Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Drinking Milk From Mangalore To Bangalore

Hi, Friends, this is Rajesh, presently 38 years working as an Engineer in an MNC, and settled in Bangalore now. I am fair in color, well built with a gym body and most important with an 8-inch dick. I was aware of the woman anatomy at that age by reading sex books and watching porn, but never had any chance to see a woman naked, but was longing to see a naked woman and masturbating myself thinking about it.

This is an incident happened when I had been to Mangalore to attend a marriage function. I had got good job in an MNC company as a software programmer and I had good brains along with my Engineering degree and I have a penis of 8-inch length with huge thickness and uncircumcised one. Let me come to the story quickly and not waste much of your time.

I had come to Mangalore to attended the marriage function till the evening and came to the main bus stand at 8 pm. I couldn’t get a ticket back to my place in the luxury Volvo buses as it was Sunday evening. So I tried all private buses, but to my bad luck (or may be good luck) I couldn’t get a ticket as it was Sunday evening. I badly wanted to report to the office on Monday morning and so I got on board on an ordinary bus to Bangalore.

As I hoped to get a ticket in any private air bus, I was in a casual shorts and t-shirt. A funny costume even the conductor had a laugh at me. I got on the bus; it was fully loaded except the last seat. We all know the fate of last seats of Indian buses, it’s a haunted place where no can even find you when you sit in the corner seat. The bus had a half door at the back in front of my seat.

After a few minutes, a family entered into the bus. Three ladies and two gents and 2 kids. Hope you could imagine my horror when they all came to the last seat. The last is a long seat, it could accommodate 7 maximum, three ladies and kids sat on that seat, I was pushed to the left-hand side of the corner towards the back door. The whole seat was taken now and I was near the window, which gave some fresh air.

The kid sat next to me, next to the kid a lady (seemed like a village lady) in orange saree. Next to her other kids and ladies sat. Their husbands (probably) sat on the floor of the bus by spreading news papers. Let me describe the lady, she was plump and stout, but everything was in perfect shape. Her saree was like see through, she was fresh with Jasmine in her head and she was neither fair nor dark average color. And her breast was in size of and huge coconuts, with a huge ass, but she didn’t have any extra flesh around her hips. She was a well built and a very hot lady.

The bus started, we bought tickets. The conductor went to the front, the doors were locked and lights were switched off. It was too dark that I can’t even see the face of the kid next to me. The bus started to outskirts of Mangalore. The time was only 10 pm by then; I almost had 6 hours of the journey left. I took my iPod and started hearing English songs. The kid was attracted to it and started speaking with me. I gave him the iPod and was speaking with him. I heard he was somewhere from Puttur. They are returning after attending a marriage reception like me.

At times, I touched that lady while playing with the kid, she just smiled. Then, for some time, I kept looking at the window on my left-hand side. The kid slept with my head phone on his head. While taking it back, I had touched the soft and stiff breast on her blouse of that lady. It sent a shiver through me.

Her Jasmine smell, dark atmosphere and cool air blowing from the window, my mind started to think of getting some pleasure. The kid fell on me often while sleeping so I felt uncomfortable when he was falling on me.

The lady under stood my difficulty and she shifted the kid to opposite end and she sat next to me. She asked sorry for the disturbance by the kid. I acted totally gentle and let her sit next to me making some space for her. Then, some 20 minutes passed. I looked at my watch the time was 11.20 PM.

I had put on the iPod earpiece and I kept on hearing songs. I adjusted myself to have complete touch with that lady and to feel her hot body heat. I mean shoulder to shoulder, hands to hands and thighs to thighs. She was very warm and she neither moved when I did the adjustments and in fact, I felt her coming closer as she too would have felt is nice for the cold weather.

Then, I folded my hands so that my right elbow and my left hand can touch her left breast in sideways. I could feel the warmth of her body and also felt soft breast and bra outline over it. I was getting too horny. But I could not proceed further because I didn’t want to get beatings in public bus.

Then, I slowly made movement in my left-hand fingers. I saw the lady, her eyes were closed but it was clear she is awake. So to check her I stopped my hands moving. A few minutes later, I felt her left breast rubbing on my fingers. That was a clear sign for me to proceed further. So I touched her left breast with my fingers over her blouse and managed to touch her nipples.

I made circles around her nipples, I could feel her breath getting hot, now I used my entire hand, she made a very bold move, and she folded her hands to keep my left hand tighter over her breast. I got bolder as no one could see us in the pitch dark; and I leaned my head on her shoulders and kissed her ears, licked her neck and smelled her hairs and the jasmine flowers she was having on her hairs.

