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Boss Exploiting Wife Secretly

I Firoz Bharmal, I am 26 years old. I’m working in Finance Company which deals with heavy commercial vehicles loans; this job pays me well enough to run my family comfortably. My office hours are morning 10 to 6 PM, on few days of the month ending I get late till 10 PM too. I’m married since 2 years now, my wife name is Nisreen Bharmal, aged 24 now, flawless beauty, she is taller than average 5’ 7”, has an average fitted body, very fair complexion, and spotless body.

She has thick legs, especially curved thighs, slim waist and perfect ass. Lips are pink, eyes are dark and big. She has 32 sized boobs, spongy. The best feature is her looks, being married too; she still looks like a virgin. No one can say she’s married. She has a teenager like features. Sex was good between us and we wanted family planning for us so that I could enjoy her more and more until we bring a child. But a year later family started to pressurize and finally I had to give up.

We stopped precautions and she was pregnant immediately. After 9 months she delivered twins, a baby boy, and a baby girl. I was concerned about her figure as didn’t want her to turn chubby. My father in law was an Ayurvedic doctor, so my mother in law fed my wife with a few herbal medicines and she was back in shape in 1 week itself. Now she looked even better and attractive. Two kids were enough for me to bring up, so I decided for a permanent solution. This way, in future, I wouldn’t require condoms at all and I could fuck her bare all the time.

Within 15 days, I fucked her for the first time and was amazed to feel the tightness in her pussy. She was hell tight now and seems that her mother medicine did some sort of work here too. Within few days, my boss asked me that as I got an additional liability, so he suggested me a promotion, but it was only possible if I pick transfer. I was having no objection with that as the hike was pity impressive. So a week later we packed our luggage and moved to the new city. I took Nisreen along as I didn’t want to live without her at all. We took the train and reached the destination next day.

I could have checked into the hotel first and then would have visited the office. But an urgent call from my old boss forced me to visit office first. I went to the office to meet my new boss, Mr. Praful Trivedi. Praful was 45 years old, married but his family didn’t stay with him. He lived all alone in this city. I introduced her to my wife and after sorting the requirement, I decided to hunt a hotel for few days and then hunt a rented accommodation in the meanwhile. While I was moving out Praful asked me what I have decided about the accommodation. I told him my current plans, so he suggested that there were a well furnished flat few kilometers from office, and if I feel good I can directly shift over there. He told me that it was ready for being occupied.

He got off his chair and said that he’ll show me the place immediately. We rushed by his car to the place and found a 2 BHK well furnished flat. The hall was pity big and had lots of accessories in it. As soon as we reached there, the broker reached there, immediately. Both of us liked the flat and we asked about the rent. The rent was very low and seemed suspicious so I asked the broker about it. He asked me to come along to side. As I reached the corner he told me that the house belongs to a couple.

But the husband was suspicious about her wife character. He continued that after a dispute they are have filed a divorce case and so lives separate now. That’s why they want to rent this house and as husband has to share the rent with his wife, so he wants to keep it low. I wasn’t satisfied with his explanation but why should I care about it, we decided to shift immediately. The broker was ready with the paper formalities and my boss left back for the office. From next day I started to go to the office and my schedule was same like previous. A few days later I observed Nisreen be dull a little, but I considered it as place change effect.

But after three months she looked pale, seemed like her blood was been drained out. I thought she wasn’t sick or like that. So we consulted a doctor. The doctor declared that she was fine but requires few days on complete rest. So I took her to her parent’s place and left her there for few days. I told her that I’ll come back to take her in few weeks. She seemed happy and it was odd. She never felt happy when I left her at my in-law’s place. Anyways he was living all on her own since we shifted to a new city. Evening to the morning I stayed with her but morning to evening she remained lonely. I considered this reason to be the prime one.

I bid her bye and returned back. As I reached flat by noon, I decided the clear the house and visit office on next day. So I started to rearrange the hall. While I moved the TV, I came to know that on the wall a video camera was been concealed. It was a strange thing and so I searched everywhere and found nearly 5 more cameras. I was concerned about privacy now and searched the whole house and two were been found in bedrooms, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. I immediately called the broker and he told that he wasn’t aware of it at all.

He called the house owner and then called me back. According to him, the owner was doubtful on his wife character so he installed them in house. He told that the recording didn’t go anywhere and was stored in the house itself. The recording started at 10 am and run until 8 pm. The camera’s been of high quality and had Microphones too. The camera’s self-detected human presence and activated and deactivated automatically. He told that the base of the cupboard in the bedroom had a secret chamber and the hard disk been kept inside it. He told that all recording was kept for 90 days and were deleted automatically on sequential order while recording new ones. I went to the bedroom and found the hard disk.

