Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cosplaying Yeina

Part 1

"Hey Jana, good to see you!"

"Hey Tom, likewise. Long time no see, huh?"

"Right. Listen. This is actually super-secret, and I shouldn't tell you anything, but..."

"Hmmm? Did you just say that you want to tell me something but can't?"

"Uhmmm... well... forget it!"

"What the hell? You're not supposed to talk with me about what exactly?"

"No, really, forget it. You wouldn't be interested in this anyway..."

Oh fuck, what was this shit again? Why can't anybody just tell her straight away what they are up to? Why is Tom like that? Why does he even start to tell her about stuff just to tease her, and then stop and claim that she won't be interested anyway? Was she some kind of toy to be kicked around, or what?

"Damn, Tom. Cut this crap and tell me. Now!"

"Alright, alright. So Tim and gang are planning to role-play a comic and make a movie out of it. Super-secret project and stuff. They were even able to secure a real dungeon for the shoot! They'll have trolls or orcs or whatever. Real high-class shit, get it? The only part they are still missing is somebody to play the main character. The hero. A beautiful girl."

"Really? Cosplaying a comic? And why doesn't anybody tell me about this?"

"Well, everybody thought you wouldn't be interested anyway..."

"Oh shit, this is ridiculous!"

Man, these guys were mean! Did everybody think she's some kind of loner? Why wasn't she told when stuff like this was going on?

"Now, get real and tell me all the details. So what's that whole thing about? Maybe I'm interested after all, you know?"

"Alright, the comic is called 'EDEN'. It's main character is 'Yeina'. A beautiful, young woman who has to go through all kinds of dangerous situations."

"Yeina, huh? And how does she look like, this Yeina?"

"Well, Yeina is a fantastic character, and she has a hell of a body. You would have to search endlessly to find somebody like her. She is... a once in a million girl for sure."

"'Once in a million?' You sound like you are in love, Tom. Is she that beautiful?"

Tom blushed, "Yes, yes she is. But she's a comic character, a fantasy. She's great, but she's not real. We are looking for somebody real, somebody who would have the built and the spirit of being Yeina..." 

Tom looked at her with eyes wide open. 

"I told the others that...I knew someone...Tim already wanted to start some huge-ass casting... a freaking audition... burning through the money he somehow got from his rich uncle for this ... project. But we need that money for other... stuff. I..."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand a single word!"

"Oh fuck, Jana. Isn't it obvious? Yeina is fit, trim, beautiful, well-trained, strong, big eyes, big... huge... ridiculously huge boobies... Now, who would fit that description?" 

Tom blushed, cast his eyes down.

"Boobies, huh? You could say 'breasts', you know. Would be a bit less awkward and more mature, too! But I still don't get..."

She followed Tom's gaze, looked at her own, heaving bust.

"Oh! You mean me?" She blushed, too.

"Yes, yes I mean you. But the others... well, they agreed that you have the body for it, but they said your lacking dedication. Thought you wouldn't be able to pull it through anyway. Remember, it wouldn't be the first time either." 

"Ah, don't talk about that! I can remember that 'situation' vividly. But that was ages ago! Are you guys still pissed because of this?"

"Yes, yes we are. Definitely. Anyway, you would be the perfect fit for that role. Can't imagine anybody better. I mean, even a fucking nation-wide casting wouldn't help to get us someone who fits this role better than you. You would be just... perfect. You would do me a huge favor, too. Could use this to improve your reputation in the scene, you know."

"Can you show me the comic?"

"Sorry, no, don't have it with me right now. But I can give it to you later. It's a really hot story. Oh, by the way, just that you know: You would need to be willing to play naked during the shoot. That's essential for the story. That's also why everybody said you won't be willing to play the role in the first place."

"Are they really thinking of me as such a prude, boring, uptight bitch?"


Jana was furious. Why did those guys think about her that way? Did nobody have any trust in her? Was her reputation that bad? She would show them her real self, show them what she was capable of! A role that fitted her perfectly! Finally, she would be able to make use of her looks!

"You know what, Tom? Go back to your bunch of losers and tell them that I'll do it. I'll take that 'Yeina' role and show 'em how to play properly. I'll do anything, and I won't quit this time. Get it? I will show them my real self, no whining, no bitching, I'll just do it, and have fun while doing it. I wanted to start a bigger project anyway, so this fits me well."

"Wow, really? I knew I can trust you! You're the best, Jana. But... don't you want to at least have a look at that comic before you commit yourself to this?" 

Jana was shaking her head. "No, not necessary. I'll do whatever it takes. Even getting naked. Promise."

"Cool! Great! So, meet us in 3 months from now at the ruins of the old castle. That's where the shoot will take place." 

"Alright, do you guys need any help with setting up the location? Preparing costumes? Props? Anything?"

"No, no, I think we're good. Everything will be taken care of. We need to do some extensive preparations, but you don't need to care about that. Just make sure you show up in time there. Great, see you there, Jana! You're the best! But don't back down again, OK? That would be really embarrassing for me. Promise?"

It was heartwarming to Jana to see beautiful Tom making moon-eyes at her. "No worries, Tom. I'm game for anything."

Three months later, Tom, Tim, Bob, Julie and some support staff all met at the old ruins. Bob finally got his hands on the 'Orcogre' costume they spent so much time and money on. Well, costume was really the wrong word for it. When they unpacked the delivery this morning they were stunned! This thing was huge! Almost 10 feet! When fully upright, its head almost reached the ceiling, short of a few inches. 

It was built out of a rigid steel and carbon framework with plenty of servo motors and a rather convincing, brown skin. The giant head of this thing looked like straight from a medieval horror movie, horrendous and intimidating, and was a real work of art. The machine would be controlled through a network of sensors, all wired up to an extensive wire mesh that would be strapped around the operators body, a bit similar to what was used for motion-capture. A fancy virtual reality helmet with full 3D visuals and fine grained head tracking made it relatively easy to keep the overview and feel somewhat natural. And it even had a microphone and amplifiers built in to make the operators voice sound like that of a huge monster.

The operator would control everything from the inside of the robot. Bob would be that operator, and he couldn't wait to try it out. But the true brilliance was in the arms of the monster. Those huge metal-carbon structures had hundreds of tiny, powerful motors, which were, too, controlled by a mesh of sensors. He would stick his hands in some sort of glove within the upper arms of this beast, and the wire mesh would encase his own arm up to the shoulder. The designers told him that control should be rather natural, and that the force would be controlled through the amount of pressure he was applying to the sensors. 

He was so damn excited! Bob asked Tim and Tom to help him get strapped in, to be able to try it out, get uses to the controls. The team happily helped him in and got his fancy 'mecha' suit powered up and ready. 

Bob was overwhelmed. Lights were blinking around him, his VR helmet gave him all sorts of info. When he tried to move his arm the first time, the robotic appendage shot around, almost knocking Julie off her feet. 

"Watch out, Bob!" she screamed. "Do you want to kill me?"

Now Bob remembered. When specifying the requirements of that monster, they unfortunately had to make some compromises. Instead of skimping on the looks, skin texture or size, which all would have been visible in the movie, they reduced the granularity and precision of servos a bit to save cost. So they ended up with having less servo motors and less sensors as the manufacturer advised, which was expected to make movements quite a bit harder to control and more jumpy. But the experts told them that it should still be controllable quite well, the operator just would need to be a bit better trained. 

"Better trained, ha!" thought Bob grinning. This was his first time ever in this beautiful machine, so much for training! But who needs training anyway? A few tests and a bit of 'getting used to it' should be enough! And he was a natural talent for these kind of things anyway! He focused on the controls again, tried to carefully maneuver the arm without injuring anybody. Yes, that was much better! He just needed to be very careful and slow down a bit.

"Hey, big-ass monster, catch this!" he heard Julie shouting, and a red something flew towards him. He was quick, moved, and to his surprise he was able to catch the thing with his robotic hand.

"Wow, cool!" Julie said, "Now squeeze it a bit. It's just a water balloon!"

Bob grinned, flexing his fingers, and carefully applied pressure. The balloon got squeezed together, it's middle section getting compressed while the other parts expanded. 

"Great, now relax again!" Julie shouted. Bob flexed his fingers again, focused...

Suddenly the water balloon was pressed together, compressed in milliseconds. The balloon burst, water flying around, drenching everybody in it's vicinity.

"Oh shit!" Bob shouted.

"Scary!" Julie grinned, "That shouldn't happen... later... today"

"I know Bob whispered" I was just kind of... I don't know, maybe my hand wasn't steady enough? It's really a jumpy little beast.."

"Little beast my ass! This fucker is huge! And you better be careful!"

Tom entered the room, looking at his watch. 

"Hey Bob, how are things going in there? Get the hang of it? Damn, where is Jana! It's already late! You really can't depend on her! I need to do a call..."

Of course, Jana had already forgotten what she had promised to Tom. She was on her way to her usual workout, when her mobile rang.

"Hey Jana, were the fuck are you? The whole gang is waiting for you at the ruins!"

"Shit, Tom! I completely forgot that we had this date!"

"Damn, Jana, you can't do that! A great start, really. Get your ass moving and come here. You know where the old ruins are, right? Do you know your way to the entrance of the old dungeon?" 

"I... yes, yes I know where that is. Give me 15 minutes. I'll go there immediately."

Few minutes later, Jana was in front of the well-hidden dungeon entrance and knocked on the old, wooden door. She heard footsteps, heard the door being unlocked. A beautiful elf-girl opened. That's at least the first impression she got. Then she recognized Julie, under a bunch of make-up, with glued-on, spiky ears.

"Hey, Jana! Good to finally see you here! So, how do you like my outfit? Took a while to get those ears right!" she laughed.

"They look cute" Jana grinned, "But your clothes are not really fitting to your role, are they? I mean jeans and shirt, that's kind of not really elf-like, I think."

Julie gave a hearty laugh. "Damn, Jana, you didn't read the comic yet, did you? You should know that both of us will be performing naked, without any clothes, during the whole fucking shoot!" She grinned. "I didn't think that you would dare to take the role by the way. You really surprised me this time! Come in, everybody is waiting for you!"

Jana entered the dark hallway, the only source of light were a bunch of candles on the walls. An incredibly huge, truly gigantic, orc-troll-thing was standing in full armor in front of her. 

"Hi Jana, great to see you here." 

Jana shrieked. This voice sounded intimidating! What was this thing? Was somebody controlling it? It looked pretty scary, kind of realistic except for those motors whirring whenever it moved. Who the hell was controlling it? And what the hell was that? Looked like a real monster! Or like a freaking mecha, straight from Japan, dressed up like a monster! 

"By the way, I'm an Orcogre" the huge beast told her in a deep, scary voice, "And I will have plenty of fun with you later!" 

