Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Judy Chronicles

I've decided to write about my life for the thrill of knowing that some guy will be jacking off when reading of things I done, things I have kept secret from my husbands. Thousands of you will know of many lovers while my husbands never have a clue. I've had lots of husbands. Four husbands of my own and dozens and dozens of someone Else's husbands.

My friends and family call me Judy. I was born in June of 1966. I say that the 6/66 represents the Devil in me that I think my date of birth must have planted in me. 

My Dad was thrilled to finally get a girl after three boys. I later had a younger brother and baby sister. As I got older Mom made me their caretaker whether is was change a diaper, make the beds, clean the house, cook them meals, or do the laundry. It got so that I would get up early on any day there wasn't school and go hide out in the woods. In the summer I was just plain hard to find until the chores had been done.

There were plenty of woods and plenty of places to play and hide where I grew up in Western North Carolina. We lived within a few miles of Virginia and Tennessee. Dad had us live in all three as he tried to keep up with a job. Finally Dad got a steady job in Wilkes County where he saved up a little money and had a cousin of Mom's build us a little house.

As I got older my brother and sister weren't so much trouble even though Mom would try to send them along with me to get them out of the house. On one hot day in early June after I ditched them I thought I'd slip back to the house to get a cool drink. What I got instead was a view of Mom bent over the back porch with her dress up over her back. Some man that was not Dad was behind her pumping his cock in her pussy while Mom groaned and shouted, "Fuck me with that thing!"

With older brothers and their friends around a lot I knew what was happening to Mom, she was getting fucked, and she was sure enjoying it. Being hot in the house Mom showed some good sense to take the fucking outside at the back of the house where no one was likely to see them.

Later, Mom took a waitress job in a bar to help out with the expense of feeding six kids. Dad had the impression it was a restaurant with a bar. But, it was one of the wildest bars in the county. Dad had to get up early for his job, so went to bed by 9 PM. Mom was supposed to get off work at eight, but often times we were left sitting in the car until much later. Mom would come out and tell us that she had to stay late. Someone would give her a ride home, so Dad could go home a get some rest to go to work the next day.

Soon it wasn't even an effort after a while. It was assumed Mom would get a ride home. My cousin Shirley lived across the road. We would sneak out late some nights just being girls talking and chatting in the cool night air. I guess thinking us sneaking around made us some kind of bad asses.

The first time Mom rolled up with her ride home when Shirley and I were out in the yard Shirley got a surprise lesson in life. I had told her about Mom fucking around from time to time and she would listen in awe to my stories. Dad always left the front porch light on for Mom so from the bush we were hiding behind we had a good back lit view.

The driver and Mom got out of the car and went to the back. Another man had been in the back seat. He got out and joined them. It was easy to tell that Mom was drunk again. The driver dropped his pants and underwear around his ankles and leaned back against the trunk of the car. Mom started sucking the guy's cock. I thought Shirley was going to die on the spot.

The sound of the Mom sucking the man off was pretty noisy, but not loud enough to wake anyone in the house. After a few minutes the man went rigid and Mom gagged a little. Wiping her mouth a little she spoke to the man.

"Damn it, Johnny. You always could cum more than I could swallow."

Whoever Johnny was he pulled up his clothes, stuffed his dick back in his pants, and got back in the car behind the wheel. Mom moved over to the other man. The guy had been stroking his cock while he watched Mom suck off the driver. Shirley were straining in the darkness of where we were hiding to get a better look. The guy's cock was quite a bit bigger than the driver's. Probably about eight inches. Mom was shoving her face down on it until she had her nose buried against his pubic bone.

"Fuck, Baby! You know I love it when you take in the whole thing, but it always makes me bust my nut too soon."

I guess Mom was trying to answer with her mouth full of cock. All we could hear was a mumble. Then the man blew his load down Mom's throat with his cock buried all the way to the base.

"You give one hell of a blowjob. Yet, I'd still rather had been fucking that sweet cunt of yours."

"With me being fertile right now if you had pumped that seed in me with that big cock of yours you would have knocked me up for sure. I've got a whole house full of children there. I sure don't need to add one of yours to the pot. You can fuck me again next week. You and Johnny."

Mom watched the car back out of the driveway. Then ran up the front porch steps and into the house. Within minutes she would be in bed with Dad, him having slept through the whole things. We waited for the light to go out in the bedroom. Shirley went home across the road and I slipped into our house and into the bed I shared with my little sister.

Shirley and I sneaked out a lot that summer. Watching Mom fuck one guy after another in exchange for that ride home. Then when it cooled into fall Mom would stay in the car to suck a cock or let the man fuck her. All me and Shirley could see of Mom would be the way the action inside the car steamed the windows.

Next spring brought Mom out in the open again. No one ever brought Mom home and left without at least a blowjob. Shirley and I kind of lost interest in watching Mom get boned or drain some guy's cock down her throat. The night she had four men in the yard taking turns fucking her while Dad slept a few yards away in the house still sticks in my mind.

That and one summer day when Shirley and I were supposed to catch the bus that went past our house for a ride into town to see a movie. We missed the bus. It was wash day. I knew if I went home Mom would put me to work doing the laundry, so Shirley and I hung out in the woods.

We heard someone walking towards us through the trees and brush. When we saw it was Charlie, one of our black neighbors, Shirley almost called out. I grabbed her arm when I realized there wasn't but one reason Charlie would be cutting through the woods like that.

Charlie and his family lived on a road above us higher on the mountain, and deeper into the woods. He and other relatives made up a small community of several houses that were all black families. Shirley and I played with Charlie's kids at school and sometimes they would come to our house. Charlie's visit was more of a personal nature with Mom.

We moved in closer to see what was going to happen. Dad had an old chicken house just behind the house. Shirley followed me in the little back hatch Dad used to close the chickens up at night. Through the little glass window in front we had a perfect view from about fifteen feet away. We could hear Mom like we were standing next to her.

"Charlie, where have you been?" We heard my Mom scold. "I almost came down my legs waiting for you to show up."

"The old lady had chores to be done. It took me extra time to get them done with the hardon I had from thing about getting down here and burying my cock in you."

"Don't waste any more time standing there. Get over here and put that thing in me."

We had an wringer washer on the back porch and clothes lines from post to post to hang stuff up to dry. Mom bent over the washing machine with her feet wide apart. Old Charlie came up behind her and lifted her dress.

"Aw Hell, no one can see us back here, Charlie. Let me get this dress off." Mom pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside followed by her bra. She wasn't wearing panties.

I had never looked at my Mom as being anyone but "Mom". But, Mom had a hell of a set of tits for a mother her age. Her waist was a little thick. Her ass looked round and tight. As she bent back over the washing machine I could see that Mom kept her bush neatly trimmed above a plump set of cunt lips.

"Let's get that big thing in me!" I'd never thought of Mom with a black man before, but there was nothing in her history that said she would be opposed to taking on some black cock.

The big surprise, and I do mean big, came from Charlie. With Mom spread out in front of him Charlie slid his suspenders off his shoulders and let his pants fall to the ground. Wearing no underwear a huge cock leaped into view. I heard Shirley gasp and put her hand over her mouth. Mom was grinning at a black cock that was easily over a foot long. It had a huge bulbous head. We could see ugly veins popping from it from where we were hiding.

"My God! Do you see the size of that thing? How is your Mom going to handle it?" Shirley was in awe of what was about to happen.

I had to shut her up for fear we would be heard. I wanted, or needed to see Mom try to fuck such a huge cock.

"His balls are huge, too." Shirley added, nudging my ribs.

Mom was swaying her ass at Charlie. Her bare pussy glistening in the late morning light. Charlie moved behind her and spread her slit open with his thumbs.

"Whoa, I don't know Darlin'. Are you sure you are wet enough to take the big old slab of black meat? Maybe you better juice me up a bit with that hot mouth of yours."

"What is it about men always wanting a blow job when pussy is right there in front of them?" Mom chuckled.

We watched Mom spin around from the washing machine and drop to her knees. She had both hands on his cock. It didn't look like she could get her fingers to touch. Shirley and I tried to shift around on the little window to get a better view. Mom was getting some of it in her mouth. When she pulled it out it was amazing how much she was able to handle.