He told that if I didn’t want a recording that I can disconnect the hard disk and the camera will stop working. So I disconnected the hard disk immediately. I fixed the furniture’s back and sat on my laptop. I was doing some work when my boss called. He said that as the audit was been going on in office for next three days, I wasn’t required to show at the office at all. He asked me to cherish the three days as holiday and enjoy. I thanked him and disconnected the call. Around 9:30 PM after dinner I decided to view some hot movies when an idea jammed in my mind.

I thought cunningly, that Nisreen doesn’t know about the cameras and she must have done some nasty things at home, being alone. So why not to see her videos? I connected the hard disk and found 90 odd video files in it. I searched the net and found it to be super compressed video format and immediately found software’s which can play the same. I downloaded it and started to play.

I quickly moved pointers to 5 minutes intervals and started to view the oldest video. As soon as it reached the bathroom I resumed to normal play. As expected Nisreen went to the bathroom and shredded her clothes. She went nude and bathed nude itself. I was pity much excited seeing her nude bath video and wanted to fuck her immediately. I cropped the video of her bath and deleted the rest video which was her general day to day activities. I video the next video and did the same with bath scene.

But after 5 video I got bored and started to delete the video’s one by one, as select all wasn’t working on that hard disk. All videos were of 70-80 MB size and were nearly the same. The thing that I realized was she was having a tough time taking care of the twins. Both my twin child had a common habit to sleep together and wake up on the same time. Addition to this they went hungry at the same time. So she had to keep both of them in her laps and feed them all together, one nipple in each mouth.

I decided to keep a maid for household works and figured out that this was the problem with her. I deleted 15 videos or more, then I tried to delete the 16th one and it showed 200 MB size. I thought why the size increased immediately. Then I surf down the folder and found that every two three days the size was increased and next day it was decreased immediately to 70 MB. So I canceled the delete operation and started to video to view. I set the mode to 5 minutes interval and fixed my eyes on the screen. Till 1 pm everything was normal as the daily chorus.

Nisreen sometimes wore a t-shirt and sleep shorts, while being at home. She felt more comfortable in that, but it rarely happened. In this video, she was wearing the same. Exactly at 1 pm, she went to open the gate for someone. So I stopped the fast forward mode to normal and was keen to know who visited her. She opened the door and talked with the person for few minutes and then welcomed him inside. The man walked to the sofa, his face wasn’t visible till then but as soon as he sat on the sofa, I jumped in agitation. The person was none other than Praful Trivedi my boss.

He was carrying some files and gave it to Nisreen. I didn’t ask to drop any file home ever. And if he had dropped some then why Nisreen didn’t mention it to me. This video was about more than two months old and Nisreen didn’t mention this ever. I started to view the video again. Nisreen went inside to keep the files inside. As soon as she vanished inside, Praful immediately adjusted his groin. He even pulled his dick out and pressed it few times, but immediately pushed it back inside. I was shocked about it that he had a lecherous eye on my wife. Nisreen prepared tea and snacks and started to serve him. Every time she turned back he made foul signs of sexual nature towards her ass.

I was boiling now and wanted to hit my boss immediately but I wanted to see the whole. She came back with tea and they both had few snacks and tea. After the tea was over she went to keep the utensils in the kitchen and came back to join Praful. They both were talking when suddenly Praful stood up for leaving. Nisreen too stood up and followed. But after a few steps, he turned back immediately and Nisreen bumped into him. She was shocked as well as ashamed of herself and apologized immediately. Praful only smiled and said nothing. Suddenly he pointed towards her t-shirt, straight towards her nipples. Might be due to bumping her boobs got pressed and a patch of milk appeared on her t-shirt. She immediately went red and dropped her head down.

Praful said that she shouldn’t keep wearing a t-shirt with such patches as it was unhygienic. He suggested her to remove them immediately. Nisreen didn’t reply anything; she was still looking towards the floor. This is why she didn’t realize that he had grabbed the bottom edge of her t-shirt. Without giving her notice he just pulled her t-shirt upwards and before Nisreen could get shocked the t-shirt was off her head and in Praful hands.

She shocked and immediately crossed her both hands on her boobs like scissors trying to hide her modesty. She was looking at him in both fear and anger mode. Praful was looking at her, shamelessly smiling all the time. He threw the t-shirt on the side and took few steps. Nisreen took few steps back and got jammed between him and sofa. Praful brought his hands over hands and forcefully tried to pull it down. He was successful and he just pushed her hands on her back and gripped both her hands, backside on her butts with his single hand.

