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Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part One: Big Jim

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t grow up thinking about running for political office, and it’s usually personal circumstances that evolve to encourage them to do so. That is certainly the case with my husband Ed, and you might be interested in learning the path we took to his becoming elected to be the State Representative for our district in 2012.

My name is Abigail, but everyone calls me Abi, and Ed and I grew up in a rural, farming county in the Deep South in the late 1990s. Our families owned successful farms, and our high school years were a delicate balance of working on the farms and completing our high school studies. But even with all of those responsibilities, we were still active in school activities. Ed played baseball and football, and I was a cheerleader and on the student council. We started dating in our sophomore year, and have been together ever since.

I don’t mean to brag, but it is essential to the story for you to know that I was blessed with having a great body and beautiful hair, skin and face. I was even voted the autumn harvest queen during my senior year. I’m five feet and five inches tall and a voluptuous one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and I developed nice full and firm D-cup breasts at the beginning of my junior year. They are DDs now that I am nursing our son. My hair is naturally dishwater-blonde and I have jade-green eyes. People are always complimenting me on my appearance, and some say that I look a lot like the actress Jessica Biel, except for my substantially larger breasts.

We graduated high school in 1999 and attended the same university. Ed got his degree in agricultural sciences and I became a secondary education teacher. We got engaged after our college graduation in 2003, and while I found a good teaching job back in our home county, Ed felt the call of duty to join the military. He enlisted in the Army for a four year commitment since he did not want to be obligated for more time as a commissioned officer, and he did five tours in the Middle East. He was wounded several times, although not critically. He returned home a decorated hero, and was well-respected in our little part of the world.

I continued living with my mother and stepfather during the time Ed was in the service, and was able to save a lot of money. When Ed returned home from active duty in 2007 we got married and bought a two hundred acre farm. We put our savings together and made a decent down payment on the acreage, but that still left us with a sizable mortgage.

We were able to make a modest living for the first few years with my teaching income and our fairly good success on the farm, but in 2011 we had a bad year with our crops, and I had taken an extended unpaid leave from teaching. That’s because we had a baby, and I stayed home with our son who was six months old, and the school had already replaced me.

It was a blessing that Ed was able to impregnate me naturally in the first place. We did it with the focused help of his urologist and some medication to get his cock hard. He was injured by some farm equipment and it broke his pelvis and caused damage to the muscles and nerves involved in getting an erection. We weren’t able to have meaningful sex, and it really dampened Ed’s self-esteem by not being able to satisfy me. He usually sucked my pussy to give me pleasure, and I sucked his limp dick to give him some sexual stimulation. It was ironic that after being wounded in the service, it was the farm accident that had the most devastating effect on him.

Things were looking bleak for us financially, until a visit from an old friend of my family’s. Big Jim is the largest and wealthiest farmer in the county, with almost twelve thousand acres under cultivation and being grazed. He is also the chairman of the board of county commissioners and the leader of the majority political party in our state legislative district. He is a good friend of my father Franklin and both of them are fifty-two years old. His stepdaughter Kimberly was in my grade and we were also good friends

Big Jim had been trying unsuccessfully to interest Ed in running for the state legislature in our district ever since he returned home and we bought the farm. He knew that a born-and-raised local boy who had become a war hero would have a good chance of winning any election in the district. Ed was polite, but always turned him down.

Ed and I had just turned thirty years old when Big Jim visited us at the time of this story. He was trying to sell Ed on running for our district legislative seat again. An old incumbent was retiring, and Big Jim wanted to be able to maintain some control over legislation that affected farming in our area, by helping to elect Ed.

Big Jim is a big man at six feet and three inches tall and about two hundred and fifty pounds, and he is heavily built, although not fat. His full head of hair is mostly gray and he is ruggedly handsome. His huge farm is only a mile from our farm, and he stopped by on a Friday evening to talk with us about Ed running for the seat.

