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Open Marriage

It was during my first or second year at the university in the English Department when I met and became friends with Jim, who was also a new instructor. He taught economics, and his department was in the same building on the same floor as the English Department. Jim was 6' 2" and slender with black, curly hair. His wife, Pam, was about 5' 2" with short, light brown hair. She seemed to have a nice figure, with B-cup breasts, but dressed mostly to conceal it. Both were average in looks. We had similar political views; Jim and I wrote poetry and admired Thoreau. We were all in our mid-twenties.

We occasionally dined at each other's homes. Jim liked my wife Jean a lot. It was clear to me that he admired her voluptuous figure. At a petite 5' 1", she was round, firm and fully packed with shapely legs displayed in miniskirts and short dresses, large D cup breasts, a plump jutting ass and a pretty face with short, blonde hair. I had encouraged her to show her assets. I am 5' 8" with light brown hair and about 160 lbs. Pam and Jean were friendly but not friends.

Jim and I would meet at a café occasionally for conversation. One day, he brought up the subject of sex.

"How do you get Jean in the mood for sex? Pam finds that smoking a joint relaxes her and heightens her pleasure."

I was startled by these intimate details confided to me but felt compelled to share a few details with him.

Her Beautiful Leaking Little Tits

Breastfeeding. Tis a wonderful thing.

Now as a man, I realise that saying such a thing might see me mistaken for a perve and a creep. Hell, it's pretty hard for a guy to espouse any praise for the natural act of a woman feeding an infant by the boob, as the natural assumption is that most guys can't separate their base sexual feelings from an appreciation of what is, very much, a natural and beautiful act.

Not that I'm saying I'm not a perve and a creep. I am those things, very much so.

I can't help it. I've been a fan of the boob for as far back as my muzzy memory stretches. I love boobs. I'm a boob man. A tit fan. And frankly, though I'm not at all proud to declare it, I'll default to stealing a glimpse of some boob even if there does happen to be a baby hanging off the end of it.

I know. I'm terrible. I'm ascribing a sexual objectivity to what is, first and foremost, an organ designed for and devoted to the rearing of young ones. I ought to be ashamed of myself – and I am, quite genuinely.

Unless I work really hard at it, I will often find myself, out of pure base instinct, whipping my head around at the merest glimpse of a breast bared in public – a breast bared not for my benefit, nor anyone else's benefit, aside of course from providing nourishment to the woman's offspring. I swear I have a radar for bared breasts. I see them beyond the corners of my eye, even if the poor woman is sitting directly behind me. Somehow, I know that a boob is out, and I find myself gawking at it before I can think to stop myself.

Swapping Hot Kerala Girlfriend With My Best Friend

Hello everyone! This is Suraj from Bangalore and I am an architect working in a design studio. I am 26, and I go running 4 days every week to keep myself fit. I have a medium sized tool and high endurance towards sex. And I love partying and going out to meet new people. Anyone interested in a no strings attached relationship please mail me.

This story happened in 2016 and back then I was dating Shweta, my office colleague who was a Malayali. I went crazy the first time I met Shweta. She was like one of the typical Kerala beautiful girls. Shweta was fair and had such a pretty face with sharp features. She had really hot and firm boobs and the most exciting part was her hot ass.

Initially, we were good friends going out for smoke breaks, weekend parties, and official trips. Slowly, we started liking each other and we started getting cozy by making out and kissing.

I was staying with a friend then and I was not so comfortable to take Shweta there. So I moved to a studio apartment in Jeevan Bhima Nagar with a really cool terrace to party. The intimacy level grew really good between us.

Waiting for My Turn

I couldn't believe it had been just a few months earlier that I first revealed to my wife that I really wanted to watch her have sex with another man. It's not like we had never talked about it. I mean, we had even had a threesome with a gay friend of ours years earlier, but that was really more for me than it was for her, even if she had a good time, too. I had told her I wasn't simply fantasizing about it, and I wasn't just saying it in the hopes she would make some similar agreement so I could be with another woman. I wanted her to start looking, I wanted her to find someone that she wanted to fuck, and I wanted her to start now.

However, my revelation came after we spent the night splitting a bottle of wine with dinner downtown and then barhopping as we made our way home, so I thought neither of us paid it much mind. After all, we had both imbibed more than a little too much that night, so we knew we shouldn't be held responsible for everything that had been said when we got home and started drunkenly fooling around.

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 09

Amanda hugged me tight.

"Are you sure you're ok with this? I can go with you instead, if you want."

At 5'6, my wife stood barely to my chin. I gently rubbed my nose into her straight, black, silky hair, which flowed to the small of her back. It was so soft and fragrant that I knew I could lose myself in there, as I had done so many times throughout the course of our marriage. She had a natural bronze tint to her skin that made her seem more exotic with her lush lips, dark eyes, and thick eyebrows.

"Amanda, I'm totally fine with this," I assured her for the umpteenth time. "We've all been discussing this for months now. Scott and Brandy understand the boundaries, and everything is out on the table so no one gets hurt. I'm totally excited for you!"

But Amanda still appeared unsure.

I continued in a much gentler voice, "Don't be concerned about hurting me. After all we've been through... after all we've already done... I still want this for you."

Amanda slugged me playfully in the left bicep. "You sure you're not letting me do this just for your own perverted benefit?" It was a rhetorical question, and we both knew it.

Mother and Daughter Bond

"Damnit" Ally cursed out loud as she dropped her keys for the fifth time since walking up the steps to her parent's house. She had been out with a few friends for some drinks to wallow in her sorrows about her husband leaving her for another woman. Now she was a single mother, living with her parents at the age of 26.

She steadied herself on the doorframe, took a deep breath and retriever her keys. Just as she was about to put the correct key (or so she hoped) into the lock, the door swung open. Her mother was standing there, hair disheveled, with a white, floor-length, satin robe wrapped around her small frame.

"Ally? What's the prob....are you drunk?" With that, Ally could feel her mother's hand under her chin, forcing Ally's head up. "Allison Renee! How did you get home?" Frantically, her mother looked over Ally's shoulder for her small SUV.

"It's okay, mom. I took an Uber home. The bar knows I need to get my car in the morning. They were cool about it." Ally's mumbled words came out, and with every breath she felt more and more exhausted.

"It's okay hunny. Just go on upstairs and head to bed. The twins are down in their cribs." Ally made her way upstairs, and plopped down onto the bed, closed her eyes, and let the numbing darkness consume her.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 06

Steve Andrews listened to the voice on the phone, nodding his head as he absently kicked his feet in pool.

"Okay Chloe. Well, we'll see you tomorrow then." He listened more. "Okay, thank you, I'll let her know. Okay, bye then." He put down the phone on the tiles and returned his full attention to his baby son Angus, sitting in his swim ring and splashing about in the shallow end.

"Aunty Chloe's coming over tomorrow. That will be fun, hey buddy?" cooed Steve, jostling Angus as he laughed.


Steve looked up from Angus, and saw his best friend Alex, and Alex's girlfriend Danny walking across his patio. Danny had a towel bag slung over her shoulder, while Alex carried a six pack of Canadian Club and Dry in hand. Steve smiled and greeted them as they walked up the steps and through the pool gate, hugging and shaking hands when they all came together.

Alex and Danny were over for a swim day. The winter had been surprisingly mild, and spring early and warm. Steve and Laurie's pool was still a little cool, but with the current humidity, no one was complaining about the water being a little nippy.

