Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Very Different Threesome

My wife and I have had several interesting sexual experiences over the years. We have a very active sex life filled with fantasies and role playing and whatever pleases us at the moment. We have also experimented with a threesome with a friend, threesome with a stranger, a small gang bang and some other activities we call "sport fucking." Virtually all our experiences have been positive and we have been together for most of them. 

However, my wife had one lover that she met before we married. He was a Navy SEAL and kept himself in great shape and his wife is an accomplished artist who actually asked my wife to pose for a nude portrait for her gallery. That is how Maggie met Gordon and Mary. Gordon was hot for Maggie when he saw her naked in Mary's studio and they stayed in touch. 

Gordon and Mary had an "open relationship" and told Maggie so. Nothing happened for several years until Maggie ran into Gordon and they decided to have lunch to discuss life and old times. This led to the two of them having hot, steamy sex at our mountain cabin and Maggie told me about it years later. She also confessed that she had sex with Gordon after we married. She did not tell me about those liaisons but I knew it had happened and did not push it with my wife. I was curious about why she never wanted to talk about her relationship with Gordon especially since she was so open about our other activities and other lovers. 

Maggie did reveal one of her trysts with Gordon via a "fantasy story" she wrote for me a couple of years ago. I read the story, which was really hot and steamy and I knew it was real.....that she had done exactly what she wrote about just a couple years earlier and after we were married. 

Picture Perfect

I found the first photograph in the mailbox when I came home from work one Monday afternoon. It was in an unsealed, unaddressed white envelope. The snapshot showed my wife Ashley in the backyard with a garden hose, watering a bush. I hadn't taken the picture, and planned to ask Ashley about it, but we had plans that night and it completely slipped my mind.

The next day after work I found another white envelope in the mailbox. It was a telephoto shot this time. Ashley was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool, staring off dreamily with her feet dangling in the water. The outline of her nipples could be seen clearly through her wet bathing suit. The picture perfectly captured her beauty and sensuality. The photo was on my mind all evening—but again, I couldn't think of a way to bring it up. All night long I watched her closely, silently wondering over and over again who was taking these pictures and leaving them in our mailbox.

The next day came and, along with it, the third photograph. I quickly put down my briefcase and opened the envelope. It was a snapshot of Ashley sunbathing naked. Beads of sweat covered her body. Did she know that she was being photographed? I couldn't tell. Her eyes were closing as though she were dozing. I couldn't imagine whom she would allow to see her naked, much less take a photograph of her in such a state. Perhaps the person had quietly slipped into the yard, snapped the shot and left. But who could it have been, and when did it happen? That very afternoon?

Although I was still unable to bring myself to ask my wife about the pictures, I was beginning to enjoy the mystery behind them.

Surprising a Prude of a Wife

Years ago while in the Army, my wife Mary and I were living in Government housing in Germany. We had been married for over 10 years. Mary was a "good" Catholic girl when we first got married, and was a virgin on our wedding night. Throughout our marriage Mary made it plain that she considered sex more of a duty then something that should be enjoyed. She would lay motionless and silent during the act, except for those rare occasions when she had too much to drink. When that happened,it was as though an inner demon had been let loose and she would start moaning and moving her hips to meet the my every thrust of my cock deep into her cunt, and it was the only time her pussy was actually wet. Other than that, the same thing once a month, no variations, no sucking dick, nor any of me eating her pussy, just her spreading her legs, me getting on top, and pounding away until I came. Always in the dark, no foreplay, no me seeing her naked. 

I was coming home a day early from a month long deployment with the high hopes that we would celebrate my early return by polishing off a few bottles of wine, and just maybe she would get a little drunk and she would be interested in getting laid. As I pulled up to the Housing area I was thinking about some of the changes in my wife's behavior just before I left. She had started wearing tighter and shorter skirts, started having a few drinks a couple of times a week, followed by her wanting to have sex. She had always had a very hairy bush, but seemed offended on the several times that I suggested that she trimmed her bush, yet she had trimmed it very nicely just before I left. Something was going on with her that she wasn't telling me about.

I quietly unlocked our door and went into our apartment making as little noise as possible in the hopes of surprising her. After not finding her in the living room, dining room, or kitchen, I thought that maybe she was taking a nap, and heading for our bedroom. 

