Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Business Trip

I had been running around like a headless chicken, trying to ensure I had all the bits I needed for the convention at the spa resort where I hoped to get a promotion at work from the information I would glean at the convention. Anne my wife was coming along for the trip and I was getting stressed out as I tried to ensure we arrived on time.

Somehow, god knows how but we arrived early and we settled into our room, well more like a suite with two double beds, lounge, en-suite and a Jacuzzi. I decided to make use of the Jacuzzi and slid in beside my wife and before long I had her bouncing around on my cock as we made love in the bubbles.

We went down in time for dinner and I introduced Anne to some of the others I knew. There was one guy called Frank, we called him 'frank the wank' as it was common knowledge he had a large cock which we all nicknamed the 'pussy pleaser'. As well as that, he always ended up screwing someone at these conventions. I was even less happy when I discovered he was in the adjoining room to ours, so I told Anne to keep clear, telling her he would only be interested in getting her out of her panties. She laughed and made some comment about him not being that bad.

As the night went on Anne ended up at the bar chatting to this Frank, as I tried to keep an eye on her, and talk business with the others. Eventually our discussion ended and the guys drifted off to their respective rooms. By now Frank and Anne were sitting in a booth together, I bought a drink and moved over to sit beside Anne. The three of us chatted and soon the conversation turned to the point that Frank's comments were becoming inappropriate, telling her she had a lovely figure and that she was a sexy lady.

I asked him to stop making such comments and he apologised but all too soon he was back making them until Anne told him that she was happily married and his comments were unwanted and frankly disgusting. He apologised however we had both had enough of him, so the two of us left and retired to our room. I apologised to my wife for his behaviour, but she reassured me that she wasn't upset at me as it was his problem for being such a lout. We enjoyed a lovely night making love twice and falling asleep in each other's arms.

The next day I spent all day at the seminar whilst Anne, spent her time shopping and visiting the spa. By the time we had finished it was dinner time and I had to quickly change and we shot to dinner. With me having missed a proper lunch and only had a snack with coffee to keep me going, I foolishly drank too much beer and then onto spirits, by eight pm I was more than a little tipsy, in fact I was done. I made my excuses and my wife and I retired to our room. I must have flaked out almost immediately and awoke around twelve midnight to fine Anne missing and my head somewhat aching.

I made my way down to the bar but she wasn't around. I asked at the desk if they had seen her but again it was in the negative. I returned to my room and made a coffee as I tried to think where she could be. Just as I was about to leave and look for Anne again, I heard noises coming from Frank's room, a steady 'knock, knock, knock' I soon recognised as the bed banging against the wall, I laughed out loud just to myself as I thought, so 'Frank the wank' had found another poor sod to fuck yet again.

I took a can of cola from the fridge and popped the ring just as the woman he was so obviously fucking began moaning, I stood puzzled for a few seconds as something rattled around in my drink hazed mind that I recognised. Then I heard something that made me feel as if my stomach had dropped, and I had to swallow hard just to keep breathing."You're mine tonight baby, and I'm going to fuck you really hard!"

"Oh yes Frank fuck me, fuck my wet pussy." The voice was so familiar it only took me seconds to realise it was Anne, my wife that Frank was fucking. "Oh god, fuck me harder....don't stop....give me that big cock."

Her pleas went on and on, "Fuck me my pussy's so feel so huge...stretching me like no one ever has before" she panted." That's it Frank ...fill me up with your big beautiful cock!"

I knew there was no mistake; the voice was most definitely my wife. My wife who had been so disgusted with him the night before. She was the one Frank had in the next room and who was getting banged, by that big pussy pleaser he was renowned to have. Anne, my wife, my faithful wife was screwing the guy who she had said she hated last night. There was me, instead of rushing next door to try and stop what was happening. I was becoming aroused at my wife's infidelity; I was more intent on trying to find some way to watch my slut of a wife, getting fucked by Frank's big pussy pleaser.

Wondering how I was going to see, whilst not being seen, I decided to try the balcony doors. As both the balconies adjoined it was easy enough to position myself outside the patio doors. This I did and what a sight beheld me as I looked in on the adulterous pair. My wife Anne positioned over the end of the bed, and Frank sawing in and out of her pussy with his big pussy pleaser. Going by the distance his hips were drawing back and then pushing forward, he was obviously very well endowed. The groans and moans of my wife could clearly be heard, as an open side window allowed whatever was being said inside to travel outside.