Alex was wearing a pair of swim trunks that were practically molded to his thick muscular thighs, a blue collared shirt, unbuttoned and open, and pair of flip flops. Danny was similarly attired for the weather in a billowy white coverall, floppy sunhat and aviator sunglasses. The coverall did nothing to wear Danny's shapely figure, hugging her hips and bottom tightly.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Jen's Birthday Pt. 03

Jen texted Jill the day after Jen and Jack had spent that incredible night with Jeff and Jill. 

"We had such a good time the other night! Can hardly wait to see you both again. xoxoxox" 

A few moments later Jen had Jill's response. 

"Us too. We have hardly stopped talking about it. Let's get together again soon. xxxxx" 

Unfortunately arranging a get together again proved difficult with work and family commitments. Nearly two months went by and despite several attempts to arrange another tryst with Jeff and Jill they had not managed to make it happen. Jen was again becoming frustrated. Her sex drive was greater than she had ever experienced. Even though she and Jack made love several times a week she found that her clit was tingly and ached for attention nearly all the time and particularly when she let her mind wander to Jeff and Jill. The fact that she rarely found time to masturbate added to her frustration. 

Jen typically worked until 3 o'clock and then picked up the girls from school and brought them to some after school activity or another, but on this particular Friday the girls had gone over their friend's house for a playdate and she did not have to pick them up until 5:30. So Jen found herself sitting alone in her kitchen at 3:15 sipping a cup of tea. She wished Jack could have managed to get out of work early so he could fuck her, but he was not likely to get home before 5 at the earliest she figured. That would not provide them enough time to have sex before she had to go get the girls she calculated. She needed a good hard fuck she thought, or at least someone to lick her clit with wild abandoned. 

She let her mind linger on that possibility for a few seconds. Yes, a good pussy licking is what she needed she mused, as she squirmed a little in her chair. She considered who she wanted to lick her. First, she thought of Jack, but her mind traveled quickly to Jill. Oh how amazing it would be if Jill were here right now she thought. She'd probably kiss me and rub her gorgeous soft tits against me. And then she would ravage me with her tongue and make me cum over and over again in her mouth Jen fantasized. Jen decided to go upstairs and masturbate. I have plenty of time for that she thought. 

Jen's Birthday Pt. 02

Jen woke feeling a bit hungover following the several glasses of wine she had at the party the day before. She could feel Jack's breath on her neck and soon her skin tingled as he gently kissed the back of her neck.

Jen moaned, pushed back toward Jack and asked, "what time is it?"

"8 o'clock."

"The girls have basketball at 9", Jen reminded.

"I'll take them", Jack responded as he snuggled up close behind her. "Where's the game?"

"At the junior high."

As his body spooned her she felt his hard cock sliding against her ass. She began to tingle with excitement as he reached around and began caressing her nipples through the thin fabric of her chemise and continued to kiss the back of her neck.

After a few minutes of this their desire intensified and both were breathing heavily and pressing their bodies against each other. Jack then suddenly flipped Jen onto her stomach and slid on top of her. Encouraging him, Jen wiggled her sexy ass against Jack's cock and he quickly rubbed the head of his penis against her pussy before pushing it inside her.

"You are so fucking sexy!" Jack exclaimed as he felt Jen's wetness envelop him.

He fucked her hard and as deeply as could as he reached around and squeezed her small sensitive breasts.

Jen's Birthday Pt. 01

Jill and Jeff were excited to spend a couple of nights with their friends Jen and Jack at a summer cottage. The four had been friends for years, but rarely managed to find the time to get together as they lived a two hour drive away from one another. This year when grandparents had agreed to take their children for the weekend the couples jumped at the opportunity spend some relaxing time together to celebrate Jen's birthday, which was the following week. After dropping the kids off at their grandparent's house Jill and Jeff they drove a few hours to meet Jen and Jack at the cottage, a small rustic bungalow on a lightly wooded knoll overlooking the ocean.

After arriving in the late afternoon they spent the evening chatting and snacking while relaxing in Adirondack chairs and watching the sunset. Around dusk mosquitoes chased them indoors, where they made a pasta dinner and ate, drank wine and fell into relaxed conversation. After dinner they opened a second bottle of wine and sat in the small rustic living room. Jen and Jack sat on a love seat opposite Jill and Jeff on the sofa and they continued to enjoy each other's company and sip their wine. 

Jen was wearing shorts and a loose fitting halter top and as far as Jeff could tell she was not wearing a bra. He secretly, though he often confided his desires to Jill during their love making, lusted after Jen's small breasts. Jen had her legs stretched out in front of her with her bare feet propped up on the coffee table. As he sipped his wine and caressed Jill's thigh Jeff admired Jen's long legs. He was beginning to feel the effects of the wine and he was letting his mind wander through the many fantasies that he and Jill had shared regarding having sex with Jen and Jack. He could feel is cock swelling and pressing uncomfortably against his shorts. He edged closer to Jill and squeezed her leg in an effort to try and convey to her his thoughts without having to utter a word. Jill grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently as a way of letting him know she understood what he was thinking.

A few minutes later Jen announced she had to pee and got up and headed out the door toward the outhouse that stood across the lawn behind the cottage. Jack, Jeff and Jill watched her as she left admiring her sexy ass that was easily outlined against the thin material of her shorts. When the door closed behind her Jack got up and went into the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine. Jill leaned in toward Jeff and kissed him deeply. She let her hand slide up his inner thigh and her fingers traced the outline of his rigid cock. Jeff shuddered at the touch. Jill then slid her hand up his shorts until her fingers found the throbbing tip of his cock. She lightly swirled her fingers across it, which caused Jeff's heart to pound and sent tingly sensations to run through his entire body. Hearing Jack returning from the kitchen they broke off their kiss. Looking into each other's eyes Jill gave Jeff a knowing smile and turned to allow Jack to fill her glass and deftly slid her hand from Jeff's shorts. A moment later Jen returned and plopped back on the love seat.

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Foursome with Sister-in-law

Before I get started, all names have been changed in this story to protect identities and I'm not willing to give away any more information here. But, feel free to contact me if you would like to know any more - although, I may, or may not, give more info.

This is a true story, I am not a professional writer so please don't expect a story which is perfectly written. This happened a while ago and I need to get this off my chest and this is the only way I know how.

My wife and I have been married about 3 years now. I'm Matt, 32, 5" 11' with black hair, Caucasian, 190 lbs and a clean cut kind of guy in a professional job. My wife Natalie, who many people consider beautiful (as do I), is 31, middle eastern decent although is third generation, 140 lbs, 5" 5', pitch black hair down to just past her shoulders, olive skin, little A-cup boobs. We often go jogging and to the gym, so we both have athletic builds and are in shape.

Prior to Natalie and I marrying, we had been dating about 3 years, and of course, I've known Natalie's sister, Gabrielle, for the same amount of time. When I first met Gabrielle, while she was a little chubby, but was certainly not over-weight. She is much taller than Natalie, about 5" 10' I'd say, and with the same black hair (being middle eastern) although a little longer, down to her stomach, olive complexion, although larger boobs (maybe a C-cup), and is now 28. She is also very pretty. She has big brown eyes that everybody comments on about how beautiful they are. I'd have to agree, they are very alluring.

My Wife and the Japanese Sex Club

I got married in my early twenties and that is when I started to have this fascination with watching guys ogle over my wife. I knew my wife was very attractive, sexy and pretty but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching other guys lust over her until I started noticing how much attention she got everywhere we went. I really started to look forward to seeing guys stare at her and break their necks.

