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Indian Swaps with White Boss Ch. 02

Raj had just received some devastating news from his beautiful wife. She was pregnant, and the father was most likely Raj's white boss. Deepa was looking at him with anxiety in her big expressive eyes, wondering how he would react to the bomb shell she had just dropped. Raj certainly looked shocked and distressed. But, slowly Deepa observed a change in his expression. She saw a calmness descend over his face, then happiness and even wonder. Raj gave her a big hug and a passionate kiss. 

Deepa asked Raj with a trembling voice and tears in her eyes, "Raj, I am so sorry! Please do not hate me. I love you so much. I do not know what to do. Please tell me what should we do." Then, with a determined expression she said, "I will not get rid of this baby. it may not be a result of our love for each other. But, it is still growing inside me, and I already love it." 

Raj pulled back from his embrace and looked at his wife. "Honey", he said, "how can you even think that way? Yes, I am shocked. But, I know it is not your fault. If one of us has to be blamed for this, then it should be me. I am the one who convinced you to that one night of swapping with my boss and his wife, which is what lead to this condition." 

He sat down on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap. He said, "This baby is as much mine as it is yours. It does not matter that someone else planted the sperm in your womb. This baby will still be OUR child and we will love it as much as our older son. But, we will have to tell my boss, Tom, and his wife about this child. I want no misunderstanding. I want to tell them that though Tom is the one that impregnated you, I am definitely the father. I also want to ask for their consent to make no claims in the future on our baby."

Deepa was clearly relieved to hear Raj's passionate acceptance of the child in her womb even though she was impregnated by another man. Raj and Deepa waited for a few weeks to be sure the pregnancy was progressing with no complications before they called Tom and his wife to explain the situation. Tom and his wife were first shocked because they had always believed that Tom could not father any child due to his low sperm count. They were never suspicious of Raj and Deepa's claim because they had gotten to know the other couple quite well and knew the two of them to be the sweetest people and honest to a fault. They agreed reluctantly, but happily, not to make any claims on the child because they knew Raj would be a good father to Deepa and Tom's child just like he was to Deepa and Raj's child. Besides, they did not wish to create tension between Deepa and Raj or cause trouble for them with their families. 

That should have been the end of it. Except, it wasn't. Deepa felt something different with this pregnancy from her previous one. She was wondering how can it be so. For one, she was horny all the time. She recalled being horny the previous time as well. But nowhere near as she was this time. It seemed like she wanted to fuck Raj all the time. She would pounce on Raj at any and all opportunities. Yet, she was never satisfied. She always felt unsatisfied even after a long bout of love making with Raj where he would give her numerous wonderful toe curling orgasms. She thought her higher libido this time was maybe because she had become more open minded and experienced about sex. Raj too noticed her constant state of horniness. Though he was enjoying all the sexual bouts they were having as a result of it, Raj realized quickly what the difference was. Her pregnancy hormones causing Deepa's libido to skyrocket were driven by the fact that another man's seed had fertilized her egg this time. So, one time while they were lying in bed panting and perspiring after a very vigorous love making session, Raj brought it up.

"Darling", he said, "what happened? You seemed really horny today. Not that I am complaining, but just curious where all of this passion is coming from."

Deepa was a little embarrassed and said a little shyly and miserably, "I don't know. I just have these urges all the time. Its like my body is on fire and nothing seems to be putting it out. I can't understand it. It must be the pregnancy. But, that can't be it because I was not feeling like this during my last pregnancy with our child."

Raj looked at her tenderly and said, "Darling, that's just it. Your last pregnancy was with our child." 

Deepa looked at him blankly. "What are you saying?" she asked.

Raj laughed and said, "Don't you see? Last time you were carrying my child. In this pregnancy, you are carrying Tom's child." 

Deepa turned crimson with embarrassment. She still did that every time the topic of her carrying another man's child came up, even though Raj was really ok with it, and had accepted the unborn child as his own. Hearing Raj mention the difference was an epiphany for her. She suddenly realized why she had this sense of discontent deep down despite constant love making with her husband. Her pregnant body was craving to connect with her baby's father. She couldn't tell why she knew this or why her body was craving it. She felt horrible as soon as she realized this. She had such a loving and attentive husband, yet her traitorous pregnant body craved to mate once more with the lover who had impregnated her. She explains this tearfully to Raj claiming she is a slut to want this and hurt her sweet hubby.

Raj gave her an understand nod. He consoled Deepa. He said, "Darling, it is OK. I am sure it is some biological nature that is making your body want to feel close to your baby's father and mate with him again. I understand it. Do you want that? Do you want to mate Tom again? Make love to your baby's father? Share the wonder of your baby with its father in the most primal way possible?"

