Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lactating Wife Impregnated by a Stranger at a Halloween Party

Jill’s Perspective

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. And even now, at the age of twenty-five, married, and with a five-month old daughter, I still look forward to fall and the chance to dress in costume. My name is Jillian, but most people call me Jill, and I am married to John, who most people call Jack. I know it sounds kind of corny having our nicknames be Jack and Jill, but we have a lot of fun with it.

We started our lives together in a nice suburb outside of Philadelphia, and we are fortunate to have some very good neighbors. I sometimes have to pinch myself, at having such a wonderful husband, and now a beautiful daughter. I met Jack in a bar, after we both had graduated from college, and as far as I knew, he had never learned about my past. I am pretty and have a great body, and I used that to my advantage to have as much sex as I could in college.

I don’t mean to brag, but at five feet and five inches tall, and weighing one hundred and twenty-five pounds, after getting back in shape after giving birth, I have a fit, curvy body. My breasts were 34Ds before our daughter was born and I started nursing her, and now my breasts are 34EEs. My ass is also full and heart-shaped. So, my breasts and ass really are enticing to most men, and they fall over themselves staring at me. Add to that my dark-blonde hair and green eyes, with big, wide-set eyes, and facial features similar to the actress Emma Stone, and I sure get a lot of attention from all of the men.

This story is about the events at a neighborhood Halloween party about three months ago, so I won’t spend much time talking about my experiences in college. But briefly, I joined a sorority that was known for taking care of the sexual needs of the boys in our affiliated fraternity. I experienced sucking and fucking dozens of boys, some with rather average sized cocks, but others were well-hung athletes who could really fuck. I could never seem to get enough, and I loved eating their cum when I had the opportunity. I averaged fucking at least ten times per week and giving more blowjobs than I could count. Some of that happened on dates, but at other times pulling a train, or just giving blowjobs, to entertain the frat boys in their home.

I was so used to being treated like the tramp I was, that when I met Jack, and he was such a perfect gentleman, I really fell for him. He’s a handsome, dark-haired guy with blue eyes, and at six feet and one-inch-tall, and weighing one hundred and eighty-five pounds, he is fit and muscular. He waited until our fourth date to try to fuck me, although he did enjoy burying his face in my big boobs, and he would suck them for hours, starting on the second date. I’m not overly impressed with his average-sized, six-inch cock, but he does have other talents. He enjoys eating me out more than even fucking me, and that has become a routine part of our sex together. He even eats me out after we fuck, and that turns both of us on.

Jack is a lot more conservative than me in most aspects of our lives, and other than having a taste for my pussy, he is not very creative when it comes to sex. We fucked maybe three times a week in the beginning, and that had tapered down to once a week by the time the baby was born. He did enjoy fondling my huge breasts when I started lactating, but he only showed mild interest in drinking milk from my tits.

I sometimes got frustrated thinking about all of the big cocks I had in college, and how often I fucked, but I didn’t want to cheat or do anything to ruin my life with Jack. The strange thing is that although Jack is so conservative, he does enjoy seeing other men look at me so lustfully.

We waited for three months after our daughter was born before we started fucking again, and had only done it a few times in the fourth and fifth months. When we did fuck, he wore a condom, since I hadn’t started taking birth control again, for fear of interfering with my lactation. We were thinking about trying to have another baby anyway, and we planned to start trying five months after the baby was born. He does eat me out several times a week, but I was still too sore to take too much fucking until the end of that fourth month after the birth.

I drank a lot of booze in college, and I hadn’t been able to drink from the time I got pregnant, all the way up to the present, since I was breast feeding our daughter. So when our neighbors three doors down invited us to a furry-themed Halloween party, I was excited about going. The party was on the Friday night before Halloween, and I arranged to have my mother watch our daughter for the night of the party and all day Saturday. I expressed my breast milk and froze some of it for the week prior, and refrigerated the rest. I wanted to have enough to feed the baby for three or four days, to give the booze a chance to flush out of my system, before my daughter suckled from my breasts again.

