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Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

I few days ago I saw an ad for a local cosmetic surgery clinic that is looking for new patients and offers free consultations. I looked at one of the doctors on the internet and there were no complaints and he seemed like a nice guy. There was a little profile on him with his picture as well as pictures of his clinic office. The office looked nice and he seems nice too. Not handsome, but just a normal, nice looking guy about my age.

So I made an appointment to see him for a consultation. The appointment was this afternoon. I wore a sundress since it was so nice out and I look so sexy in them too. It was an interesting appointment and I'll tell you all about it.

The nurse had me fill out some paperwork, but not that much since it was just for a consultation. Then she walked me into his office. It was a very nice office with his desk on one side and a little exam table on the other side. It was on the tenth floor and looked across the street at some other office buildings. I couldn't see in their windows as they looked like big mirrors. I wondered if they could see in his windows? 

Well, he took the file from the nurse and she left. He looked it over for a minute, then looked up and said, "Hello Catherine, I'm Doctor Webber. It's a pleasure to meet you. How may I help you today?"

"Well I need to tell you right up front that I may chicken out and not do anything or I may do something – I just don't know for sure. So I don't want to waste your time if you need a commitment from me."

"Oh, no worries at all Catherine. Many people take their time and think it over. Some come back six months or a year later. Some decide to do something right away and others decide it's not for them. I am just happy to help you if I can. So tell me what you are thinking about."

"Okay, but you need to know I am a little nervous. I am curious to see if there are a few things I can do to look a little younger. I've read about a few procedures and I would like your professional opinion on if I am a good candidate for them or not." 

He was so pleasant and seemed so delighted to see me. And he was actually much more handsome in person than he had looked on his web page. I would even say he was kind of built too. Anyway he looked eager to proceed and said, "What areas in particular are you considering Catherine?"

"Well I would like to see about a breast enhancement; nothing too huge, just firmer and maybe a little bigger. And I think I may want my derrière changed a bit. I think it may be a bit too big. And then I have some fat on my inner thighs I would like to see if you can get out of there for me and maybe I need a labiaplasty."

"I would be glad to take a look for you. I also offer a new service where I can take some digital pictures and then put them in the computer and we can change them to look any way you would like to see them; larger or smaller or whatever. Would you like me to do that?"

"I don't want to put you through a lot of extra trouble since I may not do anything."

"Believe me, Catherine, it would be no trouble for me at all. I can give you a gown and then I will step out and when you are ready I can come back and we can start." 

Now Honey, I hope you like this part, but I said to him, "Well Doctor Webber, I hate gowns and playing all the peek-a-boo games. It feels too sexual. I like to make this just a simple, take a look thing and not deal with gowns, if you are okay with that. Especially since you are a doctor after all and you will have to see me anyway. I just have to slip off this sundress and so if that is alright with you, that is what I would prefer to do."

"Sure Catherine, you're the client and you can call the shots."

He went over and locked the door and told his receptionist to hold his calls for a while and that he would be busy. When he opened the door I could see two men sitting there and they were looking at me and smiling. Anyway ... then he got his digital camera from his desk." 

I stood up and simply, but slowly, pulled my sundress over my head and set it on the chair. I had to fluff my hair back in place and I could see him catch his breath after he had just seen my fine body come into view, legs, thighs, pussy, tummy and breasts all in just two seconds. 

I had worn no bra or panties and I kept my medium heel sandals on so my legs and butt flexed up and showed off real nice and once that dress was off I was so totally bare naked and looking so fine too! 

Honey, I have to be honest and tell you that was so fun just casually stripping nude in front of this man I just met five minutes before and feeling and acting like it was perfectly natural and necessary to do.

I watched as he looked me up and down, stopping at my smooth, shaved pussy, then all the way down my long muscular legs and back up to my puffy nipples, pretty face and soft hair and he just said, "Wow! You are one beautiful woman Catherine and that is my professional opinion from seeing thousands of women."

"Well thank you Doctor Webber. That is nice of you to say. And this not using a gown will make it all so easy, don't you agree?"

"Oh yes it will. Oh, it most certainly well!"

He seemed to be in a bit of a daze so I got started. I decided to begin with my breasts so I sort of pushed them out – offering them to him. "Can we start with my breasts Doctor? What do you think of them? Be honest now."

