Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pre-natal Classes

My wife Anita was 8 months pregnant and we'd been attending first time parent pre-natal classes for several weeks at the local community college. 

Today was different, as while the women were busy with an exercise, the group leader Jasmine moved myself and the other men into another room and explained that an optional class would be held specifically for us at a separate time and venue. It was somewhat mysterious but promised to cover pregnancy issues directly affecting men and was only offered occasionally. Wives were not allowed, this was a testosterone only event and numbers were quite limited with only five places being available. 

Most of the guys weren't interested but myself and four others had formed a loose friendship during the classes, so we signed up all the available spots and were issued with instructions for where and when is was being held. The cost of the class was $200.00 which was to be paid in cash at the time. It seemed like a lot of money, but again Jasmine reassured us that we would receive excellent value for money. Mysteriously, she suggested that we not reveal anything to our pregnant wives.

A few weeks later the five of us met in a foyer outside a closed room, where Jasmine was waiting for us. 

"Hi guys, thanks for coming along to this special class. I know this is all a bit strange, but I promise it will be informative and useful to you. This class is only offered when certain conditions arise, and when I feel comfortable with the group of men who might attend it. I'm comfortable that that has happened with this group."

We were all unsure of what was going to happen, but an interesting thought had begun to fester in the back of my mind and I was interested to see how it played out. 

"Before we start, I need each of you to sign a confidentiality agreement. It's a straightforward no legalise document which says that if you discuss what happens in class today with anyone else, you will be in breach of contract and may make yourself liable for substantial penalties." 

One of the guys was a contract lawyer and he looked over the agreement, nodding his head. "It's a straightforward confidentiality agreement, just sign it and then keep your mouth shut and you won't have any problems."

That was good enough for me, I signed my name as did everyone else. Jasmine smiled at us and then produced five envelopes, one addressed to each of us. Inside was a slip of paper with some writing on it. Mine said 'Tara, 26'. The others had Melanie 23, Anna 25, Kim 25 and Rachel 24, a series of female names and ages. No one said anything, but we all looked at each other began to wonder exactly what our $200.00 was buying.

Jasmine explained the situation.

"Guys, in my role as pre-natal support facilitator, I see a lot of single mothers. These are healthy attractive young women who get knocked up and then abandoned by the father. They can't get welfare payments and struggle to bring up the child."

"In order to help them, I've created these classes in which they are employed as the teachers. They are going to teach you some lessons about how a woman feels after she has given birth, and specifically how and what you can expect in terms of sex. Most of you will not have had sex for a while now, and will be anxious to get back to it once the baby is born, these women are going to teach you what you need to know about that. This is a practical class, not theory."

Her last sentence left us in no doubt what was going to happen at this special class.

"Remember one thing though, this is a class, and these young women are your teachers and must be treated with respect. I will be supervising throughout the session, but what happens is effectively up for negotiation between you and your partner. Now please go inside, find your allocated teacher, and introduce yourselves to her."

I was erect now, I couldn't help it. I looked at the other guys and could see the signs of four horny fathers-to-be who were also aroused but trying to keep it under control. All the signs were there - rearrangements of the pants, sweaters being pulled a bit lower over the stomach, strange positioning of the hands in front of growing bulges.

We filed into the large room to find five young women wearing dressing gowns, spread around the room and supported by European style pillows and cushions. The room was lit dimly and the temperature was warm. These women weren't models - they were five typical young women who could have been plucked off the street at random.

I found Tara on the right hand side. She was a brunette, short hair and a pleasant smile. Her gown was wrapped tight and high, but I could see the swell of breasts that were probably still feeding her baby. She was carrying an extra few pounds and was attractive and alert. I sat down on the carpet next to her, introduced myself and shook her hand, and made small talk for a few minutes. I discovered she had a four month old baby named Daniel, and that she was originally from Dunedin in New Zealand. When I asked about her missing partner, she was a bit evasive and changed the subject back to me. I hoped I hadn't offended her.

After a few minutes Jasmine entered and then addressed the group.

"Ladies, do we have any problems?"

Clearly the introductions and small talk had been for a serious purpose. Anyone who was acting like a jerk was going to get his ass kicked out of the room. None of the women responded and so Jasmine proceeded.

"OK, class begins, please don't worry about what is happening around the room, just concentrate on your partner and learn from her."

"So how does this work" I asked Tara

"I'll guide you through. Mainly this is about sex, so if you ask me honest and straightforward questions, I'll give you the information you want. I know you're worried about what happens after the baby is born, but don't want to appear insensitive or selfish by asking, so we'll get to that in a minute. In the meantime, just tell me what else you ever wanted to know, but didn't want to ask."

I thought about it for a few seconds and responded with some things that I was curious about.

"I like touching my wife's breasts, but will they be too sore all the time from the baby?"

Tara smiled and nodded. 

"Sometimes they will be, but you could help things along by buying some soothing aloe cream from the pharmacy and massaging that into her breasts. Apart from that, you just need to be gentle." 

Tara slowly drew her robe apart so that I could see her pretty tits and nipples. Pointing at the area around the nipple she explained how this area would get sore. Then taking my hand she told me to fondle her breasts as if I was her wife, but to be careful around that area. I did this and was rewarded with a gentle sigh from her lips. Her nipples immediately became erect and she was obviously enjoying the sensation. I decided to press on.