Ed was agreeable to running this time, and we found out that the legislature is typically in session only three months at the beginning of the year, which is the slow time in running a farm. With the salary and in-session per diems Ed would only make about thirty thousand dollars per year. That would not cover our total shortfall, but it would at least help us to meet our obligations, while still allowing Ed to work on the farm.

Big Jim seemed curious at Ed’s change of heart in agreeing to run for office, but we didn’t initially tell him about our financial troubles being the impetus of that decision. Jim seemed to be a little suspicious of the change of heart, but he was pleased with the decision. He agreed to hold a fundraising event at his sprawling farm house, which is more like an Old South plantation, for the next weekend.

My mother was able to babysit our son, and we arrived early at Jim’s place so we could meet the potential donors as they arrived. He had invited thirty of the most-prominent men and women in our county and their spouses, and that included bankers, lawyers, accountants, and business owners, as well as other wealthy farmers who had a big stake in the election. My parents were invited, but they were unable to attend. About an hour into the event, Ed was surrounded with the attendees who wanted to know everything they could about Ed’s background and political leanings. It was then that Big Jim came up to me and said, “Why don’t you come out with me on the veranda darlin’, so we can get a little air.”

I was happy to take a break from all of the political talk, and Jim’s old style veranda was just beautiful with the tall columns and rustic furniture. We talked about the old days for a few minutes and then Jim said, “You know, Abi, I think you are more beautiful now than when you were the harvest queen thirteen long years ago. I’ll never know how you’ve been able to keep that gorgeous figure after having a baby. The reason I wanted to speak with you alone is that I’m worried about you guys. I got the feeling the other night at your home that your family is under a lot of stress. I’m guessing that is why Ed is agreeable to run for this seat. Tell me about it honey, maybe I can help.”

Ed and I had agreed not to discuss our troubles with anyone else, but I couldn’t help it. Tears came streaming down my cheeks and I told Jim everything about our financial situation. Then I said, “Jim, it’s even gotten to the point that I’ve been considering weaning our son off of breast milk so I can start looking for another teaching job. We just have to find a way to make more money, or we could lose everything. And we have also been considering having another child, which will make it even harder for us.”

Jim listened sympathetically, and he seemed even more attentive when I mentioned that I was breast feeding. He put his huge arm around me as he thought for a minute and then said, “You know, Abi, I might have a way for you to make more money for your family that will allow you to stay home with your baby. What I’m about to suggest might seem a little odd at first, but please just hear me out before you react.”

He paused for a moment as if to bolster his courage and then continued, “Very few people know what I’m about to tell you, and I trust that this will remain our little secret. For several years now I have been buying frozen mother’s milk from a milk bank in Raleigh and having it shipped to me. I drink about eight ounces of it a day and it helps me with an immune disorder that I have. I’m paying four dollars an ounce for it, but even at that it is not always available to adults. So it’s costing me about one thousand dollars a month. So what I’m proposing is…..”

It wasn’t hard to see where this was headed and I interrupted him mid-sentence saying, “Whoa, Jim, just a minute. Are you suggesting that I provide you with my mother’s milk? I don’t know the first thing about processing and preparing my milk for someone else to use, and I’m not sure how I feel about it anyway.”

Jim then continued, “Well, Abi, this is the touchy part. I’d want to take your milk directly from the source, so there would be no problem with preparation. I would just come to your home at a convenient time each day and suckle you for the milk. I’d be willing to pay you six dollars per ounce for the privilege of getting it fresh from you like that, and your body will compensate so you’d still have plenty for your son. I realize that is a very intimate thing to do, but I’ve known you since you were a little girl, and I think we could both handle it as adults. I’ll go to great lengths to help Ed win this election, if you can find it in your heart to help an old man out with this. And for heaven’s sake I sure wouldn’t want Franklin to know about it.

