam pushing his cock into her doggie style.

"Trisha and Adam kind of have a crush thing going, but don't worry, it is purely physical." Anna said as she rode me. 

I wasn't sure it was purely physical but I still felt confident in Trisha's love. I know it is possible to love more than one person at a time and I knew Trisha and I still had our love for each other. 

Mona slid next to us and asked Trisha, "May I borrow your husband's face? I want some of what made Debbie cum so hard earlier." 

Trisha pulled back and Mona straddled my face facing Anna and lowered her pussy and big ass to my mouth. Mona's pussy was puffy and very wet. Her lips were distended and I remembered thinking that Jack had cum inside her. I didn't have time to worry about it. Before I could even think, her pussy was pushed down onto my tongue and I began to lick her. The taste was a mixture of sweet and salty but it wasn't bad. My nose was pressed into her ass and I could smell the musky sent of her other hole. 

Lips found one of my nipples and I felt my cock begin to swell. I didn't want to cum so soon so I focused on Mona's pussy and ass and forced myself to hold back. I concentrated all my effort on Mona's pussy and before long I felt her tense up and then my mouth was full of Mona's juice. So much sprayed into my mouth that I couldn't swallow fast enough and it spilled out of my mouth and covered my face and neck. As Mona's orgasm faded she rose off of me and I looked up to see Anna sucking Jack's cock as she rode me. Trisha was still there, sucking on my nipple and getting pounded by Adam. Bill had Stacy on her back and he had his face buried between her legs.

Mona turned around on the bed and lay down beside me. She began to lightly nibble on my ear as she whispered into my ear. "Baby, I want to fuck you so bad, but if you can't manage it tonight, I'll find a way next week, okay?" 

I looked over at Trisha. She smiled up and me. "Sure he'll fuck you next week Mona, even if he can get it up again tonight and I'm guessing he will be able to. Won't you babe."

I had a feeling I probably would but my quickly approaching orgasm wouldn't let me form words so I just nodded and grunted.

Mona bent over and pushed her incredible tits into my face. I grabbed them and sucked her nipples, going back and forth. I felt myself get closer and closer and finally I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed Mona away with my face screwed up tight.

Mona looked at me and laughed. "Oh, look Trisha, your husband is going to cum in Anna's pussy."

And I did. I grunted as my balls contracted and forced my cum deep up inside of Anna. It must have really turned Jack on to know that I was cumming in the woman who was sucking him off because just as I began to gush inside of Anna's pussy, Jack grunted and blew his load into her mouth. 

Mona turned my face toward her and kissed me deeply. I continued to spew my load into Anna and I kept one eye open and drinking in her beauty. Anna was beautiful. Jack pulled away and Moan broke our kiss to go join him on the other side of the bed. Stacy moved beside me and as Anna lifted her dripping pussy from my softening cock, she took my cock into her mouth. Trisha brought her mouth up to my mouth and kissed me deeply.

Behind Trisha I heard Adam grunt and then he slammed forward driving Trisha's lips from mine. Trisha turned her head. 

"Yes, lover, cum inside my pussy. Fill me up. God I always love fucking you."

Adam's face was screwed up in a clench as he grunted and filled my wife. I reached up and held her face steady so that I could kiss her again and again. Then Adam's orgasm faded and he pulled out of my wife. I was only a little shocked when I saw Bill take Adam's softening cock into his mouth and begin to clean it with gusto. 

Stacy was sucking my cock in earnest now and even though I had just cum I could feel it responding to her ministrations. I lay looking into my wife's eyes as Stacy worked on me. Trisha smiled and me and then moved to lay down beside me.

"So baby, do you like the party."

"uh, huh." I grinned at her.

"Do you like watching me get fucked or do you like fucking other women?"


She laughed and playfully slapped me on the arm, then she turned to Stacy. "You should be careful, he still owes Mona a fuck."

Stacy pulled off of me and grinned at Trisha. "I'm just getting him warmed up again."

"Looks like you have him ready."

"Not quite." Stacy lowered her mouth back onto my cock and I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock. Stacy sucked my cock for a few more minutes. She is not a great cock sucker, but the worst blow job in the world is still a good blow job and it didn't take her long to have me fully erect.

Mona noticed and moved over next to Trisha. "Stacy, don't make him cum. I called dibs."

I can't remember any time a woman has ever called dibs on my cock but I liked this incredibly buxom woman getting possessive of me. It made me feel good inside. Stacy pulled off and made a flourish with her hands. 

"All yours mama Mona. I'll have him some more when you are done."

I was glad to see that Stacy was enjoying herself. In her place I think I would have been sick. She seemed happy and at peace with Larry having left. It made me wonder if Trisha would have been as okay with me leaving. I hoped not. 

Maybe Trisha saw something in my face because she snuggled close and whispered in my ear. "If you had left, I would have left with you. I don't know how long we could have been together, but I wouldn't have given up on you easily."

I turned my head and kissed Trisha as Mona settled down onto my cock. The whole situation seemed very surreal.