She looked at me into my eyes and gave a sweet kiss on my lips. But she was not good at French kissing but she hot and bit my lower lip. She kept her left hand on my pants and caressed my thighs on my shorts. I adjusted and held her entire left breast and started fondling it softly. She easily inserted her hand into my shorts and inserting her hands into my underwear boldly, caught hold of my penis as I was wearing shorts. She came near my ears and whispered that mine is too hot and hard already hard like a rock.

She started giving a handjob with her hand and I was rubbing her stomach and navel. She bent and took my cock pulled the foreskin back and inserted it inside her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. I was surprised at her darkness, but I was lucky to be in the last seat as it was totally safe. She gave me the best blowjob. Taken till her throat, she breathed with her mouth to make it hotter. she was sucking my cock like a hungry lady, and sucking my erect cock like a pro and showing me heaven through her mouth.

About in 10 minutes, I came in her mouth, She drank it clean and made my cock look like a washed with water. Then, she wiped the wetness with her saree. I gave her a deep kiss and thanked her. At the same time, the bus stopped near a highway hotel. The lights were switched on. I saw her face for the first time, she had a pretty face, wheatish complexion like the Mangalorean girls maybe around 28 years plus old and she was smiling at me when she getting down the bus from the back door and she was looked totally hot to me.

I too got down, I went to the restroom and relieved myself, Then, I had a sprite and came back to my seat. I couldn’t find her. The kids were sleeping in their seats. Then, she came after some time and kept something in her bag and took out a shawl from the bag and put it on her shoulders. I wondered why she was wearing a shawl now, maybe to avoid the cold breeze from the window.

The bus started and lights were switched off, the sexy atmosphere came back again due to her feminine smell of her body. She started chatting with me and her Tulu lingo was of the Mangalore side which I was able to understand. She asked about me, my job, salary blah blah. She told her name is Radha. Then, we spoke for some time and everyone slept.

She turned around and made sure everyone was sleeping. She took my hand and inserted inside her shawl and kept my hands on her blouse. I now knew the reason why she was wearing a shawl to avoid any one seeing us groping. And to my surprise, she had removed her bra and two bottom hooks of her blouse were also open. I got horny on seeing her invitation and started pinching her nipples on the blouse.

She slowed me down and removed the remaining hooks fully and let me enjoy her naked boobs. She had soft and firm boobs with hard nipples. They were large with hard tips. I played with them. She told me slowly that she still feeds her kids with milk and asked me if I wanted to suck her milk. Now understood why her blouse was wet before and I was not a fool to reject her offer to drink her milk from her booth.

I laid my head on her lap under her shawl hidden and she inserted her nipple into my mouth. I started sucking her nipple but the milk didn’t come out. I don’t know how to suck the milk from the nipple. She held her nipples in her fingers and was pressing them till the milk oozed out from the nipple and she made me drink her milk with her movements and guiding my head.

It was a kind of sweet and was sucking her milk like a baby. I sucked her nipples, circled with my tongue; she sometimes hugged me tightly that I could not breathe. I drank the milk from her both breasts, she would kiss me on my face and bite me till I finished both of her breasts milk. Then, I got up, she bends down and tried to pull my cock out of my shorts to suck it.

But I stopped her, I touched her feet lifted her saree and petticoat up and caressed her knees, thighs and inner thighs and finally touched her pussy with my fingers. She was flowing with juices down there. I started rubbing her clit. She had less hair there. I rubbed her pussy lips fastly as it was already lubricated with her juices. I inserted my finger into her pussy and started fingering slowly.

I increased the phase also inserted my two more fingers, finally, I was fucking her with 3 fingers and she had a huge orgasm that made fingers overflow with her juices. I took my hand and licked it. She was exhausted took a while to regain her breath, and after few minutes she opened my shorts took my cock out in the fresh air and holding the cock in her hands she started licking my balls.

She gave me a wonderful blowjob again. She stopped sucking when I reach my peak and rubbed her boobs over my penis and touched her nipples with my penis head. She was an expert and I came in her mouth and released my load of cum again. She cleaned it perfectly. Then, after few minutes I lifted her saree and started licking her pussy and licked her clit and finger fucked her with 4 fingers she had a shivering orgasm.

I cleaned her pussy by licking all her cum juices from her pussy. Then, we slept for some time by adjusting our dresses. She gave me one more blowjob before she got down. That’s was a most memorable journey I could ever forget. We couldn’t fuck because of lack of space and afraid of the public place. She gave me a sweet kiss on my lips before she left. I am searching for her again whenever I go to that town.

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