Monday, 30 December 2013

My Young Wife And A Married Relative

I married my wife Priya 3 years ago, we are currently living in London, we both are originally from South India. I completed my studies in the UK and currently working, I went to India and married Priya, it was a proposed marriage by the parents but I was extremely lucky to have Priya as my wife, she is so beautiful and sexy. Priya was 24 at that time and had completed her studies in India, she is from a very decent family. I then brought Priya to London, she took a while to adapt to foreign life.
I was busy with my work, Priya was so boring in the day time, we then decided her to start a part time course. She also decided to learn to drive, just to pass her time during the weeks. She was new to the country and naturally very shy especially with men. I therefore arranged a far relative of mine for her driving lesson. His name is Karthik, he is an engineer and a qualified driving instructor too, he is married and he was in his mid thirties at that time but he is very handsome and charming. I never thought about any danger at that time.
Priya felt comfortable taking driving lesson from Karthik as he was a big brother to her, not only he was a relative of mine but also Priya knows his wife and children too and felt very comfortable. I was very busy with my work at that time and didn’t pay much attention on Priyas. Suddenly Karthik lost his main engineer job and decided to do driving lesson full time until he find a job in his profession. He then started giving driving lessons during week days day time instead of week end and evenings. Priya also shown keen interest and wanted to get her driving license and her own car quick. At that time she was taking at least 3 to 4 lessons a week. Karthik normally pick her at our home and drop her back at home after lesson.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Bra Salesman

Goddamn, I hate this. Another ridiculous argument with my girlfriend last night, and here I am in the lingerie section of a department store trying to find some cutesy undergarment to make amends. Don't even ask me what the argument was about, because it's been one long continuous problem about the same crap for the past two months. I keep telling myself that this phase will pass, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. But I do really like her, so I'll go ahead and stand here in an aisle of frilly bras and see if I can find something that will turn our relationship around.
"Excuse me, do you work here?" I hear the squeaky voice behind me ask. I roll my eyes and take a deep breath. I mean, Jesus Christ, just because I'm wearing a button-up shirt doesn't make me some fucking sales clerk.

I sigh in exasperation and start turning around, "Lady, do I LOOK like a..." but I can't think of anything else to say once I catch sight of the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life. She has blonde hair wrapped up in a short pony tail, deep green eyes peering out from behind a pair of thick glasses, thick lips, long legs, and dressed in jeans shorts and a blouse.

But honestly, I didn't notice any of this at first because my attention immediately gravitated to her enormous chest. I have never seen a pair of humongous tits shaped so perfectly. They weren't perfectly round like some overly-perky boob job jutting straight out of her torso. No, these were young, natural breasts with a slight sag in them that let you know they were completely real.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Harmony's Milk

It had been a long time since I had heard from Harmony. She had been the last of my few college girlfriends, the last before I started dating the one who would become my wife. I had noticed Harmony in a couple of my classes junior year. Even though she was a short, little mousy thing, it was hard to miss her thanks to her huge bustline. Even though she never dressed to show off, she had some big tits and there wasn't much she could do to hide them. I say she didn't dress to show off, but there was the yellow "periodic table" tee-shirt she wore to a chem lab. That gave all the guys, me included, an excuse to gawk at those huge tits. She didn't wear that again, so I don't think she liked the attention.
Turned out she was only trying to get MY attention! I'd later find out that she had intentionally signed up for, or transferred into, as many of the classes I was in as she could. She even took a thermodynamics course that was outside of her chemistry major, just to see me! She was actually stalking me. And it worked. I had been without a girlfriend for a while and I always had a thing for big tits, so it wasn't very far into the semester that I found myself asking her out. I didn't know it then, but I could have slept with her the first time I spoke to her. Instead I asked her out to a couple of movies, like a gentleman. But she was sending out all the signals. I just couldn't believe my luck. Before long I had figured it out and we were fucking like rabbits every chance we could.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Wife Swap On Honeymoon – Suspense Thriller

Dear Readers, Mujhe iss stories padhne me maja aata hai. Main iski fan ho gai hoon isliye main bhi ek story aapko share karne ja rahi hoon.Please send comments on
Meri story kuch lambi hai par 100% guarantee hai ke aapko aisa maja aayega jo pahle kabhi kisi story ko padhkar nahi aaya honga kyu ke ye story 100% true hai except names ke.
Main – Aruna Shinde (Sweet, Milky, 36-28-36 Sexy Housewife)
Husband – Prakash (Poor, Wommenzier)
Husband’s Freind – Ajay (Rich, Handsome & Decent)
Husband’s Friend Wife – Anita (Slut type women)

