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Beast and the Beauties

Lisa used her right hand to move a rouge tress of her own long brown hair that hindered her view of a herd of zebras. It was proving to be a troublesome job to keep all her long luscious hair under control while riding a safari jeep in the African savannah. She turned her head left to see her husband David also looking at her with a happy smile and she replied him with a wide smile and grabbed on to his hands before turning back to enjoy the natural majesty of ever stretching landscape of wild Africa.
Lisa and David were a couple that could be said as fated or meant to be together the rest of their life time. They were a matching 'beautiful wife and handsome husband' couple. David had a body that turned many of the women's heads and Lisa had a top model body that had the ability make every guy sport a tent in their pants. They first met during their college years, and they were so well compatible in both mentally and physically, they got married shortly after the graduation. When they both reached the age of 29, to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, Lisa and David decided to visit Africa for a much needed break from their hectic and routine city life. They were waiting for a more financially stable time to start a family and not having kids at that time made all the planning for the vacation that much easier for them.

Lisa and David were having the time of their life during the vacation when an old white man spotted the lovely couple sitting in a safari bar. They both looked good, but it was the beauty of Lisa that grabbed the old man's attention. He politely introduced himself to the couple as a safari trip manager and got into a pleasant conversation with them to build up a warm friendship. When he felt that they were warming up to him and start to trust him, he proposed that he could arrange them a safari to see rare mountain gorillas for a huge discount, just because he liked them. Being a middle class family, Lisa and David had to carefully save enough money for this vacation; so, hoping to take full advantage of everything to fully enjoy their stay, they gratefully took on the old man's kind offer.

Hardeep Introduces Me To The Amazing World Of Sex

Hi friends, my name is Preeti and I am a 48yrs old woman with a very sexy figure (38-28-34) of mixed race basically my paternal family from Haryana and my maternal from kottayam. I have been a very big fan of this website because it gives me a lot of pleasure to read all the stuff posted here irrespective of whether it is reality or a piece of someone\’s fantasy because I being a single woman have my own share of physical needs. Yes you read that right that I am a single woman and never married by my own choice. While I have had my fair share of boyfriends and lovers in the past and also in the present I just was not in the mood to get permanently hooked in marriage to anyone of them because I also observed that the only thing that mattered to all men at the end was having sex and nothing else after.
I was 15yrs old then when this life changing transformational episode happened. We stayed in a one bedroom house because that is all that we could afford at that time coming from a lower middle class family and all we had was a two wheeler. My parents used to sleep on the double bed and I on a single mattress on the floor beside them till I was 16 and I got caught by mom watching them fuck after which I was moved out to sleep in the living room, however I still continued to watch them thru the key hole every night.
Till I was there sleeping in the bedroom I used to see my parents making it out every night in various positions making funny noises when their bodies hit each other and also equally funny sounds (which I later understood were moans) seemingly deriving ultimate pleasures with whatever they were doing which at that time I did not understand. I also had seen mom do it by herself enough times with a big carrot or brinjal every time dad was out on tour. While I did not know what they were doing I surely knew that it was something very enjoyable and it remained the biggest unanswered question in my head. Because of the curiosity I was desperate to find out more about it so I could also experience those pleasures.

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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - 20

Finally it was done, as far as fucking of Radha was concerned, our plan was accomplished; Radha Bhabhi was fucked by Manish and Hemant Jiju both but I knew that things will not end here, rather it was a time to handle the matter in real sense and I did not had any clue about what all we have to do next.
I don’t know exactly what I was thinking; certainly I was wet and streaming out my pleasure juices since long and certainly I too wanted to get fucked by Jiju since I was here but that instant things happened in the room were so fast and weird that I did not got any time to think about myself.
For an instant I was scared with a thought what will happen if Radha Bhabhi will not accept all this and speak out everything we did to her to our elder. But eventually after getting fucked by Hemant Jiju, Radha Bhabhi got up and went inside washroom, Manish went out may be to collect his clothes,
wearing her panty Gunjan Didi also went off from the room, with his semi erect penis Hemant Jiju was somewhat waiting for Radha Bhabhi to come out, he looked at me with a smile and spoke “Chaitu aaj teri bhi leni hai maine…” I smiled at his words and wore my panty,
just then Radha Bhabhi came out and looked at her clothes to pick up but Hemant Jiju took her wrist in his hand and just then both Manish and Gunjan Didi entered again in the room, wearing just jockey Manish was holding a cake with an unlit candle and Gunjan Didi was holding Radha Bhabhi’s birthday gifts and we all started clapping and singing birthday rhyme.
Like Radha Bhabhi, Hemant Jiju was still naked rests of us were covering our lower half. Gunjan Didi gave Hemant Jiju match-box and he lit the candle and asked Radha Bhabhi to blow it but Radha Bhabhi was not comfortable and while saying “please mujhe kapde pahan ne do” she tried to pick her clothes but Hemant Jiju stopped her and spoke
“nahi…hum sab aise hi Nange khade rahkar aapka birthday cake khaayeenge” but suddenly he realized that three of us are not totally naked and saying “tum teeno uttaro isse” he told us to take off our inner wears,
Manish handed over the cake to Jiju to take off his jockey and in a moment we all were stark naked again and waiting for Radha Bhabhi to blow the candle but I could see that Radha Bhabhi was not comfortable at all, she needed to talk about whatever we did with her but that instant Hemant Jiju insisted her to blow and she did that.

