Friday, 28 February 2014

The Milking Bench

It has been little more than a year since I met her. We were both members of a website dedicated to adult breastfeeding. I think it was only our second exchange of messages when I discovered her desires were very closely aligned with my own.
The adult nursing community is very diverse. For some it is purely about the nursing, the desire to feed and be nourished. For some, it is actually medicinal; many women nurse a partner in order to provide healing antibodies to help cure the immune system of their partner. There are those who nurse to fulfill a desire to be a mommy again and their adult babies are quite happy to be fed and pampered. Then there are those, like us, for whom the act of nursing is supremely erotic. Women who need to offer themselves completely and who crave for their womanhood to be fully developed and glorified. Along with men who need to possess a woman completely, who can only be satisfied by drawing her very essence into themselves through her breasts.

I have always been a Dominant. I never labeled myself as such until I discovered the "lifestyle" in my late 40s. I never practiced the lifestyle overtly but quickly realized that my erotic life and that of almost all of my partners fit the roles that for me were previously undefined. To me, carrying her milk for her man is the ultimate act of submission for a woman. It takes time to develop a woman's milk supply, a lot of time. It takes rigor and discipline. It is very inconvenient. She has to be focused and dedicated. Her mind is always planning how she will arrange the rest of her life to accommodate the need to stimulate and the need to be relieved. Her breasts change, her nipples are constantly sensitive, thick and long and her areolas more prominent so she has a constant visual reminder. The weight and fullness of her breasts

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Breastfeeding Father-in-Law

Thursday morning I got dressed with teasing Monty on my brain. I chose a lime green halter top that showed the natural curves of my breasts and would give him a nice front and side view. I was still determined not to go anywhere with his flaunting, but I enjoy giving men pleasure visually.... it turns me on, it turned me on so much that I couldn't help but play with my breasts during my 15 minute drive over there, therefore giving many an unexpected view during their morning commute to work, and for a select few, they made their appreciation known.
Within minutes of my being there, I could hear Monty upstairs in the kitchen, and by all the noise he made, I was pretty sure he was at the kitchen table once again. I played with my nipples for a couple minutes before heading up for my coffee. I could feel my 38C boobs bouncing slightly and knew he was enjoying the bobbing as I finished climbing the final steps. I couldn't help but notice his knees legs slightly spread under the table and the robe slightly open, but not enough to see what was winking at me underneath.

"Good morning!" Monty cheerfully greeted me.

"It's gonna be a got one out today, looks like you dressed for the weather." His eyes were wandering over my chest before settling on my face.

"Yep, I'm always prepared", I happily replied. I was slightly turned away from him, allowing him to view the curve of my breast leading to a pointy hardened nipple.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mazaa Aa Gaya Swapping Mein

Hi friends this is my first story, i am regular reader of Indian sex stories & lot of stories sounds real & some are fakes but all stories are interested because i think anything about sex or fantasies always give pleasure, so without wasting your time i just narrate my story to all of my readers & before narrating my story i apologize for using some bad language which is part of this story.
First of all i introduce myself i am Lalit age 36 with average build from Delhi running my small business living with my wife Priya age 33, 5.2 height & normal house wife but she is too hot & good in bed.
We enjoy our 10 years married life with lot of sex & fun. We have already tried every possible position In sex & we both read sex stories & watch porn movies together but as usual we both get bored with doing same type of stuff, so we come to fantasize our near ones in bed.Some friends, neighbors & relatives with using some bad language which always give you pleasure & excitement in sex.
One day i was in my office & my mobile sms tone alert me ,it’s Priya’s sms she wrote me it’s already 10 days you don’t even kiss me i think you no more interested in me you want some change.
When i was reading that sms again there was some new sms came. I narrate you that sms which totally in shocking & in bad language. Sms like this… tumhe aaj tumhari biwi nahi tumahari samne wali Ritu ki chut milegi magar mujhe bhi Manoj ka lund chahiye.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How I Fucked My Wife’s Mother