Ye baat un dino ki hai jab meri shaadi huyi thi. Mere husband Prakash ne hamare honeymoon jane ka plan cancel kar diya tha kyu ke marriage expenses kafi hone ki wajah se budget nahi tha. Hum middle class family se hai so ye sab hota rahta hai. Unke ek friend hai ajay. Ek din wo ghar par aaye. Unhe jab ye baat pata chali ke honeymoon postpone kar diya hai unhone ne mere husband ko pyar se danta aur kaha ke aisa mat karo yahi time hai enjoy karne ka.
Ajay – “Prakash kya kar rahe ho yaar??? Agar paiso ki problem hai to mujhse kaho main kuch help karta hun?”
Prakash – “Haan yaar itna kharcha ho gaya hai ke ab aur kharcha nahi karna chahta aur waise bhi main aur loan nahi le sakta kyu ke already kafi logo ka dena ho gaya hai”
Ajay – “Okay I got your point. Lekin main tumhe turant nahi magunga phir kabhi jab honge tab lauta dena.”
Prakash – “Nahi yaar, thanks kahne ke liye”
Main kitchen main chai banate banate unki baatein sun rahi thi. Jee kar raha tha ke bahar aakar kah doon ke le lo paise bad main hum lauta denge par maine aisa nahi kiya. Todhi der me main chai lekar bahar aayi. Us din maine blue color ki saree pahni huyi thi. (yahan par main apna introduction de deti hoon. Milky fair color, 36-28-36. mera figure sunkar aapki muh me paani jarur aa gaya honga)

Monday, 23 December 2013

Dance Parties Pakistan

Hey everyone, this is Nabeel from Pakistan. I've been fond of reading and enjoying to so many stories that are uploaded here regardless of the real or fake nature. And after such a long association to this site, now I've planned to share my real life experiences with all you people. So cutting short let me introduce myself.
My name is Nabeel and I am a graphics designer by profession and working in an MNC. I'm married to my beautiful wife Afia who is running an NGO for women rights. We have been together from almost 3 years and got married just around 1 year back. We were very happy with our marriage life. Before marriage we had done loads n loads of crazy things like making out in the car parking, kissing and fondling in the public places, she used to suck me off while I drove etc. But after getting married things were going kind a smooth as we plenty of opportunities to make out at home and so the craziness was almost gone from our sex life.

My wife was from a simple family and was not involved in the night life as she had never been to parties or raves before meeting me, and once I started taking her there, she went crazy for them and would insist me always not to waste any opportunity if there is one. Even I make her drink for the very first time on such parties and afterwards she loved to dance and swing to the music and enjoyed at the peak.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Economic Necessity

This economy is so precarious and there are so few jobs in my specialty. When my wife got laid off our debt load began to spiral. It didn't help that my job depended upon a pompous ass of a boss. When it came to finance he was a real wiz. I on the other hand while good, could never match the kind of money the other guys in the firm brought in. They claimed that I went after low hanging fruit and did not take risks like the big earners did. It was mostly true.
As the economy spiraled downward the low hanging fruit really dried up. There were fewer folks with an extra $10,000 dollars to invest while the guys at the firm with the $100,000 and million dollar clients had to hustle a bit more but they were thriving. Everyone at the firm knew I was superfluous.

I knew that a call to the boss's office was inevitable and it came a week before my fifth anniversary.

My boss's face was smug. Like it always was, as he had me take a seat in his office.

"Frank your not bringing in the clients or the money that you used to. That is not good."

"The economy is squeezing out the small investors." I replied.

Aliona My Whore Wife

I sat next to him in the bar knowing exactly who he was. His name was George. He was not a good looking guy, large nose, rough complexion, stocky build but clearly quite rich. And, it was also clear that he had been around. This international business scene put a mark on some men. He was worldly, cynical and a bit worn down.
I struck up a conversation with him discussing why he was here at a bar in Ukraine. As expected, he spoke perfect English. He told me he did business here from time to time. He was a consultant who helped new companies start up and make connections to the west.

He asked what I was doing here. I didn't lie. I told him that I was passing through, having a few business meetings and then onto Moscow. I asked if he had ever been to Moscow. And he replied that he had often.

"Women are great there," I said forcing the conversation in a direction I wanted it to go. "Gorgeous."

I knew this. You see, I met my new wife Aliona there a few years ago. She is a beautiful brunette with a long thin back, nice legs and the world's best ass. She is loyal, loving and genuinely wonderful. When we met she was in her mid-thirties and had been single all her life.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Marriage Made in Heaven

"Are you serious?" Rachel gasped at her husband Neil. "That's your all time sexual fantasy?"
"Yeah," he replied, putting on a brave face while deep inside himself he felt squeamish for finally admitting to his wife of two years his one true wish.

"Wow!" Rachel gasped further. "I don't know what to say. I mean ... sure it's hot and I have fantasises involving strangers, but to actually do it while you watch ... I don't know what else to say."

"Well, maybe we could join a website and see where it takes us." Neil suggested nervously.