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He said to Nisreen to at least let him see, he’s not going to eat them. Nisreen tried to resist but his hand had good grip, and she didn’t have enough space to move. Already she was bending backward unable to keep her balance. She turned her face towards the right and tightly closed her eyes. Praful started to press her boobs with his hand and pinch her nipples. She was trying her level best to get out of grip but was to the vein. Praful asked that her nipples really lactated milk, and can he see himself. Before Nisreen could understand what he meant, he put his mouth on her nipple.

He started to suckle milk immediately, and each suck showed expression on her face. She was trying to twist herself to get free but his hold was too tight. When he left her nipple milk was flowing from her mouth. Just then both the babies cried, both looked towards them and both the twins were on the edge of the bed, about to fall down. Nisreen pushed him and run straight to them. She picked them up in her both arms and immediately both of them started to drink milk from her nipples.

It was more than enough scene which an adult movie could have. Nisreen was topless with both babies drawing milk from her breasts. Praful immediately went in front of her. As soon as he stood face to face, she started to tremble in fear. Praful got on his knees and started to pull her sleep shorts down. In such condition, she wasn’t able to stop him either. Both her hands were engaged holding both babies. Alike to the t-shirt, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. No panty was inside as she wasn’t wearing any bra inside the t-shirt. She wasn’t expecting Praful; in fact, she wasn’t expecting anyone.

She keeps her pussy well shaved all the time, so it was inches away to his face. The sleep shorts just settled at her foot and Praful pulled her each leg up. He pulled the shorts out and threw it near the t-shirt. He placed his lips on her pussy lips and started to lick her pussy. Slowly he placed his both palms on her thighs and started to pull them apart. Centimetre by centimeter her legs spread wide and her pussy lips opened. In this way, his tongue started to reach inside. Nisreen started to sweat; droplets were visible on her face and all over her body. She said harshly that she’ll shout.

Praful went to the table, pulled his mobile up. Started the camera and clicked her several times. She was shocked by this action, so Praful asked her to shout now, as loud as she could. Nisreen mumbled so Praful said that how will you explain that I got rid of your clothes and that time you didn’t shout. Till then both the babies were asleep. He took them one by one and kept it again on the bed.

Praful said that to quit the thought of shouting and collaborate else she might defame herself. Nisreen wasn’t able to say a word and till now I was boiling in anger. He was standing stark naked and he pulled her by her arms. He brought her near the long sofa and pushed her on the sofa. She fell on her stomach but didn’t dare to turn around. Praful immediately started to get rid of his clothes. He became nude and then forcibly turned her on her back.

As she was turned he spread her legs wide and climbed on the sofa, between her legs. I closed my eyes in embarrassment, shame, and anger. I kept my eye clothes for 90 seconds and then opened back to see that he was already inside her, fucking her with slow thumps. He was sucking her nipples and nibbling her around her neck. He tried to kiss her on lips but she turned her face away. He picked his mobile again and started to take pictures with her, him fucking.

He whispered that now he’s going to distribute these pictures to all staff in the office. She pleaded immediately for not doing that. He said that he tried to kiss but she opposed, so he was angry. She closed her eyes and said him to kiss. He pulled his dick out and stood near the sofa. He said that as she had made him angry, he wants her to compensate him in another manner. She looked at him so he pulled her by her arms and made her sit. He said to suck him until he’s satisfied.

Nisreen gave an awful look and hesitatingly gulped his dick and started to suck. He took his mobile back and started to take few more pictures. After few minutes he asked her to stop and recline back. She reclined back; tears were flowing from her eyes, which I recognized just now. Praful was immediately backed in her, this time fucking her with full speed and biting her over her breasts. He didn’t take long and flushed inside her pussy. He got up and started to click few more pictures.

This time Nisreen made no move to stop him. Praful started to wear his clothes and was telling her what a good lay she was, and how much he enjoyed. He said that he was lucky that she came in this city and now his loneliness was over. She can get a pussy whenever his dick desired. Nisreen immediately said that not anymore on which he said that whenever she denies him, he’ll distribute the pictures. Nisreen immediately asked to remove her picture on which he said that he won’t, he will keep those pictures and take more whenever he comes.

He said not to oppose him else he will surely distribute those pictures. Nisreen stayed quiet and he exited the flat. She sat up and started to sob, keeping her head between her knees. She then got up and went to the bathroom to wash her clean. She came back and wore the same dress, locked the main gate and went to sleep on the sofa. In the evening I saw my footage in which I asked her why she was looking so dull and she said that she was not feeling well. I now realized how much ill she was.

Next two days, videos were normal ones and nothing unusual were there in it, so I deleted them. The third-day video was heavy sized; I straight away understood that it contained some action. Praful always left the office around 12:30 PM, and it was good 30 minutes drive to my home. So I instantly reached to 1 pm itself. As expected Nisreen opened the gate, as soon as the gate, was been knocked. It was surely Praful again. He came inside, hugged Nisreen and kissed her twice.