"It's your choice." Mom teased. "Blowjob or pussy? You ain't getting both."

Mom watched Charlie's expression, then giggled, jumped up off her knees and leaned back over the washing machine. With her womanhood exposed again to Charlie we could see the old washer shake Mom's big tits and cause her ass to jiggle just enough to be enticing to the big black neighbor.

"Let's get to it. I need that cock in me. I'm right on the edge of being fertile, so you be ready to pull out before you cum in me. You got that?"

"Yeah, I got it." Charlie had a look on his face like he didn't much care. If he knocked Mom up it would be her problem.

Cock in hand, he stepped up behind Mom. He didn't even rub it up and down her slit. He just popped the head inside Mom and punched in about half of the huge cock in a few strokes. Shirley sucked in her breath beside me. I couldn't believe my Mom could take something that big inside her. That got even more incredible as Charlie worked his black cock the rest of the way in Mom's overstuffed cunt.

Mom started moaning pretty loud. "Fuck me Charlie. Bury that big black cock deep in me. Fill me up with your black seed!"

The pace was quickening. Charlie would pull almost the full length out of Mom, then almost fall back into her.

"I thought you said to pull out when I cum" Charlie panted.

"No, cum in me. I need to feel your cum spurt inside me. Shove it all the way in and dump your load where it can do me some good."

"Old Charlie's balls deep in your white married cunt. Are you ready?"

We could see his ass clench as he humped into Mom. Where all that cock was going was a mystery to the both of us. Mom started to holler out for his to fuck her harder. Then they both froze as obviously Charlie had filled her with his black seed. In a few minutes Charlie pulled back, his cock coming out with a audible plop. A stream of hot cum dribbled from her stretched cunt and onto the cement of the porch.

Shirley grabbed my arm as his cock looked even larger when it came and we were realizing that he had all that inside Mom.

"Look at thing on him! It looks like my uncle's stud horse's cock sliding out of a brood mare."

I'd seen that myself one time. It was an amazing comparison when I thought about it.

That memory of Mom was all I could see when I would look at her until this day. All those things she did that would have hurt Dad if he only knew. Mom divorced him some years later when she decide she wanted my step-father with his large cock and big bank account. As far as I know Dad was the steady worker and father that never had a clue.

I got out of the mountains that Autumn. My first husband was six years older than me. He had a good heavy equipment job in Maryland. He wanted me because he thought I was young, sweet, and above all a virgin. And, I was ... all of those things.

Dad signed for me to get married as I was not yet legal age. I was married at sixteen and had a daughter when I was seventeen. We were still living in a trailer when I turned eighteen. We had two children then, our marriage was good, but my husband's bouts withdrinking became a factor. I wanted out of the trailer and into a house for my kids. The money he drank and gambled away could have made a down payment on a home as well as do better for us all.

During all this I made a friend Becky that also lived in the trailer park. She was from West Virginia. We got together and joked about how the locals called us "Goats" because we came in from the mountains. Becky was twenty and had two kids of her own. Her husband, Gary, was mean and controlling. Men in the trailer park thought that being from the hills made us inclined to fuck. That wasn't so much true, but it made Becky's husband jealous, causing her to get slapped around a little by her spouse.

Becky had all kinds of ideas about cheating on her husband, but had never gone through with it. We would get together and giggle like teenagers about men and life in general. Becky's husband had a factory job, working the afternoon shift so we would get together most days after her man left for work and before mine got home.

Then the day came that Becky got beat up pretty bad. Her husband saw her talking to a man that lived in our trailer park and accused her of having sex with the guy. When I saw her the next day she had a black eye, loose teeth, busted lip, and probably cracked ribs. Being my strong willed self I wasn't going to let that happen to my friend. I went to their trailer the next morning to confront Becky's husband.

It didn't go as I planned. I chatted with Becky while her husband slept. When he awoke he came to the front of the trailer where Becky and I were with the babies. He gave me an disarming smile.

"How are you Judy? You doing okay?"

"Uh, fine, Gary." I smiled back.

I had only seen him a couple of times, and not this close. He was good looking with flashing blue eyes and blond hair. Becky had talked of maybe wanting to cheat on him. I couldn't imagine why. I found myself looking him up and down. Everything in the trailer looked peaceful. Becky with all her injuries looked calm. She stood up to fix him lunch. After a few minutes I began to boil inside over him hurting Becky. I decided to attack.

"So, do you think beating up your wife is okay, do you?" I tried to sound mean.

"You should mind you own business, Judy. That's how people get hurt." His face reddened in anger. I could see the man that beat my friend come out it him.

"It takes a tough guy to hurt the mother of his children."

"Look, bitch. She fucked some other guy. She had it coming."

"We've been friends for a while. She would have confided in me if she had. All they were doing was talking."

"If she hadn't fucked him yet, she was sure on her way to fucking him soon. You stay out of it!" He warned me.

Becky continued to quietly fix his lunch. Suddenly his hand had me by the throat.

"You need to butt out, or the same could happen to you!"

"Stop it! You're scaring the children." Becky finally got involved.

"I guess you are right maybe I should take you friend outside."

"No, not with the neighbors seeing you being an ass."

He still had me by the throat and dragged me towards their bedroom.

"Maybe little Judy would like to finish the discussion back here."

I took a couple of swings at him. It didn't seem to matter.

"Like it rough, do you, you little cunt?"

He reached between my legs and pinched my clit right through my shorts and panties. I wanted to get away, but my legs went a little weak and a hot sensation traveled from my clit to my very core. I caught my breath. He stared in my eyes and worked my clit, letting go of my throat to reach under my T-shirt to rub over my now erect nipples. Why did they betray me? I couldn't be getting hot for the wife beating bully. Why was I just standing there. I tried to leave.

"Where are you going, Judy? Got a hot date. If you piss me off I'll just beat the fuck out of Becky when you leave."

I could tell he meant that. Maybe if I just let him play a little more. That would calm the part of me that wanted to stay with this awful man. There wasn't much I could do what with him being almost six foot tall and me at five foot two. He let go of my throat yet continued to stare into my eyes. 

He let go of my clit and had both hands playing with my tits. 

"Shit!" I muttered to myself. "Why didn't I wear a bra?" I have nice tits. I wanted men to see, but sure as hell not to touch.

"You like that, don't you? You little cunts are all alike. Prim and proper and then fuck like a mink."

I had to admit to myself, I was liking it ... I just had to pick the time to make him stop. My nipples were already hard as pebbles when he sucked one into his mouth. This was going further than I intended. I needed to make him stop.

"Let's get a good look at these tasty titties of yours, Judy." He started to pull the back of my T-shirt up to get it to pull over my head.

"No, I don't think so." I heard my voice respond. It sounded hollow and insincere.

"You could get the fuck out of my house and I could finish this with Becky when you are gone. But, maybe not as nice as I am with you." He snarled at me.

I thought of Becky and her injuries as I felt my T-shirt go over my head. That son-of-a-bitch. And, why hasn't Becky tried to interrupt what was going on? She had to realize that by taking me out of sight that something wrong must be happening. Defiantly I pushed out my chest, making my boobs stand out even more towards Gary, Becky's asshole of a husband.

"Fuck you, Gary!" Using words I knew he would understand.

"Well, fuck you, Judy. You meddling little cunt. Matter of fact fucking you seems like a excellent idea."

"And, fuck you, Gary! There's know way that is happening."

"Fuck you, Judy. Usually when a gal let's a man see her tits and suck on her nipples she is going to let him fuck her."

"Fuck you, Gary. Not this time. You can go fuck yourself!"

Gary grabbed my crotch. "Wouldn't you like a nice hard cock buried in this little pussy of yours? You know you want it ... Cunt!"

He had me by the clit again through my shorts and panties, squeezing and pulling on it. I felt myself melting all the way to my womb from his touch. I looked around the room. Becky had a lot of stuff stacked around and the room needed a cleaning and sorting out. It wasn't distraction enough. I knew what his hand was doing to my clit was going to make cum if he didn't stop soon. His mouth kissing and sucking was all over my tits was adding to the heat I was feeling in my loins.

