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A Swinging Dinner Party

 It all started when Anne and George went on a camping holiday in France and booked into an adults only nudist site by accident. On their second day they met a couple from Holland who introduced them to the pleasure and excitement of uninhibited sex with equally sexually liberated people. On their return home to England they were utterly transformed and adopted a swinging lifestyle with a gusto that was frankly sensational.

One of the first things that they did was to look for a new home which would allow them to live comfortably as nudists without attracting attention from prudish minds, and also be suitable for the future of carnal delight which they had planned. They found a large house with five bedrooms and two bathrooms set in about twenty acres of woodland a few miles outside their home town, and it was there that they started to entertain a small set of like minded friends for weekends of debauchery.

Anne had a very fertile imagination and soon realised that with a bit of effort their house could be turned into a small private sex club. As they were retired but still active, they did most of the work themselves. Anne was responsible for the planning and interior decoration while George did most of the heavy construction work, and after a few months everything was finished to their satisfaction. The bathrooms were enlarged so that they could be used by several people at once, each with a large bath and walk-in shower. The basement was converted into a large play room with a side room becoming a fully equipped dungeon, and a small pool, Jacuzzi and sauna cabin were erected in the small walled garden adjacent to the main building.

At first Anne just extended the scope of their weekend entertainments and organised a monthly party for between ten and twenty couples. Over the following couple of years Anne and George’s sex parties became legendary. More accurately one should say Anne's parties because she was the brains behind them, while George just did as he was instructed. The house rule of total nudity at all times was relaxed when she came to recognise that titillation was an important element in building arousal and that partially disrobed men and women were often sexier. Of course, these occasions always reached their climax with public sexual encounters of all kinds — threesomes, foursomes, group sex and even good old fashioned fucking between two people, but not necessarily married to each other nor of a different gender — and once all the facilities were in place they were well used,

A few months after they had moved in, Anne made friends with my wife Susie whom she met at a local fund raiser for the village drama group, and we were soon invited to join in their weekend orgies. The dungeon was a particular favourite of my wife Susie. BDSM was not my cup of tea so whenever Susie felt like being tied up and whipped before being fucked by all and sundry, I would either join a bukkake session in one of the bathrooms or go to the masturbation room. This was equipped with all manner of sex toys for men and women as well as a couple of Sybian machines.

The local doctor’s wife was a particular devotee of the Sybian, and she could ride for hours, orgasm following orgasm in an almost permanent state of climactic heaven. She was also the most exquisite cock sucker and after watching her for a while I would stand in front of her and fuck her delicious mouth or wank over her breasts.

Anne then moved on to themed days, although these were only every two or three months — even for a creative mind like hers thinking up novel ideas wasn't all that easy. She started with the well known ones — toga parties, vicars and tarts and of course, Halloween night, when I liked to go as a vampire. Two delectable witches sucking my cock under the cover of my cloak was a very special pleasure, after which I would ravish them as they bent over a settee or pressed up against a wall. My personal favourite was nymphs and satyrs, and Susie made a very effective pair of hairy leggings for me from a pair of crotchless tights and some artificial fur. On a summer afternoon the woodland glades were ideal places to partake of a couple of nymphs. Susie preferred the Arabian slave market where the slave master – George — would extol the fecundity of his chained captives before demonstrating their charms and inviting the assembled buyers to come and sample their charms.

It was Anne's dinner parties that were the highlight of the swingers’ social calendar however. These had become a bi-word for licentiousness and sexual excess of the most delicious kind and invitations were avidly sought after. Four guest couples were hand picked for each party in addition to Anne and George, and it can safely be said that no one ever went home unsatisfied.

Nothing was left to chance in the preparation. Guests were sent a recommended dress code a few days beforehand, right down to the underwear. Everyone was recommended to have an enema on the morning of the party, and suggestions were made about trimming or removal of public hair. Anne always checked that none of the women were having their period, and each of the men was given three days supply of Cialis.

The format of the parties was always the same. At the start everyone would be fully clothed, but kissing and touching were allowed. Gradually over the course of the meal everyone would shed their clothes — which is why Anne was so particular about what people wore — until by the dessert everyone was naked. Full intercourse was forbidden at this stage, but naked lap dancing and oral sex were usually the accompaniment to the dessert.

