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Our Wife

Mukesh looked out of our hostel window and whistled, prompting me to see what it was about. A girl of about twenty-plus was passing through just by the side of our hostel boundary wall.

“Nalin, brother, I would give her anything, if she could just let me lick her boobs for a few seconds,” said Mukesh.

Mukesh and I (I am Nalin) were room partners in our final year of engineering and had become very close friends. We always joked and pulled each other’s legs about our future wives. Mukesh was real horny. Once when Mukesh talked about sexy girls in the campus, he opened his fly and showed me his big cock. He made me masturbate him and he masturbated me.

“By God, I shall marry only the girl with such a piece of boobs on her. By the way, if you marry a girl with such boobs, don’t blame me if I suck them dry,” Mukesh said.

I said, ‘Ok, but let us first get married,” I laughed at his blabber and got back to reading.

Although Mukesh was horny, he was a gem of a person. Well behaved, considerate, simple and generous to a fault. After graduation, Mukesh joined his father in business in Mumbai. I took up a job in Delhi. We were not in close contact anymore. Years passed. Mukesh got married to Anu and I married Neha.

Mukesh came to attend my marriage reception and was speechless, When he saw Neha. I could see from the expression on his face that he fell for her beauty, hook line and sinker. On the reception stage, he pulled me aside and whispered to me if I remembered my promise.

I laughed at him and said, “Life is long. Let us see what destiny holds for us. You are going to get married soon to your beloved Anu. If you will let me lick your wife’s boobs, I promise you I will.”

Time does not stop. Mukesh and Anu had a daughter and Neha and I had a son. Mukesh occasionally visited Delhi and stayed with us. Neha began to enjoy Mukesh’s company. I could see her dressing up for him when he came to visit us. Mukesh had the gift of the gab and slowly but surely began to inch closer to Neha.

During one of Mukesh’s visits, we planned a trip by my car to Jaipur. I was driving. My son insisted that he wanted to sit in the front. Mukesh and Neha had to sit in the rear. By then Neha was quite comfortable with Mukesh. After about an hour of start, Mukesh felt drowsy and kept falling on Neha’s shoulders. When Neha moved away, Mukesh stretched and laid his head on Neha’s lap. Neha looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head. There was bright sunlight and Mukesh used a part of her saree to cover his face. I was sure his face touched my wife’s breasts. Neha knew that I saw it, but did not react, she let him be.

Through the journey, I could see both Neha and Mukesh pretending to sleep and falling on each other. I had a feeling that Mukesh was playing with her boobs, whilst both pretended that they were sleeping and all that happened was unintentional. Surprisingly I did not feel offended; rather I got a strange feeling of excitement at Mukesh’s flirting with my wife. Nothing further happened in that tour and when we returned, Neha insisted that she would sit in the front.

After about five years of my marriage, my company transferred me to Mumbai. When three of us shifted to Mumbai, there was a big problem of finding a place to stay. My son was unable to adjust to Mumbai weather and frequently became sick.

Mukesh earned well in his business. He had sufficient surplus. When I told Mukesh of my problems in finding a house, Mukesh came to our rescue. He had just bought a new flat in Bandra, which he was planning to move into. He wanted to sell his old house. He proposed that, until we found a proper house we could move into his old house. This was a huge relief for us. Neha could not believe it. In Mumbai no one would let anyone stay in his house without adequate compensation, for the fear that the occupant would claim tenancy rights later.

We accepted his offer and moved into his house, which was quite acceptable. Neha was delighted to have a proper house in Mumbai and felt ever so grateful to Mukesh. Mukesh dismissed Neha’s expression of gratitude and told her that he did not consider Neha and me as separate from his family.

Mukesh’s wife Anu was aware of his hidden crush for Neha. However, she knew that Mukesh would never exceed limit of discretion. Neha and Anu got along extremely well. Particularly their daughter was so much attached to Neha that many times she stayed with us overnight. She addressed Neha as ma and not aunty. We enjoyed their company for more than six months, our children became good friends. Then something terrible happened. For almost one month Mukesh was not accessible. He would not receive our calls. We were grossly puzzled until one day we learnt why.

Mukesh’s wife Anu was detected with terminal cancer. The doctors had said that it was just a matter of time for her. When we heard this, we were shocked. It was too premature and too early for her to have such misfortune. Mukesh was shattered. However, he controlled his feelings and dedicated his energies to looking after his wife during her sickness. She died after about eight months.

More or less during the same period, health of my son deteriorated sharply. Mukesh had contacts in a leading hospital. In spite of his wife’s sickness, he helped me get my son the best possible treatment. We admitted my son in a good hospital. I ran out of money and was trying hard to arrange the payment of hospital bills. Mukesh however, without my knowledge, paid off my hospital bills amounting almost to Rupees. 150,000 for treatment.

In spite of our best, my son could not survive. That was again a rude shock to us. Neha in particular was devastated. However, she found a recluse in the love of Mukesh’s daughter, who more or less always stayed with us during the period of her mother’s sickness. The events completely took away any fun in sex particularly for Neha.

In our own married life, after more than six years of our marriage; like any other normal married couple, the fun of sex had paled. Ego, fatigue, arguments etc. replaced excitement of Sex. Our sex life tapered down after we had the first child. Death of my son further drove us apart. I got busy in my work and Neha got busy in household chores. Our sex life became almost nonexistent. This is not to say that our love for each other reduced, however, that electrifying effect of touching each other’s body was missing.

All through this crisis and after the death of my child, Mukesh stood behind us solidly. In spite of his own grave personal tragedy, he helped us in all the way he could. He spent a good deal of his time with my wife Neha to make her overcome the rude shock. Simultaneously, he was trying to get over the shock of his own personal tragedy. Mukesh insisted that Neha should go out to movies or for dinner and other entertainment programs. He wanted to do his best to make her feel better.