I heard myself whimper as my orgasm was almost upon me. Then Gary's hand stopped and moved away from my pussy ... only long enough to unbutton my shorts and lower the zipper. His hand was back, this time in direct contact with my hot little pussy. It was no long secret how aroused I was when his finger parted my labia and slipped inside my wet slit. I could feel myself rushing back towards that big orgasm that I almost had earlier. 

As much as I didn't want this bastard to make me cum I felt like I was going to die if I didn't. Where the fuck was Becky while her husband was doing this? What would my husband say if he found out her husband raped me? My whole marriage flashed through my mind. I couldn't stop it. I was going to cum. I had to cum. I let my brain give in to what my pussy wanted.

Gary removed his finger just as I felt the flood ready to let go.

"Hey, Judy. Getting pretty hot there, huh? I think I've got all the hose you would need to put out that fire."

My head was spinning while my body was wanting to cum like I had never cum before with my husband. Was that just luck or did that son-of-a-bitch know the exact moment to remove his finger and leave me hanging there in the edge? I felt my body reel like I was going to fall over, my chest convulsed as I sucked in a deep breath. My shorts fell off my waist to the floor at my feet. Gary tugged my panties to my ankles and stepped back to take off his T-shirt and sweat pants as I watched practically naked before him.

I kept expecting Becky to come down the hall to break it up. Then I looked at the back door in the hallway and thought about making a break for it had Becky not been watching my kids as she cooked for Gary. 

"What the fuck is wrong with that woman, and more so, what the fuck was wrong with me?" I asked myself in my mind.

I hadn't really looked down at Gary's cock. When I did I was taken back by the size of it. Not that it was huge, but bigger than my husband's by a couple of inches and definitely much, much thicker. Plus, he had this big set of balls hanging down that had to be loaded with his seed. 

My head whirled. No one is going to stop me from fucking him. Especially me! I stepped out of my shorts and panties that were piled at my feet and kicked them out of the way.

Gary had a big grin on his face. He knew he had me. I wanted to feel his cock inside me. Being married, and being faithful was no longer a reason not to let him fuck me. I was going to do it. I laid back on Becky's bed and spread my thighs for her husband.

"God damn, Judy! That is one hot looking pussy."

"Hot for you. You made it wet this way. Are you going to stare at it, or is something you want do to me before you wife comes back here and breaks it up?"

He got on the bed between my legs, kissed upwards from my stomach to my tits, then my neck. When he tried to kiss my mouth I turned my face away. Fucking him was one thing, but kissing him was something else. I still hated the bastard.

With him kissing my face and neck the head his cock was prodding my crotch.

"Why don't you reach down and put him in you, Judy."

"No, you go ahead. You know where he goes, don't you?"

"Yes, but it will be better if you do it. Just so I know you really want it."

"Oh, I know I want it."

I reached down and grabbed his shaft. His dick felt so much bigger in my hand, especially after what I was used to grabbing at home. I let my hand wander over the spongy head and gave it a squeeze. It may not be easy to get this larger cock in me I told myself as I tried to relax.

My hips were nudging towards it even before my hand started to tug it towards my slit. The head pushed against my slit and the wetness made me slippery. I groaned as my cunt was spread to accommodate his girth. As couple of short thrusts from Gary and the head popped inside me very much to my surprise. 

"Oh Christ, Gary. You've actually got your cock in me."

Tears came to my eyes. Mostly because I knew I was not a cock slut like my mother, but still I was letting another man fuck my married little cunt. Not that it was going to be so little after Gary was done stuffing himself deep inside me. Then, even though it was tight I loved the feel of him stretching my pussy. I think the tears were tears of joy.

"Are you ready to take it a little deeper?"

The head was in, and so were a couple inches of cock. I nodded as the tears started down my cheeks.

"Am I hurting you? I can go slow."

"No, as awful as this seems it is wonderful. I guess I am happy."

Gary took a couple of little jabs at my newly opened pussy and a whole bunch more slid right into me.

"Oh, God." I panted. "That filled me up. Is there any more to go?"

"Looks like a couple of more inches."

"Really? How much is there?"

"Just a bit over eight inches. Are you ready for the rest?"

"We can try. My husband measures his at five and a half."

I looked down towards to where his cock was in me to see how much more he would be trying put in me.

"Oh, my God. My tummy has a little bump in it where the head must be."

I put my hand over where I thought it was. In doing so I saw my wedding rings on my finger as they pointed down towards where he was slowing pumping his penis into me. I shifted my hips a little bit to get a better view and the whole thing went in me. I was expecting some difficulty taking all of him. But, there he was, grinding into my pubic mound with his big balls rested against my ass. The head if his dick seemed to be hitting my cervix.

"Holy Shit! That's deep." I whispered. "I think you've reached the very end of me."

"Jesus Christ. I knew you would be a good fuck."

"What about Becky. She's your wife. Isn't she a good fuck, too? She's lucky to be getting a cock like this."

"She's good. The only thing is that she prefers not to take the whole thing inside her when we do it."

"Seriously? If I was her I'd want it right where it is now ... all the way."

We had been at it several minutes. Gary fucking me with steady strokes with a few pauses when I could tell he was about to lose it. I was doing all I could to keep from flooding his cock with my own orgasm.

"What if Becky comes back here while we are fucking like this?" I asked softly.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to keeping fucking."

"Yes! Me, too. But, I can't hold out any longer. Can you cum with me if I cum now?"

"If I don't cum now my balls might explode."

"How about you let them explode inside me?" I giggled.

"Really, you'll let me cum in you?"

"Well, maybe we better not. I am married you know. Fucking is bad enough, but letting you cum in me is probably too much. You had better pull out when you feel you are ready. Spray on my tummy so I can watch you cum.

"Okay, but you'll be missing the best part of the experience. Plus, you can take a little souvenir home with you."

"I have little souvenirs to take home with me. Your wife is watching while you fuck me in case you forgot."

"Think of it. When your husband, what's his name?"


"Yes, when your husband Bill gets home you can have a load of my sperm way up inside you where he could never put his own."

"That's a little mean, to pick on my poor husband because you have a big dick and he doesn't."

"I know. It is mean? So, are we doing it?"

"Oh, Hell. If I make you pull out I'll always wonder what your cum felt like spraying inside me. Let's do it!"

Gary gave it about a half dozen long stokes to where he almost popped out of my willing cunt then began short stokes. He had me there ready to go with the long strokes. When the short ones began I began losing it, curled toes and all that. My legs locked around his back as I pulled him as deep into me as I could get him.

Then, as snug as he was inside me I could feel his shaft expand a bit and the head of his cock get to a spot against my cervix we hadn't quite reached before. I felt a hard spurt as his seed began to fill me. Then another and another. The man had me flooded. I could feel lots and lots of sperm fill me up.

We were both short of breath as Gary pulled his cock out of me to stand at the foot of the bed. He put his sweat pants and shirt back on while watching me on the bed. There I lay with my legs still spread, exposing myself to this prick of a man while a little of his cum started to leak from my well fucked married pussy.

"Better get up and get back to the kitchen before she does finally decide to come looking for us."

"I don't dare go to the bathroom to clean up first before going out there. I'm settling as much of your cum deep against my cervix. You told me to take home a souvenir."

"Don't think I didn't dump enough in there that it won't leak out of you."

"I'll clench my pussy so I can get home with it."

"I've heard of women that can do that."

"You'll never know with that cock of yours. There wasn't enough room left in me to clench anything."

I smiled at Gary as I put on my T-Shirt over my tits and pulled up my panties and shorts. I grabbed Becky's comb off her dresser and ran it through my hair.

"There, almost normal except for this nice fresh fucked smell someone helped me with. Now I can go home full of a stranger's seed and wait for my husband to get off work."

I gave Gary a big wink and went to retrieve my kids.

"Well, I see you two didn't kill each other."

"No, not this time." I laughed.

"Did you two talk everything out? I hate to have my husband and my best friend at odds."

My friend Becky is pathetic. Not only did she let Gary get away with beating her, but she seemed to have no clue of the fact that her husband had just fucked the daylights out of me.