I am 29years old guy and I would like to share my amazing experience with a lady I desired the most. I am a writer, author, columnist and editor. I run a book publishing company and I work at home sometimes. While editing books I mostly work at home and my friend and partner takes care of publishing works and office works. I got married 2years ago to a beautiful girl. I love my wife and we share a very good and lovely relationship. Our marriage was arranged by our parents and we had good communication before the marriage too. So, we shared a good chemistry though ours is not a love marriage. She is a software engineer and her family is well positioned and good natured. But out of all the things about her family, the most stunning thing is the beauty of her mother. Oh boy! She is damn beautiful.
The first time I saw her was even before I saw my wife. It was a formal meeting by our families and I was introduced to their family by my father. My wife’s mother is a spectacular beauty and I couldn’t resist myself looking at her repeatedly in that meeting. She was a perfect host good at receiving communicating and attending the guests. She is so balanced and confident. My hand trembled when I took a cup of coffee from her hand but she just looked into my eyes without emotion or expression. It was just formal. When she handed over a napkin to me after the lunch, she smiled. That smile was gentle and beautiful but not at all inviting.
The next time I saw her was at their home again. My marriage is fixed and I went to their home to pick my wife before our engagement as we planned to go for a movie. While my wife was getting ready I talked to her mother for about half an hour during which I was hesitant and she was confident and immaculate about everything she has spoken.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Wife Swap Of 2 Couple Friends

Yeh story Delhi k 2 couples ki ha jo ki mid 30 ki age ke ha, or dono hi couples ek doosre ke frnds ha. Couples k name (changed) Sunaina and Neeraj or dusre couple ka name Ankur or Aarti ha.Agar couple ki appearence ki baat ki jaaye to Sunaina ka colour fair tha or uske boobs kareeb 36 size ke the or Neeraj ka colour thoda dark tha. Doosri taraf Aarti ka colour dark tha mgr woh kaafi slim thi or Ankur ka colour Sunaina k hi jaise fair tha.
Ek bar Sunaina or Aarti aapas me baithe ek party me bat kr rhe the.Aarti jo ki thodi modern type thi achanak Sunaina se bolti h ki” hum log kitni boring life spend krte h,ek hi person k sath sex poori life.”
Yeh bat sunkar Sunaina thodi chaunk to jati h kyunki woh thodi conservative type wife thi,mgr use bhi apni life boring lgti thi to usne negatv reply bhi nhn dia us tym.Aarti use further bolti h ki “uska man kisi or person k sath sex krna ka krtah,mgr setup ni ho pata.”Is bat pr Sunaina reply krti h ki “man to hota hi h,mgr aise kisi or k sath krna possible thode hi h.”
Aarti poochti h Sunaina se ki use Ankur kese lgte h,to is bat pr Sunaina ka koi khaas excited response ni aata(actually me Sunaina ko Ankur kaafi pasand tha kyunki woh tall tha or Colour bhi fair tha as compared to his husband).But Sunaina koi jyada response ni deti.Agle hi minute Aarti bolti h ki “kyun na tu Ankur k sath maze krk dekhe or woh khud Neeraj k sath.” Yeh bat sunkar Sunaina ki choot geeli ho jati h mgr woh bolti h ki aise kaise possible ho skta h,unke pati kabhi ni manenge.
Aarti bolti h ki Ankur ko woh mana legi kyunki usne kai baar Ankur ko Sunaina ki breast ghoorte dekha tha.Is par Sunaina bolti h ki ,mgr Neeraj ka kese hoga to Aarti bolti h ki agar Ankur maan gya to woh Neeraj ko bhi mana lega.Sunaina ko sunkar maze to bht aa rhe the yeh plans,mgr use hope kam hi thi.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Wife Used By My Boss