We didn’t know our neighbors, Fran and Jeff, very well, but were always cordial with them when we saw one another out in the yard. Fran was always interested in how our daughter was doing, and knew that I was breast feeding her. One of the other neighbors told us that Fran and Jeff were into the furry fandom subculture, and they took their vacations every year at furry conventions. I didn’t know that much about the furry thing, so I did a little research.

I found out that people in the subculture were interested in portraying fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. The majority of people who like to dress up like animals like that are white, and about seventy percent are under twenty-five years old, but there are also furry fans at all ages, up to sixty plus, and all races.

There is apparently a lot of role playing that goes on in the subculture, and some people think that there is a lot of sexual role playing when the furries get together. The article also stated that there is a higher percentage of homosexual and bisexual participants, than in the general population. After reading all of that, I had to wonder just how entrenched our neighbors were in furry fandom, and I was looking forward to seeing them and their furry friends in action.

Jack looked online and found a furry wolf costume, but I wanted to choose something more sexy and provocative, to show off my body that had firmed up since the baby was born. I wasn’t sure how Jack would react, but I finally found what I was looking for. It was a full-body, skin-tight, Lycra, Holstein cow costume, with the characteristic black and while spotted body. The top was sculpted for a woman with large breasts like mine, and that area was white, with tan nipples positioned over where my breasts would be. They even offered big breast inserts for women with smaller tits. The body suit also had a tail sticking out from the back, and a full headpiece that looked like a cow’s head, with ears and all.

I just knew that I would look fantastic in that outfit, with my huge breasts and nice ass straining against the fabric, and I knew that it would also display my thick camel toe quite nicely. I didn’t tell Jack that I was ordering it, for fear that he would stop me. I had plenty of time to get it before the party, but I didn’t show it to Jack until it was too late to order something else. Jack wasn’t home when I tried it on the first time, and it fit just like I hoped. My breasts looked so huge, bulging out almost like udders look on a real cow, and the multiple nipples were realistic.

The head piece fit very well, and it was made it in such a way that it was actually a pretty cow, if that makes any sense. With the areas cutout for the eyes, and the shortened, cute snout on the mask which allowed easy access to my mouth, I knew that I would be able to see out and drink, without anyone recognizing me. There was also a thin, almost invisible, zipper than ran from the top, high on my neck, down between my breasts, and then down through the middle of my crotch. It ended at the tail, at the top of my ass, and would allow me to unzip to go to the bathroom if I needed to, without removing the whole costume.

Jack didn’t see my costume until late on Thursday night before the party on Friday. He was both complimentary and irritated. He said, “Holy shit, Jill, you look fantastic in this costume. But damn, sweetie, don’t you think that it’s a little too revealing? The way it fits so perfectly to your body, I can see your big tits hanging there, and every jiggle, almost like you’re nude. And not only can I see every luscious curve of your ass, but your fat pussy is bulging out there for everyone to see. You told me that these furry parties can get a little wild, and I’m worried about you looking so enticing to everyone. You know that I like you to show off, but I think you’re asking for trouble is this outfit.”

I got him really worked up when I hugged him and rubbed my tits and crotch against him, and rubbed his cock, as I whispered in his ear, saying, “It’s been over a year since I’ve looked this good, honey, and I’m anxious to drink again and show off a little bit. You always enjoy it when men gawk at me, and I think there’ll be a lot of that with me wearing this costume. It’ll get us both turned on, and we can come home after the party and start trying to get me pregnant again.”

He pushed me back on the bed, and quickly pulled down my zipper, and then dove in to suck my pussy. It was amazing looking at him down between my legs, sucking on my juicy pussy, with my swollen breasts pushing out of the unzipped costume. He sucked me to a huge orgasm, and then stayed between my legs and fell asleep there. It seemed that he was getting excited about me showing off my body, and I think he liked the idea of using the party as a way to get our libidos revved up so we could fuck to impregnate me again.