He looked at them and asked, "May I have your permission to touch them to get a feel for them, so to speak."

That made me laugh and I said, "Sure go ahead and 'get a feel for them'." 

I think that embarrassed him. "Oh I am sorry. I didn't mean to sound inappropriate Catherine."

"Relax Doc, I'm fine! I know you have to touch them. Go ahead."

He said. "I am going to have to do some tests to see how much elasticity your breasts have. That is the biggest factor in augmentation. 

Honey, then he began to feel my breasts. He wrapped one each of his hands around each one of my breasts. He cupped them and just held them for about twenty seconds without moving, which I found amazingly stimulating by the way. 

Then he lifted each one and let it drop, then he saw how far he could push them up my chest, then push them down my chest and then to the inside toward the other breast and then as far as he could to the outside of my chest. It was surprisingly stimulating, I must say! He did this all to each breast too! He squeezed them so much, I felt like a high school girl getting felt up. It was so fun!

Then he asked me to lean forward to see how they hung down and he asked me to make them sway a little to see how much elasticity they had. It was so fun for me to show off like that and I was getting very turned on as you can imagine.

As I stood up all the playing with them and all the swaying activity caused my puffy nipples to change into big hard pointy nipples right before our eyes, while we both looked on. 

I said, "Oh Doctor Webber I am so embarrassed that my nipples are getting erect while you are touching them. I can't help it. I hope you don't thing I am being sexual."

But I was not the only one who was getting aroused. He was wearing baggy style dress pants and must have had boxers on too. As I said that, I could see he had a huge hard on poking out in front of him. It was so big it was almost comical. I looked at it with a little look of shock in my face.

He got all embarrassed and said, "Please forgive me Catherine, I am also embarrassed. I am not a pervert or trying to be sexual at all. You are just so beautiful that I cannot help getting erect reacting to you any more than you could help your nipples getting erect. I need to get my lab coat on."

I said, "Okay Doc, I guess we're even." We both laughed.

As he walked over to his closet, with some difficulty I might add, I said, "Don't be embarrassed Doctor. You are a man and I consider it a compliment. I guess if I was standing naked in front of any man and he didn't have such a reaction, I would be very disappointed thinking he didn't find me attractive."

Then I added, "Do you want me to wear a gown for the rest of this?"

He came back and stood in front of me again and he was as professional as possible.

He said, "Oh no, not if you are still okay without wearing one that is. I just don't want my problem to inconvenience you Catherine."

I smiled at his considerate answer and said, "Plus it's fun having a naked woman standing in front of you in your office too – am I right?"

"Yes, you are right! I will be honest with you, this is the best day of my seventeen year career."

Honey, it was so funny because this big time doctor was as nervous as a school boy.

"Okay then Doc, let's get on with it."

He got out his camera and took six pictures of my breasts. From the front, from each side, leaning forward with them hanging down and each one separately. This entire time I am completely bare naked and just loving every second of it too.

I said, "Now I want you to check out my butt." I turned and poked it out at him. "Is it too big Doc? Be honest now."

"I have to ask you again Catherine, may I touch you?" 

"Sure Doc, go ahead." Then for fun I wagged it back and forth so he couldn't get his hands on it.

But he did. He grabbed my left butt cheek and squeezed it and I stopped moving and he grabbed the right one too and began kneading them like dough – very firm dough. He must have gotten on his knees and he was looking right at my bare bottom. Probably seeing some of my pussy too between my legs.

Now it was my turn to get excited and I could feel my juices beginning to almost drip.

"Catherine, I have to tell you that you have the exact derrière that woman pay me thousands of dollars to make for them. I do not think this could possibly be improved upon. No way is it too big. We call this a million dollar booty in our business."

"Well thanks Doc. That's exactly what my husband Michael tells me too." Then I gave my beautiful bubble butt a nice spank and said, "I guess it's been a good butt to me all these years after all. Go ahead and take a couple of pictures any way and see if you come up with any suggestions."

So he got his camera and then got back down on his knees behind me and took three. Then I stepped my legs apart and said, "I want to see what it looks like when I stand in front of him like this. I gotta figure out what my husband loves so much about when I stand in this position. I have a feeling it's because of what shows when I do this, but who knows?" So he took three more like that and I know my pussy was showing and then he finished with one from each side too.