When we went to movies, I made Neha sit between me and Mukesh. During one movie, I stretched my hand to hold her hand and asked Neha to hold Mukesh’s hand. Throughout the movie they held each other’s hands. During the movie, I nudged Neha to move closer to Mukesh and rest her head on his shoulder. She was pleased with me for this, because she felt that she owed Mukesh at least this much for what he had done for us. After the movie Neha told me that Mukesh was aroused with her touch and was probing her for greater intimacy. However, she restrained him.

I saw Mukesh suffering from loneliness. Several of his relatives advised him to get married again. Even Neha and I pressurized him to consider remarriage. His response was so strong against marrying again that we gave up. His argument was that he did not want to have an unknown woman in his life. He thought It might ruin his life and may cause problems to his daughter.

Frequently, after the office hours, we asked Mukesh and his daughter to spend evening with us. Occasionally he stayed overnight and slept in the guest bedroom. Through the evening, three of us would just sit, listen to music or lie on bed or on the carpeted floor holding each other’s hands, whilst his daughter saw TV or played with computer. Neha generally sat or lay between us.

One evening, Mukesh became a bit emotional, when inadvertently we talked of his wife. Neha moved closer to Mukesh and hugged him. She pulled him tight in her embrace whilst he cried silently. Neha took his head close to her bosom and let him weep for a few minutes.

Naturally, feeling my wife’s breasts, her scent, her hair and her femininity intimately close, Mukesh got aroused. He tried awkwardly to hide his hard-on from us. Neha also noticed this. She looked at me awkwardly. I nudged her closer to Mukesh. She sure must have felt his hard on.

I invited him to stay overnight with us one day. After dinner, he retired to sleep in the guest bedroom adjoining ours. I went to his room and lay by his side.

I asked him how he was passing his time of celibacy. After a brief silence he said that he was missing sex. I asked him if he masturbated during this period. He said that after his marriage, his wife never allowed him to touch his own penis. She masturbated him when she could not have sex because of her periods.

I asked him if he would like me to masturbate him. He laughed saying he was not a homosexual.

I asked him what if a girl masturbates him. He looked at me with puzzled expression and asked, “Well, but which girl would masturbate me?”

I avoided the question and asked him why he refused to consider remarriage. What kind of girl he was looking for to marry. He replied, “Well I always dreamed a girl like Neha. If Neha was unmarried, I would have married her.”

I was taken aback. I said, “I don’t know anyone like Neha.”

After a brief pause I said, “But of course, there is Neha. You can’t marry her. But tell me frankly, do you crave for her?” I asked him hesitantly.

Mukesh looked at me strangely. He paused briefly and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Of course I like her. She is lovely. But I love her in a different way. After all, she is your wife. Occasional flirting and teasing each other is different.”

We were both quiet for a few minutes. He then asked me a pointed question. “What does Neha think of me? Does she like me?”

I said, “Neha and I know the pain of separation you are suffering. Neha particularly wants to do ANYTHING to get you out of this suffering.” I emphasized the word “ANYTHING”.

Mukesh was puzzled. He could not understand what I was driving at. He mumbled, “No, I don’t want to take advantage of her.”

Our talk ended there.

I secretly fancied physical intimacy developing between Neha and Mukesh. It gave me unexplainable titillating feelings, which I could not analyze.

One night in bed, I asked her, “Neha, what do you think of Mukesh? He seems to be in better mood when he is with you. Do you think he has recovered?”

Neha replied, “I don’t know. He feels happy in my presence but I feel that he looks lost. He seems to be missing something.”

“Why don’t you say that he is missing sex?” I asked pointedly. She did not seem to be surprised at my observation. She nodded her head.

I was proud to have Neha as my wife. She was beautiful and my prized possession. Whenever I saw anyone looking at her with lust, I felt excited, instead of feeling jealous or angry. With Mukesh coming into our lives, I saw a ray of hope for revitalizing our marriage by involving Mukesh in our bed time talk. One night, after retiring to bed, I asked Neha if she found Mukesh attractive. Her reply was that of course he was attractive and that he was a great family friend for us.

I said, “I have seen him frequently stealing glances at your breasts.”

She asked, “Are you jealous? Forget about stealing glances, he has even touched them, of course casually and over the blouse. You encouraged me to get closer to him so that he gets over his wife’s premature demise. You pushed me closer to him in the movie, you allowed him to lie in my lap in the car. You made me lay between you two. I thought that if he missed sex and if he felt any better simply by looking at my breasts, so be it; unless of course, you have objection.”

I was on the defensive. I said, “No darling. I am happy for all of us. You are right. I am not blaming you or anything.”

I then told her of my talk with Mukesh Bhai. I said, “Mukesh indirectly admitted that he craves for you. I told Mukesh indirectly, that I had no objection of his flirting with you. Mukesh said he respected you highly and did not want to cause problem in our married life.”

When she heard it, her cheeks turned red. She was subtly excited and nervous with the discussion.

In the middle of that night, I asked her innocently again in loving tone, if she enjoyed physical touch with Mukesh.

She asked me, “I hope you are not suggesting that I have sex with him?”

When I meekly nodded my head, I was afraid that she would blow the thunder. However, she looked at me strangely and said, “I am not a slut. Whatever I did was in your presence and with mutual agreement. I am married to you and will never be unfaithful to you.”

She was far from indignant. I felt her body quiver and tremble. She looked into my eyes, rolled over to me and began to caress my cock sensuously smiling at me. Her desire for sex was obvious. I suspected that a chance of having sex with Mukesh aroused her rather than angered her.