Just before I opened our bedroom door I could hear some moaning, and then heard my wife say "Oh yes, fuck me!" I was shocked! Not only was someone fucking my wife, but in all of the time we were married I had never heard her say the word "damn" much less "fuck". I eased the door open and looked inside, and there I saw the back of a Black man with my wife's very white legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms wrapped around his neck. From the angle that I was at I could see his large black cock pumping in and out of her, while her ass was frantically squirming back and forth as though she was trying to work every inch of his member as deep inside of her as she could. The whole time she was moaning and talking to him, begging him: "Fuck me harder," "Don't stop," and "GOD, I love your cock. I love how you fuck me!" 

Husband and Lover

Joe is returning from a tour in Afghanistan. He was wounded when an IED went off under his hummer. He was lucky. It malfunctioned and the blast only messed up his knee. With a few months of rehab it will be as good as new. He looks out the window and watches the landscape moving under the plane.

I'll be home soon to the love of my life. God, I miss her. She is so beautiful and loving. I really miss holding her in my arms and feeling her respond to my caresses.

His cock is half hard thinking about having her again.

His plane lands and he sees his wife and some friends looking out the window at the receiving gate. He walks off the plane and he runs to his wife and takes her in his arms. A group of people applaud him. A few shout, "Welcome home. Thanks for your service." He holds her and his friends pat him on the back.

"Oh Joe. It's so good to hold you again. I missed you so much."

She has tears in her eyes. He kisses her tears.

"Oh baby, I missed you too. I won't leave you again. Never."

His buddy Tyrone grabs him and gives him a man hug.

"Welcome back buddy. It's really great to see you again. I'm glad you made it back."

The Idea

Less than a year ago Tim my husband and I had been married six years and were getting along great. Upper middle class, we had just about everything. I had just turned thirty-one and Tim was forty-four. Tim is 5'8" and quite handsome with his salt and pepper hair. Tim is also a workaholic banker and a great provider. While Tim is no hard body and a little pudgy, he isn't fat. Tim is very adventurous and it was that adventurous spirit of his that I fell in love with. Tim is always hungry to try new things. Sex was very good and with Tim, creative. 

I met Tim at work, when I was fresh out of college with a masters. Tim was older and different from the college boys I had dated. Mature and grounded with a hidden undercurrent of rebel, I fell for Tim immediately. I was no virgin and had dated two guys seriously during college. The first guy was my high school sweetheart Jimmy. Jimmy and I lost our virginity to each other in our freshman year. Jimmy needless to say was very inexperienced. Missionary was the only position he liked and no matter how many times I wanted to try something new we always ended up with me underneath. At least with Jimmy he was enthusiastic. 

Jimmy and I broke up in our senior year when I found out he was doing my roommate Jan. After Jimmy I met Robert the hippie. Robert was shall we say laid back. We dated for two years. Sex with Robert was good, especially oral, but infrequent because Robert preferred drugs. Robert and I dated till I graduated. After applying and getting a new job in a different city I packed my things and moved out. We were both ready for the change and I never saw Robert again. 

The Measure Of a Man

Terry poured a cup of coffee for his friend John as they sat at the table with Terry's wife Marge. It was Saturday night and they had invited him round for a meal. 

John thanked him and then said, "Marge, that was the best meal I've had in ages. You're a wonderful cook. If Terry hadn't got you first I would have married you in a second." 

He felt quite comfortable talking like that as the three people had been friends for twenty years. They had known each other since school and had since gone into business together, opening a shop that had grown into a small chain of mini-markets across several cities.

Ordinarily Marge would have laughed at his sally and come back with a witty reply of her own, usually at his expense. However, this time she merely smiled briefly and blushed a quiet, "Thank you," 

John was a little surprised by her reaction and looked askance at Terry who looked down at his own cup. "What's the matter?" he asked, "Have I said something wrong?" 

Terry looked up at John and said, "Actually John, we had an ulterior motive for asking you over tonight. We have a favour to ask of you." 

John said, "Name it." 

Still blushing, Marge stood up and began to clear the table. She would not look at either of the men. Terry looked back down at his coffee and started to turn the cup on the saucer. John was a little worried now. They were his friends and he was willing to do anything for them. 

