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Laurie's Milk Ch. 02

For the first time since giving birth to their son Angus, Laurie was alone in the house without Steve or the baby. Steve was down the coast for the weekend to help his aunt and uncle move houses, while Laurie's mother had taken Angus so she could have some time to recharge, and Laurie definitely felt she needed it. Motherhood was amazing and Steve was a great dad, but she had genuinely not had a moment to herself since weeks before the baby was born. Last night she had the greatest sleep since her first trimester, and in an hour she was meeting her friend Stephanie for lunch. 

Laurie was just putting on her shoes when she received a text message.

"Hey babes, really sorry but I can't make it today. Benny put his hair in the electric cake beater and we're taking him to the emergency room. Kids right? Sorry, we'll have to try again soon. Love you babes xoxo"

Laurie threw her phone to the table in frustration. 'Kids right? Jesus, is that what I have to look forward to?', she thought. 'Well, that's my plans for the day ruined, what now?'

After pacing around the house wondering what do with her time, Laurie decided to draw a bath and have a soak. Getting to relax without worrying if the baby was going to cry was better than lunch at a café anyway.

She went upstairs to the main bathroom and straight over to her enamel claw legged bathtub. When Laurie was entering her third trimester, Steve went looking for the new home they would fill with their family. Laurie's one request was a bathroom with a tub that she could lie down in. Steve had delivered and it had been a godsend in the last few months of her pregnancy. Laurie turned on the water. As the tub filled, she walked down the hall to the spare room turned playroom for Angus, and brought their small TV back to the bathroom with her. Normally it was tuned to kids programming for Angus, Laurie figured she could find something a little more adult to watch while she soaked.

The tub was about half full when Laurie undressed and looked at herself in the mirror above the sink basin. She still recognised her face, her brown eyes and dark brown hair, her delicate nose and her full cheek bones, but everything else... Pregnancy had changed her, for the better in Steve's opinion, but Laurie still felt uncomfortable in her own skin. Her thighs, belly and bottom were all plumper than before, mostly stretch free thanks to her, and Steve's, intense cocoa butter regime. She was annoyed that she hadn't lost much of her baby weight yet. Steve kept telling her she was putting too much pressure on herself to get back to pre-baby weight this early after having Angus, but Laurie just couldn't shake feeling like she should look more like she used to by now. Any weight she had lost so far had left her body through her boobs, which were massive now, or at least felt like they were compared to before they were feeding another person. Her nipples were in her own mind 'sexy' before pregnancy, now roughly the same size as thimbles and very sensitive. Before having Angus Laurie was comfortably fitting into a 32D bra. Her pregnancy had added another cup size and a half or more to her breasts, and because they were now full of milk, it was more like a 34 EE, maybe an F. Laurie sighed. She wasn't angry at him, but she did blame Steve for her getting so big.

Prior to the baby being born, Laurie had set ground rules about when Steve was allowed to feed on her milk, and up to the first two months of their parenthood he had followed her lead. However, once they had started having sex again, Steve had also started latching on to her breasts and sucking until her protests turned into moans. It turned into him taking her milk every day or so, whether during sex or before going to sleep or while they were watching television, which in turn had caused her breasts to swell further. It seemed that no matter how much she made, Steve would simply drain her, though he did always leave enough for the baby. Laurie was worried about how much bigger her boobs would get if this kept going on, but still she found it hard to tell Steve no when, after her initial shock, she realised she loved Steve suckling on her breasts almost as much as he did. It was a close act between them, one that depending on mood could be insanely hot or lovingly nurturing. Initial uncertainty and difficulty seeing her breasts as both sexual and motherly, Laurie finally came to a point where she could separate the needs of her husband and her son, and enjoy her nursing times with both of them equally.

