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Fahima Begum sat in front of her bedside mirror unable to concentrate as she struggled to fix her hijab properly. Lately her mind had been plagued by doubts and sinful thoughts that no married Pakistani woman should have, and yet there they were. Fahima had been married to her husband, Ali, for 15 years now, whilst it was a good marriage it was missing something. In 15 years of marriage, Fahima and Ali had not been able to conceive a child. They had visited many different doctors to find out why and they all confirmed, what Fahima knew deep down, that Ali had an extremely low sperm count. 

The news shattered both of them and completely broke Ali. Fahima did her best to comfort him, assuring him that she held nothing against him and trying to explain how she loved him even more.

"It's Allah's will, my jaan, there is very little we can do. We can try for adoption," she said to him mustering all the enthusiasm and faith she could.

"Maybe," he replied in a flat tone. You could hear how shattered his heart was by the waver in his voice.

"Nothing is going to change, my jaan, but at least we still have each other," Fahima said with a small smile.

Four Play

The vacation had been set for almost a year. Tom and May Bradley were going on a cruise with their best friends Jack and Kate Arnold. Both couples were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversaries only two months apart. However the only major problem was how the couples were to get to Florida. Tom and Kate did not like to fly so they decided to drive to Florida. Since both May and Jack had started new jobs they did not have enough vacation time to drive down so they had flight reservations to fly down on Friday evening. 

It was the first week of February and bad weather was hitting the east coast with heavy snow in New Jersey, Maryland and Northern Virginia. May begged Tom and Kate to fly down with her and Jack but they would not fly. They had to leave a day early on Thursday which meant they would have to stop over about halfway in South Carolina. 

"Now you two be good," Jack said to his wife as she got into the passenger seat next to Tom. "And remember to get separate rooms." 

"Don't worry, I only have eyes for you," Kate said as she kissed him. She looked at the light snow falling. "We better get going." They pulled out into the traffic on the NJ Turnpike just north of Newark and knew it was going to be a long haul because the traffic was going only 30 mph. 

"Let me know when you get tired of driving and I'll take a shift," Kate said to Tom. She looked at the handsome tall blonde man and realized that if she wasn't married he would definitely be one of her targets. 

Friday, 25 September 2015


"Why don't you just ask her?" Dave said,.

"I'm pretty sure she wouldn't go for it."

"I had the same problem when I approached Jean. Her first reaction was no way. She wasn't about to become involved in group activities. But I got her thinking about it-the idea was planted, and one day she asked for details, the people, where, when, what we would be doing. And then I knew she was going to come around. A meeting was set up-she was a little reluctant at first, but when we got into it she found she was really having a good time, and now she is a very enthusiastic participant."

I said, "You know Karen is pretty straight-laced, she doesn't fool around and it would be a tough job convincing her to get involved in extra-marital sex. She might get mad as hell that I would even be thinking about involving her."

"Just plant the idea, don't push, let it germinate. Maybe mention it again after she thinks about it some. I could have Jean talk to her-tell her more about our activities."

Finally I got the courage to broach the subject to Karen. At first she was appalled-then angry. She said, "I can't believe you would want us to get involved in extra-marital sex!"

I said, "a lot of people are doing it these days, and they seem to have fun with it. It isn't love-it's just sex."

wife swap

All she has on is a sexy nightie. As we lie on the bed, I put my hand on her flat stomach and rub it ever so gently in a circular motion. I slide my hand down to her mound and just gripped it 'til she starts to moan. Damn, what a woman! We've been married for 18 years now.

She gets hot pretty easily. She spreads her legs and  says, "Are you going to fuck me, or what?

I just started laughing as she reaches for my cock. It's rock hard and she just rolls over and climbs on. As she's riding me, I reach up and grab hold of her big bouncing tits. I feel her getting ready to climax as she leans forward and gives me a big lip lock. I put my arms around her and hold on tight while I start spewing my cum deep inside her. Damn! Am I ever glad I married her. She is pretty much my everything, besides my two teenage daughters.

I'm Jack and she's Jill, I know that sounds corny but those are our names. As I mentioned, we've been married better then 18 years. I'm a Dentist, actually a DDS, "Doctor of Dental Surgery," I guess that's sounds more impressive and gets me the big bucks.

As she rolled off me she gave me another kiss and said she had something to ask me.

I looked at her and said, "go for it, what is it?" 

She looked at me smiling and said, "I want to fuck another man!"