Exposing Amy

This all started one day when my wife was sat on a bar stool. We were having lunch in a pub and my wife Amy decided she needed to go to the toilet. As she spun around her dress seemed to catch and as she lowered herself from the stool her dress rose up her thighs. The lads sat down across from us had a clear view up her skirt and they can't but have seen her panties.

This innocuous incident changed our lives.

Amy was really seriously embarrassed, and anyone else would have thought that she was really overreacting. That is anyone but me. The thought that other men had seen up my wife's skirt made me boil with anger and jealousy.

That's right, just someone seeing up her skirt. Not seeing her naked, not fucking her, just seeing her was enough.

Later that night we talked about the incident, and to cut a long story short, it transpired that after 10 years of marriage, we had only now found out, that we shared the same irrational fear. Amy being seen by another man and me knowing another man had seen her was the basis for a joint phobia, psychosis, mania or paranoia or whatever else a shrink would label it as.

For the next year or so we managed to control our lives around this. For example, we had always taken sightseeing type holidays before, but now our aversion to sun and beach type holidays had a name, we now understood why we were both so against them.

Lately this control and management had collapsed.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cosplaying Yeina

Part 1

"Hey Jana, good to see you!"

"Hey Tom, likewise. Long time no see, huh?"

"Right. Listen. This is actually super-secret, and I shouldn't tell you anything, but..."

"Hmmm? Did you just say that you want to tell me something but can't?"

"Uhmmm... well... forget it!"

"What the hell? You're not supposed to talk with me about what exactly?"

"No, really, forget it. You wouldn't be interested in this anyway..."

Oh fuck, what was this shit again? Why can't anybody just tell her straight away what they are up to? Why is Tom like that? Why does he even start to tell her about stuff just to tease her, and then stop and claim that she won't be interested anyway? Was she some kind of toy to be kicked around, or what?

"Damn, Tom. Cut this crap and tell me. Now!"

The Business Trip

I had been running around like a headless chicken, trying to ensure I had all the bits I needed for the convention at the spa resort where I hoped to get a promotion at work from the information I would glean at the convention. Anne my wife was coming along for the trip and I was getting stressed out as I tried to ensure we arrived on time.

Somehow, god knows how but we arrived early and we settled into our room, well more like a suite with two double beds, lounge, en-suite and a Jacuzzi. I decided to make use of the Jacuzzi and slid in beside my wife and before long I had her bouncing around on my cock as we made love in the bubbles.

We went down in time for dinner and I introduced Anne to some of the others I knew. There was one guy called Frank, we called him 'frank the wank' as it was common knowledge he had a large cock which we all nicknamed the 'pussy pleaser'. As well as that, he always ended up screwing someone at these conventions. I was even less happy when I discovered he was in the adjoining room to ours, so I told Anne to keep clear, telling her he would only be interested in getting her out of her panties. She laughed and made some comment about him not being that bad.

As the night went on Anne ended up at the bar chatting to this Frank, as I tried to keep an eye on her, and talk business with the others. Eventually our discussion ended and the guys drifted off to their respective rooms. By now Frank and Anne were sitting in a booth together, I bought a drink and moved over to sit beside Anne. The three of us chatted and soon the conversation turned to the point that Frank's comments were becoming inappropriate, telling her she had a lovely figure and that she was a sexy lady.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I Love To Be Sucked At My Boobs By Two People Simultaneously

Jason And Charlie Suck My Nipples

Last year, my ex-boyfriend (Charlie) and I went down to visit his friend for a long weekend. He and the friend have always had a very competitive relationship-- they are competitive an all aspects of their lives including career achievements, salaries, academic achievement and of course, women. They are consistently interested in each other's girlfriends.

At any rate, this was the first time I was meeting this friend. Charlie said that his friend was a breast man and wanting to show me off or 'boast' about me, he asked that I wear revealing clothes over the course of the weekend. I am always happy to show off my breasts and legs so I obliged him.

The Friday we arrived, I wore a v-neck top that showed my cleavage. We went out for dinner. His friend was across the table from me and he couldn't stop looking down my top. The friend-- Jason-- went to the bathroom and my boyfriend asked if I wanted to tease him. I thought that Jason was attractive and so I agreed.