Turning the taps off, she silently wished one of them were with her now. Without their nursing mouths for the last few days, Laurie's breasts were becoming painfully engorged. So used to one or both of them draining her milk, it hadn't even crossed her mind to use her breast pump. She hoped that the hot bath would help ease the pain until she collected Angus later in the afternoon and nursed. Easing in, Laurie settled into the water and breathed out a relieved sigh as slowly, the knotty feeling in her chest loosened, and she began to relax. Turning the TV on, Laurie flicked through channels until she settled on a Sex and the City marathon. It was perfect for her to simply sit in the bath and watch. Silently she wished she had brought a glass of wine.

However, one particularly sex heavy episode later, Laurie realised as she watched Mr. Big plowing Carrie for the third time in twenty minutes that she was seriously turned on. Gingerly she touched her clitoris, checking to see if she really wasaroused or if it was just a trick of the hot water. She sucked in a quick breath as the contact sent a sharp shot of pleasure through her abdomen. Biting her lip, Laurie looked down at her large breasts floating weightless in the water, and with her other hand began lightly rubbing her areolae. Wondering whether she should get out of the bath and do something about her heightening arousal or not, Laurie looked back to the TV and had a brainwave. They had bought this TV because it could connect to the Wi-Fi in order to watch shows on streaming services. Streaming meant internet connectivity. And internet...meant porn.

Laurie picked up the remote to guide the TV's internet browser to her favourite porn site, and searched for what she considered to be her longest held turn on, if not fetish. She found what she was looking for, sunk back into the tub and got into position with her right hand over her throbbing pussy. The video started playing and she watched as the couple undressed, held each other, and begin to kiss as their hands explored each other's bodies. The girl was similar to her as a tall white girl with brown hair. The guy reminded her of her husband in most ways bar one. Steve wasn't black.

While Steve had taken her heart and her love, there was something about black men that had made her horny ever since puberty. Steve knew about it, so far as knowing she had fantasies about having a 'caramel' baby, but still felt no reason to be concerned, and had never tried to make her feel bad for what aroused her or to prevent her from indulging in it.

She felt her nipples plump and harden as the man's penis came into view and lengthened as the girl ran her hand up and down his shaft. The gentle motion of the bath water pushing and pulling back and forth on them was slight, but enough for Laurie to feel warming pleasure flowing into her breasts. Her index and pointer fingers rounded her clitoris lightly as the girl in the video, on all fours, took the black guys massive shaft, nearly as long as her forearm inside of her vagina while the man stood at the foot of the bed, fucking her doggy style. Laurie's free hand squeezed at one breast, then the other, pinching her nipples lightly. Laurie closed her eyes as the girl in the video started to moan, her fingers entered her vagina, and slowly, she began to buck her hips back and forth in time with her digits movements. Her other hand moved to her stomach, a habit from pregnancy, while her feet braced against the bottom of the tub as she rubbed faster. Her breasts felt increasingly hotter as her body reacted to her masturbation. A moan escaped Laurie's mouth as the girl in the video began to cry out. She was ready for her own orgasm to strike.

Laurie opened her eyes so she could watch the couple cum, but immediately she became distracted from the scene in front of her when she saw the water she was laying in. She realised that the hot feeling in her breasts was in fact her letdown reflex flooding the bath with breast milk. Her plump nipples had already leaked enough that an opaque aura of milk surrounded her in the water, trickling more by the second and spreading further in thin fingers. Feeling horny could make her leak, as Laurie and Steve had found out to both her embarrassment, and arousal , and once it started it didn't really stop until her excitement lessened. Right now Laurie was too close to orgasming to be worried about it. She was in the bath, so there was no need to worry about getting milk on anything. All Laurie wanted right now was to cum.

Feeling her orgasm rising hard, Laurie pulled her fingers out of her vagina and began attacking her clit. Her other hand gripping the rim of the tub, she tensed, breathing in and out, ragged, harder, faster movement on her nub, milk leaking, rubbing harder still, cumming, cumming!

Laurie screamed as the couple in the video shared a simultaneous orgasm. Milk shot from her breasts in spurts in time with the contractions in her vagina for three, four pulses, dissipating into the water. She slumped in the bath, spent. Finally.