Hi guys this is Suresh, here to continue my life experience with my hot wife Akshara.
Please read my previous part –“cuckold Indian couple with hot negro in Kerala resort” to know about me and my wife and our cuckold lifestyle, this is the continuation of my life events.
After the hotel incident, Akshara and I became very comfortable with this lifestyle and Akshara knew her limits, she didn’t cheat me. She would openly point at a guy sitting in front of us and tease me “i would love to sleep with him”. Things went on fine, she would bring dates on cpl of nights have romantic chat with him in our bedroom. I would be secretly seeing without his knowledge and jack off seeing them make love. Once he leaves, i would clean my wife’s pussy with my tongue and make her throbbing pussy relax. Sometimes I being a bi-sexual i would take part with her date and it would become a hot 3some.
This incident which followed is something which took my life to another level.
It was getting hectic at work and my boss scolds me a lot for me delayed performance.6 months went like that and one day my boss called me to his private room. My boss is a 40 year old man – manager, he was short 5.5 and had a small tummy. But his arms and chest were gym fit. He called me and said softly “Suresh, i think i need to tell this, we need to cut some people from this company as there is heavy recession, i am sorry…” I did not know what to say. I said “but Prem, i can do whatever to increase performance, please have a second thought, also i am married and we have just started a life…” saying this i had a lump in my throat and i excused and went to drink water outside.

Friday, 21 February 2014

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 04

In the morning when Julie woke up to a sound of someone entering the hut, she realized that she was still naked after the passionate session with chief. As she tried to find something to cover herself, three village women grabbed her by the arms and took her outside. There, they made her sit on a log and bathe her with warm water. When water started to flow down her body, she remembered that it was the day of bonding ceremony. It was her wedding day. She should be feeling happy, but something was keeping her away from that feeling.
As one woman poured water on to Julie's head, other two got busy scrubbing every part of her body. They were amused by her different features and they took time feeling her full breasts, soft white skin and long hair. As far as the scrubbing went, they didn't miss a spot. Julie had to stop a moan from escaping her mouth when they started washing her privates.

After drying Julie up, the women dressed her in a straw skirt and started to braid half of her long hair while fixing flowers and colorful pebbles in to it. Julie realized they must have made a new skirt just for her, because even though she was much taller than an average village woman, the skirt reached down to her knees just as other women wore them. Then they started to draw designs on her skin with red paint. They painted lines in a way that they highlighted a woman's curves. Julie laugh when she realized that they have painted her breasts with rings that made her breasts look like two bulls-eye targets with her nipples at the centers.

A Wife and The Amazon Tribe Ch. 03

Sam was genuinely surprised when Julie suddenly stopped crying and stood up with her wobbly feet. Her whole body was covered with sweat, semen and her orgasm. She stood a symbol of uninhibited fucking, in a room that reeked of sex. After readjusting the sweat and cum soaked sundress to cover her modesty, Julie started to slowly walk towards the entrance of the hut. Due to the extensive work out her whole body received, she was barely maintaining her balance. Sam noticed her distress and stood up to support her.
"Sam, I need to be alone for a while please. Don't worry, I can manage." Julie said while weakly putting her hand on Sam to stop his assistance.

Sam followed Julie outside to find Jack had already left and was glad about it. He had no idea how he would face Jack right after what happened inside the hut. He sat on the ground while watching Julie slowly proceed towards the river. It was almost impossible to avoid the wet trail she left behind as two trails of cum reached the ground along her inner thighs.

Sam tried to make sense of what just happened and relate it to the reality. He was overwhelmed with sadness, anger, guilt and mostly with an uncomfortable new feel of jealousy. As his mind came out of the fog of shock, things started to piece together and started to make sense of some things that happened. The sting of jealousy intensified as he pieced together the pool of liquid on the floor and Julies moans and screams. The chief had made Julie squirt in orgasm. He had never seen her go beyond loud moans during sex, let alone squirt.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Monika getting screwed by DG