She is a tall Filipina with very long straight jet black hair, a beautiful face, high cheek bones, big brown eyes, a slender perfectly light golden brown body, and a perfect butt. She has the most beautiful long slender golden brown legs that really attract attention when she wears a short dress or a short skirt with heels. I would often ask her to wear sexy clothes. If the weather was warm, she would wear sexy clothes as long as she looked fashionable and not slutty.

About two years after we were married she decided to start working out in the gym to really tone her body and build muscles. She lost what little body fat she had completely and became lean at about 110 lbs and she put on some muscle too. At this time she was in her mid-20's. She is not an exhibitionist or anything like that but she does love attention and compliments from guys. I always wanted her to show more in public. 

We would sometimes go out clubbing and she would wear a short dress and I would often beg her to lose her underwear and go commando. One time when we were in the club dancing in Florida she did remove her underwear and her summer dress was somewhat see-through. As we were dancing I was behind her with my arm around her stomach and she did not realize that I was slowly crumbling up the front of her dress into my fist raising the front of her dress exposing her bare pussy to the rest of the dance floor for about 30 seconds. She caught me doing it and was quite upset at me. After that she always wore her underwear.

Learning to Let Go Pt. 04

As we drove from the Adult Theater, Jenny slid close to me and snuggled up against my side. I kissed her hard, with my arm around her.

"I love you, Jenny," I told her.

"You're just saying the because you're horny." She laughed and rubbed my thigh.

"Well," I started to say, "I am horny as hell, but I love you even when I'm not horny."

I told her that I realized that Phil and Teresa seemed alright. I guess his reaction to the black guy groping her had won me over. I had put thoughts of the black guy out of my head, but this conversation brought it back.

"I can't believe that guy just started feeling you up like that. You didn't seem to mind his hand." I chuckled as I said it, then asked, "Did you realize he was feeling your ass?"

Learning to Let Go Pt. 03

We went back down the hallway. Phil and Teresa were not there. Jenny seemed disappointed when I told her we should probably head to the other club. We had only planned to stop in and see what the adult theater was about and we had already gotten pretty carried away. I wasn't sure I was comfortable with the place. She gave me her pouty lips, then asked, "How about if we just go back in for one more scene, when it ends, we leave?"

We actually had plenty of time before Tamara's gig was supposed to start. I just was hoping to leave without having to see Phil and Teresa again, so we could avoid them going to the club. I realized it was something that she wanted to do, so I gave in. 

"Just one scene?" I asked her, raising one eyebrow and smirking at her.

She perked up and immediately looked happier. She nodded vigorously and replied with a definite, "Yes!"

"Ok, then come on," I said as I took her hand and opened the door. We went in and let our eyes adjust for a few seconds. I could see Phil and Teresa were sitting in the same two seats. They looked at us, and I thought I saw Phil gesture in our direction, but I ignored it, acting like I couldn't see yet.

Jenny waved at them and said, "Oh, there they are!" Before I could stop her, she started walking towards them. I caught her just as she reached their row and started to turn in to sit next to Phil. I pulled her hand, stopped her momentum and pulled her around. "Let's not sit that close," I said, as I looked around. She gave me a quizzical look, then glanced back at Phil and Teresa. 

"Why not?" she asked.

Learning to Let Go Pt. 02

It was about 9:45 by the time we arrived and parked. The place was called an adult theater, but it didn't look like a theater, at all. I don't know why, but I had a mental image of an old-school movie house. It was just an isolated building in a run-down, semi-industrial area. The building was old and had probably once been a warehouse. 

It had a large, brightly lit sign that proclaimed ADULT THEATER out front. The parking lot looked like it had been paved in the 60's and not repaired since, with large potholes and gaps. In fact, it ended completely at the side of the building, with a sign that read "additional parking in rear". Beyond that point, it was just gravel.

We found an open spot near the entrance, which was at the side of the building near the font. A glass foyer had been added on many years ago. The glass was darkly tinted and plastered with product posters and advertisements, along with a warning that firearms were prohibited. Well, that was reassuring. 

We walked in and found the foyer was dimly lit. It contained a couple of vending machines. One sold sodas and the other snacks. An open, exposed staircase was just inside the entrance, to the right. It climbed up, and turned to the left, ending at a landing we couldn't quite see from there. Passed the stairs and more to the right of the foyer, there was a metal door with a hand-written paper sign taped on it at eye-level. We couldn't read it from here.

Over to the left, the foyer opened into a brightly lit room that was an adult novelty and porn DVD store. There was a lot of clutter, signs, posters, and warnings, but it was all a bit overwhelming. I also noticed a couple of men milling about in the foyer, drinking sodas. 

Learning to Let Go Pt. 01

It was a Friday night, and my wife Jenny and I were out enjoying our monthly kids-free weekend. We got the idea for it after watching one of those relationship advice programs on television. It talked about how it was important for couples to take time for themselves, to keep the romance alive. So, one weekend each month, we would drop the kids at her parent's place on Friday evening and pick them back up Sunday afternoon. That gave us two nights to go out and have fun and plenty of time for romance and sexual adventures.

We had a reasonably conservative sex life, typical of a suburban married couple. The time without out children was helping us get back to our pre-kids level of sexual activity. In fact, the past few months, we had become more daring with our sexual play and had teased about things like exhibitionism, swinging and swapping. Mostly, it was just sexy talk, but Jenny seemed to get excited about the idea of showing off her body and having other men admire it. Her increased arousal always turned me on, so we both were enjoying the fantasy. However, neither of us was ready to try to follow through on our dirty pillow talk.

Recently, Jenny had started dressing more provocatively. Her skirts had gotten shorter, and her tops tighter and more revealing. Whenever we were out, she would attract a lot of male attention. I loved how horny it would make her when other men would stare at her, and she loved how horny that would make me. We would often watch people watching her and whisper naughty things about them to ourselves. Then, later that night in bed we would bring it all back up again to add heat to our lovemaking.

We had dressed up to go out to dinner and a local nightclub popular with the suburban soccer mom crowd. We always liked to sit in the upscale restaurant's bar area instead of the dining room. The bar was usually a bit darker than the central dining area, and the music from the live piano player was louder. Plus, it gave ample opportunity for people watching. We had seen a couple of B-list celebrities and a professional athlete there before. 

Streak of Grey

How my wife was lead to a garden path of seduction by her friend with my implicit consent.

Ali had a tough day. He was quite tired and looked forward to getting a refreshing chilled beer after handing over the bus at the depot and reaching home. Ali was a Muslim. However, like many Muslims, he indulged in the lure of the liquor, occasionally, when none of his fellows were around.

She was the last person in the bus to get down. He had noticed her when she had entered the bus quite some time ago. She was worth noticing. After that some more passengers boarded and Ali got busy driving through busy streets of Sydney.

He looked at her in the mirror. She sat relaxed waiting for the destination. She did notice the driver checking her out several times. She was too busy in her own thoughts to pay too much attention to that. She was quite accustomed to male stares. Arpi was thirty-three and if she was still able to keep her body in shape, it was thanks to her long walks and diet control.

She stared back at the driver. He too looked Indian. Ali, the driver, smiled and waved at her vaguely. When he stopped at a traffic signal, Ali looked back and said, “Hello! I am Ali. I am from Pakistan. You from India?” That was obvious with her wheatish look and a red dot gleaming on her forehead.

“Hi! Yes, I am Arpita. You could call me Arpi. I have just joined an office near the Sydney Town Hall and this was my first day at the office.” Arpi replied. The signal turned green and Ali focused on the road and traffic, as the bus rolled on.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 05

Steve sweat and panted. 

"Jesus Christ" he exclaimed. 