He asked whether she had feed the kids, she nodded her head. Nisreen was wearing a sari today; Praful started to get rid of his clothes and became nude immediately. He asked for the bathroom and said he’ll bath first. Nisreen showed him the way and he asked for a towel. As soon as he got inside, Nisreen went to fetch him a towel. He opened the bathroom gate and took the towel. He said her to make a strong tea and then closed the door. He opened the gate instantly and said her to serve him tea in nude only.

Nisreen prepared the tea but didn’t get bare. When he returned he looked angrily at her and said, seems like you want me to distribute pictures of yours. He asked her to go to the kitchen and get nude first and then bring the tea for him. Nisreen went to the kitchen again and after 5 minutes she was back in the hall all naked, carrying a cup of tea in her hand. Meanwhile, Praful was making a video of her nude until she kept the tea on the table. He closed the mobile camera and picked the tea cup.

He asked her to sit on her knees and suck his dick again. With a disgusted look on her face she did as directed, and in the meantime, Praful was having his tea. As soon as the tea was over he asked her to stop and recline herself on the sofa table. She did as asked and no foreplay, he just kissed her twice and started to straight fuck her immediately. It took him 15 minutes to flood her inside and then he sat again on the sofa.

He switched on the TV, relaxed on the sofa and started to watch. Nisreen got up and headed towards the kitchen when he stopped her. He asked where she was going on which she said to get dressed. He shouted at her that why she was in so much hurry to get dressed. He instructed her not to get dressed until he leaves. She nodded her head and he asked her to sit on his laps. She sat on his laps to he pulled her near and started to breast feed on her milk. He kept on doing this with both breasts until he drained it completely. He was back in action, he just turned her up in doggy style and got inside her, fucking her and mauling her breasts all the time. It took him 30 minutes when he flooded inside her. Then he got up, got dressed and left.

Next three days, were normal routine, so I deleted those files without even checking. The fourth day was a heavy one, this day also she was on a t-shirt and sleep shorts. As soon as the door opened and it came to the scene I was horrified and so was Nisreen. Along with Praful, another guy was standing inside the room. I very well knew this guy; he was Anrav Mukharjee, state manager of our company. I at once remembered the conversations with him. Actually at 12:30 PM Praful was insisting Anrav come along but he wasn’t ready.

So I rushed in the middle of a discussion and asked the matter. Praful told that he got a slut in the city and he wanted Anrav to come along and taste her, but he was not listening. Anrav said that he must be fooling him. I objected to Anrav words and supported Praful. I said if Praful was saying then it must be absolutely correct and Anrav should go and have fun with her. But I asked that why they were not going in the night and were going in the afternoon.

Praful interfered that the lady was married actually and so he fucked her in absence of her husband only. I was delighted to hear that and congratulated him to get such a layer. He thanked me and both went off. I now understood that easy lay was none other than Nisreen herself. On the scene, Nisreen was horrified too. He looked at Praful and he kept his finger on his lips, telling her to stay silent. She accepted that, so Anrav asked Praful to show something at least, he got seated on the sofa.

Praful went behind her and pulled her t-shirt up and then slipped her shorts down. He brought his hands underneath her armpit and raised her boobs up. Anrav asked that whether in real she lactates. Praful squeezed her boobs few times and her nipples sprayed milk. Anrav said that he’ll like to drink. Praful sat beside Anrav and said that they both will drink together. He called Nisreen and asked her to sit in front of them on the sofa table. She didn’t resist this time and quietly came and sat on the table facing them.

Both of them grabbed her one boob each. Praful opened his zip and pulled his dick outside. Anrav taking it and did the same. Praful kept Nisreen hands on both dicks and asked her to massage them until they dry her up. Nisreen started to give massage to both the dicks and meanwhile, they got busy sucking her milk out. It took 15 minutes to complete the meal. Anrav announced he’ll go on her first. He pushed her on the table, spread her legs wife, dropped his pants and was immediately inside her.

He started to give her slow thumps and was raising the speed minute by minute. Anrav asked Praful that why don’t he calls me here, as soon as I will be aware of it, I wouldn’t be able to oppose Praful. So he suggested that in that way, he can fuck Nisreen anytime he wants, not just in afternoon. He also added that Praful could take Nisreen at her place for overnight too. Praful said that he doesn’t require that, he was happy with current arrangements. Anrav asked that they were fucking Nisreen all bare, what if she gets pregnant again.

