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Redneck Boss Fucks Young Employee's Wife

I knew when I went to college to obtain my civil engineering degree, that the construction industry had its ups and downs with the economy. But, even as a young boy I had a strong desire to work in an occupation involving earth moving of almost any type, including road building and construction site preparation. When I graduated from college in Mobile, Alabama, I was fortunate to find a job with a civil engineering consulting firm in my hometown near Montgomery.

My name is Justin, and with my new, well-paying job and prospects for a bright future, I married my high school sweetheart Denise, who most people call Denny, and we bought a nice, but highly-mortgaged home in the Montgomery suburbs. Denny didn’t have the aptitude for a four-year university, so she went to a community college and was working as a bookkeeper at the time. I know that a lot of the guys met girls in college that they married, but Denny was the love of my life, and we stayed in touch, and dated when we could, while I was away at school. We didn’t make a pact to not see other people, but I never dated other girls. And as far as I knew she wasn’t dating other boys. I tried to make the two-and-a-half-hour drive home at least twice a month to see her, and I knew that she was happy to see me because her pussy was usually so wet and juicy when I surprised her like that.

We had known one another since grade school, but didn’t start dating until we were sixteen years old and juniors in high school. We were both virgins when we started dating, and Denny quickly developed a voracious appetite for sex. I’m not that well-hung, at only four and a half inches long and thin, but we did every kind of oral and genital sex that we could think of. I especially loved sucking on her hairy and thick labia, and tasting her sweet juices. She was heavily breasted for her age, and her 32D tits looked huge on her petite, five feet and four-inch-tall and one hundred and ten-pound frame. From what my friends told me, their girlfriends weren’t anywhere near as interested in sex.

Denny’s overall, pixie-like demeanor was accentuated by her large blue eyes and naturally-blonde, pixie cut hair, and pretty face. And even better, she has an amazingly bubbly and outgoing personality that is attractive to everyone. I know that many of the other boys lusted after her, and even made comments behind my back, when they thought I couldn’t hear them, about her good looks and fantastic body. It turned me on knowing that she was lusted after that way, and it enhanced my status, at least in my eyes, to have a girlfriend that the other boys were likely masturbating over. Denny thought it was funny that I reacted that way to the other boys flirting with her.

We started trying to have a baby right after we were married, and Denny must have been very fertile, since she got pregnant in the first month. So by the time I had been with my company for one year, and Denny and I were twenty-three years old, our beautiful daughter was three months old, and still breast feeding. Unfortunately, the economy started to soften a month later, and since I was the newest hire in my office, I was given a one-month severance check and laid off. In hindsight, I should have been smarter about managing our finances, and maybe rented while saving our money for a larger down payment on our home, and not have burdened us with such a large mortgage.

I was panicked and trying hard to find another consulting job, but most of the other firms in the area were experiencing the same economic pinch. Then finally, just one week before, my severance pay would run out, I answered an ad from a medium-sized road construction company that was looking for a field engineer. They had several, long-term contracts that were initiated before the economic downturn. I was thankful for the opportunity to interview with them, although I wasn’t that happy about the prospect of working in the dust and heat out of a field trailer, instead of the cushy office where I had been working doing design work.

The owner of the company interviewed me, and I was at first disconcerted by his appearance. He was obviously a good old boy, Alabama redneck, with his dark-blonde hair in a ponytail and with a dark tan and chiseled face from all of his time out in the sun on the jobs. He was handsome, in a rugged sort of way. His name is Buck, and he looked to be in his late-forties, fit and lean at six feet tall and weighing maybe one hundred and eighty pounds. He was wearing jeans with a big belt buckle, and a plaid, western-style shirt.

My interview with Buck went very well, and I learned not to be so quick to judge someone, based on their appearance. He was very knowledgeable about the technical, engineering aspects of his business, and asked me some challenging questions. His deep voice and melodic, Southern drawl were charming in a way, and I found myself to be very comfortable with him. He asked me about my family, and I showed him a recent picture of Denny and me with the baby. Her breasts had grown to 32Fs since she began breast feeding the baby, and they looked huge in the photo. He was very complimentary of Denny, and made a comment that I didn’t read too much into at the time. He must have assumed that she was lactating when he looked closely at the picture and said, “You’re a lucky man, Justin. There’s no woman more beautiful than a young mother, and especially a breast feeding mother, who has that special glow about her.”