I recall one occasion when all the women lay spread eagled on the table and the men played a version of musical pussies, moving from one to the next every few minutes until all the women had come from their oral attentions. The men, however, were not allowed to come before the main event of the evening, everything up to that point being designed to raise the level of arousal to fever pitch.

After a brief rest for coffee and mints and excited speculation about the delights planned for the after dinner diversion, all five couples would adjourn to the play room in the basement, or the pool area in summer, for one of Anne's exciting sexual games which would always end up in an orgy of frenzied sexual coupling. The evening concluded with everyone disappearing to one of the bedrooms for the remainder of the night. Even the communal breakfasts the following morning were lively affairs as everyone exchanged their own particular memories of the night and often made arrangements for future private assignations.


One evening about a year after we had first met Anne and George, I had barely got through the front door on my arrival home from work when Susie rushed excitedly out of the kitchen waving a fancy gilt-edged card in her hand.

"Darling Will," she exclaimed breathlessly, "I'm so excited. We have received an invitation to one of Anne's dinner parties. It's a week on Saturday, so there is plenty of time to buy some new sexy lingerie.

“That's tremendous news,” I said, “I hope you've contacted Anne to tell her that of course we accept, and how much we are looking forward to it.”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “I phoned her straight away, and also asked who else had been invited.”

“And who will we have the pleasure of fucking, “I said, “although knowing Anne they are sure to be deliciously hot.”

“Well,” she giggled, “she has invited Katie and John. She has heard about their little problem, and she thought that if Katie was fucked by five virile men on one night it would increase her chances of being impregnated considerably, and avoid any unpleasantness and jealousy if she does conceive. She has also found out Katie will be ovulating that weekend — she is so thorough, and thoughtful too. She has also invited Marty and Jill, but I'm not sure who the fourth couple will be. Knowing Anne however, they will be suitably liberated and ready to play. It will be rather exciting fucking someone new — I do hope that he is well endowed. I'm sure that you'll have a good time too my darling.”

“As the idea is to get Katie pregnant my love, I'm not sure you will be getting too much cock,” I replied, laughing. “I wonder what special game she will have cooked up — it will have to be something that involves all the men coming in Katie's delicious love hole.”

“I have seen just how much you love her pussy,” Susie said, “I'm willing to bet that you would like to be the one to do the deed — it would appeal to your vanity. If so, you'd better make sure that your sperm is in tip-top condition — in fact I think total abstinence would be a good idea for you between now and the party, not even masturbation. I'll let you lick me every day though; I don't see that there is any need for me to be deprived of my daily orgasm — on reflection make that three or four.”

At that, I made a move to smack her bottom, but she was too quick for me and went off to the kitchen chortling with laughter. Over the following week and a half I couldn't stop thinking about the party, and wondering who the mystery couple would be. I also cut back on masturbating to once a day, and I only fucked Susie a couple of times — although I have a theory that frequent masturbation in a healthy male ensures that his balls are charged with only the freshest and most vigorous sperm.


Saturday came at last, and at seven pm we called for Katie and John as it had been agreed it would be sensible for us to give them a lift since they a had never been to Anne and George's home before. John was dressed much like me in black slacks, white shirt, and black loafers without socks, but Katie looked stupendous in a silky dress of pale green with a plunging neckline that almost reached her navel and allowed tantalising views of her succulent breasts when she moved. Obviously she wasn't wearing a bra, and as all the women were instructed to dress alike I knew that underneath the dress would be a pair of lacy panties, suspended belt and stockings — I have always found the sight of a woman in just suspended belt and stocking extremely arousing, and I'm afraid I was probably drooling at the thought of what Katie would be revealing later.

The drive took about half an hour, and when we arrived and rang the doorbell we were greeted by George, who was his usual courteous and dignified self. As ours was the only car in the drive we thought we must be the first to arrive, but when George showed us into the living room the mystery couple were standing in the bay window looking out at the front garden. George made the introductions and it turned out that they were Anne and George’s Dutch friends Jan and Margrethe.