I sat at the dinette table next to Gary as she put his meal in front of him. He ate quietly as Becky looked from me to him, then talked to the kids. Unbelievable!

"Judy, can you stay a while after Gary goes to work?"

"Wish I could, but I need to take care of a couple of things before Bill gets home."

I sat there thinking of all the cum in me. I could feel a soggy wet spot as it was obvious that there was no way I could hold all the cum inside that Gary had pumped into me. When I stood up to leave Becky turned away to answer the phone. She took the conversation into the living room and had her back to us. Gary put his hand on my wet pussy.

"Told you that you couldn't hold it in you."

"It's just a trickle. There's still plenty in there."

"Yes, I know. I put it there."

I headed to the door with my kids, yelled goodbye to Becky, and walked home while trying to handle the kids and pretty well managing Gary's sperm souvenir, keeping it from leaking out of me.

Quickly putting the kids down for a nap I hustled into our bathroom. I removed my clothes and looked at the mess Gary had made of my poor little pussy. My outer lips were all red and inflamed from the pounding I had received. My inner lips were distended below the others. I felt all squishy inside with the release from Gary's big balls. I little stream of it dangled from my hot cunt. I rubbed it back up inside me.

Bill would be home in a couple of hours. I thought of standing over the toilet and letting Gary's load flow out of me and into the bowl. The cocksucker's cum in me was disgusting even though I enjoyed him putting it there. Standing there admiring my fresh fucked pussy I reached for my hand mirror on the counter so I could get a better at the damage that had been done. It gave me a good look at a glob of cum that was starting to puddle in my folds.

"What the fuck?" I said to myself. "I've got a couple of hours left."

I spread a towel under me on the bed and laid down on my back. Spreading my legs, my pussy gaped open as I started to relive my episode with Gary and the extremely good fucking he gave. I held the mirror that I had brought to bed with me and watched my soaked little snatch open and let some of his cum out of me.

After several minutes of letting the trickle run down the crack of my ass onto the towel I started to push even more out. Between what my panties had caught and what I had watched so far it seemed like more than my husband would shoot into me on a good night. My efforts at pushing out more almost doubled that. Gary sure had a pairs of balls on him. I was going to need to shower before Bill got home.

It was a mistake just to lie there and think about fucking Gary. I drifted off to sleep with my legs spread wide open, still leaking cum. Normally one of the kids would have finished its nap, waking me. But, not this day. What woke me instead was the sound of my husband hollering from just outside the front door.

"Hey, Babe. Your Honey is home."

Just my luck he was about fifteen minutes early, although might not have made any difference. When I came to my senses I realized I was naked, spread eagle, with dried cum on my pussy and wet cum leaking from it. I didn't answer. Instead I grabbed my clothes with my cum caked panties and rushed into the bathroom hoping I got the water on before he got in the door.

I didn't hear him again over the shower. I quickly rinsed the telling evidence away and soaped the rest of my body. As Bill did not come in where I was I assume his yelling had awaken at least one of the kids.

The stark realization of what I had done started to hit me. I would soon have to face my husband as if nothing had happened. I had cheated on him with a stranger. An asshole of a stranger at that. The big cock was sure a plus. I liked that a lot. So what if I fucked the guy. If Bill doesn't know it isn't going to hurt him.

How could I feel like that? Our marriage was okay. We had been married two years and had a daughter and a son that we both loved. The sex was pretty good. Well, I thought it had been pretty good. There sure as hell is a lot better out there. I didn't think I'd ever be with Gary again, but a nice guy with a good sized cock could make life interesting.

This was my first time to cheat. And, that was just the second man I had ever been with. Yet, I found myself excited to know I could let another man fuck me if I wanted, and the possibility that I would was there if there was another opportunity and the guy was hot.

I finished my shower and dried off. I had thought of Gary's big cock in me enough that I was feeling pretty flirty. I tossed on a blue sleeveless sun dress. I wasn't planning to wearing a bra. The sun dress made my tits look really good and showed lots of cleavage. If I moved my arms right it would give some lucky guy a side boob shot.

Feeling extra naughty I opted not to wear panties. I had done it before a few times and Bill almost fucked me in the car on the way home in front of the kids it made him so horny. It was Tuesday and Tuesday night we always go out for fried chicken night.

"I came in just as you got in the shower." Bill beamed. "I woke up the kids so we've been here on the couch waiting for Mommy."

Everything was normal. I wasn't feeling any guilt for getting stuffed full of Gary's big prick. In fact I was feeling quite giddy from the best fucking I'd ever had and husband Bill didn't have a clue. We exchanged small talk while Bill played with the kids a while before heading out for some KFC.

Bill order the food while I got the kids situated at the restaurant. Gary had one last surprise for me as I was putting my son in the high chair. With my feet apart and stooping to fasten Bill, Jr. in the seat a nice glob of cum slid out of me and hit the floor. I just learned if it's in there deep enough it may take awhile for it all to drain out.

That little reminder of Gary's big cock took away my desire to fuck Bill, so I never let him know about the fact that it was just me under the little blue sundress.

Things went normal the rest of the week with Bill fucking me the next two nights. Friday rolled around with the regular routine of Bill going out with his work buddies to drink and gamble too much of his pay check. I went back to see Becky twice during the week. Things were just like they always were with the kids playing or napping and us talking like sisters.

It was my usual Friday night with the kids down for the night and me relaxing and reading a book. Becky said Gary went out with his friends on Friday nights, too. I considered waking the kids and going to her trailer. That got me thinking about her husband again, with me deciding to just stay home and read, then a hot soaking bath later.

Interrupted from my reading by a sound on the patio I turned out the light so I could get to the window and see outside.

"Judy ... Judy ..." I heard a voice from the outside.

"Who's out there?? I was ready to head for the gun hidden deep in the couch.

"It's me, Gary."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm lost."

"No, you are not. You live just around the corner on the same street."

"Okay. You've got me. I was thinking about Tuesday. I wanted to know if you are alright."

"How sweet! What do you really want, asshole?"

"Seriously, I want to be sure you are okay."

"You did cause me a problem."

"Oh, Shit! You didn't tell your old man, did you?"

"No." I laughed. "If you must know, we went to KFC and when putting my kid in the high chair I had a little spill. I wasn't wearing panties and a glob of you ran out of me and landed on the floor."

"Oh, that's funny. No panties, huh? I didn't know you were that kind of girl."

"Well, is wasn't funny at the time. And, sometimes I like to be that kind of girl." 

I was actually carrying a flirty conversation with the Jerk. Being afraid someone would see him outside my window. I invited him inside.

"Well, this is nice. What do we do now?"

"I guess we could talk." I answered.

"Really, you invited me in so we could talk. There are more fun things to do than that."

"Aren't you supposed to be out somewhere with you buddies?"

"Given the choice, can you blame me for being here instead."

"Good answer." I walked over to the couch, turned around, smiled real pretty, and pulled my night dress over my head.

"Wow, you really do like me, as a famous actress once said."

"No, not you, your eight inch cock. I'm not looking for small talk. I've made love to Bill twice since you did what you did to me. I can tell the difference. I just need to see if it's enough difference to keep cheating on my husband."

"So, you are thinking of needing me as a regular thing, are you?" He sounded way to cocky to suit me.

"Maybe, maybe not. Let's see if you dick works as good as your mouth." I challenged.

"Oh, you won't believe what I can do to you down there with my mouth."

"I not sure I'd want your face anyways near my pussy. That's kind of personal down there."

By then Gary had his clothes off and his cock standing at attention. I laid back on the bed and willingly spread my legs to expose that I was already becoming wet for his cock. I put my arms out to beckon him to take me. A few short jabs lined his cockhead up with my outer lips. I took the head in almost instantly. Within a dozen more stokes or so I had him balls deep in my married cunt.

We fucked hard for about fifteen minutes with me cumming on his big cock several times and him stopping several times so as not to cum in me too quickly. It seemed like we were on a pace to fuck all night had my husband not been expected to be home in a couple of hours and Becky expecting Gary to be in about then, too.

Finally, during one of his pauses after one of my orgasms I moaned out, "I love your cock and what it does to me." 