I nursed the baby for the last time about 5:00 pm on Friday, and then took her, her supplies, and the breast milk over to my mother’s home. I got back home at about 6:00 pm, when Jack was just getting home from work. We had a small dinner and took a long, hot shower together, and then dressed for the party, arriving as planned at 8:00 pm. There were cars parked up and down our street, and I’m guessing that there were at least fifty people there, dressed in all types of costumes.

Fran and Jeff were dressed in male and female fox costumes, and they didn’t know who we were until we introduced ourselves. She was almost speechless looking at my costume, but finally said, “Oh my goodness, Jill, you look so amazing and sexy in that outfit. Jeff nudged me when you two walked in, and he could hardly believe how revealing your costume is. A lot of the furry costumes are rather modest, but you look so hot. You’d better be careful, girl, since many of the men and even some of the women, including me, will be after you tonight.”

Her comments weren’t surprising, after the research I had done, and it was interesting that she would so openly admit that she was attracted to me. I had done a little girl-on-girl sex in college, mostly to entertain the fraternity boys, and found it to be enjoyable as a diversion every now and then.

There were people dressed in every kind of animal costume that you could imagine. There were wolves, foxes, cats, dogs, raccoons, lions, tigers, rabbits, kangaroos, and many more. Jack and I started drinking mixed drinks right away, and it was fun getting myself inebriated while being anonymous in my costume. Loud music was playing, and after the party got going, and everyone had a few drinks, they began dancing.

It was a little hard to tell because of so many similar costumes, but it appeared that couples who looked like they were married, and had come to the party together, were dancing with others. It didn’t take long before the room became sexually charged, and people on the dance floor were lifting their masks to kiss, and they were openly rubbing one another’s genitals. Jack had gone to the bathroom and then was talking with a man that he recognized from work, and I kind of lost track of him with several other wolf costumes in the room, and the house being so crowded.

Several of the men had been staring at me, and I was getting turned on. And after Jack left to talk to the man from work, I think some of the men got the idea that I was available. I certainly had no intentions of getting amorous with anyone, but it was fun being sought after by other men.

I had been drinking heavily, was feeling no pain, and standing in a corner of the crowded room. A man in a bull costume came up to me and said, “Hey, Elsie, why’s a pretty little heffer like you standing here all by herself?

His reference to Elsie the Cow, the cartoon cow developed as a mascot for the Borden Dairy Company, was surprising, since Elsie was an icon back in the 1940s through maybe the 1990s. I wasn’t sure how he could know that reference, if he was a young guy. He also called me a heffer, which can be a demeaning name for a heavy-set woman. I took it as a compliment, though, since he was obviously looking at my big tits, with my protruding nipples, and cushy ass.

The man was actually a little intimidating, and he had a deep voice and slight accent that sounded like he could be African-American. His costume was similar to mine, in that it was skin-tight Lycra, but totally black, and his full-head mask looked like a bull, with horns and all. He was about six feet and three inches tall, and weighed maybe two hundred pounds. He was very muscular, with a bulging chest and big arms, and the shapes of his genitals were as visible to me, as my tits and camel toe were to him. I could hardly believe the size of his cock, which had to be soft, and was running down his right leg about seven inches. On the left side, I saw the bulges of his big, low-hanging balls.

I had fucked a few big-cocked, black football players in college, and it gave me chills just looking at him. I didn’t want to do anything to encourage him, but I also wanted to be polite. So, in the fog of my inebriation, I answered his question, saying, “My husband is talking to a friend from work, and I’m just observing the party. But I could ask you the same question. What’s a handsome Benny the bull like you doing talking to me? Aren’t you here with your wife?”

He gave a deep belly laugh, which sounded strange coming out of his bull’s mask, and responded, “Good question, Elsie. My wife is off somewhere dancing with a horny guy in a kangaroo costume, and I couldn’t help but notice you standing here. And I have to admit, that I’ve never seen a more beautiful pair of udders. It makes me thirsty just looking at you.”