Dark, loud laughter echoed through the halls. The beast moved his ridiculously huge arm in front of her nose, let the plate-sized hands rotate, and boomed, "How do you like my features?"

"Jana, finally!" Tom ran towards her, looking at her, then at the big, mechanical arm swaying in front of her. "Oh, right, this is our greatest tool for the shoot. Absolutely fantastic. It cost us literally millions to get this beauty, but thank god we have some wealthy connections!" His eyes fell on Tim. "This amazing machine will enable us to make a truly unique movie. Of course our 'investor'..." Tim was grinning, shouting "It's just my stupidly rich uncle! He doesn't know what to do with those freaking shitloads of money anyway". 

Tom grinned, then continued "...Our investor wants to see some revenue, too. So our end product should better sell well."

"Tom, you really sound like a freaking sales-man!" Julie laughed, "Better watch this!"

She handed a full can of coke to the beast. The Orcogre chuckled, took the can, turned it around a bit and then showed off the strength of his arm by crushing it with ease.

"Impressive!" Jana laughed. "Cool gear!"

"Anyway, here, this is the comic we will be playing. EDEN, Volume 1 by Gulavisual. Including a few extra pages that he published later. A great read, really... ingenious. See for yourself. You have a few minutes before we start. The first scene will be you, naked, in that prison cell. I'm really happy that you didn't turn us down this time!"

Jana smiled at him. "I promised, remember?" She grabbed the comic and browsed through the pages. The first three pages were kind of funny, but then her ears lit up and went beet red. And the rest of her face followed suit. 

She stammered, "Tom.. that... that .. are you serious? Really? This.. this stuff is crazy! Look at the breasts of this girl! If we really do this..." 

She brushed nervously over her own boobs, "...and this beast in the comic..." Her eyes wandered to the huge robot.

"Is this for what I think it is?"

Tom looked at her sternly. "Hey, Jana, don't make a scene now. You promised, weeks, months ago, remember?"

"But I, ... I didn't know that..."

"I can't do anything about that now. I even asked you, if you want to read the comic first. But you didn't want to! You had no interest in the actual story!"

"But, eh... just look at how the breasts of this girl are being handled on these pages! This isn't even possible! The whole story is just about how her - how my - boobs are groped, squeezed and pulled by this huge monster... Orcogre! This is just stupid! How do you think this should work?"

"Jana! Don't be that little precious princess again! Cut the crap and just tell us if you will let us down again, or not! It would put all our efforts in jeopardy! We're talking loads of money here!"

Then, more calmly, he muttered "The others were probably right all along, we shouldn't have taken your word for it!" Tom looked quite offended. "Alright, so what. Are you doing it? Or are you breaking your promise again?"

Jana was looking at him with tears in her eyes. "I.. I don't know Tom. This stuff is gross!" 

Her thoughts raced. Tom was right, she promised. And she didn't even want to look at the story when he asked last time. So it was all her fault. 

With glowing red face she nodded, "Alright Tom, I'll do it. I'll fulfill my promise. But you guys need to be careful, OK? I'm fine with showing my breasts, but you REALLY need to be careful with them. Especially when this... thing... is involved!" She pointed to the robot.

Julie approached from behind and patted her shoulder. "No worries, darling. Our guys won't rip 'em off, promised. Right, beast? But to do the story justice, we will need to put some 'effort' in this, and your boobs will get to feel it, no doubt about it. So don't be a pussy and toughen up, sweetheart. On the upside, your face will be off-camera most of the time!" She grinned. "Now get yourself naked and go into the prison cell next door. Come on, let's go! Here, take these gloves! That's all you will wear for the next few hours!"

Jana stuttered, "OK... Alright, I.. sure..." 

She slowly shuffled into a dark corner and stripped. What did she THINK back then when she promised this stuff? This whole project was just ridiculous! And that freaking monster?! She really hoped that beast won't hurt her, but judging from the comic, this could be a very close call. How did she get herself in this mess? She looked at her big, swaying breasts and whispered, "I just hope this ends well. Boobies, you need to be tough now!"

Part 2

Julie gave Jana a few pages of the script and whispered, "Just take care that those are out of range for the camera. Don't worry, you'll make it!" She patted her shoulder and grinned, "Take care of your boobs, they are in real danger now!" The awkward girl finally poked her finger into Jana's soft, beautiful orbs and giggled like a maniac.

Jana was proud of her large, teardrop-shaped breasts, and she hated when people made fun of them. She thought about the comic, about Yeina. Was Yeina feeling the same way? 

Jana was surprised, almost shocked, that there was a comic character that looked so much like herself. She was just so similar! From her short, brown hair to her big, brown eyes, from her tight, strong body to the most prominent of her features. The one that got heads turning all the time; her big, heavy breasts that always got in her way. 

It was almost like she suddenly found out about a virtual twin, about somebody just like her. Only that this somebody just existed in someone's fantasy, brought down on paper; a strong girl; a warrior. Was she, Jana, too, a warrior? Was she like Yeina?

"Hey! Stop the daydreaming and get your cute ass moving!" Julie shouted. 

Jana grunted annoyed, "Sure, whatever!"

Tom entered the cell, busily checking the script, "Jana, before we start... oh, you're naked already?" He blushed, stared blankly at Jana's impressive breasts. 

"Yes?" asked Jana confused, Julie giggling behind her. 

"I think you just petrified him! The raw power of your dangling darlings was just too much! Give him a kiss, maybe then he can move again!" Julie cackled. 

"Uh.. alright, sorry for that, girls. Was just mesmerized by what... I saw... Jana... I... you're so beautiful... I don't even have the words to describe how... I feel... you're... don't know how to..."

Julie couldn't believe it. What was Tom doing? She looked at them, shook her head. Silently, she sneaked behind Jana, and with a swift movement her arms shot around Jana's body, her hands grabbing those huge, heavy breasts with might. She began to shake them, to jiggle and bounce them around. 

"Hey Tom, are you so in love with those big melons of her? Do you like how cute they look when they jump and wobble like this? Stop the stammering and get real. What did you want to tell us?"

Before Julie could even blink, Jana turned around, slapping her huge boobs hard against Julie's cheek, knocking her off balance. Julie shrieked and went down in an instant. 

"What the fuck was that?" she babbled, trying to get on her feet again.

Jana looked at her with anger. "Don't you dare touching me like that ever again, freak!" she snarled, blood pumping through her veins, "You might regret it dearly!"

Jana was furious. What was that girl thinking, treating her like that? Was Yeina experiencing similar situations? Did she just react like the warrior she was supposed to play?

Tom was quite shocked by what he just witnessed. He looked at Jana, her soft breasts still trembling from the giant slap they delivered. She was rubbing her boobs, which still hurt from the impact. Then he glanced at Julie, who still massaged her reddened cheek, casting her eyes down.

"What the hell was that? Alright, whatever... So Jana, before we start... I just wanted to give you some short recap. We'll start with a bit of panning around your body, showcasing your beautiful features, your face, your rear, your legs, your... chest. Reason being, once you're stuck up there, we won't see much of you. So we need to take some time to introduce you to the audience, to introduce Yeina."

"Sure, fine with me!" Yeina replied, still looking sternly at Julie, stretching her muscles to get ready for the shoot.

"Great! So let's start then. Julie? Get out of here and let them do their work! And stop teasing Jana, ok?"

Tim and the camera team entered the room. One of the support guys came towards Jana, waving some sort of spray bottle before her. 

"Jana, I'll need to apply this to your body. It's just a bit of oil with water. The mist will improve the visuals." 

Jana nodded, turned herself and let the guy spray her. Then the actual recording started. The team made sure that her beautiful, spotless face and her full, soft lips were well captured. They zoomed in on her deep brown eyes, showed her long eyelashes with her gaze tantalizing the viewer. 

Yeina blinked, tried a few poses before they continued with her soft, short hair, waving when she moved her head. And of course her slender neck, rippling with muscles as she prepared to fight. 

Jana was asked to do more poses, to look sternly, to smile, to look like she was afraid of something, like she was about to kill a freaking monster. She had to do some fighting moves, some jumps and more. Jana had plenty of fun doing this. She didn't mind showing off, and her bright smile was enough to win over the whole team. She joked and laughed while she was prancing before them, showing every piece of her naked body glistening in the bright lights. 

Then, some more detailed shots were made, some close-ups of her muscular back, her large, symmetrical, almost teardrop-shaped breasts that were swaying and jiggling when she moved. It was apparent that the camera team liked what they saw, and Jana had the impression that they took quite a bit too much care capturing her big, soft twins. 

Finally they moved further south, captured her tight belly, her slim waist, curvy hips and firm rear. She had to stretch her muscular legs, wiggle her ass, and even show off her slender ankles and beautiful feet before the crew signaled that they were done. 

Jana was told by the team that they would use those shots and close-ups to create a quick intro to the movie. They would also be used in trailers and for some quick cuts between different scenes and such. Jana didn't really care. It was fun, so it was cool with her. She smiled at the team, spinning her beautiful body one last time before she began to stretch her muscles in earnest, preparing for what was lying ahead of her. 

"Are you ready?" asked Tom, his head sticking through the door.

"Yes, yes I am." replied Jana. She was ready, ready to become Yeina, ready to be a warrior. 

"Alright, everybody set? Action!" shouted Tom, and the session began.

The very first scene was simply showing the door of the cell, with light flowing through the gaps. The Orcogre, she still didn't know who was behind that machine, shouted with its booming, distorted voice, "You're going to stay in here until further orders, slut" and threw her, buck naked, with a powerful flick of its mechanical arm, into the cell. 

Jana flew, with her big, swaying breasts bouncing like crazy, into a corner, slithering over the ground and replied screaming,

"You could at least give me some clothes!" 

Damn, that hurt, scraping over the floor like that! Jana stretched herself, looked around. Just like in the comic, the monster replied, "Shut your fucking mouth!" then turned and disappeared.

She was alone, naked, sat there in this dark, cold corner. Well, except for the camera and the guys doing the recording anyway. She glanced at the script. Yes, she could do this! Jana looked around, watched her surroundings. Some light fell through a tiny window in the ceiling. Yeina, yes, yes she was Yeina now! Yeina the brave warrior, Yeina the hero! Yeina, proud of her strength, proud of her body! She needed to get into that role! Jana, no, Yeina stood up and said, "I better hurry up and do this before Orcogre gets back!" Then she looked upwards and whispered, "I'm not just going to sit around for what happens next. I'm getting out of this hole."

The next scene was really demanding. She had to climb up a straight, tall wall, naked, with only some gloves protecting her. And then, when she finally made it up there, she had to get into this tiny air duct. Thank god Jana was a regular free-climber. She stretched her muscles one last time, closed her eyes to focus on the task ahead of her. 

