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Milk is Life Ch. 02

Sydney looked into the mirror, posing in different angles, observing the possible growth of her breasts. It had been almost two months since she found another soul in the loneliness of the Texas prairie. She felt she had been alone for life, but then she was surprised by the intrusion of Alonso.

He came into her life almost at random, finding an oasis of sexual pleasure that she had not had in a long time, found a possible lover, a survival partner. Her breasts were heavier than they were before his arrival, her nipples thicker, and darker. Perhaps it was that Alonso had firmly planted his seed in her and she was now carrying his child, or perhaps her breasts were adapting to the constant sucking of Alonso's mouth; adjusting and growing due to heavier milk production. The growth from his nursing was obvious as it was a stronger demand meant higher production, but maybe, just maybe it was all of those factors.

Sydney never imagined she'd be with a partner again, much less pregnant, but regardless, she felt sexy and confident. She didn't bother putting on a bra as she grabbed the closest flannel shirt. She was already in jeans and boots and was headed outside to meet Alonso, whom was finishing adjusting a few of their tomato crops. She only bothered to finish buttoning to the center of her shirt, displaying a healthy amount of cleavage.

Alonso was wiping away the last of the beads of light sweat from his forehead. Luckily, the weather was pleasant; a sunny and breezy 75-degree Spring day. The tomatoes had been properly readjusted for proper soil and he was lightly famished.

"How's my champion doing?" Sydney asked as she finally arrived behind him. She pulled him in with a hug from behind, tracing her hands up and down his abdomen. Alonso looked back with a smile and began to circle his body to embrace her in return.

He looked down to her obvious and protruding cleavage, still smiling from ear to ear and said, "well I am doing a whole lot better now". The two chuckled and then he continued with "the tomatoes should be in better soil, so we should be good for some time now."

"Well it sounds like you deserve quite a reward for your hard work" Sydney teased with her blue eyes tempting his own brown eyes. He looked back down to her chest and said, "I'd love that. Shall we head back inside for it then?"

"What for? It's a beautiful day, and it'll help me let down with the breeze. C'mon I'm filling up fast and I've always wanted to nurse in public" she said with his hand in hers. She began to lead him to a small hill a few feet from the garden.

"What do you mean you've always wanted to nurse in public? We're all alone out here remember?" Alonso said with a laugh.

She rolled her eyes with a small smile as the two sat in the shade of the tree in the grass. She began to unbutton the remaining buttons that she had earlier assembled and said, "well don't you think it'd be a little hot to nurse where it only feels 'natural'?"

Alonso watched as Sydney's breasts came into view as the flannel came apart. Her nipples were already erect and dark as the two laid down together. He used the interior of her opened shirt as a blanket between the ground and his ear and settled his lips upon the left breast's nipple.

Sydney loved this sensation. The warmth of his mouth deliciously engulfing her aching nipple and sucking in most of her breast, forming a strong latch. Alonso began to lightly munch and suck her breast, giving her nipple and areola stimulation, daring her body to draw it's delicious nectar.

With no time, Sydney felt the familiar sensation of release and relief as her breast began to surrender the milk into Alonso's insistent mouth. Alonso felt delight as the delicious milk filled his cheeks. He gathered rhythm with his sucking and swallowing, professionally drawing more and more milk from the breast while he nursed.

Alonso held her body close and Sydney held his head to her breast as he nursed. Her other hand held the breast to his mouth while squeezing, gradually breastfeeding him and rewarding him with all her body's nourishment.


"Well this is the last place I would have ever expected to find such a specimen, and much less those who know exactly what to do about the illness" said the officer as she observed through the scope.

Her crosshairs were pointing to the beautiful couple below the hill. The man was firmly nursing at the woman's breasts. "Let me see! No way there's anyone out here!" said her partner.

"Will you keep your damn voice down? They could hear you with how deserted it is out here! Jesus, Shuman you know better" said the Officer with a very annoyed face.

Officer Shuman, a dirty-blonde and hazel-eyed gentleman, shared mutual annoyance as he obeyed the orders given to him and said in a low voice, "well may I at least see, Katy?"

"That's Officer Ply, and yes, but keep yourself low" she implied while handing him the scope. He took the scope and tried to one-up her by saying, "and I told you before just to call me Mack".

He adjusted the scope and looked through, confirming what Officer Ply had observed. Down the hill there was a couple, busily breastfeeding. Mack though, focused in on the woman's breasts, ogling and almost foaming at the mouth at the gorgeous sight.

"Holy shit, those are some very 'tig ol' bitties'" he joked, salivating and imagining how delicious her milk could be.

"She did look like she could produce a lot for several people. I'd like to find out, but we'll have to get clearance to approach" Katy said.

"Are you joking? She looks like she could feed our entire colony alone with those melons. Aw man, if they do join, could I get first pick to suck on hers?" Mack insisted.

"I don't know Mack, and I'm pretty sure you've been beat by that guy she's already nursing. Maybe you shouldn't always think with your- "Katy answered before being interrupted by Mack again.

"They're about to fuck, holy shit, they're about to fuck..." Mack kept muttering before Katy stole the scope out of his grip again.

Katy observed and watched as the man was still feasting on his partner's breasts but with his full weight on top of her. His pants were already halfway down his knees, as hers were also to follow.

"Well?" Mack asked.

"You don't want to see this, pretty healthy-looking dick" Katy answered bluntly.

"Don't tell me that" Mack complained with a disgusted expression.

"Well, like I said, you were thinking with your dick, but what I see are two beautiful individuals that would make very resourceful members of the colony if they were to join" Katy said.

"So, what do you suggest we do?" Mack asked.

Katy took a few snapshots with the scope and had them transferred to her phone through a USB cable. She slid her fingers across the screen a few times and then answered Mack's question.

"I just requested clearance for approach and sent a few pictures of those two to the Mayor. In the meantime, watching that sort of got me a little, ummm, well... My own breasts are going to need release soon." Katy said as she began to unbutton her uniform's top.

"I was wondering if we were going to get lunch while we were out" Mack joked.

Katy pulled the tank top that was revealed under her uniform below her pale and pink-nipple topped breasts and said with a light scowl, "just shut up and do me this favor, please".

Mack gladly moved closer to her and knelt in front of her to align his face to her breasts. He took the right nipple into his mouth and began to swiftly nurse, hoping for a strong delivery of fresh breast milk. Her nipple was seized by his latch and was then given the consistent stimulation of the tug from his sucking.

Katy's breasts released her own wave of milk, sending her partner over the edge with joy. He increased his rhythm as his mouth filled with her warm milk. She slowly closed her eyes as she felt Mack's wandering hands grope and fondle her breasts. He was taking full advantage of the exposure of her breasts and she was falling in full surrender.

He spent a solid five minutes sucking the right breast until he released it with a wet pop. As he latched onto the left breast, he began to unzip his pants to free his very uncomfortably hard member.

"Hey, what the fuck? No sex on the job remember?" Katy said as she observed what was going on.

Mack ignored her comment and took one of her hands and placed in on top of his cock. She took it away and repeated herself sternly.

He let go of her breast and swallowed his latest collection to say, "c'mon, doesn't this make you really hot?"

Katy was going to lie to him to remain serious. It did turn her on completely to nurse, but they were on task by orders of the mayor and she was not going to risk this opportunity. However, she knew it wasn't going to be fair to her partner attempting to convince new prospects to the colony while under blue balls, so...

"Finish nursing and I'll jerk you off, deal?" she settled.

"That does sound lovely, but maybe trade you a suck-for-suck?" he countered.

"Suck-for-suck? What do you mean?" Katy asked puzzled, her nipples erect and still glistening in the exposure of the sun.

"I continue to suck on your breasts and you suck me off" Mack explained.

Katy was quiet, thinking. She presented her left breast back to Mack's lips, whom parted and accepted the further nourishment. She reached down and began to yank his member into a soft rhythm, almost matching his sucking.

This wavelength of energy between the two only continued for about another three minutes, which she felt was enough on the left anyway, but poor Mack wouldn't last another tug without coming.

