Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sexy Milky Sisters

Donna was dashing around her apartment pulling herself to together for her big date. As she ran from room to room fixing her hair, putting on her carefully selected outfit, her older sister Bonnie stood holding Donna's six-month old baby boy. 

"You have my cell number. Try not to call, but call if you have to," Donna said as she flew from the bathroom to her bedroom closet. 

"Okay," said Bonnie as she jiggled the baby and cooed at his smiling face.

"I should be home by eleven. But who knows, I might get lucky!" Donna made a face and continued, "But even if I do, I'll be home for the two o'clock feeding. 

Donna was pulling on a pair of spike heels, "fuck me heels", Bonnie thought. Donna stood in front of the full-length mirror regarding her now-finished outfit and her figure, which was rapidly regaining its former hour-glass shape. Her hectic schedule of work and childcare had slimmed her down to nearly her pre-pregnancy weight. True, her hips were a little rounder and her waist wasn't quite as trim as it had been. But her vastly increased bustline made her waist seem tiny by comparison. Bonnie was inspecting her little sister's figure too. Bonnie was a little shorter than Donna, and rounder. She always had been. While Donna's bustline had ballooned with pregnancy and breastfeeding, Bonnie's had always been very full. Bonnie had an almost exaggerated hour-glass figure. Bonnie wondered whose boobs were actually bigger. 

But her idle musing was cut short as Donna suddenly panicked over not being able to find her keys. When she finally located them, still in her apartment door lock, she grabbed her purse and was out the door. Right on cue, little Sammy started to cry. Bonnie walked him around the apartment and to his little room. She tried to amuse him with little sing-songs and his favorite toys, many of which she had given him. But Sammy was still fussing. She decided he must be hungry. She walked to the fridge where Donna had said she would find a bottle of milk she had pumped earlier in the day. 

Cuckold Indian Hotwife First Adventure

This is a true story. This is the story of the first cuckolding experience in my life (which was 100% provoked by my husband!). This will tell you how I became a “hotwife”, as you may call it. I’m a 37 year old married woman from Kolkata, India. I’m married for last 16+ years & I have 2 kids too. I’m quite fare, beautiful, attractive and I look much younger than my actual age. I think I’m a bit voluptuous. But, my husband says there is more of me to love. And, I know guys love everything about me. I have 36D firm ****, 30” waist & 38” jumbo buttocks. I have large, dark brown, succulent nipples. I have sexy hazel eyes and dense shining hair like a fairy queen. People always told me that I have a very hot, seductive body & an angel-like innocent face. I know why all men considered me as treat for their eyes, ever since I became 19-20. And I always cherished & relished being watched, ogled & longed by those lusty eyes. But, I have been a good girl throughout:-)

When I got married I assumed that for the rest of life I would be with only one man - my husband. For many years it was this way and we enjoyed a normal yet boring married life. We had flirted with the idea of bringing in a third person to spice up our sex a bit and explore swinging, but it never really amounted to anything.

During February 2007, when I shifted to a new city (named Bhubaneswar) something incredible happened, which changed my life forever. After about 11 years of blissful marriage, my husband decided that we should bring in some other person in our bedroom to take our sexual exploration to the next level. Obviously, I was completely against bringing in another woman because I was not sure how I would feel seeing my husband buried deep inside another woman. To my utter surprise, my husband looked happy about my decision and immediately suggested bringing home another man instead! I had never even thought of this as an option figuring that my husband would be equally as uncomfortable seeing another man **** me as I would be seeing him **** another woman. I was totally surprised by this suggestion and was not very comfortable with the idea of sharing my body with someone else. We talked about it for a while and I told him I wanted to think about it. After a few days I was warming up to the idea and eventually decided that I would sacrifice my body to another man to please my husband. I told we could do it and that if he could find a willing suitor I would allow myself to be taken.