I looked around to ensure I was not being observed, I need not have worried the rest of the rooms around were in darkness. There were large artificial bushes that formed a mini hedge for privacy surrounding one corner of the balcony. This allowed my uninterrupted viewing and listening pleasure. I returned to the action in the room and just as I did I heard Anne having an orgasm;

"Oh god Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!"......"keep going Frank, I'm going to cum...I'm going to fucking cum!"

"Oh my god Frank, fuck me with that big cock. Please don't stop, it feels so fucking good."

As Frank yelled "Yeah bitch, I'm going to fuck the arse of you"......"Your tiny dicked hubby won't be no fuckin use to you now bitch"

"Frank, Frank oh god, I'm going to come, I'm coming!...I'm fuckin cuuuuuummming!"

I felt a pang of jealousy as he made her cum, also by his comments, but the sexual arousal I was feeling, was so good I didn't want it to stop. Indeed I wanted more, I wanted to see my wife fucked senseless by this big cocked stud. I had dropped my trousers and underwear in a heap around my ankles, and was frantically beating my aching, rock hard cock like a madman. I came just as Anne had her orgasm the spurts shooting out the end of my swollen cock, before hitting the glass of the patio doors. Stepping back out of sight, I used my underpants to clean myself up.

After I had cleaned myself up, I returned to watching Frank totally dominate my wife. He had flipped her over onto her back, her head hanging over the side of the bed. Frank then moved to her head, rubbing his big bulbous cock head all over Anne's face. "Yes baby, you look so hot laying there, waiting to slut yourself out for Frank's big cock"

Anne moved her right hand onto Frank's cock, stroking it whilst her other hand fondled his big, heavy balls. "Oh god that feels so good." groaned Frank.

Anne shifted on the bed until; she was sat on the edge, whilst still playing with Frank's cock and balls. "Look me in the eyes Frank; I'm going to suck your cock so good...suck your balls into my mouth, roll them around, and lick them with my tongue... Whilst you beg me not to stop!"

Frank had a hold of my wife's long dark hair in both hands and pulled her towards his groin. "Yeah baby, suck it for all your worth, and don't forget the balls... I want you to suck on them hard"

Anne was sucking on his cock with gusto, pleasuring this pussy pleaser of Frank's, using her mouth on the entire length, kissing and licking her way down, then back up his thickly veined shaft. I couldn't help but think how much she looked and was acting like a right whore. I couldn't get over the change in her attitude towards him. The previous night, she wouldn't mention him, yet here she was gagging on his obscenely large cock, and talking like a slut. Looking up at him she removed her mouth from his cock, "I want to choke on your cock Frank, fill my mouth with your cum!"

Anne resumed her cock sucking, whilst she gave his balls a good playing with. I knew from personal experience he would be in heaven. Anne was an exceptional giver of blow jobs, and Frank was going to be no exception. It only took Anne five minutes of blowing him until, "Baby, Oooh my god, you cock sucking slut...oh god, I'm going to come, I'm coming bitch!... I'm going to come in your mouth?"

Frank didn't wait for a response he just held her head with his cock stuffed down her throat and let out a loud bellow as he erupted."Aaaaaargh....Uuuuuuh...Mmmmmph!" His ragged breathing, muffled moans of pleasure from my wife, were all I could hear for the next few minutes. Frank pulled his cock out of her mouth, rubbed it around her lips and squeezed the last few drops out of the bell end for Anne to lick up.

I wondered if that would be it so stepped back into the shadows as they moved around in the room. They disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower go on, so they were going to wash the evidence away. I returned to our room awaiting my slut of a wife's return, however she failed to appear. I heard the moans start up again and realized they had only taken a break. I returned to my vantage point, in time to witness my wife straddle Frank's huge cock, and begin to ease down onto it.

I watched fascinated, as I saw that glorious thick shaft, part my wife's pussy lips, enter her pussy and disappear inside her inch by glorious inch. My own cock was once again rock solid at the sight before me. I heard a soft moan and realized it was I making it. It was truly awesome; the way her lips wrapped around his shaft, her juices seemed to run out freely as each inch entered her, allowing her to take Frank to his balls. "You like that you big stud? You like that tight pussy?.. Tell me how much you love it stud."

"It feels good baby, nice and wet but still tight, not to worry I'll soon stretch you out bitch, just like a cheap slut!"

Frank placed his hands on her ass, began lifting her up and down on his shaft. To begin with it was gently, gently until Anne could accommodate his girth and length more comfortably. By now his cock shaft and balls were covered in my wife's secretions. "God you fucker, my pussy's so feel so big, so huge inside me!...Go on Frank fuck me, fill me up with cock!"