Well, there it was. He was definitely amused by my reference to Benny the bull (mascot for the Chicago Bulls) and entranced by my big breasts. I was a little surprised that he was that forward, and wasn’t too bashful to bring it up to me. Under normal circumstances I would have ignored him or told him to fuck off. But my breasts were swollen with milk, since it was almost my normal feeding time for the baby, and I decided to have a little fun with him.

I looked at him and said, “What you would have no way of knowing, Benny, is that these big udders you like so much are just bursting with milk. I’ve got enough milk here to feed two calves. Too bad you aren’t a calf, Benny.”

He was quiet for a few moments and then said, “Oh my fucking goodness, Elsie, that is almost too much for me to take. What I wouldn’t give for just a taste. How would you feel about going down the hall to the guest bedroom and giving old Benny a taste? I’d be forever in your debt, and even willing to share a little of my bull’s milk if you wanted it.”

I didn’t expect him to take me up on my tease that way, and my pussy was wet and my tits were aching, just thinking about being suckled and having my breast milk swallowed by a man like him. I was mellowed out enough from the drinking that I was convincing myself that it couldn’t hurt anything to give him a taste, and that would also help relieve the pressure so I wouldn’t have to go home to pump out my breast milk.

So I slurred my words, saying, “This just might be your lucky day, Benny. My tits hurt so bad from the pressure of the milk, that I might just be willing to give you that taste. You have to promise, though, if we start this, you will drink until I have relief, and that it will go no further. My husband and I are trying to have another baby, and I’m unprotected right now.”

He quickly agreed, saying, “Anything you say, Elsie. I’ve just got to get my mouth on those big tits and nipples, and I love drinking breast milk. Before it’s all over, you might want some of my milk too.”

I wasn’t really up on the lingo, but I was sure that he was talking about his cum as his bull’s milk. I certainly didn’t see things going that far, so I followed him down the hall to the spare bedroom. I lay back on the bed, elevating my upper back and head on a couple of pillows. He moved to my right side, and started to lay across me from the side, as I pulled down my zipper from my neck, down to my navel. He took off his mask, and smiled like the Cheshire Cat when he saw my big breasts burst out of the fabric, and pushing the front of my costume wide open.

Without his mask, I saw that he was a handsome black man, probably in his mid-forties, with a shaved head. He cupped and kneaded my right breast in his hand as he began sucking hard on my left breast, taking my thumb-sized nipple and brown, silver-dollar-sized areola into his mouth. It felt so good being sucked aggressively like that, and my milk was flowing like a stream into his mouth. That’s the first time I ever experienced a sexual arousal from having my breast sucked, and my right breast was also leaking from him squeezing it. Jack had barely and only half-heartedly sucked my lactating breasts before; nothing like Benny was doing.

Benny and I were both moaning as he sucked my breast, and it was like I felt his sucking all the way to my pussy. I was getting so aroused, that I supported and caressed his head with my left hand, as my right hand rested on his left thigh, which was only natural given our positions. I was still under the influence of the booze, and his sucking felt so good that I absentmindedly began to rub his thigh. He must have wanted to take advantage of my arousal, and he slowly twisted his hips back, which brought my hand into contact with his bulging genitals.

I know that I should have pulled my hand back, but I liked the feeling of his massive balls and thick cock shaft, and they felt bigger than any I had in the past. I started rubbing back and forth on his cock lump, and felt it throbbing and pulsing as it expanded under my hand. I didn’t realize what he was doing when he moved his hand from my breast to the top of the zipper on his costume, and began pulling it down. The next thing I knew, he was sliding the zipper down under my hand, and I was then stroking his thick, rock-hard, uncircumcised cock that I estimated was about ten inches long. By that time he had been sucking me for about ten minutes and my milk was flowing less. So he got up to move to the other side so he could lean over me the same way, and suck my right breast.

His big cock was swaying, and his big balls were swinging, as he moved to my left side, and as I started stroking him again, and before he starting sucking my breast, he whispered, “Keep that up, Elsie, and you’ll definitely be getting a taste of my bull’s milk, that is if you want to.”