She pulled her hand off his cock and gently pulled her breast away from his mouth, letting a little milk dribble from his lips and her nipple. She tucked her breasts back into her tank top before pushing him onto his back. She bent quickly to engulf his entire head into her mouth, using her cheeks as a firm vacuum to his shaft.

Mack tossed his head back and enjoyed the very short-lived pleasure of the warm, wet sensation that coated his cock from all over. Her tongue toyed with his head as she bobbed up and down, and with her fist clenching the base of his shaft.

He came a massive, ball-bursting load into her mouth. Katy was collecting all his hot semen in her cheeks and swallowed with each rope that shot out of him. She licked his head and shaft clean after he was done, and let him recover. She checked her phone and found the notification of approved clearance.

She checked the scope again and did not see the couple in the field anymore, so she adjusted to look into the trailer home's windows. No sign of anything so far.

"Mack, get yourself together, we're going to head down" Katy said while still checking for their presence.

"We're cleared to approach?" he said as his zipper came back up.

"Yeah, c'mon I don't see them anymore, but I suspect they're in the trailer home" she said, gathering the scope and taking it to the SUV that was ten feet from the knoll they were positioned.

She locked the car with the equipment on them, and grabbed their handguns. Mack appeared next to her as she handed him his. No ammo would be loaded into the chambers, but they had to be ready just in case.


"Oh god dammit you're so fucking good at this baby" Sydney said as her cheek rubbed the pillow underneath her face. Her nipples grazed the sheets and the mattress while her ass was in the air and with Alonso ramming into her from behind.

Her labia were swollen with pleasure and Alonso was ready to burst. A few more, hard thrusts and Sydney clenched the sheets as her orgasm rocked through the two of them. Alonso loved seeing her come and went over the edge with her, mercilessly filling her up with his come.

"Fuck, I love you" Sydney said as she arched her back to relax a little before Alonso reluctantly pulled out of her. She turned her body and the evidence of her orgasm was all over her chest likewise as her nipples had leaked some milk.

Alonso joined her, laying next to her and embracing her body as they began to recover.

He loved the idea that she was his forever now, that she was his partner in the most abandoned world. He bent down and began to suckle one of her breasts again. He couldn't get enough of them, even when she wasn't producing as much milk, or if he had sucked her to low amounts, he still loved sucking on them.

He nursed for a few minutes until Sydney said softly, "I think I may be pregnant, Alonso".

'Mmmmm?' he mumbled while still suckling to acknowledge a faint 'seriously?'

"Yeah. I don't know if you noticed how much bigger my breasts look lately, and my nipples seem a bit darker, so I assume we're going to be parents" She continued softly as she began to caress his head as he ate her nectar.

The two began to melt into each other peacefully, falling into a sleepy trace as Alonso suckled at her breasts.

Five minutes went by and the two heard something, extremely alarming. Alonso stopped sucking, but kept the breast in his mouth. Perhaps it was all in his head. Sydney had picked her head up too though, and then the two heard it simultaneously.

There was a knock on their door. Alonso let go of her breast with a wet pop and looked up at her. Their eyes locked and almost immediately understood each other. They gathered the nearest clothes they could find, and quietly went into the closet to gather two guns from their safe.

Sydney had on only jeans, boots, and tied her nightgown to cover her torso; a bit silly looking but this was a red alert situation for them. Alonso had on jeans and a plain white shirt, while wearing boots. Both cocked their guns to load one in the chamber and quietly headed out to the living room.

They heard the knock again, and Alonso softly approached the door to check the peephole. Sydney stayed crouched to the left of the main window, aiming for any intruders that may think of going in through there.

"Syd, it's people. They look like police" Alonso whispered. Sydney wasn't too confident and felt that it wasn't going to be worth opening. She was equally confused, surprised, scared, and thrilled all at once.

It also seemed strange to Alonso that it didn't seem like they were going to leave. They seemed to be pretty patient, almost as if they knew that they were in there. The man was just pacing and looking around as the blonde woman officer was at attention in front of the door.

She knocked again. They did have guns, but only at their holsters and not in their hands or anything. They did have badges, but not one from the State Patrol or even any department he'd seen before.

"I'm going to try and communicate with them, okay?" Alonso whispered to his woman.

"Okay, I trust you" She answered back.

Alonso took a deep breath and said through the barrier of the doorway, "who are you and what do you want?"

The officer heard his message and moved closer to the door, not in any hostile fashion but to communicate in return. "My name is Officer Ply, and this is my partner Officer Shuman. We're police and code enforcers in the town of New Hope. We we're looking for any lone survivors out here and just wanted to talk" she replied.

Alonso looked at Sydney and she returned the same puzzled expression. New Hope? That didn't sound like any town nearby or that was ever mapped in Texas at all.

"Do you think it's real? What do want to do?" Alonso whispered to Sydney.

"I've never heard of it at all, but if it's a chance to get new resources or if they have a hospital if we do indeed have a baby on the way, perhaps we can consider talking to them" she replied softly.

Alonso hesitated and took her consideration, but their safety to prevent any unwanted intruders was still a priority in the meantime.

"I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that city's name or our badges" he finally said.

"I understand that sir. Our town was founded six months ago from a gathering of survivors of this new virus. We're not recognized by the state or anything because of no communications other that radios and what-not but we're still working on that. We have a mayor and everything" Officer Ply explained.

The other officer didn't seem serious at all, just kind of pondered as if he was just there to tag along. Alonso thought about it and thought about his woman and their possible child.

"We'll let you in and talk as long as you leave your guns in the grass next to the steps, completely unloaded" Alonso commanded.

Officer Ply looked over to her partner as he looked at her. She granted Alonso's request but on one condition. She gave her gun to Mack and had him stand by the spot where Alonso had asked to leave the guns.

"My partner will only drop mine, completely unloaded until you swear that you will not fire on either one of us. He will remain armed until you give your word that you will also go unarmed. As I said, we just want to talk" she replied, all while Officer Shuman followed everything she had said.

He hadn't pulled his gun out, but Ply had mentioned that he was armed. This meant that they were for the most part, just looking to talk. Alonso looked over to Sydney and motioned for her to relax.

Sydney released the magazine and emptied the chamber to her gun and put it away in a nearby cabinet. She quickly went into their room and came back in the same flannel shirt she had earlier put on.

Alonso also followed with the disarming of his weapon. Setting it on the kitchen table before coming back to the door and saying, "we're both unarmed, and at ease. You have my word on that, but I won't open the door until your partner places his gun on the ground."

Officer Ply nodded toward Shuman and he released his weapon from the holster, emptied the mag and set it in the grass. He would walk towards the door to stand next to Ply.

Alonso looked towards Sydney, whom was sitting on the couch, anticipating the next move. She nodded to him and he unbolted the lock and opened the door.

Officer Ply was assertive as she extended her hand and introduced herself again, "Officer Ply, wonderful to meet you."

Alonso took her hand and shook it. Officer Shuman immediately followed, also extending his hand while introducing himself as, "Officer Shuman, pleasure."

Alonso shook his hand as well and said, "please come in and have a seat".

Sydney stood up and began to introduce herself to the officers. The two were talking briefly to her with their introductions as Alonso gathered two glasses of water for them.

Alonso sat them down with the water. Ply's peripheral caught the sight of the gun on the kitchen table and the mag that was next to it.

"You don't plan on using that do you?" She asked slyly and a little coldly.

Alonso looked towards the table and realized she was talking about the gun. "No reason to, we're just going to talk, correct?"

Ply took a sip of the water and nodded. Officer Shuman seemed completely calm and sipped his water.

"So, what can we do you for officers?" Sydney asked.

Officer Ply set her glass on the coffee table and began conversation, "well, first of all, we'd like to thank you for welcoming us in and for the water, very hard to come by clean water nowadays..."

Officer Shuman set his glass down on the table as well and agreed.

Ply continued with, "That's the main reason that we came to this area. Our towns' best engineers and plumbers noticed the reservoir had one long distance pipe output and it led us here. On our missions out we are always searching for survivors that are healthy, and are capable of helping our colony grow. You know, conserve humanity and society without all the Mad-Max stuff."

