Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Album

It is well over a quarter of a century now since I first got to know Frank. He and his wife, Jenny were very kind to us when we moved in next door with a young family, and Jenny would often babysit if we wanted to go out for the evening. Sadly, Jenny died five years ago after a long illness, just ten months before Frank’s seventy-fifth birthday.However, Frank felt that she would still want him to continue with the planned celebration, although it became more a memorial of their fifty years of happy marriage, and he spent much of the evening reminiscing about their life together.
As the night drew on, and after all the other guests had left, his inhibitions perhaps relaxed by the wine, Frank began to talk candidly about their sex life. It became clear that they had enjoyed an active and adventurous relationship right up to the last few months of Jenny’s life when she became too ill to make love. He admitted that he missed the physical presence of her warm soft body in his bed, and that the strength of his sexual desires had not waned with her death. He needed, he said, to relieve himself regularly by masturbating, although it was rather unsatisfying, and definitely not the same as making love to a real woman.
He also became rather flirtatious and made no pretence of hiding his admiration for my wife, Eleanor’s voluptuous charms, and when we left to return home his goodnight kiss was rather more passionate than the usual quick peck between close friends.
When we were lying in bed relaxing after enjoying gentle and sweet lovemaking, Ellie and I discussed Frank’s situation, and wonderedwhat we could do to help him. Frank was not really computer literate, otherwise I would have suggested some tasteful voyeur web sites for him to enhance his masturbation sessions, with arousing pictures of naked women posted by themselves or their partner — including one site where Ellie and I had posted many explicit pictures of her over a number of years.

“My darling,” I said, “Frank obviously finds you attractive, and I wondered if you would mind if I put together a small portfolio for him of photographs I have taken of you. I'm sure that if I were in the same position I would be delighted if someone would do the same for me.”
“Oh Ken,” she replied, “you are so thoughtful. I have no objections at all. It is rather flattering to think that men still find my body desirable and arousing. It is no different really from posting pictures on Voyeur Heaven, and it will make me happy to know that Frank is getting sexual pleasure from photos of my naked body.”
Even though Ellie was approaching fifty, she was still very beautiful. Although her figure was a little fuller than when we had met, she was very desirable and many men - and some women - had posted comments on her pictures about how they would like to make love to her. Her breasts were a delicious handful with dark areolae and prominent nipples, and she had a large clitoris and full vaginal lips that spread like a butterfly wings when she was aroused. I was certain that Frank would enjoy masturbating while looking at her photos much more than lying in his bed in the dark desperately stroking his cock.
As it was the weekend, I was able to spend the next morning going through the files on my hard drive, and I selected about a hundred photos and copied them to a special folder for printing. I was rather proud of my photographic skills, and had spent a lot of effort in trying to eliminate distracting backgrounds and in getting the lighting right to enhance the sensuality of the subject as well as the raw sexuality of the content. I had worked in both black and white and colour, but I found that the most dramatic and erotic pictures were either monochrome or with a very reduced tonal range which emphasised the tactile qualities of naked flesh.
I chose a wide range of shots of Ellie, from pictures of her in various stages of deshabille to ones showing her aroused pussy or masturbating with her fingers or a dildo. In many of these shots, I had managed rather well to capture the ecstasy on her face as she climaxed. I also selected a few shots taken after I had fucked her, lying in post orgasmic bliss with my cum seeping from her pussy.
It took about a week to print all the photos in eleven by fourteen inches format, and when I had finished I mounted them in an album with a dedication on the inside front page: “To our dear friend Frank, may these pictures give you many hours of pleasure. With love from Ken and Ellie.” I then wrapped the album in decorative paper, secured with a large red bow.
Ellie and I debated the best way to give Frank his present. After considering a number of possibilities, we eventually came to the simple conclusion that it would be neighbourly to invite him to join us regularly for a meal on a Friday evening, and that the second or third time would be an appropriate occasion.
It was during the course of our discussions that we also started to wonder about the consequences of our actions, and in particular, whether we would be prepared to let things go further.