He started sucking me again, as I alternated between stroking his cock and fondling his balls. I was out of my head with lust as he drained my right breast, and when he was finished, I pulled off my mask as he pulled my torso down to the left, which brought me into a sideways sixty-nine position in front of him, and I was staring at his big cock. Nothing was said as he gripped my zipper and pulled it down through my crotch, which exposed my soaking wet pussy to his face. I instinctively leaned in and took his huge cock into my mouth, as he covered my hairy, wet vulva with his mouth. He knew from the way I was moaning and the smell of my ripe pussy, that I would at least want to have oral sex with him. I liked the way he was so assertive, and aggressively pursued what he wanted from me.

Benny rolled over and pulled me on top of him, still in the sixty-nine position, and pulled my legs back, fully exposing my crotch to his mouth. I started having orgasms from his tongue, thick lips, and the way he was sucking my clit, and just about the time I was squirting my girl juice into his still sucking mouth, his cock expanded in my mouth a little, and I felt and tasted squirt after squirt of this tasty cum. For just a moment, it was like I was back in college, taking yet another load of thick cum from the boys. The only difference was that the boys in college didn’t suck my pussy, because they knew what a slut I was, and how many cocks I had fucked.

I kept sucking his cock as it deflated in my mouth, and he kept sucking my pussy, for what seemed like another five minutes. We finally broke apart, and I turned around in the bed to cuddle with him. I hadn’t sucked a big cock like that in years, and having my breasts and pussy sucked so skillfully was a real treat. I realized that I had just had oral sex with a total stranger, and I didn’t even know his name. He leaned down to kiss me, and we pushed our tongues into one another’s mouths, and had a truly passionate kiss.

By that time, about thirty minutes had passed, and I started thinking that we should get dressed and rejoin the party. Benny had other ideas, though, and said, “Give me a few more minutes to recover, Elsie, and I’ll show you what a bull like me should really be doing to a nice, juicy heffer like you. Come on, sweetie, you know that you want to feel my big cock in your pussy. You can get onto your hands and knees, and we can pretend that I am a bull fucking you in a pasture.”

Even in my inebriated mind, I knew that I wasn’t protected, and definitely shouldn’t be fucking him. But then, I also thought that I might not be in the most fertile part of my cycle. I was so turned on by all that we had done, and I wanted to feel his big cock inside of me. So I moved down to suck his cock hard, and then got on my hands and knees on the bed.

Benny moved in behind me, and leaned over to grip and rub my breasts as I felt his big cock head pressing into my wet and swollen labia. He pushed three or four inches of his thick cock inside of me, and it felt like he was taking it easy, not knowing if I could take a cock as big as his. He had no way of knowing what a slut I had been in college, and that I had been fucked by many big cocks, but I soon gave him a clear signal to fuck me hard.

I pushed back hard against his cock, and in one push his thick meat was buried to the balls in my slutty, married pussy. I looked back at him and said, “Okay, Benny, show me what a big bull like you can do to a horny heffer like me.”

He began fucking me with fast, deep strokes, bottoming out in my pussy on each thrust. I felt his massive, black balls slapping against my thighs and sometimes even swinging up to my pubis. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, as he continued playing with my tits and fucking me hard, saying, “Oh fuck, Elsie, what a tight, wet and deep pussy you have. Most women can’t take all of my meat, and your pussy is gripping it like a vice, and sucking me into your depths. You said that you were unprotected, but you’d better not be fertile today, or I’m going to give you and your husband a black baby with my big, sperm-filled cum load.”

Benny’s comments caused something primal to awaken in me. I wanted his semen and sperm in my womb, and I wanted to be impregnated by an aggressive, strong man like him. So I reached between our legs, and gripped his swinging balls for a moment, as I said, “Fuck yeah, Benny, inseminate me with your Negro seed, and impregnate me with your black baby.”

My comments took Benny over the edge, and he took one more, hard stroke, and then buried his cock to the balls in my pussy. I felt his cock throb and pulse, and actually felt the spurts of cum, as he emptied his massive balls into my womb. He stayed behind me, slowly fucking me and keeping my hole plugged with his thick, black cock. It was almost like he wanted to make sure that his sperm had a chance to impregnate me.