Deepa looks at him and says, "What are you saying?"

Raj says, "I am saying Tom is coming to India again next week on some official work. Would you like me to request him to join us at our guest house over the weekend so you can be with him?"

Deepa looks at him in wonder and says, "You would do this? For me? But do you think Tom will want to be with me again? I am so fat now. Look at my belly. It is so big."

Raj kisses her tenderly and says, "You are beautiful. You are only 4 months pregnant. Your belly has not gotten that big yet. Besides, no matter how big your belly gets, you will still be a very sexy woman. I am sure Tom will jump on the opportunity to fuck you again. Besides you are carrying his baby. Besides you have restored his manhood to him by proving that he can impregnate a woman and fulfill his basic functions as a man. So, I am sure he feels strongly possessive of the mother of his unborn child and cannot help but find you sexy."

Deepa looks at him like he is bonkers and asks, "Do men really think like that?"

Raj replies, "Definitely! Men are very basic like that."

Deepa perks up at this. She starts kissing Raj in gratitude. Soon, she feels something digging her belly and realizes that Raj is excited by the prospect of his wife mating again with his boss. So, it is decided. Raj cannot help feel excited as well as anxious about the prospect of Deepa spending the weekend with his boss making love one more time. After all he is so charismatic and besides they now share a bond, one forged in her growing belly. 

The following week when Tom sees Raj, the first thing he enquires about is Deepa and how she is doing. Raj says she is doing fine and invites Tom over to their place for the weekend. Tom looks eagerly at Raj and asks whether the invitation means what he thinks it means. 

Raj looks Tom in the eye boldly and says, "Yes, Tom. Deepa is looking forward to seeing you and spending the weekend with you. Don't worry. I will not be there. Please take good care of her. She is very special to me and all I want is for her to have a wonderful time."

Tom cannot contain the excitement in his voice at being given another opportunity to fuck the gorgeous Indian wife, who also happens to be carrying his child in her womb. He says, "Thank you for this wonderful gift of your wife again. Don't worry Raj. She is very special to me too. She is the mother of my unborn child after all. I will take wonderful care of her." Then, he cannot not help being a little crude and says with a smirk, "In fact I will not let her leave the bedroom the entire time."

They agree that Tom would arrive at Raj's farm house and spend the weekend there. Deepa was very excited and horny all week in anticipation. On Friday she went to the parlor for a facial and had all the hair removed from her arms and legs. She felt too shy to get a bikini wax done. When she came home, she asked her loving husband if he would remove her pussy hair because she could not reach it beyond her protruding belly. Raj was excited to hear his wife request that in essence he prepare her body for her lover's pleasure. They went into the bathroom and Raj carefully removed all her pussy hair leaving her pussy completely bald and looking real pretty. He gazed at it from close proximity thinking that soon it would be spread open by his Boss' huge cock. He leaned forward and flicked her erect clit making Deepa moan. He could taste her tangy girl juice as he dug his tongue deeper into her pussy like a little hard cock. He expertly licked her for a few minutes until Deepa orgasmed loudly on his tongue. He was really hard by then and inserted his cock into her tight pussy. He did not last more than a few minutes and came thinking about how stretched she would get over the weekend. 

Deepa dropped her son off with her mom in the city on Friday before heading home to the farmhouse to get ready for Tom. Tom arrived promptly on Friday evening bringing with him a gift for Deepa, Raj and for the baby. Deepa was very touched by his gesture. She was dressed in a transparent saree with a very revealing blouse. Tom could not take his eyes off her. She looked even more beautiful now than ever. Pregnancy had introduced a glow to her face and her curvaceous pregnant body made him instantly hard. Raj could see that Tom and Deepa had only eyes for each other and it was obvious to him that they could not wait to be alone to make love with each other. The only reason they were not already doing it was because Raj was there and they were hesitant to do anything in his presence. 

So, before it became awkward, Raj gave Deepa a quick kiss, who finally looked at her husband and gave him a shy loving smile, and excused himself into the guest room. 

Once Raj went and locked himself in the guest room, Deepa turned back to Tom and whispered a tentative "Hi"!

Tom said, "Hi darling! I have missed you and have been looking forward to this for a long time." He moved close, took her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. Deepa sighed with contentment and opened her mouth to let Tom's demanding tongue in and mate with her own tongue. Tom picked her up and strode unerringly towards the master bedroom while continuing to kiss her. Once inside, he set Deepa down, closed and locked the room ensuring privacy for the two of them. He walked back to where Deepa was standing in the middle of the room and undraped the saree from her body leaving her wearing only her thin blouse to cover her boobs and a petticoat to cover her legs. 