I knew that I had a good chance of getting the job when Buck started talking about the importance of family, and how he liked to think of his employees as family, especially the professional and supervisory people. Then he shocked me by making me an offer on the spot, instead of making me wait for days or weeks for his decision. He offered me more than what I had been making at my previous firm, even though I wrongly assumed that field engineers weren’t paid as well as consultants. I accepted the job on the spot, and thanked him for the great salary. He had a strange look on his face and looked amused when he responded, “You’re quite welcome, Justin. You’ll earn every penny of it, because I require my family of employees to always go above and beyond what most bosses expect.”

It was kind of strange that he walked me out to my car, and before I got in he said, “You can begin tomorrow if you want to, Justin, because we’re a little behind on one of our projects. And my wife Norma and I would like to invite your family to our home for dinner on Friday. We like to warmly welcome our new employees, and I can’t wait to meet that lovely wife of yours. Please bring your daughter too, since I’m sure that she’ll need to be fed before the evening is over.”

I started work the next day, which was a Thursday, and Buck took me out to the job site and introduced me to Harley, the superintendent. He was another redneck, probably in his early-fifties, and he helped me to get settled in the site trailer, with an office next to his. The next two days were a blur, as I learned my new duties and got acclimated to life in the field.

Denny, the baby, and I arrived at Buck’s home at 7:00 pm on Friday, and we were impressed with his residence. He was obviously more successful than he appeared to be, and lived in a spacious, ranch-style home on a hill overlooking a large lake. There was an upper deck, above the brick patio off of the basement entertainment room, and a large pool and separate, heated hot tub on the patio. It looked like a real party house, and I assumed that they must do a lot of entertaining with customers and maybe even employees. Norma was an attractive, fit, and well-built woman, also in her late-forties, and an excellent hostess.

Buck served cocktails as Norma put the finishing touches on our dinner, and he was very attentive to Denny, who was drinking a non-alcoholic punch due to breast feeding the baby. He could barely keep his eyes off of her, wearing a flowery, summer dress, unbuttoned in the front, and braless for more easily feeding the baby, and revealing her substantial cleavage. We had a wonderful dinner of prime rib, and they arranged the chairs at the dinner table so Buck was seated next to Denny on one side, while Norma was sitting next to me on the other. It almost seemed like Norma was trying to distract me in conversation as Buck and Denny talked and laughed and seemed to get along like old friends.

After dinner we went down to the entertainment room in the basement, and had more drinks. By then it was almost 9:00 pm, and time for Denny to feed the baby. I wasn’t sure what Denny was thinking, but she sat right where she was on the couch, across from Buck and Norma, and unashamedly breast fed the baby, with no cover-up. Buck didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was watching her and her swollen breasts bulging out in the wide-spread front of her dress. He made a comment, tapping Norma on the leg and saying, “Look at that, honey, there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing a beautiful woman feeding her baby. And judging from the size of those milk jugs, the baby won’t be going hungry.”

Norma teasingly poked Buck with her elbow, and then said to Denny, “Look sweetie, don’t pay any attention to Buck here. He’s just a dirty old man who can’t control himself around pretty young girls like you. But just so you know, I think it’s a beautiful thing too, and you are a very pretty girl.”

On the way home, I was thinking how the whole evening at the boss’ house was a little strange. Both Buck and Norma assumed more than usual familiarity with Denny and me, but mostly Denny, for the first time being with them socially. And they seemed very relaxed at making what I considered to be some sensitive comments. I mentioned their behavior to Denny, and also asked her why she fed the baby right in front of everyone.

Denny thought I was just being overly sensitive and said, “Don’t be silly, Justin. I thought that Buck was very charming, and we had a good conversation while you were occupied with Norma. He even told me that they had a circle of very close friends, and hoped that we would become a part of the group. I think he was flirting with me a little too, because he kept telling me how lovely I am. I mean, Buck is old enough to be my father, and he is still attracted me. And as far as breast feeding is concerned, after talking with Buck at dinner, I felt comfortable enough around him to let it all hang out.”

I was starting to get those same feelings I had in high school, when the other boys gawked at Denny and made a big deal out of her looks. And with Buck, a mature married man, showing her so much attention, it was even more arousing to me. I was very proud of Denny and the way she had gotten back into such good shape, only five months after the natural child birth of our daughter. We were using the rhythm method of birth control since the pills might have interfered with her lactation. Her pussy was just a little bit looser since giving birth, but we still enjoyed frequent sex. And I have to admit that I would almost rather eat her out than fuck her. I had gotten into the habit of sucking her sweet pussy to orgasm three or four times a week, and even more on those days when we had to abstain from having intercourse.