Laurie turned off the TV, drained the bath and rinsed her body of her own discharges, and towelled off. She frowned, rubbing her chest. Her breasts had stopped leaking but they still felt rather full. She thought she had lost more in the tub, but at least the sore engorged feeling was gone. Searching herself, she realised that milk wasn't the only thing that had not left her body. Even after looking after herself in the tub, her pussy was still radiating heat, still plump and at a touch, still wet. She couldn't shake it. Putting underwear on in the bedroom, Laurie only just rubbed her clit, but a wave of pleasure rose through her that threatened to make her fall to the bed and rub one out as fast as her fingers could move. Instead, Laurie regained her composure and clothed herself for a comfortable afternoon: gym shorts, a thin yellow cotton t-shirt, and a bralette. She forwent breast pads, thinking what she had already lost would mean she wouldn't leak any more milk.

Laurie attempted to spend the afternoon on her bed reading in the sunlight while trying to ignore the warmth between her legs. She succeeded for the most part, though more than once she found herself pressing her thighs together to put pressure on her clitoris, or her thoughts wandering to Steve's dick. Laurie never thought of herself as cock hungry, yet now she was beginning to think it may be the only thing that would quench the slick heat in her underwear. She only had to make it until tonight when he came home, she thought, and after a weekend apart, Laurie was sure he would take care of her without needing to be asked. Still, it was a source of distraction to her until the warm afternoon air and the comfort of the bed lulled her into a doze.


A loud knock at the door woke Laurie with a start. Bleary eyed and cotton headed, Laurie didn't register what the sound was until it repeated. She came down the stairs on unsteady legs, looking at the wall clock as she descended. She had only been asleep for an hour; Steve had keys but wouldn't be home for hours. Who was at the door? 

Bare feet slapping the tiles at the foot of the staircase, Laurie crossed to the door, took a moment to shake a little of the fuzziness out of her head, and opened the door. A broad smile on a big man greeted her.

"Afternoon Mrs. Andrews."

It was Jensen, a boy that lived in their neighbourhood that Steve got on very well with, despite the age gap between them. He was eighteen, and waiting out the holidays to go to university, usually talking music or television with Steve or jogging around the streets, or occasionally doing laps in their pool. He was a beautiful boy; his father was African American while his mother came to the country from San Sebastian, leaving their son with soft, mocha skin that shone. Dark, honest features and deep hazel eyes convinced Laurie that he was going to be an absolute heartbreaker in university.

"Hi Jensen," she smiled back. "What brings you here? Steve is still down the coast if you're looking for a chat."

He looked like he had come to her front door straight off of a jog, his hoody and face were covered in fine sweat.

"Oh I know," he replied. "Me and Mr. Andrews were talking about his old Nintendo 64 the other day, and he said I could borrow it for the rest of the summer if I liked. I texted him about it this morning and he said you'd probably be home this afternoon if I wanted to come over and get it."

"Oh, well, okay then. I'm not sure where it is though..."she trailed off looking back into the house.

"Mr. Andrews told me the top of the linen cupboard with the Christmas decorations in it" Jensen said quickly.

Laurie smiled again. He sounded worried that she was going to send him away without his video games. "Come on then, let's go find it."

Laurie led Jensen to the cupboard Steve that told him to look in, and brought a chair over to rummage through the top shelf, though Jensen insisted on searching for it himself. He unzipped his hoody, put it on the table, stepped up onto the chair and started pushing around amongst their junk. Standing back, Laurie crinkled her nose. She was right about Jensen just coming over from a run she decided. The smell of his sweat was unmistakable as it filled the small space they stood in, but it wasn't unpleasant to Laurie. Keyed up already, Laurie was unconsciously associating the smell with sex. In her heightened state, she couldn't help but notice the thick shoulder muscles atop Jensen's arms, or his triceps flexing and tensing as he pushed through years of accumulated knickknacks. His strong back muscles under his tank top didn't avoid her eye, nor his large calves moving up and down as Jensen stretched up onto the balls of his feet to get higher into the shelves. 