"So, you all settled in the abandoned town down the valley that's a little over twenty miles? And wait, you said colony?" Sydney asked puzzled.

"That's right. Our colony is as I said earlier, a gathering of survivors that decided to build our own society. Of course, we have rules and guidelines. We're humans, not savages. But yes, we settled there about six months ago, and some of our workers noticed the action that the reservoir, along with the lake was actively feeding water to your home. We did not shut it off only because if we found healthy people, we could possibly have you join us" Ply elaborated.

"That's interesting. I had found that town completely deserted over a year ago and followed that line to this trailer home and settled here. I would never have imagined there be a new society there now" Sydney pondered.

"Yes, it turns out that this trailer home was the former towns' getaway home for affairs, or as he had called it, his 'summer home'" Ply joked.

"We have that intel because of all of the old documents we found in the desk of the mayor's office in that old city hall building. He had the deed to property out here" Shuman added, talking openly for the first time.

"Well, I did end up having to bury what I assume was his dead decompositions when I found this place" Sydney hesitantly said with a minor disgusted face, trying to suppress the memory.

"Oh Jesus, wait so Mr. Alonso wasn't with you?" Ply asked.

"No, I was actually living and surviving alone in the Midland area before I came here" Alonso answered.

"Really? That's about two hours from this spot. I had a cousin that lived there, but never heard from him since the world went to shit" Shuman said.

"So, how'd you survive?" Officer Ply asked looking very seriously into Alonso's eyes.

"Well, I just scavenged and collected what I could find from the city and anyone who left behind their homes" Alonso answered.

"But, without any milk?" Ply asked almost instantly.

Sydney sat up, a little concerned now. Alonso felt her shift in his peripheral and slowly asked, "are you officers aware of the immunity?"

Officer Ply smiled from ear to ear and looked at Shuman before saying with a large sense of pride, "our colony is fully aware of the immunity and is a society completely active and avid on breast milk and breastfeeding. So, to answer your question Alonso, we do know about it and we'd assume you two also know considering that one, you are alive with her, and two... well, um..."

Sydney knew what she was about to say and stopped her by saying, "have you guys been spying on us?"

"No ma'am, well at least not really" Shuman said in attempt to calm the tension.

Ply elaborated softly, "we were going to approach to see the active receiving water source when we happened to have caught you both nursing underneath the tree, we are sorry to have watched, but the thing is, we are aware that the two of you are nursing partners, correct me if I'm wrong."

Ply and Shuman waited for the tension to escalate, but Sydney understood and said, "well we were outside in the open, so I guess I can't completely blame you."

Officer Ply smiled and nodded, and then turned back to Alonso and asked, "so before you met Ms. Sydney here, how did you manage to stay immune?"

Alonso was still shocked to hear that they had been observed during their intimacy but continued where he had left off with, "well, funny enough, and I hadn't realized this until I told Sydney about it, but I had come across a freezer in the basement of one of my neighbors' homes. Inside there were about 40, maybe more, frozen breast milk bags. I had thought at the time that they were some sort of homemade popsicles or something, but the Goodwins, the family that was there previously, had a daughter that had become a mother not too long before the disaster."

Officer Ply and Shuman both chuckled amongst themselves. "Well that is a really impressive find, it's almost as if you had found pounds of gold. You should consider yourself a really good tomb raider" Shuman said.

"Perhaps just lucky to be alive, and fortunate to have found Sydney" Alonso replied.

"I agree" said Officer Ply.

"Luckily, for the two of you, our colony is very focused on the conservation of the population, so milk is a very big priority. There's a lot of it, but we are always needing donors, volunteers, and not to mention, men. I brought Officer Shuman with me as a clue to anyone whom questions us about the colony. He's kind of my symbol of hope, if you will, to show that we have what you need to survive" she continued.

"I help enforce rules, keep people in line, and well as one of the few men in the colony I am also given the privilege to nurse from any of our donors and volunteers. I just haven't impregnated Officer Ply because we're not allowed to mate with our fellow officers so that jobs aren't on shortage" Shuman said with a crack of a joke at the end.

"Oh gosh, please shut up" Ply said, rolling her eyes.

"So, just curious, what would you say the ratio is of men to women?" Sydney asked.

"In honest numbers, I'd say there's probably one man to every thirty women. Most of our men work in construction, engineering, hunting, and in other positions, kind of like Shuman does. Oh, and we also do have a few of them as doctors, as we have way more women medicinal workers" Ply said.

"So, you do have a hospital?" Sydney asked wide-eyed.

"Yes, we do. It's really important that we have the best medical facilities since another big priority is reproduction, but on that topic, I have to warn you guys, we do believe in love, but we are a mostly open society. We are really supporting the final federal government radio page in an encouragement to make more babies; you guys did get that memo, right?" Ply went on.

Sydney nodded and then began, "I was in a really dark time when that was aired. I lost my husband at that time and had no chance of having a baby with him. My whole family got contaminated with the virus and died. I felt so much guilt that I ran away and came here. But, since Alonso found me, we accepted each other and of course without either one of us going with any sex for so long, we went at it. I suspect that I am carrying his child at the moment."

"So, you two aren't married, more of a hookup?" Shuman asked.

"Sort of, is this the kind of subject that you two were referring to as far as mentioning that your society is an open society?" Alonso asked, trying to get to the root of the topic.

Officer Ply nodded softly before saying, "Marriage is kind of an abandoned ideal in the society. It is accepted, but with so little men, and lots of lactating women and prospective women searching to lactate, it's easier for couples to be open to other partners or just participate without necessarily having any attachments. Of course, you'll make friends and will have preferred partnerships, so you wouldn't be forced to do anything you don't want to."

Sydney and Alonso looked at each other with concern. Maybe they weren't ready for that, or perhaps they felt they had rushed too fast in love to realize that maybe they would eventually find other people.

"What if I am pregnant though? I wouldn't imagine that I would like to share my body or Alonso with anyone else" Sydney said with a bit of cold defense.

"Well, like I said, you aren't forced to do anything. As a matter of fact, no woman is required to have sex with any other man aside from the one who's impregnated her if she doesn't desire it. The milk production is imminent and is guaranteed to grow, so it is a little bit on the priority and required to either donate, participate in public nursing, or both" Ply said, attempting to clear any tension.

"Alonso would also not be required to remain loyal to you if he does not desire that. Our society does encourage him to ask for consent when it comes to sex and will encourage him to essentially reproduce with any of our women in order to follow federal implemented law, and increase population numbers. We do keep track of who the men mate with, the offspring's information, and that way we're not coming across any incestual situations if that makes sense" Shuman added.

Sydney looked at the ground, a little concerned, a little disappointed, but certainly understanding the priorities of the situation as far as the circumstances were. Alonso did a little of the same but held her hand and waited for her response.

"We are living in different times now, and it's not like we were actually married..." Sydney began, sounding a little disappointed.

"We wouldn't live apart, would we?" Alonso asked.

Officer Ply smiled softly and shook her head before saying, "no one has any assigned housing or is required to live in any of the townhomes. If you two wanted to stay together in the same home, we can have that arranged for you."

The two kept looking into each other's eyes and thought about it deeply. Nothing seemed to be bad in this new society and they seemed to be very respectful of the two's connection if they wanted to remain together.

"The baby, if there is one, is going to need a healthy and safe birth, and if you are required to give milk, you'd be helping a lot of people, not just men" Ply said softly one last time before finalizing with the question, "So, what do you folks say? Will you join us in New Hope?"

"She's right, honey" Sydney said to Alonso. He nodded with her and took in the logic that a baby's survival would serve better with doctors than in a trailer home, with no medical supplies.

"Wonderful! As a representative and enforcement officer of New Hope, I'd like to welcome you to our colony" Officer Ply said while standing up and extending her hand again.

Sydney smiled and got up and shook it, the two women exchanged a brief hug before Shuman followed with a simple handshake to Alonso and a handshake and hug to Sydney.

"Would you like for us to help you pack?" Officer Ply asked. The two lovers nodded and began to walk around to gather items of high priority.