The camera panned over her body, showed off her wide hips, her slim waist, her impossibly well shaped, muscular legs, until it rested on her heaving bust, detailing her beautiful, soft, spotless, breasts for the audience. 

Yeina collected herself, shouted, "Haaaa!!" and went up the wall with a huge leap. It was difficult! Very difficult! Her big boobs scraped along the rough wall, getting in her way. But thanks to her regular work-out and her well-trained body, she was finally able to reach the duct. 

The muscles in her arms and legs were quivering under the strain, but she managed to sneak into the tight space. She made it! She was in there! Yeina relaxed for a brief moment, let her body recover. 

She examined her surroundings, still panting from the climb. The guys indeed did a terrific job preparing the location. This narrow tunnel was well lit, and there were cameras everywhere, recording her every move! She crawled ahead through the duct, moving slowly, making sure her bosom didn't get caught by some odd screw or other debris. 

Finally, she reached some metal bars that prevented her from going any further. A quick look to the script told her what to do next. She grabbed the bars, shook them, cautious to put her big breasts just above the carefully modified metal plate on the ground. 

This was the position; this was where the 'accident' would happen. Jana sympathized with Yeina the warrior, felt with her challenges, her fight against the Orcogres, her desire to escape this hell-hole. She knew what was in front of her, but Yeina didn't. For Yeina, her big boobs always brought trouble, but also strength and power. 

This was quite similar to what Jana experienced. Her big breasts caused some fair share of problems in the past, but also some beautiful moments and incredible power. Jana, in full knowledge of what would happen, pressed her body slightly downwards. She felt the plate move a tiny bit. Almost there...

She pressed her boobs down again with more force and felt the plate finally give in. The metal went down and her huge, breasts fell into the tight opening, jumping around wildly. That metal plate landed squarely on the Orcogre's head, just like it should, metal squeaking and rattling. 

The huge beast, apparently in the middle of a card game, was just telling to someone else, "Good, I'll put my monster in attack mode and leave this card of... HUAGG!" 

Yeina was squeaking a surprised, "Haaa! What?!" as her bountiful boobs fell down in the room underneath her. She whispered a scared, "Oh my!" and waited for her oscillating breasts to come to a standstill. 

The Orcogre looked around, puzzled. His card-playing pal was equally confused and pointed to those gigantic boobs hanging out of the ceiling. Jana couldn't see a thing, her huge breasts blocking the view, her bouncing melons stuck in the tiny opening

"What in demons name!" the big monster grunted, while the smaller one shouted excitedly "Colonel! It's the human girl! She is in the air duct!" 

The big Orcogre screamed, "Quick, she's getting away!" Yeina tried to get away fast, tried to pull her breasts free, tried to use her strength, her quick reflexes to escape. Tears shot in her eyes when she felt the strong, steely hands of the monster digging deep in her bouncing flesh, tearing her down. 

The warrior cried in pain, and even Jana, as she enthusiastically was playing the scene, couldn't hold to herself. This guy below really meant business and tore at her sensitive breasts like a madman! She wanted to bitch about this, but she swallowed her anger to not interrupt the shoot. She couldn't stand any retake of this scene!

Bob was trying his best to control his second skin in this critical moment. He somewhat got used to the fiddly control, but grabbing those dangling breasts with precision was a real challenge. He maneuvered the mechanical arm of his toy accurately and indeed was able to close the hand of his robot just enough to grab his bouncing targets and pull on them lightly. Pheww! That worked well!

The monster grunted evilly, "If you try to escape from me again, I'm going to rip these enormous juicy jugs right off, slave!"

Yeina screamed furious with anger, "Hey, let go of me, beast!"

"Teach her a lesson, so she will not try to escape again." the soldier laughed.

Huge claws tore relentlessly on Yeina's chest. The commander shouted at her, "I can't hear you, human slut, are you going to stay put?" 

Now, Jana had to look straight into the camera in front of her. She opened her beautiful brown eyes as wide as she could, blinked, and squealed, "Please stop! I'm sorry I'll do whatever you say, but please, just stop!" 

The Orcogre grunted, "Good, human, first let's see what juicy tits sound like!" He laughed evilly and hit hard against her dangling breasts. 

Jana's large, soft tits went flying around, crashing against the ceiling with incredible force. Yeina cried out loud, surprised and shocked. But then she took her chance, strained her muscles and tried to pull herself free one more time. She would make it! This time Yeina would be able to escape!

The monster screamed, "What did I tell you about escaping! Slut!"

His claws shot upward, closing quickly around her soft, warm cushions, tearing her downward with might. 

Jana looked down, panic in her eyes. Who the fuck was hiding in that beast? Tom? Tim? Bob? He was playing his role quite convincingly. A bit too convincing in fact! His artificial hands were groping her vigorously, and he put quite some force behind his groping. This wasn't pleasant at all! 

Jana's breasts already hurt like hell, and this was far from over! She swallowed her pride, glanced at the script and let Yeina shout, "Haaaagggg No! Let go of me!"

The Orcogre grunted, "I think these belong to me. I told you to stay put, now you're going to lose these juicy tits."

It was Bob! She was almost certain about that! The way he spoke was kind of familiar. And she remembered hearing the voices of Tim, Tom and Julie during the preparation. But she didn't hear nor see Bob. Yes, yes it had to be Bob who operated this monster. This guy surely had a lot of fun playing his part! 

Jana never let him near her in the past, but he kept approaching her, flirting with her. He obviously was in love with her, or at least with her tits. He always bragged about being a tit lover, and how a good set of tits was all he cared about. What a jerk. And now this guy is mauling her boobs! No, not really... he made a giant robot maul her boobs! Was that any less scary? Guess not! And how did that happen? How did she get herself into..."Aaaaiiieee!"

Jana screamed on the top of her lungs. The pull on her body was incredible! Something was definitely wrong! Those claws were biting in her orbs, pulling her tits to the extreme. Jana screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK!!"

And then she heard an incredibly loud, metallic creaking. Plenty of voices screamed from down below. Tom shouted "Bob, careful! You're losing balance!"

Indeed, Bob screwed up big time. He probably was just too caught up in the task of grabbing Jana's boobs with those fickle arms that he didn't pay much attention to other stuff around him. Like the stabilizers that helped keep the robot upright... Now, the huge beast tumbled, tilted slowly but steadily, steel creaking. 

And then, like in a slow-motion capture, the huge structure shook and fell backward. Almost. But there was something that prevented it from falling further. Those two bouncy objects that hung out of the ceiling, in which the robot had its dirty claws tightly embedded.

Jana's two twins were the only things that held the metal beast upright, and they were under immense strain. Jana was howling behind the ceiling wall, pulled down hard into the dirt by her very own, trapped beauties that were pulled horribly out of shape. Everyone appeared deeply shocked. 

Tom was shouting, "Oh fuck! Oh my god!" Tim was dumbstruck, gawking in disbelief, unconsciously pointing his camera upwards zooming into the spectacle. 

Then Tom jumped into action, ordered the others to help him get some heavy steel pipes from next door. In moments, they were able to somehow prop up the machine with them, relieving the stress on Jana's tits a bit.

"Ok, Jana, are you ok?" Tom shouted towards the still tightly trapped breasts.

"Ughhhh, I... I think so! Still hurts like a bitch but much better than before...Need to get... out... can't see my damn tits, but feels like they're still there. What the fuck happened?"

"Bob, you damn idiot, open those hands and let her tits out, NOW!"

"Uh... y...yes, s...sorry guys... my fault. This beast is really hard to c..."


Motors spun, some metal creaked, and Jana's trapped boobs finally sprang free and bounced around wildly. Jana sighed and immediately pulled out of the opening, climbing back into the cell.

"Bob, come out. We need to talk. Everyone, let's have a break and take stock. This shouldn't have happened, but it looks like we have just avoided a major disaster. Everybody assemble outside."

"Jana, are you really ok? Oh god, your boobs look like shit" Tom whispered when he saw the shaking girl.

"I... I think I'm fine. Looks worse than it is, I hope. Just a bit red where those hand...things dug into me... Now can anybody tell me what the hell just happened?"

Bob scuffled through the door, head hanging low, face flushed, whispering, "I'm so sorry Jana. I screwed up. Shouldn't have happened. I ...I just lost control of that thing for a moment and then... it lost balance. Thank god you're fine!"

Jana looked at him sternly, "This was dangerous, Bob. I thought you like my boobies? You should be more careful with them!" Then she smiled, "They seem to be fine though."

She carefully lifted one of her boobs, showed them to Bob for inspection. "They... they look delicious. Are those red marks from..."

"Yes, that was your robot hand. And they feel very tender, too."

"Let me see!" demanded Julie and inspected Jana's breasts carefully. "Can't see anything except for some small marks," she kneaded Jana's big breasts, squeezed and pulled her boobs, "How does that feel?"

"Uh.. ouch... kind of tender... ahhh be careful, please?"

"You're fine, girl, don't worry. Your tits are stretchy and soft. And so fucking huge. They can deal with a bit of stress." She slapped Jana's boob hard, the girl screaming in surprise.

"What the hell was that, Julie?"

"I just wanted to demonstrate that everything feels like it did before, or did you feel any different?" she said, grinning evilly.

Tom looked at Jana, then at Julie. "Is she really ok?"

"Yes, of course she is. Look at her! Everything still where it belongs, right Jana?"

"Ummm yes...?"

"It's not that bad," said Julie to Tom. "We should continue. Jana will be fine, she's a tough girl. Don't you agree, Jana? Your boobies are maybe a bit tender, but that's about it." 

She slapped Jana's boobs again lightly and grinned, "I like her titties, they're fun! And so durable! Can't wait to see more of them!" Then she turned around and shouted, "Get back in, we'll continue in a moment!"

"Are you really ok?" asked Tom concerned. 

"Yes... I think..." Jana looked down at her breasts, lifted them, inspected them again. "Just a bit tender, like Julie said..."

"OK, let's go inside then."

Everybody went inside again. Bob, still embarrassed by his stupid mistake, was awfully quiet while he was getting strapped into the robot again. Jana went back into the duct, this time taking a ladder to get there. 

When her big, soft boobs finally showed up in the small opening, swaying and oscillating as they should, Tom looked up expectantly, comparing what he saw with what the comic demanded. He announced "Honestly, her boobs look like shit. Look at those pressure marks! We can't leave them like this, it would definitely show. Bob really screwed up! Julie, any idea how we can fix this?"

"Sure, just give me that ladder and a few minutes, guys!"