In all of our near-thirty years of marriage, neither of us had been tempted to stray, and although we found our exhibitionism exciting, it merely served as a stimulus to our sex life. We were not interested in swinging, unlike some of our friends, but we realised that there was a strong possibility that Ellie might become sexually involved with Frank, and it was necessary to examine our feelings about this.
It was Ellie who voiced these feelings first. “My darling Ken, I love you dearly, and I don't want to do anything to hurt you or damage our marriage. By giving Frank these very erotic and revealing pictures we may have started a chain of events that will end up with me becoming intimate with Frank, a possibility that I must admit I find rather stimulating. He is still an attractive man and he and Jenny obviously had a very active and mutually fulfilling sex life, which he clearly misses.”
“Dearest Ellie,” I replied, “I have also thought a lot about this, and to be perfectly honest I don't think I will be jealous at all, even if you end up fucking Frank, and it will not lessen my love for you one iota. I know that technically you will be cheating on me, and that I will be a cuckold, but I don't believe I will feel humiliated or demeaned in any way, and it's not as if you will be going behind my back. In fact, I would rather enjoy taking photographs of the two of you, though only for our personal use and enjoyment - and Frank’s, of course.”
Nothing else was said that evening about the possibility - really the probability - that Ellie would give herself to Frank sexually sometime in the next few weeks. In fact, nothing much was said at all as we were fully occupied making love, each of us aroused in our different ways by our conversation.
We had sex in our favourite position, lying on our sides with me behind Ellie so that I could caress her breasts and clitoris while I was fucking her, which was guaranteed to give her several orgasms before I emptied my balls deep into her vagina. I started, as I often did, by stroking the head of my cock along her slit before sliding my whole seven inches into her silky tunnel. The tempo of our fucking was slow at first, and I revelled in the delicious feeling of her engorged labia gripping my shaft as I withdrew almost fully before thrusting deep into her hot wetness until my balls were slapping against the cheeks of her arse, more aroused than normal by the thought of watching Frank sliding his hard cock into Ellie's hot pussy.
Ellie turned her head to kiss me, our tongues teasing and probing in their own special dance as we mounted to the summit of carnal delight. Soon we felt our bodies overcome with rising passion and the tempo of our thrusting increased. It did not take long before I could feel the waves of pleasure radiating through Ellie’s body as I drove hard into her pulsing vagina. A long moan told me when she was having the first of several orgasms, each more intense than the last. But, finally, the pressure in my balls became irresistible and with a cry, I ejaculated streams of cum into her womb, my thighs taut with exquisite tension, and my mind overcome by ecstasy.
We fell asleep with my cock still enfolded by Ellie's velvet softness, but my dreams were filled with erotic visions of Frank and Ellie enjoying each other's bodies. As the first rays of daylight spread across the pillow, I grew hard and we fucked again, frenziedly driving each other to another peak of sensual delight.
Just over three weeks later, as I was getting out of my car after the drive home from work, Frank came out of his front door and called across to me.
“Good afternoon Ken, good day at the office?” he said. “Have you got time for a drink down the pub later on?”
“I'll have to check with Ellie," I replied, “but I think that should be okay. I've nothing planned myself, so I'll give you a ring in a couple of minutes.”
Two hours later we were sitting in a corner down at our local, each with a pint of an excellent guest beer from a small local brewery. At first our conversation was about my work, and how our respective families were getting on. Frank was clearly finding it difficult to get to the matter that was obviously on his mind, but I didn't press the point, knowing that he would get round to it in his own good time. It was when we were on our third pint that Frank was relaxed enough to say what he had to say, although I wasn't surprised at the subject.
“Ken,” he said, “first of all can I say thank you for the wonderful present you gave me on Friday. I don't really know how to say this, but I found it very arousing and I have masturbated twice every day since looking at the very erotic pictures of Ellie. You are a very lucky man, and she is even more beautiful in the nude than she is dressed, and the way you captured her pleasure was outstanding - it reminded me of the way Jenny looked when we made love.”