Laurie cocked her head to the side. "What's wrong honey?" 

Steve sighed. 

He dropped the spanner and stood back from the pool filter. 

"The bolts were tighter on the drumhead than I thought they would be," Steve answered. He peered inside the barrel he had just uncovered, and made a face. "Yeah, it's what I thought. The sand needs to be replaced." 

"Oh. Should I get out then?" Laurie asked. She kicked against the tiled side of the pool, pushing herself backwards and waded into deeper water. 

Steve rubbed the back of his neck, still looking into the filter. 

"No, no, you can stay in. I just need to dump the old stuff, then take the truck and go get new sand," he replied. 

Laurie's clouded over. "Do you have to do it today? You're only just back from the city and I want some time with you before you go off again." 

Steve smiled at his wife. "I know honey. But I've just spent the better part of an hour taking this thing apart. I may as well finish the job. Then you can have me all to yourself." 

Laurie smiled. Her husband Steve was working with his agent and a moderately successful publishing house to get his manuscript into print. Contracts had been signed and they had received his advance months ago. But between now and his work actually getting onto bookshelves, there were enough meetings and interviews that Steve had had to take a leave of absence from his Data Analyst position to be at the publishers, or his agent's offices, for nearly as many hours as his full time job required. 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Right or Wrong

“Raj, why don’t you get down and unlock the gate? Stop looking around and find the keys for God’s sake, there will be enough time for watching the nature,” cooed my sweet little wife Sumi, sitting in a corner of the cab squeezed between my two kids and a lap full of baggage; watching me dazed, admiring the scenic beauty of the surrounding. Even when she was irritated and frustrated at my behavior, her voice betrayed sweetness that was an integral part of her beauty and sweet empathetic personality.

In our married life of eight years, I did not remember having heard her voice exceeding a particular decibel. That was unlike many married couples that I had seen. I believed that I was a good husband that took good care of my sweet good looking, curvaceous wife and our two adorable kids. She had put on tiny bits of body mass as compared to the day we got married. However, I thought the increment enhanced her sex appeal rather than otherwise. The increase of mass was just where a man looked (or liked) in a woman.

I was indeed overawed by the scenic beauty of the environment surrounding our house and the view of the majestic yet simple structure of the house. It was one of the prettiest houses we had ever lived in, and we had lived in enough houses in twelve years of my career, which entailed frequent transfers all over India to cities and small towns.

I hurriedly retracted my thoughts to the job in hand, which was to find the keys to the main gate and remembered that the landlord had told me that the keys would be with our neighbor, Mr. Dogra. He had told me that I was lucky to get his house on rent and luckier to have a wonderful neighbor in Mr Dogra. I vaguely remembered that my landlord had mentioned that Mr. Dogra was ex-army. He had mentioned his army rank too. However, at the point, I could not remember what he had mentioned.

Swapping Wives and Fucking Teens at the Beach Cottage

Carolina Beach, North Carolina is a small town and a beautiful place for our retirement. We’re only twelve miles south of Wilmington if we want to take advantage of the amenities and health services of a larger city. My name is Dan, and my wife Jenny and I were recently able to retire after working our whole lives in Wilmington and raising our daughter Ashley there.
We bought our modest, one-bedroom, beachfront cottage on Carolina Beach when I had just turned thirty, at a time before the prices had escalated so much. Over the years we added two more bedrooms, another bathroom, and a large, ocean-view veranda across the front of the cottage, with a hot tub and partially enclosed outdoor shower. Sitting out in the hot tub now, at the age of sixty-two, I have wonderful memories of the times we spent at the cottage when we were using it just as a vacation home. We still enjoy our friends here occasionally. This story will give you a good understanding of just how special my memories are.
Jenny and I both grew up in Wilmington and graduated from high school in the early 1970s. I didn’t meet her until college, though, since I am two years older than her, and we went to different high schools. I met Jenny right after I completed my master’s program in pharmacology, and she was graduating college with her bachelor’s degree in nursing. I worked as a pharmacist for many years, until 1987, when I got a research job with a growing pharmaceutical company, and Jenny was a registered nurse.
Jenny and I dated for a year and were married in 1977. We lived in an apartment in Wilmington until our daughter, Ashley, was born two years later. By then, we had saved up enough with our two incomes to buy our first home in Wilmington. From the time we started dating, we socialized a lot with another couple who were about our ages, and it was a kind of unusual situation.
Kevin, the husband, is one year younger than me, and he had dated Jenny when he was a senior in high school, and she was a junior. Kevin’s wife, Kate, is Jenny’s age and they were best friends in high school, which is how we all got together. Kate knew Kevin from when Jenny was dating him, and after Jenny went away to college, they got together. I found out later, just how well they knew one another.

Fantasies Fulfilled

I playfully wrestled on the bed with my wife, Monica, late one night. I had one of her hands pinned above her head while I stretched with my other arm to reach the lamp on our bedside table. Just as my fingertips had barely touched the light switch, she bit me on the shoulder, causing me to recoil.

"Ow!" I yelped. "That hurt!"

"Don't be such a baby," she teased.

"Baby? You're the baby! Why won't you ever let me turn on the light?"

"Shhh," she whispered. "You'll wake up Kaitlyn."

Our daughter had just graduated from high school a few months earlier. I was counting down the days until she went away to college, leaving us with an empty house, which would allow us to make a little noise in bed for the first time in nearly twenty years. Exasperated, I flopped onto the mattress beside her. She rested her head on my shoulder and gently scratched at my bare chest with her long fingernails. I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her dark red hair.

"You're not going to pout, are you?" she asked. She kissed my cheek and her hand slid under the blanket and caressed my semi-erect cock through my boxer shorts. "Do you want me to take care of this or not?"

Tanya and Asim Couple Swap

The fourth day we got a call from Sofia that she was going to a lake with her boyfriend Dan and if we were interested and wanted to join. We discussed and since Tanya was so fond of Sofia, and I was looking forward to do some photography, we agreed. We packed our necessities in a bag, I took the opportunity to pack the micro bikini I had bought for Tanya and took out the other bikinis without Tanya's knowledge. 

Sofia picked us up with her boyfriend Dan and after introduction we were on our way. The plan was to camp at a lake overnight and comeback the next morning. After a drive of 2 hours we got to a very beautiful lake covered by green mountains all around. We then trekked for another 30 minutes and got to a secluded campsite. Tanya was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, she had decided not to wear a bra and her breasts were very apparent and her nipples pointing. The shirt was short and was barely covering her belly button. 

The lake and the surrounding areas were beautiful, I took numerous pictures including pictures of the girls and Dan. I was not surprised to see that Dan was attracted to Tanya, in a few pictures he had his hand on her ass, thighs and had also cupped her breasts. After a few minutes exploring the campsite, we started setting up our camp and preparing lunch. Dan was a nice guy, he worked as an engineer in a nearby factory. Sofia was studying to be a dentist. In about an hour's time the camp was set and the lunch ready. All this time I observed Dan was eyeing Tanya and was touching her whenever he had the opportunity. I even saw Sofia noticing it but she was very accepting of this. I was also checking Sofia out, she had a hot body and was very attractive blue eyes.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 04

Laurie fidgeted in her seat, pulling at the sugar packet between her fingers. She was sitting at an outside table at her favourite café waiting for Danny. Angus slept in his pram next to the table, while an empty coffee cup sat between her elbows. 

"Where is that girl?" she thought. 

"Laurie!" called a voice from behind. 