Jana wasn't sure what to think. Here she was again, in this dark tunnel, having no idea what was going on down there. Yeina certainly felt the same when she was in that situation, monsters below, manhandling her treasured breasts. 

What would Yeina do? Would she listen, trying to understand what was going on down there? Would her warrior-senses tell her if there would be real danger? Would she be able to judge the situation correctly? To remain silent and wait until there is that one time when she could escape, hold out until she could deliver her payback to those beasts bigtime? 

Jana felt something touching her breasts; strange, new feelings; different... It tickled around her sensitive nipples. She giggled "What the hell are you doing with my boobs?"

"Shhh... just applying some make-up so those awful pressure marks are not showing!"

"Ah... hehehe... feels really funny!"

"Ok, done. Now be a brave girl and hope that Bob has learned his lesson!" She felt Julie squeezing her dangling breasts, then she heard her climbing down again. 

Tom shouted "Ok, Jana, are you ready? Try to get into the role again. Where did we leave off? Right, Bob, try to be a pro for once! Don't screw up again! Now grab those boobies and pull them around a bit. But be careful! Repeat the last scene. Action!"

The beast's artificial hands were approaching Yeina's dangling boobs again and squeezed them vigorously. Jana sighed, glanced at the script and let Yeina shout once more, "Haaaagggg No! Let go of me!" 

The monster replied from below, "I think these belong to me. I told you to stay put, now you're going to lose these juicy tits."

The Orcogre pulled at her soft breasts, forcing Yeina flat against the floor. She screamed, "No! Please don't do that. I'll stay still... Please, I promise!" 

Oh my, did Bob really have control over this machine? The force that pulled on her was a bit frightening! Panting and groaning, Jana tried to somehow ignore the buzzing pain in her boobs. 

"Humm, fine. I'll trust you one more time. But know this. If you try and escape from me once more, I'll rip them off, without hesitation. Understood?" the monster grunted and pulled with a bit more force at her. 

"Yes, yes!" Yeina moaned with a creaking voice. 

Jana hoped that Bob was careful with her goods this time. Following the script she shouted, "Wha...what are you going to do to me? Please don't hurt me." 

The monster replied, "Just relax, slut. The important thing is, that you're going to stay alive and in one piece. Just maybe a little bruised up. I'm just going to have a little fun with these juicy tits. Tell you what, if you stay put and be a good little slave we'll return you to your cell, tits intact. What do ya say?"

And then he slammed his hand against her hanging twins and screamed, "So only one thing you need to know, and that's at this very moment these juicy tits are mine!" 

His laughter was horrible. 

Bob really seemed to get used to the controls! This last trick with the arm, a swing like one would do with a tennis racket, was truly precise and well delivered. Jana was screaming as her heavy knockers were sent flying by the huge hand, her breasts crashing into the ceiling once again. 

"Harrrrgt! How long are you planning on keeping this up?" squealed Yeina on the verge of panic after the first blow. She really was getting afraid about where this was going. 

"I'm only getting warmed up, no worries thought, you won't get bored!" Laughter again. And then the blows rained down on her boobs. That really made her two bells ring. 

Yeina squealed, "Oweee! Ahhhh! Please! Stop this!" 

But her breasts kept dancing wildly, smashing against the ceiling with force. Jana heard loud, feminine laughter from down below. Julie, that was Julie! The girl was laughing hysterically, couldn't stop! 

"Sorry, guys, but this is just so fucked up! Those huge-ass udders hanging from the ceiling, you guys kneading them, slamming them, making them jump around, I just couldn't hold myself any longer! And Bob really got the hang of it now, didn't he? I mean, he screwed up before, but now he's really an expert in boob-slamming with his new toy. He even manages to use those big bouncy things, that Jana calls her breasts, as a fucking punching bag for his robot! Just look at how those fuckers jump around like that! I.. this is amazing, really! Hey, Jana, how does it feel up there, without any control on how your dangling darlings are treated? I bet you like it! Or are your knockers still a bit tender from keeping this monster from falling?"

Julie was grinning wickedly, grabbing a ladder and heading upward towards the ceiling. "What are you doing?" asked Tom confused, but Julie didn't even listen. She went up to inspect those dangling treasures closely. Jana felt different, smaller hands groping her throbbing boobs. Those fingers touched her burning flesh, stroked her hot melons. Then they began prodding, pulling, pinching her aching nipples. 

"Ouch, damn, Julie! Stop that! It hurts already! And why the hell are you interrupting the shoot?!"

"Oooh, understand! Little Jana likes getting her knockers slammed around? You like how this huge hand makes your bouncy bells ring, don't you?"

"Fuck, no! I just want to get over with this, bitch! I want to survive this damn shoot without getting ripped apart! It really hurts like there is no fucking tomorrow, and now we need to re-do the last scene again! Just because you couldn't hold yourself! Damn, Julie, you suck big time!"

Julie brushed over the jumping melons, whispering, "Don't worry, sweetheart. It might hurt, but your boobies look just fine. A bit reddened maybe, but that's about it. And this movie will be absolutely incredible! You should see the footage so far, this will take the entire fucking Internet by storm! You have no idea how hot this looks from down here! Every straight guy in the damn world will come in an instant when seeing this... and every proper lezzie too! Hell, even a straight girl like me is turned on by this!" 

She slapped Jana's melons, making them bounce and jiggle. Jana groaned, "Fuck, Julie!"

Tom shouted as loud as he could, "Guys, guys, stop bitching around. Let's do the next scene and then let's have a break! Julie, get down from that ladder again and leave her boobs alone!"

"Awww... sure pal!" Julie complained and whispered, "Those boobies of yours... they look so deliciou...aaiiii!!" 

Julie screamed, surprised as her big ladder suddenly tilted. She was able to grab the conveniently located dangling breasts above her just in time before the ladder came crashing down. Both girls were screaming hysterically, Julie hanging from the ceiling. 

"Oh fuck, Julie!" screamed Tom from below, "What did you do??"

"Tom, TOM! Just put that freaking ladder back! I'm slipping!! It's damn ... far from the ground up here!"

"Aaaahh! Julie! My tits!!" screamed Jana hysterically behind the wall. With Julie's whole weight supported only by her two soft orbs, the pressure on her was immense. She was lying flat on the floor, panting and hoping that she'd somehow survive this. 

Julie was swinging freely in the air, equally freaked out and afraid she'd fall down any minute. "Oh, oh, I can't believe this!" she squealed, "I sure hope that your marvelous breasts are up for this challenge and keep me from falling! Tom, where the fuck is that ladder?" 

Panic was setting in. Jana, not seeing how severe the situation was, but feeling how her breasts are pulled out of shape, howled and bitched. 

"Damn, girls!" Tom cursed, "Hold out, we'll get you out in a second!"

Tom and Tim were frantically erecting the ladder again, maneuvering it so Julie could get back on. After a few moments of shock, Julie was standing on it again, panting heavily. 

"Oh my god, Jana... I'm sorry. This wasn't planned at all. Oh fuck, I was about to fall down there! Your tits... they fucking saved my life!" She giggled hysterically, kissed Jana's red, throbbing breasts and whispered, "Thank you, boobies!"

Jana groaned, "That... was... Julie, really! I was afraid that... And I couldn't even see... so I didn't know what the hell..."

"Yes... my god. Be glad that you didn't see this! It was... shocking! Oh god, I'm still shaking. Sorry girl... on my way down!"

Julie heard Jana still panting and groaning when she got down. Tom and Tim just shook their heads in disbelief when she explained what just happened. 

"Thank god her tits are that big, otherwise I would be toast!" Julie giggled, still shaking and sweating.

"Is she ok?" asked Tom concerned. 

"Yes, sounded like she's fine. I think we can continue. Just let me have a short break. My god, my knees are still shaking!"

"Sure, get some refreshment back there. We'll continue. Everybody get set! Jana, are you ready? Go!"

Like the script dictated, Jana stretched her hand towards the bars and cried, "Ahaa common, you had enough fun already. Please let me go now!" 

Bob, the Orcogre, grabbed her buzzing, throbbing tits again and began to pull them downwards, taking her nipple between his fingers. Her flesh was stretched long and taut. "Shut up slave, don't you dare tell me when I've had enough!" 

He continued to knead her and grunted, "Wow, can you feel how they stretch, slave? They are very durable!" Again, he kneaded, pulled and tore at her. 

Yeina was whimpering silently. With renewed anger she screamed, "Of course I can feel it, you fucking idiot! Now please stop pulling!" 

Wow, Bob really knew his job now! Jana had no idea how, but he was able to move these huge hands in such a fast, precise way that she really was impressed. Unfortunately, he still had issues with controlling the force! He was really tearing at her! Can't he stop tormenting her like this? After this freak accident? Couldn't she get a fucking break for once? This whole situation was just totally nuts! 

Yeina felt big hands envelop her breasts, pulling them down again. "Don't pretend like you're not enjoying this. I'm sure you've never felt hands like mine on these soft tits before." The beast squeezed her soft melons, pushed them around, pressed them against the ceiling and laughed.

Jana thought whether he was right, whether she indeed enjoyed this. Fuck no! This wasn't enjoyable, this was just fucking weird! Her boobs hurt like never before in her entire life, and she couldn't even see what they were doing to her! 

But on the other hand, nobody ever has paid so much attention to her breasts. And usually she liked having men paying attention to them. Ok, strictly speaking it was a machine that touched and squeezed her, but nevertheless! And everybody's eyes were glued on her boobs! Wasn't this somehow close to a fantasy she kept dreaming about? No, this was definitely a few notches too much for her taste. If they wouldn't be so damn rough with her, then maybe...

Again, the beast was pulling at her breast, squeezing her orbs together with might. The monster screamed, "I'm going to squeeze you until there's nothing left!" Booming laughter. Big claws were pushing her boobs together, squeezing them as tight as they would go. "You're sweating slave. Can't you stand the heat?" Fingers pinched her nipples, tearing her breasts in one, then in another direction. Suddenly, they enveloped the base of her breasts, pulling her beautiful, soft cushions out of shape and forming her orbs to strange mushrooms.

"Aaaiiiiii! HEY! STOP!" Jana screamed as pain shot through one of her breasts. What was it this time? Tom looked up, saw that the Orcogre's big fingers were wrapped around the entire base of one of Yeina's breasts, squeezing it so tight that her orb was ballooning up quickly. 

"Aehm... Bob? Everything ok? This looks a bit..."

"Shit, this thing got jammed! Was just checking out the tongue controls for the next scenes and somehow messed up those fucking fingers. Wait, I'll try to wiggle it free."

Julie grinned, "Now this looks interesting!" as the huge hand began to shake Jana's tightly constricted balloon furiously.

