Saturday, 10 February 2018

Laurie's Milk Ch. 03

The curling waves broke the silence around them gently. Steve and his best friend Alex sat in canvas chairs on the waters edge, fishing rods in holders in front of them, a bottle of whisky between them and a bucket off to the side on the off chance they actually caught anything. Their boys trip camping and fishing on Lord Morrison Island was just a good chance for them to have a catch up and unwind, whether they actually caught any fish was a bonus. 

The sun was setting behind them as they watched the sky change colour and sipped at their glasses. Alex sighed. "Reckon the girls are at the hotel yet?" 

"I doubt it, Laurie had to drop Angus at her mum's and she wouldn't have done that until he had had his afternoon nap. They're probably on the way there now" replied Steve. For him with a six month old baby at home, this was time he could unwind without worrying about feeding schedules or dirty nappies, and he was glad Alex's girlfriend Danny had managed to convince Laurie to use her mother's 'always welcome to have him' babysitting services, and have a long weekend herself in the city getting pampered and having fun. Both of them enjoyed parenthood enormously, but from time to time Steve worried Laurie might forget that she was allowed to be the woman she was before becoming a mother. 

"Sure. Danny is excited, she reckons she's taking Laurie to a club she used to work at. They've got some cover band in tonight that she's excited about for some reason" said Alex. 

Steve laughed. "I can tell you why, Laurie showed me the Facebook event: It's 'BoyToy BoyBand'." 

Alex blinked. "What the fuck is 'BoyToy BoyBand'?" 

"Well, supposedly they are a group of mates that sing boyband hits from the 90's. They do the whole thing where one of them is the 'cool one', the 'broody one', the 'fun one'" explained Steve. "But as well as that, the lot of them work as male models in between singing gigs. Apparently two of them are strippers for bachelorette parties too if you believe it." 

"Well they reckon it's important to be multi-skilled these days," laughed Alex. "Guess the girls will get their money's worth then." 

Steve agreed. 

"Even after all that dude flesh though, I think Danny might have plans to pull Laurie into a strip club before they go back to the room." 

"Well...alright then, I guess," said Steve, refilling his drink. "I'd think a boyband stripper would be enough but I guess it's not exactly personal service." 

"No no," grinned Alex, "I think she meant a female strip club." 

Steve tilted the bottle away from his glass quickly. "I'm sorry?" 

"You heard me. Danny said she wanted to see some tits while she's out in the city," said Alex. "Probably a private dance so she can get to feel some too." 

"Why though?" asked Steve. 

"Well, to be honest I think she sort of swings both ways. At least, she likes dick too much to commit to the home team, but she still likes to go around the bases with them? Something like that." 

"And you're alright with that?" Steve asked curiously. 

Alex shrugged. "You make allowances for the people you love. I know she loves me too and won't leave me for a stripper, so I don't think it's something I need to get jealous over." 

Steve thought back to a situation between Laurie and a neighbour of theirs some months before, and had to concede Alex may have a point. "Yeah, I guess you do" he said. "Still, I don't know how successful she's going to be. I hope if it doesn't work out that Danny isn't too disappointed if the only tits she sees all night are Laurie's." 


Laurie sped through the narrow city streets in her car, overtaking every slower car and accelerating through yellow lights, with Danny in the passenger's seat shuffling through songs on the playlist she made for the car ride in to pump them up for their night reliving their childhoods. With cocktails. 

Laurie glanced nervously at Danny. "Sorry again about it taking so long at mum's" she said. 

Danny shrugged. "Don't worry about it. I've got one too. I know how much they had suddenly have to tell you right as you're trying to get out the door." 

Laurie smiled and nodded, but didn't quite meet Danny's eye. While she had told Danny that her mother suddenly felt it necessary to discuss in depth about her aunt's breast augmentation surgery holiday to Thailand, in actuality it had been that at the very moment she was saying goodbye was the same time Angus decided he was hungry. Laurie on one hand was relieved, as she was feeling pretty full and hadn't been looking forward to driving an hour into the city already engorged, but Danny had sat in the car for twenty minutes as she nursed Angus and expressed more of her milk into the sink, assuming Laurie was just going in and out. And now they were going to be late to check in at the hotel and dinner reservations if they didn't hurry. At the very least, Danny didn't seem bothered, which Laurie was grateful for. 

"So are you excited?" asked Danny. 

"Yeah, really excited! A night out without the baby, drinking and listening to hot guys sing songs I was into when I was eight? Honestly I'm really pumped for it" exclaimed Laurie. 