That night, she began to woo me with foreplay. It was a long time since she had taken any initiative. We kissed hard. I fondled her breasts and squeezed her butts. To titillate her further I said I would like her to consider at least masturbating Mukesh Bhai. She listened but did not respond to my suggestion. I could see a sudden spurt of energy in her. It was as if I was throwing fuel into fire. She was aroused so much that she climbed on top of me and gave me a solid fuck, lasting almost fifteen minutes. She huffed and puffed but would not get off. She had orgasm twice during that period. My suspicion was that she was perhaps fucking Mukesh and not me. I could not remember the last time when I had such a treat from my wife.

Since she did not object to my mentioning Mukesh during our sex sessions, I decided to probe her further. One night during our foreplay, I told her, “Darling, I know that Mukesh craves for you, but he can’t have you; that is why he is sad.”

Neha was silent for a while. She looked at me and said, “I know that a man of his virility and youth cannot remain without a woman for such a long time.”

I asked her slowly, “I thought I shall take him to a prostitute. May be he will feel better.” I looked at her.

Neha was quick to respond, “Oh! So you want to go to a pro? How do you dare suggest that? A man of his stature will never agree to go to a pro. It is too risky apart from health hazard. Besides, if he wanted to do it, he could have done it long time ago. He is suffering from celibacy almost for eighteen months now.”

I said gravely, “In that case, you are the only one who can make him happy.”

Neha looked at me questioningly, “What do you mean?”

I had to handle it delicately. I said, “Let me explain to you. He has not had sex for the last 18 months, correct?” She nodded her head.

“In this situation, any man will try to woo a woman whom he is attracted to and try to seduce her, if possible. Correct?” She again nodded her head.

“He has not made any attempt to even talk about any other woman, correct?” Neha nodded her head every time I asked her “Correct?”

“You are the only woman he is attracted to. Correct?” Again she nodded her head.

I continued, “That means, if he wants to make love to anyone it has to be only you. Correct?” Neha nodded her head again. However, she was dumb founded, when she digested the meaning. She looked at me with wide open eyes. Was there excitement or nervousness in her eyes? She did not speak.

Her silence betrayed her answer. I cut short the discussion by saying, “You don’t need to worry. Do you trust me?” She nodded her head absent mindedly.

I saw Neha’s face turning red at my open prompting to have sex with Mukesh Bhai. I turned on the bed to indicate that the discussion was over.


I love my husband. However after six years, sex with him became a boring routine. I was forced to think how to deal with this development. It is a fact that sex is very personal for a woman unlike men. Women enjoy sex only with the person whom she finds attractive and when she is in the right mood.

My husband was right about Mukesh. He had lost his wife and was missing sex. I thought it would be very difficult for a man of his fitness and virility to manage without sex for such a long time. We went to movies and during movies, my husband Nalin asked me to hold and squeeze his hands. My gesture encouraged Mukesh. He squeezed my thighs over my dress. He wanted to feel me more. However, I involuntarily restrained him. I was excited by his touch and felt my legs weakening. I could feel my pussy leaking and wetting my panty. I considered the consequences of emerging situation, which appeared exciting and at the same time dangerous.

I started to give my husband my tacit acceptance as he tried to persuade me for flirting with Mukesh. I gave him vague answers instead of clear “No”. One night, he made himself almost clear. He mentioned Mukesh’s name several times during our sexual intercourse. I could not control my excitement hearing him talk about Mukesh. Mukesh was an extra ordinary person. He was genuine, charming and friendly. He was always very sensitive to our needs. If there was one person, who deserved my sexual affection, it was Mukesh.

My husband exploited my weakness for Mukesh. He began to tantalize me by talking of situations clubbing Mukesh and me together regularly. During our sex sessions, he would ask me to imagine that it was not Nalin but Mukesh, who fucked me. I also enjoyed his fantasies. The mention of Mukesh began to drive me crazy. I had flow of juices from my pussy. Normally Nalin made me ride on him. This position made both him and me acutely vulnerable. I would have orgasm after orgasm. During sex, if he mentioned Mukesh’s name, I would explode in no time.

One night, Nalin drove me crazy with his arousing talk with foreplay and asked me if I was ready to fulfill his fantasy of having sex with Mukesh. I dismissed him, “Don’t talk nonsense.” My husband was crestfallen.

He then asked, “Why don’t you at least consider masturbating Mukesh? That would at least help him satisfy his urge. During college days we masturbated each other. He has a big cock and he was always horny. If you really feel for him, you may just fondle him up a little? Please consider my request?”

I felt so embarrassed. My husband was making a strange request. I felt that I should not play truant. I told him that it would depend on the circumstances. I asked Nalin if he wanted this to happen. Nalin said he was as positive as he could be. The next one week went uneventfully.

I cannot forget that date and day. It was Anu (Mukesh’s late wife)’s death anniversary. It was also about four days after the fantasy talk with my husband. He rang me up.

He said, “I had a talk with Mukesh in the afternoon. He was not in the best of mood. Today is wife’s anniversary. He almost broke down talking to me.”

I was quiet. He said, “I asked him if he could spend the evening with us. He agreed to come. His daughter is away for the weekend. He should be with us at about 6 pm.”

I was happy that Nalin invited Mukesh and he would be with us that evening. I hoped he would stay for the night. Nalin told me that he had bought whisky and some drinks and snacks.

I said, “It is good of you to invite him. We shall spend time with Mukesh to try and make him feel better. A few drinks also will make him feel better.”