Though she had tried to ignore it all afternoon, her crotch was still warm and sensitive, and her ogling of her neighbour, putting her in mind of a certain video she had watched earlier that day, was beginning to make that warmth burn. Accidently pressing her sex to her thigh while she shifted her weight from one side to the other nearly caused Laurie's knees to buckle as hot pleasure convulsed in her belly. Her hand was half way to her pubic mount to press for more when the sound of Jensen shuffling Christmas lights brought her focus back. 

'Christ', she thought. She was that close to embarrassing herself in her own home. 'Just-just keep it together until he goes. what you need to do.'

Even so, she couldn't help but look to Jensen's loose gym shorts and wonder if the outline of this member would be visible. Her pussy throbbed urgently at the thought of his delicious brown cock so close...she needed Steve back. Bad.

Jensen gripped a box toward the back of the cupboard and pulled it out. Stepping down from the chair with his back to Laurie, he placed his hoodie onto the box, ready to get back home quickly so he could play. He turned to face her.

"Here it is. Thank you for letting me come and get it Mrs.-" Jensen stopped with the words still in his mouth, staring at Laurie. She was confused, unsure of what happening. Had he sensed her arousal somehow? Jensen's stare didn't waver. Moments passed, and Laurie realised he wasn't looking her in the eye, but a bit lower. She lowered her own gaze to see two big, wet spots of milk dominating the front of her shirt. To Laurie's horror she realised that lusting after her neighbour had set off her letdown reflex. The bralette had offered no resistance to her fat aching nipples as they pushed out through the lace fabric, begging for Jensen to come to them and take hold with fingers or lips. More milk dripped through the material, thickening the damp circles on her breasts. Feeling Jensen's steady gaze on her breasts made her nipples harder, stick out further as though they were trying to get closer to him.

Too heavy for the material, the milk still flowing from Laurie's breasts began dribbling down her round belly. Her face reddening, Laurie dropped her gaze, hoping she would shrink into the floor. Her eyes never made as far as the tiles however, as when her sight passed Jensen's midsection, a jerk in the fabric caught her eye. The front of Jensen's gym shorts were as thin as Laurie's top, and could do nothing to hide the throbbing, fattening cock held within. Her eyes widened.

'He's getting turned on by me!' she thought. 

How a hot young man could get turned on by her fat ass and leaking tits was beyond her, but the proof was right there in Jensen's pants, growing. Growing, still? Her mouth hung open, hot breath pushing past her teeth, eyes fixated on his cock. She could see it was still partially wrapped around his leg, not quite completely hard. If he came to full mast, it looked like the head of it might well pop out of his pant leg. She drooled at the thought, though not from her mouth.

'Oh god, is there a spot on my pants? Can he see it?' She thought, completely disregarding the bodily fluid already covering her. She could see a thick spot of precum flowing into the material of Jensen's shorts. She started to shake with anticipation. Her pussy was throbbing with the need for Jensen's cock.

'Oh god...'

Laurie's nipples visibly pulsed with pleasure, causing a spray of milk to shoot through the thin material of her top. She shuddered and moaned with pleasure at the sensation. Jensen's dick twitched at the sight and a small moan escaped his own lips. Jensen made a small step toward her.

"Jensen," croaked Laurie. She tried hard to resist and shut that delicious looking cock out of her mind. "Please- please go home. Before Mr. Andrews..." The tension was too much. If he took another step, she didn't think she would she would have the willpower to stop herself.

"Steve," said Jensen in a soft, hoarse voice. He broke eye contact with her tits and gripped on the Nintendo like having it between them was the only thing stopping him from jumping Laurie. "I-" His voice broke. Jensen bolted for the door.