First Swingers Party

Last weekend was one of many firsts. James and I decided to go to a couples party. Up to this point we had met couples before and ended up playing with our respective partners in the same room. As those that have read our submissions know, I'm a huge exhibitionist. I love dressing up as slutty as possible and parading around naked and teasing people. So a swingers party was the perfect opportunity for me to wear a new sexy top James had recently purchased. The top was cut low and showed off a lot of cleavage, however what made it that extra bit slutty was the fact the material was thin and my hard nipples poked out very predominately. The top was a crop top so I wore a tight, figure hugging high waisted skirt showing just a hint of my toned stomach, and black heels. James looked dapper as ever with jeans, dress shoes and a blue dress shirt.

When I left the house I had a different top on but as soon as I was in the car with James off came the top and I was left in my skirt and black lace bra. The bra was strapless and almost see through, very thin and my nipples were poking out already. James immediately reached over and gently massaged my right breast as he drove, then readjusted his cock in his jeans. I smiled to myself knowing he was getting hard.

Soon I was topless and enjoyed the hour long drive. Half way into the drive I put on the grey low cut top and once again James reached over and massaged me, even flicking my rock hard nipples to tease me. I sat back enjoying his hands on me but it was over too soon for my liking. I turned on the radio and started dancing away when my favourite song came on. The top did not stay up and kept sliding down my arms exposing my right boob, then left. I didn't care, I continued dancing, my boobs bouncing. The anticipation of the party was already getting me horny, not to mention James's hands on me and being topless in the car.

The Gift

Mark & Gail have been married for eight years and they are thoroughly dedicated to each other. And Mark has a gift that he would like to present to his bride. 

Mark: "Honey, I love you very much and I want only what is best for you, both now and in the future. I never thought that I would be able to love someone as much as I love you. My love is unconditional and absolute. If there is anything that will make you happy, then giving it to your or allowing you to enjoy it will bring me great joy. I do mean anything. That being said, I have a gift for you. It is not something that you can hold, but it may offer you comfort or enjoyment in the future. Know that my love for you is so strong that I have only your interest in mind. This is a gift and as with most gifts, I do not expect anything in return or any reciprocation. In the same way that you get a full body message at a spa, going in with stress and tension and leave relaxed and feeling good. The gift is the same at this. This gift comes with a few conditions and the first condition is I need you to listen without interruption until I am finished. So what is the gift? I am offering you the option to have sex with a random stranger as a situation may present itself. 

"I know that your first thought is shock and probably, 'Oh Hell NO!' But please let me explain the full details. You know how much I enjoy having sex with you and I savor and value each encounter that we have together. But your pleasure and enjoyment is my greatest concern. Now more about the conditions;

1) Strangers Only -- There should to no acquaintances. It must be someone that you have not met before and that you are not likely to see again. 

2) Safe Sex - please use protection.

3) Any encounter should add to our mutual Sex life and not take away from it -- If I am there, or in any way available, use me, I will do anything for you. If you will not be in the mood with me later that day or the next day because of this encounter, then perhaps it is not the right time for the gift. 

The Reluctant Lesbian 2

The Reluctant Lesbian

The rain relentlessly pounds on Sheila's bedroom window in a soothing beat that gently wakes Jackie from her deep slumbers. She uncoils from the fetal position she was rolled up in feeling completely sated and contented from head to toe to the very depths of her soul. For the first time in weeks there is no ache what so ever in her breasts. Just a warm pleasant tingly feeling that makes her sigh with relief. She feels another slight warm glow emitting from her well satisfied womb.
Erotic memories of the night before slowly come back to her as she stretches and luxuriates in the full body tingles only a woman can feel after being completely satisfied in every way. Disappointedly, Jackie realizes she is alone in the bed. Her two lovers have left her like the pleasant dreams of the night before, fading from her memory as if they had never been.

Jackie stretches again and light headedly sits up in the bed to look at the rain out the window. "Holy Shit, I slept through the night," She says as she begins to softly rub and message her nude breasts, enjoying the sensations that her hands are producing. She loses herself in her self message until she feels rays of sun light caress her breast through the window and she can no longer hear the rain. An hour at least has passed while she rubs her breasts in a trance like state.

Jackie has never felt so euphoric in her life. She feels like a goddess stepping down from heaven as her feet lightly hit the floor. Nude, she floats over to her freshly washed sweat shirt and pants folded on a nearby chair and sees the note Sheila has left for her pinned to her shirt.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Wife – A Lesbian Prostitute

Life sometimes takes such turns that one can just be a mere spectator and be a passenger in the seats of time. Sometimes, one cant fight or control the situations and could just flow with the directions of time. I choose this platform for tow reasons . first being cant express my self other than this forum and 2 love many a stories in this site.