When he got back to the table, I kept leaning forward to expose more and more of my breasts to his sight. His eyes were glued to my round, smooth globes. I made excuses to touch my breasts, accidentally grazing my nipples when eating. At one point, Charlie pretended to 'spill' my water on me, soaking the front of my (white) t-shirt and making my nipples stand out. I dabbed at the wet cloth but really just rubbed my nipples back and forth, making them even more obvious to Jason. He looked like he was going to swallow his tongue!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I Am An Indian Wife

My Journey From Wife Swapping Swinging To Prostitution. 

I am 41 year old married Muslim woman from Pali Hill, Bandra area in Mumbai, India. Being raised in conservative Muslim family, I was married very early at the age of 20. I have been married for 21 years. I have 20 year old daughter & 19 year old son studying in college.
Ten years back when I was 31, while cleaning my house, I accidentally discovered few magazines that my husbands had hidden. Out of curiosity, I opened it & found that it is magazine for swingers. There were lot of advertisement for wife swapping, gang bang, three some etc. There were hundreds of ads in it. I read it and put that back.
Fast forward, my hubby showed that magazine to me later on. I pretended that I have not seen that magazine. He asked me what I thought about people who does wife swapping. I said, well if two consenting adults want the same thing then it is no body's business. After doing lot of beating around the bush he proposed whether I am Ok if he shared me with his best mates & bosses or meeting other couples for wife sharing. 
Since I am raised in a very conservative religious environment, it was not easy to get past mental barrier. I must give credit to my husband the way he slowly brainwashed me in to wife swapping things. After few months, I got ready to attend swinger party with the condition that I will just watch but will not participate. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

I Like Having My Nipples Bitten

Old Men Like To Suck, Pull , Bite Nipples

Due respect to my husband's private life, I am reluctant to share intimate experiences. Perhaps one day I will but now I would like to share one of my best friend's experience which I find it very interesting and extra ordinary since it does not happen everyday.

My 23 years old redhead girlfriend had just broke up with her boyfriend. She accused him to neglect her and pay full attention to his career. Broken heart, she went on vacation to Florida alone, vowing to get over her heartache and to have the best fun in her life. She checked in the hotel late and in the evening she donned her thin strap cream colored greek goddess dress, the low "V" cut revealing her rich full breasts.

The hotel restaurant was nearly empty cause everyone was out in the garden for BBQ buffet but she was not in good mood. After eating little, she took the elevator to her room and an elderly couple joined her. What interesting was that the old man (she estimated him to be 70's) could not keep his eyes away from her chest or her breasts to be precise. His wife was in a bit front and my friend was at the back of the elevator beside the husband. She was disgusted and felt that all men were the same, DIRTY MINDED. Just fresh from breaking up, she wanted revenge, so she did the unthinkable. She moved her hand to her bust line and pushed the fabric to reveal her big nipple and areola. He almost choked in his saliva, she arched her back and gave him the " I am horny for you" look.

Apparently this couple's room was just opposite her room and they parted for the night. The next morning my friend woke up early to go for breakfast. When she opened the door, coincidentally her neighbors / the couple were outside. She quickly closed back her door, leaving a small opening. She noticed the wife leaving with a younger guy (perhaps the son came to take her) and she overheard the husband say to meet her in few days.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

I Want To Swap Spouses

We have been married for about 8 years. We are very healthy persons and exercise daily. I am tall, slim and fair. My wife is beautiful, well endowed and very fair. We are from middle class family and live comfortably. Our sex life is fantastic and we make love about three times a week. We have never had sex outside marriage.

As with most couples, our sex life was becoming routine, I wanted some pep up in our sex life and therefore I decided to go on a vacation with my wife. It was the month of February. I discussed with my wife as to where she would like to go and she said anywhere where we can be together and enjoy. I booked our tickets to Ooty for a short three night vacation and reached Ooty in the afternoon. We checked in a hotel and had lunch. Ooty was a bit cold. We had room heater in our room. After lunch I asked my wife to change in her nightie and joined me in the bed.