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - 19

Anyway Gunjan Didi drifted down Radha Bhabhi’s panty and took out her bra from her arms and bought her naked to the bed and then took off her own remaining clothes too, by now I was also stark naked and waiting for the thing to happen.
Gunjan Didi looked at me, into my eyes for a fraction with strange gesture, I don’t know if like me she would have felt scared from worst consequences of our act but she overcame her fearful feeling in a fraction and told me to climb on bed and somewhat told both of us that she will be back just in a moment with a bottle a water.
I knew now what was about to happen, Gunjan Didi was gone out of the room to open the door for both the males and in a fraction my heart started pounding high but I tried my best to control my features and rose to bed and while touching her bare skin with mine lied beside Radha Bhabhi’s naked body and kissed her on her cheek tenderly.
By now Radha Bhabhi was more or less adjusted with me and she unintentionally came closer to me, I could sense her state of mind, after doing once nearly 7-8 days back I felt her desperately waiting to have lesbian sex with Gunjan Didi and as per instructions given to me I was suppose to start kissing her so that she cannot get clue of things happening outside and using my whole potential I just did that.
I turned to Radha Bhabhi and hugged her naked body with my full affection, our heavy breasts got rubbed with each other and I started kissing her over her neck and cheek, unintentionally my hands went to her sagging breasts and I started massaging her milks.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali 18