Danny smiled at her enthusiasm. 

"So, you said you used to work at the place we're going to?" asked Laurie. 

"Yeah, a few years before me and Alex started going out. Found out that the old bar supervisor they ended up getting a few sexual harassment claims put on him by staff members after I left, so maybe it was a good time to leave" Danny finished simply. 

"Wow," said Laurie. 

Danny just shrugged as if saying 'it happens'. "Anyway, my old venue manager still works there and he's getting us in for free and some basics on the house." 

Laurie smiled. Leave it to Danny to get the night started right. 

Another twenty minutes and they were parked and at the front desk of their hotel. A quick exchange with the concierge and a credit card number left as deposit, and the two women were quickly up the elevator and pushing their cardkey into the door. 

Their room was pretty standard in so far as having two adjoining bedrooms, a bathroom between them and coffee making facilities. What surprised Laurie was that the main area of their room, having a view of the city below through their wall to wall windowing, also housed a rather large hot tub. 

"Um, I don't remember paying for a room with that" she said. 

Danny shrugged. "I found a deal for an upgrade with one. I thought it would be nice." 

'Trust Danny', thought Laurie. "But I didn't bring anything to swim in" she said. 

"I brought a swimsuit for you. I had to guess your size but I think I've got it pretty right. If not, well it's only me after all." 

Laurie smiled and said thanks, but internally she was a little worried. Danny had known generally what sizes in things Laurie was from their shopping dates before having Angus, but her post baby body was still 'more' than it had been. She was lost a good deal of her pregnancy weight, but her waist, thighs and ass had settled on holding five to ten pounds more than they had before, and while she was back down to a 32 bra measurement, Angus and Steve's devotion to her breasts had finally caused them to settle snuggly into an F cup. Silently she prayed that whatever Danny had brought had the material to cover the new proportions of her body. 

They chose rooms, unpacked what they needed immediately and changed so they could quickly run down to the hotel restaurant and eat. Laurie wore red button up halter neck top that being a pre-pregnancy item fit a bit snuggly, with a nice skirt and flats. She had wanted to wear jeans but dejectedly admitted her waist had thickened when she tried them on at home and she couldn't bring the button to the loop hole. Danny knocked on the door and let herself in. Laurie studied her and her clothes. She was a full foot shorter than Laurie. Her bust was smaller than Laurie's, though only by a few sizes, her waist was tiny, hips ridiculously wide and ass shapely. She was wearing a sandy coloured dress that cinched at the waist and hugged her hips, breasts and bottom, and had paired it with a complimenting set of heels. Looking at her friend, Laurie didn't think for a moment they would have any trouble finding someone to pay for their drinks all night. 

"You look so hot Laurie!" exclaimed Danny, running over to look at her closer. 

Laurie reddened in the face, feeling a little self-conscious. This was the first time she was going out since she had started showing nearly a year ago and wasn't totally confident in herself. Danny seemed to pick on her friend's internal distress and started complimenting everything about Laurie she could see. "And your tits. I mean... damn!" she ended. 

'My tits...' 

"Oh shit. Do you think I'll need to pump before we go?" Laurie asked Danny. 

"Umm...are they full or something?" Danny asked uncertainly. 

"...No, I just... I don't know..." 

Danny laughed, trying to bring her friend to ease. 

"Sorry Laurie, I've never had kids so I don't know if I'm the biggest help," she admitted. "But... like if you don't think it'll be a problem for a few hours maybe we should go down and get some food?" 

Laurie rationalised that with her speeding, Angus had fed less than an hour ago, and if dinner and the show didn't run too late, at worst she should just be a bit uncomfortable by the time they got home. 

"Alright, let's go." 

The food was mediocre but the wine was good, and after scarfing their dinner, they found themselves at the Hollywood Bar as the place was starting to fill up. Danny on her tip toes whispered into the ear of the bouncer on the door, and moments after he spoke into his headset a tired man with a face covered in stubble came out and hugged Danny. Danny introduced her old manager as 'Eddie', and Eddie ushered them into the club. 

It wasn't full yet, but the girls found themselves having to be careful of feet and elbows as they made their ways to the bar. Eddie poured them both Vodka Cranberry's and wrote them out several tickets for free drinks during the show. Finding a couple of seats toward the front of the room, they drank their drinks and used another ticket each as the room swelled to capacity. Finally, the house music turned off and the lights dimmed. 