Over the rest of the weekend, I teased Denny a little about Buck, almost a father figure, being so attracted to her, and she thought I was reading too much into it. I also let her know that is was arousing to me to see her lusted after that way, just like back in high school. She rubbed my crotch and felt my hardening dick, and I wasn’t sure whether I should be offended or not as she laughed and teased me saying, “Oh my, honey, I can feel your little woody here. Geez, I wonder if Buck was getting a hard on because of me too.”

I went to lunch with Harley on Monday, and even though I didn’t know him that well yet, I told him about our experience with Buck and Norma on Friday night, and asked if he had any insight into their behavior. He looked at me and studied my face for what seemed like minutes, but was really only a few seconds, and then smiled before saying, “Look, Justin, I like my job here. I’ve known Buck and Norma for over twenty-five years now, and we are good friends. But, since I can see from the picture on your desk that you and your beautiful wife seem to be such a nice couple, I’ll tell you what I know. You have to promise that you will never repeat what I’m about to tell you.”

Harley continued after I promised not to repeat anything, and he said, “Well, from what I know about them, Buck and Norma are very liberal when it comes to sex, and I think that they still participate in a swinger’s group of old friends of his from high school. He apparently has an almost insatiable appetite for the pussy of other men’s wives, and Norma goes along with it and supports him in his efforts since she loves the variety of cocks she gets. Now, how this might involve you, is that Buck has been known to fuck the wives of his employees, especially the younger, well-built ones like your wife.”

I interrupted and asked, “Oh my goodness, Harley, how could you know about him fucking the employees’ wives?”

He smiled weakly and looked embarrassed when he replied, “About twenty year ago, when my wife Annabelle and I were in our early thirties, Buck invited us over for a party that included his swinging friends. We all had a lot to drink over the course of the evening, and at around 11:00 pm, they all started skinny dipping in the pool and hot tub. Before I realized what was happening, my wife and I were naked too. Norma had me occupied playing with her big breasts while she stroked my cock with us sitting on a big lounge chair by the pool, while Buck and Annabelle were together on a lounge at the other end of the pool. I looked over a few minutes later, and Buck had her bent over in the end of the lounge, fucking her with his huge cock. I was mad as hell at first, and didn’t know what to do since he’s my boss.”

I interrupted him to ask, “Holy shit, Harley, didn’t you get up to stop him from fucking your wife?”

Harley responded, “I was trying to get up, when Norma leaned down and began sucking my dick. I loved the feeling of her sucking me, and as I watched Buck fucking Annabelle, I suddenly found that I enjoyed seeing her fucked by him. Buck’s cock is uncircumcised and huge, at what looked like ten inches long and as thick as my wife’s wrist, and he also has huge, egg-sized balls that were hanging low, swinging, and slapping against her thighs. My dick is only about four and a half inches long, and I was somehow sharing in my wife’s joy of feeling that thick meat in her as she moaned, gasped, and orgasmed repeatedly on his big cock.”

Then I asked, “Damn, Harley, was Buck wearing a condom, and was Annabelle on birth control? And shit, was his cock really that big?”

He replied, “No, Justin, Buck was fucking her bareback, and she wasn’t on any birth control at the time. I wanted to say something to warn her, but I was swept up in my own orgasm, ejaculating into Norma’s mouth, just as I saw Buck take one last thrust, and hold himself buried in Annabelle’s pussy, as he ejaculated into her unprotected womb. I was still coming down from my own orgasm when he pulled out of her, and I saw big globs of his cum running out and down her inner thighs. And yes, Justin, his cock was getting soft and it still looked huge to me hanging there.”

He paused, seeming to be overcome with emotion and then continued, “I was trying to get up to go to her, when Norma laid the lounge back flat, and turned around on top of me in a sixty-nine. I sucked on her hairy, wet labia for what seemed like a half hour, as I glanced over to see three of the other men go to the lounge with my wife. One of them sat in front of her and pulled her head down to suck his cock, while one leaned in to suck her breasts, and the third moved in behind her to fuck her again. It was like Buck was sharing the conquest of wife with his friends, all of whom had big cocks. And after that, they all fucked her again before the night was over. So I can tell you this for sure, Justin; the fact that Buck mentioned something to your Denny about joining their group, means that he intends for him and his friends to fuck and use your beautiful, young wife for their pleasure.”

I was curious about something and asked, “What happened after that first night? Did you and Annabelle join their swinging group?”