“I am so pleased that you enjoyed the photos, Frank,” I replied, “and I am sure that I speak for Ellie as well. I only hope that someone might do the same for me if I am ever in the same situation as you. However, you might find what I am about to say rather shocking, but I can assure you that Ellie and I have talked about it, and we are in complete agreement. Neither of us has had a sexual relationship with anyone else since we were married nearly thirty years ago, although we have posted pictures like the ones we have given you on an online voyeur website, and many men have commented on her beauty and how they would like to fuck her, which we have both found stimulating.
"After serious consideration, we would both be comfortable if your relationship with Ellie became, shall we say, something rather more intimate, and I have no objections if you wanted to fuck her. In fact I would find it very arousing, and I know that it won't affect our love for each other in any way.”
Frank looked rather stunned, and then managed to stutter, “My god, Ken, that is some offer. I know that I would like it very much, but are you absolutely sure. I mean, I wouldn't want you to do something you might regret. Ellie does have the most delicious pussy though, and I would really like to kiss it and make her come. And looking at her photos made me really hard for the first time since Jenny became ill, and it would be so nice to feel a soft feminine hand wrapped around my shaft and caressing my balls. But I must know that you are absolutely certain about this.”
“Frank,” I said, “don't worry on that score, we are both quite happy about this, and my only condition is that you let me photograph you with Ellie. To be truthful, I have been wondering for some time how I could put together a series of photographs of two people uninhibitedly making love. It is very difficult to do satisfactorily when it is just Ellie and me using the timer option on the camera as I really need to be behind the camera. What I have in mind is a series of long shots of the couple interspersed by close ups of their genital area and of Ellie’s face in her ecstasy. I will of course make sure that I don't show your face."
He grinned. “I have never thought I would be a model for erotic pictures, and at my time of life too. Yes, you may take your pictures, which I'm sure will be very tasteful as well as arousing, and I would have no objection to you posting what you describe on the voyeur site you subscribe to."
Friday morning arrived and Ellie was very quiet and thoughtful over breakfast.
“A penny for your thoughts my dear,” I said.
“I was thinking about this evening,” she replied. “If we go through with what we are planning there will be no turning back, and I am still worried that we will have started on a course of action that will eventually destroy our love for each other. I have never seriously been tempted to have sex with another man in all our thirty years of marriage, although I have enjoyed sharing explicit photos of us with other people on Voyeur Heaven as well as looking at pictures of other couples making love. Your lovely penis has been quite enough for me even though I enjoy pictures of erect cocks and watching videos of men ejaculating, both with a lover and by masturbation.
"But I have to admit that I am very excited and aroused at the thought of playing with another man's cock and feeling him come inside me. When I've been playing with my dildo over the last few days, I have imagined it was Frank fucking me. I do hope that you are not too shocked, but I can't pretend I am not looking forward to tonight, and I really want this.”
“My darling,” I said, “I am as excited as you, but I don't believe that this will make any difference to our marriage. I think of this as something special for a dear friend, and nothing more, and I don't seriously see us wishing to become swingers as a result. If you and Frank do become lovers on a regular basis, I do not wish to take part, and I certainly have no desire for a threesome. I may want to watch occasionally, and I have a little project in mind, but most of the time I will let you make love in the privacy of our bedroom or at his house while I get on with something else.”
Ellie interrupted before I could explain more fully. “I'm still worried that you will feel cheated and left out.”
“My love,” I said, laughing, “it is not as if you are going to refuse to make love to me, and it will do me good to give my cock a rest for one night in the week. And if you think it is a matter of counting orgasms, well that is just silly. The best I can manage these days is two climaxes in a night, whereas you are able to come time and again for hours on end. Now let me explain my project to you, and then perhaps we can think about what you are going to wear this evening.”