The room suddenly exploded with screaming women as six large muscular men torn onto stage, dressed largely in denim and leather and missing material several important places. They launched straight into a power ballad with accompanying choreographed dance moves, moving from one bands biggest hits to the next, stopping to talk to the audience 'in persona' every three or four songs. At one point one of the two singers that had come on stage shirtless pulled a very horny looking college student onto stage, sat her on a stool and sung her a love song that reduced her to sobs, still crying even as she hugged him in thanks and groped his firm ass cheek in full view of the audience. 

All the while Laurie and Danny ploughed through their drinks tickets at speed. As soon as they were gone, Danny pulled her dress down to show another inch of cleavage and began chatting up the man sitting bored through the show with his girlfriend. Not more than five minutes later she was back to her seat next to Laurie with two large purple cocktails and four shots of tequila. After over a year of sobriety, Laurie was quickly becoming heavily intoxicated and numb, pressing her finger nail to her lips and giggling when she realised she couldn't feel them. Unbeknownst to her, that wasn't all she wasn't feeling. 

Angus had fed and she had expressed more, but after months of both her husband and son taking her milk, her breasts had gotten used to producing large amounts quickly, and arousal from watching the BoyToy Boys was only made her produce faster. Drinking made her immune to the discomfort of her breasts plumping under a shirt that no longer fit them. Her bra bit into her skin and her cleavage deepened as the show continued, until finally the top button of her shirt topped open under the strain of her engorgement. 

Upon returning for a third time with drinks from 'admirers', this time blue drinks with hibiscus flowers and Midori Slammers, Danny's eyes widened when she saw her friends breasts hard pressed and engorged in her top. She swore if she looked hard enough she was able to see her nipples poking through her shirt slightly. Laurie looked up at her with a sloppy smile. 

"Is that for me?" she asked. 

Danny tore her eyes away from Laurie's boobs. "Uh...sure. Here" she said, handing her one of each of the drinks in her hands. Silently Danny thought she would need to get some more drinks into her to quench the warmth stirring between her legs. 

Two more rounds in and Laurie was well and truly smashed. Danny continued to try and concentrate on the men, but couldn't help but look to the second button beginning to strain between Laurie's melons. Suddenly the lights on the stage flashed and four of the men disappeared. The two men left tore at their pants and shirts until they were very quickly standing in front of the audience in nothing but their g-strings. The women screamed as the crowd all realised together that these were the strippers. 

Quickly the men were running through the audience as the sound system blared 'Pony', rubbing and dancing against any woman in a position they could get to, and the ladies ate it up. The sexual tension in the air was palpable, and Danny thought more than one husband or boyfriend was going to get lucky tonight for being smart enough to bring their ladies here. Laurie and Danny turned to watch a grandma sitting at the table next to them slap one of the boys on the ass as he moved his crotch up and down her side. The act made them both laugh, Laurie's ample bosom rippling with movement. The stripper's head turned to look in their direction, even in the din he heard their laughter. His eyes zeroed in on Laurie's exposed cleavage and Danny saw a definite smile curl on his face. 

Leaving the grandma, the stripper took two fast strides on his rippling legs and swung himself over Laurie's chair, effectively pinning the sides of her legs with his own while her thighs stayed a few inches apart. In time with the chorus, the stripper rubbed his crotch hard against Laurie's, body bent over with his chest in her face, flexing thick arm muscles on either side of her head as strong fingers gripping the headrest. Laurie bit her lip smiling, a little uncertain, but clearly enjoying having a hot, nearly naked man on top of her. Danny had to admit to herself she could feel herself getting wet watching her friend get mauled by this hot stranger. The hot stranger it seemed had also seen the bulging material pulling around the buttons of Laurie's top. In a flurry of hands, the stripper had his fingers between the remaining few buttons and popped them open right down to the seam that ended at the bottom of her bra . Free, her bosom spilled forward, the portion above her bra line bouncing heavily. Before Laurie could even looked shocked, the male stripper had his face between her breasts, motorboating her forcefully as the sides of her top flapping limply against the sides of his face. Laurie's eyes bugled and Danny felt a gasp catch in chest as they both sat frozen, watching the stripper beat his face back and forth on Laurie's soft flesh. 

His time with Laurie was over as the music changed, and as a parting gesture, the stripper planted his tongue at the base of her tits and licked the entire way up her cleavage, up her throat and to the top of her chin. Smiling, he kissed her on her open lips before jumping up and moving onto the next woman. Laurie sat, still immobile. She was red in the face and breathing heavily, chest heaving and bouncing with the new freedom of movement. She caught Danny's eye and started to giggle. Danny laughed with her, but as Laurie looked back to watch the final number, Danny was stuck looking at Laurie's huge nipples forcing their way through her shirt. She hadn't moved from when the stripper was on top of her so she could see the outline of the mound, engorged and plump. Danny bit her lip, feeling her own nipples reacting to the sight. 