Harley responded, “We continued to meet, usually once a week, with their group for the next year, and Annabelle couldn’t seem to get enough of those big cocks. And I have to admit that I was getting more and more turned on, and sometimes getting so close watching them fuck her that I could smell their musky crotches and her pussy. Buck even wanted me to take on a more active, supporting role, by sucking her pussy clean of their cum and even sucking their cocks clean, but I wasn’t about to do that. I did see a couple of the other husbands doing that shit. But since those other wives were sucking my dick and having me eat them out, I was kept plenty busy during those sessions.”

I couldn’t help getting aroused by what Harley was telling me, and he noticed that I was reaching down and rubbing my dick. He smiled and said, “I thought that all of this would turn you off, but it seems to be having the opposite effect. You’d better think twice about going to one of their parties, unless you want to see your pretty wife fucked by those big cocks. Based on your reaction to my story, and your interest in the size of Buck’s cock, you might be easily convinced to become a cuckold and a cleaner for them. But anyway, Annabelle and I left the group after a year, when she began feeling guilty about being such a whore for those men. She started going to church again and got religion.”

It was hard for me to understand why Harley’s story turned me on so much, and it made me wonder if Buck really intended to invite us to one of his swinger parties. And after hearing Harley talk about his small, four-and-a-half-inch dick, which is that same as mine, and having Denny mention my ‘little woody’ just the previous day, I had to wonder if she had experienced any bigger cocks to compare to my dick. After all the intimate details that Harley told me, I felt some kind of kinship since I also have a small dick. So, I ended the conversation by admitting, “I think I understand how that could have happened to you. I also have a small dick, and I have to admit that it is a little arousing hearing about Buck’s big cock.”

That night, after dinner and getting the baby to bed, Denny and I were lying in bed reading when I decided to tell her about my conversation with Harley. I moved over close and began rubbing her breasts, as I told her every detail, even about Harley’s smaller dick compared to Buck’s, which she could then embarrassingly relate to mine. I stopped talking for a moment and leaned down to suck her breast, as she began rubbing my dick and said, “Oh my, Justin, that’s quite a story. Do you really think that Buck and Norma are swingers and doing things like that? And my goodness, do you think that Buck’s cock is really that large? I mean, shit, that would be over twice as long as yours and at least three times as thick, not to mention his thick foreskin and big, hanging balls. And, what the fuck do we do if they invite us to a party? It might be fun for us to go just to see if Harley is telling the truth, and I have to wonder if what he said about you possibly being a cleaner makes any sense.”

Denny seemed more than a little interested in Buck’s big cock, and even showed a desire to go to one of their parties. I wasn’t too sure that I could blame her after having only experienced my smaller dick. I was also curious about Buck’s cock, and wondered what it would be like to see his group nude and openly having sex. And the fact that I wasn’t totally turned off and disgusted by it was revealing about my mindset.

At this point, I think it would be most informative for the reader to hear from Denny. She would like to share with you some things about her sexual experiences and desires that I was not previously aware of, and just found out when we wrote this story together. Then I will finish the story.

Denny’s Perspective:

Justin has gotten the story right so far, except for a few things regarding the four years that he was away at college most of the time, and some of my desires that he wasn’t aware of. When my body developed about the time that Justin and I started dating in our junior year of high school, I did have a voracious appetite for sex, and loved it when he fondled and sucked my big breasts. I enjoyed his dick, and didn’t realize until later that it was less than average in size. I loved it when he went down on me, and I think that he gave me more orgasms with his mouth than he did with his dick.

I knew at the time that Justin went away to college that we loved one another, and although we didn’t make promises to be faithful during our long periods of separation, I knew that he would not date any other girls, and I certainly intended to do the same. During his first year away, he was only able to come home about one weekend every other month and on holidays and school breaks. I was going to the community college then and we had a lot of great sex when he was home, but I soon wanted more. I had met a few boys in my classes, and I knew that they were attracted to my good looks and big tits, but I saw them as just friends, and didn’t want to actually start dating any of them.

As more time passed, and I got hornier, I did agree to go to a party at one of the boys’ homes to celebrate after taking a particularly hard exam. I had way more to drink than I should have, and ended up in a bed with a boy name David. I knew that he was taking advantage of my inebriated condition, and when he tried to kiss me, I yielded to his advances and kissed him back. We were soon tongue-kissing and in a passionate embrace, with him unbuttoning my blouse and rubbing my tits. I loved the feeling of a different boy fondling me.