Mona's pussy was looser than Trisha's or Stacy's but still felt exquisite. She bounced her incredible ass up and down rising up off my cock until just the head remained inside her and then driving back down to take my entire length. Trisha laid her head on my chest and watched her friend fuck me. She began to wiggle a little and I saw Jack slip between her legs and shove his cock inside her. She looked up at me and smiled as I bent my head down to kiss her passionately.

Adam moved behind Stacy and began to fuck her slowly while Debbie, who I had earlier lost track of, moved to Stacy's side and began to suck on her tits. Bill circled the bed and lay down behind Adam. I was oddly fascinated as I watched Bill pull Adam's butt cheeks apart and begin to lick his ass. I hoped Bill didn't want to do any of that with me, I'm not sure I could refuse him gracefully, but I had absolutely no desire to have Bill touch me.

Adam, however, seemed to enjoy Bill's tongue in his ass and he pushed back. Mona was watching it as well. 

Mona grinned. "Get him Bill. Lick that ass. God you are such a perv. I love you!" 

I grinned at Trisha and she smiled back and kissed me again. Stacy bent over to give Adam a better angle and her face pushed down into my chest next to Trisha. Trisha broke our kiss and turned to kiss Stacy. I watched the two women kiss while I enjoyed Mona riding my cock. If I had not already came three times I would not have been able to hold back, but now I wasn't in any danger of losing it. I just lay there thrusting up into Mona in time with her bounces and enjoying all the sex play going on around me. 

Jack began to thrust into Trisha harder and she raised her head to look at him. 

"That's it baby, put your load in my pussy. Cum inside me, Jack. Mmm, I want your seed. Come on baby." Trisha encouraged the young man. 

Stacy, no longer kissing Trisha, moved her mouth to my nipple and gently bit. Debbie had rolled over on her back and was under Stacy greedily sucking on first one of Stacy's tits and then the other. I moved my arm out from under Stacy and reached up to play with Mona's big tits, eliciting a low moan from her. I continued to thrust into Mona, staying in time with her. She was rocking back and forth now, having tired out from bouncing.

Then I saw Jack rear back and thrust hard into Trisha. I could tell he was cumming and Trisha grabbed his hips and pulled him in deep.

"Yes, Jack, fuck me good. Fuck me. Oh, shit." 

I watched as Trisha began to come in time with Jack. I saw her stomach clench and she locked her legs around Jack's waist and pulled him in tighter. Trisha threw her head back and let out a long wailing moan as her orgasm peaked in tune with Jack's. It was all too much for me and I felt my own orgasm swell inside me. 

I groaned out and thrust up feeling my balls begin to contract. Beside me Stacy fell onto my chest as Adam began to pick up his tempo and I could sense they were both close as well. My orgasm overwhelmed me and I closed my eyes as my cock convulsed in Mona's sweet hole and then erupted inside her. Beside me I heard Adam grunt and Stacy whipped her head back and moaned loudly. 

We all lay in the afterglow of our mutual orgasms, laying in a pile on Mona and Bills large bed. Mona lay down on me and I felt her weight on my chest as her large tits pushed into me. After several minutes of just enjoying the afterglow of sexual release Stacy pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed. I was only a little surprised when Bill moved between her legs and began to lick her pussy. 

Mona kissed me gently. "That was the best fuck I've had in a while. Thank you, Mark. If you weren't Trisha's man, I might want to keep you." She kissed me again and then rolled off of me. I admit that when my cock came out of her pussy I was sad to see her go. 

Jack pulled away from Trisha and moved to the edge of the bed. Debbie joined him, sucking his cock into her mouth and cleaning my wife's juice from him. She only gave him a quick cleaning though and it was evident that even his youth could not produce another erection for him so quickly. Trisha moved down on me and licked my cock from the base to the tip. I knew she tasted Mona and probably Anna and Stacy's pussies on my shaft. She picked it up, holding my cock in her hand she sucked the top into her mouth, cleaning me off with her tongue. Beside us Bill pulled away from Stacy and moved to clean Mona up.

"Yeah baby, suck my lover's cum from my pussy. You like to eat other men's cum from my pussy don't you, Bill?"

Bill didn't answer. He just continued to clean his wife's messy pussy. I knew I had cum a lot into her but Bill didn't shy away, it looked like he was really getting into it.

After a while we all got up and wandered in twos and threes to the living room where we began to dress. We mingled together for a while and then Trisha and Stacy came to me. 

Trisha took my hand. "I know we need to talk, but you said it would be a good talk. Do you still believe that?"

I nodded. "Yes, it will be a good talk. I may be too tired to do much more though." I grinned at her.

She gave me a smile and then gave Stacy a reassuring look. "Stacy needs a place to crash tonight and, well, we have a spare bedroom."

Stacy looked at me. "It might be for more than one night."

I looked at both women. "Sure, I don't mind. Stacy, you will need to use the spare bedroom tonight though. Is that okay."

Both women laughed and then Stacy smiled at Trisha and then at me. "Sure, Mark. I understand."

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