Praful laughed and said that Firoz will be honored that his wife will be the mother of Anrav child and he will raise your kid. He continued that it won’t happen but. Anrav asked the reasons, so Praful told that he has seen my medical claims bill online. He said that one bill contained personal solution bill and she was absolutely safe now. Hearing this Anrav couldn’t hold long and flooded inside her. As soon as he pulled out, Praful replaced him. He was very desperate and fucked her in full speed.

He didn’t take long and flooded inside her. Anrav asked whether he could fuck her again and Praful asked to go ahead. Anrav was back inside her fucking her to the core this time. As he was already drained out a few minutes ago, so it was naturally going to take a long time. I looked at Praful who was already dressed and was recording her with Anrav. As expected he flooded her in 45 minutes. Till then Nisreen was totally drained out. Anrav too dressed up and they both left. Nisreen took 30 minutes to recover and then get a bath.

Next 7 videos were useless, so I deleted them. The eighth one was heavy; I tried to recognize the day and immediately got the memories. Like today that day also a surprise audit visited. We were all in mess and lots of finding was been observed. Our promotions and branch reputation came on a stake so I suggested Praful to bribe them. Praful told that their guys won’t take money, so I was one who suggested him to take them to the easy lay, totally unaware of that the easy lay was none other than Nisreen itself. He liked the idea and took them away.

I immediately reached the position in the video. Praful was the one to get inside first alone. He told Nisreen that he had got two guys with him. Nisreen shook in terror and pleaded. Praful told that he was in trouble that’s why he had no way out. He instructed something in her ears which weren’t audible and went outside again. Nisreen went inside the kitchen and Praful came back after 5 minutes along with those auditors. They took the sofa and sat over it and were still arguing. About 5 minutes later Nisreen entered the hall, with a tray full of snacks. She was all naked and came to towards them. One of them was still arguing with Praful.

But other one got attention on Nisreen. He hit his colleague with his elbow and as he turned towards him, he made a face sign to look towards Nisreen. As soon as he looked towards Nisreen, she was dumb folded by her beauty as well as her condition. Nisreen kept the tray on the table and then turned back. They were constantly looking at her ass. She returned back with the coffee and placed it on the table. She stood near and waited for instructions. The guy quickly gulped the coffee and denied for snacks. Nisreen picked all of them and went back to the kitchen. Immediately one of them announced that he wants her ass.

Praful looked around and found a fair and lovely cream. He gave it to him and said that has he objected him? The guy quickly dropped his pants and applied the cream on his dick. His dick was average like mine and Praful but was too thick. As soon as Nisreen returned back she saw him lubricating his dick. She was too mesmerized by his size and was shivering too that how it will fit in her pussy. She was having no idea that he wanted to fit inside her ass and that too virgin.

As she stood there, he pulled her on the dining table, turned her on her stomach and spread her ass cheek. He started to push his dick into her ass. Soon Nisreen realized it and she was looking like a prisoner with the death penalty. A little entered her and she started to plead, you’re so thick, how it will go inside, I have never done this before, no one had entered there. Praful came to rescue, he taunts her saying that she isn’t denying to get fucked in her ass, but just concerned about the size. She felt ashamed immediately. Praful smiled and asked the other on to show his dick.

He showed and it was thin but long. So he asked him to enter her ass first and then next guy will take his chance. The guy was delighted immediately and rushed to her ass with lubricated dick. He spread her ass checked and started to push his dick inside. Nisreen immediately cupped her mouth so that she doesn’t scream. But she was weeping and muffling all the time. It took him 5 minutes to enter her completely. But as she must have been very tight, only five minutes and he flooded her inside. As he withdrew his dick the next guy was ready to take place.

Praful stopped him and said that he doesn’t think she will be able to accommodate him now also. He said that though the ass was open but not wide. He proposed that he will fuck her first and then he can take the liberty. He accepted that and swiftly Praful dropped his pants and got inside her ass immediately. He too fucked her for 5 minutes and flooded her inside. Nisreen was muffling all the time, she was in terrible pain all the time.

At last the guy got his chance and started to enter her ass. It was still very tough for Nisreen to accommodate him that easily. He took time but finally, he was all inside her ass. He pulled her up from the dining table and hung her in the air. Praful got an idea and said something to the other guy. Both of them sat on their knees below Nisreen and gulped each nipple in their mouth.

They started to drain her milk when she was been assaulted in her ass. This guy took around 15 minutes to flood her inside her ass. Till then her milk was been drained out. They dropped her on the sofa and dressed immediately. After getting dressed they all left altogether. Nisreen got up after 1 hour at least, wasn’t able to walk properly, still took her bath and then stayed nude all the time, keeping her ass in the air. She only wore clothes when I was about to arrive. She excused me with muscles stretched.