Laurie turned to see Danny waving as she walked up the sidewalk towards her. She was dressed for the warm spring weather they were experiencing in an off the shoulder maxi dress and sandals. She walked up to Laurie and hugged her where she sat, before dropping herself into the seat opposite her. 

She looked into Angus's sleeping form in the pram and smiled, making cooing noises and wiggling his tiny toes, before returning her attention to her friend. 

"Sorry I'm late. Work is a bit mental," Danny said. "One of my bartenders quit on me this morning. The prick demanded to work nothing but night shifts, so I've spent my morning scrambling to redo the roster while everybody bitches and moans about who gets preferential treatment and all that bullshit. That's exactly what I want to hear when I have to go in on my day off to fix shit so the place doesn't fall down around them all. It's exhausting." She exhaled, and picked up the menu. "So what looks good?" 

She perused the menu a while before the waiter came to take their order, Danny getting a Chicken Cesar Salad while Laurie ordered more coffee. The waiter left and Danny looked at Laurie curiously. 

"Don't you have to watch your caffeine while you're breastfeeding?" she asked. 

Laurie's Milk Ch. 03

The curling waves broke the silence around them gently. Steve and his best friend Alex sat in canvas chairs on the waters edge, fishing rods in holders in front of them, a bottle of whisky between them and a bucket off to the side on the off chance they actually caught anything. Their boys trip camping and fishing on Lord Morrison Island was just a good chance for them to have a catch up and unwind, whether they actually caught any fish was a bonus. 

The sun was setting behind them as they watched the sky change colour and sipped at their glasses. Alex sighed. "Reckon the girls are at the hotel yet?" 

"I doubt it, Laurie had to drop Angus at her mum's and she wouldn't have done that until he had had his afternoon nap. They're probably on the way there now" replied Steve. For him with a six month old baby at home, this was time he could unwind without worrying about feeding schedules or dirty nappies, and he was glad Alex's girlfriend Danny had managed to convince Laurie to use her mother's 'always welcome to have him' babysitting services, and have a long weekend herself in the city getting pampered and having fun. Both of them enjoyed parenthood enormously, but from time to time Steve worried Laurie might forget that she was allowed to be the woman she was before becoming a mother. 

"Sure. Danny is excited, she reckons she's taking Laurie to a club she used to work at. They've got some cover band in tonight that she's excited about for some reason" said Alex. 

Laurie's Milk Ch. 02

For the first time since giving birth to their son Angus, Laurie was alone in the house without Steve or the baby. Steve was down the coast for the weekend to help his aunt and uncle move houses, while Laurie's mother had taken Angus so she could have some time to recharge, and Laurie definitely felt she needed it. Motherhood was amazing and Steve was a great dad, but she had genuinely not had a moment to herself since weeks before the baby was born. Last night she had the greatest sleep since her first trimester, and in an hour she was meeting her friend Stephanie for lunch. 

Laurie was just putting on her shoes when she received a text message.

"Hey babes, really sorry but I can't make it today. Benny put his hair in the electric cake beater and we're taking him to the emergency room. Kids right? Sorry, we'll have to try again soon. Love you babes xoxo"

Laurie threw her phone to the table in frustration. 'Kids right? Jesus, is that what I have to look forward to?', she thought. 'Well, that's my plans for the day ruined, what now?'

After pacing around the house wondering what do with her time, Laurie decided to draw a bath and have a soak. Getting to relax without worrying if the baby was going to cry was better than lunch at a café anyway.

She went upstairs to the main bathroom and straight over to her enamel claw legged bathtub. When Laurie was entering her third trimester, Steve went looking for the new home they would fill with their family. Laurie's one request was a bathroom with a tub that she could lie down in. Steve had delivered and it had been a godsend in the last few months of her pregnancy. Laurie turned on the water. As the tub filled, she walked down the hall to the spare room turned playroom for Angus, and brought their small TV back to the bathroom with her. Normally it was tuned to kids programming for Angus, Laurie figured she could find something a little more adult to watch while she soaked.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 01

It was Wednesday evening, the middle their work week, and Steve had arrived home earlier from the city than his wife Laurie. This wasn't unusual. She worked as a dental assistant, had once again been put on a security shift. One of dentists has taken too long in surgery, meaning she had missed her normal train. So Steve was in the kitchen cooking dinner when he heard the screen door open and close a bit too hard. Taking this as a sign, he turned down the heat on the stove and walked into the living room to greet his wife. And like every time he had seen Laurie over the last five months, Steve felt a surge of hormones in his head, and his dick, at the sight of her body.

They weren't trying, but one night or another when they made love, Steve and Laurie also managed to conceive a child. Laurie was angry at first, then happy, excited and scared all in the space of maybe a few hours. It wasn't how they had planned it, wanting to just be a couple a while longer, and more financially secure before trying to start a family, but they were married and in love and so decided to play the hand they'd been dealt. Steve wasn't any better emotionally when he found out, but at the same time he was both insanely happy and turned on. Even when they first started dating Laurie knew that Steve had a massive kink for pregnant women, and finding out his own wife was going to have a child, his child...

Well, what could he say? Here Laurie was in front of him, exhausted and cranky from having to deal with other people's crap, sweaty and hair not quite neat anymore, but in his eyes she looked sexier than she had even been.

Milk is Life Ch. 02

Sydney looked into the mirror, posing in different angles, observing the possible growth of her breasts. It had been almost two months since she found another soul in the loneliness of the Texas prairie. She felt she had been alone for life, but then she was surprised by the intrusion of Alonso.

He came into her life almost at random, finding an oasis of sexual pleasure that she had not had in a long time, found a possible lover, a survival partner. Her breasts were heavier than they were before his arrival, her nipples thicker, and darker. Perhaps it was that Alonso had firmly planted his seed in her and she was now carrying his child, or perhaps her breasts were adapting to the constant sucking of Alonso's mouth; adjusting and growing due to heavier milk production. The growth from his nursing was obvious as it was a stronger demand meant higher production, but maybe, just maybe it was all of those factors.

Sydney never imagined she'd be with a partner again, much less pregnant, but regardless, she felt sexy and confident. She didn't bother putting on a bra as she grabbed the closest flannel shirt. She was already in jeans and boots and was headed outside to meet Alonso, whom was finishing adjusting a few of their tomato crops. She only bothered to finish buttoning to the center of her shirt, displaying a healthy amount of cleavage.

Alonso was wiping away the last of the beads of light sweat from his forehead. Luckily, the weather was pleasant; a sunny and breezy 75-degree Spring day. The tomatoes had been properly readjusted for proper soil and he was lightly famished.

The Album

It is well over a quarter of a century now since I first got to know Frank. He and his wife, Jenny were very kind to us when we moved in next door with a young family, and Jenny would often babysit if we wanted to go out for the evening. Sadly, Jenny died five years ago after a long illness, just ten months before Frank’s seventy-fifth birthday.However, Frank felt that she would still want him to continue with the planned celebration, although it became more a memorial of their fifty years of happy marriage, and he spent much of the evening reminiscing about their life together.
As the night drew on, and after all the other guests had left, his inhibitions perhaps relaxed by the wine, Frank began to talk candidly about their sex life. It became clear that they had enjoyed an active and adventurous relationship right up to the last few months of Jenny’s life when she became too ill to make love. He admitted that he missed the physical presence of her warm soft body in his bed, and that the strength of his sexual desires had not waned with her death. He needed, he said, to relieve himself regularly by masturbating, although it was rather unsatisfying, and definitely not the same as making love to a real woman.
He also became rather flirtatious and made no pretence of hiding his admiration for my wife, Eleanor’s voluptuous charms, and when we left to return home his goodnight kiss was rather more passionate than the usual quick peck between close friends.
When we were lying in bed relaxing after enjoying gentle and sweet lovemaking, Ellie and I discussed Frank’s situation, and wonderedwhat we could do to help him. Frank was not really computer literate, otherwise I would have suggested some tasteful voyeur web sites for him to enhance his masturbation sessions, with arousing pictures of naked women posted by themselves or their partner — including one site where Ellie and I had posted many explicit pictures of her over a number of years.