Hi! Everyone. I am regular reader of Human digest. I like many stories not all. But thanks to all who shares their experience / fantasies. Now coming to my story, this is one of my special experiences which happened few days back. Coming to me I am DG (my identity for all of you) from Ahmedabad via email.
I am an engineer, running my own business in field of industrial electronics and happily married with two kids. I have school going kids and living in pose area of Ahmedabad called satellite. I am 42 years old, 5 ft 8 inch height, 75 Kgs, 6.5” long dick, my dick is thicker than normal dicks and having good athletic body. Thanks to my regular walking and exercise habit.
I would like to clarify that my English is not very good so forgive for that. Instead of pointing out grammatical mistakes just enjoy the story. This is not a erotic sex encounter. This is sex encounter with romance so those who are looking erotic stuff, please forgive me.
Coming to story, I am member of musical club and our club organizes musical functions every two months. The most members of club are of upper middle cast and we normally know each other by face not by name. In last month, same function was there but unfortunately due to my in laws are my guest my wife didn’t accompany me for the function and I am alone with my side seat vacant.
As normal I am enjoying the function. Many members knows me by name but most of them are with their wives so didn’t disturb to them. In between I noticed two beautiful ladies are sitting beside me. In the hall the lights are very dim almost nil except walk way. I purposely looking towards them and caught one of them looking to me and discussing something between them.
In break our eyes met and we exchange sweet smile but I noticed some strange in that smile. Finally at last we again exchanged formal smiles and I moved towards parking lot for my car. Living in Bopal out skirt of Ahmedabad which was not very far from my residence. While coming out from parking, I saw them waiting for someone.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mary's Photo Shoot

As Mary walked through the front door of the art department building she kept telling herself, "It's just a job. You need a little cash for the upcoming holidays, and it is just a job."
She made her way to the photography studies wing and found a small group of young women sitting and standing quietly. "Oh wow," thought Mary, "I didn't expect so many other women to be here. Maybe one of them will get the job and I will have a good excuse to not have to do this."

Mary signed in, and took a seat waiting for her name to be called. She saw several of the girls go into an office, stay for less than five minutes and then walk out. Some looked pleased, others not so much. She even noticed that one girl had her shirt untucked, and Mary was sure that it was tucked in when she went into the office! "Surely the instructor doesn't expect me to pose in the interview!" she thought.

Finally her name was called and she entered the office to find a man in his mid forties seated behind a large mahogany desk. The office was clean and free of clutter. The walls were decorated with several framed photographs, all portraits, even a few nudes. There was a small table to the side with what looked like an antique camera and photography equipment.

"Hello," said the man, "I'm Professor Klein, but I would prefer that you call me Alvin."

"Ok, thank you Alvin," replied Mary. She noticed that there was not a chair to sit in, and was starting to feel uncomfortable just standing there.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Adi Fucks My Wife Mona

Hello my name is Monty and back with another story of my wife Mona, my wife is really a sex kitten nowadays and is beyond control. This is the latest development in our married sex lives. Well for new readers my wife is real curvaceous and fat at right places her figure is 35’28’34 fair in complexion 5’4″ and face that would make any lund saluting. Well to start with the story in Mona’s words itself, a month back we had moved to new locality as Mona’s new friends were gaining on and so was our lifestyle.
This new location we also met Mona’s college friend who was out of touch for very long her name is Riya who too had love marriage with her husband Aditya who was into sales. We met up and had one or two outing with them as we were new so were getting accustomed. During these outings i saw Adi as we call he was always trying to come near Mona and talk to her in her ears or very close i didn’t mind because one day he would be a victim to my darling wife. But Riya was always bothered she use to avoid all this. One day Riya told me that she had a doubt on her husband and she wanted to prove it Mona and i tried to make her understand that it was not so and things will go bad if Adi came to know cause he was bad tempered and used to beat her up.
After Riya left Mona told me that Adi is too sex starved and doesn’t leave a moment. So i jokingly asked her did he something on her yet Mona looked at me with a devilish grin and said “yeah he tried to grab my ass one or few times i didn’t bother” i was immediately turned on and grabbed her she knew i was hard we had sex with talking about him and Mona banging up and it was amazing. Few days it was going on in my mind and couldn’t take that thought out of my mind so i talked with Mona that night and she agreed but the problem was Riya. So i came with a plan i called Riya home and told her we’ll help but she had to do accordingly, she agreed but “what if he really did something with Mona he is very strong and wants sex like anything” i was turned on again thinking about Mona under that animal fucking her and

Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine Party

"Hurry, get ready," said my wife, Marsha. "I don't want to be late to Lisa's Valentine party."
Nodding, I handed her a box of Valentine Candy. I stripped and jumped into the shower. My wife was a little too excited about going to this party. And, party was really just a euphemism for a Valentine themed swing event my wife's friend from the gym, Lisa, was hosting. I had my doubts about going to the party, but my wife insisted that it would be a good way for us to break into the swinging scene.