Hello, I am Chaitali, my last post was published on this blog was on November 19, 2013 with a title “Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali - 17” in the category of Group Sex and I request those who have not read my earlier posts they must go through them to get the track of my new posts.
I must mention this fact that last time my post was published on this blog after more than one and a half year of my submission and that really killed my enthusiasm to write again but finally after reading positive comments from the reader I have started writing again for no other reason except this that my life has gone through lot of excitement in this time span
and apart from sharing all that excitement with my unseen friends of this blog I want to relive those erotic moments. Further I will say that for me writing down my experience of couple swapping has became a kind of passion and since I was trying to control myself from not writing I was feeling as if I am carrying a weight over my head.
I don’t know if something can be done from this whole write up, I am writing down everything just to ease out my mental nerves. Once again I would say certainly it will be a long description and might get divided into more than expected parts but I assure you friends, it will be worth reading every word and I am saying this not because it is full of sex and passion but also because it’s a 100 percent true incident.
Certainly readers will consider all this my imagination, believe me friends I am a simple married girl who has hardly done her graduation, I cannot be so imaginative, I just have bit of control over this language and also have good memory that is why remember most of conversation happened during the incident.
For quick review I will say that all my previous posts were about partner swapping. My sex life with my husband was getting dull day by day and we both could feel that but we could not do anything for that. But suddenly because of my cousin sister Gunjan Didi things changed drastically.
I was out to a different town with my husband to attend a marriage and my husband Manish, my cousin sister Gunjan Didi and her husband Hemant Jiju planned and somewhat tricked me to arouse me sexually and then insisted me to join swinging group which was having two more couples. Initially I was not willing to get ready for that being a homely and religious girl how could I do that?
My conscious was not allowing me for that that but after lot persuasion from Gunjan Didi’s side, just to give it a try I agreed for swapping with Gunjan Didi’s partner itself and had good time with her husband Hemant Jiju on bed and just like me my husband Manish had good fucking time with Gunjan Didi.
Finally after having sex once with her partner Gunjan Didi revealed the identities of the couples and they were Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi (Hemant Jiju’s elder brother and his wife) and Jeetu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi (Gunjan Didi’s paternal cousin brother and his wife).
Initially I was not willing to join the group but later after reaching back home and after getting lot of persuasion from my husband and Gunjan Didi I agreed to join the entire group and me and my husband became fourth couple of the swinging group.
We travelled to the other city to have swinging experiences with other couples too and on that trip I experienced so many new things which I could not even dream otherwise. First of all I got fucked by all three men like a bitch (Bhanu Bhaiya, Jeetu Bhaiya and once again by Hemant Jiju) several times in three nights stay, especially by Hemant Jiju and his elder brother Bhanu Bhaiya who literary exploded my body like I never imagined,
I also saw my husband fucking all three females of the group Shilpi Bhabhi, Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi numerous times. Apart from this I experienced Threesome sex on consecutive nights, first night we were two females, me and Gunjan Didi on the bed with Bhanu Bhaiya, and on second night I was on the bed with two men at the same time, that is Jeetu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju and they fucked me like a bitch in heat and I enjoyed too.
Apart from this I also saw my sister Gunjan Didi getting anally fucked by Bhanu Bhaiya hardly a feat away and above all specifically on last night stay I experienced exactly what is Sex Orgy. We all eight (four males and four females) were in the same room, all naked and sexually involved with one or another and ultimately that night I got fucked by all three different men in front of my husband’s eyes and same as him,
I saw my husband fucking three different women hardly few feats away from me. In the end I must say that after three passionate fucking night stay with three different men, my life was entirely changed, words like shame and envy feeling for the partner almost disappeared from my gesture and mentally I started feeling very free.
I was satisfied up to my soul and now it hardly matters to me that with what perspective Manish is looking at other females and how other men are looking at me and my body. As far as my sex life with my husband was concerned, our; me and my husband’s perspective to look at each other’s body was entirely new.
Like it can be assumed when we reached back home after that swinging event it was just sex which was ruling our mind and we fucked and fucked each other desperately like we never fucked even just after marriage. Believe me friends; concept of partner swapping has changed my sex life erotically and today when I look back into my past sometimes fail to believe how far I have came in last two years.
At present I have five husbands and my husband has five wives. Believe me friends everything lies in our mind, initially I was also very hesitant very uncomfortable with the forbidden things happening around and once even after joining them I felt I have made a mistake by joining this group but after a day I started getting comfortable with everyone and started considering them
