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The Amazing College Days

Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell you about my second story. I have posted my first story earlier. Thank you all for your amazing response. Now I am going to share another experience. For the new readers, let me introduce myself first. My name is Shreya Agarwal. I am 30 years old. I divorced my husband 1 year ago. I am working in a BPO and lives in Gurgaon. I am on a little naughty side. For me life is for fun. We have got just one life, so we should enjoy every part of it. I am a regular reader on this site from last 5 years. I am a sex addict. I have many experiences to share with you all and I hope you all will like them. You can find me on “”.

In my first story I told about how I lost my virginity during my amazing college trip. Now I will tell you about my further college life; how I became sex addict; how I started using boys as my sex tool. I was in second year of college when I lost my virginity with my boyfriend ‘Anshuman’. I was deeply in love with him. After the trip, our college started again. All our classmates got to know about the things happened between me and Anshuman. We both were the centre of topic of discussion in the whole class. We were enjoying the attention. Anshuman’s friends became my best friends too. We all use to hang out with each other. Our bonding grew day by day. They all have seen both of us naked too. We all use to enjoy a lot; we use to do party and all stuff. We all became so friendly that they used to tell me to repeat the session with Anshuman again. They want to see us having sex again and all that. We used to laugh a lot while all this.

My Unique Encounter With A Lesbian Maid

Honey is back to share another of her experience with her reader friends. Thanks a lot for your lovely emails and feedback. And thanks ISS for this amazing opportunity. I’m 30, single and love to take life as it comes. I have catchy eyes, shapely lips and huge boobs and ass that kind of make me quite noticeable to others. But adding to that is a daring slut in me that sometimes lifts her head from slumber and takes me for a ride! And I love her too, whatever. She gives me pain and pleasure, but she gives me guilt too undoubtedly. That’s how uncle and I stopped doing what we were doing during the early days of my graduation. After that life moved on normally. But the sensuous world like a huge octopus stretches out its tentacle whichever way I go and pulls me into its magical spell. And I let myself fall happily.

The graduation results were out and I had plans of moving into a different city for my post grad. So I thought of visiting my grandparents who were living in the outskirts of the city and spend some days with my old grandparents who were dear to me. I reached the place by noon and found my grandparents loving and chirpy as ever. They introduced me to a new maid Nalini. I faintly remember my cousin’s gossip when I was very young about a woman in the neighbourhood who was interested in a girl next door. Her husband even divorced her coz she was already like husband to her neighbor friend. And that was Nalini too. This maid was in her forties now and had heavy boobs but with a masculine physique overall. But she looked quiet and calm as she was introduced to me. She also attended to my grandparents with a lot of reverence. Nay, this can’t be the woman, I thought.

After greeting my grans and having our initial chat, I went to have shower, which is the first thing I do when I reach home after any long distance travel. When I came out in my towel after shower, I was shocked to see Nalini in my room. She was holding a tray with juice in one hand and with the other she was fondling my lingerie on the bed. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a round-cup black acoba bra and a baby pink cotton panty. When she saw me, she was equally shocked to see me then and to see me like that clad in a towel exposing the bulge of my boobs and cleavage above and shapely thighs below like some south Indian A movie heroine. Her eyes grazed on me from top to bottom in lightning speed and then fixed her eyes on the juice on her tray and told me, “Madam asked me to get you some juice;” saying that she kept the tray on the table near the cot and left the room.

Getting Punked

Dad and I were at the hardware store when Robert called. I showed the screen of my phone to my dad before answering. He rolled his eyes and I giggled. My husband Robert was both sweet and stupid. My parents had never supported the match. I didn't anymore, either. "Honey, got the chance to leave the office early so I'm working from home for the rest of the day." Thanks for the big news, Robert. Sometimes I didn't know what he was trying to tell me. This was one of those times.

Besides, I had better things to do. I was busy spending time with my dad running errands. Being with him was almost always fun. He and I had been buddies all of my life. He had been an officer in the military and I was just about your average military brat. He was my gentle giant and I wanted to be the good girl. He was also a wry trickster and I was his partner in crime. We were constantly laughing to ourselves and secretly punking everyone around us - from the barista in the coffee shop to my mom to the paranoid neighbor across the street. Everyone was a potential victim for me, and I sure wasn't going to stop at my husband. He was used to it. Not that he seemed to get smarter; he just took the hits like a sweet and polite man. This time around I really wanted to take it up a notch - especially after our conversation this past weekend.

"Watch this," I said to my dad softly as I held the phone away so Robert couldn't hear. I had to stop myself from laughing before I spoke.

And then to my husband, "I've got that surprise set up for you. Whattaya think?" 