When Ellie finally came downstairs that evening, just before Frank was due to arrive, she looked delectable in a white semi-transparent blouse which showed off her breasts to perfection, barely covered as they were in a nipple revealing black half-cup bra. Her full skirt was also black and ended about three inches above her knees. When she gave me a twirl, I could see that she was wearing a black suspender belt and stockings but no panties, so that when she bent down she would give Frank a delicious view of her shapely bottom and pussy lips. This seductive costume was completed by a pair of red 'fuck me' shoes.
At eight o'clock on the dot, the door bell rang and I opened the door to let Frank in, taking his jacket and hanging it in the closet. Ellie came out of the kitchen and paused just long enough to give him a good look at her, before greeting him with a hug and an open mouthed kiss on the lips.
“Well,” I thought, “I don't think he will be in any doubt about where this evening is leading.”
Dinner was uneventful, although there was a frisson of sexual anticipation and desire in the air. Frank was, quite understandably, a little nervous at first, but he relaxed after his first glass of wine, and by the end of dessert, he was blatantly admiring Ellie's breasts.
“Shall we go through to the lounge where we can be more comfortable,” Ellie said in a seductive voice, “and I will bring the coffee in.”
She had artfully positioned the furniture so that when she bent over to put the tray on the coffee table, her skirt rode up giving Frank a delicious flash of her charms.
Ellie sat next to Frank on the settee while we drank our coffee with her legs curled up under her and showing a lot of stocking clad thigh. She undid a couple of buttons on his shirt and, slipping her hand inside, began to caress his chest. Nuzzling up to his face with her head resting in his shoulder she murmured, “I do hope that you enjoyed our little present Frank. Let's see shall we?” and she slid her hand lightly down the front of his trousers and rested it on his upper thigh. “Mmm, I can see that is a yes then, but I think you might like to see the real thing even more.”
“Ellie, you are a very lovely lady,” Frank said hoarsely, “and your pictures were beautiful, and very arousing, and I am very grateful and touched by your thoughtfulness; but are you absolutely sure about this? I have known you almost the whole of your married life, and I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt either of you.”
Ellie stood and, facing him, she lifted the front of her skirt above her waist. “Dear Frank,” she said, “look what you are doing to me. My clitty is tingling already, and I am getting very wet. Would you like to feel how wet I am?”
Moving closer to him, she lifted his hand and pressed it between her parted thighs. “Oh Frank, you have such soft hands. I bet Jenny liked you to play with her pussy. Why don't I take off my skirt and blouse and sit in your lap? It will make it much easier for you to play with my pussy and breasts.”
By now they both seemed to have forgotten that I was there, so I got up from my chair to turn the lights down lower, leaving the settee bathed in a pool of warm light from a standard lamp that I had carefully positioned just to the side. Picking up my camera I sat down in a chair opposite them and started to take pictures. I wasn't using flash which can produce a harsh result even with a diffuser; the subdued light giving a softer and much more sensual result, and the areas of shadow creating a more mysterious and erotic image.
Frank was very gentle, softly parting the folds of Ellie's pussy with two fingers, whilst his other hand rested on her left breast, gently pinching her erect nipple between finger and thumb.
“Ooh Frank, that is so nice,” Ellie breathed softly, “why don't you slip your fingers inside me now? I am so aroused, and I would like it so much if you would make me come.”
I was finding it very arousing myself watching them making love, and my erect cock was straining against the restriction of my trousers. But I had promised Ellie that I would make no attempt to join them, wanting this to be something private and special between them alone,. So I continued to shoot pictures as Frank brought Ellie to her first orgasm by caressing her g-spot with two fingers deep inside her vagina and flicking her swollen clitoris with his thumb. The only sound was that of their breathing and Ellie's moans of pleasure as she mounted to the pinnacle of ecstasy.
Strangely, it was Frank who took matters to the next level. Up to that point he had been content to let Ellie take the lead. “Sweet Ellie,” he said, “would you let me taste you. Jenny loved me to lick and kiss her pussy, and once she fell ill and was too weak for intercourse, I would lie between her legs and pleasure her for hours.”