my intimate family and now I feel attracted and feel like having sex with all the other four males with the same affection I feel for my wedded husband. Anyway without getting into long description of my life after swinging experience with three families and about my previous posts once again I will say those who have not read my previous write-ups they must read it to get relevance of my this post.
As mentioned in the last post at the end of the fucking event just before leaving to our native places we all four couples sat together in a good restaurant for lunch and thought about adding up more spice to our swinging sex events by adding more people in our group and ultimately came up with a name of Chhaya and Harsh (my paternal cousin sister and her husband)
who were living in NCR and Radha Bhabhi who is actually a widow and is in relation with Gunjan Didi on her father’s side and lives in the same town in which Gunjan Didi reside, which is actually my home town too. It took us really long to trap these three people in our fucking plan and this series of post is about how we, I and Gunjan Didi managed to bring Radha Bhabhi on bed for our husbands to fuck.
Now if I will get straight to the incident then I will say just after reaching back home everybody was well connected with each other in regard of adding up new members and there was some sort of fever in all males to fuck Radha Bhabhi and Chhaya and among two Radha Bhabhi was our first target.
As I said Radha Bhabhi is a widow, living in the same town with her in laws and 10-11 year old son and always seemed an easy prey to Hemant Jiju because he could sense her mild attraction to him and it was Gunjan Didi who started approaching her gradually and got over friendly with her in around 2 months time and started talking to her about her sexual desires.
I cannot write much about exactly how gradually Gunjan Didi got friendly with Radha Bhabhi because I was not much involved in that and I was just getting updates from Gunjan Didi and according to those updates Radha Bhabhi was mentally very deprived because of lack of life partner.
She needed life partner but she was not ready to accept that, may be because of her son who was growing fast and also because her in laws were not agreeing to that and she did not wanted to against their wish that is because she was suppose to get lot of property and money from her in-laws for her son.
Anyway in the mean time when Gunjan Didi was getting friendly with Radha Bhabhi I started approaching my cousin Chhaya who was living in NCR, I kept on chatting with her regularly on social networking site and soon asked her about her sex life casually, for the first instant Chhaya responded just by saying “its fine” but I went on going deeper with her in discussing personal life,
especially sex life and told her that my sex life has became monotonous and at certain point Chhaya too accepted that even her sex life is getting boring these days. Freeness between me and Chhaya enhanced bit more and instead of chatting I started calling her and once had long discussing about oral sex and with some hesitation she accepted that she too has done oral sex
with her husband but hardly once or twice in 5 years of married life and that is really long time back and also mentioned this fact that she does not like all that and after getting asked by me she admitted that her husband love doing oral sex. On the other side Gunjan Didi continued meeting Radha Bhabhi and slowly increased Hemant Jiju’s involvement in their meetings,
Didi went for shopping with Radha Bhabhi and intentionally took Hemant Jiju along, like this they had couple of lunches with Radha Bhabhi at her place and saw few late night movies together and according to Gunjan Didi’s update to me because Radha Bhabhi was very starved for manly love since long and because of her regular meeting with Hemant Jiju she has seen her getting more attracted towards Hemant Jiju then past.
Soon mild naughty also jokes started coming out between Hemant Jiju and Radha Bhabhi, specifically when Gunjan Didi was not around and time went on going like this and one day in the night Gunjan Didi called me and gave me latest update about her achievement that she has done lesbian sex with Radha Bhabhi on the same evening.
Gunjan Didi was gone to her place alone and at that time somehow her in laws were not at home and her son was also gone to some birthday party, so after some conversation Gunjan Didi took one bold step and succeeded in asking and convincing Radha Bhabhi to get sexual pleasure from her.
Something was running in Gunjan Didi’s mind which she did not discussed with me that instant on phone and told me just to reach to the town a day before specific date which was after around one week, and for the lap of 2 days and with the words “Manish se kahna ki poora chance hai ki hum Radha Bhabhi ko bistar pe letta denge”
she specifically told me to tell my husband Manish that there is a bright chance that we will succeeded in lying Radha Bhabhi on bed for Hemant Jiju and Manish both. As expected when I discussed all this with my husband, Manish was pleasantly surprised and very happy, like me he was also desperately waiting for something to happen since 3-4 months from the time we were back home from our first sex orgy.
We planned and took leave from our place on specific day by road. It was my home town and I reached to my mother’s place on early evening. I met my mother and after having casual tea and snacks and leaving my son at mother’s place with a maid servant we took leave to meet Gunjan Didi at her place.
I must mention that while coming to this town and after leaving home throughout the way what I could think was just the way I was fucked in that last event, in a way I was treated like a slut on the bed by Hemant Jiju and his elder brother Bhanu Bhaiya and just like a slut I was delighted by the feeling of getting fucked like that I was sure that if somehow I will get in access of Hemant Jiju or Bhanu Bhaiya or both at the same time,