Foreign Affairs

My name is Bobby Williams, it used to be Smith but I go by my mothers maiden name now. I'm 18 years old and just graduated highschool, me and my family moved to Bangkok Thailand in the beginning of this year. My father was a construction engineer hired to help oversee the construction of a new skyscraper in the city centre. I say "was" because he is no longer with us- no, I don't mean he died, though he might as well have. We were going to live here for a year, maybe more and then move back to the states after the job was finished. With the money my dad earned he was going to buy us a house and have some left over to put into a college fund for me, that was the plan at least. Until he met a cute young Thai girl, emptied the bank accounts and left me and mom in the lurch in a foreign country with no way home and no way to support ourselves.

My moms name is Emily, she's a stay at home mom and always has been. She has straight silky black hair and slightly olive coloured skin. Her eyes are a deep green, her lips are full and soft, her breasts are ... well .. abundant and her butt is soft and round. I love her more than anything. We've grown closer than ever this past year, I have no friends here and she has none either. We've been keeping each other company and now we truly only have each other. She hasn't worked since highschool when she met my dad and she has no skills to help pay the rent since he left. I got a job as a janitor at a local bathhouse. It's not full time and it doesn't pay enough for the rent but it will help buy us time to figure out how to get out of this situation we're in. I haven't told her where I'm working, it's a seedy place and I don't want her to worry about me. Mom was able to get a job as an English tutor, her hours are strange but she says it's because her schedule is based on whenever her clients are available. We're getting by for now, sometimes I worry about the future but as long as we have each other me and mom can overcome any hurdles!

Doctor Heather's House

My wife Heather and I live very busy lives. My name is Roger, and I am a malpractice attorney ten years her senior Heather is an MD in her early 30's just started in her first private practice. We met when I represented her boss, and after dating for a year we tied the knot. Our sex life was not very active, as our hectic professional lives took precedence, until something happened that would change our lives forever.

About six months ago, Heather's office started a new practice called Priority Patient Services or PPS. This consists of a premium service offered to wealthy clients who pay cash for personalized services. This includes house calls, for which each doctor in the office rotated through an on call schedule. 

Before I continue, a description of Heather is in order. She is a stunning Playboy caliber blond, and was voted hottest female coed in her med school. Myself, I am average build, somewhat athletic and average in the pants as well. Heather has never complained about my performance, but I honestly don't think I have ever rocked her world in bed.

So this leads me to the eventful day. It was a warm Saturday afternoon, and we were invited to a friend's party. Heather was on call, but we decided to risk it and go anyway. It had been a long week, and Heather and I indulged in some wine. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. It was the answering service. My heart sunk, as we were having quite a good time. Heather came back after taking down the info. A new patient of another Doctor called complaining of palpitations. His name was Samuel Mwangi, and fortunately his house was only about 2 miles from the party. We brightened after hearing this, and Heather said she would hop over there for what was hopefully a quick house call. I agreed to stay behind at the party.

Pre-natal Classes

My wife Anita was 8 months pregnant and we'd been attending first time parent pre-natal classes for several weeks at the local community college. 

Today was different, as while the women were busy with an exercise, the group leader Jasmine moved myself and the other men into another room and explained that an optional class would be held specifically for us at a separate time and venue. It was somewhat mysterious but promised to cover pregnancy issues directly affecting men and was only offered occasionally. Wives were not allowed, this was a testosterone only event and numbers were quite limited with only five places being available. 

Most of the guys weren't interested but myself and four others had formed a loose friendship during the classes, so we signed up all the available spots and were issued with instructions for where and when is was being held. The cost of the class was $200.00 which was to be paid in cash at the time. It seemed like a lot of money, but again Jasmine reassured us that we would receive excellent value for money. Mysteriously, she suggested that we not reveal anything to our pregnant wives.

A few weeks later the five of us met in a foyer outside a closed room, where Jasmine was waiting for us. 

"Hi guys, thanks for coming along to this special class. I know this is all a bit strange, but I promise it will be informative and useful to you. This class is only offered when certain conditions arise, and when I feel comfortable with the group of men who might attend it. I'm comfortable that that has happened with this group."

Fulfilling a Fantasy

The idea first came to me when I saw it happening in a film. The main character had sex with a bunch of guys while she was blindfolded and tied up and I was so turned on by just the thought of it, of being able to feel, hear and sense, but not see, that I promised myself I would give it a try. I'd done some light bondage before but never tried the blindfold. 

So the next day I rang Adrian at the swingers club where I'd been twice with Neil, and told him about my fantasy. He said he would happily try and make it happen and that he was sure that the guys and the girls would all be up for it. We arranged that I would do try and do it at the party on the following Sunday night.

When it came to Sunday evening, I took a long relaxing bath, shaved my legs, under my arms and my pussy, got dressed and headed for the club. I had already arranged to get there a while before everyone else arrived so that I could get blindfolded and wouldn't see anyone until I decided that I wanted to. My intention was to only take the blindfold off when I needed to go to the toilet or take a shower. 

When I arrived, Adrian welcomed me with a peck on the cheek, took my coat and poured me a glass of wine. I sat at the bar, sipped my drink and explained what I wanted to do and he told me what he would be doing to try and get the guys (and the girls) involved with my fantasy. He said that when I was ready I could just go and get settled and ready in one of the upstairs rooms and then I could just lie there and wait for company.