The song and strip show finished, and after two more group ballads, the show ended with a bow and two encores. The Hollywood Bar emptied quickly soon after, but not before Eddie gave the girls another drink each and Danny a hug goodnight so he could go over the books. Not long after, Laurie and Danny stumbled out onto the street holding each other for support and made their way haphazardly back towards their hotel. 

Two blocks back and Danny saw a neon sign on a small business that gave her a fluttery feeling in her chest and a warmth between her legs. 

"Laur- hey Laurie, let's go in there" she slurred. 

Laurie squinted to look at the sign. 

"Nono, that's a booby strip club, we want the other kind of one." 

Danny took Laurie's hand and tried to pull her friend toward the door. "Come on, let's go. I wanna get a lady to put her titties in my face." 

"Nnooo, I want to go back. I'm tired and I want to get out of these clothes. Come on, please?" 

Danny was grumpy, but relented. As they walked, Danny's eye was drawn back to Laurie's boobs as they bounced and jiggled with each step. Laurie hadn't rebuttoned , so her mountainous chest was on display for her friend, nipples still visible through two layers of clothing. The warmth between Danny's legs began to prickle with pressure. Horniness and alcohol began to erode her better judgement. 


Finally Laurie and Danny made their way back into the foyer of their hotel. Danny squinted hard under the bright lights, looking about the lobby and spied an ATM in the corner. 

"Hey Laurie, can you get some money out for tomorrow? I know this place in city that does amazing pedicures I want to take you to, but it's cash only, you know?" she said to Laurie. 

"Yeah, sure. I trust you," Laurie slurred. She walked over to the machine while Danny looked toward the bar in the adjoining room. 

Laurie put her card into the machine and punched in her pin with an uncertain hand. The machine whirred to life, and spat Laurie's money out. Turning around, she couldn't find Danny anywhere in the lobby. 

"Dan-Danny?" she called around herself. 

A tinkle of laughter came from the next room that Laurie could have sworn was her friend. She walked into the adjoining bar room to find Danny turning away from the bar top, stemware in both hands. 

"Heeyyy, there you are. I got us more drinks!" she said handing a glass to Laurie. 

"Danny, I just want to go up to the room," Laurie whined. She sniffed her glass. "What is this?" 

"Champagne. Expensive champagne" she added as Laurie moved to put it back down on the bar top. "I've got that old guy behind me on the hook. Come on, let's go while the going's good." 

Laurie looked over Danny's shoulder to the balding overweight man grinning like an idiot behind her and back to the contents of the glass before eyeing her friend uncertainly. "I don't know..." 

Danny put her hand on Laurie's shoulder. "Tell you what, let's make a bet. If I can get a bottle of this stuff out of him in...oh, ten minutes, we'll go back upstairs. If not, well, we'll still go. What do you say?" 

Laurie smiled. "Ten minutes?" 

"Ten minutes." 

Seven minutes later, the girls were pressing the elevator button for their floor, each with a champagne glass in one hand and a bottle in the other. 

"How did that happen?" asked Laurie. 

Danny smiled. "He thinks he's looking for an open door to our room in ten minutes to watch us do things to each other." 

Laurie giggled. "And where is he going?" 

"If I remembered it right I gave him directions to the laundry room." 

They laughed hard as they exited the lift and found their room. Before Laurie could think anything else, Danny's squeal pierced her ears. 

"The hot tub! Laurie, we need to get in it, right now!" 

Laurie looked at it, blinking slowly. "Now?" she said. 

"Yeah, right now! Hang on I'll get your suit." 

Danny ran into her room and moments later a shopping bag flew out at Laurie. 

"Put it on and I'll get the jets on!" Danny called out. 

Bemused, Laurie simply turned to her room and did as her friend told her. Danny stepped out her bedroom in a light creamy coloured one piece with a plunging bust line. She walked quickly over to the tub, stepped in and, taking a moment to work out the control panel, had the jets burbling. Slowly Danny sank into the hot water and let out a sigh of relief as the heat began to loosen her muscles. Danny looked at Laurie's closed door. 

"Are you ready yet?" she called out. 

"Uh...yeah..." came Laurie's hesitant reply. 