I wanted to bend over and have him take one, but I think that would have been going too far. Don't you?

So I turned around and facing him totally naked (in case you forgot) and I said, "Let's keep rolling Doc, I have things to do today. How about this little flesh here?"

I leaned over letting my boobies sway a bit for effect and I reached between my legs right next to my pussy and pinched a tiny bit of inner thigh flesh pretending it was huge. This drew his attention to my pussy of course and how wonderful it is and smoothly shaved and the tiny little triangle pointing down to Miss Clitty. 

I said, before he could ask... "Yes, you may touch it."

He wasted no time touching my thigh and ever so slightly bumping into my pussy in the process. It tickled my thighs so I giggled a bit, but I pretended I didn't feel him touch my pussy.

"Once again Catherine, this is less than normal and what my clients would give anything to have. But I'll get a picture anyway, if even just to reassure you."

He got on his knees again and got up nice and close and took three pictures of your darling little wife's sweet little pussy. I bet he could smell how fine it smells too. It was so exciting and again, I was afraid he might see me dripping. I could feel my pussy getting hot so I am sure it must be getting engorged. 

Finally I said, "So far so good Doc. Now how about this labiaplasty I read about? Can you make my pussy perfect?"

"Well my partner, Doctor Liam does those, but I guess I can take a look Catherine." And he pointed to a little exam table in the corner of the room. I walked over to it in my heels and let my bubble but swish a little extra just for fun and got up on the table and lay back and just spread my legs apart in the giant vee shape you love and said, "Well come on and take a peek and let me know."

He had a difficult time walking over without tripping on his hard on, but he made it. It was so obvious, he must have a really huge one. Anyway I had to razz him a bit and I stared right at it and said, "Doc, won't that thing go away even after you've been seeing me naked for this long?"

"Catherine I seriously doubt if there is a man on earth who had the pleasure of seeing you naked who this would not happen to and I doubt it will ever go away even for a quite a while after I can no longer see you. I am so sorry about it. This has never happened to me before. Even with my own wife."

"Well that is a "huge" compliment doctor and I am flattered."

Honey, the only other time I have ever seen a man so ecstatic and delighted is every other single time any man, including you every single time, sees my pussy. It must be magic or something, but every guy just melts. 

Ha, ha, I know all you men get just like that whenever you see a pussy, but we women like to pretend it's just when you see ours so don't spoil it for me, okay.? 

Anyway he gets in front of me and turns on a light and pulls it over to light up my snapper and he stood there staring and I swear his mouth was open a bit and he seriously was not blinking at all.

I finally said, "Doc is it that bad? Is something wrong? You're worrying me."

"No, quite the contrary Catherine. I have to say you may have the prettiest, most perfectly formed vulva I have ever seen. I would like to use a picture of it as our gold standard if that is alright with you."

"Well I am truly flattered Doctor Webber! Of course you may as long as my face is not in the picture. I can't have the whole world seeing my pussy you know."

Well he didn't need to ask permission twice to take a picture. He took about five close up pictures of your wife's tight little pussy. Then after he set down the camera, he got in there between my legs and I did the splits even further with my legs in the giant vee shape you love me to do. I thought he was going to faint. I don't think anyone except you has ever seen me spread so far. 

He loved it and even said so. He kept on looking for five full minutes and my legs finally got tired. All this time I am still totally naked and I must admit I was getting super horny too.

I said, "Doc, I am flattered that you seem to love my pussy so much, but isn't five full minutes enough? Maybe you can look at the pictures later, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, of course Catherine. I am so sorry. You just truly are that beautiful!"

As I was putting my feet down and sat up on the table he asks me all nervously, "Catherine, please do not take offense and feel free to say no, of course. But would you mind if my partner looks at your vulva since he is the one who works on them? And the rest of your body too if you don't mind. You are the perfect body we try to emulate and I do not think the pictures alone due you justice."

Now Honey, here was my chance to be naked in front of two men and have it appear somewhat normal. I couldn't' resist. So I said, "You mean you think my pussy is so nice, you want to show your partner? I can't imagine one pussy looks that different from any other one, but if you think so then we can go ahead. But just for a minute. I have to get going and I also want to see those pictures too."

Then I said, "But wait! If I am going to let two of you see me naked and see my pussy up close, then you have to do something for me."