once again I will get sexually ragged by them and I was somewhat desiring that too. Altogether it was a journey of around 5 and a half hours by road and I was getting wetter and wetter with every passing minute. Though we could not talk to each other freely because of presence of driver but certainly my husband Manish was also in same mind state and along with fucking Gunjan Didi,
now he was thinking about fucking Radha Bhabhi too. Anyway we reached to Gunjan Didi’s place and as assumed, things were not casual at her place. Because Bhanu Bhaiya was out of town with his wife Kiran Bhabhi, Gunjan Didi’s in laws were staying at her place and there was also one elderly family who was staying at their house in the guest room.
We, I and Manish sat there casually in the living room with all the oldies by the time Gunjan Didi got ready and we came out of the house to sit in some restaurant where Hemant Jiju was suppose to reach directly from his work place.
Once again as such there was no conversation in the car because of our driver, it was just that Gunjan Didi was smiling while looking at Manish and Manish was responding to her equally well. Finally we chose an isolated seat in a good restaurant and settled down after ordering the desired snacks.
As expected Hemant Jiju was sitting beside me and Gunjan Didi beside my husband and first thing Hemant Jiju did after waiter was gone was holding my hand and keeping it on his crotch and by saying “Chaitu mere Lund ko sahla achhe se…kab se ye teri Chut ke andar jaane ke liye tadap raha hai”.
I was already expecting something like this from Hemant Jiju, from the moment he saw me he seemed restless for me. I touched his Penis over the cloth and tried to crush it; Jiju was hard like iron and seemed desperate like an animal to fuck me. Watching Hemant Jiju doing nasty things with his wife,
my husband Manish also wanted to do something with his wife but he was hesitating a bit but Gunjan Didi was nevertheless, before Manish would have thought about doing anything to Gunjan Didi, she herself placed her hand over his crotch and spoke “Dekhen mujhe dekh kar Manish ka Lund khada hua ya nahi…?” and like me she too squeezed her my husband’s penis to give him pleasure.
I was wearing simple salwar kameez and next Hemant Jiju moved his hand over my inner thighs and tried to reach to my fuckhole over the cloth and just like him Gunjan Didi took Manish’s hand and bought it over her crotch over her tight leggings. I must say that both husband and wife, I mean Gunjan Didi and Hemant Jiju were behaving and speaking out really crazy with us and we both,
I and my husband Manish were on just doing whatever they were asking to do. Finally all these mischievous acts ended soon as waiter came back with the snacks and shortly after he left somebody acquired seat which was very close to ours.
After few more mild jokes and hardcore statements, while eating Gunjan Didi opened the plan which we were suppose to implement to trap Radha Bhabhi to add her in our fucking group. Me and Gunjan Didi were suppose to meet Radha Bhabhi next day in the early evening in her vacant flat which was located bit far from the main city.
It was her birthday and as I mentioned, few days back Gunjan Didi was succeeded in lying Radha Bhabhi on bed for lesbian sex and since then Radha Bhabhi was somewhat eager to meet her again for same purpose but Gunjan Didi was avoiding going to her by giving her one or another excuses with clear intentions to arouse her up to certain extent and ultimately couple
of days before she promised Radha Bhabhi that she will meet her on her birthday to give her sexual pleasure as her birthday gift and to do that they decided to meet at her vacant but fully furnished flat which was part of her in laws investment on her child’s name.
That day after planning and thinking over all accepts of Gunjan Didi’s plan along with expensive wrist watch, we bought a beautiful set of satin Bra and Panty of her size as a birthday gift for Radha Bhabhi and ultimately both, I and my husband returned restless to my mother’s place to spend the night.
As it can be assumed I was restless for Hemant Jiju and Manish was for Gunjan Didi, we could not swap that night because as mentioned earlier Gunjan Didi’s house’s guest room was occupied with one relative couple and we could not do anything in that regard.
As suggested by Gunjan Didi that night even we, I and my husband did not had sex just to keep our sex hormones high for next day and I am not sure about Manish but even after so being aroused I did not even masturbated. Finally while watching late night movie Manish slept in the guest room with our son and I slept with my mother.
As expected by morning we both, I and Manish were highly aroused and only we know that how we controlled our desire and spent whole day without fucking. Soon before evening, once again leaving my son with my mom we four met and leaving both the males, Hemant Jiju and Manish bit far from Radha Bhabhi’s apartment me and Gunjan Didi reached to her place.
As expected all alone in the house Radha Bhabhi was eagerly waiting for Gunjan Didi. Although she was little surprised to see me standing beside Gunjan Didi but she met me with a pleasant smile. Gunjan Didi hugged her and kissed her on her cheek and we both wished her happy birthday and handed over her big bunch of Roses bought for her.
Now here if I will try to detail Radha Bhabhi in words with male’s perspective then I will say wearing a simple printed Georgette sari, that instant Radha Bhabhi was bursting out sex from every inch of her body, in appearance like me Radha Bhabhi is also bit dusky in color, possibly in her late thirties, any day taller than me.
Thought I cannot say that she is beautiful, rather she is average looking female having few birth marks on her face and neck, but she has sharp features which actually attract all males and along with that she has a physical structure of typical MILFs we usually in porn movies, almost flat belly,