"Well come on then, get out here!" 

There was a long silence from Laurie's room. Finally, the door cracked opened, and Laurie walked out, arms covering her body. 

Danny giggled. "Come on Laur, show me." 

Though uncomfortable, Laurie relented at the urging of her friend, and slowly removed her arms to her sides. Danny had bought Laurie a red two piece bikini with a pair of high waisted bottoms and a top with a scooped neckline that probably would have been a size too big for her before having Angus. Now, her milk engorged bust bulged above the stretchy material. The support in the bottom of the bikini top pushed them up and together, creating a thick valley of cleavage. Even Laurie shifting her bodyweight from side to side caused her breasts to jiggle and bubble as they settled again. 

The overall effect caused Danny to let out an excited breath before she composed herself. 

"It looks great hon!" she exclaimed. 

"It doesn't fit me at all," Laurie whined. "Look!" She bounced up and down on her heels and making her breasts bounce. 

Danny face reddened. "Come on, get in the tub already." 

Self-consciously, Laurie stepped over to the hot tub, tugging at bathing suit to make sure it stayed in place as she did, turned around, and lowered herself into the water. Danny had a full frontal view of Laurie's ass eating her bikini bottoms as she did. Laurie sat, sighing as the heat of the water made her skin tingle. The bottoms of her breasts sat about an inch under the waterline, causing them to bob in her top every so often when the burbling water leapt up and swayed them. 

Danny smiled and handed Laurie a glass of champagne. 

The two girls plied through one bottle and half of the other as they giggled and relaxed into the hot water. Feeling warm and floaty headed, Danny looked at Laurie with mischievous eyes. 

"So, how hot was that stripper that jumped on you tonight hey?" she asked. 

"What!?" laughed Laurie. 

"Come on, he was an absolute hottie. And what he did to your titties..." Danny trailed off before pantomiming herself motorboating a pair of breasts loudly. 

Laurie laughed hard as her face coloured in embarrassment, and arousal, at the memory of it. Her nipples hardened visibly under her bikini top. The movement of the water and hardening of her nipples moved Laurie's top enough that a touch of areola was now peeking out. Danny looked on hungrily. 

Laurie caught Danny's gaze and looked down her chest. She poked at her chest frowning. Blue spiderwebby veins were beginning to become prominent on her skin. 

"Umm...I think I'm full" she said finally. 

"What?" Danny replied uncomprehending. 

"Milk, my boobs are full of milk. Look." Laurie poked her boob. The skin she pressed into barely indented, and immediately regained its shape when she took it away. "It's weird though, I should be able to feel it." 

"What do you mean?" asked Danny. 

"Like when they're full like this they get, well, heavy. And painful." 

Danny's focus didn't leave Laurie's assets. "So like, how much heavier do they get?" she asked. 

"I don't know," Laurie answered distractedly. Her nipples started to lose some of their size as her arousal began to fade. "Angus feeds five or six times a day, plus I pump a bit more than that. If we miss a feeding or Steve isn't around to nurse from me, they get full and heavy really quick, like I'm wearing a ten pound chain around my neck or something." 

Danny looked at her curiously. "Did you just say Steve drinks your milk?" 

Laurie blushed, and her softening nipples plumped up again fast. "Um...yeah?" she giggled. 

"Jesus Christ. Isn't that a bit weird?," exclaimed Danny. "How long has it been going on?" 

"Um, geez... he gave me and Angus space for a while as we settled into being a family but...not too long after that, I guess. Like maybe a couple of months? Then he was nursing from me maybe once or twice every day or two when he knew Angus was fed or asleep." 

"Wow" was all Danny could say. 

"And... no, it's not weird, not for us anyway. He's...into it, and I've really come like it. It feels good, and it's sort of a bit of bonding for us too. It's like nothing else we've done before." 

Danny floated, looking out at the city as she digested the information for a moment. 

"So it makes you...feel good?" she asked with a smirk. 

Laurie giggled again. "Yeah? Like I don't know how to put it. With Angus it's a natural thing, like it's nurturing in a life giving sort of way. But with Steve... it's totally different, like it's sweet and comforting, but the strength and size of Steve's lips, and the feeling of him seriously pulling the milk out of me, it' different. It makes me so hot, and kind of makes me feel powerful too, I guess." 

"Wow" Danny repeated. Her head was reeling and, though she was a little ashamed of her reaction, her pussy was pounding at her thought of her friends breasts. She had been teasing and tormenting herself with them all night, playing with the idea of going forward and then berating herself for having such thoughts. Finally, alcohol and arousal had eroded the voice of reason in Danny's mind enough that she was about to try something that could change their friendship, for better or worse. 