The two officers help gather some of the items selected and placed them in the suitcases that were in Sydney's closet. Ply and Shuman helped her gather most of her clothes while Alonso took what was already packed to the two trucks that both the lovers had.

Shuman gathered a few of Sydney's shirts to add to the suitcase that laid out in the bed. A few of the shirts were tangled together and Shuman managed to get them free from each other, originally caught by one of Sydney's bras. It was a red bra that seemed pretty titanic in his hands.

"Oh, sorry about that" Sydney said as she took the bra from his hands. She and Ply giggled at his reaction and as his cheeks turned red.

"No, I'm sorry about that ma'am" Shuman said softly.

"Yuck, call me Sydney, and it's quite all right. After all, you guys claimed that you saw everything from up the hill, right?" Sydney asked while trying to get comfortable with the new company.

"Yes, we actually did. And for the record, while we're not on duty, I'm Katy and he's Mack" Officer Ply said.

Sydney smiled knowing that these people weren't made of stone and actually had simple names.

"So, what did you all think?" She asked nonchalantly.

Officer Ply giggled and said, "perhaps he can answer that for you", as she pointed at Shuman jokingly.

"Well, Mack, what did you and Katy think? You guys got a free show, and if I'm going to be sharing milk with the whole colony, then you'll be getting used to seeing them around anyway" Sydney said only half-jokingly.

Officer Shuman turned beet red at this point and slowly mumbled, "they are very, um, nice, and er...large?"

He felt like he was about to explode with embarrassment, but he felt better seeing Sydney smile at him and saying, "thank you for your compliment."

The two girls smiled and continued to pack her clothes while Mack went to help Alonso. Alonso caught him at the step of the stairs and handed him back his firearm, as well as Katy's.

"Thanks" Mack said.

Alonso nodded and began to head in to grab a few more items before Mack turned and stopped him to say, "hey, just so you know, we were never planning on truly using the guns."

Alonso smiled and nodded before saying, "I kind of already knew that. Most people nowadays would probably raid a home without knocking on the door to begin with, so I totally knew you guys weren't here to start any trouble. I just hope that New Hope is as you and your partner describe."

Mack nodded and said, "I can assure you guys will be happy and at peace there. We don't just look at resident candidates as resources for milk and semen. We're always evaluating to see who can help establish a surviving colony, and don't just take anyone in."

"Good to know" Alonso said as he nodded.

The packing continued and soon enough, Alonso's Silverado and Sydney's Ram were fully loaded and ready for departure. The garden was harvested as a final farewell and the crops that made it to sprout were put in sacks and in the bed of the Silverado.

"This is it" Alonso said as he held Sydney while the two looked at the home one last time.

"This is for the best" Sydney stated as she turned and kissed Alonso.

The two got into their trucks, Katy joined in Sydney's truck and Mack into Alonso's.

The trucks roared to life and the two headed up the road that led up the hill to where they were supposedly, earlier, spied on.

Within a few minutes, they found the SUV that the two officers drove. It did have Police decals, but only kept the words 'Police, 9-1-1, and City of -', but instead of any decals, the old city's name was peeled away and 'New Hope' was spray painted on.

"Alright, so you guys will follow us into the valley and go east 20 miles. Sydney, you remember where it was, right?" Katy reassured.

Sydney nodded, and the two officers got out of the trucks and got into their own vehicle before beginning the journey.


At long last, they horizon revealed the old town that seemed to be in further development. They had traveled down the hill and into the valley and the lake that supplied the town was to their left. It was a large lake that seemed completely turned around to Sydney.

She had been all alone the last time she was here, but never imagined that it would look revitalized. The SUV halted in front of what looked like a gate with several guards. Some of them were men, but most were women. They held AR-15s and spoke to the officers before they got out of their own car. Katy and Mack walked to both truck driver windows and informed Alonso and Sydney that the guards would take canine police dogs to sniff out any dangers.

"It's protocol, so don't sweat" Katy told them as they stood off to the side of the road with them. Mack was picked to help the dog handlers find anything suspicious, even though he knew there wouldn't be anything harmful.

After some time, and with a conclusive search, the head guard approached Alonso and Sydney and introduced herself as "Sargent Coleman."

She was a bit short, brunette with bright red lips, but her beauty was nothing to compare to her dedication to her duty.

Two other guards walked by them carrying the rifle case that they took out of the Silverado and the handguns that they had earlier in bags. "We'll be taking down your information, the information on your weapons, and this part is a non-negotiable, but your weapons will be processed into our armory-library. They will still be yours, but to check them out of the arsenal, you will have to submit a request form. It's for everyone's safety."

The two agreed and were finally allowed entrance as the gate barricade lifted and the doors opened. They climbed back into their trucks and followed Katy and Mack's SUV into the town. They were taken into the pretty busy looking town square where pedestrians stared at the two massive trucks that followed the squad car.

A few miles further into the square and they found a tall tower with a clock at the top of the decorative tower. It didn't seem functional, but it ironically stopped at 4:20.

The squad car parked along the sidewalk, followed by the two trucks. They all disembarked their vehicles and prepared to walk into the building with the clock above it. Alonso looked around and saw a few of the local citizens, mostly women smiling at them. A few of them lustfully setting eyes on him. The two continued to follow the police and were being given a very tiny, brief tour.

"So, we're next to our police department headquarters, but we're heading into city hall. Be aware, the staring is not meant to be rude. They just don't happen to see new people often, especially not new men" Katy said while giving Alonso a smile.

They went through the doors of the city hall structure and were greeted by a few more guards, some of them in the more familiar police uniform that Katy and Mack wore. They headed up a large set of marble stairs and down a hall after reaching the top. They reached the end of the hall, only to turn left again into an emptier hall. The previous one had many wooden doors on either side, but this one was all wall. It led to another set of stairs that took you further up, but in the opposite direction of the long hall. The third floor, it was.

These stairs led to one final set of double doors in which also had one more guard.

"Officers Ply and Shuman, here to present the Mayor with new residents" Ply stated to the guard. The guard was another blonde woman who was as silent as a British queen's guard. She disappeared behind one of the large doors briefly, until she herself opened the door with a small introduction.

"Folks, Mayor Angela Richardson" she let out, looking directly forward, adjacent from where they stood. The officers walked in first and the other two followed. Alonso grabbed Sydney's hand as they entered the very large office of Mayor Richardson.

The office had a very tall ceiling, mostly glass, but you could see the railings and the gears of the defunct clock. The floor was all marble tile, with paintings of the older, previous town and its former leaders on both walls.

On the very end of the office was a glass wall that faced and displayed the main town square. A brunette woman, dressed in business casual clothing waited for them on a square of leather couches that was established in the middle of the large room. The couches stood on top of a red carpet with a coffee table in the center of the square. She was beautiful, with perfectly placed makeup and wore a suit the color of cream. She seemed to be in her late thirties.

There was a mighty desk towards the back room, but she seemed to be more of a comforting host with the couches. The officers stood stiff and saluted.

Richardson smiled and said, "at ease Officers, please won't y'all have a seat?"

She had a thick southern accent. The officers sat on one couch to the right of the Mayor's.

Sydney and Alonso sat on the couch across the coffee table from the Mayor's. There was a teapot and a few cups on the table.

"Welcome, y'all. My name is Angela Richardson, mayor of New Hope. I hope we were easy to deal with at the gates. We take safety very seriously" She began.

"It sure was, thank you Mayor Richardson" Sydney said.

"Oh darling, please, call me Angela. Don't let this office or the guards fool you, I'm just one of the people as well. I just want to get to know our newest residents personally. I got word of your entry from the guards at the gate, so I had them prepare some tea to calm nerves, if you will" she said with a grin.

"Thank you, Angela, we really do appreciate that very much" Sydney said.

"Yes, thank you, Angela" Alonso followed as Sydney poured them each a cup. The officers followed Sydney's actions as they picked up the teapot and served themselves after her.

"So, if y'all don't mind me asking, who are y'all and why did you choose New Hope as your home?" Angela asked with a smile, taking her own tea cup in her palms, treating herself to a sip after her question.