I Love Being Spanked By My Wife

Enjoying Breastfeeding To Old Age Uncle 

Since my baby was born eight months ago at the age of 23 years and my sex life has taken a turn for the worse. My husband doesn't seem very interested, other than an occasional quickie, which leaves me feeling low, not wanted and sexually frustrated. I have worked hard to get myself back in shape and I think I have succeeded very well. The only difference in my body, compared to pre-pregnancy, is the fact that my breasts are much larger and full of milk. I am still breast feeding my baby once a day. The only problem is that I have a surplus of milk and have to express some daily. To me, though, my **** look fantastic. They are large, firm and my nipples are huge and always look swollen and erect. It turns me on no end and they feel extra sensitive and sensual. My husband, however, doesn't seem to like them for some reason and moans at me when my nipples poke through my clothes. He thinks it looks disgusting. I think it looks hot and so very sexy.

Anyway, there I was feeling frustrated when my next door Uncle called on me one morning. This Uncle was my Mother's cousin brother. He was 56 years old. He's a decent bloke and, while we chatted, I couldn't help but notice that he was fascinated by my breasts. He seemed unable to keep his eyes off them. I suppose I couldn't really blame him as my nipples were firm and showing through my thin t-shirt..I also hadn't realized that my nipples were slightly leaking milk and there were two damp patches on my t-shirt. When I glanced down I eventually saw this and felt embarrassed. I mumbled something about having too much milk. He looked at me and said, "Lucky baby."

Indian Wife and Her College Friend

We're Varun and Shriya, a married couple living in the USA. We're originally from Chennai, India. Shriya is a typical tamil Brahmin girl: very fair and very curvy, with fat in all the right places. Though she comes from a conservative family, she is very modern in her outlook and is dynamite in bed. She has lots of values, and I knew she would never cheat on me.

One day she told me that a friend of hers was coming to our city for some work, and asked whether he could stay with us during that time. We did have a spare bedroom that wasn't getting used, so that presented no problem for us. When I asked who the friend was, she told me it was Sriram. He was her friend from college and I knew he had a crush on her. They were very close, even though she had said no when he had proposed. 

Now hearing that this was the guy, I was a little apprehensive. This must have shown on my face, because Shriya asked me if I was thinking about the old college stuff. She said all that is ancient history and that they actually hadn't talked in some time. This settled me and I said sure, let him come.

So the day came when he arrived. Unlike me, he had obviously kept himself in shape. With a beard, he was pulling off the rugged look quite well. His tight tee shirt accentuated his muscles. We exchanged pleasantries and sat down, talking while Shriya went to get us coffee. Shriya had dressed nicely since she knew he was coming. She had on a semi transparent saree with a low neck blouse. I saw his eyes follow her as she walked away.

The Cuckold Life

Priyanka Kulkarni opened her web cam and also accepted the invitation from Zoheb Khan to see his web cam. She had been chatting with Zoheb on Yahoo messenger for quite some time and had finally accepted to show herself on the webcam after lot of requests from Zoheb. Priyanka's husband Amol was sitting beside her and watched nervously as his wife chatted with Zoheb. He was the one who had started it all and was wondering if this was in control now.

Amol was 28 and Priyanka was 22. They both worked in Software and lived in Mumbai. Right from initial days of their marriage, Amol had fantasy of being cuckolded by his wife with some other man. He had shared this fantasy with Priyanka and initially Priyanka had just laughed it off. But when Amol kept harping on it, finally she had agreed to give it a chance. Amol had chatted with various men in Yahoo messenger public chat rooms and finally had struck up friendship with Zoheb. 

Zoheb was a businessman and he lived in Powai. He was 34 and a divorcee. He was quite rich and handsome in every way. Initially Amol had chatted with Zoheb for some time. And after lot of convincing on her husband's part, Priyanka had started to chat with Zoheb. They had chatted for some time now.

Initially they had just chatted but soon they started talking on the voice call facility of Yahoo Messenger. Initially their talk had been mostly platonic and there was no mention of her husband's fantasy. But Priyanka knew that someday there would be mention of that. That was the whole point behind the talk in the first place. But she was hoping that Zoheb would bring the subject rather than her.

"So Priyanka, how are you?" She could see on the web cam that Zoheb was sitting on the bed.

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