They were certainly a very attractive couple. Even fully clothed Jan was a very impressive man, well over six feet tall with an air of confidence and natural authority, and I could see immediately why he was so desirable to women. Later when I saw his cock I could see why Anne was so easily seduced. I have seen many men naked, and whilst his cock was not as large as Marty’s it was the most beautiful I could ever recall, rising proudly above a magnificent pair of smoothly shaven balls. In fact I wouldn't have minded sucking it myself, it was so smooth and perfectly sculpted, almost classical in its splendour. He also knew how to use it to ensure the utmost pleasure for his partner, as was plainly apparent from the large photograph above Anne and George's bed of her riding him reverse cowgirl fashion with a look of utter bliss on her face. In contrast Margrethe was small and vivacious, with firm well shaped breasts and a neat figure, and I was immediately attracted to her and looked forward to sampling everything she had to offer later that evening.

I don't think of myself as bisexual or even bi-curious and have never been attracted by anal sex with a man. Since Susie and I started swinging I have sucked the other man's cock many times when we have had a threesome or during our wife-swapping sessions with another couple. At the time in the heat of passion it just seemed the right thing to do.

Shortly afterwards Marty and Jill arrived, and after the introductions had been made we were ushered into the dining room at precisely eight o'clock. Little place cards on the large round table indicated where we should sit, the ladies to the right of their husbands — Anne was quite particular about the sitting order. Going round the table in a clockwise direction from Anne and George were Jill and Marty, Katie and John, Susie and me, and finally Margrethe and Jan.

Anne's dinner parties always consisted of five courses — a starter, sorbet, main course, cheese and biscuits, and dessert. Between each course everyone would remove, or their partner would remove, an item of clothing, starting with their shoes, then shirts for the men and dresses for the women, and so on, so that by the dessert everyone would be naked. The women would then move one place to the left.

During the interval between the sorbet and the main course Katie, once I had removed her dress and had a good feel of her breasts, and who was now looking delectable in just panties, suspender belt and stockings, leaned against me and gave me a deep and passionate kiss, our tongues delightfully entwining in anticipation of the pleasures to come. Resting her right hand on the bulge of my cock in my silk boxers, she whispered, “Thank you for being such a lovely man, and for helping John and me. I’m not sure our marriage would have survived without yours and Susie’s help. I suppose that everything will be different if I conceive tonight, but I will always look back on the past few weeks with pleasure.”

Details of everything we ate that night are hazy but I do remember dessert which involved a lot of fun with whipped cream and bananas. I had a very delicious time with Margrethe, licking whipped cream off her pussy and then fucking her with a banana, before finally eating it from her vagina as she subsided from a very noisy orgasm. From the sounds around the table, everyone else was equally delightfully occupied. When I glanced over at her, I noticed that Katie was already flushed and appeared to be riding on a cloud of erotic euphoria, no doubt excited in anticipation of the fucking she was shortly going to get from all the men present.

There was then the usual break for coffee and mints and for everyone to get their breath back before adjourning to the play room for the evening’s main activity. As we were going downstairs, and before we were reunited with our spouses, Margrethe fondled my aching balls — none of the men had been allowed to come yet, and I was definitely in need of the sweet release of my climax — and whispered, “It seems that Anne has arranged it so that you and I are going to spend the night together. I am so looking forward to getting better acquainted with this,” as she ran her nails up my rigid shaft, “I'm sure you won't be disappointed,” and she giggled naughtily.

In the play room we found five chairs arranged in a circle, each with a little place card to show who should sit where, in the same order as at dinner. It was clear to me that we were going to play a sexual variant of musical chairs, which was one of Anne's favourite games, and I also realised that she had arranged things so that as the women moved round the circle, Katie would end up with Marty, and she would be with Jan, who was no doubt her favourite lover.

Indicating that wives should stand behind their husbands, Anne then proceeded to explain the rules, “There will be two rounds of what I call ‘Musical Cocks’. In the first round the ladies will ride each cock in turn, starting with their husband, moving on to the next on the left after five minutes when the music will stop for a few seconds. Men are not allowed to come at this stage, although the same restriction does not apply to the women. The second round will be similar, except that the men are only allowed to come in Katie, and ladies will only move on after this has happened. Katie will finally arrive at Marty, and they will take then their place in the centre of the circle and entertain us by fucking in whatever positions they like to choose until Marty is exhausted. Knowing his stamina I expect he will have deposited several loads of his cum in Katie’s cunt by the time that happens. After that, ladies and gentlemen, the night is yours to enjoy with your partner — the only proviso is that Katie and Marty take the main bedroom. Now ladies, take your places and when you are comfortably penetrated the music will start.”