Laurie stood in place, panting heavily and saturated. She heard the door slam shut, but she didn't move or register what the sound was. Her brain kept replaying those few fateful moments, watching Jensen's cock twitching and growing as he watched her milk pumping out of her engorged breasts. Her pussy burning and pulsing with the desperation to be filled, Laurie could no longer ignore her need to cum. A whimper escaped her throat as she bolted for the stairs, taking two at a time, dashing down the hallway and practically leapt into the bedroom. Running and falling hard onto her bed, Laurie pulled at her shorts and underwear urgently, throwing them to the floor. A string of her wetness pulled and broke between her lips and her underwear as they fell to the ground. Rolling onto her back, Laurie spread her legs and plunged her fingers into her vagina. Rapidly driving in and out, punishing her clit as she moaned and writhed and bucked her hips, thinking about Jensen's bulge.

Sweat spotted on her forehead as her tits bounced heavily, milk pouring out and drenching her clothes.

In her mind she played the scenario that may have happened.

Jensen pulling out his thick monster'

She tossed her head from side to side.

'Putting it between her massive tits, milk flowing over his cock as he pushing it in and out of her cleavage, her sucking the tip as it pushed through'

She bit her lip and rubbed faster.

'Sucking his cock, squeezing his balls, feeling them swell and jerk and finally release his load in her mouth, all over her tits and stomach'

She moaned.

'Putting it in her pussy'

She squeezed her fingers between her thighs 

'His big dick blowing his load in her'

She arched her back and screamed.

'Getting her pregnant with his babies'

She came and passed out.


"Hey, wake up you."

Laurie's eyes flickered. Blinking quickly to clear her vision, she saw her husband Steve at the foot of the bed wiggling her big toe gently between his fingers. She smiled at him in her fuzzy headed state. Steve was looking down at his wife, naked from the waist down, pussy swollen and sticky, nipples sticking out of her top soaked through with milk.

"So, what happened here?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Laurie heard his words but her eyes were on Steve's pants, watching his member swell at the sight of her in this position. She pussy throbbed in response. She sighed. That was what she needed.

Laurie didn't answer. Instead she rolled over and crawled across the bed toward Steve. She stopped in front of his jeans, and with her eyes fixed on the bugle, put her fingers to the button, undid the fly, and reaching under Steve's underwear, pulled out his dick.

Steve was only half erect, so Laurie put his member in her mouth and began to push back and forth, flicking the tip of her tongue on his frenulum and pressing into the underside of his shaft. Steve's eyes widened in surprise, but he made no attempt to stop her. His cock was thickening in her mouth, and Laurie could feel her juices heating up and flowing out to her lips, threatening to spill onto the bedding. A moan escaped Steve's lips as Laurie tasted a spill of precum on her tongue. He was ready. 

She looked up at his face. "Take those off, now."

Laurie rose up to her knees as Steve took his shoes, socks, and jeans off. As he went to take his shirt off, Laurie motioned for him to stop. He was naked enough for what she wanted. She wanted him. She pointed to the bedhead.

"Sit there" she instructed.

Steve did as he was told and sat with his back to the bedhead with his legs splayed in front. In an exaggerated sway of her hips, Laurie threw her leg over Steve and positioned herself over his member. A string of her wetness pearled and drew down onto the tip of Steve's cock. Laurie lowered herself urgently and pushed Steve's cock into her hungry pussy, gasping as he quickly filled her. Her previous orgasms had left her tender, so once Laurie had as much of him inside her as she could take comfortably she simply held still, letting her inner walls get used to his girth.