Rachel had met Neil through work. He was her team leader and when she first met him they both sensed a spark. It was a silent one but it was there deep in the affectionate gaze they shared. Despite their obvious attraction Rachel made no attempt to fuel the fire in fear of the inevitable office rumours that would follow. Fearing being labelled the office slut trying to sleep her way to the top Rachel avoided being alone with Neil as much as possible. Neil had other ideas however and took every opportunity to flirt discreetly with the busty brunette without making her feel he was sexually harassing her.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Wife Enjoying Ladies Tailor

Hello Friends. I am Rahul, age 29 from Ahmadabad, first time writing the story based on real experience. Kindly excuse me for my English. Without taking much time let me narrate the real incidence happen in my life just few days back. I have been married since 6 year. My wife Neha(age 28) is a beautiful cum sexy woman. Usko dekhke kisi ka bhi man ho jaye aisi uski figure hain. She is having 38-30-38, and fair in colour and 5″5 tall. Her nature is kind of conservative and emotional too (at least she pretends).
Few day back she told me that she wants to go to Ladies Tailor for preparing blouse, which she wants to wear for some family function. As i was free on that day, I accompany her. We went to one tailor, which was recommended by our neighbour, as we are new in that area. We entered in shop and saw two tailor, one was working on machine, and other one who seems to be boss, welcomed us. I took sit on sofa, and neha started discussion with him.
After formal discussion, tailor asked her for measurement, and called her to one corner (may be that could be the only place where he used to take measurement). I was busy with my mobile, and he started taking measurement. Meanwhile let me brief ladies tailor. He was young, 5″8 tall man with fair complexion. He was having quite athletic body structure. Suddenly I thought to look at them, and I saw him, measuring neha’s boobs, and i realise that her thumb was pressing her boobs (might be normal while taking measurement). That scene strikes my mind. I was too possessive about neha, and she was also for me. But I don;t know why, That scene gave me jealous cum anger cum arouse feeling. So I acted like I am normal, and started observing them.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our New Life, Him, Me and My Wife

Let's start off with, we have been married for 10 years and together for 14, both of us are chubby, I have always been chubby, but she has gotten bigger over the years. She was mid-sized maybe 170 pounds when we met, and now because of some health problems and 2 kids, is now 240. Because of the weight gain, and my not being very big, basically a little longer than a toilet paper roll and thicker than it. (Yes I took the Toilet paper roll test for thickness; I cannot fit inside of it hard.) That is me hard, limp it looks like well a baby's dick, and I'm the perfect example of a Grower.
Sex for us when she was skinnier was amazing, my dick size was never much of an issue, and we fucked like rabbits, up till our first child and she gained all the weight. Once she gained the weight my dick size started to cause problems, with me being a bigger guy, and her no a bigger girl, sex was pretty much doggy style or on her side, either way my dick just could not get deep anymore and hit the spots, I used to hit. Our sex life declined dramatically at this point, she was not enjoying it, and did not want it anymore because of it. She would only have sex every so often with me, just to make me happy.

So I started to joke with her that maybe we need a stunt cock, a bigger cock, something like 7.5-9 inches, to satisfy her sexually. Now I was not looking to be a cuckold, truth be told I'm pretty alpha myself, but I was resigned to the fact I could not please her anymore. We tried everything, a dick extender to make me thicker, a cock ring with vibrator, nothing really worked, and I kept joking about a stunt cock. She finally after sex, said to me what if I like this bigger dick so much, that I never want yours again? I told her that I would be ok with that, because sex is sex,

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Landlady

I was at auntie’s house playing with her kid. Auntie was our landlady and she lived in a house just beside the pg. There was a small gate on the wall dividing the pg and her house. I had used that place to enter her compound. I was very fond of her two year old son and he liked me too. So whenever I get the chance, I used to go into her house and play with her son. She never seemed to mind and in fact used to ask me to come whenever I was free. She used to offer food or other beverages whenever I was there.
I was on the floor playing with the kid. I was wearing a light blue round necked t shirt and blue denim jeans. My hair was neatly double tied in a pony tail behind me. I was barefooted as I had left my slippers outside. I was wearing my usual gold jewelery, a pair of small ear rings, a thin belly chain and a pair of anklets. Auntie was sitting on the couch beside us, kitting something. The kid was rolling on the floor and I too was copying him. He was laughing at this. We played along nicely.
After a while I noticed that auntie was staring at me. I sensed something was wrong. I followed her gaze and found out the reason. While I was rolling along, my t shirt had rose up a little and my jeans being a low waist one, had my belly exposed to her. My tummy was completely exposed and the waist chain hanging loosely around my navel was also clearly visible. Auntie’s eyes were transfixed on my mid riff.
She was nicely enjoying the view of my exposed navel when the kid climbed on top of me, sitting on my stomach. And he did just more then sit. He just peed on me. Immediately auntie got up and lifted him off me. My t shirt and jeans were wet with his urine. “Do one thing baby. Use the main bathroom and get cleaned up. Put your clothes there. I will wash it up for you”.
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