I had my hand on my tummy about where his cock head would be. I rubbed my wedding rings with a finger from my other hand and thought about what I had let myself do to my marriage.

"I love the way your tight cunt feels gripping my cock while I fuck you."

"If you think it's tight now you should have felt it early this week." I cooed.

"I think I did."

"That's right. Your the one that wrecked my tight little snatch."

"That's not a complaint the way it sounds."

"No, it just made it tough fucking Bill after the way you loosened it up in there. I mean he was still having fun, but I was having trouble keeping my mind off what I am getting right now."

"So, you do have a preference?"

We were back to fucking hard again. Now our quiet whispers we more like grunts at each other.

"I do think I prefer the eight inch cock to a shorter one."

I found myself cumming from the intense fucking from Gary. Just as my head is spinning he answers.

"You like the bigger eight inch cock over the five inch one, I take it? And, by the way, it's eight and a half inch cock that you are getting buried in you."

It must have been the talk of how much cock was pounding against my cervix that suddenly got to me. I was just a the end of cumming when a monster cum slammed into me. I had never experience a secondary orgasm like that. My humping back at Gary and wriggling all over my bed under him triggered him to fill me with a big load of his seed.

A few minutes later I was enjoying the feel of Gary's sperm deep inside me when I realized that I may be on the edge of my fertile period. Bill and I weren't using birth control except to skip sex, or a the least to have him pull out before he would cum in me. Now I had millions of Gary's little swimmers looking for an egg if I had one to impregnate.

It was too late to worry then with the flood now in me churning around as Gary kept poking little short jabs into me even though we were both about a worn out from fucking that two people could get. 

Word was that my Mom's last four kids, including me, didn't belong to the man I called Dad. I wondered if I just put myself into the same position by wanting Gary's cum in me.

"If I'm knocked up by Gary's big prick, then I'm knocked up my Gary's big prick. The kid will still be mine. I had a hell of a good time having it happen to me." I reasoned to myself.

We both laid without speaking for a moment until I broke the silence.

"Five and half." I uttered.

"Five and half what?"

"Five and a half inches. You said your cock was eight and a half inches. Well, Bill's isn't five like you said. It's five and a half."

We both giggled. Gary went to kiss me. I turned my head.

"I've got to go piss." He changed the subject.

Gary pulled out of me leaving a gob of cum to run from my slit. It was weird to look into the bathroom to see another man piss in our toilet where I would normally see Bill. Gary came back to lay beside me. I had to pee, too. I pushed a lot of cum out of me and looked at it glisten on the toilet paper after I wiped myself.

I checked to be sure the kids were still asleep. I came back and looked at the clock by the bed. The one next to a photo of me and Bill at the beach in our swimsuits. It was another hour and a half before Bill would be home. I laid naked beside Gary on the bed. He played with my tits and kissed my nipples and on down to my stomach. I stopped him from reaching my pussy and wondered if he would really go there after fucking me like he just did.

Gary's cock was about half hard again as he worked on me. I wondered if he would get hard again. I reached out to touch it. Gary groaned and smiled at me. I gave it a few squeezes and pumped up and down on it with my hand. It soon began to grow. I switched to my ring finger hand to watch it go up and down the shaft with my wedding band shining in the dim light from the hallway.

I wanted to put his cock in my mouth. To suck it and make him cum. Then sit on his face and smother him with our mixed juices. Then again I wouldn't give the bastard the satisfaction. It didn't take much more jacking him off to get him hard again. I splayed out on the bed for him to fuck me again.

"Let's do it different. Get up on your knees."

"Okay, but I've tried this before and it always seems to slip out."

"Trust me, Judy. This one ain't going to slip out."

I moved and Gary moved in behind me. He guided his cock into my pussy and started pumping away as he held tightly to my hips. It must have been the angle, but I was getting about an inch more cock that it took me a few minutes to find a place for inside me, but I did it.

Getting it from behind meant I didn't have to look at Gary. It could have been anyone back there. I found myself liking it a lot. And, he didn't slip out. It must have been good for Gary, too. Within about five minutes I felt another load splash my new found depths. From that position I could feel several spurts hit inside me.

We fucked one more time before he left. Back to the old missionary position again. The guy sure loved to fuck and I loved him fucking me. He slipped out my side door and into the night to go home to Becky. I sure hope she didn't check up on him with his friends.

I waited about thirty minutes for Bill to come home with me making a few trips to the bathroom to try to get all of Gary's seed out of me. I wondered about being pregnant again and decided it would be such a bad thing if it happened.

Bill came home in a good mood because he had only lost about ten dollars at cards instead of his usual half of his paycheck. He gave me a wad of cash and passed out on the bed. That was a relief. He usually didn't want sex after one of his Friday night outings and thankfully I wouldn't have to be bothered with him clamoring over me.

The next Friday Bill went out as usual and Gary showed up at my door. We tried to fuck each other's brains out. Doing it and having him cum in me three times again. I almost sucked his cock, then thought better of it.

The following Monday my period started. So, no Gary's baby growing inside me. It was a little sad because I was beginning to look forward to the pregnancy.

Gary and I continued our Friday nights, both wanting more. The sex was marvelous and I was loving it. I had to get that cock in me more often some how.

As luck would have it Becky decided to get a part time job as a supermarket checker. Monday and Thursday from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM. I think she just needed to get out and away from being a mother for a bit. Gary would be home sleeping while she worked. I volunteered to watch her kids with mine. Dropping the kids off with me when I would be up getting Bill off to work seemed like a natural fit for the situation.

What Becky or my husband didn't know was that when Becky left for work Gary was soon on the way to my house and fucking me. Gary would slip in my bedroom and we would screw until one of the kids needed attention. As bad as that seemed it could really drive us over the edge when he would have to pull out so I could see what was going on with them.

It was still dark when Gary would arrive and when it was time to leave he would crawl over my back fence. That would leave him on the street and an easy walk back to the trailer park entrance and to his front door. Becky would pick up the kids and then find Gary at home getting ready for work when she arrived home.

I loved the sneaking around. Someone let the fox into the henhouse and the hen was loving it. After about a month of that I did miss my period. Odds were that Gary had bred my married little cunt.

Gary was happy about it. When I told Bill he seemed pleased, assuming it was his.

"I finally knocked you up again. I wasn't sure we were doing it enough to get you there. It must have been the time I thought I might have leaked some in you before I pulled out."

"You didn't say anything about not pulling out in time. When was that?" I sounded pissed, and for some reason I was. Everything considered it was probably still Gary's seed that impregnated me.

Things were good. Gary was fucking me a couple of times or more the two days Becky worked and the Friday night's were still hot and heavy with Gary filling me with his now harmless sperm multiple times. I still had to fuck Bill two or three times a week. Although I sometimes had orgasms with my husband in the past Gary's big cock had put an end to that. I called it my wifely duty and made the best of it.

One afternoon Becky surprised me by coming back right after Gary left for work. She usually went home and took a nap with the kids having gotten up early on work mornings. My normal routine was to enjoying the feel of Gary's cum in me while I worked around the house and played with my kids. Then I'd shower right before Bill came home.

Now I found myself in my house visiting with Becky while her husband's seed leaked from my freshly fucked cunt, making a gooey puddle in my panties. Becky seemed nervous. It made me wonder if she had figured out that Gary had been cheating on her with me, her best friend.

"Judy, have you ever thought about cheating on Bill with another man?"

"I could say I never thought about it, but it seems all so complicated. And, I sure wouldn't want to get caught. Why would you ask a question like that?" I held my breath waiting for her answer.

"There's a guy I've gotten to know that comes into the store at work. He has been so sweet. I think I'd let him fuck me if he asked."

"Why do you say that?"

"He's really handsome and sexy. I've only been with Gary. I guess I want to know how a strange cock would feel inside me."

"Do you think another man's cock would be better than Gary?"

My jealousy of her getting to fuck Gary as her husband is something she had no clue about. As it was, I probably fucked him more than she did, but I'd wish I had been the one that put the marriage stamp on his big cock.

"I think Gary is probably pretty good. When he has sex with me it goes in too deep sometimes, making me sore the next day."

"Gosh!" I acted shocked. "I had never thought of Gary that way. How big is his cock?"