"Um, Laurie, I don't know if I stepping over a line here or anything but, do you think I could touch your boobs?" she stammered. 

"Huh?" said Laurie frowning. 

"Just, I don't know how heavy milk makes boobs and you've got me a bit curious" she replied, thinking quickly. 

"Uh...well...sure, I guess" answered Laurie. In their current engorged state, Laurie was a little worried they might hurt under Danny's hand, or worse, she might shoot milk at Danny if she put pressure on her breast. But in her inebriated state she thought less of it than her sober self would, and besides which, thinking of the stripper all over her, and Steve nursing on her breasts, was making the pressure of fullness she was now aware of begin to feel arousing rather than uncomfortable. 

Heart pounding in her chest and skin tingling, Danny moved through the water so she was in front of her friend, standing where the centre of the tub dropped down. Laurie's ankle floated in between Danny's knees as she bent over and came in close. Laurie's breasts bobbed with the water, thick nipples sitting inches from her face. Danny hesitated. 

"Come on Dan, they're just boobs," Laurie giggled. She sounded a bit distant and breathy to Danny's ear. "You've got a pair too." 

Danny was suddenly dwarfed by the situation and bit her lip in uncertainty. Laurie smiled and grabbed Danny by the wrists and thrust her hands onto her breasts, cupping her areoles in her palms. 

"See? Not going to bite." 

Danny felt hot from her ears to her finger tips as her pussy suddenly tensed in arousal. Unmoving, moments passed as she stood there frozen with Laurie's near melon sized breasts in hand. 

Laurie looked for any animation on her friend's face. "So..." she said. 

"Um..." started Danny, "Well, yeah, I mean...they're a lot heavier than mine...but they're bigger too, so it's not that surprising I guess." 

Laurie laughed. "Yours are still really nice honey." 

"I mean sure, but look." Danny squeezed Laurie's boobs slightly and shook the handfuls she had, causing the twin masses to jiggle firmly. "You can't do that with what I've got." 

Laurie didn't really hear her friend's quip. Her eyes were closed and she was holding a moan in her throat. Her fat nipples had popped in between Danny's fingers, and her squeezing and jiggling had pinched them between her knuckles, sending shocks and ribbons of pleasure from them through Laurie's chest and down to her clitoris. Sober she would have been embarrassed beyond belief, but right now she had a massive drunken horniness coming on, and was enjoying every moment of it. 

Danny hadn't noticed Laurie's reaction, rather she too was in her own world, enraptured in Laurie's soft flesh. 

"I mean...Jesus" she said to herself. Again, she squeezed Laurie's breasts, a little harder than the first time, and shook them harder. Laurie smiled in pleasure as the action made her pussy convulse. 

Unwittingly in her second grab, Danny had managed to grab at more of Laurie's top than her flesh. So, in the more violet shake than one she had made previously, Laurie's entire right breast flopped out of the cup of her bikini and bounced in front Danny's face. Laurie's eyes snapped open in surprise as Danny's widened in horror. 

'Oh God' she thought. 

The two of them sat frozen in the moment, not sure what to do. Laurie broke the tension as she started to laugh. 

"Well, there you go" she said, her free breast bouncing as she laughed. 

Danny sighed in relief and gave a breathy laugh too, the tension beginning to dissipate. 

"Haha...oh...," Laurie said abruptly. Following Laurie's eye line, Danny looked to Laurie's exposed nipple, and saw a bubble of white liquid welling up upon it, before beginning to drip slowly into the warm water. 

"Well...I did say I was full..." said Laurie quietly. 

Danny stood transfixed on the droplets forming and falling from Laurie's breast. She could feel the hand still clasping Laurie's other boob starting to shake. 

Another drop formed, and Danny licked her lips. 

"Laur..." started Danny. 

Laurie looked her friend in the eye, and could see the unasked question wavering in the air between them. She didn't say anything. She simply smiled, and nodded. 

Taking her hand off of her friend, Danny cupped it under Laurie's leaking breast and slowly the dripping milk pooled in her hand enough for Danny to take a small mouthful. Putting her lips to her palm, Danny sucked the warm fluid, allowing it to run over her tongue and down her throat. 

She smacked her lips. "Oh wow, Laurie, that is so good!" she exclaimed. 