After I dried off, I stepped into the bedroom and started dressing in the clothes my wife had laid out for me. I picked up a pair of boxers with red hearts on them. Grimacing, I said, "You've got to be kidding me."

"I knew you'd say that," chuckled my wife. "Since the party is Valentine themed, Lisa wants all the men to wear boxers with hearts and women to wear black garter belts with red stockings."

I voiced my uncertainty, "Marsha, are you sure this is such a good idea?"

Marsha was sitting naked in front of her dressing table. She was brushing her hair and the rapid movement of her arms made her breasts dance before my gaze. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror she put the hairbrush down and said, "Alec, we've talked about this. We both agreed we need to spice up our sex life."

"I'm just a little concerned you'll find someone better."

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Wife’s X Boyfriend

It was a normal weekend, my wife and i, who have been married now for nearly 3 years decided that we are going to spend Saturday night at a bar in town. She does not drink much, but for some reason this Saturday, she wanted to party like when we used to date one another.
We started to get changed in our apartment at around 9pm, my wife was already on her 3rd glass of white wine, i was sipping on strong vodka with lemonade.
I got myself ready and changed and was waiting in our lounge area for her. A few minutes of waiting she called my name from the bedroom, “jaan” she shouted, i got up and walked into our room.
She was standing before me, in a short black dress, strapless. She asked, “How do i look?” I did not know what to say, i felt my penis filling up and my trousers becoming tight. She then said, guess what….. I’m not wearing a bra or any pants….. I did not believe her, at first, i was annoyed, i asked her to prove it and show me. She slipped her dress off, and she was right, nothing underneath, her breasts were pert, and nipples were hard, her pussy was fresh and shaved with just a little hair leading its way down to her clitoris.
I walked over to her and having sucked my thumb, grabber her ass and forced my thumb into her, she moaned like she wanted me to fill her pussy up with my no erect penis.
I pulled her closer and was forcing my second finger into her ass; this made her legs shake while i was sucking her amazing breasts. She came, her pussy was so wet, and the juice was going down her leg.
I stopped and told her to put her dress on, let’s go out and have some fun!
She looked at me, deep into my eyes and said, do you want me to suck your penis? I said no, not yet, if you do that now, we will never go out. She dressed, we booked a taxi and 5 minutes later it was here.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Impregnating Indian Childless Sister

Impregnating childless sister leads to sex with Indian mother:-
We are an orthodox Muslim family living in U P. My father name is Saifuddin Khan is working in Dubai and he is there for the last about 10-12 years. He is working as a carpenter there. We live in a village near Lucknow. We are 3 members in our family. Me Ahmad Khan age about 22 years and a student in a local college. My mother name is Kulsum Khan am, aged about 45 years and my elder sister Salma aged about 28 years.

My sister is about 6 years elder to me and so she has already been married in a nearby village. As with the most of Indian Muslims, we are also less educated family. I am also doing simple BA. My sister was just 10 class pass and my brother in law is a teacher of Urdu in local Madrassa (religious school). My sister is married for about 8 years now but she is still childless. This is the biggest problem in our family these days. As in orthodox Indian society being childless and that also in a village community is the biggest problem. My sister is very beautiful and plump. She is so sober and nice and she is very much liked and loved in her in laws, but lately due to her being childless has been causing family problems.