Deepa had decided to take off her mangalsutra, the necklace her husband tied around her during their wedding symbolizing their marriage. She never took this off. But, had decided to do it for the weekend because she wanted to feel like she really belonged to Tom. But, she could not forget her sweet husband and the love of her life. So, she had left the small engagement ring on her finger to keep a part of her Raj on her body at all times, even when she was going to be fucked by his boss whose baby she carried. 

Tom next unknotted her blouse. Deepa was wearing a blouse called choli that was tied like a bikini with no bra underneath. Once Tom opened her blouse she was left standing in front of him topless and blushing. Again, he could not believe how gorgeous and beautiful and sexy she was. He looked at her beautiful boobs and said, "I have such fond memories of these beautiful babes. I can never forget how sweet you tasted. Feeding from your breasts was by far, one of the most erotic experiences of my life."

Deepa was blushing hearing his erotic compliments. She said shyly, "Well I am glad I was still lactating and was able to feed you. I was weaning my son and soon after the night I stopped producing milk."

"Oh, that is so sad", said Tom. "I would have loved to taste your milk tonight. Never mind, I will still enjoy sucking on your pretty nipples." Her nipples were standing out hard and erect from all this sexy talk. Tom latched on to her right nipple and started sucking on it. He felt something sweet trickle down his throat catching him off guard. He looked at her in surprise.

Deepa started blushing while at the same time and lowered her eyes shyly. Tom put his hand on her chin and raised her head until she was looking at him tenderly with her doe-like, expressive eyes and said, "Yes, I just started producing milk again, this time to feed our baby." Tom was overwhelmed with tenderness and love for this gorgeous, sweet woman, who by some miraculous quirk of fate was carrying his child in her womb. Suddenly he wanted not a stick of cloth between them and quickly discarded his clothes and hers. 

Tom lay her down on the bed and began to slowly insert his hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. He only inserted his cock a couple of inches before fucking her with shallow strokes. Deepa had waited too long for this. She was ready to couple with Tom. She grasped his buttocks and tried to pulled him in forcefully. But, Tom resisted. 

He said, "This is enough. I do not want to hurt the baby by going any deeper."

Deepa was touched by his concern. But she wanted all of him. She said, "The baby is safe in my womb. Now I want the daddy all the way inside me as well. Please Tom fuck me hard and give me what I have been craving for so long. Ever since you made me pregnant, I have been feeling discontent. Please come into me and make me feel whole again as I feel our baby in my womb and the daddy deep in my pussy"

Tom realized that even though she was tight, he was soon buried balls deep in her. Deepa gave a sigh of pure contentment and enclosed him in her arms. Tom turned her on her side and slid back into her from behind while spooning her. He grasped her big boobs and began fucking her hard, slamming into her all the way. Soon he had built up a fast and hard pace. He was sweating while Deepa was wailing in ecstasy. Just as he was really building up steam and was taking them both towards a huge orgasm, they heard a hard knock on their locked bedroom door. Deepa was immediately distracted, and turned towards the door. 

Tom said, "Ignore him. Whatever he needs can wait. My need for you cannot."

But, Deepa said, "Please Tom, we need to open the door. He would never knock if it was not important. Besides, he is my husband, and I cannot ignore his knock. Please open the door."

Tom was not happy. He got off her angrily with his hard cock swinging obscenely in front of him. With the same aggression he pulled open the door wide and demanded, "What?"

Raj took everything in within an instant. Deepa's sexually flushed and sweating nakedness that she hastily covered by pulling up the blanket. He frowned for a second wondering what that was about. She had just been fucking another man, but as soon as she sees her husband she cannot rush to cover herself up? Tom standing in front of him panting as though he had just run the marathon, but in reality had just been pounding into Raj's beautiful wife. Raj registered the anger on his face as well as the hardness of his cock glistening with their combined love juices and an engorged tip that also looked red and angry to have been pulled away from his lover's warm and sexy sheath. 

Raj looked at Deepa and said in a apologetic voice, "I got a call from your mom." 

Deepa immediately started getting up and asked, "Oh my god! Is our son OK?" 

Raj said, "Yes he is fine. Your dad has come down with a fever. Your mom is having to care for him. She asked me to come and pick up our son. Besides, she does not want to expose the kid to whatever germs your dad is carrying."

Deepa said, "Give me 5 minutes and I will be ready to come with you."

Raj glanced quickly at Tom's still hard cock and Deepa's flushed face and said, "There is no need of that. I will pick him up and stay in our house in the city tonight and tomorrow. You and Tom stay here as planned." He saw Deepa blush at that statement. "I will see you tomorrow evening back home."