“Oh Frank, I would love it,” she replied. "You lie back and I will straddle your face so that you have total access to my pussy.”
Ellie was soon in the throes of a more protracted and stronger climax, the cheeks of her bottom clenching as she pushed hard against Frank’s chin and mouth with his tongue thrust deep into her throbbing hole. “Frank, oh Frank, yes, just like that, oh that is so good,” she cried, as waves of pleasure washed through her body.
As her orgasm subsided and she started to descend from the pinnacle of rapture, she slid down Frank's body, and resting in his arms, she kissed him passionately. “That was so good,” she murmured, “Jenny was a very lucky lady to have such a skilled and attentive lover. But it is your turn now, and I want to make love to your balls and cock, and to make you come for me.”
She slid to the floor between Frank's parted thighs, and undoing his belt and unzipping his fly, she took out his very hard cock which was twitching and pulsing with arousal. “Mmm, you have a lovely cock, Frank, so hard and yet silky soft to the touch, and so thick."
Frank's cock I noticed was about the same length as mine, but thicker with a large mushroom shaped head .
“I am looking forward to feeling it inside me another night, but tonight my love, I am going to give you the blowjob of all blowjobs.”
The next few minutes were even more erotic than what had gone before as Ellie licked and sucked his balls, and then up and down the length of his penis before taking the head between her lips with her fingers wrapped around his shaft. Frank lay back with a look of rapture in his face, but soon he was grimacing and grunting as he got closer to an explosive orgasm. When it came, he ejaculated so profusely that Ellie could not swallow all of his cream, and rivulets of cum ran down her chin from the corners of her mouth and onto her naked breasts.
For a while, Ellie and Frank lay cuddled in each other's arms on the settee, kissing and whispering words of love to each other, but then Ellie pulled away and said, “That was lovely Frank, thank you so much. But that is enough for tonight. I want you to masturbate this week thinking about the paradise we will enter next Friday night when you fuck me and come inside my hot velvety cunt.”
After Frank had left, Ellie grabbed me by the hand and dragged me up to our bedroom. “God Ken, that was so exciting. Thank you my dearest love for allowing me to make love to Frank. He is a wonderful and gentle lover, and he does have a beautiful big cock which will really stretch my cunt when he fucks me. But I love you very much my husband, and I am so aroused that I need your wonderful cock inside me now.”
When I looked through the photos I had taken, out of more than a hundred, I thought I would be able to use a dozen for my project. I copied them to a new folder on my hard drive. I also copied all the pictures to a file on cloud storage — I have known hard drives crash in the past, and always make sure that I have copies where I can't lose them in the event of a disaster.
There were four shots that were particularly erotic and arousing. In the first, Ellie was at the height of her orgasm while Frank finger fucked her. Unfortunately, that showed his face and I could therefore not use it. One picture had a clear view of his tongue parting her engorged labia, another of her sucking Frank's balls with her fingers wrapped around the shaft of his penis, and the last where his cum was leaking from the corner of her mouth and beginning to run down her chin. I realised that at this rate it would probably take several sessions to gather sufficient shots for the portfolio I planned, and that I needed to explain to Ellie the kind of action I wanted.
For the following Friday, Ellie decided to serve only a simple snack so that she could take Frank to bed as soon as possible. During the week, I told her what I wanted and we looked at a lot of pictures on the voyeur site to decide what kind of shots looked most erotic as well as being artistic. Although the final product would be highly explicit, I did not want it to be pornographic, but an erotic photographic essay of a man and a woman making love for their mutual pleasure, and with something of a dream like quality.
Ellie spent the week in a fever of erotic anticipation of the pleasure to come, and such was her level of arousal that she masturbated several times each day in addition to our nightly love making. Her mood affected me as well, and my orgasms were particularly intense, driven by my excitement at the thought of watching my wife fucking another man for the first time.
Within forty-five minutes of Frank's arrival, we were ready to go upstairs to the bedroom. I had selected black satin sheets and pillow cases for the bed to enhance the paleness and texture of flesh, and I had arranged the lighting so that the bed was well illuminated with a soft light while the rest of the room was in darkness.