"Hey, stop that, moron!" screamed Jana, who was trying to cope with having her tightly bound breast shaken like some stupid cocktail mixer.

"Ups, sorry. This hand is totally stuck, the fingers won't move. Wait, let me try this..."

Suddenly, the fingers closed even tighter around her, letting her fabulous breast expand even more. 

"Fuck, Julie, do you see how tight those fingers are right now? Jana's breast base is... I mean, that's about as big around as ... my wrist?"

"Yeah!" Julie grinned, "Maybe a bit tighter. Unbelievable what those tits are capable of, right? What should we do now? I mean, looks like Jana is kind if stuck there again, until we can open those claws?"

"This is getting stupid. This robot is not really working as expected. I mean, what the fuck?!"

"Hey...ughhh. guys... can you please help me out of this? This is getting a bit uncomfortable up here with all the squeezing and pulling. I don't know how my boobs look like right now, but they definitely feel like shit! At least one of them..."

Bob shouted from within the beast, "I can't do shit about this. Can't see a thing from in here! Can you let me out? We need to have a closer look and see if we can unstick this piece of shit!"

When they finally got him out and put a ladder in place, Bob went up and inspected the issue with his very own eyes. Jana's bulging breast was thoroughly bound off by the huge robot hand, the rigid fingers tightly binding the base of it. The other boob thankfully was free and dangling in front of his eyes.

"Jana, sorry but this time it really wasn't me, promise! That fucking robot hand simply got stuck and is squeezing your beautiful boobie quite a bit." He rummaged around, tried to find out if he could somehow loosen its grip manually. 

"Hmmm, honestly I have no idea how we could get you out of there..."

"Not again, Bob... please!"

"Hey, Tom, Julie!" he shouted going down the ladder again, "Can you check this, too? I don't even know how we can get her out of here without calling tech support of the manufacturer. And that would take ages..."

"Let me have a look at it!" Tom said, heading upwards.

"Oh fuck, this looks painful. Jana, are you still ok? Really sorry about what you have to go through today..."

"Uhm... I'm fine.. kind of... but that.. thing... binding my boob or what... it's driving me nuts! It's ... I don't know, the whole thing burns and kind of throbs and tingles. Feels hot, too."

"Hot, really? You... like this?"

"Not THAT kind of hot, stupid! The other one!"

"Ahh! Anyway, give us a few moments, I need to think about this." He patted her free boob softly, as a kind of comforting gesture, and went down again.

Julie was next. She, too, went up to see what was really going on. While Tom and Bob were discussing options, Julie examined the bound boob with wide open eyes, completely captivated by what she saw. Her fingers explored the bulging flesh thoroughly, poking and squeezing the taut balloon. 

"My, I didn't know something like this is even possible! Your melon looks like a fucking balloon ready to pop!" she giggled. "How does it feel, hon? Does it... kind of... stimulate you? Maybe it... amplifies your feelings? Make it more... sensitive?"

"What the...?" Jana was complaining. Was that bitch crazy?

"Wait... let me try something and tell me how this feels."

Julie examined the throbbing boob, found the nipple, and began liking and sucking in earnest. "Hoeew... Dooo yooou laike idd??" she mumbled with the hardening nipple in her mouth. 

Jana was torn. It was awkward; her boob was indeed feeling like it was ready to pop, but that sucking and teasing of Julies tongue really felt nice. She moaned.

"Oh, ok, now let's compare. I'll do your free boobie now. Try to spot the difference!" 

Jana felt something brush her other side, a wet, sucking sensation. It felt nice, too! But in this direct comparison a bit... boring...pale. Was Julie right? Did this weird bondage somehow 'amplify' her senses?

"Ok, now the next test!" she heard Julie giggling. Something on the restrained side happened. It tickled, oh god, she tickled her! 

Jana was giggling furiously in seconds. How come she was suddenly so ticklish there?

"Seems you enjoy it!" Julie grinned, "Now the other side!" 

Again a similar feeling, but not as... intense. Yes, intense was the right word. Jana was confused. Why did she somehow like this feeling? She would really like to see how her breasts looked like right now!

"Hey, what are you doing up there, Julie? Come down, I think we have an idea."

"Sorry, hon, Seems like it's 'back to work' for me...Hang in there, I'm sure those guys get you out in a minute."

"Ok, I think we cracked it!" Tom explained, holding a water-filled balloon and a small metal ring in the air. He put the tight ring just above the end of the balloon and asked, "Bob, can you grab this mouthpiece and hold it up? Thanks."

Everybody looked confused. "Ok, so this is the situation. Imagine, this balloon is Jana's trapped breast, and this thing is the jammed fingers of this stupid robot. You see, it won't come loose. No way of removing the ring as long as Bob is playing ceiling. But..."

Now he grabbed the other end of the balloon and began to pull it downward, stretching the balloon into an oblong shape. Suddenly, the ring began to move gliding down until it slipped over Tom's fingers.

"See? I think that's the solution. Of course we need to be very careful; Jana's breast is no balloon after all..."

"Sure about that part? Her tits not being a balloon?" asked Julie, grinning broadly.

"No joking around, please. This is serious. I think it's obvious that we need to lube up the trapped breast so the metal fingers can slip over it easily. But how can we pull her in this shape?"

"With the other hand of the robot?" Bob suggested. 

"Sure you can do this? Sounds very dangerous..."

"What about tying a wire on her nipple and pull it down with some weights? We could slowly increase the weight until it slips off!"

"Or we don't actually pull it, but bind her boob in shape, like, tying off the area below that finger. Needs to be tighter than the finger-loop of course."

"I don't know..." mumbled Tom "The wire/weight idea sounds like the best to me. Should we try this one first?"


"Ok, so Tom and Tim, You do the weight part. Julie will help you. And I'll go up there, lube her up and help her boob squeeze through."

Julie harrumphed loudly. "Tom, I think that's not the ideal split. I'm a girl, remember? I know way more about those precious girl-parts than you. I should go up there. You are just a horny guy who wants to play a little with the trapped, ballooning boob up there. I'm a girl who feels with poor Jana and could help best to get her free in one piece." She smiled at him, "Don't take me wrong, but I really think I should go up there while you guys are doing the heavy lifting!"

Tom blushed, "Ohhh... right... sure... makes sense. So take this wire and that clamp and get up there."

Julie took everything, then disappeared shouting "Just need to hit the bathroom for a second." She was back after a moment, smiling, "Ok, going up now."

"Hey, I'm back!" she told the ceiling. 

"Are you getting me out now?" Jana asked expectantly.

"Yes... we have a plan. But it won't be easy for you." Julie reached in her pocket and quickly wound something around the tight base of Jana's breast.

"What was that?" Jana inquired. 

"Just a little surprise for you. For later." Julie smiled, "Now be brave, this will hurt."

She took the nipple of Jana's trapped breast between her fingers and massaged it lightly. As soon as the little nub got hard, she let the big clamp close around it. 

Jana screamed ,"Oh fuck, what's this? Arghhhh!"

"Sorry hon, it's part of the solution, really!" Julie fixed the wire to the clamp and threw it down. "Ok guys, you can start!"

Bob and Tim fixed some kind of bucket to the other end of the wire, measured everything off. "Ok, we're ready, starting to add weights now!"

Slowly, the bucket became heavier, tearing at the wire, stretching Jana's breast. "Ohhh... fuck, this is... oh.. fuck!" Jana hollered. 

Julie watched carefully. "Oh, forgot!" she giggled, reached in her pocket and began lubing up the straining boob. While Jana was whimpering behind the wall, Julie was teasing her, rattling on the tight finger-ring and on the other objects she put there.

Slowly, the boob was pulled out of shape, changing from a red, round balloon into a red, oblong something. Jana was starting to complain more violently when things started to move. 

Julie pulled at the robot hand, wiggled it around and said, "Only a bit more and it should go!" Then she wrapped her hands around the stretched breast and squeezed it hard. 

"Oh... GOD!" screamed Jana, but finally the finger-ring and the small wire loops that Julie put there slid downwards.

Julie caught the small rings and put them in her pocket for later. Then she let the hand go free and released the clamp from the awfully stretched nipple. Jana's boob sprang back, wobbling, while the heavy bucket crashed down, almost injuring Bob's foot.

"What the...!" screamed Bob, but Julie just chirped "Done!" and added, "You're free again, Jana. Get out there!"

"Oh.. thanks.. I guess. Damn, this hurt like hell!"

"Ok guys, that's it for today. Jana, I'm really sorry for that painful experience, we really screwed up. I think we need a bit of time to get everything fixed again. So let's meet in about two weeks from now for the next shoot." 

Tom looked into her beautiful brown eyes. Jana was such a beauty! How lucky he was that she volunteered for that role! 

"And Bob, get that freaking robot fixed and start practicing! I want you to exercise with those water balloons every fucking day as soon as this beast is operational again, understood? No more 'oops I screwed up again', ok? Jana's breasts got their fair share of trouble already, I don't want to see them put in danger ever again, capiche? So be a real pro next time!"

"I... yes, understood. But the last accident wasn't really my fault. And it's fucking hard to operate that thing without any tactile feedback from those hands!"

"No excuses, Bob. Just practice, ok?"

"Sure. Sure."

Before everyone left, Julie whispered in Jana's ears, "Present for you!" and let one of the small wire rings slip into her hand.

"What's that?"

"Oh, just for you to memorize the experience of today a bit better. You remember that I put something around your boob before freeing you?"


"This is it. That's how tight your boobie got squeezed at the base by those fingers."

"That's... fucking incredible!" Jana blushed. "Is this even possible? I had no idea!"

"I know" Julie smirked, "Awesome, right? You held up well today, Jana. Good job. Looking forward to have more fun with your incredible twins!" She poked her lightly.

"Thanks... I guess!" Jana replied. 

"This girl was awkward!" she thought to herself. "Sometimes she's so nice and friendly, and a moment later she's like the craziest bitch I ever met. What's up with her?"

Pondering about these thoughts, and what happened to her today, Jana left the set, cuddling her big throbbing breasts which had to endure so much today.

Part 3

A few weeks later, they re-grouped at the dungeon. The first change that sprung into Jana's eyes was how well Bob controlled the Orcogre. The movements of the huge machine looked almost life-like!

"Hey Jana, good to see you!" Tom beamed. 

"Likewise. Damn, Bob really got into controlling this beast!"

"Indeed! Looks much more natural now, right? No stumbling, no robot-like, jagged movements... quite convincing, really!"

"Yes... must have taken ages for him to reach that level of proficiency! It really looks like an actual monster now!" said Julie, who was quite impressed with what she saw.

"Right... and that's exactly why we need to redo the entire shoot..."

"Really? Ouch!" Jana grabbed her breasts as all those painful memories came back in an instant.