A Swinging Dinner Party

 It all started when Anne and George went on a camping holiday in France and booked into an adults only nudist site by accident. On their second day they met a couple from Holland who introduced them to the pleasure and excitement of uninhibited sex with equally sexually liberated people. On their return home to England they were utterly transformed and adopted a swinging lifestyle with a gusto that was frankly sensational.

One of the first things that they did was to look for a new home which would allow them to live comfortably as nudists without attracting attention from prudish minds, and also be suitable for the future of carnal delight which they had planned. They found a large house with five bedrooms and two bathrooms set in about twenty acres of woodland a few miles outside their home town, and it was there that they started to entertain a small set of like minded friends for weekends of debauchery.

Anne had a very fertile imagination and soon realised that with a bit of effort their house could be turned into a small private sex club. As they were retired but still active, they did most of the work themselves. Anne was responsible for the planning and interior decoration while George did most of the heavy construction work, and after a few months everything was finished to their satisfaction. The bathrooms were enlarged so that they could be used by several people at once, each with a large bath and walk-in shower. The basement was converted into a large play room with a side room becoming a fully equipped dungeon, and a small pool, Jacuzzi and sauna cabin were erected in the small walled garden adjacent to the main building.

A Very Special Birthday Present

It was my fortieth birthday and my sweet husband Kumar had promised me a very special present. I wondered what it might be — a nice meal in an expensive restaurant perhaps, or a weekend of pampering at a health spa. Whatever it was, I knew that in his thoughtful way he would choose something very memorable, but I was not prepared for the night of pleasure that was his gift to me.
First I should tell you a little about us. We had met fifteen years earlier when I was working as a nursing sister in the Accident and Emergency Department of a large city centre hospital. Kumar had just been appointed as a Consultant Physician, and I often found myself working on his team. In the high pressure atmosphere of a busy Casualty Unit absolute trust is essential between team members, and he later admitted that he specifically asked for me as someone he could totally rely on in an emergency.
As you will have guessed from his name, Kumar was from India, but, as was common, he had come to England to complete his specialist training after graduating in Medicine at one of the premier Medical Schools in New Delhi. He was tall —over six feet in height — with long black hair, which he kept tied back in a pony tail, and a beautiful olive complexion. He was, and is, very handsome with an aquiline nose and piercing deep brown eyes, and the junior nurses all fell in love with him.

Futanari - Young Mother

Emily wasn't feeling great. Not at all in fact. And it wasn't the jet lag. Emily had just flown across the country, hoping that the change in scenery would help her through her gloomy feelings. She would spend a month at her good friend's house, away from her home town and with that good friend. The first three days had been pretty nice, the two girls catching up on news and enjoying small talk with glasses of wine. But it couldn't magically make the problems go away. 

Sitting on the porch on a beautiful summer morning, Emily rocked the stroller gently. Her one year old daughter was sleeping, finally, and she could breathe and think about what had happened. In the end, it wasn't a complicated story: the guy who had made her pregnant had left two months after Kathy was born. He hadn't disappeared and would pay child support, which was a good thing. But she hadn't planned on raising this daughter on her own, nor on having to find a new lover with a baby in her life. 

Emily sighed. On impulse, she decided to go to the forest earlier than planned. Her friend, Melissa, had told her that there was a beautiful forest with well maintained paths nearby. When Melissa's boyfriend had told her that the deeper parts of the forest were haunted, Melissa had laughed. "Don't worry about that... My boyfriend loves these crazy rumors..." Emily didn't care about rumors of haunted forests. Not this morning in any case. 

She gently unclipped the top portion of the stroller and snapped it in the car, once more thanking the gods that she had bought this system. She drove the twenty minutes ride to the forest's edge and placed Kathy back in the stroller. By this time Kathy was awake but luckily she was happy and chatted endlessly in her sweet little voice. 

Indian Swaps with White Boss Ch. 02

Raj had just received some devastating news from his beautiful wife. She was pregnant, and the father was most likely Raj's white boss. Deepa was looking at him with anxiety in her big expressive eyes, wondering how he would react to the bomb shell she had just dropped. Raj certainly looked shocked and distressed. But, slowly Deepa observed a change in his expression. She saw a calmness descend over his face, then happiness and even wonder. Raj gave her a big hug and a passionate kiss. 

Deepa asked Raj with a trembling voice and tears in her eyes, "Raj, I am so sorry! Please do not hate me. I love you so much. I do not know what to do. Please tell me what should we do." Then, with a determined expression she said, "I will not get rid of this baby. it may not be a result of our love for each other. But, it is still growing inside me, and I already love it." 

Raj pulled back from his embrace and looked at his wife. "Honey", he said, "how can you even think that way? Yes, I am shocked. But, I know it is not your fault. If one of us has to be blamed for this, then it should be me. I am the one who convinced you to that one night of swapping with my boss and his wife, which is what lead to this condition." 

He sat down on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap. He said, "This baby is as much mine as it is yours. It does not matter that someone else planted the sperm in your womb. This baby will still be OUR child and we will love it as much as our older son. But, we will have to tell my boss, Tom, and his wife about this child. I want no misunderstanding. I want to tell them that though Tom is the one that impregnated you, I am definitely the father. I also want to ask for their consent to make no claims in the future on our baby."

Our Wife

Mukesh looked out of our hostel window and whistled, prompting me to see what it was about. A girl of about twenty-plus was passing through just by the side of our hostel boundary wall.

“Nalin, brother, I would give her anything, if she could just let me lick her boobs for a few seconds,” said Mukesh.

Mukesh and I (I am Nalin) were room partners in our final year of engineering and had become very close friends. We always joked and pulled each other’s legs about our future wives. Mukesh was real horny. Once when Mukesh talked about sexy girls in the campus, he opened his fly and showed me his big cock. He made me masturbate him and he masturbated me.

“By God, I shall marry only the girl with such a piece of boobs on her. By the way, if you marry a girl with such boobs, don’t blame me if I suck them dry,” Mukesh said.

I said, ‘Ok, but let us first get married,” I laughed at his blabber and got back to reading.

Although Mukesh was horny, he was a gem of a person. Well behaved, considerate, simple and generous to a fault. After graduation, Mukesh joined his father in business in Mumbai. I took up a job in Delhi. We were not in close contact anymore. Years passed. Mukesh got married to Anu and I married Neha.

Indian Couple's Erotic and Loving Threesome with Husband's Close Friend MMF - Part -2

Anil saw Neena standing naked, close to me, after I stripped her completely. He got up, slowly removed his kurta, came forward, held her hands and caressed them affectionately. He closely scrutinized her body from top to toe. He wanted to have the feel of the entire body of the woman he had craved; for the past several months. He moved a little and took her in his arms. Not knowing exactly how to react, she simply let Anil’s arms envelope her. They were in a face to face, body to body embrace. Out of shyness, she avoided eye to eye contact with him. Anil kissed Neena, pressing his mouth closely against her. His fingers moved all along her slightly arched back. He caressed her hair, head, neck, arms, shoulders and the length of her back. He rolled his finger gently in the crevice between her ass cheeks. He caressed and squeezed Neena’s bare buttocks; pulled her closer to him to press his crotch harder into her belly.