We returned at about 5.30 pm. I got in the kitchen and Nalin went about making other preparations. Just at about 6 pm, Mukesh came. I received him. I was wearing an open collar shirt and short knee length capri. My shirt showed quite a bit of cleavage of my ample bosoms. He was more somber than usual. They sat in the dining space, drinking, whilst I made some snacks and served them.

At about 9 pm, I served them dinner on the dining table, I was in a strange state. I was aroused, nervous and excited. As I bent down to serve, I saw Mukesh looking into my cleavage. I looked at my husband. He pretended not to notice. I went and sat next to Nalin. Whilst my husband and Mukesh talked some business matters, Nalin kept squeezing my thighs and inserting his one hand between them under the table. I kept discouraging him. He was so obvious that I was sure Mukesh watched this. After the dinner, the men returned to the drawing room, carrying their whiskies with them.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I had a shower. It was sultry. As I returned, I heard my husband shouting for me. I had to rush because my husband and Mukesh were having heated argument. I had no time to look for a proper dress. I picked up my night gown and quickly put it on. I rushed to the drawing room to see what the matter was. From their looks I realized that the gown I was wearing was quite thin and revealed more than it concealed. When they looked at me, they simply tuned quiet.

I asked, “What is the matter? Why were you shouting?”

They made room for me to sit between them.

They had a glass of whisky in their hands and had filled up a glass for me also. I do not drink normally. However, I knew that if I refused, there could be another argument. I took a gulp. I did not like the bitter taste of whisky. I decided to gulp it down in one shot and then hear the men. I finished the glass in one straight big gulp and looked at them. I almost blanked out for a moment. Both of them clapped.

Mukesh said, “Neha, you be the judge. Your husband is repeatedly asking me to get married. I am telling him that I have a reason and I will never, repeat never get married again.”

Nalin interrupted and said, “He says, he will only marry a girl like you. I told him every girl is different. Neha is Neha. There is no other girl like Neha. In that case, he says he will not marry; period. Now tell me what will I do with this guy?” Nalin pulled his hair gesturing his frustration.

I kept quiet. Nalin continued, “The only woman whose company he wants is yours. Now how can we him to have a female mate for him? This is very frustrating.”

I pushed him back and said, “Cool down. Now let me hear Mukesh’s argument.”

Mukesh said, “My argument is simple. I do not want to entrust myself to any woman, whom I and my daughter don’t know. I do not want to take any chance. I shall manage being a celibate. When your husband asked what type of woman I would agree to marry, I simply said any woman like Neha.” After a brief pause, he mumbled almost inaudibly, “I shall not have any other woman.” He seemed to be rather high.

I heard him with stunned silence. For a few moments I was in a tremendous dilemma. I was caught between my two most beloved men. By that time, the strong peg of whisky had begun to lift my spirits. I was happy that at least I was not cheating on my husband. I moved closer to Mukesh and took his hands in mine and said, “I fully understand and I thank you for considering me as your loved one. I also consider you as my most loved one. However, I am married to Nalin and will follow his wishes. I will never be unfaithful to him.”

“You will not be unfaithful to me if you sit between us and let Mukesh kiss you once,” my husband asked.

I was nervous but I knew that I was facing the inevitable. I said, “Only once, okay?” and went into his arms.

My husband made Mukesh sit by my side and placed his arms around me. Mukesh moved forward hesitantly and looked apologetically at me, muttering “I don’t know. Is this right? Hope you don’t mind.”

I smiled at Mukesh encouragingly and said, “Come my baby! I love you. My husband has asked me to kiss you. I want you to kiss me hard.”

Looking at Mukesh’s hesitation, Nalin almost shouted at Mukesh with some irritation in his voice, “Don’t sit like a buffoon. She is waiting and I am ordering you. Come on kiss Neha.”

Finally Mukesh moved closer and placed his hand on my head. I felt Mukesh’s hand caressing my hair as if gently combing it. I felt happy that at least he took initiative. I took his hands in mine and pulled him closer.

Mukesh adjusted his stance awkwardly. He lowered his mouth. I caught his face and pressed his lips on mine. Finally he opened his mouth and we kissed each other hesitantly initially and passionately later. As seconds passed his lips pressed harder and maneuvered skill fully on mine. I began to feel his heat as he held me hard and sucked my breath in that long kiss. That was the first time ever that I kissed anyone other than my husband. We must have kissed for almost two minutes, whilst he kept moving his hands on my back. When he finished, I was breathless.

Whilst we were kissing, Nalin was massaging my legs from my toes inching upwards sensuously.

I looked at Nalin to check if he was ok with my kissing Mukesh. Nalin understood my look and kissed my navel to convey that he was fine with it. I murmured in his ears that Mukesh was feeling shy. Nalin nodded his head. He began caressing my body over the gown as Mukesh watched. I felt Nalin’s hands exploring my front. He ran his fingers over my gown, squeezed my breasts and caressed my navel. Mukesh was watching our game with a peculiar look. It was like a hungry cub seeing his father eating a goat, hoping for his turn.

Nalin gently took my one hand and placed it between Mukesh’s legs. He wanted me to stroke him. Earlier he had desired that at least I should masturbate Mukesh. Of course I wanted much more than that. I squeezed my palm hard on his trousers. I could feel his big cock under the trousers. It was getting harder. He was getting aroused seeing Nalin fondling me. I kept squeezing his trousers. His erection was visible and I felt it also in my palm.

Nalin was mighty pleased to see my voluntary initiative. He came close and kissed me briefly and whispered, “Thank you. You are a sweetie.”