Ellie suggested to Frank that they should begin by taking a shower together. I left them to it and quietly sat in the shadows of the bedroom while they enjoyed each other's bodies and ignited a fire of passion in each other that would only be sated in the explosive consummation of their mutual desire.
When they came into the bedroom, Ellie led Frank straight to the bed and they lay there for a while in a passionate embrace, kissing deeply and caressing each other tenderly in their most intimate places. The raw sensuality of the scene did not escape me, and I hoped that the lens would be able to capture it satisfactorily, although that is something I would not know for certain until I looked at the pictures later on the computer screen.
Both were already in state of high sexual excitement and did not seem to need much foreplay, although they did pleasure each other orally for a few minutes. I hoped that on later occasions they would take longer before fucking, but their eagerness was understandable this first time.
Frank was soon ready to penetrate Ellie's feminine heart and he told her to kneel on the bed, so that he could take her doggy fashion. In my opinion, that moment when a man prepares to enter his lover is the most erotic of all, and I watched in fascination as he placed the engorged head of his cock at the entrance to Ellie's cunt and slowly thrust it full length into her heat until every inch of her throbbing tunnel was filled with his manhood.
Their lovemaking was uncomplicated and urgent, and they rapidly found a harmony of movement as they thrust against each other with an ever increasing tempo. Ellie seemed to be having repeated orgasms, and her cries of rapture pierced the silence of the bedroom as she thrilled to the feel of Frank's cock inside her, every nerve ending aflame with electricity.
The moment of truth came with Ellie lying on her back with her legs wrapped round Frank's loins, and I got some marvellous close up shots of her fully impaled on his shaft and his balls contracting as he pumped her full of his hot seed. They remained united for some minutes as they rested enfolded in each other's arms in a loving embrace. As their pulses returned to normal, eventually his flaccid member slipped out followed by a river of their combined juices.
For a man of seventy-five, I must admit that Frank was a marvel - practically indefatigable - and after a few minutes he was ready to fuck again, his cock rapidly hardening and swelling to its full seven inches once more as Ellie stroked and sucked it back to life. Ellie insisted on riding him reverse cowgirl with Frank on his back, and the look of extreme ecstasy on her face as she rose to the peak of sexual satisfaction yet again was exquisitely sensual.
Satisfied that I had all the photos that I needed, I quietly slipped out of the room and left them to their mutual pleasure, while I went to my study and downloaded the images from the camera to my computer and studied them for my own pleasure.
I was in a high state of arousal, and masturbated while running the series as a slide show, holding back my orgasm until the moment of Frank's climax. About an hour later they came downstairs, arm in arm. Frank had dressed, but Ellie was clad only in a robe. I offered Frank a night cap, but he declined politely and said that he thought he ought to go home. Ellie gave him a long, lingering kiss on the doorstep, and said that she was already looking forward to their next assignation.
When he'd left, she wanted to see the pictures, so we spent an hour going through them while she described to me her feelings at having been fucked by another man than me for the first time in over thirty years.
That night I experience the peculiar pleasure of tasting another man's cum in my wife's pussy and the feeling of entering her slick cunt lubricated by the combination of their juices. It was not an unpleasant experience, I was glad to find, and when I came I added my own load of cream to her overflowing love box. Afterwards, as we lay in connubial bliss, I asked Ellie if it felt strange to have multiple climaxes with two different men in the course of one evening. She replied that it just made her feel even more desirable and feminine.
It took three weeks to get all the shots I needed, but after that I never watched Frank and Ellie having sex again, firmly believing that their lovemaking was something private and special to them.
I published my erotic photo essay on the restricted section of V....... H..... just before the following Christmas and was gratified when it was judged to be the best erotic series for December. Ellie and I enjoyed reading the various comments on the pictures, and it was very stimulating to discover how many men wished that they had been in Frank's place.