I stood there stunned as he continued to hold me and I was searching for something to say. I didn’t want to say anything harsh to hurt his feelings, so I tried to put off answering him by saying, “Wow, Jim that is some proposal. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it right now, and I’ve obviously never had an adult nurse me like that. I’ll talk to Ed about it tonight, since this will have to be a family decision.”

We rejoined the others in the main room, and Jim kept his distance from me for the rest of the evening. When we got home, I told Ed about my conversation with Jim. I told him that I wasn’t sure how to react to his request, and asked Ed what he thought about it.

Ed looked perplexed at first and then said, “You sure don’t hear a request like that every day. Jim is an older man and probably harmless, although that is still a very intimate thing to do. The fact that he is an old family friend makes me less upset about it, and I think it has to be your decision. He’s willing to pay more for the convenience and being able to get the milk fresh. You have to know, though, that part of it has to be his attraction to your beautiful, big breasts. Most men can’t keep their eyes off of you as it is. I’ll support you either way honey, and we sure could use that extra money.”

I was surprised that Ed was so nonchalant about me breast feeding Jim, and he seemed to be focused mostly on the monetary aspects of the proposal. Ed never was the jealous type, and he seemed to enjoy it when other men stared at me. I had to wonder if he was mildly encouraging me to let Jim suckle me due in part to his erection problem, and whatever satisfaction he would gain by knowing what I was doing with Jim. Although it seemed in some ways disgusting, I have to admit that the idea of it made me curious, and I sort of wanted to at least try it. So I said, “Okay, honey, I'll call Jim and let him know he can come over tomorrow when the baby’s sleeping. I think it might be best if you are outside and close by while he’s here, at least for the first time.”

Jim was happy to receive my call and we made plans for him to come over during the baby’s nap time starting at 1:00 pm, and Ed agreed to stay in the barn while Jim was there. He showed up right on time, and I was pleased to see that he was as nervous as I was. We made small talk for a few minutes, and then I said, “This is really embarrassing for me Jim, but I guess we should get started. I’m willing to at least try it one time, and we can see how it goes from there. I’ll sit on the couch and you can lean across my lap. When it feels like you’re half done, we can shift to the other side.”

I was wearing a loose t-shirt with no bra to make it easier, and when Jim lay across my lap from my right side, I lifted my t-shirt exposing my left breast. He just looked at my tit for a few moments and then said, “Oh my, Abi, you’re better built than I imagined. You’re breasts are so full and round, and are absolutely gorgeous.”

Then he leaned in and took my nipple and areola into his mouth and began sucking. His comments about my breasts seemed to sexualize the situation, and I instinctively cradled his head with my left arm. I was used to the nurturing, motherly feeling that I got nursing my son, and this was so different. He was sucking strongly on my tit and soon learned how to get the milk flowing. That’s when I realized that his suckling was turning me on sexually. He also pulled my t-shirt up over my right breast, and he was fondling it with his left hand. After about ten minutes I pushed him away so we could change sides.

He was now lying across me from my left side and sucking my right breast, and I rested my left arm and hand across his right hip which was rotated towards me. He was beginning to moan and squirm with obvious sexual pleasure as he continued sucking milk from my right breast, while kneading and rubbing my left tit. At one point he rolled his hip slightly outward, and my hand fell across his crotch. There was a huge, unmistakable lump in his pants that could only be his hard cock and I momentarily and unconsciously squeezed it before I realized what I was doing. I then quickly pulled my hand away as Jim hungrily sucked my tit and swallowed my milk.

After a couple of more minutes I gently pushed his mouth of off my breast and said, “I think you’ve had way more than eight ounces from me, and I have to save the rest to feed the baby in an hour or so.”

Jim just stayed on my lap, looking at my huge breasts hanging in front of his face. He then smiled up at me and said, “Damn, Abi, this was so much better than I realized it would be, and I’m afraid that it was arousing for me. I’m sorry and didn’t mean to cause your hand to touch me like you did. At least now I think you can tell that they call me Big Jim for reasons other than just being tall. I had no way of knowing that nursing from you would cause such stimulation. Did it affect you the same way, darlin’?”

