Monday, 5 January 2015

I Like Having My Nipples Bitten

Old Men Like To Suck, Pull , Bite Nipples

Due respect to my husband's private life, I am reluctant to share intimate experiences. Perhaps one day I will but now I would like to share one of my best friend's experience which I find it very interesting and extra ordinary since it does not happen everyday.

My 23 years old redhead girlfriend had just broke up with her boyfriend. She accused him to neglect her and pay full attention to his career. Broken heart, she went on vacation to Florida alone, vowing to get over her heartache and to have the best fun in her life. She checked in the hotel late and in the evening she donned her thin strap cream colored greek goddess dress, the low "V" cut revealing her rich full breasts.

The hotel restaurant was nearly empty cause everyone was out in the garden for BBQ buffet but she was not in good mood. After eating little, she took the elevator to her room and an elderly couple joined her. What interesting was that the old man (she estimated him to be 70's) could not keep his eyes away from her chest or her breasts to be precise. His wife was in a bit front and my friend was at the back of the elevator beside the husband. She was disgusted and felt that all men were the same, DIRTY MINDED. Just fresh from breaking up, she wanted revenge, so she did the unthinkable. She moved her hand to her bust line and pushed the fabric to reveal her big nipple and areola. He almost choked in his saliva, she arched her back and gave him the " I am horny for you" look.

Apparently this couple's room was just opposite her room and they parted for the night. The next morning my friend woke up early to go for breakfast. When she opened the door, coincidentally her neighbors / the couple were outside. She quickly closed back her door, leaving a small opening. She noticed the wife leaving with a younger guy (perhaps the son came to take her) and she overheard the husband say to meet her in few days.

Then something naughty went to my friend's head. She put on her short soft silk greek goddess dress, every inch for that dress was alluring especially the chest. Her breasts and the nipples were outlined in this sexy dress. She put on her favourite pearl chokerand she was going to ask the old man to close the clasp for her. She knocked on the neighbor's door.

He was in his pyjama, she went in and they talked for a while. My friend learned that he had to attend a conference at the hotel for 3 days and his wife went home. They had come 4 days earlier. She asked him for his help to fasten her necklace clasp.

As a gesture of thanks, she lead him to the sofa to sit while she climbed on top of him and kissed him. She felt weird kissing a wrinkled man and his hands seem to be shaking. She felt he would have a heart attack anytime and he let out strange moaning sound. She thought it was better for him to kiss her breasts instead and she pushed her straps down and let her full D breasts with pointed nipples. She moved up and let her breasts on his face.

From urgent kisses to savage sucking, he sucked like a beastly vacuum, pulled and bit her nipple with his hand mashing the other breast with grunting sounds. From a gentleman, he had transformed into a beast. There was nothing gentle in his sucking. She frantically tried to push him away but the more she pushed, the more powerful his sucking and pulling and biting.

There was a very strange sensation in her breasts and ****. The more he sucked, pulled and bit, the more wet she became until she gave up pushing him and embraced his head pulling him closer to her. He left her sore breast and went to the other, she urged for more. She could feel her wetness in her panties, now she was massaging his nearly bold head and moaning. Before she knew it, she felt a hard and thin object inside her. She hardly could let out her voice, she just managed to whimper soft no, no. He finally left her breast and kissed her.

She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue. Suddenly he came and she realised he just *** ( ********** ) inside her, she had just let a stranger in her. After the first ***********, she was surprised to find him hard still and they had another session. ( Later he told her how he fantasied her the night they met and he took viagra to ease him needs but his wife was not interested. )

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