David got my blouse open, and since I wasn’t wearing a bra, he began to suck my nipples and areolas as he rubbed his fingers through the thick, dampening cameltoe protruding in my tight, Lycra shorts. I also began rubbing what I realized was a big cock lump in his shorts, and I knew that it was much bigger than Justin’s dick. My guilt at going so far with David was overcome by my lust, and I decided right then to fuck him. He seemed reluctant to go any further until I began to unfasten his belt and pants and reached in to feel his bare cock. He was moaning in anticipation of finally getting a piece of my wet pussy, and he struggled to push down my tight shorts. I finally broke our kiss and took my shorts off, and that’s when I saw his big cock.

I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before, and it was hard, at about eight inches long and much thicker than Justin’s dick. I couldn’t resist leaning down to suck it into my mouth, as David pulled my torso around and began sucking my hairy, wet labia. I loved sucking his thick, meaty, and oozing cock, and I just had to feel it inside of me. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and lay back on the bed and said, “Oh shit, David, fuck me, fuck me now with your big cock.”

He must have felt like he hit the jackpot when he quickly moved between my legs, and shoved that big hunk of fuck meat into my receptive pussy. It felt tight at first, and then he got into a fast rhythm, fucking me hard and pounding my pussy like Justin had never done. It didn’t matter that he didn’t last long in my tight, wet cunt, because his thick cock had already caused me to have three orgasms by the time he pressed all the way inside of me, and filled my cheating pussy with his teen cum.

We talked after we recovered from our amazing orgasms, and I let David know that I was still in love with Justin, but that I wanted him to be my regular fuck buddy. Over the next few weeks David told a few of his friends that I was an easy fuck, and I soon had four boys who fucked me on a regular basis, and all of them with large cocks, ranging in size from seven and a half to nine inches. There weren’t any conflicts with Justin’s visits home, until in his last two years of school, he was able to come home more often, usually every other weekend, when I was already out of school and working, with my own apartment.

Justin would stay at school to finish his homework on those Friday nights, and then leave on Saturday morning for the drive home. He never told me when he was coming, and got some kind of kick out of surprising me. That’s when things got interesting. I was still fucking a few of the boys I met at the community college, and two of them were able to visit me on Saturdays, and sometimes in the mornings. On more than a few occasions, one of the boys had just finished fucking me and left my apartment just before Justin came bounding in, so happy to see me. He usually wanted to eat me out first thing, and there were many times when he was eating the cum of those other boys, and not even aware of it. It was funny when he’d say how I must be happy to see him since my pussy was so juicy for him, and although this might sound fucked up, it gave me a thrill knowing that he was eating those other boys’ juices.

We got married after he graduated, and I had to give up my big-cocked friends. Justin got me pregnant right away, and I was happy for a while, just with his smaller dick and of course his unending hunger for my pussy. So I was distracted from wanting those big cocks for a while, with me dealing with various pregnancy-related issues and the issues related to birthing a child. Things were just starting to get back to normal when Jason got the devastating news that he was being laid off from his job when we had a four-month old daughter and a big mortgage to support, and me no longer working. Luckily, though, he was able to find a field engineer’s job with a smaller company, making even more money.

We were invited over to his boss’ home for dinner, and I was impressed with Buck and his wife Norma, even though they are a little more redneck than I was accustomed to. Buck took a real shine to me, and he has some underlying strength or confidence that is hard to describe that made me feel very comfortable with him. He also gave off a kind of sexual vibe that made me think he would take advantage of any opportunities with me. He was staring at me while I was breast feeding our daughter, and a couple of his related comments would have seemed rude coming for anyone else. He even asked me if Justin and I would like to become members of a group of close friends of theirs, and I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

Justin was a little unsettled by Buck’s behavior, and after I told him that he was making a mountain out of a molehill, he teased me about the way Buck was coming on to me. And then when Justin came home from work on Monday evening, and told me about his conversation with Harley, some of Buck’s comments and innuendos made more sense. Justin was convinced that Buck wanted to get us to join his little swingers group, but I wasn’t so sure. Although, after hearing about Buck’s big, ten-inch cock, I wasn’t really against the idea either. And I also couldn’t understand why Justin would have told me some things about Harley having a small dick, and then comparing himself to Harley. It was almost as if he wanted me to see Buck in a more dominant light.

I wasn’t sure about what would happen next, but I think you can see from my background that I wouldn’t have been opposed to joining Buck’s group. It all depended on how Justin reacted to any invitation we might receive from Buck, and then how he would feel about seeing me with another man. Although, I did have some inkling, based on his reaction to Harley’s story and his fascination with Buck’s cock, that given the right situation, Justin might be willing to join the group, as one of the least-dominant participants. Now it would be best for Justin to finish the story.