"He always talks about it being over eight inches and that I should be able to handle it."

"My God, Becky that does sound huge." I faked being shocked at such knowledge.

"Really? How big is Bill?"

"I don't know." I lied. "I guess about six inches."

"Oh ... that sounds more like my size. I could only imagine what Gary's cock would do to someone your size."

I could see the thinking from her point of view. We made odd friends with Becky at 5' 10" and me only five foot two. Becky probably weighs a hundred and forty pounds, with ninety something being my usual weight.

"Sounds like Gary would ruin me as far as doing anyone else any good with a cock like his ripping into me."

"Yes, since it hurts me sometimes, I'd hate to be you."

"What about this boyfriend you've got at work? Is his penis more to your liking?"

"Judy, I have no idea. I do know there is a chemistry there between us. I think I'd like to get him in the sack. Do you think it would be a big mistake for me to do that?"

"Don't forget, if you do it, you can't undo it. What if you don't like it and want to write it off and he doesn't let you?"

"I don't think would be like that. Besides, what is there not to like about sex?"

"Maybe dropping back from a huge dick like your husband's to something more like Bill's."

"I can't imagine that. Do I have your blessing?"

"I'm not your Priest, Becky. I can't tell you what to do, but I'm not going to judge you if you do fuck some stranger. Cheating on your husband will have to be you decision."

"Thanks. I'm going to do it. I'm going to let him fuck me first chance I get. I hope me acting like I want it doesn't scare him away."

"Becky, I've never heard of a man running from pussy. Go get him girl. Just fill me in on the details. I'm dying to know how it turns out for you."

I think she was ready to go after him then. She was going to be working the next day.

The next day she was all giddy when she came to pick up here kids.

"Judy, guess what? I'm going to do it."

"When, and are you sure you want to do it?"


"Tonight. Jesus Christ, Becky."

"After the kids go to sleep at eight o'clock Dave is going to walk to my trailer in the dark so no one will see him. I'm going to fuck his brains out until Gary gets home from work after eleven."

"Wow! You are really going to do this, huh?" 

I was surprised. I thought it was all talk. Wouldn't Gary be pissed if he only knew? Becky grabbed the kids and headed for home.

"I need to get the kids home and all worn out so they will sleep while Mommy cheats on Daddy." Becky giggled as she left.

It took me a while to get to sleep that night, lying there and wondering if she had gone through with it. Did he show up? Was she disappointed with a shorter dick in her? Who knew with Becky? The next morning I saw her coming up the street. She seemed to be walking a little funny. I hoped the guy hadn't hit or hurt her.

"Hey, Judy. What a night. You won't believe this!" She blurted out.

"You are walking kind of funny. Are you alright?"

"Funny story. I told you Gary's dick was too big sometimes. Well, this guy turned out to be bigger than Gary."

"Holy shit! What did you do?"

"I brought him over to fuck him. So, I fucked him."

"Did it hurt?"

"Well, I am walking funny. But, not because it hurt. I sure got spread out. This Dave started putting it in me. I was surprised that it wasn't a difficult as I thought. When he got to the part where Gary made me sore this guy just kept pumping into me until it was inches past that and all the way in."

"You still didn't get yourself a smaller cock. Did you like it?"

"Oh, Hell yes! Dave had the best control. There I was with that much more cock in me, cumming like crazy, and he just kept shoving it in me, fucking me right through every time I came without ever losing it. Then when he did cum, I guess I passed out as I was cumming hard right along with him. I don't remember screaming, but Dave said he was afraid I would wake the kids."

"Sounds like you like it."

"Dave can come around anytime he wants and fuck me as hard as he wants. I loved it."

"Something tells me you are wanting to do it again." I was nodding my approval.

"He'll be back tomorrow night."

I was happy for Becky. Something like that could go bad for her. Also, I couldn't get my mind off a guy having a cock bigger than Gary's. Now I was jealous of Becky having Gary and this new lover. Gary and I were still at it every chance we could get. Each morning for over a week Becky would come by and tell me about the fucking she had gotten the night before while her husband worked.

"Judy, I've been coming here for over a week bragging about Dave and how well he has been fucking me. I know you must wonder what it is like, what with Bill being small down there and all. I mentioned to Dave that I tell my girlfriend about how well he fucks me and how big he is and explained about Bill."

"I don't know, Becky. Bill is my husband. I can make do with what I have." Of course, not telling her I also had her man seeing to my sexual needs.

"Anyway, Dave says if you want to stop by one evening he can show you his. Then you can decide if you want to try it."

"You want to share your boyfriend with me and have me cheat on Bill?"

"Well, the option is there, if you want it. I seriously wouldn't mind at all."

We got to laughing at the situation. Becky just decided to cheat. Now she wanted to share.

"Okay then. Dave and I will be at it again tonight. I'll call you about 8:30 and ask if you can come over. Just say yes or no. It will be up to you. Remember ... it won't hurt you to look."

I was trying to act like I was not interested, although Becky seemed to think I'd show up to look. There was no way I would pass that up. I just couldn't figure why she wanted to share so willingly.

That night 8:30 came finally came around and the phone rang. I listened to Becky and said yes, then hung up the phone. I had been going crazy all afternoon since Becky made the invitation. I couldn't wait to see yet another man's cock.

Turning to Bill I said, "I don't know what harebrained thing Becky is up to, but she needs me to come by for a few minutes."

"Okay, go ahead. The kids are down, so I'll turn in, too. We have a hard work schedule tomorrow."

That would be perfect because I was going to need the time because I was sure going to do more than look. Becky said to come on in when I got there, not to knock and maybe wake her kids. No one was in the front of the trailer. I went quietly back to the bedrooms and cracked open Becky's door.

Becky was on the bed with her legs splayed wide with Dave on top of her pulling out about six inches of cock and slamming it back into her sloppy pussy. Becky was going wild, but peeked around Dave's ass to tell me to give them a few minutes.

"Sorry, Judy. We decided we couldn't wait. This is so good."

Dave kept fucking her without letting up for a stroke. I started to leave the room.

"Don't go, Judy. Have a seat and watch me take this monster prick on this guy."

This was getting weird, but I found myself staring at Becky's stretched out cunt lips and Dave's balls slapping against her ass as they fucked in front of me. 

I'm going to cum, Baby." Becky hissed at Dave. "Cum with me, then show my friend that deliciously evil penis of yours."

A couple of minutes later I watched Dave's ass cheeks clench and his scrotum tighten up, then pour his seed into Becky. Just seconds later Dave pulled his cock out with a sloshing noise. It seemed like he was pulling cock out of Becky for ever until the head plopped free. A string of cum hung between his cock and Becky's well fucked pussy for an instant, followed by a stream of his cum running out of her.

Dave's cock seemed to stay almost fully erect as he turned and pointed the slit in the end of it right at me. Putting out his hand, he introduced himself to me.

"You must be Judy. I'm Dave. So, what do you think of the cock?" The bastard was sure proud of it and he should be.

"It seems to be getting smaller."

"Well, that's Becky's fault. Give it a few pumps and we're back in business."

He was sexy and sweet. Even the obvious bragging on himself seemed okay coming from him.

I reached to grab him with one hand, gripping it about the middle and giving it a couple of strokes ... then just holding onto it as he began to speak.

"Forgive me for asking. But, are you of legal age to handle a cock? I mean you look pretty young. You aren't like fifteen or sixteen are you?"

He was right. I did look maybe even fourteen. Many people mistake me for the kids' aunt or the babysitter. Being short and looking young has gotten me pulled over by the cops a few times. Boys in high school hit on me when I am alone.

"Good God, Dave." Becky spoke up. "She's eighteen with two kids and a husband. She just got an early start on life to get out of the mountains. She can't help it if she looks young."

"Well, I like it." Dave grinned. "I mean she's got all the lady parts and everything. Are you going to show me yours, Judy, since I'm showing you mine.

"I've not seen all of yours yet. I'm not sure this thing really works." I teased them both. Becky laughed.

By then I was stroking a little harder. I was watching the veins in his cock and admiring how good my wedding rings looked as I jacked him off. Dave was just about back to full staff. Becky was right. It was longer and thicker than Gary's cock. I knew I had to have it.