"Yes, yes... sorry for that. But we had a look at the recordings... It just didn't look 'right' the way the monster was moving around, so jaggy and clumsy. It... just... looks too artificial, not like an actual monster. And as you already recognized, Bob made leaps in mastering the machine. His movements look much more fluid now. Way more natural. It's really not your fault; you were brilliant from the very start. I'm still shocked about what you had to go through..." 

Bob really felt bad for even suggesting a re-take, but what were his options? If he wanted a good product this was a no-brainer. Of course, Jana wouldn't be happy about it, but if she was committed to this job, she simply had to deal with it!

Yeina looked at him with big eyes and sighed, "Yeah... ouch... that hurt bigtime... But I guess I understand... Fuck, I thought I would be through with most of the painful part."

Tom was relieved. He was really proud of Jana. Such a tough, dedicated girl!

"Sorry Jana, really, but we need to. It's a big favor to ask, but it's a necessity. The movie needs to look good in the end... Tim also did improvements to the sound capturing and other stuff, so it's not only Bob. We simply have to do it again."

Jana sighed. She looked back at him, her big eyes wet with tears. She nodded. 

"Ok, Tom. I'll do it. But please, please, be a bit more careful this time. I can't stand any more of those freak accidents!"

Tom beamed, "Thanks, Jana. I knew I can rely on you."

Then he turned around and shuffled off to explain to the others that everything would need to be re-done. Jana looked at them, looked at the beast prancing around in front of them. Bob really seemed to enjoy it! 

Suddenly, the monster made a swift turn and ran towards Jana. Before she could even blink, his arms shot out, huge hands grabbing her slim waist and lifting her up. Jana struggled in mid-air.

"Glad to see you again beauty!" Bob's distorted voice boomed, "Can't wait to get my dirty hands on your gigantic melons again!" 

Jana giggled furiously. "You got really good with this thing!" she complimented him. "Your mechanical hands almost feel like the real thing now! Except that they are a bit cold!"

"Thanks, Jana! I think I just bring you inside so you can strip... or maybe..."

"What?" Jana inquired quizzically.

Bob made a quick turn and stomped with her into the dungeon, still holding her in mid-air, shouting, "I have just the right idea to show off my new capabilities!"

He brought her in the prison cell, held her up with one arm. 

"What now?" Jana giggled.

With great precision, Bob began to strip off Jana's clothing. The huge robotic hand grabbed her shirt, pulled at it and ripped it apart with ease. Her pants followed quickly. 

"Hey! I mean, quite impressive what you can do with this thing, but you're destroying my clothes!"

"Oops!" Bob laughed and continued with tearing her panties apart. Then he got hold of her big bra, carefully grabbing it with his mechanical claws. 

"Mmmhhh... boobies!" he joked, and off it went, crumbling under the force of its attacker, torn into shreds, causing her breasts to bounce around freely.

"Well, that was kind of cool, you didn't hurt me this time!" Jana laughed. She was really impressed. What a difference. "But what about my clothes? They're completely shredded!"

"Heheh, sorry about that. I'll tell Julie to get something for you."

Bob gently put her down on the floor and left, probably to tell Julie to get her new clothes. She wouldn't need them for some time anyway.

After that short intermezzo, everybody was getting in position for the shoot. Jana wasn't thrilled about the prospects, but Tom was right. Bob really was a pro now, and his actions looked much more natural. This alone helped her greatly to 'get into the role' again. It almost felt like she was the real Yeina this time, being tortured by those Orcogres endlessly. She shuddered.

The shoot turned out really great. Jana hadn't had to repeat a single scene, and the guys were simply fantastic. Just that Bob's greatly improved control capabilities somehow led him to pull and squish her breasts with even more force. 

But he performed without any hiccup, no stammering, no mistakes with the text, no 'oops, sorry, hope this doesn't hurt too much!' He even got the tongue-thing working, and his head movements and how he played... incredible. 

So she was stuck again, in the duct, all the previous scenes were taken already, and the monster below her was - again - having fun with her dangling melons.

A rough, wet tongue was slithering over her throbbing flesh, hands pressing her breasts into a tight package. 

Bob, the Orcogre, murmured "Ummmm, human sweat is so tasty. See, didn't I tell you I'd give you a treat." 

His claws tore again at her boobs, then, the whole mouth of the beast engulfed her nipple and started sucking furiously.

Jana moaned blissfully. Finally, something that felt good! How did Bob even do this? It felt so real!

Yeina mumbled "Mmm, you have some skills with your tongue, beast. Perhaps we can go back to the cell!" 

Jana was surprised. It really WAS an incredible good feeling! This invisible mouth, sucking on her invisible breast... that was something! Maybe it was the bouncing and squeezing that made her so sensitive? She closed her eyes, enjoyed the attention and moaned silently.

But then, after a few moments, the beast was back at pulling at her tits. The monster laughed "You must think I'm stupid slut. These enormous racks fell from the sky just to please me. Hahaha, this is a gift you've given me, and I'm going to enjoy every last minute of it!" 

He bit in her nipple, pulled her breast horribly out of shape. Yeina screamed, "Haaarg I just want to go home!" 

The tongue was scrapping over her hard nipples, tickling and teasing her sensitive buds. The beast grunted "Delicious" and dove into her boobs again. 

Finally, finally he let go of her and mumbled, "I'm done for now. We have matters to attend. But we'll continue this when I get back. And to show you how much I appreciated this wonderful evening, I'm going to keep you around for a little while longer."

Suddenly, Yeina felt something different. Ropes! She felt coils of rope being pulled over her dangling breasts, felt that they were pulled so tight that her twins were bulging and swelling instantly.

She screamed, "No, wait! You said you would let me go if I stayed put. You've had your fun, so let me go now!" 

Bob pulled the rope even tighter and wound it several times around each of her pulsing, reddening boobs.

"Aaaaiiiii BOB! That's too tight, way too tight! I think they burst any minute!"

Tom looked up. Yikes! Jana's breasts suddenly looked like weird mushrooms! Or... balls on sticks, for lack of better words. They definitely didn't look healthy at all. He glanced at the comic. Yes, too much... and...

"Hey Bob, you screwed up again! That's way too tight, and you shouldn't bind those boobs separately. Didn't you read the comic? Both breasts need to be bound together! One loop! Not two!"

"Oops, sorry guys," Bob's voice boomed, "fixing it now!"

"Look at that!" Julie grinned, "Bob's a real gentleman!" 

Then Tom heard Jana scream.

The beast simply grabbed both dangling ropes and, with a mighty tug, pulled downwards. This in turn caused the rope to unwind, sending Jana's luscious melons spinning in circles.

"Gorgeous gyrating gazongas!" Julie giggled, "I like this! Looks like a fancy fan that I would buy in an instant!"

"Bob!" Tom shouted concerned, looking at the rotating breasts above him, "Be a bit more careful, please?!"

"Ahh, damn! What are you guys doing down there! This feels awful! Are my tits banging against each other? Can you be any ruder, Bob?"

"Sorry, got carried away a little. But it was quite a nice sight! Anyway, rope's gone, ready for the next take!"

"Ok guys, Jana, we'll repeat the last scene!"

"Sure...ugh... but be a bit gentle this time!"

Jana felt the rope again, this time Bob wrapped it around her whole rack in one big loop. Better, much better. She focused, got into her role again.

Suddenly, Yeina felt something different. Ropes! She felt coils of rope being pulled over her dangling breasts, felt as they were pulled so tight that her twins were bulging and swelling instantly, pressed tightly against each other. 

She screamed, "No, wait! You said you would let me go if I stayed put. You've had your fun, so let me go now!"

"Shut the fuck up and don't move. You'll find that I'm an expert at tying rope."

The rope cut deeply into her breasts. Again and again the monster wound it around her and tied off her rack, right at the base. The small Orcogre, full of admiration for his boss, said, "Very good bondage work."

The mighty Colonel replied cheekily, "I must say that our new ornament looks splendid. Although I do think we have to decorate it some." 

Then they fixed a heavy stone plate on the end of the rope so it floated a few inches over the ground and pulled at Yeina's tightly bound, hanging twins. The heavy stone stabilized everything and kept Yeina in place. The poor girl was struggling to cope with the heavy burden, and was forced down into the dusty ground of the duct. But the soldiers didn't care. 

"I've got something in mind! Hahaha!" one of the beasts grinned. Yeina felt something strange press against her stretched flesh. It felt funny. Yeina somehow knew that feeling, but on her arm instead of her breasts. Back in the days when she wrote something on th... 

Could it be? Could those monsters write something on her bulging boobs? She heard the Colonel saying, "Excellent! Don't worry slave, we won't take long and when we get back, my friend here can have his turn!" 

Panic was rising within Yeina. Those ropes hurt! She didn't want to be stuck like that! She wanted to get out of here! Now! 

She shouted, "Don't you dare leave me here you fucking monster. I promise you, you're going to regret this!" 

Yeina was furious, but the monsters left the room without a further word. 

Standing ovations by the team. 

"This was a great performance! Absolutely brilliant! Everybody, thanks for your hard work! We are almost done; I just need to figure out how we do the rest. Let's all have a break! Coffee and cakes are outside! Oh, Jana? Sorry, girl, but you'll need to stay in there for a little while longer. We have a bit of an issue with the next scenes. And depending on how we do it, we may need your breasts a bit reddened and swollen. So hang in there, we will be back in a moment. Stay comfy!"

Jana couldn't believe what she just heard. "Hey, Tom! Are you nuts? Let me out of here! Quick! This isn't 'comfy' at all! What are you thinking?"

"Stop bitching around, Jana. It's just that I need to get my head around a few things. Just relax. Your boobs are not bound that tight, and you're already used to so much more. I'm sure you also look forward to see the end result. It'll be great! You're great! See you in a moment!"

"Oh, fuck! My tits are going to explode any minute, or something! Are you fucking serious?"

But Tom and the rest of the crew already left the room and chatted outside.

Jana moaned. Now she was really annoyed. Her breasts were pounding, burning, and she couldn't even see them as they're on the other side of that damn duct! It was such an utterly strange sensation to not see her own breasts, but feel them in this amplified way. 

How did it look like? Her breasts, dangling from the ceiling like some expensive, exotic lamp? It surely had to look funny! 'Jana's luscious lamps!' She giggled about that thought.

Jana wondered what the others were doing. Everybody went outside, as far as she could tell. Would they talk about her? She would have liked to be there, too! To talk about the experience, bitch about all that groping and slapping, the tight bind, all those accidents. Damn, her boobs were hurting! 

This buzzing, glowing, throbbing feeling was driving her nuts! But at the same time it was kind of interesting feel her own body in such a weird have no choice but to stay here, trapped, not knowing how her breasts even looked right now...