He finally pulled out of me, with a wet, slurping sound, and I missed the feeling of his thick cock inside of me. I was just getting ready to lie down in the bed next to him, when I felt hands on my ass, and a tongue licking my oozing pussy. I turned around and was shocked to see Fran settling in behind me to suck my just-fucked pussy.

Fran looked at Benny and smiled, before beginning to suck my pussy, and she said, “See, I told you Mitch, Jill looked like one very hot, ready-to-fuck MILF to me when she arrived tonight, and I guessed right that she wouldn’t be able to resist that big cock of yours, especially if you had the chance to drain those big milk jugs of her. And as much as I enjoy fucking you myself, I am really looking forward to cleaning your tasty cum out of her hairy, swollen, and juicy pussy. Go ahead and get in front of Jill and let her clean your big cock, while I take care of her beautiful pussy.”

Well, at that point, at least I knew that Benny’s name was really Mitch, and it was clear that Fran had set me up, and that he had fucked her before, and probably a lot of their other female, furry friends. Mitch moved in front of me, and I took his slimy, soft, cum-covered cock into my mouth, and began sucking him. It felt so good having Fran suck my pussy, and she was even reaching around to fondle my breasts as she sucked me. And as if I hadn’t already orgasmed enough on Mitch’s big cock, I had another one in Fran’s mouth.

Fran sucked my pussy for about ten minutes, and then cuddled with me when I lay back on the bed. She began to suckle my breasts, and I instinctively began to rub her breasts, even though she still had on her costume.

She finally moved up next to me and said, “After watching you with Mitch, I think you need a lot more fucking tonight. I’ve alerted six of my other big-cocked, furry friends that you looked like you were hot to fuck, especially the way you’re showing off your big tits and pussy in your costume. I’ll let them come in when you’re ready, and we can both have fun with their thick fuck meat. You and I can have a little fun together as well, and that will really keep the men turned on.”

I leaned in to give Fran a deep, soulful kiss, and then turned around in the bed, and rolled on top of her in a sixty-nine. I unzipped her costume and began sucking her pussy, and wondered why she hadn’t started sucking my pussy again. I got my answer when I felt the bed shake, and a very thick cock was pressing into my cunt. I looked back and saw a big man in an unzipped rabbit costume. I continued sucking on Fran’s pussy, as he pounded my pussy with his thick cock that felt like it was a little shorter than Mitch’s, but even a little thicker.

He must have been watching from the door, or was otherwise turned on watching Fran and me together, because it only took him about three minutes to cum. He pulled away, and I felt someone else move onto the bed, and begin to suck the cum out of my pussy. I knew that it wasn’t Fran, and in fact it was a mouth that I was very familiar with. I confirmed that when I looked back and saw Jack back there sucking and licking my pussy clean of the last cum load.

I was shocked, embarrassed and afraid, until I realized that if Jack had been watching me, and still wanted to move in to suck me clean, then he must have been very turned on watching me fuck another man. I smiled back at him as he sucked me for a few minutes, and when I looked back again, there were five other men standing behind him, with their costumes off, with hardening cocks in hand.

At that point, I rolled off of Fran, and we lay on our backs beside one another on the bed. There were then eight men in the room, including Mitch, Jack, the rabbit man, and five others. That was the beginning of another three hours that was like a blur, with Fran and me being fucked, and me having milk sucked out of my breasts. The amazing thing was that Jack was cleaning Fran’s pussy as well as mine after each of us were fucked. By the time it was over, even more men had come into the room, and I had been fucked at least eighteen times, including my first time with Mitch and the guy in the rabbit costume.

Rather than describe the ensuing fuck scenes in boring detail, I think it will be best for Jack to describe his experience that night, without repeating too much of what I’ve already written, and then conclude the story.

