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The Gift

Mark & Gail have been married for eight years and they are thoroughly dedicated to each other. And Mark has a gift that he would like to present to his bride. 

Mark: "Honey, I love you very much and I want only what is best for you, both now and in the future. I never thought that I would be able to love someone as much as I love you. My love is unconditional and absolute. If there is anything that will make you happy, then giving it to your or allowing you to enjoy it will bring me great joy. I do mean anything. That being said, I have a gift for you. It is not something that you can hold, but it may offer you comfort or enjoyment in the future. Know that my love for you is so strong that I have only your interest in mind. This is a gift and as with most gifts, I do not expect anything in return or any reciprocation. In the same way that you get a full body message at a spa, going in with stress and tension and leave relaxed and feeling good. The gift is the same at this. This gift comes with a few conditions and the first condition is I need you to listen without interruption until I am finished. So what is the gift? I am offering you the option to have sex with a random stranger as a situation may present itself. 

"I know that your first thought is shock and probably, 'Oh Hell NO!' But please let me explain the full details. You know how much I enjoy having sex with you and I savor and value each encounter that we have together. But your pleasure and enjoyment is my greatest concern. Now more about the conditions;

1) Strangers Only -- There should to no acquaintances. It must be someone that you have not met before and that you are not likely to see again. 

2) Safe Sex - please use protection.

3) Any encounter should add to our mutual Sex life and not take away from it -- If I am there, or in any way available, use me, I will do anything for you. If you will not be in the mood with me later that day or the next day because of this encounter, then perhaps it is not the right time for the gift. 

"I would ask that you call me before an encounter but it is not a requirement. And also request that you share with me the details of your encounter afterwards. After all, I do not want there to be any secrets between us. 

"I am not asking for any reciprocation or similar terms for me, this is a gift and I receive the benefits of knowing that I have given you a gift that you can enjoy. The gift being presented to you is my reward. Also, please know this gift is a true and genuine gift; it is not out of any guilt, I have been and will always be faithful to you.

"So, If you are having a bad day, or need some stress relief when you are out of town, as an example and an opportunity presents itself, please take advantage of it and have casual sex with some stranger. Please know that I am serious about this so, I am giving you a package of condoms. Please keep them with you, so you will always be prepared. 

"Please understand that if I am willing to give this gift to you out of pure love, then there is nothing that I would not do for you. You do not have to accept this gift, but please do not decline it." 

Their conversation continued for some time, with Gail immediately rejecting his offer, but as they continued to talk, she agreed to not reject the gift, but instead she advised that she would accept it, but could not conceive ever using it. 


It was almost six months later when Gail was called out of town on a business trip to Houston. The trip was projected to be a week long and she has already been there 8 days. That day she called me to tell me that she was having a tough day and still had quite a bit more work to complete before heading back to the hotel for the evening. Several hours later she called me back. 

Gail: "How are you doing Cubby? My day has gone from bad to worse at work today. Well, at least until I arrived back to the hotel. Were you serious about 'The Gift'? (Not waiting for a response) You know how my day has been going so far. And after finishing eating dinner at the hotel bar, and I ran into a Construction Contractor that is also here on business, and well, he does not have a clue what I am thinking, but he is divorced and well, what do you think?"

Mark: "That Great Honey! It sounds to me like you have numbers one and three taken care of. So, if you handle number two and you are good." (She made a puzzled sound.) "#1 -- must be strangers & #3 this won't take away from our sex life, as you are out of town. So if you practice safe sex, #2, then you are golden! Does he have a big dick; oh I hope so for your benefit?"

Gail: "I don't know, possibly. Are you sure about this?"

Mark: "I have never loved you more in my whole life. I had not thought it possible that my love for you would continue to grow, but it does grow more, every year that we are together. I want you to be happy and this sounds like the perfect stress reliever for you, after the bad day that you are having. Now go and have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow. I do want details."

Later that evening, she called me, just as she was walking into her hotel room. 

Gail: "Yeah, just calling to say good night and tell you that I love you very, very much." (Pause for conversation not heard on the other end of the phone)

"Yes, I just walked into my room with a guy that I picked up in the bar." (Pause)

"Sure, he is right here." (Pause)

"My Husband wants to talk to you." 

Ed: "Holy Crap, you're married!" 

She held up her ring finger and wiggled her ring in the air as she walked over and held out the phone. She was holding it in his face for a brief moment before he took it from her. After she handed him the phone she removed her jewelry, kicked off her shoes and adjusted the contents of her bag on the desk.

Ed: (Spoken cautiously) "Hello." 

Mark: "My wife deserves the very best sexual experience that you have to offer. Please take care of all of her needs and give her a night she will remember."

Ed: "Sure. I ..." (He stammered to finish his sentence, but could not find the words. 

Mark: "I know this is not a conversation that you were expecting to have, but my wife deserves the very best. I hope I can count on you. And also, NO ANAL!"