Deepa asked, "Are you sure?" Raj said, "Yes. I will take our son to the Zoo tomorrow. I am sure we will have a fun relaxing father-son day."

Deepa was convinced that her capable, loving husband will take care of their son, and her attention returned to her lover. Before Tom could shut the door on him, Raj saw his wife give Tom a sexy smile, and provocatively pulled back her blanket and said in a husky, lust filled voice, "Tom, please come back to bed." 

Next day Raj spent time with his son. His mom called him in the evening to say that his dad was feeling much better and that she wanted to spend the remaining time with her grand son. So, Raj dropped off his son with his mom after dinner and headed home with mounting excitement and anticipation, not knowing what to expect. What he found was a silent house except for his bedroom. The door was closed but he could hear rhythmic thumping coming from behind it and low throaty moans from wife and the occasional "oh god! fuck me! Fuck me Tom!" He wondered whether they had been fucking all day. Anyway, he went into the guest room and the noise seemed louder here as the two rooms shared a wall. After almost an hour during which time the thumping varied in speed and Deepa's moans varied in intensity, the speed picked up to a furious pace. 

Deepa began begging Tom, "Cum in me Tom. Give me your sperm. Come on Darling! I am ready for it. Give it to me. Yes! Yes! Yes!." Finally there were a few really loud thumps, followed by a guttural groan, which Raj assumed was Tom's, then silence. By then, Raj had his cock out and was masturbating. When Tom shot his cum into Raj's wife, Raj shot into a towel in his hands. Raj cleaned up and went to bed. He was woken up periodically by the thumping noise coming from the other room. He wondered at Tom's stamina to fuck and Deepa's stamina to take it for so long. 

Next morning when Raj was coming out of the guest room, he heard whispering and giggling and then heard a door shut. Soon the shower turned on and Raj realized that his wife and his boss were in the shower together. He waited for a few minutes then snuck over to the bathroom, opened the door an inch and peered in. He could not see clearly as the room was steaming up but he could not miss the sight of his wife kneeling naked in front of his boss and sucking on his hard cock. His wife had her back to the door. So, Raj could not see her face but his boss had his eyes closed and a look of joyous satisfaction on his face. Raj could see Deepa's head bob back and forth as she took more of his boss' cock in her throat. Then he saw something that absolutely astonished him. His sweet and formerly innocent wife who did not even know about blow job until recently, reached down under Tom's glistening cock, opened her mouth obscenely wide and swallowed one of Tom's big balls into into her mouth. After sucking on it for a while, she released it only to then swallow his other big nut. 

All this while she was masturbating his huge cock with her hand. She then went back to sucking his cock. While this was happening, the two of them shifted around a little so that Deepa's face was partially visible. This also meant Raj could see her clenching and unclenching Tom's ass cheeks. Soon Raj heard his boss groan loudly and bucking wildly indicating he was getting ready to cum. Raj expected Deepa to get her mouth away. But, to surprise she seemed to speed up, and he could see very clearly that she took the index finger of her right hand and inserted it into Tom's ass. That did it. Tom groaned loudly, Raj saw his balls clench, and it was clear that Tom was shoot his sperm into Deepa's throat. To Raj's surprise, Deepa took all of Tom's cum into her throat without choking. Raj saw her throat working as she swallowed all the cum Tom was dumping in her. She did not stop until Tom stopped bucking. Then she pulled her mouth off his cock slowly all the while looking up into Tom's face. Raj closed the door softly when he saw Deepa rise. 

Raj retreated into the guest bedroom with a raging hard on. But, he did not want to do anything with it right now. He wanted his wife, and wanted her with a desperation he had not experienced in a long time. It was another 45 minutes before he heard noises outside. He peered out of the guest bedroom and saw Tom and Deepa near the front door. Tom was all dressed to leave while Deepa was in a nighty with a towel wrapped around her wet hair. Raj couldn't wait the anticipation of pouncing on his wife as soon as Tom left. He saw them exchange good byes and then Tom gathered Deepa tenderly into his arms and kissed her on the mouth. Deepa seemed to resist shyly first because this was the first time they had kissed outside the privacy of the bedroom or bathroom. But soon, she was melting into Tom's kiss as her arms came around his head to play with his thick hair. And then, Tom pulled Deepa into him for a more flush body to body embrace as he deepened the kiss and ratcheted up the passion. Deepa started moaning and moving her arms over his back restlessly. 