Well, let me start by describing the whole conditions. I am a doctor working as health researcher in a reputed health care organization . My life was perfect . I am married for 5 yrs with a two and half year old kid , a lovely wife, staying in joint family with mom & dad also. By grace of God, I got a stable and decent salary and been lucky enough to work in my native home town.

I am 32 and my wife is 27. Ours was an love cum arranged marriage and both the families were happy with this alliance. My wife is good looking. Fair, smooth skin . I am 5\’10 but she was 5’2 . There was a bit of height difference, for which sometimes I pulled and joked about it. She is am amazing woman, and took care of my mom and dad just like her. the best striking feature was her hair. I was naturally straight, shiny, silky , smooth , dense and she maintained it till her ass. To think about it, she looks like Bollywood heroine Bhumika Chawala. She had round shaped boobs an even though not a stunner , she was real good looking lady.

Our sex life was good , with around 2-3 times every week. Although, after child birth, had many times drunk milk from her breasts too. So in all my life was going on at a good pace, a nice career, loving wife, doting parents and a adorable son.

Indian Couples Exchange Partners

Although she was more than 30 years old, Sameera still looked fairly young and attractive. She was one of those rare young women who due to their sheer beauty looked out of place in their environs. Nature had been generous in endowing her not only with a height of 5 feet 6 inches but also a clear complexion. A lissome body complimented with perfectly rounded breasts capped by perky nipples that had the hue of a combination of pink-chocolate. It took the little nobs very little stimulation to get erect and at times this proved to be a source of major embarrassment for Sameera, especially if she was without a bra.

Sameera was intelligent enough to know that nature's bounty has to be respected and so she took the right steps to accentuate all her strong points. Her pussy was perfectly shaped with a trimmed mop of hair covering the mound while the puffy lips of the pussy were defiantly exposed. She was under the shower and watched fascinated as the water ran down with its full gravitational force over her pierced belly button before its speed was temporarily arrested by the pubic hair and then finally having made its way out it again regained the same force to finally fall at her bare feet where it made little puddles before being drained away. She watched her nail polished toes and the little anklet adorning her shapely ankles. 

She hurriedly emerged and tiptoed in bare feet to the kitchen clad in nothing but a skimpy panty. She was a trifle uncomfortable moving around the house topless but there were two reasons why she was topless. Firstly she couldn't find anything appropriate next to the bed and secondly she had gone topless the previous night in front of her guests. She had been apprehensive lest the game go on any longer and she would have no option but to take off her panties too had they insisted. After all that's what the rules had provided. She could've kept on her panty but she would have to let the other person feel her breasts and nipples. Thankfully it did not lead to that. She kept two empty cups of tea in the tray and just as she was about to pour boiling water in the kettle, Ria walked in.

Indian Couple Experiments

My name is Alisha Saxena. I am a 29 year old housewife. My husband’s name is Udit. We have been married for nine years now and we have tremendous love and respect for each other. Sex between us is still good but not great. Over a period of time our lovemaking had become pretty much predictable. Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our desires. We were very happy with our marriage, still are, even possessive to some extent but we wanted to get rid of the monotony that was stalking us. We were so frank with one another that we’d often talk about people( and that included Udit’s elder brother) we’d like to have sex with.

I am 5 feet 5 inches tall in my bare feet whereas Udit is almost 6 feet tall. We make a good pair at least that is what we hear from our friends. I am slim, weigh about 55 kgs (Udit teases me saying that I am all 5 so perhaps he is the fifth man in my life, and if he is the first then four more will follow. He is really mean!), breasts are 34 C. Udit is someone who likes good sex ( don’t all men?) so I keep the pussy properly shaped to suit his tastes. Sometimes he wants the lips fully exposed sometimes covered with a little bit of hair. I go along with him but tell him that since I take so much trouble, surely somebody else too should get to see the pains that I take. Even the models who do all this get paid handsomely and I just get a good round of lovemaking. Of course, that round is excellent but who doesn’t like more admirers?

One day we watched an X rated film which dealt copiously with the topic of wife swapping and the couples appeared to be very happy with the outcome. X-rated movies fascinate me because the male actors are always so well endowed, or at least they are projected to be so. Till date I don’t know whether that is real or a photographic trick. Udit’s about average in size I guess, not that I’ve had much to compare it to. I’d only been with one other guy and that was shortly after I met and fell in love with Udit. He was a close friend of Udit and since the circumstances were so interesting I will narrate them for the benefit of readers.

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