She was not wearing any bra or panty and in her thin nightie I could see the outline of her lovely breast and the brown nipples. Immediately, I shred all my clothes and took her in my arms feeling her warm boobs pressing against my chest. My cock was very hard and was touching here naval area over the nightie. We started kissing passionately and my tongue started exploring her warm mouth. She was also totally heated up and was responding to my kisses with great vigor. Painfully, I separated from her and removed her nightie.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sarah's New Life Ch. 03

The soft, gentle rays of the morning sun filled the room and slowly warmed my body as I languished in bed. Dan had left shortly before the sun rose as had become our routine. He came to visit me at least twice a week and we spent the night in my bed. Last night we had been especially active and even now I could feel the dampness on the sheets and his cum pooling under my ass as it drained from my pussy. Yet, for some reason it didn't seem to be enough any more ... maybe it was because of the dream.

It came almost every night as soon as I fell asleep. It didn't matter if Dan was there or not. In my dream, my lover's face was just a vague shadow, but the body was that of a young Adonis. Hard, lean, and muscular, it would approach me from the doorway and without a word I would spread my legs revealing my wet, wanton womanhood to him. Not a word was ever spoken between us as he climbed onto the bed between my legs. His hands were firm but gentle as he caressed and touched me in all the right places until my body trembled. Only then did he lift my legs to his shoulders and place his hard cock against my lust enflamed pussy lips. The very thought of it made me shiver. 

My dream lover's cock wasn't as long as Dan's but it was so thick that I wasn't able to wrap my hand around it. Slowly he would rub it across my pussy and clit as he lubed himself with my juices. Instinctively, I seemed to know exactly when he was ready for more and I would pull my legs up to my chest and roll back providing him with complete access to my throbbing slit. Then in one single thrust, he would enter me, burying himself in me, and stretching me like no man ever had. He would fuck me for hours without stopping and fill my pussy with load after load of his cum. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

I Love Being Spanked By My Wife

Enjoying Breastfeeding To Old Age Uncle 

Since my baby was born eight months ago at the age of 23 years and my sex life has taken a turn for the worse. My husband doesn't seem very interested, other than an occasional quickie, which leaves me feeling low, not wanted and sexually frustrated. I have worked hard to get myself back in shape and I think I have succeeded very well. The only difference in my body, compared to pre-pregnancy, is the fact that my breasts are much larger and full of milk. I am still breast feeding my baby once a day. The only problem is that I have a surplus of milk and have to express some daily. To me, though, my **** look fantastic. They are large, firm and my nipples are huge and always look swollen and erect. It turns me on no end and they feel extra sensitive and sensual. My husband, however, doesn't seem to like them for some reason and moans at me when my nipples poke through my clothes. He thinks it looks disgusting. I think it looks hot and so very sexy.

Anyway, there I was feeling frustrated when my next door Uncle called on me one morning. This Uncle was my Mother's cousin brother. He was 56 years old. He's a decent bloke and, while we chatted, I couldn't help but notice that he was fascinated by my breasts. He seemed unable to keep his eyes off them. I suppose I couldn't really blame him as my nipples were firm and showing through my thin t-shirt..I also hadn't realized that my nipples were slightly leaking milk and there were two damp patches on my t-shirt. When I glanced down I eventually saw this and felt embarrassed. I mumbled something about having too much milk. He looked at me and said, "Lucky baby."

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sushil's Wife Entertains Guests

Sushil was excited. Two former co-workers that he had been friends with were coming to the States to interview with his employer. Of course he offered them lodging in his own home. His wife, Nisha, was much less thrilled. She remembered them quite well. They were clean and polite but would monopolize her husband with all their endless technical talk when they visited. They had never picked up on her clues that it was time to leave.

Rajesh was in his mid fifties and divorced. About Sushil's average size but a bit pudgier and darker skin. Sanjay was about Nisha's age of 35. Slim and tall with light skin like hers. Never married and a bit awkward around women.

Sushil and Nisha had been married ten years previously when Sushil was 36. They had emigrated from northern India to the US about four years ago when he was hired away from the IT department of India's largest retailer by the world's largest retailer. His experience allowed him to rapidly advance to senior project management. They had been able to buy a nice house within walking distance of the corporate computer center, a preference that Sushil brought with him from India. He often thought through things while by himself on the sidewalk.

Nisha had been a secondary level Indian history teacher but there was little demand for that here. She was literate in English and Hindi and worked part time as a tutor for Desi parents who wanted their children born here to learn Hindi. No children of their own had happened even though no effort was made to prevent it. 

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