Last-Ditch Therapy

Lauren and her husband, Alex, had been in couples counseling for about two months, and she was frustrated. After four years of a fizzling marriage, they had agreed to ten sessions with Dr. Brogan to see if counseling and this therapist were going to work out. This was the ninth session, and Dr. Brogan explained that he was sensing Lauren's frustration. 

Lauren's first impression of Dr. Brogan was that he was a very attractive man. His dark, silver-streaked hair, black-framed glasses over piercing blue eyes, sturdy build, and even his sweater vest over a button down with a wide-striped tie intrigued her. She noted that was probably not the best reaction to help reconcile growing differences between Alex and her. But the way he spoke caused her to lose her own thoughts and fantasize about him. Dr. Brogan seemed to sense when he was losing her and would regularly change his tone and address her directly in order to bring her back to the discussion. 

Lauren and Alex had touched on the nature of their sexual relationship a few times. Both expressing basic indifference towards their shared desires and experiences. Lauren stated that she believed it possible to maintain an intensely passionate sexual partnership that included safely exploring each other's' fantasies and experimenting. Alex said he shared that desire but was not sure how to go about it with Lauren given her difficulty achieving orgasm. 

Dr. Brogan decided that they needed to address the subject in more depth today as time was potentially running out for the couple. He referred to his notes, and asked Lauren to speak freely about her desires so that Alex could hear them. She began to explain her desire to experiment and try new things. Dr. Brogan asked her to be specific. Lauren said that she wasn't exactly sure but wanted an outlet to discuss things like sex clubs, threesomes, anal, domination, etc. With Alex, those subjects were too taboo to discuss comfortably. 

The Judy Chronicles

I've decided to write about my life for the thrill of knowing that some guy will be jacking off when reading of things I done, things I have kept secret from my husbands. Thousands of you will know of many lovers while my husbands never have a clue. I've had lots of husbands. Four husbands of my own and dozens and dozens of someone Else's husbands.

My friends and family call me Judy. I was born in June of 1966. I say that the 6/66 represents the Devil in me that I think my date of birth must have planted in me. 

My Dad was thrilled to finally get a girl after three boys. I later had a younger brother and baby sister. As I got older Mom made me their caretaker whether is was change a diaper, make the beds, clean the house, cook them meals, or do the laundry. It got so that I would get up early on any day there wasn't school and go hide out in the woods. In the summer I was just plain hard to find until the chores had been done.

There were plenty of woods and plenty of places to play and hide where I grew up in Western North Carolina. We lived within a few miles of Virginia and Tennessee. Dad had us live in all three as he tried to keep up with a job. Finally Dad got a steady job in Wilkes County where he saved up a little money and had a cousin of Mom's build us a little house.

As I got older my brother and sister weren't so much trouble even though Mom would try to send them along with me to get them out of the house. On one hot day in early June after I ditched them I thought I'd slip back to the house to get a cool drink. What I got instead was a view of Mom bent over the back porch with her dress up over her back. Some man that was not Dad was behind her pumping his cock in her pussy while Mom groaned and shouted, "Fuck me with that thing!"

Sadness of Widow Indian Mother

This is a true story of myself and my widow mother. I am Imran Khan, 22 years old and live in Lucknow. In our house, there lives my Ammijaan Nafisa and my sister Aamna. 

My sister is about 24 years old but due to poverty in the house, we are still not able to get her married yet. My father Abdul Mehboob had died about 3 year back in a road accident. He was hospitalized for many months, before his death, which drained all of our savings in the bank, but he could not survive.

I was studying in graduation then, but due to depleting financial position of the house, I had to give up my education and now I am working I a small factory on a smaller salary.

The medical bills of my father had rendered us poor and my meager salary is just sufficient to make the both ends meet in our home. Due to our orthodox Muslim culture, there is no chance of my Ammijaan or sister to go out and do some job. So due to this we are still unable to save for his dowry and get her married.

In our city, the ladies wear burqa out of house, but within the walls of house, there are free to wear normal suits.

Now let me tell a bit about my Ammijaan and sister. My sister Aamna is 24 years old, standing about 5'-3", with a slim body and a beautiful face. She is so sexy but I have never ever thought of her in that way. She is very strict and being elder to me, she normally bullies me. She is annoyed with the financial position of family, because due to which she is still unmarried. So she is normally angry and irritated always.

My Ammijaan is about 45 years old and a bit obese. She is chubby, but as she is tall lady of 5'-6", with a fair color, she doesn't look plump. She has very big boobs and a very vast ass. Though she wears burqa outside, but she wears normal suits at home. Though she was of very happy nature and always smiling, but now after my father's death, she is normally in a sad and gloomy mood.

I always thought and she is sad because of my father's death and worried about the marriage of my sister. 
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