Anil’s fingers explored the valley running between her shoulder blades right down to between her ass cheeks. Her breasts were hidden, closely pressed against Anil’s naked hairy chest. His cock poked my wife’s belly through his lungi. I quietly got behind Anil and untied his lungi cloth. As I did it, I touched Neena’s hand resting on Anil’s waist. Anil moved back slightly to let his lungi slowly slide down from his waist and fall to the floor. In those few seconds, I could see his cock uncurling, before disappearing again between their bodies; as Anil resumed pressing his body hard onto Neena. She moved her hand behind Anil’s body, slid it down and felt Anil’s curved buttocks. I saw her hand caressing Anil’s shapely behind. 

Anil slowly raised Neena’s chin to make her look into his eyes. He wanted her to shed the remaining hesitation. I could sense that she felt awkward and embarrassed; with her body hard pressed into Anil’s fully naked body. She was completely at a loss seeing such rapid developments. To reassure her and to let her know that I was fully with her in this, I picked one of Neena’s hands and tried to place it on Anil’s cock. I had to push her hand between their bodies. In the process, I touched his penis. It was not just any penis. Anil’s cock felt more like a piece of garden hose. It was sandwiched between their bodies. I could feel its length and girth. It poked her belly hard and made a depression on it. She moved back slightly to reduce the pressure of Anil’s cock and to take it in her hand.

Indian Couple’s Erotic and Loving Threesome with a Close Friend Part-1

I am Raj. I was a professional engineer, working in a multinational company in Jaipur. This incident took place some years ago. I have a good physic and am reasonably good looking. My friend and colleague Anil, was a smart 33 years young chap same as I and a very close friend of mine. Anil has athletic body and does regular exercises. He is also very handsome Punjabi (from North India). We were of almost the same age, in the same department in one company in Jaipur and were together for some years, after which, he joined another company in the same town. However, our friendship and through that, the friendship of our families grew daily. Anil was naughty by nature and so was I.

I am narrating my wonderful emotional and very pleasant but true loving intimate personal experience involving my wife Neena and a close friend Anil. This is an emotional erotic experience and not just a physical one. I and my friend Anil without any preconceived plan engaged my lovely wife Neena in a sensual, erotic and emotional experience of wife sharing, which we all found so memorable and invigorating.

We were married for the last 9 years. She would have sex with me only to perform her duty as a wife and satisfy my physical need, to the extent unavoidable. She had lost interest in sex with me perhaps because, I thought that she was not satisfied with my sexual performance in comparison to her sub-conscious mind’s expected parameters of sexual satisfaction. This was very frustrating for me at times.

Indian Wife and Bold Neighbours

It was after a good deal of search that Zoya and Rehaan had finally chosen this house. It was in an upmarket locality of the town. Although the house was small, it was compact and the neighbourhood was good. That is what the agent who had got them this house had told them. Zoya was all of twenty eight years old and married four years back to Rehaan, a software engineer employed with a multinational. Yet another added advantage of this locality was that their immediate neighbors were known to her sister-in-law i.e Rehaan’s elder sister Sameera. Sameera was about 38 years old , almost as old as Zoya’s neighbours Veronica and George,
The movers had been gone less than an hour. Zoya was crouched among the luggage and packing boxes which littered the spacious front room of the house. She glanced up and saw her husband, Rehaan, stripped to the waist, sweat glistening off his broad shoulders as he carried a trunk toward the staircase. Seeing him that way stirred sweet sensations in her lower abdomen, and Zoya sighed softly. This was one of the happiest moments in her life. She pushed a long, dark curl away from her face, continuing to savor the joyful feelings coursing through her youthful body, enjoying a salacious tingle as her dark nipples hardened against the cotton material of her T-shirt. And her shapely breasts throbbed when, acting on impulse, she stood and made her way towards her husband. She was relishing this moment all the more because while living with her in-laws she was required to be dressed properly in the ubiquitous salwar kameez with the dupatta firmly draped over her breasts. It was only during a vacation that she could dress the way she liked to; in sleeveless tee-shirts and shorts or jeans which showed off her fair, smooth arms and legs. What was the point in undergoing the painful waxing and getting rid of all the hair if there was nobody to see and admire them?

Thursday, 8 February 2018

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 One night, Zoya and Rehaan were sitting in the living room and relaxing after dinner. Zoya was wearing just a panty and a long night shirt without a bra whereas Rehaan was in his boxer shorts and bare chested.

“Hey Rehaan,” She said, reading the local paper. “Listen to this. They are looking for people to join a massage class. They teach the “art of sensual massage”. Do you want to try it?”

“I suppose so. How much is it?” Rehaan asked.

“It’s 200 bucks per person and its here. Just in the neighborhood. They start tomorrow night. I’m going to call them. Shall I?” Rehaan nodded.

She called them and they said it was a small group. The idea was to have someone teach them how to give sensuous massages. They were both intrigued and figured that they could learn some techniques. They had a good sex life but what was the harm in trying to give it some extra zing?

The day came and Rehaan got home from work a little early so they could eat and be ready on time. Since massage was on the agenda, Zoya put on a loose T shirt and a pair of jeans. She deliberately did not wear the bra. Rehaan too was similarly attired. They walked over to the apartment building address that they gave Zoya. It was on the second floor of an old brownstone building and quite stylish. They rang the doorbell of the apartment and stood back, wondering if this was going to be worth it.

My Father-In-Law's Big Cock - Part 2

It would be best to read Part 1 of this story first, to get the full context of the situation and the characters. But I will provide a synopsis of Part 1 in the following three paragraphs just in case you decide not to read Part 1 first.

My name is Michele, and my husband Ed and I were twenty-five years old with a nine month old daughter named Alexis at the time of this story. We live in the same small town near Ed’s forty-fiveyear old parents, Mary and Mark, and Ed works with his father in the family’s lumber and building supply business. Mary and Mark insisted that I call them Mom and Dad, and we have a very close relationship. Dad is always flirting with me and complimenting me on my looks and big tits, and Mary and Ed just think it is cute of him to tease me like that. I have to admit that I am very pretty with shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes, and I am five feet five inches tall and weighed about 115 pounds after getting back in shape after Alexis was born. But the things that really get Dad’s attention are my large and perfectly shaped breasts. I was normally a full and round D-cup, but since I was nursing Alexis I was now a DD-cup. Since I usually wear t-shirts with no bra, my big tits look like ripe melons as they swayed and jiggled in my top, with my areoles and nipples on display.

In Part 1 of the story Dad was injured at work and had casts on both arms, all the way from his shoulders down to and covering his hands. Due to not having good insurance it was decided that I would take care of Dad in their home during the week since Mary travelled all week with her sales job. And Ed had to manage the business. It was embarrassing at first seeing Dad nude, but I needed to wash him in bed and help him piss, so I soon got used to handling his huge, uncut cock, which has to be between nine and ten inches long and very thick when hard, and he has huge balls as well. Ed’s dick is only about four inches long with small balls, so I was surprised that Dad’s genitals were that big. In the second week taking care of him, Dad told me that Mary had lost interest in sex and that he was used to masturbating at least once a day before the accident. He asked me to help him by jacking him off during his bath, and I did. But something else happened as well.

My Father-In-Law's Big Cock - Part 1

My name is Michele, and my husband Ed and I were twenty-five years old at the time of this story. We met at Penn State where Ed got a degree in Business Administration and I majored in Biology. His plan from the start was to get a business degree so he could help his father manage and expand the family lumber and building supplies business in a small town not too far from Philadelphia. I planned to work in veterinary medicine and had a good job as a vet technician until the birth of our daughter Alexis nine months ago.