"Okay, I guess." I said as I started taking off my clothes.

"Wow, look at that." Dave said as he saw my nice tits. I turned slowly to show him my ass and bent over to expose my pussy to him from behind.

Becky got up from her bed. I laid back in the spot and looked at Dave as if to asked what he was waiting for. I spread my legs to expose my pussy and used my hands to slide up and down my lips. I moved my hands apart to show Dave I was wet and ready for his cock.

"Listen. I've never had a little gal your size. I don't think there is a chance in hell all of this is going in there. Let me know when it hurts and I won't go any deeper."

"I might look like a little girl, but I fuck like a woman. Let's get that thing in me." I challenged.

"Okay, girly girl. Here goes."

Dave nudged the head at my open slit. I guess he wanted to prove a point about the size of his cock. He pushed and the head went in me.

"You alright, Babe?"

"I will be when you get more of that in me."

I looked at Becky. She was driving me crazy. She would get down and watch Dave put it in me from between his legs, then move up so she could watch it go in from below my mound. I was lying there taking it. It was tight as hell, but sliding okay. I just needed to loosen up a little to take away a little of the sting from being stretched. This cock had to be almost an inch wider than Gary's and it was working it's way inside me.

"How does that feel? Becky told me you husband has a five and a half inch dick. That's about where he gets to when he is fucking you. I'm halfway in now."

"Yeah, not to mention you are a hell of a lot thicker."

I rocked my hips up to get more of his cock in me. Becky was right at the edge of the bed licking her lips while watching me take more and more of Dave. He took my moving into his cock as wanting more. He pushed and with a little bit of resistance he went in to where Gary would be fully buried as far as he could go balls deep.

Dave didn't say anything. He just stared at me, down at his cock, and back at me several times.

"Wow, baby girl. I never would have thought you could take that much. I mean I feel like I'm fucking someone's teeny-bopper daughter and here you are taking me like a middle aged woman. Good job sweetheart."

"How much is left?" I asked.

"Another couple of inches." Becky answered before Dave had a chance.

We started fucking in rhythm with each other. His pulling out, me trying to follow his cock so he would stay deep in me. Then him plunging back, forcing my ass hard back into the bed as the head of his cock hit the depths of my cunt. We were both sweaty and gasping for breath.

I have no idea how many times I had cum by then. I know there were little ones when his head first went in and when he chided me about how deep the end of Bill's cock would reach. When he went in with those next three inches I had an earthshaking cum that almost caused Dave to lose it. I wanted his cum in me, but sure didn't want the fucking to stop. We slowed the pace.

"What about those other two inches I panted into his ear?"

"Yeah, Dave. Shove it in her." Becky was our cheerleader ... a bit of an obnoxious cheerleader.

"I think we are probably done with that. Maybe another time."

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Seriously, do you think you could handle more?"

"Seriously, why don't you push harder when you think you are at the end?"

"Seriously, you want me to push hard to force it in?"

"Seriously, I don't think you will have to force it. I'm not going this far and then have to wonder if I could have taken it all."

"Seriously, you're a fucked up little cunt. Tell her Becky."

"All right you two. If she wants to try, let her try!"

I was laying there with more cock in me than I ever could have imagined, yet if there was more I was wanting all of it. Dave was starting to push. I remained still, wanting him to be in control. I had no idea where the extra cock was supposed to go. I remembered watching Mom take on Charlie's foot long black monster and figured if I could relax I should be okay. 

I could feel the big head start to pulse and the shaft quiver. He was going to lose it before I had my chance to try.

"Don't you cum in me you bastard until I get it all it. Don't you dare cum in me."

It was getting the best of me. I was making little jabbing motions at him with my pussy. I was trying to take it before his seed flooded into me. Suddenly his cock in me moved. I felt like the depths of my cunt turned to butter. An inch just slid deeper into me.

"Oh, Shit, Judy! Did we tear something?"

"No, it just went deeper."

"It doesn't hurt?"

"No, if feels terrific, Push!"

Dave pushed and I felt our pubic bones mesh together. I started grinding at him, hissed "fuck me" in his ear and then went into the mother of all orgasms. He pumped hard into my pussy for several seconds then held still. We had held onto each other for several minutes when I started little circular motions on his dick trying to cum again.

"Oh, you wanting more, are you?"

"Can you give me more?"

"Well, these no more to go deeper, but if you want a good fucking I can do that. I didn't cum. Thanks to Becky draining me dry earlier."

"Why are we so wet."

"That's all you little doll."

I was getting pounded again when one of Becky's kids cried out for her.

"Oh, shit. I'd better get to that before one of them walks in on all this."

She grabbed the dress she had been wearing that day and left the room, dropping it over her naked body as she hit the hallway.

Dave and I were still at it when she returned, probably ten minutes later. Becky leaned over my chest and sucked a nipple into her mouth as she said, "Oh, look, raspberries". I was too totally incoherent and out of control to say anything to stop her. She switched off from one nipple to another as I was in heaven from the pounding I was getting from eleven inches of hard cock.

Becky managed to drag her boobs across my face as if I was supposed to return the favor. In the state I was in I managed to tongue her tit, but never sucked onto a nipple. The whole thing was a blur as I snapped back into reality.

"We better finish up so I can get home to my husband. He said he was going to bed, but if he stayed up I'm really going to be fucked, and not in a good way."

"Yes, hurry up you guys. Becky said a she leaned back from me. I need another turn at that cock myself."

"She's probably right. Don't hold back this time. I want to feel that big cock of yours cum in me."

I was losing it big time just as Dave starting cumming along with me. Just the sheer size of him sent me rocketing off as I could feel his seed spray inside me. As he softened he started pulling out with it seeming like the head would never plop out. When it did a stream of our juices followed and ran onto Becky's bed.

Becky shoved Dave on the bed beside me and started sucking his cock. I wanted to watch him get hard again. Yet, I knew I had better get home fast. I dressed and hurried into the darkness.

Arriving home only the dim light in the hallway was on, which is always on for the kids. I tiptoed in, peeking in on Bill. He was out like a light, snoring softly. I crept into the bathroom where I sat on the toilet while Dave's cum flowed from my stretched out married little pussy.

I was kind of sore and quite open. I couldn't help wondering if I was ever going to be able to enjoy an average-size penis again. I wasn't torn. Just stretched. Hadn't my sweet little cunt always shrunk back to normal limits after the babies? Why should this be any different? I had to admit it was an extreme case. Not many women would ever see a cock of that size and for me to take him all into my petite little body was quite the accomplishment.

"My Gawd," I thought. "What have I done to my marriage, and when I can do it again?"

I knew I couldn't shower and take the chance of waking Bill. I had been gone for over and hour and a half. I wondered how long Dave had actually fucked me. Cum was still making a little dribble from my slit when I decided to give myself a big wipe with toilet paper. I needed to get to bed. I put on two pairs of panties in case cum flooded out of my cunt while I was sleeping.

The next morning was proof the the double panties was a good idea. I had a mixture of dried and moist cum in my slit and sticking to my pubic hair and panty crotch. I don't know how Bill missed the smell of sex on me. But, I did get him off to work without him noticing. 

With Bill gone I stepped across the hall into the bathroom. Removing my robe I sat on the toilet and reached for the hand mirror behind me. I was curious as to my condition and spread my legs. Spreading the lips with the first two fingers of my right hand, I moved the fingers down two or three times more, separating the folds as much as I could to get a good look inside. 

The soreness seemed to have disappeared. I ran the tip of one finger inside. The opening seemed normal. I tried two, and then three fingers. It stretched easily but was elastic enough to offer some resistance to being opened. 

I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was returning to a state of normalcy. Spreading my legs a little wider, I held the mirror in front of it and tried to get an idea of its overall appearance. 

The outer lips didn't exactly close over everything. Well, I am a mother of two now, I told myself. 

Uttering a sigh, I put the mirror down and stood all the way up. With two fingers, I gently squeezed the outer lips shut. They fit together nicely, but pouted open again immediately when I let go. Smiling at myself I decided I liked the look of my little gap in my married pussy.