Justin Concludes the Story:

I didn’t know about Denny’s experiences with those other boys, and her continuing desire to be fucked by bigger cocks, until after the events of this story unfolded, and she admitted everything to me. Had I known, I wouldn’t have been surprised by her reaction when, one week after that dinner with Buck and Norma, we were invited to a party at their home. I called Denny on Friday morning and let her know that Buck had just called me at the job site, inviting us to a casual party with his special friends on Saturday night. He said that it was an adult party, so we needed to make arrangements for a baby sitter. I reminded her of my conversation with Harley, and asked her if she really thought it was a good idea for us to go. Denny told me, “I’m not so sure honey, but why don’t you go ahead and accept the invitation, and we can talk about it tonight. We can always cancel if we decide to or can’t get my mother to sit for the baby.”

When I got home that night, Denny let me know that her mother agreed to baby sit, and then she surprised me saying, “It’s been a long time since we’ve been to a party, and I’ve been pumping my breasts to store up enough milk for Mom to feed the baby Saturday night, and for the next two days. I haven’t been able to drink any alcohol since almost a year and a half ago when I got pregnant, and I want to enjoy a night out.”

I questioned her saying, “Well, honey, aren’t you worried about the things that Harley said? I mean, I don’t think he would have any reason to lie to me.”

Denny replied, “After meeting Buck and Norma, I can’t even imagine them doing those things. I had a good feeling about both of them when we were there last week, and Buck was quite charming. And besides, with this bad economy and the scarcity of jobs, it sure doesn’t hurt to socialize with the boss. You were laid off from your old job after working there only one year, and I have to wonder if it would have turned out like that if you had established a better relationship with your bosses.”

I reluctantly agreed to go to the party, and we arrived at Buck’s home at 8:00 pm on Saturday. Denny looked fantastic in her tight black pants and camisole top, and I was proud of her, as usual. There were already two other couples there, in addition to Buck and Norma. They were country people, who I guessed to be in their late-forties or early-fifties, and the men were ruggedly handsome and the women were pretty for their ages. Buck was very happy that we came, and he quickly filled our hands with drinks from the bar before introducing us to the others. One couple was Peggy Sue and Wayne, and the other was Earlene and Junior, and they all seemed nice and friendly.

We were sitting out on the patio, and as before, Buck was sitting next to Denny and monopolizing her time. The other men were watching her closely too, and it was obvious that she was the center of attention. Then at around 8:30 pm, other guests arrived, and I was surprised to see that it was Harley and his wife Annabelle. I took him aside and asked him what he was doing there, given everything that he told me about their previous sexual relationship with Buck. He hemmed and hawed a little before saying, “Yeah, well, this is hard to explain, Justin, but we still need to keep up appearances with the boss.”

The party was actually a lot of fun, and with Buck and Norma serving the drinks and snacks and keeping our glasses full, Denny and I were drinking a lot more than we were used to. Buck and Harley were spending a lot of time with Denny as they meandered back and forth between the patio and entertainment room, while Norma and Annabelle were spending a lot of time with me. And as all of us got more and more inebriated, the women were becoming flirtier with me and telling off color jokes and making comments with sexual innuendo.

At one point, when Norma and I were sitting on a lounge by the pool, she saw that I was obviously inebriated and looking around to find Denny. She put her hand on my thigh, and lightly massaged me as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, before whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry about your wife, sweetie, she’s in good hands with Buck and the boys, just like you’re in good hands with me.”

I was a little surprised at how alluring and sexy an older woman like Norma could be, and I showed only token resistance as she pulled my hand to her big breast and kissed me on the lips. She was the only woman or girl, besides Denny, that I had ever touched that way, and I was becoming aroused. It was almost 11:00 pm by then, and that’s when Buck came out of the entertainment room and said to everyone, “Listen up, everyone. It’s such a warm and beautiful evening, and the pool looks refreshing. I think that we would all be a lot more comfortable if we got rid of our clothes.”

Norma quickly pulled off her blouse and skirt, and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I was just sitting there looking at her pendulous breasts and hairy pussy, while she unbuttoned my shirt and began to unfasten my pants, saying, “That’s it, sweetie, let’s get these clothes off of you. I think you are really going to enjoy the party now.”