What WERE they doing outside? She heard loud laughter. Somebody, probably Bob, seemed to tell a joke of some sort, probably about boobs, her boobs. Fuck, she really wanted to be there, too! She was getting impatient.

"Hey Tom, how do you want to deal with that 'fluid problem' coming up in those extra pages? You know, those melons of Jana need to... well, according to the script at least that magic ointment..."

"Honestly, I have no clue. Options are limited. We either convince Jana to let someone suck constantly on her, buy her some sort of machine, or convince her to take meds for some period. Either way, it'll take some time until there is even the slightest possibility for her to be able to fulfill that 'requirement'. And how on earth would we convince her to do this for our project?"

"I know, tough sell," Bob chimed in, "but I would really love to see those pages put into action!"

"Well, there is always the option to fake it. Special effects..."

"I don't know, this sounds kind of wrong."

Julie was joining their small group, looked at them expectantly and asked, "So, what's up?"

"We're just discussing how to get Jana ready for the extra pages. You know, she needs to..."

"Right, I remember!" she grinned, "This will be soooo cool!"

"So, how can convince her to ..."

"Ah, that's the problem you're discussing? Tom, you said you told her from the beginning that those extra pages were part of the package, right?"

Tom nodded. 

"So she already agreed to do it, you morons! There's nothing to convince her about! Give me a second and I'll 'negotiate' with our star!"

Julie went inside, giggling with delight. At the place where Jana's tits stuck out of the ceiling, she grabbed the rope and pulled. 

"Hey, Jana, time to wake up!"

"Ouch, Julie! Be careful! Can you let me out now, please?"

"We're almost done. You remember Tom mentioning those extra pages, and that they'll be part of the project, right?"


"Thing is, some of those panels need some special preparation on your side. And it will take time..."

"What are you talking about? Can't you just let me out, and we do the rest later?"

"Well, we need to do part of the extras now, and then you'll need to get your breasts... to... produce milk. Just like in the comic that you apparently didn't even read before committing to this..."

"You're kidding me, right? Please tell me that you are fucking kidding me?"

"Uh, no. And you promised to do it already, remember? So I'm just here to tell you the options. Either you let some guy or some machine suck on your tits for, like, the whole fucking time for months, or you pop some pills. And after a few weeks we can hopefully do the shoot. Oh, you could also get pregnant, of course. That should also work quite well." Julie grinned evilly, "So what's your choice?"

"Pills! I want pills! Those other options... won't work for me."

"Ok, so this is settled. Then the last thing for today is a few short scenes, where our monster-pal is rubbing stuff into your melons. And the rest will be up for another shoot in some weeks' time, once you are 'prepared'. I'll call the guys in so we can continue with the shoot."

"Tom, Bob, everybody, let's do the rest of the scene. Tom? Jana will do it. But she wants the pills. I can get Domperidone from some friend of mine, so no worries."

"Great! How did you..."

"Well, let's just say I'm good at negotiating," Julie smirked.

"Ok, so let's do the first few panels until just before Yeina's boobs swell up. Everybody ready?"

First, the camera shot a scene of the empty room, with Yeina's bound boobs hanging down from the ceiling as usual. Those tasty objects got a nice shade of red by now and looked simply delicious. 

Some shots of Yeina's distressed face followed in the narrow tunnel. Jana was well prepared, she was desperate to get everything done quickly. Just as the script said, she looked full of anger and then said "OUCH, what was that?" and "Oh no! It's HIM!"

The big Orcogre grabbed the dangling rope, pulled it with force, and grunted, "Knock, knock, I'm here. did you miss me, human girl?"

Jana was struggling against that nasty pull on her, but being a pro she replied as it was written in the script.

"Oh my god! Stop that! STOP!" 

She really wanted this scene to end by now.

"Will you release me?" she whispered. But the beast had different things on its mind. 

"I can't do that. I bring so much love for you. He he he" the monster laughed evilly.

And then Yeina felt hands on her again. And cold steel! And not the steel of those fingers either. Danger! The warrior within Yeina immediately recognized that what she felt was a weapon. Her whole body was flooded with adrenaline in an instant, every single muscle flexed as she prepared to fight...

...But thank god, the monster just cut her free from the ropes! What a relief! She felt him grabbing her breasts again, lifting them up. What was that? Was this stupid thing putting her boobs on its head? Using her melons as some kind of weird hat or something? Couldn't it get any less humiliating? 

"I cannot concentrate with these things on my head" Bob, the beast, laughed, "We are going to have fun tonight!" 

A healthy smack sent her orbs flying against the ceiling again. This was it, this was her chance! Yeina lifted herself up, tried to pull free, finally!

"What?" the Orcogre screamed, and then his strong hands bit deep into her escaping boobs and grabbed her hard, "Where do you think you're going?" 

Yeina bitched. Again! Again, this horrible monster managed to stop her! It was simply too fast for her!

"Come here ladies. You are not going anywhere!" she heard the monster chuckle. This time, the force of the pull increased way over what Jana was willing to tolerate. 

Bob really gave everything, tearing at her melons, pulling them into tight, long pyramids that hung from the ceiling.

"LET ME GO! You piece of beast!" Yeina screamed on the top of her lungs,

"Next time you try to escape, I will rip off this nice pair!" the Orcogre threatened her. And to make a point, that sucker Bob pulled just a bit stronger.

"Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, OK! I'm staying calm. Just don't do it. I'm here. Relax!"

"You know I can do it. Feel my strength? Oh yeah, I can do it!" 

There was even more tearing at her trapped breasts. Jana was about to freak out. Couldn't that asshole pull a bit less on her? That freaking machine had way too much power! This scene felt quite a bit too realistic for her taste! Like a real, big-ass monster tearing at her!

"Stop it please, ouch!"

Finally, Bob let go of her. She heard something rattling, a sound of a bottle being opened. 

"I brought something from the wizard. Guess where this ointment will go!" the Orcogre grinned. 

"At least can you tell me what this ointment can do? I don't like magic things on my boobs!" Yeina groaned. Then she felt some cold, spunky stuff smeared over her hurting flesh.

Actually this felt kind of nice, soothing, and cooling the heat. Bob took his sweet time massaging her twins. Jana enjoyed the treatment for once and muttered, "Ho boy, hmmm..." 

Bob really could handle those hands well, the kneading and rubbing felt quite nice for change!

"The wizard said your boobs will absorb this ointment along with the magic," he kneaded her even more, "I bet you feel good with this massage."

The beast pushed her globes together, pulled at them, kneaded and stretched her breasts with vigor. The ointment made the experience kind of pleasant though, her lubed up twins squished around and made funny noises. It was so much better than what Yeina had to go through in the previous scenes! 

"Argh!" she screamed, as the pulling increased again. 

She heard the beast murmuring, "Now that I think about it, you have small tits. Well, big enough for a human, I give you that." He lifted her huge melons upward. 

Was this really in the comic? Small tits? Her? Yeina? Jana? Surely not! And it seemed Yeina had the same thought. 

"SMALL TITS? First time someone says that!! How you dare?"

"...and they are absorbing pretty well! Just need to give them a little more massage, and see if it works! After all we are having fun!"

More kneading, pulling and squeezing of her slippery melons followed. Then those hands pinched her hard, pulled her breasts forcefully apart. 

"Ouch!" Yeina complained, just to be irritated by the monster pushing her twins against the concrete ceiling. 

"Hey!" she screamed, and Bob reacted, squeezing her flesh tight and pulling her breasts down, stretching them apart as far as they would go. 

"CALM DOWN! That hurts!" Yeina squealed. 

"Hmm, shiny boobs! I think my hands got smaller, or..."

Jana glanced at the script. Almost done for today. Thank god! She focused herself, looked at the camera with a surprised expression, screaming, "Wait! What's happening? I feel my boobs burning, what the fuck?"

She felt Bob lifting one of her breasts grinning, "It's happening human!"

"CUT! Good job, Jana, Bob. Now let's get our star out of there."

Finally! Jana was so happy that this part was over. She pulled herself out, just to feel Bobs robotic 'hands' again, grabbing her dangling breasts. 

"Oh fuck, Bob, You had enough!"

"Couldn't resist, honey," he giggled, "I will really miss those!"

Jana smiled, "Go fuck yourself Bob!" and pulled herself free. She crawled back to the cell, climbed down the ladder. 

Once she was on the ground again, Jana inspected her breasts for damage. They were hurting, and maybe a bit swollen, but she didn't see any bruises or such. They kind of looked ok, just a bit reddish and tender. She sighed. 

How come everything felt so painful when she was up in that duct and now there wasn't even a bruise? Maybe it just felt that way because her tits were out of reach behind that metal floor? Or maybe she just got in the role a bit too well? Maybe Bob wasn't as brutal and unforgiving as she pictured him, as part of Yeina's role? 

Her head was spinning. Did it all really happen like she remembered? There would have to be bruises and stuff then, right? Or was her mind playing tricks on her?

"Hey Jana, great job up there. You just got plenty of new fans!" 

Julie stood there, grinning with her spiky ears. 

Yeina smiled, "Thanks! By the way, when will I see you naked? I mean all those ears and stuff..."

Julie smiled, "Wow, you paid attention! Actually, as the story continues, my role will get more prominent. I'm playing Kal, an Elf. And while I don't have as huge-ass knockers as you, mine are quite sizable, too! And I fear they will get a fair share of mauling, once we do those other EDEN volumes. 

"I have to play my role, just like you played Yeina. But I still have a bit of time. Anyway, we thought we could do the first scenes with Kal already during the initial shoot, that's why I was all prepared and ready. But in the end we were way to optimistic. Looks like my role will only start when we do the next movie. If we ever make one. But if you want to know more about Kal, you really should read those other EDEN volumes! Kal's really a nice girl, very kind. Unlike me," she laughed.

Julie looked at Jana curiously and whispered, "I wanted to ask you this for quite some time... So how was it up there? In that duct? I mean... your tits out of reach..."

"Oh my god, Julie, it was scary, really scary. My boobs still hurt from whatever they did with them. But as you said, I couldn't even see my bloody tits being handled! They were behind that damn wall in front of my eyes! It really creeped me out! But on the other hand, it was kind of... I don't know... interesting? No, that's the wrong word... Exciting! The kind of 'I'm going crazy with this shit' exciting. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, but it was a very... stimulating... experience."

"Sounds like fun to me. Anyway, let's get home, dress-up and hit the clubs tonight. We have something to celebrate. I'll ask Tom to make a quick copy of some of the scenes so you can see how you looked from the other side. And I'll get you the pills you were asking for. Let's meet in... three hours from now? Club Noir?" 