Next 10 days video was of small size, seemed that Praful was giving rest to Nisreen for the assaults she faced. Next was bigger than normal, so I switched directly to 1 pm and Praful arrived exactly on time. As soon as Nisreen opened the gate, he hugged her immediately. The first question was that her ass was fine or not. She shook her head and said nothing. He started to get rid of her clothes immediately, Nisreen was resisting but not much and so he succeeded in no time.

As she was bare, he started to get bare himself. Soon he was done to and he said that today lets do it in the bedroom. As soon as they moved to the bedroom the camera followed. He put her on the bed and started to maul on every part of her body. He kissed her, bit her all over and told her that how much he missed his temporary wife for 10 days. He was considering her as his wife now. As he was done, he spread her legs wide and fucked her mercilessly. He was desperate and didn’t take him long to flood her inside. He rolled over, grabbed her in his arms and went for a nap.

I advanced the video when he woke. Nisreen was sleeping so he started his action with sucking her nipples and meanwhile he was applying cold cream on his dick. Nisreen woke up a while and let him do whatever he liked with her. As soon as he was done, he made her on her fours and got inside her ass. The expression of Nisreen immediately told that he was in her ass. But later she closed her eyes and let the assault be over. It took him 10 minutes to finish what he started and then he rolled over. Nisreen stretched her legs wide and just spread on the bed on her stomach.

He started to curl her hairs and said that he was sorry. He said that he had a fight with me today and he scolded me quite well. He said that he didn’t want to but he did. All the time he was remembering, that I had brought a whore for his satisfaction, in the city, but still, he couldn’t control. I immediately remember that what situation was that and I was sick in my stomach that what I did to revenge it. Actually, I had two more bosses but from a different department. They weren’t directly interacted with me but they were on the same post on which Praful was.

They envied him for his team and success and always tried to make a loss to him. As I was sitting outside having a cup of tea in the tea stall, they showed up. They consoled me and said that Praful shouldn’t have done this. And he must be taught a lesson. I was burning with anger and wanted to teach him a lesson too. So after a while, I got an idea, I whispered to them. I told him that Praful was having affair with a secret bitch in the city.

She was a married lady and don’t know why was getting fucked by Praful. I also told them about Anrav and the audit guys. I told them at 12:30 pm he departs to the lady house daily and then fucks her in the afternoon. I suggested them to snatch that lady from him and that will be the best revenge. They asked me that whether I wanted a share in the lady, so I told that I wanted revenge, and was happy with my wife.

Next day when Praful departed, I texted them and they followed him. After 45 minutes, they texted me back, “Bingo.” Praful came back 30 minutes after that text, all drained and angry and I was smiling myself. But now I was sick that I had led two more guys to my wife only to get assault by them. I immediately opened the next video and at 1 pm Praful was in the house. He got rid of his clothes and got rid of her clothes. He pulled her into his arms, settled her on the dining table and got inside her immediately.

He was engrossed in fucking Nisreen and didn’t realize when the other two guys, got inside the house. In hurry or confidence, may be they left the gate opened. Praful back was towards the sofa and he was busy fucking Nisreen. They came inside, sat on the sofa and started to record with mobile. Meanwhile, they were getting rid of their clothes. Praful took 20 minutes to grunt and deposit his load in her pussy. As soon he was done, he pulled his dick out and turned around to see the biggest shock of his life. He was hell shocked when he saw both, and when he saw the camera, he was all lost up. He walked to them and asked what they wanted.

Till now Nisreen was also up, shocked and sitting on the dining table. Praful asked and they made a sign towards Nisreen and said they want her. They declared that they want her whenever they like and however they like. They asked that who this whore was. So he frankly told them that she was my wife, they were shocked a little but smiled broadly. Praful walked towards Nisreen and said something in her ears.

I’m sure he told her that they were my boss too. Nisreen shook her head and he got dressed up and left the house. Both of them took their mobiles out, they started the camera and started to picture her up. She was trying to hide her body when one of them shouted at her. She dropped her hands and let them take video and picture of her body. Both of them said her to get inside the bedroom and recline on the bed. She didn’t resist and immediately went inside the bedroom. She climbed the bed and reclined herself. She was been followed and as soon as she was in bed.

Both of them got naked and were on her either side. They grabbed her one breast each, kept their thighs on her legs, and started to kiss her, taking turns. As one kissed, the second kept on kissing on her earlobes and neck. And when the second one kissed, the first one kept on kissing her on the identical region. They even pushed they hand on her pussy and took turns to finger her up. After few moments they whispered in her ears and left her. She climbed on one of them and took his dick inside her pussy.