Danny put her hand back under Laurie's breast as the pressure behind the dripping turned it into a thin stream. Quickly Danny's palm was full again and she slurped it up greedily. Laurie smiled dreamily as she watched her friend enjoying her breast milk. There was something erotic about feeding her friend with her own body that was swelling the arousal Danny's groping had begun. 

Danny's own arousal spurred her to put her hand and face closer to Laurie in anticipation of another mouthful. A hot hard breath escaped from Danny as she waited for the stream to fill her hand. When Danny's air made contact with Laurie's excited nipple, the excited flesh spasmed, causing a thick squirt of milk to shoot from it and into Danny's open mouth. Her eyes widened as the milk hit the back of her throat, and she began to splutter. 

Laurie looked on into excited disbelief as Danny choked, quickly losing she shocked look on her face as it turned to unadulterated lust, Laurie's breast wobbling at her eye line, teasing her. Should she? 

A fat bead interrupted the steady stream of fluid as it forced its way out of Laurie. 

"Fuck it" thought Danny. Deliberately, Danny lunged at Laurie's breast mouth first, latch to her nipple, and began to suck forcibly. 

She was rewarded with a strong jet of milk flooding her mouth the moment she applied suction. Laurie breathed sharply in surprise, but made no attempt to stop Danny or pull away, as the feeling of Danny at her breast sent throbs of pleasure throughout her body. Choosing to enjoy the moment, Laurie leaned back in the tub and put an arm around Danny, drawing her face harder into her flesh. Danny used the roof of her mouth and her tongue to draw out Laurie's milk, though it really needed little coaxing. Laurie's over engorged breasts were full to bursting and even the small suction of Danny's mouth was enough to flood it so that she needed to swallow every three or four sucks. Laurie purred contentedly, using her spare hand to massage her other breast. Milk flowed slowly from this one as well when Laurie put enough pressure on it or squeezed her nipple. 

Danny was verging on euphoria. Her pussy throbbed urgently with the need to orgasm as her intoxication and arousal egged her on. Feeling Laurie's leg still between hers, Danny pushed down on it with her pelvis, and began to grind her clit in small circles on Laurie's knee. Laurie was surprised at Danny's boldness, even more so when moments later she felt Danny's index and pointer fingers bump against her pubic mound. The second time they touched her, they found the edge of the material of her bikini bottoms, pulled them aside, and with the smallest of hesitations, plunged into Laurie's hot swollen pussy. 

Laurie inhaled sharply as Danny moved her two main digits in a curling movement, finding her G-Spot quickly and rubbing her soft inner flesh firmly, slowly at first but faster as she found her rhythm. 

"Oh my god, she's going to make me cum!" she thought. Excited and orgasm building, Laurie began to thrust in time with Danny's fingers, feeling a thick pressure inside herself starting to clamp down on them. Danny rubbed herself against Laurie faster, her sucking more erratic and her breathing becoming laboured as her own pleasure mounted. Milk flowed quickly from Laurie's breast, and what spilled from the sides of Danny's mouth flowed freely down both women and into the water. 

Alcohol made short work of both girls as suddenly Laurie cried out, feeling her insides freeze in ecstasy before throbbing in fast hot pleasure, as her orgasm coated Danny's fingers with her juices. Milk pulsed into her top from one breast, while the other sprayed streams of milk into Danny's mouth in time with her heartbeat. Danny thrust hard into Laurie's thigh before screaming into her titflesh, jamming her fingers further into Laurie as she experienced a leg shaking orgasm of her own. 

Orgasms subsiding, both girls fell limp into each other as they panted, spent. Suddenly, the reality of what had just happened fell upon them. Neither moved or said anything, Danny's cheek pressed into Laurie's bare breast, both feeling a creeping embarrassment now their lust was sated. Moments passed with no sound made except for the burbling of the water jets. 

Gingerly, Laurie put a hand to Danny's and slowly pulled her fingers out of her vagina, and gently lifted her head to replace her top. They looked in each other's eyes for something to say, but nothing came. 

Finally breaking eye contact, Danny stood up in the hot tub and pressed the button to cancel the jets. She stepped out, not turning to acknowledge her friend, and walked straight to her room, shutting the door quickly behind her. 

Laurie sighed and fell further into the hot tub, still occasionally feeling a small pulse of pleasure from her fading orgasm. 

"What the hell just happened?" 


Laurie quickly dowsed herself in the shower, towel dried her body and hair and threw a thin shirt and underwear, sinking into the bed as she thought. 