She pushed my pants and underwear off and down my legs, and then turned around on the spacious lounge, on her side facing me, as she sucked my dick into her mouth. She spread her top leg, and as I smelled the intoxicating aroma of her mature, hairy, and wet pussy, I instinctively moved in to suck her. The evening was starting to unfold just as Harley described in his story. From my position on that lounge, I saw Buck walking with Denny, both of them nude, heading towards the hot tub which was about twenty-five feet away. It was surprisingly erotic watching my lean, muscular, redneck boss, walking next to my petite, voluptuous wife, with her big breasts jiggling and swaying in front of her.

Buck was holding Denny up as they walked, and he supported her as they climbed into the bubbling water of the hot tub. Buck turned towards me and smiled, and I saw his uncircumcised, thick, soft cock hanging heavily between his legs, and over his lemon-sized balls. He continued looking back at me as Denny sat in the hot tub, and she took his huge cock into her mouth. The way she moved in to suck him so easily and willingly, told me that she must have already sucked him when they were in the other room. I was still hungrily sucking on Norma’s cunt, while watching my wife sucking Buck, when one of the other men stood in front of me, blocking my view.

I glanced up, and it was Harley smiling down at me with a wicked grin as he said, “I can see that you like the taste of Norma’s big old, hairy pussy, and I’m betting that you’ll like it even more after I fuck her and cream it up for you. Move on out of the way and let me get my cock into her nice cunt. I told you to think twice before you accepted an invitation to Buck’s party, and now, after seeing your little dick, I know that your sweet little Denny is going to get the fucking of her life tonight.”

As I stood up, Harley was standing right in front of me, and my gaze fell on his cock, which was almost as long as Buck’s, and maybe a little thicker. I looked up at him and asked, “Holy shit, Harley, what’s up with that story you told me? I mean, shit, you’re just as well-hung as you described Buck to be, instead of having a little dick like mine?

Norma lay on her back and Harley was just shoving his big cock into her wet pussy, when he laughed and replied, “Buck asked me to tell you that story just to see how you would react. He had a real yearning to fuck that pretty, big-titted wife of yours, and we knew that if you guys accepted his invitation, after hearing my story, then you would have to have some interest in getting involved in our little group. And when I saw those huge, milk-filled tits of hers a few minutes ago, and saw how easy it was for Buck to strip her and get her to suck his cock, I knew that you two were going to be a lot of fun. I’ll be getting my turn in her tight pussy a little later.”

By the time I finished talking with Harley, and watched him fucking Norma for a minute, I looked back around and saw Denny straddling Buck’s lap, with him seated in the hot tub, and he was sucking and draining her breasts. She was sliding forward and back on his lap, and it looked like she might have his big cock sandwiched in her labia. I was going through a whole range of emotions, lamenting that she was having sex with another man, and at the same time very aroused and wanting to see her fucked by a cock that big.

I wanted to go over closer to Denny, but something told me to hold back and not interfere with my boss, especially when he was in his alpha-male mode and on a mission to fuck and inseminate my wife. Then it dawned on me that Denny wasn’t on any kind of birth control, and I couldn’t remember exactly where she was in her cycle. I was just getting up to go over and warn her, but when I looked over, I knew that I was too late. Denny had stood up, and was bent over, holding onto the side of the hot tub, and Buck was just shoving his thick, ten inches of fuck meat into her pussy from behind. I was almost in a trance as I watched his thick cock push into my wife, and it looked like he had his cock fully buried inside of her as he looked over at me and let out a loud sigh and moan saying, “Ahhhh, fuck yeah, what a tight little cunt your pretty wife has, Justin, and her pussy is so wet that it almost feels like it’s sucking my cock. Come over and watch while I fill her married cunt with my thick baby batter.”

The other two couples had been casually fucking one another’s wives, and they all, including Norma and Harley, came over to sit by the hot tub to watch my wife being impaled on Buck big cock. He was standing there behind her, like some kind of conquering prince, fucking her with long strokes, while holding onto her breasts for leverage. It was somehow obscene, and at the same time erotic, watching that ponytailed redneck, pumping his huge cock into my petite, fair-skinned, blonde and big-busted wife.

He continued fucking her, sometimes turning his head towards his audience, and smiling at his conquest. I didn’t understand how Denny could be taking that big cock to the balls so easily, and enjoying it with no apparent pain. She was having one orgasm after the other on his thick meat, and when I sensed that he was close to his orgasm, I got up the courage to say, “Oh shit, Denny, it looks like Buck’s getting close to cumming. Where are you in your cycle, honey? I don’t think he should be shooting his load inside of you like this.”

She turned her head to look back at me, with her eyes half-closed, and a look of total lust on her face, as she slurred her words saying, “I’m in the middle of my cycle, honey, and I’m sorry, but I can’t let him stop. Buck is such a great lover, and his cock is so long and thick. I just have to feel his cum flooding my unprotected womb.”