Ed’s mother Mary and father Mark were married at a young age and Ed was born when they were only twenty years old. Mary had been able to earn an associate’s degree at a local community college, but Mark focused all of his efforts on starting and building the business. It was very difficult to compete with the national-chain building supply stores, so Mary got a job sales job with a medical supplies distributor to help make ends meet. She was well-suited for the sales job with her good looks and quick wit, but the down side was that it required almost constant travel in the Pennsylvania market, and she still traveled five days per week.

We live in a small town and the residential areas are limited, so we ended up getting a modest home only two blocks from Ed’s parents. I planned on going back to work after Alexis was one year old and we could send her to day care, but for now I stayed home to raise her, and tried to do my part to frugally manage our expenses. I had stopped taking my birth control pills and we were hoping to have another child, so my plans to go back to work might have been for naught. We spent a lot of time with Mary and Mark at cook outs and family gatherings, and they encouraged me to call them Mom and Dad instead of using their first names.

Impregnated by the Black Mountain Man

The floods in Colorado in the fall of 2013 caused devastating losses thought to exceed two billion dollars. It rained for several days and the water accumulated in the mountain foothills and eventually came roaring out of the valleys and canyons in historically-destructive swollen creeks and streams. Roads were completely washed away in many places and the landscape was changed by the sand, rocks and debris that were moved by the flood waters. My husband and I live in one of those valleys, but were spared the worst of the flood.

We live in a modern, log home built in an isolated canyon. Our property is about one hundred yards from the nearest creek, and at an elevation of fifty feet above the normal high-water level. We had no close neighbors and were pretty much self-sufficient with a well-stocked food cellar, plenty of firewood and an emergency diesel generator for power. We also have well water and satellite service for television and internet access. We were well provisioned and comfortable during the emergency, even though all of the access roads out of the canyon were washed away.

My name is Leah, and my husband Ed and I have daughter who was five months old at the time of this story. I was still nursing our daughter, and we were trying to get me pregnant again. Ed was twenty-eight years old and I was twenty-six. He is a mechanical engineer, and was fortunate to be able to convince his employer to allow him to work from home most of time, only having to drive down the mountain to his office two or three days a month.

Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part Two: Stepfather and Step Grandfather

My name is Abigail, and in Part One of my story I explained how my husband Ed and I were thirty years old and owned a farm. We were in financial trouble due to a bad year for our crops. An old friend of my stepfather Franklin and our family, named Big Jim, was a major political player in the county, and he had been trying to get Ed to run for State Representative. His stepdaughter Kimberly and I were good friends in high school too. When Jim found out that we needed help and that I was also breast feeding our six month old son, he offered to help finance Ed’s election. The Representative pay wasn’t much, but would help, and he also offered to buy my breast milk if he could suck it directly from my breasts.

Ed is a veteran and decorated war hero who was rendered almost completely impotent in a farm accident, and he was supportive of me providing the milk, and also having sex with Jim if that happened. The second time Jim nursed from me he fucked me with his ten inch long and very thick cock, and Ed was involved by cleaning my pussy with his mouth and also sucking Jim’s cock. Following that I was providing milk to and fucking several of Jim’s friends, and Jim finally got me pregnant. The men were paying six dollars per ounce for my breast milk and two hundred dollars to fuck me. They also paid fifty dollars for a blowjob, whether it was from Ed or me. Part One ended as I described how several men enjoyed drinking my milk and fucking me when I was visibly pregnant, especially knowing that Jim was the father.

Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part One: Big Jim

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t grow up thinking about running for political office, and it’s usually personal circumstances that evolve to encourage them to do so. That is certainly the case with my husband Ed, and you might be interested in learning the path we took to his becoming elected to be the State Representative for our district in 2012.

My name is Abigail, but everyone calls me Abi, and Ed and I grew up in a rural, farming county in the Deep South in the late 1990s. Our families owned successful farms, and our high school years were a delicate balance of working on the farms and completing our high school studies. But even with all of those responsibilities, we were still active in school activities. Ed played baseball and football, and I was a cheerleader and on the student council. We started dating in our sophomore year, and have been together ever since.

I don’t mean to brag, but it is essential to the story for you to know that I was blessed with having a great body and beautiful hair, skin and face. I was even voted the autumn harvest queen during my senior year. I’m five feet and five inches tall and a voluptuous one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and I developed nice full and firm D-cup breasts at the beginning of my junior year. They are DDs now that I am nursing our son. My hair is naturally dishwater-blonde and I have jade-green eyes. People are always complimenting me on my appearance, and some say that I look a lot like the actress Jessica Biel, except for my substantially larger breasts.

Redneck Boss Fucks Young Employee's Wife

I knew when I went to college to obtain my civil engineering degree, that the construction industry had its ups and downs with the economy. But, even as a young boy I had a strong desire to work in an occupation involving earth moving of almost any type, including road building and construction site preparation. When I graduated from college in Mobile, Alabama, I was fortunate to find a job with a civil engineering consulting firm in my hometown near Montgomery.

My name is Justin, and with my new, well-paying job and prospects for a bright future, I married my high school sweetheart Denise, who most people call Denny, and we bought a nice, but highly-mortgaged home in the Montgomery suburbs. Denny didn’t have the aptitude for a four-year university, so she went to a community college and was working as a bookkeeper at the time. I know that a lot of the guys met girls in college that they married, but Denny was the love of my life, and we stayed in touch, and dated when we could, while I was away at school. We didn’t make a pact to not see other people, but I never dated other girls. And as far as I knew she wasn’t dating other boys. I tried to make the two-and-a-half-hour drive home at least twice a month to see her, and I knew that she was happy to see me because her pussy was usually so wet and juicy when I surprised her like that.

We had known one another since grade school, but didn’t start dating until we were sixteen years old and juniors in high school. We were both virgins when we started dating, and Denny quickly developed a voracious appetite for sex. I’m not that well-hung, at only four and a half inches long and thin, but we did every kind of oral and genital sex that we could think of. I especially loved sucking on her hairy and thick labia, and tasting her sweet juices. She was heavily breasted for her age, and her 32D tits looked huge on her petite, five feet and four-inch-tall and one hundred and ten-pound frame. From what my friends told me, their girlfriends weren’t anywhere near as interested in sex.

Girls Night Out

After 3 sleep-deprived months it was finally Kelly's first night out since she had the baby. John, her husband, had been deployed to Korea shortly before Tommy was born, so he had been unable to help, but they skyped every weekend and he adored them both. Kelly's life revolved around her little man. She wanted to be the perfect mom, and had no regrets, but she desperately needed a night away. 

A quiet knock on the door woke her. She had fallen asleep on the couch. After making sure Tommy was still in his playpen, Kelly picked him up and answered the door to find a pretty red head girl standing there.

"Hi, Miss Kelly. I didn't want to ring the bell in case Tommy was asleep."

Mary worked in the church nursery. She was the only other person who could hold Tommy without him throwing a tantrum. She looked very fit, but what 19-year-old didn't. Kelly wished she still had that metabolism. 

"Thanks, Mary. I must've dozed off." She handed Tommy to the babysitter and rushed off to the bedroom. She called out, "I appreciate you babysitting on such short notice. There's a list on the counter. He's just started sleeping through the night, but if he wakes up just rock him a little and she should go right back to sleep. I pumped this morning so there is plenty of milk if he's hungry."

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