Frank began to pound up into her pussy with more effort, the loud lovemaking noises of a couple enjoying a sound fucking drifted out to me as I watched this highly erotic sight before me. "Fuck my pussy Frank,.. Fuck me however you want,.. I need a good fucking badly!" Anne groaned.

Frank was giving it to her harder and faster as the time passed. Loud squelching sounds were being forced from my wife's cunt on each inward thrust; her inner lips were being dragged out as Frank withdrew. It was as if they were clinging onto his cock for dear life, as if her pussy didn't want that cock to leave her insides.

"Fuck me harder!...Fuck me faster! ... Go on Frank, make my tits bounce" Anne was by now pleadingly requesting her lover with loud moans. "I want to feel you come inside me Frank, fill me up with your cock,.. Go on fuck me raw!"

"Right you fucking bitch... you asked for it" Thrusting up really hard he threw Anne of his cock. Rolling over, he shifted Anne onto her back. Lifting her legs up above Anne's shoulders and behind her head, Frank re-entered her in one hard thrust. Anne let out a loud gasp, as her hands went to her ankles, grabbing a firm hold of them. "Go on Frank, fuck the arse of me, I'm your cheap slut, fuck me hard and fast, with your big cock!"

"You asked for it slut, I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk bitch!"

With that Frank began to give my wife the fucking of her life. Each outward stroke came all the way out, his bloated cock end shining purple, covered in their combined juices. At times I could clearly see strands of their juices attached to her pussy and is cock. Each inward thrust was made with as much force as Frank could muster. Anne could only make grunting noises, almost animalistic at times. "You asked for it bitch!... your fucking getting it! slut!"

Harder and harder Frank fucked her, until his cock was almost a blur going in and out of my wife's ravaged cunt. Franks balls and shaft dripped juices, so much was being shoved out by the sides of his monster cock it was pooling on the bedspread. At least that's what I hoped the large damp area was, under the two of them. "Yeah!..Yeah!...Yeah!...Fuck, fuck, fuck!.. Take it you bitch!... fucking take it, every fucking inch you slut!" yelled Frank.

I knew by the way Anne was being shaken around on the bed. Her limp arms flopping around at her sides, and her legs flapping around on Frank's shoulders, she was almost certainly out of it. It was as if she had lost consciousness, she was lost in an orgasmic world that she had never visited before, but one which her lover Frank had taken her too. Frank was near too Cumming as well, his butt cheeks were clenching and unclenching. His body glistened in sweat, and his breathing was loud and ragged. Then his back arched, his shoulders drooped, his cock was thrust into my wife's abused cunt and he held himself there, my eyes watched keenly as I watched his balls tighten, almost disappearing up inside him. "Oh fucking hell! slut...take the full load you bitch!"

He held that position for several minutes, his ass clenched and unclenched and his legs shook, till they almost gave way. When he finally stood up and withdrew his deflated cock and collapsed on the bed beside my wife, I saw the base of his cock and balls, were coated in a frothy mixture of their combined juices. I looked at my wanton slut of a wife lying there exhausted, her cunt gaped open; a big juicy cream pie was visible, oozing out the gaping hole that was her cunt which refused to close. I was so weak from having come myself during the latter stages of their tryst, I had to wait several minutes till I was able to return to my room where I washed and awaited my wife's return.

It took some time for that to happen. For after what seemed like only minutes, but surely must have been longer. The noises that I had noticed previously returned. The headboard was banging against the wall, whilst Frank administered a sound fucking to my slutty wife. On and on it went, and when the banging stopped, I could make out the vocal sounds of the pair as they urged each other on to greater efforts.

I gave up trying to sleep and returned to my viewing position, as I peered around the corner I saw my wife was sucking on his huge balls, whilst using her left hand to stroke that huge pussy pleaser of his. Her other hand was busy playing with herself, her ass shaking as she fingered herself to several small orgasms. Frank then lifted her up and placed her over the edge of the bed facing away from me. He then lifted her legs up and to the sides, exposing both her swollen cunt and her little pink rosebud. Frank dropped to his knees and began tonguing her most sensitive of areas all the way from her cunt to her asshole.

Anne moaned as he wiggled his tongue on her rosebud "Ooooooooh my!......Oooooh yes...Oooh god that feels good Frank, don't you dare stop!"

Frank worked over her ass pretty good from what I could see. Anne's ass was pushing back into his face and her right hand was rubbing and pulling on her clit, which made her moan even louder. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh Oh my that's... soooo gooooood!"