Tom pushed her against the wall next to the front door and pulled up her nighty. Raj was surprised to see that she was naked underneath making him suspect that his wife was hoping for one final romp with his boss. Somehow between the two of them, they managed to pull down Tom's pants to free his cock, which was once again hard and big. Tom gathered Deepa's legs in his arms, aimed his cock at her dripping pussy and gave a mighty push embedding that monster into her open and abused hole in one stroke. Deepa gave out a gurgled sound and her face contorted in a grimace/pleasure as she got stretched one more time by Tom. What followed was an amazing sexual bout as the two of them clung to each other and fucked. Deepa dug deep into Tom's back and even drew some blood as Tom pounded into her harder and harder propping her against the wall. Finally he gave a mighty roar and buried himself deep into her, delivering his seed into her one more time. Deepa slowly entangled her legs from around Tom and Tom let her down gently so she could stand on her own. They both adjusted their dress, exchanged one final embrace followed by a quick kiss before Tom opened the door and walked out. 

Raj quickly walked back into his room hoping Deepa would come to him. He was expecting her to clean up again before coming to him but within a minute he saw the door to the guest bedroom open. In walked Deepa, looking freshly fucked but with a serenity in her face that had been missing for some time. His dick was so hard for his wife that it actually hurt. She had never looked sexier than she did to him that morning with her satisfied, freshly fucked look. He was so turned on by seeing her pussy swollen by another man's invading cock, her stomach swollen with that same man's child growing within her womb, and her neck and breasts covered in hickies as testimony to their coupling last night. All of them marking his wife belonging to another man, yet he knew she loved only him and he couldn't wait to reclaim her. He could see that whatever was making her unhappy earlier was gone. His loving, caring wife was back in full force and he could not have been happier. 

As she walked to the bed, Raj pulled her down for a deep loving kiss as he began the process of reclaiming her. Deepa reciprocated by deepening the kiss further and moaning over and over, "I love you! I love you so much!"

Raj flipped her over onto her back and got ready to insert his cock into her. She opened her legs wide opening herself to be repossessed by her husband and once more become his exclusively. Despite spending the weekend with a cock in her, she seemed to want this mating with just as much desperation as her sexually primed husband. He could see just how red and abused and open her vagina was from taking his boss' monster all weekend. He immediately plunged his cock balls deep into Deepa feeling the wetness of his boss' sperm surround him. She flinched as her abused hole was stretched one more time. Raj saw this and stopped immediately. He tried to pull out of her with horror that he was hurting her. 

Deepa immediately hugged him and stopped him from pulling out. She looked upset, and asked him, "Please, Raj, don't leave me. I want you so much now. Don't you want want me also? Are you upset that I have been with another man just now?" 

Raj could see that she was getting hysterical. "No Deepa, that is not it at all. I love you so much too and want to make love to my beautiful wife now more than anything else. But, I can see that you are sore and cannot take me into you without experiencing pain. And, i do not want to cause you any pain"

"But, Raj", she argued, "I need that. I want to feel that sting. In a way, it is cleansing for me. Even though you allowed it and encouraged it, I know I have hurt you this weekend by being with Tom. I know you will never say that to me but I love you a lot and can feel it in my heart and soul when you experience any pain. So, I need to feel this physical pain now to somehow counter your emotional pain. I cannot explain it exactly. Its like you are punishing me for having been naughty, and by punishing me you are reclaiming me. Somehow doing this for you will, in my mind, make me feel once more part of your heart and soul. So, please make love to your wife and know that I need it just as much as you do and I will enjoy it just as much as you will." 

Raj looked at his wife with all the love he had in him and slowly sunk back into her loving sheath. Deepa kept her eyes open all the time allowing him a glimpse into her soul and into the depth of the her love for him. They made love, not frantically, but with slow deliberate strokes. Soon Raj was groaning loudly and shooting a huge load into her. Deepa had given numerous orgasms Tom over the weekend and was sure she had no more orgasms to give her hubby. She thought she will be content this time just to watch Raj cum in her. But, somehow watching the love of her life cum in her triggered something in her, and soon she was orgasming with him, albeit weekly. Raj felt her pussy pulse gently on his cock as if she was lovingly petting him as she orgasmed quietly with him. Reclamation complete, the two lovers fell into a deep contented sleep in each other's arms. 

Their life settled into a loving routine. Deepa no longer felt something missing in her. She was so happy with her present life she shared with Raj and their son along with the baby growing in her, that she thought she would burst with it. Deepa went into labor on schedule and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Raj and Deepa were very happy and contented with this new addition into their family. One day, while Deepa was feeding her baby, Tom's wife called asking to talk to her. She immediately became anxious. What did she want?

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