Ed: "Yes sir! Goodbye." He then set the phone down on the end table. Now that is the weirdest conversation that I have ever had." He said with a puzzled expression on his face. "A husband, asking me to have sex with his wife? I am not sure I understand this. Is he impotent?" 

Gail: "No, he just loves me with all of his heart. Now, no more talking." 

She removed her blouse exposing her bra. Followed by squirming her hips back and forth to lower her slacks below her hips and then dropping them to the ground. She stepped out of her slacks and turned to the side to look at Ed. She paused for a minute, standing there in only her bra and panties. Ed was not moving, but just standing there watching.

Ed: "Sorry, but I was just enjoying the view. You are a beautiful woman."

Gail sat down and crossed her legs to watch the action. Ed was in the process of removing his shirt when he noticed that she was watching his performance. Gail gave him a slight nod of approval upon seeing his solid muscular build with a moderately hairy chest. Ed sucked in and tightened his belly and he held it that way for a minute. Gail let a small half smile appear from the corner of her lips. A short moment later, when he could not hold his stomach in any longer, he exhaled, relaxing his stomach muscles to allow it to expand back to its normal size showing a small belly bulge. Her smile returned. He loosened his belt, unlatched his jeans and let them drop to the ground. He then looked down and realized he had not taken he shoes off. At this realization Gail laughed out loud, briefly. It was comforting to Gail that she could laugh, it allowed her to relax a bit from the unique situation of 'the gift' from her husband; she was quite nervous. 

As he tried to kick off his shoes with his pants around his ankles, he almost fell and had to steady himself on the edge of the table. And at this she let out another laugh. Ed managed to remove his shoes and pants, followed by his socks. He did not pause and quickly removed his boxers and stood there with his hands on his hips in all of his glory. Gail did not want to stare but she could not wait to see his package. His penis was hanging limp pointing to the floor in front of his testicles, but she could tell that he was 'well hung'. A small smile appeared on Gail's face, it was really more of a smirk. She felt a small squirm inside her in anticipation of the evenings adventure that they were about to enjoy. 

Ed held his pose, as he was now waiting for Gail to continue with her turn at undressing. She caught onto his implications and stood up and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Lowering her bra in front of her she set it on the edge of the bed. She looked back up and Ed was still waiting, although he was enjoying the view of her 'C' cup breasts, still quite perky for her years. Ed maintained his gaze on Gail and at this she walked around the king sized bed and climbed into the bed and reclined down with her head on one of the pillows. She begged him with her eyes to come to her and he obliged her. Upon arriving at her side, he bent over and reclined on the bed next to her. He kissed her on her neck and began to fondle her breast. She arched her back as she was enjoying the attention and the mystery of having a stranger in her bed. 

He slid his lips down from her neck and began to suckle on her left breast while he fondled her right breast. She melted into the bed at the sheer pleasure that she was feeling. He then moved his hands down along the curve of her waist and aligned one of his hands to the back of her bikini panties. He then reached down with his lips and then bit the front of her bikini with his teeth and pulled the garment down, while pulling the back side of the garment down with his hand. He continued his grip with his teeth until he removed it beyond her feet and then flipped onto the edge of the bed with a flip of his head, like a seal playing with its food. While still down at her feet he reached up as far as he could and placed his hand flat on her belly. He pulled his hand towards him with a light touch to Gail's skin. He pulled his touch to her neatly trimmed bush and gently touched her vaginal lips as he worked to also touch the insides of her thighs. He continued his touch down both of her legs, now with both hands down to his feet. 

Ed then rolled his hands over and touched the back of his fingers to Gail's feet and then moved then up her body, retracing their previous path. He moved the back of his fingers slowly as he again touched her vaginal lips and then onto her belly, breasts and up to her shoulders and down her arms. Upon reaching her hands with the back on his fingers, he dropped them between her fingers and locked his grip into hers. He then returned his lips to her breasts and slid a finger into her vagina and swirled it around. Pulling his wet finger up to her clitoris he began with small circle in one direction and then reversing his finger back the other way. He continued to work his finger until she erupted with the blessed relief of orgasm. 

Gail sat up and grabbed a condom from the end table, ripped it open with her teeth and positioned it on the tip of his penis as he sat in the middle of the bed. She grabbed his shaft with one hand, feeling its warmth and girth. She slowly rolled the condom onto his penis, rolling it all the way to the base. As she finished, Ed gently pushed her back down onto the bed and rolled on top of her. He then positioned his penis to her vagina and swirled his tip around her entrance. He slowly began to insert his penis with a gasp by Gail and another gasp as he finally grounded inside her. Her lips were quivering, as she exhaled, at the pleasure of his large member stretching her, to her great pleasure. His strokes were just perfect to hit her Clitoris, while his member was able to hitting her G-spot. It did not take her long to enjoy her orgasm once again. 