heavy and well shaped milky juggs and erotically spread ass and fleshy thighs which are well in shape with erotically spread delectable buttocks for males to enjoy fucking her from behind. Just to recall my and Gunjan Didi’s physical appearance I would say we both the sisters, I and Gunjan Didi have similar body structure,
we both are good or above average looking females with pleasant features and reasonably good height, we are not fair but also not dark in color. None among us is slim and well maintained, rather we both are bit overweight for our height and have good amount of flesh over our thighs and ass mounds and along with jutting out ass, we both have heavy milks, with bit of belly too.
Now If I will talk about husbands, I will say that like me my husband Manish is also bit dusky and overweight, with nearly same height or may be an inch extra with significant belly but Hemant Jiju is fair and very good looking man, tall almost 6’ with a good built and broad shoulders and does not have extra flesh over his body.
Anyway moving back to the sequence, Radha Bhabhi met us gladly and I noticed she looked into Gunjan Didi’s eyes with a question mark in my regard and Gunjan Didi smiled a bit on her expressions and spoke to comfort her “Bhabhi… Chaitu is also a part of our gang…” she paused for a moment looked at me and then spoke again to Radha Bhabhi
“mera aur isska sex reletion bahut purana hai…from the time we were not married” certainly Gunjan Didi lied to her that I and Gunjan Didi are in sex relation since our unmarried time and in response before Radha Bhabhi would have saw me Gunjan Didi spoke to her again “aaj hum dono milkar aapko birthday gift denge” Radha Bhabhi looked at me with a confused gesture and in response I just smiled back.
From Radha Bhabhi’s gesture I could make out that she was not comfortable with whatever Gunjan Didi said that we both are going to give her desired birthday gift and she responded to that with a timid expressions over her face and went inside to serve us water and asked me while trying getting normal
“Chaitu kya legi…thanda ya garam….? “Hum dono hi Garam Garam Radha Bhabhi lenge… wo bhi bed par…aur poori tarah Nangi” using her wit Gunjan Didi replied back instantly and we both, me and Gunjan Didi laughed aloud on that, which actually embarrassed Radha Bhabhi a bit but Gunjan Didi reacted instantly and tried to console her by saying
“Bhabhi…please mind mat karna” and then after a pause Gunjan Didi spoke again “aur please Chaitu ko aap apna friend consider karo…she is just like me… rather bed par she is better than me… you won’t believe ye bahut achhi sucking karti hai”
Gunjan Didi words eased Radha Bhabhi a bit and sensing Radha Bhabhi’s mental state I moved closer to her and hugged her with affection and in response Radha Bhabhi also hugged me and somewhat accepted me. “I think we should start doing… because after one hour Hemant aur Manish bhi aa jaayenge… Birthday Cake lekar”
Gunjan Didi spoke again or somewhat lied while looking at her mobile, certainly both Hemant Jiju and Manish were coming with the cake but not after one hour, they were waiting for Gunjan Didi’s signal to come to the flat and I could see that she has typed something to massage Hemant Jiju, and just then Gunjan Didi spoke again while looking at Radha Bhabhi
“let’s see Hemant aapke liye kya gift lekar aata hai….I have told him to bought a birthday gift for you…” and once again it was pure lie as last evening birthday gift was already bought by us. After hearing this that Hemant Jiju and my husband Manish are coming here, though after an hour Radha Bhabhi went bit nervous and fumbled a bit while speaking to Gunjan Didi
“chhodo Gunjan wo sab…aaj nahi karte…. We will do it some other time…” “nahi nahi…aaj aapka birthday hai…aur humen aapko special gift dena hi hai…” “waise bhi Chaitu is here just for two days…” Gunjan Didi replied back and holding Radha Bhabhi’s hand moved to the bedroom.
Everything was running as per plan, we all three females were reached to her bedroom which was already neat and tidy for the purpose and very first instant after reaching Gunjan Didi started taking off Radha Bhabhi’s sari and spoke to me “Chaitu poora Nanga kar de Bhabhi ko….aaj inki doosri Suhagraat hai…”
I smiled deep inside on her words as I could understand what she meant and what all was about to happen with her and as Gunjan Didi unwrapped her sari from her body I started unhooking Radha Bhabhi’s blouse.
Certainly Radha Bhabhi was getting nervous, as per Gunjan Didi’s words Radha Bhabhi was very timid when she was laid by her for the first time few days back and this was just her second time but somewhere deep I could see her getting aroused with whatever we were doing to her.
Anyway I unhooked her blouse completely and took it out from her arms and behind me Gunjan Didi was also taking her clothes off. Next I tugged the thread which was holding her petticoat around her waist and in a moment Radha Bhabhi was standing just in Bra and Panty. By now behind me Gunjan Didi was also in her under garments.
She instantly came forward and by saying “Chaitu tu bhi Nangi hoja” she told me to take off all my clothes and then asked Radha Bhabhi “Bhabhi aapne apni Chut ke baal saaf kar liye the naa?” “Haan” Radha Bhabhi said yes to her and just then Gunjan Didi inserted her hand in her panty and somewhat rubbed her fuckhole to pleasure her and Radha Bhabhi moaned a bit.
While taking off my clothes I was looking at Radha Bhabhi, her eyes were almost closed and she was enjoying Gunjan Didi’s touch over her fuckhole. Though from Radha Bhabhi’s gesture I could see that she was really starved for sexual pleasure and desperately needs a man who can fuck her hard but still I could not imagine that how will she react when suddenly in this state Hemant Jiju and Manish will appear in front of her.
Yes…that was the ultimate plan and everything was moving just perfect, except my mind, I was little worried about her reaction and could not imagine the kind of mess which we could face if anything will go wrong from Radha Bhabhi’s side.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Terribly Silly Incest Ch. 02