Sydney sipped and swallowed before saying, "well, my name is Sydney Osbourne, I'm 26, was a graduate from West Texas A&M in engineering before the world went nuts. I was living in the old trailer home of the dead mayor of the old town that used to be here."

Angela smiled and said softly, "wow, ain't that a little taste of irony?"

Alonso took his turn and said, "My name is Alonso Picasso, also 26, also a graduate of West Texas A&M, was really just working on cars in Midland before finding Sydney, and I lived with her for well into almost a year when we were approached by Officer Ply and Shuman."

"So amazing. I was given information that you two are partners and that you, my dear, are lactating?" Angela asked softly.

Sydney smiled and nodded. "Alonso is only my second nursing partner. I originally induced lactation with my first husband, but he was sadly a victim to a pirate skirmish. When I ran away from Dallas, I found this town deserted, took refuge at the trailer home, and Alonso found me. It had been so long since I had anyone touch me or nurse from me, so I breastfed him, and well the rest is history" she answered.

"I'm sorry to hear about your tragedy honey, but look at it all this way, the way you two survived, y'all are meant to be part of something much bigger. I also got word that you may be carrying a child now?" Angela continued.

Sydney nodded and said, "we're not sure if I truly am, but I've noticed a lot of growth in my breasts and of course, a few other signs that may indicate it."

Angela smiled and said, "well, honey we won't make you do anything you don't want to, but we will need you to really become a part of the community and contribute to donating or nursing others aside from your own partner. It's only vital to our survival, and it enhances the strength of the community. We can get you an appointment with our medical staff and check to see if you are indeed pregnant, and then we can go from there. There will also be job openings for you, Alonso. You two will be given a house in the townhomes, and you won't need to pay any rent or anything like that, sound good?"

Sydney and Alonso nodded with a smile and said, "sounds great, thank you Angela."

Angela stood and extended her arms and said, "welcome to New Hope."

Sydney and Alonso stood up, made their way around the coffee table and received a strong welcome hug.

They settled back down, and Alonso noticed Katy beaming with a wide smile, a little too happy. Angela settled and then also noticed Katy's reaction, smiled and pressed a finger to her lips.

She turned back to Sydney and Alonso and said, "now, there is an optional welcome initiation that a lot of our new members are huge fans of. I am opening the offer up to you two if y'all would like, but like I said, it's optional."

"Oh?" Sydney said.

"If y'all are open to it, I'd love to nurse the two of you as part of the initiation" Angela said with a wide smile, slightly blushing.

Sydney and Alonso looked at each other and smiled.

"I know that you'd definitely say yes, so what do you want to do?" Sydney teased Alonso.

"Hey now, I'm only okay with it as long as you are" Alonso said defensively.

"Well, I'm not going to be rude and not accept" Sydney said as she got up and approached Angela's couch.

Alonso smiled and shrugged and said, "well alrighty then."

The two sat on either side of Angela as she began to remove her blazer. She let it lay behind her on the couch and began to unbutton her lavender blouse, beginning to reveal a set of massive breasts.

They were concealed behind a coffee colored nursing bra. Angela unclasped the hooks that were held on the bottom of the straps that began the cups. The cups of her bra slid off as she tucked them below her heavy breasts, revealing light-brown areolas, with hard nipples.

"C'mere you two" she said softly as she opened her legs.

Alonso and Sydney knelt before her as they each took a nipple into their mouths. Alonso sucked on Angela's left breast as Sydney sucked on the right. The two working her areolas so well, that she had no trouble at all releasing her own warm, sweet milk.

Angela closed her eyes in ecstasy, relishing and enjoying the delicious sensation of feeding others with her milk. Her nipples felt incredibly good, trapped in hot crevices that demanded her body's nourishment.

She caressed the two sucklers' backs but her right hand traveled to Sydney's front, lightly fondling her breasts above the fabric of her plaid shirt. It almost just hit Sydney, she had not put of a bra at all that day, not even when she had packed. She wasn't sure if to pull away from this woman's wandering hands or to accept it and allow her to explore. It was, after all, a new society to get used to.

Angela's hand unbuttoned the first few buttons to Sydney's flannel shirt and slid her hand into it and began to grope and tug Sydney's left breast. Sydney kept nursing from the teat that was in her mouth as she felt the mayor's fingers give her nipple a healthy tug, spraying a little milk into her palm.

The mayor pulled her hand back out and observed the collection of milk that rolled down her palm. The white drops that began to race down to her wrist, were met by her tongue.

She relaxed again and observed the two sucklers draining her breasts before saying, "Sydney honey, I have to say, you'll make an excellent addition to our community. You've got quite an impressive set of breasts, and your milk is as sweet as can be. Alonso here is a very lucky man."

Alonso couldn't deny that Angela's milk was dangerously good. It was really sweet and rushed into his mouth like a stream at each suck.

Sydney took another few minutes before unlatching and thanking Angela for her bounty. Alonso knew not to be greedy and followed, letting the left breast escape his lips and swallowing the last collection and thanking her as well.

The two settled back onto the opposite end couch and listened further to Angela as she got dressed again. Sydney buttoned up again, from Angela's scavenge into her shirt, and slightly caught, out of the corner of her eye, a stare from Mack. Angela's rummage of her buttons had revealed an ocean of cleavage, so she understood if his eyes couldn't avert it.

"Well, I ought to thank the two of you. Seems my supple was reaching engorgement before I decided to offer the ritual. My officers will now take you across the plaza to the police department to grant you your keys and input your information, so again, welcome, and I hope you two have a pleasant first night" She said while beaming.

Sydney and Alonso once again thanked her as they stood and began to make way to the door along with Mack and Katy.


The police department headquarters seemed pretty busy, lots of desks in the first level and lots of papers going around from worker to worker. Most of the officers were women, but you could point out at least one or two male officers.

Katy took Alonso and Sydney to one of the glass panel doors nearby and took them to a biometric reader machine.

After their names, ages, and blood types were input into the database by typing, she had them each, one after the other, place their thumbs, then their entire hand on the black glass that passed the laser form underneath. They relinquished any old forms of identification for them to take copies of and scan them into the same database.

After taking what seemed almost an hour sorting out the information and files, Katy had the two portfolios arranged and presented them with housekeys to the townhome that would be theirs.

"Well, I'll need final signatures, edits, and Alonso, for your data I also need to fix a few pointers here and there. Sydney's is good, maybe Mack can escort her to your new home and help move in while you finish things up here?" Katy suggested.

Sydney smiled, nodded, and said, "sounds great, Mack would you be so kind as to help me with that?"

Mack nodded and said, "absolutely. I'll lead in the squad car and you'll follow in your truck".

The two exited through the glass panel door and out the main door of the headquarters.

"Alright, so for whatever reason the laser skipped a few bumps on your hands, so we'll try this one more time" Katy said while rebooting the biometrics scanner.

After a few more attempts and wipes of the glass, Katy checked the status on her computer's monitor and said, "finally gotcha' that time".

Alonso smiled out of relief and said, "well that went better than I expected."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Sometimes it acts up" She said as she finally saved the data in his portfolio.

She seemed to be fidgeting a bunch to Alonso, as if she was uncomfortable.

"You know, if you're up for it, we're always looking for male officers to join the force. Of course, you would have to pass the development program first and then go deputy for quite some time, but you still get all the milk your heart could ever desire along the way" Katy offered as she giggled at her last comment.

Alonso chuckled along with her and said, "that may be something I will take you up on. I actually always did want to be a police officer before all hell broke loose".

Katy finished his file and looked at her watch before letting out a soft, "Jesus, no wonder..."

Alonso was curious as to what she meant and asked, "everything okay?"

Katy smiled and pulled her blonde hair up into a messy ponytail before saying, "well, it's been over six hours since I last nursed, so I'm going into engorgement quickly."

Alonso blushed a little. He had no idea that Katy was also capable of producing milk and feeding it to others. "I assume that was before we even met, right?" He asked out of curiosity.

Katy smiled, chuckled, and nodded. "As a matter of fact, yes. Mack had a go at them on top of the hill before we went down to see you guys" she clarified.