Knowing her husband would start thrusting soon if she didn't that control, Laurie pulled up her top up and the cups of her bralette to the sides, exposing her breasts to Steve. Her chest was already shining with moisture from her damp shirt while her renewed arousal was causing new beads of milk to spot on her nipples. Laurie breathed heatedly as Steve stared at her breasts. Not needing to be told, Steve dove into her cleavage, taking a nipple between his lips and flooding his mouth with her nectar. Laurie was amazed at how much she still had in her; even though she had admitted to herself many times she basically had enough for two babies thanks to her fetish fuelled husband. The sensation of his mouth at her breast caused sharp pleasure to spider web down her body from her nipple straight to her clitoris. Laurie bit back a squeal, squeezed Steve's dick with her pelvic muscles and began to ride him with nothing in mind but her building orgasm. She knew It wouldn't be long before she came, the nipple not in Steve's mouth was already flowing in a steady stream, and every time their hips pressed together or Laurie pushed down to the base of Steve's cock, the pressure on her clit forced her inner walls to tense around Steve, threatening her with uncontrollable convulsions.

Laurie looked down to Steve blissed out face. He hadn't emptied her first breast, but he moved to her second, leaving the first to spill milk all over the both of them and the sheets. Laurie could feel his cock starting to swell and the ridges of his glands flaring out. Steve wasn't going to last much longer. Picking up her speed to make sure she got there first, Laurie put fingers to her clit and rubbed furiously. She was too excited already from her day to last a marathon. Her cries grew quickly and loudly. One, two, three more thrusts, and all three parts of her body experiencing pleasure suddenly tensed up together, and all at once pulsed with fast, heavy contractions as Laurie had her hardest orgasm of the day. Laurie screamed over Steve as she jammed herself onto as much of his cock as would fit. The free nipple pulsed milk. She rocked back and forth in her husband's lap as she rode the waves of her pleasure, her eyes screwed shut and pushing her head into Steve's shoulder, pulling her nipple out from between his lips to flop and spray her milk about them alongside its twin.

No longer sucking, Steve moaned and gripped his wife by the arms, still thrusting hard while his wife held position letting the sensation of her cum dominate her mind. His rod and balls swelled with impending release.

"Honey, honey- I'm gonna cum" he breathed hoarsely.

"Mmm, j-just cum in me honey," she replied distantly, still in her bliss.

"But-" he chocked. She hadn't gone back on the pill since having Angus.

"It's- it's okay honey. It's okay," Laurie breathed. She still too far in the throes of her climax to think about the consequences. She rolled her head so her mouth was net to his ear. "Come on baby, cum in your wife."

Steve's three day load blew inside Laurie suddenly and loudly, Steve moaning as rope after rope of cum filled Laurie's womb. Unable to hold himself up, he fell onto the bed head bonelessly, still spilling his seed into his wife. They held their position and rode through their orgasms, until both finally faded. Laurie sighed as her breasts finally stopped leaking, and the heat between her thighs faded for the first time since morning. The fact Steve had cum inside her was more real this side of her orgasm, but it still didn't worry her. Laurie felt sure she had read that a breastfeeding mother was less likely to conceive in one of her pregnancy books...but she wasn't certain. Even if she did... well, that was how Angus had come into their lives in the first place.

Steve opened his eyes, smiling.

"Well, what brought that on then?" he asked.

Laurie's afterglow was suddenly dashed, and replaced with immense guilt. The look showed on her face, and Steve's smile vanish to with replaced by a curious frown. She turned away from him, but it was too late for Laurie to hide it.

"What is it hon?" he asked again. She was quiet, and Steve put his hand to her shoulder, softly asking her again.

Laurie answered him finally. "I- I don't want to say." 

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because," she said, looking away from him, "I think you'll be mad."

"Hey," he said, placing his hand to her chin and bringing her line of sight back to his face, "It's me. I love you. And I promise I won't be mad, whatever it is. Just tell me sweetheart."

Laurie bit her lip, uncertain, but still decided to tell John the truth. If nothing else it might alleviate her conscience.

Changing their positions so they were lying facing each other, Laurie told Steve everything that had happened, getting cancelled on, taking a bath and watching porn, trying her hardest not to touch herself all afternoon, Jensen coming over, her getting turned on and him getting a hard on seeing her leak, masturbating to exhaustion over the thought of what might have happened and finally Steve coming home. The whole time Steve was quiet and listened. There was a moment while Laurie relayed the part about her masturbation fantasies that she thought she felt Steve's member jerk against her leg, but for the most part he was reflective through her story.