With the kids attention to cartoons on the TV I ran myself a hot bath. Slipping my body below the warm soapy surface I enjoyed the feeling against my well fucked pussy. I wanted to finger myself, but decided just to revel in the memory of Dave's huge cock banging into me.

Dried off and dressed for whatever the day might bring I gathered the kids with me and slept for over two hours until Becky knocked on my door.

"Gary's sound asleep. He had a rough night at work. I wanted to see what you thought of Dave and how your pussy feels the day after.

"I think that was a lot of cock. I loved it. I hope he wants to fuck me again because I'm all for it."

"I know. He went on and on about you after he left, enough to make me jealous of you."

"What did he say that did that."

"He couldn't get over how young you look and how you could take all of his cock on the first try. He is all for another round as well."

"I can't wait. Let me know when."

"Maybe next week. Tomorrow night he is all mine. He did get off on our girl on girl action."

"Damn it, Becky! I'm not a lesbian. It was pretty awkward."

"It was a first for me. I don't what made me do it, but I didn't see you trying stop me."

"I suppose me being delirious from getting pounded by a cock almost a foot long wouldn't be a reason?" I questioned. "It really didn't occur to me that you had done that until I was walking home. Let's say right now that we won't be doing that again."

"Okay, don't get your panties in a twist. I'd better get home anyway."

"Anyway?" What did she mean by anyway? Did she think we were going to bury our faces in each other's cunt and munch away? I don't think that kind of action would be for me.

I was getting all the cock I needed. It had been a couple of months since I started fucking Gary and Dave. The little baby bump was starting to show. Gary was still coming by on the days Becky worked, and our Friday night date was a regular thing. What I really craved was the donkey cock on Dave. Gary did the job, but Dave just loved to fuck my brains out.

Becky was still my best friend even though I knew she was trying to exclude me when it came to fucking Dave. I knew he was banging her two or three nights a week. Some weeks I didn't get in on it at all. Finally about the end of our second month on Dave's cock Becky left us to check on her crying kid.

While I was enjoying Dave's dick plunging into my depths I was lost in the moment when he stopped fucking and spoke to me.

"Judy, if I ask you something, promise not to tell Becky I said anything?"

"Okay, now is a hell of a time to stop to talk." I grunted. I kept moving upwards on his cock as he held still.

"I'd like for us to meet like this, but without Becky. I've just been doing her lately to get to you. I've got this thing for your body and the way you fuck. She seems to be trying to keep you out of the loop."

"I've noticed that, too. What can we do?"

Dave reached into his pants pocket and took out a piece of paper.

"Here's my phone number. Call me when you can. Whatever you do don't let Becky find out. She kind of scares me."

"She's my friend, and she scares me a little, too. I think she could be really mean if someone crossed her." I grabbed my shorts off the floor and put the number in my pocket,

Becky was back in the room seconds later. Dave was fucking me for all he was worth.

"Looks like you two are still at it."

"You've only been gone a couple of minutes."

"Well, it just seems like it should be my turn." Becky had a snotty tone to her voice.

Dave and I both took the hint and started fucking each other all the harder with us both hitting a big orgasm. I rocked and bucked against him as his cum emptied into my already sloppy pussy. Dave pulled out. A glob of his cum slid out of me and onto Becky's sheet.

As I stood up Becky dropped right into my place. Dave moved up to her face for her to get him hard again with a blow job. I wasn't much of a blow job girl at the time. I sure wasn't going to put a dick in my mouth that just came out of someone else. Neither spoke to me as I pulled on my clothes and left them on the bed. They got interrupted as one of the kids started to cry as I was leaving. Maybe I shouldn't have shaken it's crib on my way out.

Bill was still awake when I got home. Our kids were asleep.

"I didn't get a chance to shower today." I told Bill as I went into the bathroom and closed the door.

As I sat on the toilet letting Dave's seed dribble into the toilet I got the paper out of my pocket and dropped my shorts to the floor. I read the phone number and trembled over the meaning of what was soon to happen.

Then next morning I hesitated to call Dave. As much as I wanted his big cock, I also feared the wrath of Becky if something went wrong. Having made up my mind I placed the call about 10 AM.

"Judy, I was afraid you wouldn't call." Dave had answered in the first ring and sounded anxious and excited.

"I took a little time to think about it. What's next?"

"Next is we get each other alone and fuck like crazy. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like just what I need. I love your cock."

The conversation went on for over an hour. I learned from our talk that Dave was quite the cockhound, charming ladies to get into their pants, then soon after losing interest, then moving on to his next conquest. Becky's number was up. Not as much as he was tired of her pussy as it was being tired of her attitude.

Dave was in outside sales. He could fit my schedule when Bill was at work. A couple of hours later Dave had parked his car on the next block and walked into my back yard. I was on the little patio waiting. I couldn't wait to get him in my bed. Several minutes later I had taken all of his cock deep inside me and cum two times. Shortly afterwards we were cumming together like a couple of teenagers. 

Okay, I was a teenager. Dave, on the other hand must have been in his mid-thirties. He never would say after learning that I was still just eighteen. Doing the math he was twice my age and nearly old enough to be my father. Still I think when he was fucking me so deeply and unloading all that cum, those were the moments I would have left my husband and two children and followed him anywhere.

Instead, we were the best of fuck buddies. Most weeks hitting it off three or four times. Becky came to me the week after my first solo with Dave at my house. She was a clueless that I had stolen her lover as well as her husband.

"That Dave is a real prick." Becky seemed like she wanted to cry. Of course I knew the deal better than she did.

"I'll say he's got a real prick. I can't wait for my next turn at it." The last part was certainly true.

"No, I said the bastard is a prick! I feel like we are getting dumped. Dave has only come by once in the last week after screwing me almost daily for weeks."

"He's probably found a new conquest somewhere. Maybe you can move on to someone else, too."

"That's why I wanted to talk to you. My boss really has the hots for me lately. Fucking him might be fun."

"Go for it!" I advised her. That would get her mind off Dave and leave him all for me.

"He is cute and sweet. I think I have feelings for him. Fucking Dave has been fun, but after a while it's just a huge cock plunging in and out and another pussy load of cum. Sex needs a little emotion involved to keep it fresh."

I could usually understand the argument if I wasn't still enjoying that huge cock plunging in and out and another pussy load of cum in me. There I was at eighteen years of age with two men and my husband fucking me, two men with large cocks was just what I needed.

"Does this Mr. Wonderful have a Mrs. Wonderful and children?"

"She's a bitch and his kids are in college or on their own." She replied defensively.

"So, old enough to be your Dad?"

"No, actually almost ten years older than my Dad. Is that a problem for you?"

The visit was short after that. Becky was just outside my door. 

"Will you cover for me if I fuck him after work?"

"You mean watch your kids and not say anything to your husband?"

"Yeah ... something like that ..."

Two days later Becky told Gary she had to stay after work for a store meeting. Becky came by fresh-fucked to pick up her kids almost three hours late with a big smile on her face.

"That was more like it. He was so sweet the whole time. And, we went to a nice motel instead of slipping around the house."

"What was he like? Did he have the big dick?"

"No, and it really didn't matter. I can't wait for us to do it again next week."

So, all was well. Becky had a new fuck interest and I had her old one.

Dave and I lit up the sheets for the next couple of months. I put a scare into him when I told him I was pregnant until I lied to him that it was my husband's baby. He seems to like the idea even though he said he had quickly disappeared when women had told him that he had them knocked up. The advantage of fucking married women, as he explained it. I told him maybe next time if he was lucky.

Well, that was me. I had just turned nineteen that summer. The poor little girl from the mountains had become a wife and mother of two with one on the way. I was getting sex from my husband and two other men on a regular basis. Chances were that baby number three isn't going to be my Bill's child.

When you add up two or three times a week with my husband, Gary usually twice two days a week and then again three times on Friday night, add in Dave with his giant cock a couple of times per visit three or four times a week I was getting fucked about fifteen times some weeks.

It didn't seem like too much to me. Even with all of that I wouldn't have minded a little more. It now made sense to me that Mom fucked around on Dad. There's never any such thing as too much cock. Maybe you, just like my husband, wouldn't know if your wife felt the same way.

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