Jack’s Perspective

I’ve always considered myself to be the luckiest man in the world, being married to Jill, and I can still hardly believe that she married me. I didn’t know very much about her past, that is, until one of my work associates recognized her at a company party that we attended, soon after Jill and I were married. He told me about her reputation in college, and he seemed to know a lot about her, even though he was not in the same fraternity that her sorority was associated with.

After hearing about all of the boys she sucked off and fucked, and knowing how much attention she got from other men with her fantastic body, I couldn’t help getting turned on when other men gawked at her. I know that sounds a little fucked up, but I was actually imagining what it might be like for those other men to fuck her. I was always very proud of her, though, after knowing her past, and having her be faithful to me.

I knew from that coworker that Jill had fucked a lot of boys with big cocks, but she never seemed to mind my six inch dick. I had a taste for pussy before we met anyway, and I always enjoyed eating her out, even after we fucked. I didn’t mind eating my own cum, and I had tasted it many times when I ejaculated. Also, I have to admit that I had been curious about what it would be like to suck another man’s cum from her pussy.

We fucked pretty regularly after about our fourth date, and right up until the baby was born. Then we abstained from everything but oral sex until the fourth month after the baby was born. We had only fucked a few of times since then, and up until the time for the furry party, and always with a condom, since we wanted to try having another baby starting after the fifth month.

After being invited to a neighbor’s furry fandom Halloween party, I ordered a wolf costume right away, but Jill was very secretive about her costume. It wasn’t until the night before the party that she showed it to be, and I was flabbergasted. I could see her big, milk-filled breasts jiggling almost like they were bare, and her big camel toe was protruding and plainly visible. Her big, cushy ass also looked fantastic in that tight outfit.

I made it seem like I was trying to talk her out of wearing that costume, but she was very persuasive, and I secretly wanted her to wear it. It was too late to get another one, anyway, and quite frankly, I was looking forward to watching the men watch her in that costume. We had great oral sex that night, and I even went to sleep between her wide-spread legs.

Knowing Jill’s habits before she became pregnant, I knew that she would like to drink a lot of alcohol after going without for over a year, and she was a little flirty when she was drinking. My plan was to stay with her at the party at the beginning, and then go off to talk with someone and leave her alone, after we both had a few drinks. I was curious what would happen with her drinking so much, and then being alone at the party looking as hot as she did.

I’m a very observant and perceptive guy, and after I walked away to use the restroom and talk to a guy I knew, I noticed that Fran was talking somewhat privately with a tall man in a bull’s costume. Right after that, he went over to talk with Jill in the corner. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it didn’t take long for them to sneak off down the hall together. Fran then went down the hall after them, and I waited for a few minutes before going down there to see what was going on.

Fran was peeking through the door that was open just a crack, and she didn’t hear me as I tiptoed up behind her. I finally got close enough to see that the man in the bull costume was a big, black man, and he was leaning over Jill sucking her breast. I assumed that Jill had enough sense not to let things get carried away, since she wasn’t protected with birth control, and was fairly close to her fertile time.

I quietly unzipped my costume, and was rubbing my cock, as he continued sucking her, and then I became a little apprehensive, when it looked like she was rubbing his cock. I couldn’t see clearly from behind him like that, but when he pulled down his zipper, I knew that she was rubbing his cock. I was so turned on by then that I didn’t want to intervene, and I was amazed at the size of the cock and balls swinging between his legs, when he got up and moved around to change sides. It looked like Jill was really stroking his thick, black cock, as he sucked her other breast.

Several other men came down the hall and were standing behind me, and Fran finally sensed that I was standing right behind her, just as Jill was leaning down in a sixty-nine with the black guy. I thought they were going too far at that point, and when I started to push by Fran, she reached back and began rubbing my cock. Then she whispered in my ear, “Just relax, Jack. Look how beautiful Jill is, and how aroused she is with Mitch. I can tell by your hard cock that you’ve enjoyed watching them together so far, and you wouldn’t have let her dress that way if you weren’t expecting something like this to happen. I’ll take care of your hard cock while you continue to watch.”