The other one rammed his dick inside her ass and grabbed her boobs from behind. He was taking full liberty to nibble hard on her shoulders. They banged her both ways and as her face wasn’t visible, I wasn’t sure that she was in pleasure or torture. They kept on banging her with full throttle and finally grunted and flooded inside her. They didn’t pull out their dicks and left inside her. She reclined on one of them and the other one reclined on her. Still being sandwiched and dick still inside her, they went off for a nap.

I scrolled forward when they came back from the nap. It started with slow thumps in her both holes. She was still asleep and she slowly recovered while she body was been assaulted. When she was fully awake both were in full go and were banging her hard. She laid still and let them finish. It didn’t take them long to deposit another load inside her. But after the load was been deposited still they didn’t pull their dick out. Nisreen started to have a conversation with both of them.

The conversation went to argue and then she started to oppose them. She tried to pull her out from their grip. They weren’t holding her tight and soon she got out of their hold. She ran towards the washroom and locked herself inside. They both clapped their hands and one of them moved to the bathroom and other one went to the drawing room. After 15 minutes Nisreen came out from the washroom and headed towards the kitchen. After 5 minutes the guy in the bathroom came out too.

He had a bath and came out wearing a towel. He came and peeped inside the drawing room. The guy asked where Nisreen was and another one told she was in the kitchen. He pulled out his towel and moved to the kitchen. The kitchen came to view as he entered the kitchen. Nisreen looked at him, ignored him completely and was washing utensils. He came behind her, grabbed her both boobs from behind and started to nibble on her shoulders.

She was trying to push him aside but he was too stubborn. Finally, she pushed him with force and she was out of his grip. He went furious and pulled her by her arms. He forced her body to recline on her stomach on the dining table and immediately he was inside her from the back. I wasn’t sure he was in her ass or pussy but he was fucking her with full pleasure. Soon he deposited another load inside her and moved to the drawing room. She got up and went back to utensils clearing. When she was back in drawing room the other one asked her something.

She nodded her head, reclined herself on the side bed and opened her legs. He was immediately inside her fucking her with full pleasure. She was lying like a log and allowed him to finish. When he was done, he went off and the other one came towards her. But as soon as he reached her, she got up and joined her hands. She argued a while and both of them laughed. They picked up their clothes and got inside it. They instructed her something and bid her good bye. They left and she got cleaned up and cleaned all the mess. I reached just 15 minutes later and saw her all piled up. I enquired but she made up an excuse. I closed that video and scrolled to next big one which was just the next one.

I opened the video and scrolled to 1 pm and found her sleeping nude in the drawing room on side bed. Three guys were sitting on the sofa but they were a new face, I didn’t know anyone of them. Who the hell were they and what the hell they were doing at my home? All of them were sitting on the sofa talking something. I was confused that when they arrived, what happened, and how it started. I restarted the video and saw myself leaving around 10 in the morning. She closed the door, feed the babies and made them sleep.

Around 10:30 am she received a text message. She read the message and then went to the bathroom. When she returned, she was all naked. She did her general house hold chores, like that only. Around 11 am there was a knock on the gate. She went to the gate and said, “If only you two have arrived then only I’ll open the gate, else I won’t, and you can go back.” There was an answer from the other side of the gate which wasn’t audible but she replied again, “You all don’t understand, I’m sleeping without knowledge of my husband.

If my husband comes to know about it, my life will be ruined.” Something was answered and wasn’t audible. She opened the gate and three fellows got inside. As soon as they entered the house, she was hell shocked. They were in pant and shirt and were wearing a tie. All of them were carrying a leather bag. By the looks, it seemed they were some kind of salesman. Now the audio went unbearably. Nisreen was so shocked that she forgot completely that she was all naked.

They all were whispering and the conversation went for few minutes. After the conversation was over, she nodded her head in affirmative mode. All the guys started to get rid of their clothes. She just turned her head and closed her eyes. As they became naked, they jumped at her like hungry wolves. She was spread on the side bed, and two guys were feasting on her boobs and one was feasting on her pussy.

They took a certain amount of time and then left her. One of them spread her legs and was immediately inside her. He started to fuck her with full force. He was playing with her body in the meantime. Rest two were enjoying the view of her fucking. It didn’t take him long to release his load inside her. As soon as he was over, he was replaced by another guy. His deeds were identical and he too flooded in few minutes. The last guy took the liberty to engage her and after a good amount of time, he too flooded her inside.

Nisreen was about to get up when I saw the first guy was hard again. He said something to her and she nodded her head. She turned around and stood up on her fours. The guy entered her immediately, I think her entered in her ass this time. As her back was facing the camera, she was completely covered up behind him this time. They all took turns and few long minutes to flood her inside her ass. As soon as the assault was over, she turned to her back and spread on the bed. Just then her phone buzzed.