I felt Mukesh’s meat rod stretching his trousers. Nalin quickly opened Mukesh’s fly and uncovered his shaft. Mukesh unbuttoned his trousers. He pushed his trousers down on the floor. He also dispensed with his under wear in no time. He was naked from waist down. His cock was then free, fully erect and hard. It was defying gravity. I saw it with amazement. I covered it with my palm. I felt a sizable mass of hard meat in my palm. I saw his big cock pointing straight at me. It was certainly bigger and thicker than Nalin’s.

I hinted Nalin to get rid of his trousers also. I caught their cocks in my hands and gently began to pump their hard cocks. Mukesh spoke something in Nalin’s ears. I did not get to hear it. I asked them, “What is the matter?”

Nalin said, “Mukesh is asking if he could carry you up in his arms to the bedroom?”

I was high by then. I told my husband, “Enough of your wisecracks. You are the boss.”

Mukesh lifted me up easily. It was perhaps more than 18 months since he carried a woman to bedroom. I saw my husband follow him.

I smiled at them. I pulled both of them and caught their cocks and began stroking them. I said, “You two rogues. You people can’t think of anything but sex. But I like it”

My husband reached my legs and started massaging my toes and ankles. Nalin was an expert in erotic massage. I always enjoyed his tantalizing massage. He massaged my toes, ankles and then the calf muscles. He was so sensual that I could not avoid moaning softly. I whispered, “I love your massage.”

I closed my eyes and felt another set of hands on my head. My husband must have signaled Mukesh. Mukesh began hesitantly and caressed my hair and then gently came down to my neck and my face. Nalin caught his hands to demonstrate how to massage my face better. I closed my eyes and was experiencing two sets of hands wandering over my half naked body under the flimsy gown. I simply closed my eyes and did not speak.

When Mukesh reached below my neck, his fingers got entangled on my gown. My husband came to his rescue and unbuttoned the top part of my gown. My gown slipped down to below my shoulders. When Mukesh came down to my shoulders and parts above my breasts, I began shuddering with excitement. The touch of his hands sent shivers down my body. My husband was reaching my knees and gradually moving up. He had raised my gown up.

Mukesh hesitated to go lower down. Silently, Nalin caught his hands and moved them over to my breasts hinting him to massage my breasts. When he touched my boobs, Mukesh was so overwhelmed by the feel that he kept massaging them repeatedly without leaving them. This, combined with my stroking of his cock was doing things to him. On the other side Nalin was also ecstatic that his rather conservative wife (me) agreed to fulfill his fantasy and was shaking their two cocks in her hands.

He muttered, “Neha, I am so grateful to you. You have fulfilled my fantasy. I love you for this.”

Mukesh whispered in my ears, “I am thankful to you for letting me touch you.”

I replied, “Don’t thank me. If I can give you some of the pleasures, your wife gave you, I shall be pleased.” I looked straight into his eyes. I was drowning in the ocean of lust and love. At that time, I wanted him real bad. When he began to caress and squeeze my breasts over the gown, I pushed the top of my gown down to my waist belt. I was topless. I said, “Come on, silly. Get rid of your hesitation.”

That was the time, when I decided that I would fulfill the fantasy of my husband fully. I sat up in bed still stroking their lunds. I saw Mukesh focusing on my swollen, ripe and adamant breasts jutting out of my body. My erect nipples pointed straight as if ready to spray milk. Mukesh looked like a child looking at some fancy toy with wonder. My breasts swayed slowly as I moved. I caught his hands and placed them on my breasts. He cupped them. I felt constant flow of juice flowing out of my pussy.

As he caressed and relished my breasts in his palms, he muttered, “You are unbelievably gorgeous. In this pose, you look like a statute of Venus.” I could not control blushing.

He cupped my breasts. My boobs were swollen and pointing straight at him. My nipples ballooned to the point of bursting. There were tiny goose pimples on areolas. Areolas of my tits were fully swollen. I was amazed at the impact of my arousal on my body. I felt as if my breasts were full of milk. They were craving for a hard and ruthless sucking and mauling. I had such churning of sensations and desire in my breasts that I wanted him to suck them, squeeze them and bite my nipples hard. The feeling of his cupping my breasts was driving me mad. Down below, my husband reached my thighs and was doing things there.

My body language revealed of my horny state. I was queering on the bed almost as if begging him to fuck me. I felt almost like reaching the climax. I had twitching spasms in my pussy that drove me crazy with lust. I was itching to be fucked hard. Both men looked at my state with pleasant surprise. This was perhaps the first time that both were seducing a woman together. That was the first time that any male other than my husband got so close to me.

Nalin got up and gently pushed my hips up a little and pulled my gown off. I lay on bed completely naked for a few seconds. It was a tremendous feeling for me to lie naked by the side of two naked men watching me with all the lights on. I instinctively, tried to cover my breasts and my body.

Mukesh gently pulled me up in sitting position and brought our lips together to kiss me hard on my lips. I had their cocks in my hands all along. It was not just a deep French kiss. He began kissing me all over my body starting with my earlobes. This was my weakness. He then began kissing my forehead, neck, shoulder blades, chest and he got onto one of my breasts sucking it so hard that I had pain. He bit my nipples hard and kept mumbling, “God! These are gorgeous. I shall not leave them for anything.”

As he kissed me, he moved my hands away, which were making a bad job of covering my exposed body. I opened my mouth and took his tongue into my mouth. I could not control my urge caused by days or weeks of fantasizing sex with him and the tidbits of flirting we had for the last few months. I sucked saliva out of it. His saliva tested erotic. His hands caressed my naked back. His fingers explored the cavity of my rib cage. As he explored it, his fingers reached the crack of my ass. He squeezed my buttocks with the fingers of his one hand. This was an indescribably ecstatic experience for me.