They continued for quite some time in this position until he rolled the two of them over to reverse their positions. Once Gail arrived on top of him, she sat up on top of him and began to grind into him. Ed wasted no time to reach up for her breasts and grabbed one of them in each hand. As he worked her bountiful globes, she rocked back, arching her back and supporting her weight with her hands behind her. This bent his penis back inside of her, applying full pressure to her G-spot. It did not take long for her to begin another orgasm, which caused her vaginal muscles to begin to throb. This throbbing brought Ed to orgasm just moments after she finished. 

Gail lowered herself forward and then rolled off of him. They lay side by side looking up, both working to catch their breath. 

Ed: "I hope that your husband will be satisfied with my performance tonight."

Gail: "I am very satisfied, so he will be pleased. 

Ed: "I do not think that I could have been so giving with my wife when we were married. I cannot wrap my mind around his logic in this situation."

Gail: "He just loves me very much and only wants what is best for me, even if it does not come from him. He calls it 'The Gift'. And you were my first in accepting the gift."

Ed: "May I have your phone number?"

Gail: "No, this was a onetime event. You were amazing, thank you." 

Ed shared a few pleasantries and left the room. The next morning, Gail called me early and thanked me for allowing her to have that experience. She also shared that he was very attentive and did an exceptional job at satisfying her needs. I probed for more information and she offered a little, but advised that she wanted to go over all of the details once she was back home and in my arms. She did answer one of my direct questions, 'Yes, he was quite large'. 

Two days later she returned home and gave me one of the biggest and most passionate kiss ever. I was very happy to see her, including having an instant erection just seeing her face. I carried her luggage into the bedroom and she followed and plopped belly down on the bed upon her arrival. Then in her playful voice she patted the bed next to her.

Gail: "Come lay down here next to me. So, I have been thinking about this conversation on the flight back home and exactly what I was going to share and how I was going to tell my little story. So I thought the best way would be to just show you. But first, I want to know that you are still good with all of this."

Mark: "Yes, I am very pleased and relaxed in this situation, if this evening made you happy and relieved the stress that you were having on that day, than this makes me happy too. So, you are going to recreate the evening, NICE!"

Gail: "No, I am going to show you. I have a video."

With that said, she pulled out her digital camera, the nice one I bought her for Christmas the previous year, and she explained how she was setting up the camera as soon as she walked into the room while she was on the phone with me. She explained that she was not even sure if she would ever show it to me or just delete it. She had pulled the camera out of her bag and placed in on the table, hit the record button and walked away. 

Gail: (referring to the Camera) "It caught everything. But I have one rule; we are going to watch it once and then delete it. I have already previewed it and it is all there."

With that she hit play on her camera and we both leaned in, to watch it on the small screen of her camera. The first word heard on the screen were, 'Sure he is right here.', 'My Husband wants to talk to you.', 'Holy Crap, you're married!' We both laughed and smiled. Gail narrated the first few minutes of the video and she gave me some background on their conversation in the bar and his expression when she invited him up to her hotel room. She stopped talking at the point when they were both naked and they starting to really get busy.

Gail: "You enjoy the rest of the video. I am going to take a bath." 

I continued to watch the video and got undressed; in preparation for what I was anticipating was going to be a very memorable love making session. Good thing too, because my erection was rock hard at this time and would not relax. I finished watching the video. Much of it was dark with silhouettes and shadows, but I still watched the whole thing. I started to watch it a second time since Gail was still in the bath. Gail exited the bath, drying herself with a towel that she quickly discarded to the ground. 

Gail: "So you are still good with everything. (In a very flirtatious voice) Can I do it again sometime, if the opportunity presents itself? Good! Because it already happened a second time."

She paused a moment to see the expression on my face and to make sure that she was not in trouble for not calling.

Mark: "I am more than fine with that."

Gail: "Good, because I was having another tough day. (Spoken with a playful lilt in her voice) It was Mark again. We were both in the bar the next night, and I couldn't just ignore him. So we talked for a bit and laughed and had a few more drinks. He asked if we could...again. I told him that you would not mind. So we went back up to my room and we had sex once more. You're not mad?"

Mark: "Only if he was a selfish lover this time."

Gail: "No, he was great."

Gail then joined me in one of our top 10 most amazing sexual encounters of our marriage. It was amazing for both of us. 


It was more than a year later, as we were walking back in to our Hotel, on a short trip to Memphis, when Gail, had a shocked expression on her face and advised that she saw Mark, from her Houston trip, right there in the lobby. She held back as I walked straight up to him. 

Mark: "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Ed!"

Ed: "I am sorry, who are you."

Mark: "I am Mark, you know my wife Gail, from your trip to Houston quite some time ago."

Gail walked up to join us; I saw his expression go from being puzzled, to recognition, to shock. 

Mark: "I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my wife when she was having a tough couple of days back then."

Ed: "It was my pleasure, absolutely my pleasure. But I thought her name was Jill?" (Pausing for a moment) "She said never again, so a fake name makes sense."

This odd trio enjoyed a drink at the bar together, to cap off their evening. 

Gail: "Hey, I have an idea!"

By: Jay Namelorb

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