"Well, do you want us to go to go meet them at the townhome so that Mack can take care of you?" Alonso asked.

Katy gave him a nervous smile and said, "not really. I kind of need relief right now. I saw how you went all professional on Angela's boobs, care to help me out?"

Alonso was taken away and was beginning to get reluctant and asked, "are you sure, but Mack's your partner, isn't he?"

Katy nodded and said, "my duty partner, but he's not a partnership to me or anything like that. I nurse him, sometimes we hook up. By the way, when did you suckle from Sydney last?"

Alonso thought about it deeply and came out with, "during lunch time when we nursed outside under the tree shadow".

She looked at him with a stern look and said, "I'm going to be fairly honest, she's going to need relief soon as well, and I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure Mack will jump onto that."

Alonso gave her a scowl and said, "how can you say that?"

Katy got up and went to lean on the edge of her desk in front of where he sat and calmly said, "look, I know this transition will be really hard, but to drop your partnership, is to truly help out a lot of people. I understand if you two have feelings for each other, that will produce your child, if you have one anyway. But, it's imperative that you also live a little. We're in a world where anyone can die off with a breath of air, so enjoy the milk and sex. You guys have leverage too. Thousands of women here looking to get pregnant or to shar their milk and survival calls on you to fuck their brains out."

Alonso looked down at his feet a little and said, "okay, fine. I guess I'm just stuck in this pre-apocalyptic mentality. I mean we actually thought it would just be the two of us for life, so we let each other get into our emotions you know?"

Katy nodded in agreement while unbuttoning her uniform's top vest and removing it. She began to unbutton her uniform shirt as well and began saying, "look, Mack isn't a total pig. She's going to be in good hands if he does happen to help her with her engorgement. I hate to add fuel to the fire, but he's been going on about it all day about wanting to suck on her breasts. He saw them when you guys nursed under the tree, and she didn't have a bra on all day, so no doubt had he been staring at her nipples from poking through. Also, when Angela did her poking around on her, he was definitely staring at them when she was trying to get them back under her buttons."

She finished unbuttoning her shirt all the way down but only revealed that she had on a black tank top underneath it. Her own cleavage was beginning to hint an invite as she was swelling. Alonso found it all really wild, and he was not happy about sharing his Sydney's milk. He wasn't too welcoming about the fact that they were going to be open now, or how she may end up having his child as well as others'.

But he also saw what was before him, someone who was very attractive. A pretty blue-eyed blonde with breasts full of milk that was a part of this new post-apocalyptic society that screamed 'hey it's okay to fuck anyone you want'.

"So, you want me to help you?" Alonso asked softly.

Katy's eyes widened and calmed to a gentle smile as she said, "yes, please."

She took one of his hands as she led him to a wooden door with a strong aluminum crank that was to the right of the office. It was a water closet for whomever worked in that same office.

This water closet though, was roomy enough to also have a small grey couch in the corner. She locked the door behind them as she let her uniform shirt fall off her shoulders to hang on the hook that was under the peephole to the door.

Alonso sat on the couch and waited for her. She sat down in the center, and laid one of the couch pillows across her lap. Alonso was ahead of her and laid down with his head across her lap. He could tell that she didn't wear a bra underneath anything as her own nipples stood erect underneath the black cotton. Katy pulled her straps form her shoulders and slipped her arms through the loops.

Alonso pulled the collar of the tank top underneath her breasts and admired them for a brief moment. Officer Ply had very admirably large breasts, not as titanic as Sydney's, but she was likely a D cup. Pale skin, a few freckle specks, and topped with pink areolas and nipples.

He took charge and brought his mouth to devour her right nipple, slipped in her entire areola and sealed his latch. He began a soothing soft suckle, while massaging her nipple with his tongue and moving his jaw in a gentle chew/nibble motion. His right hand was automatically toying and massaging her left breast.

Katy tossed her head back, sinking into pleasure and feeling a growing rush of milk race to her nipples. She knew that within seconds Alonso would be feasting on her healthy supply of breast milk.


"Well, that was the neighborhood. Sorry, your house doesn't come with a very attractive front yard" Mack said with a chuckle. To be clear, the entire neighborhood of townhomes had dirt and gravel as a part of the front yard area.

Sydney rolled her eyes and chuckled as they went back into the house. Mack set down the last suitcase from her truck into the bedroom. He looked around the room and inspected it to see if there had not been any damages or breaches from valley pests.

He began to walk back out to the living room where he continued his inspection, oblivious to the fact that Sydney had placed her breast pump on the coffee table.

Nothing suspicious, or dangerous of any sort from what it seemed, at least he hoped.

"Shit" Sydney said softly.

He looked over to her and noticed that she held a cracked nozzle to a breast pump.

"That's not good" he said out of instinct. 'Oh geez, why the fuck did I say that?' he thought.

Sydney looked frustrated and said, "how could I have not been more careful?"

Mack felt it was time to go as he did not want to seem to intrude on her private matter, but was also taken back by the sight of wet spots on Sydney's shirt that turned her red flannel shirt into almost a crimson shade. Her nipples stood incredibly erect from underneath the spots.

"Um, the last suitcase is now in your room Sydney. I'll make my way out now" he said as he began to walk towards the door.

"Wait, don't leave just yet!" Sydney said.

He was afraid that maybe he had been caught looking or something but walked back.

"Thanks again for taking out all of our stuff from my truck. That was real sweet of you. Do you happen to know if Alonso's on his way back?" She said, with discomfort in her voice.

He shook his head; his eyes being yanked back to her chest. She knew he was looking but didn't care. She needed to empty but wasn't sure how to with her pump broken, and Alonso nowhere to be found.

Mack began to turn away and head again for the door as he felt ashamed to have been lustfully ogling her breasts. She turned her back to the door, looked down to the broken plastic, and then down to her tender breasts. She had to do something.

She began to unbutton her shirt almost all the way down to her navel and called back for Mack with, "Mack, before you leave, can I ask you something?"

He stopped in step again and softly replied, "sure thing".

She turned towards him, cleavage displayed completely, the wet flannel clinging to her nipples, still barely concealing them. "You said that you actively breastfeed from other women in the community, right?" she asked, nearly daring to allow her breasts to come out from behind the curtains that held them back.

"Yeah" he muttered with a dry throat. He was about to lose his mind knowing that he felt he knew what was about to happen.

Sydney softly said while popping the final button to her flannel shirt, "care to help me out? They're going to hurt a lot if I don't empty out soon."

He could not believe his ears or eyes. He couldn't move and kept staring at the massive amount of cleavage on display. She grabbed the shirt's button columns to reveal her breasts to him, displaying the same massive melons that he had seen earlier that morning. They were slightly glistening with the milk that had already escaped. She definitely needed help emptying, and he was going to give her the relief she needed.

Her left nipple was beginning to build a constant drip of whit pearls, and as one drop fell she asked, "see how tender they look, it would help me out a lot if you would breastfeed."

"Okay" Mack finally let out, like a man possessed. She sat on the couch and had him follow her to it and lay on her lap.

He positioned himself so that her left nipple would align to his lips. She helped him by grabbing her breast with her right hand and pressing her nipple into his mouth. He knew exactly how to nurse, as he sealed a strong, and hungry latch well around her areola.

Sydney held his head against her breast and held her breast tightly to his mouth, executing the perfect breastfeeding position, and almost instantly did she let-down with a torrent of built-up milk rushing into Mack's greedy mouth.

He couldn't believe it. All day he had been fantasizing about breastfeeding from this gorgeous brunette with blue eye's breasts, and here he was, actually sucking her breasts and drinking her milk.

Adrenaline was rushing through the two of them, more effectively on Mack, who's cock had already been awfully hard since he noticed her leaking through the shirt, but now it was obvious and almost unbearable.

He sucked hungrily, not giving a damn about the circumstances or if anyone barged in through the door. He savored her milk before swallowing it, so delicately sweet. He could probably claim that Sydney's milk was the most excellent tasting milk in all of the colony, hell maybe even all throughout the state.