I felt Nalin’s tongue licking my vagina mound. My husband wanted to drive me to the heights I had rarely experienced. I spread my legs wider to let my husband push his head deeper between them. Mukesh bent his head down and began kissing my tits and sucking them one after the other. Nalin gestured to me hiding behind Mukesh signaling me that it is time to seduce Mukesh. He did it by making a circle with the thumb and index finger of one hand and inserting and withdrawing the index finger of the other hand repeatedly through that circle. He was indicating intercourse. I blushed at his brazenly signaling me to be fucked by his friend.

Mukesh was licking and fondling my boobs. I murmured in his ears, “Do you want me now?”

He said, “More than ever.”

He wrapped his palm around my palm. He wanted me to feel his erection. It was rock hard. I kept caressing his cock. I began shagging his cock. It was easily the biggest one I had seen. I admit that I had not seen any adult penis, other than my husband’s.

I inserted my one hand into his shirt to feel his chest and his nipple. He quickly removed his shirt. He was fully naked. His hairy chest felt so erotic. When we were fully naked and the veil of shame or restraint evaporated, I made him lie down by my side. I had his hard cock in my palm. I stroked it gently. He had his hand on my buttocks. We looked into each other’s eyes. I asked him loudly, “Tell me, what is this we are doing?”

Without giving it a second thought, Mukesh said, ”Neha, I want you. I am saying this in front of your husband that I don’t want you just for now. I want as much of you as I can have forever; if you and your husband agree.”

My husband Nalin replied promptly, “You were asking for someone like Neha to be your wife. I told you there is no one like Neha. However, here is Neha in flesh and blood and as long as you both don’t throw me out of your lives, she is yours as much as she is mine.”

I blushed at his announcement. That was all the talk we could have; because my husband was back on me sucking my fully matured melons, suckling them one time and biting my nipples other times. His action threw me in a tizzy. I began to feel spasm and twitching inside my pussy. Whilst he kissed and sucked my breasts, his one hand constantly worked on my ass, squeezing my bottoms and pulling me closer to him, if that was possible; inserting his fingers into the crack. His rock hard rod was poking my belly. I was experiencing spasm of erotic waves going on between my mind and between my legs. I was leaking juices.

After a while, he made Mukesh to come and work on my breasts as he moved towards my legs and began tongue fucking me first and finger fucking me after his tongue got tired. His actions sent my mind spinning. I gyrated on bed moaning loudly then. I sighed out, “Please, suck my breasts, I am coming……”

Mukesh was sucking my one breast and squeezed and pinched the other, I jerked and said, “Harder…. I am cummminggg……..” He sucked me harder as I had my first orgasm that night.

Nalin resumed working intensely on my pussy. He increased pace of finger fucking. He was perhaps preparing me for his best friend. He inserted his fingers so that it could reach deep inside my love passage. He could sense the smoothness of my shaved pussy. Nalin always told me that it was an experience to slide his hand over my mound and feel that perfect smoothness. Nalin took Mukesh’s hand and placed it on my smooth mound.

My one hand did not let go of his mammoth manhood. More than giving him the pleasure, I wanted to feel his large cock in my hands. This was the experience, I longed for quite some time. I caressed his testicles so lovingly that Mukesh could not control his oomph!

When he saw that Mukesh was adequately busy, Nalin positioned his hard cock at my mouth. He wanted me to give him a blow hob, which otherwise I avoided. I gladly opened my mouth wide and let him insert his cock gently in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and squeezed his cock with my lips and caressed it with my tongue.

On the other side, Mukesh’s hand travelled down to between my legs and reached my G-Spot. He slowly inserted his one finger into my pussy hole. He must have sensed flow of my juices. He rubbed the upper part of my pussy lips lovingly. I had a small hole and his finger in it made me jump in arousal. I held his hand and whispered in his ears, “Mukesh…..” indicating my arousal. He began pushing his finger in and out of my hole. I got highly aroused on finger fucking. He started vigorously stroking my pussy with two of his fingers. He increased his pace much more. I was on the edge. A huge wave of spasm caught me between my legs. I reached the crescendo of my pleasure again and began cumming hard at his action. I shouted, “Mukesh , don’t stop…… I am cumming… ooohhh!: There I had my second orgasm.

I lay in bed exhausted, eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I saw my husband sitting some distance away and watching us. He smiled encouragingly. Mukesh was surveying my fully naked body. His eyes were focused on my breasts and flat belly ending at my belly button, then tapering down into the navel to culminate between my legs. I wondered if he was puzzled seeing how my big breasts remained so upright. Was he wondering at the smoothness of my body, as he slid his palm over my flat belly reaching down to the end?

I asked him, “What are you looking at?”

He replied, “I am wondering, how lucky I am and how lucky Nalin is. Neha, believe me; I am not happy being your lover for tonight. I would love you to be mine, forever; if I can help it.” The conclusive way he said it; had butter flies flying in my stomach.

I looked at my husband. He was listening to the conversation intently. I realized a serious situation developing. Would that lead to a conflict between him and my husband? I did not know. However, at that time looking him sitting naked with his hairy chest looming large on me; I did not care. I whispered to him, “We shall see, but at this moment, fuck me.” That was also the first time that I used the word ‘fuck’.

My simple sentence was just enough to drive him into action. I caught his cock in my palm. It had contracted somewhat. I made him lie on bed and sat up. I began stroking it. The lusty meat rod began to expand rapidly. I rotated my palm over the tip of his cock’s eye. I saw a series of drops oozing out in rapid succession. Mukesh began squeezing my breasts and simultaneously squeezing my buttocks also, as I pumped his cock harder. Very soon, his rod assumed the fullest erection. It was at least six to seven inches in length and might be about two inches thick. That was as big as I had ever seen or imagined. I wondered how it could have gone into Anu bhabhi’s (his late wife’s) hole. Well, at that moment I had to worry of the same problem for me then.

