Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Drinking Milk From Mangalore To Bangalore

Hi, Friends, this is Rajesh, presently 38 years working as an Engineer in an MNC, and settled in Bangalore now. I am fair in color, well built with a gym body and most important with an 8-inch dick. I was aware of the woman anatomy at that age by reading sex books and watching porn, but never had any chance to see a woman naked, but was longing to see a naked woman and masturbating myself thinking about it.

This is an incident happened when I had been to Mangalore to attend a marriage function. I had got good job in an MNC company as a software programmer and I had good brains along with my Engineering degree and I have a penis of 8-inch length with huge thickness and uncircumcised one. Let me come to the story quickly and not waste much of your time.

I had come to Mangalore to attended the marriage function till the evening and came to the main bus stand at 8 pm. I couldn’t get a ticket back to my place in the luxury Volvo buses as it was Sunday evening. So I tried all private buses, but to my bad luck (or may be good luck) I couldn’t get a ticket as it was Sunday evening. I badly wanted to report to the office on Monday morning and so I got on board on an ordinary bus to Bangalore.

Boss Exploiting Wife Secretly

I Firoz Bharmal, I am 26 years old. I’m working in Finance Company which deals with heavy commercial vehicles loans; this job pays me well enough to run my family comfortably. My office hours are morning 10 to 6 PM, on few days of the month ending I get late till 10 PM too. I’m married since 2 years now, my wife name is Nisreen Bharmal, aged 24 now, flawless beauty, she is taller than average 5’ 7”, has an average fitted body, very fair complexion, and spotless body.

She has thick legs, especially curved thighs, slim waist and perfect ass. Lips are pink, eyes are dark and big. She has 32 sized boobs, spongy. The best feature is her looks, being married too; she still looks like a virgin. No one can say she’s married. She has a teenager like features. Sex was good between us and we wanted family planning for us so that I could enjoy her more and more until we bring a child. But a year later family started to pressurize and finally I had to give up.

We stopped precautions and she was pregnant immediately. After 9 months she delivered twins, a baby boy, and a baby girl. I was concerned about her figure as didn’t want her to turn chubby. My father in law was an Ayurvedic doctor, so my mother in law fed my wife with a few herbal medicines and she was back in shape in 1 week itself. Now she looked even better and attractive. Two kids were enough for me to bring up, so I decided for a permanent solution. This way, in future, I wouldn’t require condoms at all and I could fuck her bare all the time.


One night Derek admitted that his biggest fantasy was to see me having sex with another man. Just the thought, he said, of seeing me with someone else's cock up me was enough to make him as hard as a rock. He didn't know why, but it just did, and he wondered, rather tentatively, if I would ever consider making it happen. 

At the time I was shocked and more than a little angry that my own husband could even think of such a thing, but alone at home the next day I began to think about it, and then fantasize about it, and finally to masturbate about it, until by the time he came home from work I'd decided that, under certain circumstances, I'd not only let it happen, but I'd like it to happen too. Over dinner I began to outline those circumstances to him.

'It's simple.' I told him when he looked at me in astonishment. 'I can't just go out and find a man, take him to bed and invite you to watch, I'd feel wrong doing that because just looking for someone would feel like cheating. But there is a way it could happen.'

'How?' He asked, intrigued.

'If you find someone for me, invite him here and then give me to him, actually making me his for the evening and telling him I'm his to do with as he wishes.'

Things Just Got Better

My name is Melody, Mel to my friends. I'm twenty three, average height, build, etc. with long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm single but in a long term relationship with Phil, and the story begins when he and I were invited round for a few drinks with our closest friends, Lucy and Jack. The company was good, the conversation flowed and so did the wine, until towards the end of the evening we'd all drunk just a tiny drop more than we should have. You know what I mean, we weren't drunk, but we'd reach the stage where alcohol fumes are beginning to cloud common sense and relax inhibitions.

Somehow, whilst we were in that state, the conversation had turned to the differences in thought processes between men and women, and it was at that point that Lucy made the remark that started things off.

'What I don't understand.' She stated. 'Is why men always seem to be such bloody wankers?' She simply meant that she couldn't understand the male mind set, but it did leave her open to other interpretations.

'Hey, now steady on.' Phil exclaimed with a grin, deliberately taking her words at face value. 'You don't know what men do in private.'

'I can make a damn good guess.' She retorted in kind. 'And I do know that they spend a lot of time with the five fingered widow.'

'And women don't?' Jack interjected.

Housewives Club

Alice and David were married for almost 13 years now. College sweethearts, turned married couple when they were 23 (David) and 21 (Alice). The initial excitement of love, idealism, and adventure met reality within two years after their son - Mark - was born. David concentrated on bringing the bacon home and keeping the house lights on. Alice stayed at home to attend to their growing son. Through young Mark's elementary school, Alice was an active PTA contributor. David began to travel often for work, sometimes away for weeks.

Mark entry into middle school gave Alice a breather. She reflected on her life with David often. David seemed preoccupied all the time. The initial passion and lust began to wane. Alice felt under appreciated. On numerous occasions, her attempts to keep the passion, love, and adventure going, resulted in either being ridiculed and ignored. She struggled hard to come to terms with her situation. She needed something to change. She discussed this often with David which resulted in either fighting on his insensitivity to her needs, or him suggesting that she find herself a job.

After serious consideration. Alice reached out to her best friend from college, Lisa, who was a marketing lead promoting clothing line for a local chain. Lisa was only too eager to help. She had few temporary positions open to help with the seasonal demand, and she felt Alice the ideal hire. Alice would have the flexibility and work part time if needed, to enable her to balance her family life and work. Alice was excited. David was indifferent. He made sure he laid the rule that family comes first. She hated him for his dominance and control, just because theirs was a single income family and it depended on his employment. Alice was not paid much, but she appreciated the break she received. She was just happy to get away from being house arrested.

Soft Swing?

This is the story of a couple's initiation into the world of swinging.

My name is Megan and my husband is Bryan. I'm 5' 6" about 150 pounds with strawberry hair, fair skin and glasses. My Bryan is 5' 11" a little over 200 pounds, dark black hair with glasses. We are both a little on the nerdy side. Bryan, like me, has always had a little extra padding. While not fat, most people would consider us thick. We have been married for three years now, getting married right after college. We met as freshmen in college and fell in love.

Bryan and I both were virgins when we met but our virginity ended in my dorm room bed the spring of our freshman year. We had figured that we would wait till we were married to have sex but a night of drinking led us to be naked in my bed. One thing led to another and Bryan's cock found its way into my pussy. After that we were like kids that found the key to the candy store. Our Junior year we moved in together. We fucked a lot but we weren't very imaginative. Mostly Bryan would be on top or I would be on top so he could play with my tits as we fucked. As conservative as we were, we loved fucking.

College ended and we got married, settling into our new lives of being a married working couple. As much as I still enjoyed our sex, I had to admit to myself our sex life was getting somewhat boring. Bryan and I started hitting the gym working on getting in better shape. Our exercise kick got us more excited about sex and talking about it. Bryan brought up that he had noticed the guys at the gym looking at me more. I was shocked to hear him say that he liked when other guys looked at me that way that way. We tried some new positions but we both felt that our sex life was in rut. It was during a lunch with a good friend that our sex life was on the road to a big change. 

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