Part 5

I woke up one morning feeling very tired. I managed to make it down to the kitchen and slumped into a chair at the table. Julie, my eighteen year old twin sister, looked very concerned about my state.
"Jason, you don't look very well this morning," she said. She bounced over to me and put the back of her hand on my forehead. "You feel pretty warm too. Are you sick?"

"I don't know," I said. "I just feel really tired."

"Well you should go back to bed then. I'll call Mom and have her call the school to tell them you won't be in."

"Okay. Thanks Julie."

I kissed my sister and she gave my cock a quick squeeze through my pants. She didn't seem very happy about going to school without me, but she was also clearly worried about me. Usually she wouldn't have left me at the house without at least giving me a blowjob beforehand.

I stripped off my clothes and collapsed back into bed. I tossed and turned for a while, but eventually fell asleep.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Terribly Silly Incest Ch. 01

Part 1

My eighteen year old twin sister, Julie, was easily the hottest girl in school. Everyone I knew I agreed on that fact. It kind sucked for me because it meant the sexiest girl around was completely off limits to me. I couldn't even count how many times I'd fantasized about her perfect body. I knew those thoughts were wrong, but I couldn't help them. It wasn't my fault she had the ability to give a guy a boner just by wearing a bikini.
Our mom and dad both had jobs that kept them away from home so much that I sometimes forgot we even had parents. That left Julie and I basically living on our own most of the time. Being left to take care of each other probably made us closer than most siblings.

The first time I ever saw my sister naked was a complete accident. I was sitting in my room minding my own business when Julie opened the door and walked in. She had a towel wrapped around her and her hair was wet. She had obviously just taken a shower.

"Whoops," Julie said when she saw me. "Sorry, Justin. I can't believe I accidentally went to your room instead of mine. I meant to go get changed."

"That's okay," I said.

I tried to play it cool, but the truth was that seeing her dressed in just a towel was kind of exciting. She was very athletic from her time as the head cheerleader, as well being captain of the school volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, football, and track teams. Her legs were perfectly toned, and her towel left them mostly bare. I wished I could have seen her butt too, since I knew how good that look when she wore tight shorts for her sporting events.

Before Julie could turn around, her towel slipped and fell to the floor. My mouth dropped open and I nearly had a heart attack as my sister was left completely naked in front of me. Her flawless round breasts and perfectly shaven pussy were on display for me. I knew I should look away, but I couldn't.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Padosan Aur Biwi Badli

Hello iss readers mera naam vinay hai meri umar 29 saal aur meri biwi pooja ki umar 22 saal hai,mera ek beta hai jiski age 7month hai.pooja meri patni bahut hi ache figure 32’’,30’’,34’’ ki hai jo dekhta hai dekhta hi rah jata hai.main ek private company main kaam karta hun.hamara flat 3rd floor par hai aur mere flat ke thik niche 2nd floor par meri company main hi kaam karne wala rohan 30yrs rahata hai vo dekhane main jitna sundar hai utna hi jhagdalu pravarti ka hai.uska uski biwi junali se aaye din jhagda hota rahata hai.unka ek ladka bhi hai jiski umar 1 saal hai.hamare rista ek doosre ke saath bahut achha hain.junali hamesha apne pati rohan se aur padosiyon se mere aur pooja ke riste ko lekar baat karti rahati hai ki in dono ki Jodi kitni achhi hai,kabhi bhi ladai jhagda nahi hota aur ek doosre ka kitna khayal rakhate hain vo ye tak kahati hai ki meri to bhagwan se ye prarthana hai ki agle janam main mujhe bhagwan vinay bhaisahab jaisa pati de.
Ab main aapko asli story ke bare main batata hun.ye ghatna laghbag ek saal pahile ki hai,march ka mahina tha,holi aane wali thi,junali aksar hamre bête ko khilane ke liye apne ghar le jaya karti thi aur main use vaapas lene ke liye kabhi kabhi uske ghar chala jata tha.aajkal kuch dinon se junali ko maine dekha tha ki vo meri taraf kuch alag nazar se dekhti hai,nazaren kafi der tak tikaye rakhti hai.jab main usse apne bête ko godi se leta to vo mere haath ko apne boobs par touch karane ka prayas karti thi.ek din maine bhi socha ki chola dekhta hun ki iska irada kya hai.maine jab apne bête ko uski godi se lene ke liye haath bhadaya to jaanbhujkar bête ko apni taraf nahi liya junali ko mera beta chodne ka intijaar karta raha.mera haath kamse kam 10second tak uske 32’’boob se sparsh karta raha.lekin vo nahi di.mere dil ki dhadkan tej ho gayi aur maine haath hata liya.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sanjana enjoying anal sex with husband

The ass. The backdoor. Considered taboo, and yet enticing and exciting. The bundle of nerves a source of sheer pleasure. Or pain. Hello, friends. I'm Sanjana, 25, and after many years of reading stories here, I thought I might finally share my story. I am not used to writing, so there will be many mistakes hence at the beginning itself I would like to say sorry.
I have been married to my husband Raj for a year, and it has been a happy marriage. We love each other and our sex life is good. My husband has always been gentle with me and we have tried a number of positions and even role play. There are times when he makes me orgasm twice or thrice in the same session. Needless to say, the spice in our bedroom (and outside it) is quite hot.
We have tried a lot of things, but one thing Raj always wanted to do with me was anal. He has pestered me quite a number of times, but I have always refused. He hasn't made me but does keep trying to tempt me.
Anyway, Raj was going out of town for a month on some project. He would be back on his birthday. Both of us were a little sad at having to stay apart, and the sex we were going to miss. We had promised each other that we would not even masturbate, and make up for it when he got back. So after he left, I took some time to adjust to being alone.
I worked a little more at office to kill time. At nights, I would wait intently for his call. Sometimes he talked dirty to me, and I felt myself getting really aroused. It was then that it occurred to me that I could gift him my anal virginity on his birthday. He was sure to love it. But I was scared of the pain as I had heard how painful it was. Something in me made me want to go ahead anyway.
So I started reading anal sex stories. All of them described it as being extremely painful at the beginning but then pleasurable. I searched for how to's and whatever information I could find, and then made up my mind. I was going to give him my gift and I knew he was going to love it.
Over the next four weeks, I started by fingering my butthole, slowly and with one finger, then two, then three. I was trying to practise loosening up my muscles. After my ass had gotten used to my fingers, I tried out objects. It was painful, but slowly I was able to control the pain, getting used to it over the weeks. My ass felt a lot loose now and I was turned on everytime I thought of Raj inside it.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