Mukesh lay on the bed, with his long rod in my charge. I slowly rose from the bed, turned to his Lund (Cock, in Hindi language). Turning 180 degrees, I climbed on top of Mukesh and rested my full weight on his body. I let my pussy close to his face. I went down to kiss his cock. In this short time, I had become quite fond of his lovely Lund. We were in ‘69’ position. Mukesh must have felt my pussy hole leaking rather heavily with drops falling on his chest.. He adjusted his position. I felt him licking on the periphery of my slit. Again, I felt a surge of high voltage current making me vibrate with ecstasy.

I shuddered as I felt his tongue entering my pussy. I had a spasm in my pussy as I sensed his tongue inside me. My pussy twitched in contraction. He kept swapping his tongue into and around my pussy for quite some time. Then he slowly began stroking his finger in and out of my pussy once again. As my love hole accommodated his finger, he inserted another one into my love hole. A crescendo of ecstatic waves was building up inside me. As I mentioned, I am very vulnerable to finger fucking. I can have a number of orgasms, simply through finger fucking. I cried out ooohhh… as Mukesh began stroking harder. As he reached a faster pace, I had an uncontrollable huge orgasm. I cried out, “Ooohhh mukesh... please fuck me now. I can’t control…”

I heard my husband exhorting Mukesh, “Mukesh go ahead, fuck her. She is a bitch in heat for you. She wants your lund (cock) in her choot (cunt) now. Fuck her hard.”

Mukesh saw me having my third orgasm that night. He stopped. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted after so many quick orgasms. I rested for a while. I saw his Lund losing erection somewhat. I felt a pang of sorrow for this man, who did so much for us and who loved me heartily. I rose after a slight break and moved to his cock. I opened my mouth and I lapped up the drops of juice forming at the tip of his cock. His cock was rock hard by then. I wrapped the tip of his cock between my lips. I slurped on it for a few seconds. Under me I felt him shudder a little. I continued lapping around his tip and suddenly pulled it into my mouth. My lips enveloped it. I began stroking him slowly.

I felt his body becoming tight. I realized that since he was devoid of sex for a long time, he might eject soon, I stopped. I did not want him to cum in my mouth. I had waited for so long. I wanted him to cum in me. Secretly, that was the reason I was on the pills for quite some time now. I gradually slid down from atop his body and stretched flat on the bed next to him. Nalin moved forward and made Mukesh mount on me.

I took Mukesh’s cock in my hand and stroked it gently pushing the foreskin back and forth. This was also somewhat difficult moment for me as I had to accommodate his rather big cock into my small hole. I lubricated his cock and rubbed his leaking cock on my fully over flowing pussy lips. After lubricating both, I gently pushed his cock in my cunt. I motioned for him to push it further down. He was as gentle as ever. He perhaps realized that I feared his big size cock in my hole. He pushed his cock in, a little and pulled it back. Again he rubbed it a little onto the pussy lips and pushed it in, gently again. It was so sweet of him. I knew that he wanted to push it in and fuck me quickly. However, his action of controlling his urge made me admire him.

He gradually began stroking his cock in and out of my love hole. He made sure that I almost did not feel any pain at all. It was so sweet and marvelous to feel him inside me. When he inserted himself fully inside me; I asked him to halt for a while. When he looked at me questioningly, I smiled and told him, “I want to feel you inside me. Please let me feel you for some time.”

He stopped and waited for a while. He was in a high state of arousal and as such, he still made very tiny strokes inside me, whilst he halted. It was such a wonderful feeling experiencing Mukesh’s fully engorged cock inside my body. I told him, “Mukesh, whether my husband finally accepts you as my husband or not, I am and will be your wife by heart forever. Even if socially, I may not be accepted as your wife, by heart I shall ever be yours.” I looked at my husband also whilst I said it.

Nalin responded promptly. He was emotional. His eyes were wet. He said, “I shall not back out. If you and Mukesh both are agreeable, I have no issues with it. Please go ahead without any hesitation.”

With that, Mukesh started fucking me with much greater vigor. It was then just raw and simple sex. It was two bodies asking enjoyment from each other and making efforts to fulfill the other partner’s demands. I, in turn, matched his strokes by raising my belly and meeting his thrust to ensure that his cock entered deep recesses in my body, where even my husband’s cock had never reached before. His balls swayed and slapped on my pussy lips and ass crack; making slapping sounds. This exhilarating experience; formed a very important memory and history in my life span. I will rate the fuck; Mukesh gave me on that day, as the best, I ever had until then. It easily surpassed the fuck my husband gave me on the night of our honeymoon.

Mukesh became vocal as he fucked me. He kept on saying, “Neha I love you so very much… Your entry in my life has completely changed me… I will never leave you. I am yours for ever… For me you are my wife and I am your husband. Please do not ever leave me.”

I did not say anything. I was too busy enjoying his deep thrusts to say anything. It was just ooommmhhh, Aaahhh…. Ooohhh…hhhaaa… coming out of my mouth as he began fucking me harder and harder. For the first time in my life, I experienced what a real hard fucking was. I was torn into numerous emotions. Here was my lover fucking me in reality, which was just a fantasy a little while ago.

