Sunday, 21 August 2016

Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil

Hello Friends, I am new to this site and this is my first and possibly last try of writing down anything like this. My sex experience is about me having sex with my younger sister’s husband Kapil for whole night. It was of a kind night of love and sex which I always use to dream before getting married; romantic,

passionate and extremely satisfying and irony of my life is that I never had that sort of sex with my husband in around one and a half decade of my married life. I am Juhi, obviously mine and all names used in the script are false but everything except names are word to word true. I am married and mother of two, almost 39, fair and good looking with sparkling smile,

curly hairs ending below shoulders, standing 5’2” with big luscious melons, fleshy thighs and heavy jutting out plump ass. Yes! overall I have overweight body with evident belly but as compared to my sister I am fair and far good looking with very high sex appetite.

Before starting how it all happened and what all we did whole night I must mention this fact in the beginning that I am not a pervert, also whatever happened between me and my sister's husband Kapil; Kapil is nowhere responsible for that, in a way it was not me either. Directly or indirectly it happened all because of my husband Jatin and my sister Deepa.

Rita Experiences Sexual Pleasure Before Marriage With Her Bhabhi

Rita came home from college late at 7 in evening and went to the kitchen directly for a cup of tea as she was having headache. She found her Bhabhi, her brother’s wife making some pakoris. Rita bhabhi ye kiske liye banaa rahi ho she asked as she ate one. Bhabhi said ye papaji ke liye banaa rahi hoon, unke kuchh puraane dost aaye hue hain. Upar baatein kar rahe hain.

Rita was 25 years and was working as economics lecturer in a college in Lucknow and living with her father who was a retired government employee and brother who was married and having 2 kids also living in the same house. Rita lost her mother a year back.

Rita was engaged to an Army officer and was going to be married very soon and she then would move to Delhi.

Rita took vessel to make tea for her. Bhabhi said ruk jao Rita thhodi der, maine waise bhi un logon ke liye chaai banaani hai, tumhare liye bhi ek cup banaa doongi . Bhabhi mujhe adrak waali chaai chahiye. Kyon ki mera sar bahut dukh rahaa hai. Bhabhi said theek hai baba, tumhare liye adrak waali hi banaaoongi, tum tab tak fresh ho jao aur apne kamre me let jaao. Main chai lekar aati hun.

Strip Poker Wife Swap

Two weeks ago our next door neighbors invited me and my wife Megan over for a barbeque. Paul and Jillian have been good friends for a couple of years now and we have done lots of things together, like attend concerts, ball games and go on camping trips. But since Jill had their first baby six months ago it has put a crimp in our activities together. I have always had the secret hots for Jillian, especially when she was pregnant. She is very attractive, outgoing, funny, amusing and a bit of a flirt, unlike Megan who tends to be somewhat shy and reserved. 

We just found out that Megan is pregnant with our first child and so Paul and Jill invited us over to celebrate the occasion. After dinner we settled in to watch a PPV movie on TV. Their baby Suzy woke up and required some attention so Jill left the room for awhile to tend to her motherly duties. She returned a short time later. When the movie was over we started watching another one but part way into it Paul said “This movie is boring, let’s do some different for a change”. “Like what?” I said.

“We could play a game, how about some cards?” Megan indicated she didn’t know too many card games. I mentioned that we don’t play cards too often, Gin Rummy was about it. “You don’t know how to play Hearts or Spades” Paul said. Jill piped up with “Oh it’s easy, we can teach you” 

We started of with Spades but Megan kept loosing and she doesn’t like to lose at anything. Paul asked Megan, “how about some poker, everyone knows how to play that, right?” I then piped up with a wild inspiration “What about strip poker, has anyone ever played it or fantasized about it?” 
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