There was one particular picture which captured the essence of the series for me, and I had a print which I mounted and put on the wall in my study. It was a highly dramatic shot with the bodies of the two lovers in slightly soft focus against an almost black background into which they appeared to be melting, an effect accentuated by the deep shadow where their bodies joined. The warm, almost coppery, tones of their flesh seemed to glow with the inner fire of their passion. I had taken it looking over Frank's shoulder as he was lying on his back and it showed Ellie leaning forward supporting herself on his chest, and almost fully impaled on his penis. Her head was thrown back slightly with her eyes half shut and her mouth open in an expression of total fulfilment.
Frank continued to come round almost every Friday night for the next four years until the onset of the illness that eventually led to his passing earlier this year just a few weeks after his eightieth birthday. Sometimes they would make love in our bedroom after a nice dinner, but on other occasions Ellie would go back home with him and stay the night. She told me that is was especially pleasurable to wake up by Frank's side, and to make love again in the morning, sometimes in bed but often in the shower.
After Frank fell ill I asked Ellie if she wished to take another lover, but she said that it was a once in a lifetime experience, and that I was quite enough for her from now on.
At the wake following Frank's funeral I was approached by his granddaughter Dorabella, Bella for short, who was then in her late twenties. I had known her since she was a baby, when she often came to stay with her grandfather and grandmother. Her mother Julia who was Frank and Jenny’s only child, had married an Italian and gone to live with her husband in Italy, but she insisted that Bella should spend some time in England each year to practice her English, which she spoke with a delightful Italian lilt. She had eventually been to an English university, and had found a teaching job in our home city after graduating. She told me that her mother had said she could live in Frank’s old house as long as she cleared it of all Frank's things, most of which she would give to a charity shop. I was delighted that she would be coming to live next door, and told her that if she wanted any help to just call round.
One Saturday morning a few weeks later when I had more or less forgotten all about it, there was a ring on the doorbell. When I answered the door, Bella was on the doorstep nervously hopping from one leg to the other. I asked her whether there was a problem, and she replied that it was rather embarrassing and could she talk to me privately. I took her through to my study and after she has sat down, I asked again what the problem might be. She blushed furiously, and said that she had been going through her grandfather’s bureau.
“Uncle Ken,” she stuttered, “I found a large photo album in one of the drawers with an inscription from you and Aunt Ellie. When I opened it, I was amazed to find a large number of pictures of Aunt Ellie in ……  erm …… in the nude.”
I wondered whether to lie, but in the end I plumped for the truth, since it was not something of which either Ellie or I were ashamed.  After I had finished there was a long silence, so I asked if she was offended. 
“Thank you for telling me Uncle Ken,” she said quietly, “I am not offended or upset at all. To be honest with you, I have to confess that I found the pictures exciting. They made me feel very horny, and I thought how wonderful to have someone take pictures of me like that. I know that this is very forward of me, but I wondered whether you would let me model for you.”
“I will have to ask Ellie about that,” I replied, wondering how far Bella would be prepared to go, “it is not something we have ever done, or even considered, and if we agree to it, she will have to present all the time. I should also warn you that I will probably be in the nude throughout our sessions, and that we post many of our erotic photographs on a voyeur website.”
“Oh thank you Uncle Ken, I was so afraid of telling you, but it is something I really want to do, and it gives me a terrific buzz to know that people will be getting off looking at my pictures, which I suppose makes me an exhibitionist. And it's okay if you are naked and aroused; it will really put me in the mood. I do hope Aunt Ellie says yes.”
Later that evening I told Ellie about our conversation and she agreed immediately that it might be fun to do what Bella had requested. I suggested that she should ring Bella and invite her round for coffee one morning to tell her of our decision and to arrange the first session.
In physical appearance Bella was very different from Ellie. She was several inches taller with a slim figure, long legs and small but pert breasts. Her hair was almost black and reached half way down her back, and when she removed her clothes I was excited to see that she had kept most of her pubic hair which was long and silky, with her pink labia peeking shyly through the dark tresses. I chose crimson satin sheets to contrast with her pale complexion and black hair, and with much stronger lighting than I had used for the pictures of Frank and Ellie, as if she was bathed in sunlight streaming through the window.