Finally, I felt that Mukesh was reaching the extreme. He squeezed my shoulders so tight, that I felt the pain. I was also reaching the climax of our lovemaking. I caught the buttocks of Mukesh and squeezed them hard and cried in low voice, “I am coming… I feel so good… Mukesh . Please don’t sto... Fuck me hard… I am yours and will remain yours for ever… Please fuck me until the end of my life. Oh… Aaar ghhh….” I had a huge orgasm. However, this time, Mukesh did not stop. He did not let me rest.

Mukesh was ramming his rod in and out of me. He was nearing his climax. I was also in complete rhythm with him. But then a thought struck me. I stopped him. His eyes were asking me what happened. I motioned him to lie down. I climbed on top of him. I murmured, “I want to come again and with you now.” I took his hard rock into me gradually. It slipped in without much trouble. I could feel his engorged rod bore into my crevices and love valleys. I began pumping my body onto him, making his rock hard cock go in and out. Mukesh also swayed and raised his belly to match my motion. I was going nuts, feeling the movement of his cock sliding in and out of my love hole.

My breasts were jumping up and down with my up and downward swings. His cock went even deeper into me than before. Huge amount of juices flowed out of my pussy onto his ass. His hands tightened onto both my breasts. he squeezed them so hard that had there been any milk in them, it could have come out. He pinched my nipples hard. Occasionally, he bent his head up and suckd my breasts and bite my nipples.

I went crazy and burst into another huge orgasm wih 'aaahhhh… Mukesh, I am coming… I am coming…”

He also reached his climax at the same time as I did. with a huge Aaaa… hhh…” With that he released a huge load of his semen into my crevice. I felt his warm and thick sperm filling all corners of my deep caves and overflowing. It felt deeply satisfying after months of fantasizing. I felt that it was worth the wait

Nalin was highly aroused as I could see from the hardness of his erection. He was in a hurry to put his cock into my wet cunt. He did not need then to lubricate it. My pussy hole was fully lubricated. He made me lie on bed and climbed on top of me and pushed his penis into mine. After experiencing rather a big cock into my pussy, my husband’s fully erect cock went in easily. I asked him to clean the pussy and remove excess cum from outside and inside. I wanted to feel him.

Nalin was charged, like a horny bull. He had seen our lovemaking. This was the fulfillment of his big fantasy of a long time. Now there was no hesitation, regret or fear. My husband had been dreaming for this sight for a long time.

Nalin kept hammering me with great vigor. I called Mukesh and caught his flaccid cock in my hand. He watched our lovemaking, sitting next to me. I picked his hand and placed it on my breasts. He began to knead my breasts. He picked my nipples between his fingers and rolled them and squeezed them. His squeezing action was typical. He squeezed the massive bottom of my breasts first and gradually slid his fingers up; increasing the pressure on my breasts as he came up to the nipples. My one hand was busy in stroking his semi erect cock. As I stroked his cock, it began to harden.

Nalin reached his climax in no time. I asked him to release his load into my pussy. With a big sigh and Oomph, he released his load in my pussy. By the time, my husband was finished, Mukesh was hard and ready for another round. I stroked his Lund to a big erection. I stood up, coming down the bed. I bent 90 degrees, holding the edge of the bed and kissed his cock and made him come behind me. I was too horny to be satisfied. I had two cocks now to serve me and four hands. Those four hands were all over me now. It was a fantastic feeling to have two cocks and four hands; working hard to please me.

I stood waiting as Mukesh positioned his big cock at the entrance of my love hole. I picked it, adjusted its position and he pushed it in. He began to pump me from behind. He was gentle and loving. He grabbed both my tits in his two hands. I made Nalin to come and stand so that he positioned his cock in my mouth. I savored his wet cock covered by his semen, my juice and Mukesh’s semen.

It was so erotic and titillating that I had two orgasms, by the time both my lovers also exploded once.

We were exhausted and lay on bed. My husband told Mukesh that I would be his, whenever he wanted me. He said that he would not feel slighted. I told my husband that I would completely agree to whatever was the wish of my husband. I had no objection to have sex with Mukesh. Nalin again asked me if I was ready to be Mukesh’s wife forever. I replied that if he so desired then I wanted to be as much a wife of Mukesh as I was his, forever.

Mukesh was silent. Looking at his silence, my husband and I thought that Mukesh was having second thoughts. To clear the matter, my husband said, “Mukesh, we want you to enjoy with us, period. There are no pre-conditions.”

What Mukesh said, then made history of sorts; until the end of my life. He said, “I swear under oath to accept Neha as my lawful wife. I would never look at another woman with lust and would perform my duty as her husband. I accept to share her with you. It would be my greatest pleasure to have both of you as my life time partners.”

One year later:

Mukesh sold his old flat. He insisted that we move into his new house and stay with him. We moved into his new flat. Mukesh made Nalin as his partner in business.

I slept with Nalin one night. The next night, I slept with Mukesh. Many times, we all slept together and fucked on the same bed. I was the happiest woman on earth. In the past, a husband had more than one wife. I had two husbands to take care of me.

I had a son that year. I do not know who his biological father was. None of us cared. I told my son to call Nalin his father and Mukesh his elder father (father’s elder brother). Nalin and I were husband and wife for the external world. Officially and on record, my son was known as Nalin’s son. However, from that time on, I had two husbands. Our close friends accepted our relationship.

As Mukesh’s business flourished and we earned much more wealth and became richer, people gradually began to accept us as we were. Although, perhaps, they knew about our relationship, they kept quiet.

Nalin was happy at the turn of events. He said that the arrangement brought cheers to all. He said that he got me back in full form. I was then always eager to have sex with him.


Mukesh willed all his properties to me, Nalin and our children. We are living happily together, enjoying our threesome to date. Our son is now five years old. I am pregnant again. I do not know who the biological father is, it does not matter to us anymore and we do not care.

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