It was only a minute later when Buck buried his cock in my wife, closed his eyes, and I saw him flexing his muscular ass as he pumped my wife full of his redneck seed. He was gasping and moaning, as he got caught up in the moment and said, “Fuck, yeahhhh, take my cum you fucking little whore. If you’re stupid enough to fuck me bareback when you aren’t using any protection, then you and Justin deserve it if I knock your ass up. And if Harley’s instincts about Justin are correct, then your wimpy-ass, little-dicked hubby shouldn’t mind getting in here and cleaning up my mess, and maybe saving you from getting pregnant.”

Buck pulled his cock out of Denny’s pussy with a loud slurping sound, and I looked at her gaping hole and his cum running down her inner thighs. Harley nudged me to go to her, and I got onto my knees in that bubbling water, and covered her pussy with my mouth. I sucked and licked her just-fucked hole, and as I swallowed their combined fuck fluids, I realized that the taste and texture was familiar to me. She tasted just like she did on some of those Saturdays when I can home from school, and ate her out as soon as I saw her.

It jolted my psyche, as I remembered her comment to me about having a ‘little woody’, and then realizing that she had been fucking other, big-cocked boys the whole time I was away at school. And my anger quickly turned into an unquenchable lust to suck every drop of Buck’s cum from her pussy, and I even licked up the cum that was running down her legs. Buck was sitting on the edge of the hot tub watching, as all of the others were cheering me on as I lapped up his leavings. Then Buck pulled me over to suck his cock clean, as Denny stayed in her same position. Harley moved in for his turn in my wife’s cunt, and as he began fucking her, Junior sat on the edge of the hot tub in front of her, and she began sucking his cock. It was surprising when Earlene and Peggy Sue moved in on either side of her and sucked her leaking breasts.

I finished cleaning Buck’s cock and balls, but he kept me on my knees in the hot tub, continuing to suck, lick, and worship his genitals, as he and the others watched Denny being fucked for the second time. Then he patted me on the head and said, “It’s great that Harley was right about there being a good chance that you could be trained to be a cock sucker, and my instincts were right about Denny, when I assumed that she would be hot to fuck and a great piece of ass. Our group does enjoy having sex with one another, but it’s nice to get some fresh, young meat in the mix when we can, and we’ve never had a cunt-cleaning, cock sucker, cuckold husband to service us before. You might want to call your baby sitter and let them know it’s going to be a long night, because we will try to wear her pretty little pussy out before this night is over.”

I called Denny’s mother and let her know that we would be very late, and she told me not to worry about it, since the baby was at her home and sleeping soundly. The men focused their attention on Denny, fucking her repeatedly and sucking milk from her huge breasts, but they also fucked the other wives. And after they learned that I was an eager cunt sucker, I spent time cleaning all of the women. But as much as I loved sucking their pussies, I was always more eager to suck and clean Denny’s.

We all fell asleep at about 3:00 am in the entertainment room; me with my head between Peggy Sue’s legs sucking on her hairy, thick labia, and Buck with his soft cock buried in Denny’s well-fucked cunt. We woke up at mid-morning on Sunday, and had a tasty brunch that Norma prepared for us, and then each of the men fucked Denny again, before we left for our homes.

Denny and I picked up our daughter and went home, and after putting the baby down for her nap, we had a long talk. She told me all about the boys she had been fucking while I was at school, emphasizing that she never had any feelings for any of them. They were really and truly just her big-cocked fuck buddies. Denny let me know how wonderful it was to feel those big, and even bigger, cocks again, and she wanted us to participate regularly in Buck’s group. For my part, I had discovered the absolute joy of watching my wife being satisfied by aggressive men with big cocks, and I found that I loved eating all of their cum, and sucking their cocks and balls.

So we became regular members of the group, and all of the men and women loved drinking Denny’s breast milk, and of course fucking her. I was eating all of the pussy and swallowing all of the cum that I could handle, and I also became an outright cock sucker for those men. Harley fucked my mouth at work whenever he was feeling horny, and Buck stopped by the job site from time to time to get his cock sucked too.

Two weeks after that first night fucking Buck and the others, Denny missed her period. We are now five months into her pregnancy, and I am pretty sure that Buck is the father of the baby. He was the first to fuck her so hard and deep, and remembering how fertile Denny was when we got her pregnant the first time, I’m certain that our newest baby will have a big-cocked, redneck father.

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