He couldn't help but to flick her nipple every few sucks or so with his tongue, just purely out of instinct, but Sydney enjoyed each lap as she pressed and squeezed her breast continuously into his mouth, mothering him and feeding him every drop.

Mack's hands acted out of instinct, his right arm wrapped around Sydney's back and waist and hugged her body closer to his as he devoured her left breast. His left hand though, went straight up to the free breast, which was literally leaking out like a crack in a faucet, her erect and tender nipple sending out sprays of hot milk into the air, and a constant dribble running down the bottom. He placed his palm just above the creamy streams and pressed the nipple into his hand, feeling its' stiffness. He gave her breast a strong, but gentle squeeze, forcing a stronger jet of milk to fire into his palm and drip completely down his hand.

He then shifted the grasp of his vice around her breast's exterior and began to gently play and squeeze it, beginning the sensation of milking. With each soft tug, a massive amount of milk sprayed, landing on his arm, and the coffee table that was across from where they nursed. He developed a rhythm of sucking while squeezing, sending torrents of her milk outward and into his mouth.

All the stimulation was driving Sydney wild, and she knew it wouldn't be long before her own body would be persuaded to get involved again. She let her breast go and continued to hold Mack's head close to the breast he nursed on, all while also feeling the poke of his erection on her side and the bottom of her elbow.

A few more minutes passed on, and Sydney looked down at her right breast, though being expressed by Mack's hand, still desperately needed nursing. She pressed her hand on the surface of her left breast and gave a small pull back, breaking Mack's seal to it. The nipple escaped his mouth and brushed his lips before she softly requested him to switch.

He got up from her lap and sat on the opposite side of where he started, in order to properly face her right breast this time, still display lots of leaking and spraying even without his grasp onto it. Instantly, he collapsed his mouth down onto her breast, and renewed a firm latch, catching all of the milk that escaped, only to force it into a tremendous current.

He held both breasts now as he vigorously sucked, Sydney surrendering her breasts completely to him now. She kept trying to fight the monstrous waves of sexual pleasure that rolled around her body, starting from her breasts and heading south.

Mack was like a child in the desert, nursing at her breast like she was an oasis of milk to him. Her nipples were very welcoming of him now, and stood long ang erect, the right, delivering an onslaught of her milk, and the left, the previously nursed one, still dripping.

Sydney gave up, it would be unbearable to fight it now, and placed her hand above his left, the one that played with her formerly suckled breast. She let out soft moans of pleasure, relishing and sinking into the ecstasy.

Mack was very aware of this and kept sucking like a madman, collecting as much milk in his cheeks, swallowing and torturing her nipple with his tongue. He slowly began to buck his hips slightly, mildly pressing his erection into her ribs. He hadn't even been touched or had been thrusting at all to begin with, but his body was weak to the adrenaline rush that was fulfilling his fantasy of sucking Sydney's large breasts, that he felt he was absolutely close to orgasm.


Alonso's cheeks were filling with Katy's delicious breast milk as he sucked on her left. He had already feasted well into the right side, but something told him that her engorgement was large enough to where she was not going to dry up anytime soon. They had also broken the traditional feeding position as she got Alonso very familiar with her breasts.

After finishing off the right side, she mentioned that she was more comfortable with him nursing while laying on top, which was plenty accomplishable even on the couch that they were on. Alonso was laying on top of Katy's, now completely naked, torso, devouring her left breast's supply while kneading and playing with her other breast. Katy felt no shame in letting out soft gasps out of the rushes of pleasure she was receiving.

Hearing her soft voice moaning and gasping softly was really getting Alonso aroused, all additional to nursing on a new woman's breasts. His erection brushed very noticeably against Katy's own sex as her legs were either side of his body. He kept sucking respectably, draining her breasts before he noticed that she was beginning to dry hump him from underneath as she encouraged the further sucking of her breasts.

Alonso went along with it and returned soft grazing of his cock, obviously still restrained by his clothing onto her vaginal region. He found Katy to be very attractive, and though her breasts were not as mighty as his Sydney's were, they were still rather large, and quite a damn sight; not to mention the delicious milk hidden within them.

He kept grazing her softly, before her lips came close to his ear and whispered, "Fuck me Alonso, please."

He was hesitant at first, simply continuing to suck on her breast, but he became convinced when he felt her hand grabbing the girth of his cock from over his pants, slowly tugging and jerking him. Her hands felt heavenly on his uncomfortably aroused cock. He needed relief too, soon, and here she was to give it to him.

She didn't wait, and began to unzip his fly, reaching in like a sexually hungry woman and yanking the rim of his undergarments below the entire anatomy of his penis. He didn't make a single move other than to continue sucking her tits, all while allowing Katy to unzip and slip her own pants and underwear below her thighs.

He kept sucking her breasts, drinking her milk as he slowly but gently, and without thought, pushed his way inside of her, filling her up completely and hearing her loud gasp of ecstasy.

She was very welcoming of him, as her body was very wet to finally meet him, all to add to Alonso's male instinct to seek sexual relief.

He let go of her breasts briefly before putting his hand behind her waist and cupping her ass. With one swift motion, he began a monstrous rhythm of fucking her, pulling her body in with each amazing, and electrifying thrust.

Katy was very accepting of her newfound pleasure, wrapping her legs around him as he continued his thrusting. She felt like his cock was ringing a bell inside her, that with every thrust he was hitting it harder and more effectively each time, causing her ecstasy to rise and rise.

Alonso went back to Katy's pale and milk-dripping tits as he continued to swiftly fuck her brains out, not giving in to orgasm just yet.


Sydney continued to feed Mack from her right, but he quickly found a way to entertain her body as he would unlatch and interchange strong sucks and kisses to either of her breasts as he held them in his hands.

He'd torture her by switching from side to side with a suck, a lick, and then continuous flicking of her nipples, so much so that she would moan loudly, fully riding the strong sensation of sexual pleasure pulsing through her.

She took his hands off her and asked him to move.

"Did I do too much? I'm sorry if I-" he began, almost beginning to feel awful.

Her back was to him as she let her shirt fall off of her shoulders. She began to unbutton and unzip her jeans as she said, "pants, off, now!"

Mack did as he was instructed and unbuckled and peeled all the way down to his knees.

Sydney had removed her pants completely, along with her boots and now just stood in a floral underwear/thong, and long socks that went up past her knees, kind of like those of a school girl.

"Sorry, I had these on from earlier today" she muttered as she observed the glistening and patient head that awaited her.

"Keep them on, you look lovely" Mack said, trying to keep his entire body's effort from coming at just the sight.

Her tits hung proportionately, still seeping drops of milk, and she pulled her panties down to place either of her knees on either side of Mack as he sat on the couch, waiting for her to mount him. She placed her soft hands on his shoulders, as she sunk down on him, allowing him to fill her completely.

"Fuck" she said softly with eyes closed as she was completely at his base, savoring him inside of her.

Her breasts were in front of him, and he began to kiss them and lap up any milk that escaped as she began to slowly and gently groove on him.

Just the soft fucking alone was tempting Mack to crack and come, but he kept focus and continued to allow her to build up rhythm. She locked her hands on the back of his neck, essentially hugging him to her breasts and allowing him to once again latch on and suckle some more as she began to quicken her pace.

Her pussy juices were so hot, and she was tight as can be, Mack couldn't hold on much longer. This was maddening how hard he had to hold on to bust his nut.

He sucked her left breast and kept drinking her warm milk, and Sydney increased her pace as she began to roughly come down on him, swiftly building up her own body's rush towards a climax.

"Fuck, I never knew I'd be fucking other people this early..." she said out of a pleasure gasp.

"But my body is for everyone now, like you guys said..." she continued as her ecstasy overpowered any emotions of guilt.

She fucked Mack harder and faster as he continued the torture to her nipples, the drawing of her milk into his mouth.

Sydney's tight body was doing a tremendous number on him as he switched to the other tit to suck and nibble upon. He held her ass as she rode him, not caring about coming soon anymore.

Sydney was not going to last long. All of Mack's accumulated sucking and playing of her tits had already aroused her tenfold, which is why she always had such a strong and high sex drive.