Fran dropped to her knees in front of me, and took my rock hard cock into her mouth. She was sucking me aggressively, and just as the black guy pulled Jill on top of him in their sixty-nine, I shot my biggest cum load ever into her mouth. She stood back up and kissed me, pushing part of my cum into my mouth, and then leaned close to my ear and whispered, “Damn, Jack, don’t they look just fabulous together; that well-hung, black bull and his horny heffer? Let’s keep watching and see what happens next. I’ve fucked Mitch dozens of times, and I think both of us will enjoy sucking other men’s loads from Jill’s slutty cunt.”

I continued watching as Mitch and Jill had oral orgasms together, and lay back on the bed. They talked for a few more minutes, and when Jill got up on her hands and knees, Mitch winked towards the crack in the door, knowing that Fran and others were watching them. I was stunned, and stood frozen as Mitch moved in behind Jill, and pushed his massive, black cock into her white, married pussy. After a few moments, she pushed back hard against him, and I could hardly believe that his massive cock was buried to the balls in her cunt.

Mitch began fucking my wife with fast, deep, and powerful strokes, and I knew that I would never to able to satisfy her that way. I watched in amazement as his huge, black balls swung between their legs and slapped noisily up against Jill. That’s when I realized for certain that he was going to inseminate and probably impregnate my wife with his black baby, and it was too late for me to do anything about it. Only moments later he buried his cock in her pussy, and his big balls drew up, and I knew that he was ejaculating deep in her possibly fertile womb.

I continued to stand there frozen, as Mitch pulled his big cock out of my wife, with a big slurping sound, and Fran pushed past me and began sucking Mitch’s cum out of Jill’s pussy. Then I watched as Fran sucked Jill’s breasts, just before they got into a sixty-nine, with Jill on top, sucking Fran’s pussy. At that point, the man standing immediately behind me, dressed like a rabbit, unzipped his costume, and moved in to fuck Jill. Then all of the other men and I moved into the room, and they, began taking off their costumes.

The rabbit guy only lasted a few minutes, and when he pulled out of Jill’s pussy, and I saw his thick cum running out of her labia, I instinctively moved in to suck her pussy clean. It felt really weird, with me sucking another man’s cum out of my wife’s pussy, with Fran’s face only inches away. Jill looked back, smiled, and watched me cleaning her adulterous cunt, and I knew at that moment that our lives would never be the same again.

After I finished cleaning Jill’s pussy, she rolled off of Fran, and then both women were fucked repeatedly by Mitch, the rabbit guy, and the other five men. All of them had cocks that were much longer and thicker than mine, and I almost had a sense of relief as I acquiesced to my submissive role, cleaning their big semen and sperm loads out of my wife’s cunt. As the evening progressed, the word must have spread through the party, and other men came into the room to fuck Jill and Fran.

The party started thinning out a little after midnight. Since we didn’t have to go home to take care of the baby, and Fran invited us to stay for the night, along with Mitch and his wife Monica, we ended up sleeping over there. Jill’s pussy was obviously a little sore from all of the times she was fucked, but that didn’t stop her from fucking Mitch and Jeff, late into the wee hours of the morning.

I had adapted so well to my new, cuckold role, that before it was all over, I was sucking Mitch’s and Jeff’s cocks, and all of the women’s pussies, and I couldn’t seem to get enough of it all.

Following that Halloween party, Jill and I became very close friends with Fran and Jeff, and Mitch and Monica, and several of the other furry fandom couples. We never did become furry fans ourselves, but we did enjoy spending time with them. Jill was always the prime focus of the fucking and milk sucking, and I always played my role as her cunt sucking and cock sucking cuckold husband.

It wasn’t a real surprise, when a little over two weeks after the Halloween party, Jill missed her period. It was pretty obvious to us that I wasn’t the father, and nine months later, when Jill gave birth to a black baby boy, we knew for sure that Mitch was the real father. We could then no longer hide our lifestyle, and Jill admitted everything to her parents.

Her parents finally came to a reluctant acceptance of our lifestyle, and Jill and I are still participating with our furry fandom friends.

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