I was surprised and pleased that he was willing to talk about it openly, and I said, “Yes, Jim, it surprised me too. It’s a totally different emotional feeling from nursing my baby, and I have to admit that I enjoyed feeling you sucking me that way. I need to talk to Ed about how this went to decide if we can continue.”

We made a tentative appointment for the same time the next day. Jim reluctantly left, and I called Ed into the house to talk about what happened. I told him everything about us both being aroused and how I felt Jim’s huge cock, which I could barely get my hand around when I squeezed him. Then I said, “I’m sorry, honey, but I enjoyed that way more than I thought I would or should have. I found it hard to control myself, and frankly, I don’t know what will happen if I keep meeting with Jim. It would have been so easy to fuck him today, but I couldn’t do that behind your back. Talk to me, honey. Do you want me to continue nursing Jim or not?”

Ed smiled and said, “I was hoping it would go that way. I feel so bad about not being able to satisfy you like before, and I have heard the rumors about Jim’s big cock. He’s supposed to be about ten inches long and very thick, as you now know, and he has a reputation for fucking around with other men’s wives. That is pretty damn good for a fifty-two year old man. And from my perspective, I’d rather have you fucking an older, married man who won’t have any motivation to take you from me."

"I don’t have a problem with you being with him, as long as I get to watch, and maybe even participate by cleaning you up with my mouth. We’ll just have to take the risk on you getting pregnant by him. Of course, he also needs to support me fully for the district seat. If anything happens beyond the nursing, I expect you to be well-compensated for it.”

I called Jim that night and confirmed our time for the next day. I expected things to go as they did before, except that Ed would be hiding in the next room. I was contemplating taking things to the next level after Jim became aroused, if he didn’t do it first.

Jim showed up the next day and had no idea that I was willing to sexualize my relationship with him. Except that after squeezing his cock the day before, and him knowing that I told Ed about it, my willingness to nurse him again must have given him some hint about it at least being a possibility.

We went straight to the couch with little conversation, and this time when he lay across my lap, I took my t-shirt off completely. He looked at my full, round pendulous breasts for a moment and then latched onto my left tit and started sucking. After just a few minutes, I saw the lump in his pants, but decided to wait to make a move until he switched sides.

He soon turned around and sucked my right breast, and I held his head against me with my right arm. Ed had stepped around the corner and was watching intently as I reached down and rubbed Jim’s cock with my left hand. Jim increased the suction on my nipple and moaned loudly when he realized that I was purposely rubbing his cock. He opened his eyes to look up at me when I unfastened his buckle and button and pulled down his zipper. He pulled his mouth off my tit for a moment and said, “Damn, darlin’, you are sure making an old man happy. I hope you know what you’re doing getting this started. May I assume that Ed knows what is happening here?”

I pulled his thick, hardening cock out of his underwear and started stroking him as I smiled and said, “Ed not only knows about it, but he wants you to fuck me. That accident two years ago made him impotent, and he somehow knows that you are more than man enough to satisfy me. In return he wants to make sure that you do everything you can to get him elected, and he insists that I be fairly compensated if this goes further. Pay me what you think it’s worth to you, and I’ll decide if it’s enough for me to continue.”

Jim smiled at me and said, “Oh, Abi, what a wonderful surprise. You already know that I have money, and I will be generous with you, but it isn’t and endless supply. Is it even safe for you to have sex with me? You told me the other night at the fund raiser that you and Ed were planning on having another child. Does that mean that you are no longer using birth control? Should I be wearing a condom?”