When she was finished, she looked to Steve nervously, waiting for a reaction. Steve was looking off to the side, deep in thought.

"So...what do you think?" Laurie asked sheepishly.

Steve looked back to his wife, and to her enormous relief, gave her a reassuring smile.

"Why did you think I'd be mad?"

Laurie blinked. "Really?"

Steve shrugged. "You didn't cheat, you stopped it before anything happened , so...why should I be angry with you?"

"Well...What about the fact that I got so...turned on?"

He shrugged again. "You're married Laurie, not dead. Jensen is a good looking guy. And I know you're into black guys, so it's not that big of a surprise to me. I bet hewas surprised turning around and seeing you leaking like that though."

Laurie slapped him playfully. "Well I've got no idea why he was so interested in me anyway. I mean I'm still all fat from having Angus."

Steve laughed. "Seriously? Have you not looked in the mirror lately? You're totally a 'MILF' now honey ."

Laurie was shocked. "What?"

"Seriously. You were slim and sexy before having Angus, but now? You're curvier and hotter than you believe, trust me. And you wouldn't believe how good your boobs and butt look with the extra weight. Honestly it's no wonder Jensen got a boner seeing you like that."

Laurie processed what Steve had just said. She had never looked at her post baby body as more than...well more. Fat and bulging, uncomfortable, Other people thought it was sexy, and not just her husband either...there was something confidence building about that. 

"So what should I do about Jensen? What about the next time he comes around?" Laurie said.

Steve shrugged. "He goes away to university in a few weeks. Maybe it's something you'll have to smooth out in the future, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. That being said..."

Steve looked thoughtful a while, and when he started talking again his voice was calm, and reassuring. "Sweetheart, I love you. And I want you to have every experience that you want to have in life. But...for some things you may want, I know I'm...not able to be the person to give them to you."

Laurie looked at her husband confused. "What are you saying Steve?"

"I'm saying," said Steve evenly, "that I love you. And if you ever find yourself in a position where you want to...'go forward'...but you're worried about me...well, don't worry about me. I'm always going to be here for you." He kissed her on the forehead. "Promise."

Laurie lay there stunned. Was her husband giving permission to sleep with other men?...No, that's not right. He was giving her permission, if it ever occurred, to try her fantasies. 

"But...why?" she asked quietly.

Steve smiled, looking at her breasts. There was still some milk on her nipples that he slowly drew a finger around.

"Because I know how good it can feel to have some of your biggest fantasies come true sweetheart" he answered.

She smiled. She wasn't sure if she would ever would, or could, but how many husbands would say that to their wives?

He kissed her on the forehead. "I'm going to have a shower. You have one when I'm done, I'll change the sheets, and we'll go to your mother's and get Angus, okay?"

Laurie nodded, and was asleep again before Steve had even left the room.

An hour later they were in the car together on the way to Laurie's mothers to pick up their son. Laurie was happy. Today could have terribly for herself, and her marriage, but here they were, driving together to pick up the third member of their little family. She really wanted to hold her son, and to be honest she wanted to feel the closeness of nursing him. Steve couldn't stop smiling either. Halfway there, Laurie couldn't hold her curiosity any longer and asked him why.

"I just noticed something" was all he would say.

Laurie thumped him in the arm. "What?" she asked.

Steve's grin broadened. "While you were in the shower I went downstairs."


"The cupboard door was still open, so I had a quick look inside. Turns out Jensen forgot to take the games with him." Steve turned to his wife, still grinning. "You might see him sooner than you thought."

The grin on Laurie's face dropped and fell into shock as Steve kept on grinning at her. She was glad when she had gotten changed she had put new breast pads on under her bra.

She could have sworn she just felt her milk letdown.

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