"Tara, this is a bit embarrassing, but I've always fantasized about suckling from my wife, just like the baby will. Is that OK?"

"Yes, that's quite normal, most men want to try that. Women find it very erotic also, but be gentle, you don't need to suck like you're drinking through a straw, it's more like licking an ice cream and sucking it through your lips. I'm still lactating, why don't you try it? Lie across my lap and I'll support your head."

I couldn't believe that this was about to happen.

Tara leaned back on the cushion and I changed orientation to match. My erection was obvious as I lay on my back and her arm cradled my head. As I lifted my head into position her nipple was guided into my mouth and I ran my tongue around it before giving a gentle tentative suck. Nothing happened and Tara told me to try again - a little harder and over a wider area. I sucked on her nipple and surrounding breast and suddenly warm sweet milk started trickling into my mouth. I started licking as it coursed into my mouth and drank all I could manage. It was like nectar, falling from this woman's breast and sating my hunger. Tara was silently nodding, her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy look on her face. After a few minutes, she lifted my head away. I was desperate to keep going, but she simply moved so that I was now on her other nipple. Again I was rewarded with a flow of milk and I drank from her again.

While drinking I felt Tara reach down into my pants and grasp my erect cock. She wrapped her small hand around the shaft and gently started to stroke me while I suckled her. Her other hand moved from my head to underneath the robe and I knew that she was probably fingering her clit. 

"You need to stop now" she told me. Reluctantly I let go of her nipple and she removed her hand from my cock.

"A few weeks after the birth your wife will be wanting sex again, but you're going to have to be careful with her" she explained. "Everything will be tender and some positions will be better than others. I'm going to show you what's best"

Tara lay back and opened the rest of her robe, exposing her pussy to me. Her bush was a landing strip and I could see the puffy red lips of her sex engorged, open and wet. The pubes near her outer lips were slick from her juice and just starting to stick onto the edges of her cunt lips. I could see and smell the wetness on her fingers where she had been fingering herself earlier.

As I stared at her she deftly undid my pants and removed them so my jutting cock was exposed to her.

"Come here and fuck me in a missionary position, but be slow and gentle" she instructed. "You've already made me wet and slippery, so you can just be inside me, but you have to listen to what I say".

I climbed on Tara in a missionary style placing my cock near her opening and she started to guide my cock inside her. Immediately I plunged into her, colliding our pubic bones together. I was inside her to the root and was desperately trying to keep from cumming.

Tara put her hands on my back to stop me and then said "No, that's what you mustn't do. Your wife's pubic area will still be sore and if you bash into her like that, you'll hurt her and she won't want to continue OK? Now fuck into me again, but this time be more gentle".

As I started to withdraw from her warm vagina, I glanced around the room and saw my four friends in various poses, some suckling as I had, one eating out his teacher and another slowly fucking his companion. Jasmine was standing in the middle of the room surveying the proceedings with her skirt pulled up and her hand working in her panties.

Tara squeezed her vaginal muscles to refocus me and then I slowly fucked back into her again, watching the small smile on her face as I got it right. Again I withdrew and as I moved into her again, I lifted my body so that my hard cock slipped along her clitoris at an angle. 

Tara corrected me again. "Be careful doing that, if your wife has had stitches that might be painful. Now pull out and we'll try a better position". Frankly wild horses couldn't have pulled me out of her, but like a good student I withdrew and as my cock head slipped out of her a thread of her inner juice connected us for a brief second. 

Tara turned onto her knees and presented herself in a classic doggy position.

"OK, this is a good angle. You can thrust a bit harder as you won't be colliding directly with my pussy, but you still need to take it easy."

Her ass was perfection and the lips of her cunt were the most inviting thing I'd ever seen. Not wanting to be stopped mid stroke this time, I entered her gently and then started thrusting directly back and forth, slowly getting faster and harder, but without changing the angle too much. Tara was rocking back and forth as I fucked her, the lessons seemed to have been forgotten and for a while we were both intent on just getting off. I couldn't take much more and made a final few strokes before blasting my cum inside of her. As I held on to her hips, I suddenly felt her ring of muscle clench around my cock as she silently reached her own orgasm. I held on for dear life, not wanting to let the moment go.

After cleaning up, Tara covered up again and we talked about a few things at the end of the session. Curiously, she told me was that while women want to resume sex after childbirth, a number of men were put off for several months. If this happened to me, it was important to know that it would return to normal after several months, so not to worry. I paid my tuition fees to Tara and thanked her for all of the advice and coaching. 


Anita and I were at a post-natal class with Jasmine again leading the group. Things weren't quite right with Anita and I, as since the birth of our child I hadn't been able to perform with Anita and she was becoming resentful of the lack of sex. Tara's words rung in my ears, but I couldn't believe it had happened to me.

As we waited, Jasmine handed out leaflets to several of the women present including Anita, which they all quickly placed in handbags without comment or discussion. It was a curious moment, and so later in the evening I opened Anita's bag and found the flyer.


"If your partner has gone off sex since the birth of your child, consider coming along to our special practical teaching group. Small groups of expectant fathers are taught in a practical way how to please there partner after childbirth, in a practical setting. You will be paid $200.00 for your teaching time, and can enjoy the sexual company of a man in a confidential and supervised setting until your own partner recovers. All applications to Jasmine."

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