I was touched by his concern and said, “Ed and I were planning on going to his urologist to help me get pregnant again, and you’re right that I’m not on birth control anymore. I’ll do my best to only allow you to fuck me during my safe times. If I make a mistake it isn’t your problem. If I’m going to fuck you, I want to feel this huge cock in me bare, and I want to feel your semen and sperm shooting into me. It might even make it more enjoyable for you knowing that you are inseminating a fertile woman anyway. And just so you know, Ed will want to suck my pussy clean afterwards.”

It really felt strange as I leaned down to my left to suck the cock of a man who is a friend of the family’s and as old as my stepfather. His cock is at least ten inches long, as Ed told me, and it is so thick that my hand just barely fit around it. He also has a mushroom cock head, and there are thick veins running all over the surface of it. His balls are also big and hairy. I opened as wide as I could and took his cock head into my mouth and began sucking him. Jim immediately reached down to hold my head in place as he began to thrust his hips and fuck my mouth.

Ed moved closer to watch where Jim couldn’t see him, and he was rubbing his limp dick as I continued sucking Jim. It felt so good to have a hard cock in my mouth again, and this one is especially huge. After just a few more minutes Jim was panting as he said, “Whoa, darlin’, I’m getting pretty close now and don’t want my first ejaculation with you to be in your mouth. Let’s take this to the bedroom so we’ll be more comfortable.”

I got up and saw that Ed was out of sight and was likely headed for the closet in our bedroom. Jim pulled off his clothes as soon as we got to the bedroom, and I quickly followed by taking off my shorts and underwear. Jim looked at me approvingly as I lay back on the bed, and I saw his big cock and low-hanging balls swinging between his legs as he moved on top of me. He pressed himself into my vulva and stretched me more than ever before. It was painful at first, but then when he had about seven inches of his cock in me he paused and said, “You are so beautiful and your pussy is so sweet and tight. I can hardly believe that I am lucky enough to be fucking you. You damn sure can’t tell Franklin about this, sweetheart. He’d kick my ass clear out of the county.”

Jim continued fucking into me and had soon bottomed out on my cervix. He kept pressing and my uterus finally shifted upward and he was buried to the balls in my pussy. Then he starting fucking me aggressively as I was having a continuous orgasm. He only lasted a few more minutes and pressed the head of his cock against my cervix as I felt his cock flex and pulse inside me. I could actually feel his forceful sprays of cum shooting against my womb as he gasped and groaned and said, “Oh shit, Abi, if you are the least bit fertile today then Big Jim will be giving you his baby. I haven’t cum this hard in years, and I’m flooding your sweet cunt with my baby batter!”

He stayed on me slowly stroking his softening cock in me, and even soft he filled my pussy more than Ed ever did. Then he rolled off of me and cuddled by my side sucking milk from my breast again.

Ed opened the closet door when Jim started fucking me, and I saw that he continued to rub his soft dick as Jim fucked me. He decided that there was no reason to wait further to join us on the bed. Jim continued sucking my tit even as he felt Ed crawl onto the bed between my legs, and only pulled off of me and looked down at Ed when he heard me moaning. Ed had lifted my legs over his shoulders to get a better grip to pull himself fully between my legs, and he was hungrily sucking my vulva and swallowing Jim’s big load.

When Ed was satisfied that he had cleaned me completely, he lay back on the bed on the other side of me. Then he looked over at Jim and said, “I sure hope that seeing me between Abi’s legs after you fucked her doesn’t make you think less of me as a man or a candidate. I can’t fuck her like I used to, but I can sure enjoy her like this.”

Jim laughed and said, “No problem, my boy. If anything I feel guilty for being so lustful about Abi, and selfish for using her this way. After all, she is young enough to be my daughter, and she is the stepdaughter of my best friend. I have fucked other men’s wives in front of them, and they also cleaned their pussies. Hell, man, some of them even sucked my cock for me to clean it, and even at other times to make me cum. So I feel very good about both of you and would love to continue this relationship. And, Ed, if you ever get the desire to suck my cock, I’d be more than happy to let you.”