"Sure, anything. What do you want?"

"Show me that penis of yours. Just take it out for a minute."

He was very hesitant and then I reminded him. "You did ask me to show your partner my naked body and my pussy up close, didn't you?"

He said, "O.K." He stood in front of me and unbelted and unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor along with his boxers and out sprung a real life ten inch penis!

It was my turn to touch. I reached out and grabbed it and I could not even get my hand around it – maybe half way it was so thick. I said, "Wow! This is so nice!"

I put my hand on the base and then another like I was putting them on a bat and then moved my first hand up and did it again. It was almost four of my hands long and it was so hard and so hot! 

Honey, don't be mad, but staring at that beautiful penis, I just had to know; so I got on my knees and put my mouth around the head and I could barely fit the head in my mouth. I started to gag!

Don't worry, I was not going to blow him, I just had to see if it would fit in my mouth. And do not even worry .... I would never want that thing in my tight little pussy. I think it would rip me in half. Yours is almost too huge for me Honey.

Well I realized that I sort of caused a problem, because now he was whimpering and I knew it was my fault so I said, "Do you have a handkerchief?"

He pulled one out of his pocket and I wrapped it around his shaft and it only took me about twenty stokes, with two hands by the way, to get him shooting that monster into the handkerchief and believe me that was hardly big enough to hold it all. Wow! Could that penis shoot! It was actually pretty fun to jack him off, just cause it was so huge. It felt like a giant water hose when it was shooting. I actually laughed cause it felt so weird to be holding it while it pumped with such force."

Please don't be too mad at me Honey. I am just a curious girl.

Once he recovered and got dressed again, he said, "Thank you Catherine!!! That was so great! Now are we still on with Doctor Liam?"

I sat back on the table, still naked and said, "Sure. A deal is a deal."

He said, so excitedly, "Great! Just don't move."

Then he stopped and turned around and said, "Do you want a gown now?"

I said, "Naw, I like being naked. It's actually sort of fun. It's not every day a girl gets to be naked in front of a couple of guys who appreciate her that much. Plus after seeing your monster penis, I can hardly go modest now, can I?"

He smiled and went to his phone and hit the intercom button and said, "Frank, can you come in here a minute. I want you to witness the most perfect female you have ever seen."

Now you should know the table was positioned in such a way that my feet were towards the door and I had just looked down at my pussy to make sure my lips were looking nice and not dripping after my little activity with the doctor. Plus I knew another man was going to be looking closely at my pussy and I wanted it all nice. So my feet were flat and apart, about like if they were in stirrups, so it was a true "gyno shot". 

So I am sitting there like that and the door opened and the doctor is standing in the doorway holding it open as he looks the other way telling the gal to hold his calls while he is in a consultation. Then he walks in. A man about forty five years old. But while he was holding the door open, those two other guys who were in the waiting room got a nice clear view of me sitting naked on the table. I covered my breasts, but only after they both saw them. They may not have even noticed my breasts though, because they were staring at my spread open pussy. So I sat up.

Doctor Webber says, "Frank this is Catherine. Catherine this is Doctor Liam." He was staring at me and Doctor Webber said, "Catherine prefers to not use a gown."

"Oh, yes I see! That is excellent! More patients are doing the same thing. It makes it all so much easier."

"Frank, Catherine has agreed to let you see her body for medical purposes. It is the finest I have seen and I wanted you to witness it too." 

So I stood up and said, "Oh I am sure you have seen many women much finer than me, but if you get a kick out of seeing me naked, why not? Here you go – enjoy!" 

I put my arms up and fluffed my hair and turned around a couple of times slowly and let him see all of me. I was feeling silly so I even squeezed my boobies into cones and pointed them at him and then shook them side to side and I spanked my beautiful butt cheeks as I poked my butt out at him and when I turned and faced him the last time I even gave my little pussy a few nice little spanks too.

Doctor Webber says, "Isn't she fine Frank – I mean Doctored Liam?"

"Oh Catherine, your breasts are wonderful and your nipples are so fine too and just the right shape and size to compliment your breasts."

"And your gorgeous bottom is the ideal all women want us to make for them. It's perfect! Such a bubble butt is rare and you have the upside down heart shape everyone loves too."

I shook it again and spanked it again too saying, "Thanks Frank!" 