She picked it up and read a message. She hit the phone on her head two three times and then kept the phone back. As been exhausted with such a long session, she just went to sleep. All the guys got on the sofa and started to chat. From the sequences I observed I build up my own story. It seemed that my bosses had texted her to stay bare and they will be arriving. But accidentally she assumed these salesmen to be them and answered them on their visit. When they entered they started to force her to surrender and ultimately she surrendered.

The message she received later was from my bosses who might have texted that they won’t arrive. She slept for 3 hours and they also went for a nap on the sofa itself. Around 4 they all got up and everyone went to different corners of the house. I think they went to pee or drink water. While they were returning, accidentally they realized that the room was equipped with cameras. Immediately they all panicked and got dressed. They took their stuff and just got off the house.

Nisreen got up around 5, didn’t find anyone and seemed confused. She went to the gate and checked. She locked the gate from inside and looked confused all the time. She cleaned all the mess and then got dressed. Then I arrived after a while and so I just closed that video and searched for next big stuff. The next big video was the next one itself. Instead of playing it from 1 pm I preferred to roll it from beginning itself. But unexpectedly the scene started from 1 pm itself.

I wasn’t expecting Praful today, but my other two bosses, who were Ajit & Murli. The gate opened and both got inside, she was about to close the gate when she halted and Praful got inside too. To my dismay, it seemed that they all had negotiated over the authority of Nisreen. It seemed they didn’t have any objection for sharing her, among all of them. This was practically a horrifying situation for her. But still, she didn’t say a word and just locked the gate from inside. She went to the kitchen and when she arrived back with snacks and tea, she was already all naked.

Till then all three of them were been naked too. The snacks were over within minutes and she herself deposited herself on the side bed. All of them looked at each other, some eye moments were been made. Ajit went to her, being the first in the series. No foreplay was been done, he went straight to fucking her. He took sufficient amount of time and as soon as he was over Murli took his place. He took his time and later Murli took his time with her. When all were finished she got up and went to the bathroom and all the others moved to the bedroom.

They reclined on the bed and started to talk. Nisreen arrived after 20 minutes. She picked up a cold cream bottle and took it on her fingers. Then she pushed that finger into her ass. After being satisfied with the lubrication she went to Praful and sat between his legs. She took his dick and started to give him a blowjob. His limp dick soon started to grow solid; he stopped her from further sucking. She got up and went to the dressing table, kept her arms on the dressing table and bend down a little.

Soon Praful got up from the bed and went straight to Nisreen. He spread her ass cheek and pushed his dick inside. He took full liberty over her body and started to fuck her ass. Meanwhile, he was mauling her boobs and rest of her body. Murli had taken out his mobile and was filming her. It took him long enough time to flood her inside. When he was over, he went back to bed. She came back to bed and then started to give blowjob to Ajit.

Ajit took mobile from Murli and was filming her while she was giving her blowjob. When Ajit was hard, she went to the same place. Ajit passed the mobile back to Murli, Ajit did the identical fucking, and Murli was filming her at that time. After that, she gave blowjob to Murli and Murli kept on filming her. Praful took the responsibility of filming her when Murli identically fucked her ass. As all were over, they went for a nap and she moved to the drawing room.

She deposited herself on the sofa and went to sleep. About an hour later she was called by Praful. She got up, looked frustrated and moved to the bedroom. Praful said her something on which she said no. Praful pulled her to bed, spread her legs and got inside her. He immediately started to fuck her with force. Her head was hanging down from the bed and Ajit pushed his dick in her mouth. She was resisting but to no use, within minutes she got suffocated and pushed his dick out of her mouth. But within few second he was back inside her mouth.

It went for a long time and finally Ajit flooded inside her mouth. She tried to get up but wasn’t allowed to so she had gulped all that in her mouth under her throat. As soon as he was aside Murli started to fuck her mouth and after Murli started Praful finished. He went aside but Murli kept her in the same posture until he flooded in her mouth and forced to drink it down too. As soon as he was over, she rushed to the bathroom to vomit maybe.

They all clapped and started to get dressed. They left immediately and Nisreen was still in the bathroom. I came after an hour and she had arranged everything till them. I looked at her and asked her to come to the doctor. As soon as I realized that scene I came to know that all videos had come to an end. I took her to doctor, the doctor suggested her to rest. I dropped her to my in-laws next day.

Now I knew the whole truth and was highly confused. I know as soon as I’ll bring Nisreen back, this all was going to start over again. So I kept on thinking what to do, should I ignore this and pretend I know nothing, or confront my bosses. Confronting was an issue too as I was well aware that all of them had her nude pictures and fucking videos and they could use it to fame her or blackmail us. 

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