I was surprised when Ed leaned over to suck the cum and my juices off of Jim’s big cock. I knew at that moment that our lives together had changed in a significant way. I guess that Jim’s description of what the other husbands did for him gave Ed the desire to fully explore his new role as my cuckold husband.

Ed sucked Jim’s cock until it was about half hard, and then we all lay on the bed for a while to talk. Jim told us how happy he was that I would continue to breast feed him, and he was especially happy to be able to fuck me.

Jim was thinking out loud about a fair price to pay for fucking me and he said, “Well, you know, I have fucked a few of the pretty little whores at the strip club in town at the county seat, and paid as little as fifty to one hundred dollars. But none of them can hold a candle to, Abi. You are almost like a daughter to me and definitely not a whore. If it is okay with you two, I think two hundred dollars would be fair for fucking you. I know that we won’t be able to fuck every time I come here to suckle your tits, so I’d be willing to pay fifty dollars for a blow job to completion from either of you.”

I rolled over and hugged Jim and tongue-kissed him hard and said, “That seems more than fair, Jim, and will go a long way to helping us financially, while also spicing up our sex lives. By my quick calculation, with the breast feeding, and assuming a modest one fucking and one cock sucking per week, that will amount to about thirty thousand dollars per year, and it’s tax free. For that kind of money, I don’t mind being your little whore, Big Jim.”

Jim then said, “If you really don’t mind being a whore, I know how to get you even more money. I think you know Harley who has a ten thousand acre farm not too far from here. He’s my age and we’ve done a lot of carousing together over the years, and he also has a big cock. I know that he would enjoy sucking milk from your tits, but not for health reasons. And I know that he would damn sure enjoy fucking you and watching Ed suck your pussy clean."

"I can talk to him about it if you two are interested. Hell, if he just wanted to drink your milk twice a week and fuck you once a week that would be another fifteen grand a year for you. And if you want even more, there are plenty of men that I know in the county who would love a chance to be with you, and you probably know most of them.”

Big Jim continued nursing me, and we got into a routine where he fucks me six times a month on average, and he has his cock sucked off every day except when we fuck. Jim gets so aroused while sucking my milk, and we found a way to greatly magnify his pleasure by having Ed suck him off while he is nursing me. It is so erotic seeing Ed between Jim’s legs sucking his cock while Jim is sucking my breasts. And Ed liked sucking Jim’s cock and swallowing his cum so much that he did it for free most of the time.

Two months after Jim started nursing and fucking me, Ed won the election, and we had another source of income. When Ed was out of town during the legislative session, I continued breast feeding, fucking, and sucking Jim’s cock. And then after about three months of Jim fucking me, I got pregnant. We knew that it had to be Jim who impregnated me, since Ed and I never followed through with the urologist, and he hadn’t fucked me in well over a year.

My son was nine months old by then, and when I started weaning him, I had a lot of extra milk. Rather than letting my milk production diminish to just satisfy Jim’s needs, he contacted Harley and two other friends who were more than happy to suck milk from my breasts and of course, to fuck me.

As my pregnancy progressed and my belly got larger, the men were more and more excited to fuck me. They all knew that it was Jim’s baby, and the thought that one of their own had impregnated another man’s wife greatly enhanced their excitement at fucking me. Ed tried to be with me whenever he could, and he was happily sucking those men’s cocks and swallowing their cum, as well as cleaning my pussy. We were happy that Jim had given me his baby, and we were going to raise it as our own.

We had much better luck with our crops the following year, and our financial problems were over. With Ed’s legislator pay and the eighty thousand plus a year that we were making with the breast feeding, fucking and sucking, we were not wealthy by any means, but very comfortable. We hope to continue this lifestyle until our kids are old enough to know what’s going on, but it will be very hard to stop completely. I’m sure that we’ll find some way to continue that protects the kids.

See Part Two where I continue being sucked by and fucking Big Jim and his friends, and also fuck my stepfather and step grandfather

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