After working on her ass for about ten minutes or so Frank stood up and eased her hips up, repositioned her legs, so her ass stuck out towards Frank. Frank then spat on her asshole, and using a single finger started to push one into her ass. Anne pushed her ass back and groaned. " Ooooh God Frank, fuck my ass you stud PLEASEEEEE! FUCK ME up my ass!" I could see her rosebud gripping his finger tightly and thought how in hells name is my wife going to accommodate that fucking monster in her virgin ass?

Frank kept teasing her, working his finger around inside her, than adding another, and another until after almost thirty minutes he had all four fingers inside my wife's asshole. He was using his other hand to scoop her juices up from her soaked, dripping cunt to use as lube. Anne was by now face down buried in the pillows, her muffled moans of pleasure barely audible now. Her hands were frantically rubbing, thrusting in and out of her pussy or pulling the cheeks of her ass apart to allow Frank access to her asshole. Frank was twisting and turning his fingers inside my wife making her moan constantly. "You like that my little slut, don't you?"

All that I could hear was muffled moans, but by the way frank laughed I knew she had confirmed in the positive. Frank leant over past, my wife and picked up something. It turned out to be a bottle of baby oil and he stuck the top in her asshole and squeezed, emptying nearly all the contents up inside my wife's asshole. I knew he was about to assfuck her and thought my wife would deny him that privilege as I had never been allowed near her ass with my own cock. However I was only half surprised when she lifted her head, looked back at him and with a look of pure animal lust told him; "Fuck my arse for me lover, Take my anal cherry you big stud....I want you too, please fuck my ass, PLEEEEASEEEE!!"

Frank rubbed his huge cock all over with some oil and then placed it against her virgin asshole. I felt as if I was holding my breath, as he began to push that monster cock into my wife's ass. Inch by glorious inch, I watched it disappear into that tight hole. Frank would go so far in, then pull out, then ease back in each time getting a little deeper. All the while Anne was moaning and yelling several times, "Push every inch of your big fat cock into my ass and fuck my brains out. Right now!"..... "Fuck me Yeaaah!... fuck my ass lover... fuck my brains out. Go on fuck the arse right off me.. Right now!"

I was stood watching with my mouth hanging open, as Frank let out a long moan as he finally got it all in. My own legs were shaking at the sight, so god knows what my wife was feeling. My own cock jerked and jumped as I came in my pants, with no need to touch myself. Anne wiggled her ass at Frank and moaned loudly "This is how a real man fucks!...this is the kind of man I need" almost panting, "Go on Frank fuck my ass for me, with your big cock. Make me your big cock slut baby!"

Without hesitation Frank began to ease in and out slowly at first, then a bit faster. Then faster still until he was fucking her ass as if it was her cunt. He didn't last too long and within minutes he had a hold of her long hair and was riding her like a horse. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeeeeeeeh!" he yelled.

My wife bucked around under his onslaught, groaning and trying desperately to meet his thrusts, with her own. Finally Frank grabbed her hair in one hand, pulling it hard and back towards him. His other hand looped under her waist, tweaked both nipples hard then gripped her in the position where she couldn't escape as he emptied his load of hot thick cum into her bowels. "That's it...That's it Bitch take it up your arse!"

All that Anne could do was let out a loud moan "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....Aaaaaaah!" which I think was one of satisfaction. I quickly returned to our room, slipped into the bed and fell asleep quickly thinking about what had happened. I wondered if I cope with her infidelity, or whether it spelt the end of our marriage. Almost immediately I knew I wasn't going to leave her, I had been immensely aroused and found myself thinking of how hard, how erect and how much I had cum just watching. I knew then that I wanted to see my wife screwing Frank again and hopefully others.

I fell asleep almost instantly, after that. I awoke some hours later, to the obvious sounds and noises coming from Frank's room. I fell asleep listening to Frank pounding my wife, and her moans of pleasure drifting through the wall. My wife obviously returned some hours later, as she was there when I awoke. My wife was asleep beside me, I gently pulled the covers back hoping to see her abused pussy, however she had obviously cleaned up before sneaking back to our bed. When I returned from meetings midday, she asked if I had been angry at her being late back, explaining some of the other ladies had invited her out to a club and it had been almost five am before she got back in. I just smiled kissed her and said not a problem, she could go out anytime she wanted. Anne asked if that included while she was at home, I said of course my dear.....after all, I knew why didn't I!

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