He continued, "Your tummy is flat and muscular and your legs look like dancer's legs. Even your back is muscled and fine. Your skin is flawless from head to toe and every perfect little spot in between too, I might add. "

"Oh you were not exaggerating a bit Dr. Webber. Catherine you are simply gorgeous." 

Then Doctor Webber continued, "Since vulvas are your specialty Doctor Liam, you have a treat in store for you!" 

"Catherine if you please?"

I hopped up on the table and just spread em in the big vee for Frank and he got right in there. He loved it! "May I touch you Catherine?"

"Sure, touch away!"

Well Honey, Frank began to gently touch and manipulate my pussy lips, big and small and he pressed and squeezed my sweet, hot, excited, engorged, wet pussy all over and he even checked out Miss Clitty. "Magnificent!" was all he said as he kept looking and touching.

"Oh your clitoris is so perfect and high and your slit come up so high and your labia are the perfect size, both your majors and minors. You have the prettiest vulva I have ever seen Catherine. Thank you so much for letting me see it and touch it!"

Now Honey, please do not get mad at me, but I said, "You are both welcome, but now I have to ask a favor of you."

"Oh anything! What is it Catherine?"

"Well, since you two are Doctors and since all this being naked and so closely examined has gotten me more than a little excited and now you, Frank went and got Miss Clitty going, will you please finish what you started – IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY OF COURSE."

Well Honey, he didn't have to be asked twice and he began to rub my clitty and I lay back and I began to pull on my nipples and then he asked me if he could enter me with his fingers and I nodded and he did and inserted two big, long, thick fingers into my hot, wet pussy and curled them up and massaged my gee spot and in less than a minute my little bubble butt was bouncing up and down on that table and I was moaning and panting and coming like a freight train. It was wonderful Honey, just wonderful!

I think I came for a full minute and when I was done I rolled over on my tummy to catch my breath and I slipped my hand under me and gently rubbed my pussy to cool down and I said, "Doctor Webber, you got left out. Go ahead and spank my bottom for me. About medium hard and alternate cheeks."

He began to spank me like a pro and I opened my legs a bit and let him spank away for five whole minutes. You guessed it, I had another orgasm too.

Before I sat up I said, "Boys, each of you kiss my butt right now!"

And they followed my rule that states, "Any man will do WHATEVER a beautiful naked woman tells him to do."

They bent right over and each kissed one of my butt cheeks. One of them rubbed my pussy a bit too, but I don't really know which one did and I guess I don't really care either. 

When I decided they were done I told them to stop and to bring me my dress and I stood up naked. I told them to each kiss one of my nipples and they did and then I had them slip my sundress over me.

I told them I would come back and look at the pictures later since I agreed I didn't need any changes made after all. I told them they had better not do anything bad with those pictures. 

We all shook hands and as I left the two guys were still in the waiting room since I had both of the doctors with me. They might have heard us a bit, because they sure stared at me as I left. I am sure they were recalling my spread open pussy they had been fortunate enough to see.

As I went out the door, knowing they were staring at me, I lifted my dress and held it up a minute since no one was in the hall and I just stood there and flashed them my bare bottom for about fifteen seconds. That was exciting too. 

I must have been in a naughtier mood then I even realized because as I got in the elevator there were two men in there. They were about 30. One said, "Wow! You are gorgeous. What a body!"

He was actually so polite and respectful that I said, "Well thank you Sir. Here you can enjoy it all. I slipped my top down and let my boobies out and lifted my dress up to my waist and showed them my sweet pussy too and I even turned around and let them see my bare bottom. I let them look as the elevator descended five floors more. It stopped at the third floor and I quickly dropped my dress back down and covered my boobs. A lady walked in and looked at the guys. They were staring with their mouths open. She said, "You guys look like you saw a ghost or something."

They said, "Oh something MUCH, MUCH better than that!" We all laughed as I walked out and to my car. 

Oh and it's a good thing I gave a fake last name –huh Honey? Kinda hard to go back after they gave me two orgasms and both saw me naked and one fingered me and one spanked me and they both kissed my bare bottom and my boobs and I jacked one off and played with his huge penis and all that stuff.

Well when you get home, can we act this out? Except I want a different ending that ONLY you can ever do for me. And please hurry as I am so horny.

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