Saturday, 11 March 2017

Our First Time

I, Mohan aged 62, and my wife Puja aged 60 are first generation Indians settled in the US with an empty nest; and so it was the typical story of looking for adventure before time ran out after a rather sedate and dull married life. Our marriage, though a happy one by conventional standards, had lacked passion and we felt that we could perhaps spice it up a little bit by trying our luck at swinging. My wife as usual was not very sure but after we discussed this for several days she suddenly blurted out one day that ever since we had come to the US she had had fantasies about having sex with a big white male. On prodding further, she rather shamefacedly admitted that two persons she found very hot were Michael Cain and Sean Connery, not always in that order. 

Although professionally very successful I was a typical nerd - not very generously endowed as far as my physical attributes are concerned, and so naturally felt a bit inadequate but was thankful that they didn't involve people we knew since that would have really upset me. Luckily, she didn't ask me about my fantasies, perhaps she was a bit embarrassed after blurting out her inner thoughts, as in my case these were about everyday people around us and had included, in the past, a fantasy about her mother as well. My mother-in-law had had Puja at the age of twenty and when we got married she was just forty-five and quite a looker. Whenever she embraced me and kissed me affectionately, I would be pressed against her soft and huge breasts and invariably got a hard on. Of course, I had dared not press my luck further though I wasn't sure I wouldn't have succeeded if I had given it a try!

Suzy's First

The day was sunny with a stiff breeze from the west. It looked warmer than it was, and when you were in the shade you realized it was not yet summer, but early spring. It had that fresh feeling, a new beginning. The trees were beginning to green and the weeds had already starting growing tall and strong. Before long, the grass would need mowed. The winter had not been a bad one, with only a few days of bitter cold. One record snow fall, and two smaller ones with lots of rain, a winter no one could complain about.

Suzy was excited. Excited would be an understatement. Her and Jack had talked for so long about a night like tonight and the day was finally here. It was 2 o'clock, and her date would not be picking her up until 7, but she could not sit still. She was thinking about what she would wear, or not wear. How would she do her hair, her makeup? Would her date be attracted to her, or would she be too old? It was early, but it was a special day and she needed to relax just a little so she decided to have a glass of wine to help calm her nerves. 

As she walked into the kitchen, Jack could sense the excitement in his wife, he felt it too. Or was it fear. He could not tell if he was scared because he might enjoy tonight, or hate it. What if he hated it and Suzy loved it? It was his idea, so how would he tell her he didn't want to do it again. The thought of tonight made his cock hard and throb in his pants. His balls ached from the excitement that was yet to come. 

Celebrating with Our Roommate

After we both entered our 40's my wife Ann was laid off and our daughter got married and moved out. 

Ann decided that she wanted some extra money for shopping and said we should rent out one of the spare bedrooms. I agreed so we could split the extra money so she could go shopping and I could use my half to put more towards the mortgage payment.

Ann and I both look a little young for our ages. Ann is 43 while I just turned 40. Ann and I are both 5' 9". She weighs around 160 lbs. and has curves in all the right places with 36C breasts and a nice full ass. 

Ann placed an ad online and within just a few days we had several responses. We carefully considered each and every one and, while I would have preferred a cute 20-yr. old with a killer beach body, we settled on a 24-yr. old named Mark. 

We chose Mark since he was a business professional and was being transferred to our area for four to six months while almost everyone else was looking for a year minimum. My wife and I thought that six months was perfect in case we decided that renting just wasn't for us. 

Awesome Threesome – Our First Experiment

Hi, this is Abhijit and this is my first story on ISS. I will keep sharing my real life experiences for people to read. I am born and raised in Kolkata. This story is about me and my fiancée and our first experiment with our sex life. I met Akansha during my Post graduation days in Delhi. It was 5 years back when I was 22 and she was 21. We are now engaged and will be getting married in February. Akansha belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan and had also come to Delhi to pursue her post graduation. It was love at first sight for both of us and our relationship immediately clicked and we connected to each other mentally. We had a rocking time in Delhi and since I had rented an apartment for my own self our sex life flourished too. We used to fuck like kittens. Both of us were equally adventurous and we enjoyed our time together. But this story is not about our experiences with each other but about our first real experimentation with our sex life. It was a threesome.

We had been seeing each other for almost a year and a half when this incident happened. Like all other Indian men I typically had fantasies of Threesomes and swaps and gangbangs. But I did not have the courage to tell her about these ideas out of the sheer love. But it one day stuck me to open up in front of her. At the first instance she thought I was kidding. But when she understood that I was serious, it was a kind of a mixed reaction. On one hand the idea did excite her which I could see in her shining eyes, on the other hand she was over cautious and pointing out the risks involved. I comforted her and made her ready some real life experiences people had shared on an online portal. I also showed her some videos and clips and tried to make her understand the concepts. She actually was eager to read and see all that which kind of gave me the hint that this could work. Eventually it worked out. Our foreplay sessions started revolving around such videos and stories that we started reading and watching together. This continued for some months till the time I was convinced that she is on the same page with me. It was time to hit the nail on its head. I causally one day told her that it is time we should try it out once.

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