Many a times, I had seen my Ammi talking with my sister on mobile for long hours. I knew that there are family problems as she had not given birth to any child. As I am her brother and we are orthodox Muslims and in our society talking in family about such issues between mother and son or brother and sister is not even thought for. But I had overheard sometimes and knew that my sister's mother in law was very upset over her not getting a grandchild and so she was thinking of getting her son remarried after giving divorce to my sister or if she does not agree she was even ready to marry her son one more times as we Muslims are allowed to marry four times.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Naveen having New Year Eve sex with Tripti Bhabhi and Rita Didi

Hi I am Naveen, a guy in my mid twenties with good looks and health with above average height and this write up is not only about losing my Virginity but also about my experience of having sex with two females one after another on the same bed. Both the females were actually older than me and also married.
I know for most of readers it will be difficult to believe and they will consider all this bogus but to them I will just say trust me; things like this happen. When woman loses her control over her sexual desire she goes crazier than a man and break all bars of trust and loyalty and if they are two together; both starved, then certainly they can turn any sensible male going bizarre, like it happened to me.
To start writing my sex experience I will say from last more than a year I am working and living very far from my native place in one room accommodation in NCR, which has turned into a real heaven for me in last twenty days. Females I am talking about are Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi.
For brief intro of the first lady I will say that Rita Didi is my land lady and also comes in distant relation with my real Bhabhi and that is why I use to get very homely behavior from her side from the time I was here in this town to work and earn.
Same way because Rita Didi was in regular touch of my Bhabhi I never thought about trying anything weird around the place I live and always presented myself simple, shy and reserved to Rita Didi. While talking about Rita Didi I will say that she is a good looking woman in her late thirties, short in height with short hairs and petite body structure with medium sized milks.
She is married to Suresh Bhaiya I guess from last fifteen years with a 13-14 year old son and Tripti Bhabhi is another female who lives in my

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Milking Gauri Bhabhi Dry

This is a true story and happened in 2012.  My school friends had decided to go to Rohan’s house for a day out. I decided to go along. All of them were in pairs but i was a stag as my gf wasn’t able to come and we were having some issues. So i go to his house and i meet Gauri for the first time. She is a typical Maharashtra girl. She has a very beautiful face cut. She is fair and has the nice boobs. She is neither thin nor fat just perfect. Sab jagah se bhari hui. She was wearing salwar kameez yellow and orange shade. I thought she was beautiful but had nothing wrong in my mind as she was after all my friend wife.
But then we start having fun. We start having alcohol and the girls are bringing snacks for us.
Gauri crosses from the other side and comes and sits right next to me with her thighs touching my thighs. I swear to god that touches. I was shocked and i liked it. My immediate reaction was i closed up a bit moved my thigh away. She looked at me and said why aren’t you eating? And she again came close to me and touched her thighs and served me. When she was serving i could see that very small cute cleavage of hers. I thought to myself Rohan must be milking them dry every night.
Anyways she was doing this the whole day. We partied and we finally bid goodbye and left. Nothing happened that night.
We kept in touch on whatsapp and used to share adult jokes. We even talked about sex. She told me Rohan’s family wants a baby but she wasn’t ready.
I go abroad and return back after about a year. I go to meet Gauri and her kid and of course Rohan too. I can’t tell you how amazing Gauri was looking. Her breasts were bigger than before, her face was glowing. She was wearing a black sari and i managed to have a peek at her boob. Actually she wanted me to see it   she sat in such a way that only i could see her boobs ka side view and my god they were nice and milky. Black blouse usmain black bra. I swear i wanted to press it.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

How Sadie Became a Cowgirl

It started out like any other day. I think it was a Tuesday in fact. I was reading the classifieds in yet another ill-fated attempt to find employment, while my boyfriend, Ryan, fooled around on the Internet. Every now and then he'd drop a random bit of web trivia on me, which often triggered a debate about the validity of said trivia.
"Hey Sadie, check this out," Ryan said enthusiastically. "Did you know that an ounce of breast milk costs two and a half bucks?"

"Really?" I replied, surprised.

"Uh huh. There's this woman in Texas who made like thirty grand just from selling her breast milk," he continued.

"That's insane, I scoffed. "Who would pay that much for breast milk?" I looked over Ryan's shoulder skimmed the article. Apparently this woman had sold eighty-six gallons of breast milk over a nine month period. Indignant as I was, I had to admit I was kind of impressed.

"Rich people I guess. Apparently there's a lot of demand for it," Ryan mused.

"Well, it's settled then. Let me just get these panties off so you can knock me up and I can start my new career as a human dairy cow," I joked.

"You know, there's other ways to get a woman to lactate. Hormones and herbs and stuff," he said, a little defensively.

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