All In The Family

Amy had been dreaming a very erotic dream, so that when she suddenly awoke, her arousal was off the charts. Her body ached with such incredible need, that her pussy was sopping wet, and her flower was red and fully bloomed. Her breasts were so full of milk, that her nipples were elongated and swollen, as steady drips of milk continued to fall from each of her pink nipples.
She knew that her need was so primal, that only one thing would satisfy her completely. She needed to be fucked right now. She needed a hard cock buried deep inside her wet pussy, fucking her hard, making her come, and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

Her breasts were also in dire need. They needed to be suckled for awhile, since they were so full of milk. She imagined two hungry mouths latched onto her very swollen nipples at the same time, suckling her deeply, and relieving the pressure that she was currently feeling at the moment.

Amy rolled onto her back still half asleep, with one hand stealing between her legs, and the other hand trying to milk a swollen breast. She thrust three fingers into her wet puss immediately and moaned lustfully. Her moans increased, as she continued to pull and tug on her long nipples, and as milk continued to escape down her belly.

Her hands worked furiously, thrusting deep inside her puss, as she tried desperately to find some sort of relief. She became even more vocal as her need grew, and she found herself shifting and turning, trying to find any kind of relief she could, as she continued to masturbate furiously.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Topless Maid Service

I am a 38 year old single mother with a 12 year old son. After my divorce, i found it hard to keep a job, mostly because I could only work part time. Wanted to be sure that I was at home when my son left for school and at home when he returned each day.
Most of these jobs paid minimum wage but it was enough to supplement the child support I was getting and keep my son and I in our townhouse. The company I worked for went through some bad times and I was once again out of a job.

I scoured that newspapers and online ads for local part time jobs but none would allow me the flexibility I wanted to take care of my son. Finally I saw an ad looking for house cleaners. It seemed perfect, two to four hours a day, flexible schedules and good pay. I made phone call and at 11am the next day I was sitting in a little office in the back of a strip mall in town.

"Jack Northrup." the man said as he stood to shake my hand.

"Janice Egan, nice to meet you." I said.

"Tell me Janice, why are you interested in this position?"

I went on at length about my son and my divorce and the need for flexibility and that I had no experience cleaning houses except for my own until Jack interrupted.

"You do realize that this is a topless maid service?"

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Medical Check-Up Of Mom In Front Of Son

Vijaya is working in IT sector in a prestigious position. Her company offers free medical check-up for the employees. She called the doctor’s clinic to get an appointment. After getting appointment, she took leave from her office that day and reached the clinic. She took her 19 year old son, Jay to accompany her as he was enjoying his holidays then. They reached the clinic well before the scheduled time.
“Good Afternoon,” Vijaya said. “I have an appointment with Dr. Sharma at 4.30pm.”
The secretary looked down at her diary, checked out Vijaya’s name in the list and requested them to wait for a call. She was wearing a white saree with a low cut blouse, and her boobs were pushed firmly up to create a sexy cleavage. Jay got a nice view of her valley between mountains.
After about five minutes the phone rang, and after answering it the lady said out loud, “You may go in now.”
They entered the doctor’s chamber.
Dr. Sharma, a well built aged person confirmed as he received the E-mail from Vijaya last week regarding the check-up.The doctor rang the phone and the secretary entered the room. She collected sample for blood test of Vijaya, took her weight and she was nice in shape with 55 Kg weight.The lady left the room leaving Vijaya and her son with the doctor.
Dr. Sharma took a deep breath and explained about the new check-up policy the company introduced for the employee good health, “Well, Vijaya, let me ask you some questions related to your daily life. Few will be related to sex or something about women’s health. The information is so vital today to lead safe and healthy life. If you hesitate please let me know. We can stop discussing on the subject right there.”
“It’s ok doctor.” Vijaya answered with positive mind.
The doctor then turned his attention towards Vijaya. “What is your body measurement?”
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