Julie patted her head. "Good girl. See you in a moment."

Jana beamed. Seemed like she was back in the game! Everybody was suddenly so nice to her! She turned around, went looking for her clothes. Then she remembered... damn, her clothes... shouldn't Julie... 

"Wait! Julie!! My... my clothes...!"

Nothing. Jana walked through the dungeon. Nobody was there anymore! Where WAS everybody? And no new clothes either! Did Julie forget to get them? Did Bob even tell her? She looked around a bit more. In one of the rooms, there was some kind of dress or gown laying on the table. It was rather simple and of light grayish-brown color. And a cardboard box was there. A comic page was lying there, too. And a note.

"Hi Jana. Was about to get clothes for you, but then I found this 'prototype' Tom created for a sequel... sorry, prequel. It's from EDEN Vol 0. I thought you could use this instead. Just look at the page and you'll understand ;) 'What would Yeina...' no wait 'What would Requiem do?' is the question you should ask yourself. Have fun! And don't let the box fall down on your way home! xoxox Julie"

Jana was confused. Was there something special about this gown? She took it, put it on. 

"Oh! What the...?!" 

The entire breast section was missing! Her huge globes were still on display! No cover, nothing! She looked at the box. Nothing special, except that some fool has written 'boobies!' on it in big, red letters. She grabbed the gown and examined it closer. There were two round openings on one side. What WAS this? She looked at the comic page, read through it and blushed. 

"Fuck, Julie! You're really mean!"

By now, she understood. Of course. The cartoon showed Yeina in a similar dress, with a second girl, apparently called 'Requiem'. Yeina had the same kind of gown, her breasts covered by a rather conveniently placed leather bag. This would have been kind of ok. The other girl though, 'Requiem', had her assets tucked up in just the kind of cardboard box that was standing in front of her. Except that hers didn't have 'boobies' written all over it. 

Great, just great! Jana sat down, opened the box and started to pull her huge breasts through the smallish openings. To her surprise, it fit rather well! Of course, she would need to carry the box all the time to avoid exposing herself, but this could actually work! She looked down, checked herself, and decided that she was ready to go.

When she sneaked out of the dungeon, box tightly pressed against her chest, the sun was already beginning to set. It was getting dark. Now what? Take a cab? The driver may be a creep! Take a bus? With all those strangers in there? What if the driver asks her to put the box down? Maybe she should simply walk, even if it took like 1 hour to get home...

Suddenly, a car came chasing around the corner, hitting the brakes just in front of her, startling her. When the driver lowered the window, a familiar face with a huge grin was looking at Jana.

"Hi beauty, interesting clothes you have there! Wanna take a ride?"

"Julie?! Thank god!"

"Couldn't let you get into trouble with those fancy clothes," she grinned, "What's in this nice little box? A present for me? Can I have a look?" Her grin broadened.

"You're an idiot, Julie!" Jana giggled, "Here, have a look, but only look, no feel, ok?"

Jana lifted the lid, bowed slightly so Julie could have a glance at her trapped breasts inside. She giggled furiously. 

"Oh... fuck Julie, can't stop laughing! You're really a demented little girl!"

"Hehe, nice melons in that fruit basket of yours. Can I check if they're ripe enough?"

Jana burst out in laughter. "You're hilarious, sweetie! Alright, go ahead! I somehow thought you've seen enough of them today though!"

"Hmmm...I can never get enough of your juicy boobies, darling!" 

She gave Jana a playful poke and smirked, "Yes, look ripe and ready to me! But I guess we should start driving. Look at those guys outside, we already stirred up quite some curiosity there!"

Julie drove down the road, chatting, "You know, I really hated you, like, a few months ago. Thought of you as a huge-boobed bimbo who lets down everybody and is just plain boring. But you really managed to change that perception.

"I was the one who loudly objected against Tom's proposal to even ask you. And I was furious when I found out. I figured I should be nice to you, at least in the beginning, but I really liked teasing you, taking advantage of you. I kind of still like that part though...

"Anyway, guess what I want to say is, you did a terrific job in this project. And I may have been a bit too mean to you. I'm sorry. You're a tough lady, Jana, really."

"Thanks, Julie. You scared me quite a bit, you know..."

"Scared... really? Oh, yes... My god... when that ladder went down... and I hung from your tits... Oh fuck, yes... that was scary as shit!"

"Aahhh... don't mention that. My boobs still hurt just thinking about it! No clue how I even survived this!"

"Seems I don't weight too much!" Julie giggled, "Or you have really tough titties!"

Jana grinned, "Could be! And when you made that 'comparison' of my tied up boob with the not-so-tied-up one... I mean, really? I was thinking, like, 'what a freak!'"

Julie laughed out loud, "I know! But I just couldn't help it! It was so... captivating! Guess I'm just in love with your twins." she smirked.

"And then this fucking gown and the box ... Oh, here we are. Thanks for driving me! See you in a bit!"

Jana went inside, careful to not drop her box. She disappeared into her room to get ready. After an extensive shower, she grabbed her clothes and got dressed. Damn, was that bra tight like that before? Or did her boobs swell? Maybe, it was just the attention they were receiving... She shrugged. She should better be careful and not move too fast tonight. 

Shortly after, she met the others at the club. The party was great. To Jana's delight, she was finally the very center of the attention. Everybody complimented her, wanted to know how it felt being up there in the air duct, and what she thought about the project. She was in such a rush that she praised the whole idea like it was the best thing since sliced bread, and while it was a pain in the neck to have your breasts treated like that, it was a price she was willing to pay. For the Arts! For the Greater Good! Everybody admired her dedication, her willingness for sacrifice. She certainly was the hero of the day.

Already that night, Julie handed her a big package. 

"These are the pills. Domperidone. I was told that it's safe to take up to two pills per dose. Four doses a day. You should feel some changes after a few days. Start stimulating your you-know-whats as soon as possible. I'll get you a pump soon. When you have it, pump at least 6 times a day and massage those things when doing it."

"Wow... that sounds like plenty of work!" Jana complained.

"Sure, but just as you said, all for the Arts!" Julie grinned broadly.

"What are you guys whispering about?" Tom complained.

"Girl-stuff," Julie smiled, "None of your business."

The night went on, and the whole crew had loads of fun dancing, talking and partying. 

When Jana woke up the next afternoon, she checked her phone as usual. Her head was still spinning, and she couldn't really make sense of the message that was displayed.

"Remember to take the pills! Two each morning, noon, evening and before going to bed! I'll drop by soon! xoxox Julie"

Her eyes wandered around. What was this big white box on her desk? Slowly, she remembered what happened before the party. Her breasts still hurt like crazy! Were they still throbbing from everything they had to go through yesterday? She clutched them, massaged her twins carefully. Then she remembered that 'other' part. What she promised. Those 'preparations' needed for that next shoot. 

"Oh fuck, in what freak-show did I get myself into this time?"

Well, she had plenty of fun last night, and those guys really were friendly and nice to her. But why the hell did she ever promise them THAT part? She looked again on her smartphone. Was there something attached to that message? She wiped over the screen, checked the details of the attachment. 'Best of: Yeina's boobies in action' was the name of it. A video file. Oh god. 

She opened the movie, let it play. And was dumbstruck. Her ears lit up, her eyes popped open, she was groaning. 

"Oh fuck, what the..." 

The short, 5 minutes flick was professionally cut together and edited. It started of with a scene from the duct, showing her beautiful, panting face for a few seconds. And then the picture changed, her melons dangling out of the ceiling. The remaining minutes were solely showcasing her very own breasts flying around, twisted out of shape, manhandled by big, iron hands.

Jana gulped, face red. This stuff was crazy! And it looked so damn professional! Like a teaser for a freaking blockbuster! The movie was catchy, the editing clean and the cuts fast. It was captivating! The subtitles simply said in fancy letters "Experience the power of Yeina's boobs in the upcoming fan movie of Gulavisual's Eden Vol. 1 by Yeina productions. Hitting the web soon!"

The video ended. Jana was panting. That was... amazing! Her phone vibrated. Another message. "Clip just uploaded to YouTube. 10k views already. 20k now, 50k... Oh honey, I think your tits are going viral. Congrats! Julie ;) "

Jana was torn. Was this good or bad? She couldn't decide. It somehow felt good to be so admired by so many total strangers. She was kind of popular now, right? But... her eyes fell on the pills again. "Oh, right! Guess I need to prepare for the next scenes. Can't let my fans down!"

Jana opened the box. The pills looked genuine, and there were plenty of them. She got some water and swallowed two, just like Julie instructed her. Time for breakfast.

Jana kept popping the pills over the following days. Once in a while, Julie dropped by, chatted with her and checked how everything went. After a few days, she brought her a breast pump and explained her how to use it. It was awkward at first. Jana didn't like that pulling sensation at all. But she kept trying, did sessions every few hours. Her studying and housekeeping suffered slightly due to the time consuming preparations, but she somehow managed to keep up. 

After a few days, she could already feel some change. She had the impression that her boobs got firmer, tenser. Also more sensitive. But it was after a few weeks, when it really got interesting. Her first milk! It was only a few drops, but it was there! She was so proud! With renewed energy, she worked on her project, Julie helping her enthusiastically along. 

And it didn't take too long until Julie declared, "Time for a bit more focused preparations!" 

Julie rummaged in her bag and quickly found what she was looking for. "So these are the last remaining scenes we need to play. Look at them closely, because we need to make sure that your tits will function properly. And we will test that. Don't want to let down the crew, right? I mean 'sorry guys, no milk today' just won't cut it!"

Jana looked at the few pages. "Ok, so I basically will get milked by Bob, and the supply needs to be enough for the shoot?"

"Yes, that's basically it!"

"So how do we test that?"

"Simple!" Julie grinned, "Let me give you a hand. Here, let your boobs dangle over the edge of your desk and I'll do the rest."

"Oh... ok?"

Moments later, Julie grabbed Jana's nipples and began pulling. The milk flow wasn't really convincing though. 

"Guess we need to practice a bit more!" grinned Julie and continued the tugging until Jana's nipples were sore. Julie patted her head and said, "I'll be back tomorrow. Keep popping pills and use the pump, cutie!"

"Aww, Julie! this is kind of degrading! Isn't there an easier way?"

"Sorry, Jana. this is as easy as it gets. I know it's tough, but it's all for the Greater Good! The Arts! Right?" she smirked and went out of the door.

After a few more weeks of milking fun, Julie finally declared, "I think this is sufficient. You are able to produce enough for that scene, and it looks like you also got a bit bigger."

"Really? You think we can stop?"

"No, continue for now. But I'll inform the others and secure the dungeon again for us. Time to plan the next shoot!"

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