She kept fucking him, nearing closer and closer to climax. She kept pounding her body down onto his cock, furiously as she approached.

Mack wanted to come just as badly as she did and unlatched from her tits as he took both of them into his hands and gave both of her nipples a torturous yank with his thumb and index fingers, sending squirts of milk into his face, all while Sydney gave her final strong thrusts down onto his throbbing cock, sending her into a massive orgasm.

Mack felt the warm milk spray onto his face and immediately came furiously. He felt his cock pump what seemed eight pulsed ropes of come into her as she greedily rode her own orgasm, and collecting each of his shots.

"Oh my fucking god" Sydney said, as she began to slow down.

There was even a small after-shock tickle in Mack's shaft, and he took her ass and began to thrust up into her some more before sending a few more shots of come, experiencing a second, but smaller orgasm. He just found Sydney so irresistibly sexy and fuckable, that he somehow pulled another one out of nowhere.

Sydney rested in position, her breasts still at mouth's access to Mack. He rested as well, feeling a dripping nipple on his cheek and feeling the warm milk that escaped it to run down his cheek, down his neck, and into his shirt.

After another breath, he turned his cheek and began to nurse on the breast that was soaking his uniform shirt, latching on once more.

Sydney smiled down at him, seeing her breast being suckled some more, very satisfied with the sex, and joked, "you just can't get enough huh?"


Alonso had Katy reversed, with him hitting it from behind. Katy had a wonderful ass, and he was very appreciative of having it against the base of his cock as he rammed inside of her.

They had transitioned positions after some time of fucking in missionary. It was driving Alonso wild seeing Katy's large tits hang and swing with each thrust he gave her. She was very enthused to being fucked from behind as she continued to moan loudly, regardless of where they were.

She arched her back to the point where he almost had her against the wall behind the couch, kissing her neck as he kept fucking her. He grabbed her tits from underneath and squeezed them, squirting milk against the wall, and some landing on top of the couch.

Each time he squeezed her pale breasts would collect a little rosy color near her nipples and the pale-blue veins that ran across them showed prominence. This sight was driving Alonso into a furious arousal, but soon, he pulled out and had her climb onto the seat of the couch, in order to sink onto his cock as he stood. He carried her slightly to the right and pinned her back to the wall, fucking her brutally while standing.

She held her arms around the base of the back of his neck and pressed her nipples close to his face, both leaking and daring him to suckle some more. Alonso captured the right breast again and sucked as he fucked her some more, pressing his face into her breast each time that he pushed into her.

She felt completely overwhelmed with pleasure feeling this sort of dominance and sex, that she came so much earlier than expected. Alonso felt her vaginal muscled vice his cock as he kept pounding into her, hearing her moan and ride out each wave of intensity.

Finally, he gave it up and gave her one final thrust, to relieve her from overwhelming ecstasy that would soon become unbearable. He came into her with a strong force of a monster load. He was even shocked to feel as much come escape from him, considering he had already blasted in Sydney earlier that morning.

He carried her tired and slightly limp body back to the couch, ejected himself and sat next to her. She was smiling widely, enjoying every bit of the action that had just transpired between them, her nipples still erect and glistening with escaped milk, displaying evidence of how good it felt for her.

"You were wonderful Alonso. I think many of our women will be very happy to have you here, as the men will be about Sydney" She said softly.

"Katy, you are incredibly sexy, you know? I mean you look fantastic in the uniform, but I never knew you had such a gorgeous body until, well..." Alonso spat out between breaths.

Katy smiled and nodded. "Sometimes the uniform doesn't do much justice to us ladies".

The two chuckled, still naked to each other, sitting in a silence intended for recovery.

"How often can we do this?" Alonso asked curiously.

Katy smiled wide and asked, "The fucking, or nursing?"

"Both, I suppose" Alonso answered bluntly.

"Well, if you want to nurse from me often, I can give you my address and number. I suppose the same goes for fucking if that's fine with you, and so long as I don't end up pregnant" she answered confidently.

"So, you won't have sex if you're pregnant?" Alonso asked, seeking clarity. 

"I'd have to retire temporarily from my duty as an officer if I was to deliver a child, but if I do end up pregnant by anyone, which would now include you if it settles in me, then I would choose to reserve myself to not participate in any sexual activity until after birth" She explained.

"You're not mad that I came inside of you?" He asked slightly nervously.

"Not at all. You can have as many children here in the colony, so long as no bloodlines are crossed or twisted in your own. That's why the records are super important and why we keep track of what everyone does in the colony. Not to upset you, but it would be no different if another man got Sydney pregnant after she has yours. Just setting the picture for you, but otherwise, I'd be delighted to carry your child. You are very cute, and you suckle breasts like a goddamn natural" Katy said with a small blush.

Alonso nodded and smiled a little, dismissing any guilt of any, and accepting that the new world had new opportunities. Sydney was still his love, and she was also at home thinking the same as she cleaned up from her messes with Mack.

Sydney felt she had betrayed her only partner just this once, but the new society would prove that there needed not to be a guilt, but rather a good deed to share her breasts with others.


Captain Lansing, head of the police department was sharing the fresh files of the new residents with Angela, the mayor in her office.

Lansing was a tall blonde woman with hazel eyes. As opposed to the casual police uniform, she held a few more badges on her vest and wore a beret, a casual option to her usual captain's cap.

"So, it seems that our new guests have certainly accommodated themselves well into the colony..." Lansing began.

"What makes you say that Captain?" Angela asked with a smile, seeming very amused.

"Well, while Mr. Picasso finished paperwork with Officer Ply, Officer Shuman took Ms. Osbourne to their new home. Either party spent an excess of two hours, which is rather more than an ordinary move-in process takes" Lansing replied.

"You're saying that our officers became 'very familiar' with the opposite sex individual?" Angela asked in chuckle.

"To be honest your honor, Officer Shuman did return to HQ before the end of the day's shift to clock out, yet his uniform displayed stains coming from a wet source. The stains were not drying up as fast as they would in water, and they displayed a strong odor of sweetness. As for Officer Ply, a first level office camera did display Ply removing her vest and getting comfortable before taking the male subject, Mr. Picasso into a nursing room" Lansing reported.

Angela smiled and gazed up at the stars that shined through the glass ceiling. She chuckled and said, "This is wonderful. That girl Sydney, she'll make a mighty fine addition to our community. I'm sure Officer Shuman was delighted to have been the first to dine from her. As for Alonso, he is going to make an excellent addition as well. Lansing, the way he sucked my breast, I would almost have taken him for my own. The boy's got an excellent latch. You'd be delighted by him if you were to drop those milk tanks of yours over to him" Angela joked.

Lansing blushed as she looked down to her chest. "With all due respect ma'am. I look like I'm no competition for his Sydney, and both you and Officer Ply are gifted larger than I am."

Angela smiled at her captain and dismissed her insecurity by saying, "child, you may not be a double-d, but you sure can make a hell of a lot of milk, seriously though, let that young man suck on yours. You won't regret it. Rumor has it that they pitched him to apply for a deputy position, so I'd say you go for it."

Lansing smiled and nodded. She began to put the files back together again to put away soon.

Angela continued to talk more about her impression of Alonso's suckling as she let out, "now that I think back to how he nursed from me, I kind of want to treat him to several more visits to my office, maybe even give him hours as my door guard and just have him come in during every few hours to suckle. All this has my own milk stirring. Care to nurse from me some captain?"

Captain Lansing was shocked slightly at the offer, but as she had already many times before, she nodded and proceeded to follow the mayor to the couches in the center of the room.

Angela removed her blazer, unbuttoned her blouse, released the clasp to her nursing bra's left cup and like a magnet, brought in Captain Lansing to her swelling breast.

"There you are honey, drink up. Our colony is going to grow exponentially because of the newcomers. The future looks really bright, and as sweet as my milk" Angela said.

Lansing nodded, lips sealed tight to her mayor's nipple, already swallowing a mouthful of her delicious titty treat. Lansing knew she was right, and she'd hope to make an asset out of both of the new arrivals to the colony.

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