The next twenty five minutes passed in a blur of sexual excitement as I enjoyed the manifold delights of the different ladies in turn. Margrethe was particularly skilled at massaging my cock with her vaginal muscles, and it was only with extreme self control that I was able to stop myself ascending to the summit of sexual ecstasy, such were the exquisite sensations she induced in my body.

Finally, the second round started, by which time I had reached a level of arousal that was almost dreamlike in its quality. John didn't take long to reach his orgasm, and he was soon pumping his load into Katie, his face alight with pleasure as he groaned and grunted his way to bliss. Then it was my turn to impregnate Katie, and she chose to ride me face to face, rubbing the hard buds of her nipples against my chest and kissing me passionately as she rode me to mutual ecstasy. When it came, my orgasm had all the force of a volcanic eruption as I pumped stream after stream of cum deep into her womb, while she screamed incoherently as her body was ravaged by waves of extreme orgasmic delight.

After that I wasn't much use to the ladies who followed, and did my best to pleasure them by digital stimulation, while just enjoying the sight of Katie in extremis as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. By the time she came to Marty, she was in a kind of erotic trance, and rivers of cum were running down her inner thighs. Marty was by this stage almost bursting at the seams, and it didn't take long before he was coming hard inside Katie for the first time as he took her doggie fashion leaning over the chair. It was fantastically erotic watching his full ten inches sliding in and out between Katie's engorged labia, and hearing her moans of pleasure and delight as she ascended to yet another intense climax.

Thanks to the effect of the Cialis tablet Marty had taken, his cock remained rock hard and ready to take Katie to sexual Elysium once more. They lay on their sides on the cushions covering the floor in the middle of the circle of rapt watchers. They were totally absorbed in each other and utterly oblivious of their audience; even to the passage of time, lost in a wonderland of desire and arousal.

Marty lay behind Katie, one hand cupping her breast and the other resting on the naked mound of her pussy. Slowly and deliberately he slid his cock deep into her vagina, the pleasure of his entry causing her to sigh before turning her head to engage him in a seemingly endless kiss. Their lovemaking was slow and almost balletic and they moved together in perfect harmony, the movements of Katie's hips matching the steadily increasing tempo of Marty's thrusting manhood deep into her velvety tunnel. Such was the sensual beauty of the scene before us that we too became oblivious to the passage of time, and as the moment of their mutual climax approached the only sound to be heard was their moans of joy and the hiss of flesh sliding on naked flesh.

Finally, the glorious moment of climax arrived, and with one last thrust Marty embedded every inch of his hard and throbbing shaft fully in Katie's enraptured body, and his balls contracted as he pumped his fertile seed into Katie's womb. The two lovers cried out in the extremity of their ecstasy, their bodies locked together in unutterable bliss. As their moment of exquisite joy subsided the room was filled with a sound like a rushing wind from the exhaled breaths of the eight transfixed witnesses to their passion.

Margrethe, who had been sitting on the floor in front of me between my parted thighs, turned and after planting a kiss on the head of my own throbbing member looked up into my eyes with a look of wonderment.

“I have watched people having sex many times,” she said in a quiet voice, “and have always found it exciting and arousing, but that was something else entirely. It's time for us to go I think, and spend the rest of the night finding our own path to the heaven of sexual delight.”

She stood and took my hand, and as we left to room to find somewhere secluded to make love, we looked back to where Marty and Katie were lying on the floor, their lips still locked together.

“That is so beautiful,” Margrethe said, “so beautiful.”

Still lost for words, all I could do was nod my head in agreement.



Katie did conceive that evening or sometime in the next few days, and she had a cute little girl nine months later. As I had half expected, she and John drifted away from our small group of swingers, their energies entirely focused on the joys of parenthood. Eighteen months later they had another baby — a little boy — and John was almost certainly the father, as quite often happens with infertile couples once they have conceived by artificial means.

A few weeks after the dinner party I received an invitation to join Anne, Margrethe and Jan on a nude Mediterranean cruise when I enjoyed many new erotic delights; while Susie went ranching in Montana with Marty and Jill, although it wasn't just horses that she rode — as I learned in graphic detail when we were both home again. However the details of our separate adventures in sexual love are another story for another time.

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