Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Unique Encounter With A Lesbian Maid

Honey is back to share another of her experience with her reader friends. Thanks a lot for your lovely emails and feedback. And thanks ISS for this amazing opportunity. I’m 30, single and love to take life as it comes. I have catchy eyes, shapely lips and huge boobs and ass that kind of make me quite noticeable to others. But adding to that is a daring slut in me that sometimes lifts her head from slumber and takes me for a ride! And I love her too, whatever. She gives me pain and pleasure, but she gives me guilt too undoubtedly. That’s how uncle and I stopped doing what we were doing during the early days of my graduation. After that life moved on normally. But the sensuous world like a huge octopus stretches out its tentacle whichever way I go and pulls me into its magical spell. And I let myself fall happily.

The graduation results were out and I had plans of moving into a different city for my post grad. So I thought of visiting my grandparents who were living in the outskirts of the city and spend some days with my old grandparents who were dear to me. I reached the place by noon and found my grandparents loving and chirpy as ever. They introduced me to a new maid Nalini. I faintly remember my cousin’s gossip when I was very young about a woman in the neighbourhood who was interested in a girl next door. Her husband even divorced her coz she was already like husband to her neighbor friend. And that was Nalini too. This maid was in her forties now and had heavy boobs but with a masculine physique overall. But she looked quiet and calm as she was introduced to me. She also attended to my grandparents with a lot of reverence. Nay, this can’t be the woman, I thought.

After greeting my grans and having our initial chat, I went to have shower, which is the first thing I do when I reach home after any long distance travel. When I came out in my towel after shower, I was shocked to see Nalini in my room. She was holding a tray with juice in one hand and with the other she was fondling my lingerie on the bed. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a round-cup black acoba bra and a baby pink cotton panty. When she saw me, she was equally shocked to see me then and to see me like that clad in a towel exposing the bulge of my boobs and cleavage above and shapely thighs below like some south Indian A movie heroine. Her eyes grazed on me from top to bottom in lightning speed and then fixed her eyes on the juice on her tray and told me, “Madam asked me to get you some juice;” saying that she kept the tray on the table near the cot and left the room.

I noticed she has a huge butt as well. I was feeling a strange liking towards this Nalini all of a sudden. I was almost sure that this was the same Nalini. I’m not a lesbian, but I’m crazy of pure sexual pleasure. If this was the same Nalini, I wanted to get her to play with me. And that would be my first lesbian experience. The feeling made me horny and I locked the door of my room, untied my towel and lay nude on my bed, pressing my boobs and rubbing my already erected nipples. My girl started crying for some fuck and I pacified her by tickling her wet lips.

We had a great lunch and I appreciated Nalini’s culinary skills. But I never knew then her fingers could do even greater wonders. That night grandma asked Nalini to sleep in my room. I was already in bed when she came with her mat and stuff. I told her that there’s sufficient place on the double cot and she could sleep on the bed. She agreed reluctantly after some persuasion and we chatted for a while and slept off. I had a disturbed sleep and the zero watt bulb was making the room look sensuous. I suddenly remembered that I have a lesbian on my bed. I turned to look at her and her eyes were tightly shut. Her boobs kept lifting as she breathed. She was in a nighty and I was in my spaghetti top and three-fourth pants. I was feeling horny and put my hand over her as in sleep and waited for her to react. She dint budge but seemed as if she stopped breathing for a moment. I moved closer to her and pressed my big boobs against her bigger ones. Ooooh for the first time I felt a current pass through me coz of a same-sex person. She stayed still. Our face was so close to each other and could feel each other’s breath. It was kind of difficult for me to go beyond this point and I waited for her to take up from there. After a few seconds which looked like aeons, Nalini kissed me on my lips and pressed her boobies hard on me. She also started squeezing my ass and pushing me towards her. Our eyes were closed still. She licked my lips and started sucking my lower lip and upper lip in turns. Then she darted her tongue out and I did let out mine too and we kept teasing each other’s tongue for a while. Ooooh this was amazing. I could keep kissing her whole night.

Then she slowly lifted up my spaghetti and started squeezing my boobs. She opened the hook of my bra and lifted the cups and started rubbing and sucking my tits. Aaah the woman’s touch was so gentle and the way she sucked me was so hot; she sucked my nipples in a firm but slow pace, soaking them in her saliva, and rubbing them in between to harden them. Females love foreplay more than the actual fuck, I guess, and a lesbo can give all that fun to any extent. Nalini attended to each part of my body with great ardor that I wouldn’t be able to pen down so much here. I’m aroused even before I’m half way into the story; oh my.

Then as she was sucking my tits, she put her hand into my three fourth and then into my panty and started rubbing my pussy with her palm. And then she let in her finger and started fucking me. The feel of her finger and the whole idea of getting fucked by a female aroused me like crazy and I was reaching a climax and pulled her finger out. She licked her finger and then hugged me and kissed me on my lips. Then she started stroking my bare back keeping me in lip lock. I hate my clothes when I am horny. I parted my lips from hers and pulled out my spaghetti, removed my bra, and also my three-fourths. I pulled up her nighty too and she removed the same. Her skin color bra looked helpless in holding her enormous boobs. In the faint yellow light, her body looked really erotic. I squeezed her boobs gently. Her nipples were thrusting out of her bra cloth. I took off the bra hook and she removed it altogether.

Now we were both in our panties, mine pink and hers brown. I started sucking her hard nipples oooh and both of us started moaning. I bit her softly and she loved it. “It’s so nice, babe; bite me hard,” she cried. I sucked her like a hungry baby for some time and then she held my face, kissed me on my lips and both sides of my neck. Then she started licking my cleavage, teased my nipples with the tip of her tongue and moved further down and licked my navel. Then she came in between my legs and started licking my pussy over my panty. Now my panty was getting wet from in and out. I was raising my hips and my legs and wanted her to go beyond. I was getting mad and started moaning. She finally removed my panty and let in her juicy tongue into my pussy. She first licked up the cum on my pussy and inner thighs and then she kept teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue; slowly she also inserted her middle finger aaaahhhh. I cried out so lustfully and was twisting my body, dancing on my back to the rhythm of her magical tongue. She was doing it awesome; it was a blending of two different sensations, fingering and licking at the same time, leading to an orgasmic orchestration of sensuousness.

I was in heaven and hell at the same time she was so excited at my response and she kept stroking my harder with her tongue and fingers; then I cummed into her mouth and she licked all my juices. Then she turned me over and started kissing and biting my ass and licking my ass crack. I was like a slave to her now and she was dominating me like a man. She was literally grazing on me like I was her own. She licked my spine as she fondled the curves of my butt and dug into my ass crack. Then she slowly went down again and separated my ass cheeks and let her tongue into my ass hole. Ooooh I clutched onto my pillow as she licked my ass hole. She was about to let her finger in when I stopped her saying that I cannot bear any more. She lay next to me and we fondled each other’s boobs for some time and then slept off like that nude.

Next day morning, she came to my bed with coffee and I told her that I wanted her milk instead. She smiled slyly and went away. Later that afternoon post lunch, my grandparents had gone out and would come only in the evening. As soon as we locked the door, we hugged and kissed like newlywed. I asked her, “So you are ready to cheat on your girl friend again.” She smiled and said “anything for my madam’s sexy grandchild.” We laughed and started removing each other’s clothes. We had lots of fun together that afternoon and the subsequent nights I stayed there. It was a really unique experience that I had. I didn’t experience fun like a lesbo perhaps. She was more like a male to me who exercised her full rights on bed if she were turned on.

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