When Bella arrived I led her through to the sitting room so that I could explain what I planned to do. I said that I would start out by taking a number of pictures of her fully clothed, followed by a series in just her bra and panties before moving on to the nude photographs. I asked her what colour underwear she was wearing, and when she said it was pale cream I told her that was ideal. I also told her that I would also be naked, and that I was going upstairs to check everything was ready and asked Ellie to bring her upstairs in a few minutes. Over the next couple of hours I shot her in a variety of poses, increasingly explicit in nature as she slowly shed her inhibitions and began to enjoy displaying herself to the camera. At first I just concentrated on the technical nature of capturing her youthful beauty, and was able to keep my emotions and physical responses in check. However, when she lay back against the pillows with her legs spread, looking straight into the camera with a half smile on her lips, and then parted the lips of her pussy with the fingers of one hand in a clear invitation, my cock sprang to attention unbidden.
For the next pose she got on all fours with her back to me with her bottom in the air, and slowly inserted two fingers in her vagina, an act so provocative that my cock started to throb and I started to sweat profusely. Ellie, who had been quietly watching throughout the session, came and stood behind me at this point and circled my aching cock with her fingers.
“I think that someone is getting very aroused,” she whispered in my ear, “she is rather delectable and if you want to fuck her, don't let me stop you. I won't be upset, and it would be rather exciting to watch you.”
“It might be a good idea to stop now,”I said in an overloud voice, “you must be getting tired Bella, and we can resume another day.”
“Oh, I was just getting into it,”Bella pouted, “but it is getting late, and I have things to do. It has definitely been fun, and I am so excited about seeing my pictures online. Perhaps we can continue one evening next week.”
“Yes, that would be okay, but get dressed now while I download these to my computer,” I replied, silently breathing a sigh of relief.
Later that night when Ellie and I were in bed, she deliberately adopted the same position as Bella had earlier.
“Come on big boy,” she said, laughing, “stick that gorgeous cock in me. If you shut your eyes you can pretend you are fucking Bella — I know that you want to, you naughty man.”
Afterwards, as we cuddled in post orgasmic contentment, Ellie surprised me again. “As she was leaving this afternoon,” she murmured sleepily, “Bella told me that she had also found the other album, and that she has been masturbating while looking at the pictures. She said that she found it so arousing to imagine herself making love to an older man, and that she would really like it to be you, as long as I didn't object.”
“Oh, and what did you say,” I replied.
“I told her that I had no objections at all, and that if she liked I would take some photographs. I am quite competent with a camera after all. To be totally honest with you, I would be rather relieved if you did become her lover for a while at least. I did enjoy my affair with Frank, and I am so glad that I brought pleasure to his last years, but I have always had a nagging sense of guilt that I was having all the fun while you were getting nothing. And in a strange sort of way, it would sort of complete the circle, if you see what I mean.”
“You are truly an angel my love,” I said, “and if you won't feel hurt or jealous, I would like to make love to Bella. I am very fond of her and she is very sexy and desirable but in a very different way from you. You will always be the love of my heart, however, and I fully intend to spend the rest of my life loving you. With my voyeur hat on, I also think it make a nice erotic photographic essay, and as I have no problems with you showing my face, it will illustrate male desire and sexual fulfilment in the way that my pictures of you and Frank captured the essence of ultimate female pleasure. But let's sleep on it and we can talk about it more in the morning in the cold light of day.”
So a few days later with Ellie's encouragement I became Bella’s lover, and sex with her is very exciting and enjoyable. One day I know that our affair will come to an end when she meets and falls in love with a man of her own age, and when that happens I will gladly let her go with my blessing. Ellie and I are having great fun working together on editing all the photographs she took over the course of several sessions, and we intend to post them on V....... H..... very soon, thus completing the erotic circle of desire that began on the night of Frank's seventy fifth birthday.

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