Certainly this side of the experience she felt guilty. She had cheated on her husband with no less than the girlfriend of his best friend. At the time was amazing, but now she regretted it happening. How could she tell Steve? 

...And yet...she had to admit to herself it was the most exciting thing that had happened to her in ages, since...the incident with Jensen at least. And, Laurie thought, Steve had given her permission after that to have experiences with other people if she felt she needed to. Still, she couldn't help but feel this was a different set of circumstances to what they had discussed. Honestly didn't know what to do. 

"Sleep on it." 

With that thought her head sunk into the pillow and she drifted off to sleep. 



Laurie woke with a start. She looked around herself but found that she was still in bed in the hotel room. The illuminated green numbers of the bedside told her she had only being asleep a few hours. Frowning, she remembered the sensation of pain that woke her. Gingerly, she pressed up and down herself checking for bruises or cuts sustained while inebriated that she was only feeling now she was relatively sober. 

Finding none, Laurie decided she had dreamed it, and rolled over to go back to sleep. Pain shot through her chest again as her bodyweight pressed it into the mattress. Sitting bolt up, she tentatively pressed her skin, and realised what was happening. While in the hot tub Danny had drawn out much of the milk in her right breast, however her left one had for the most part only lost what Laurie herself had expressed with her hand. What had left it was now replenished, and causing her mild pain at even a soft touch. 

Sighing, she got out of bed and went into her bag to get her breast pump out. Placing it to herself, Laurie flicked the switch to turn the breast pump on, but the suction didn't start. Looking to the control, she clicked it back and forth, but still nothing. The batteries were flat, and realising that she also remembered that she hadn't brought the wall adapter with her. 

"Jesus Christ". 

Sleepily, Laurie shuffled over to the bathroom between her and Danny's rooms. She tried to hand express into the sink but had little success, as the soreness of her engorgement stopped her from being able to press too hard into her soft flesh without experiencing uncomfortable numbing pain. Her skin began to rise in colour from the repeated motions. What was she going to do? 

From the next room, Laurie heard Danny moan in her sleep. She stared at the wall between them. 

She couldn't. Not with how they left things in the hot tub. They had let things go too far and neither of them had stopped it, or even tried. How they would explain things to Steve and Alex, Laurie couldn't imagine, but she knew she couldn't make things worse by putting them in that exact position again. And yet...she really did need help, otherwise she would stay in pain. Possibly it could become a bigger problem if she got mastitis or something. 

And, if she was being honest with herself, she couldn't pretend that she didn't enjoy what she had experienced before. Certainly, it had taken her by surprise. She had never thought about doing something like that with another woman in her entire life, but the thought of it happening again was making a fluttery sensation dance in her tummy. And as for the boys, well, Steve had told her in the past she had his permission to have experiences outside of their relationship if she wanted them. Maybe it was a different experience to the one he thought she would have, but she thought Steve would be okay with it. 

Taking a steadying breath, Laurie quietly opened the door opposite the one that led to her room, and entered Danny's. She tiptoed over to her sleeping form. Laurie saw she had gone to sleep wearing much the same as she had on herself, except that she had a black lace thong on instead of comfortable cotton like Laurie did. 

"Trust her," thought Laurie. "How can she sleep in that?" 

Danny had tossed about in her sleep, blankets were skewed over most of her body, her butt stuck out from under the covers, while her arms wrapped around her pillow sideways. 

Laurie shook Danny's shoulder gently. "Danny?" she called softly. 

Danny growled in her sleep and screwed up her face before relaxing it again and letting out a healthy snore. Laurie shook her again and called her name a little louder. 

Danny opened her eyes thickly and peered about her until she saw Laurie's figure standing over her. 

"Laurie? What's wrong, what's going on?" she asked groggily. 

Laurie sat down on the edge of the bed. "Danny, I have a problem. I need your help." 


"I'm-I'm full again on one side. I' a lot in pain and I need to express, but my pump isn't working. So...I was wondering if you me out." 

Danny frowned as she tried to process Laurie's voice. "Are you..." She suddenly understood. "...But...the hot tub-" 

"Don't worry about the hot tub," said Laurie quickly. "I need your help right now, okay?" 

"You can't- you can't use your hands or anything?" Danny asked tentatively. 

"Already tried. My boob is too sore to be touched like that" Laurie replied. She pulled down the neck of her top to expose her reddened skin to Danny. 

Danny stared at Laurie's breast. She looked from it to Laurie's eyes. "Are you sure?" 

Laurie took her hand away from her top. "If Steve or Angus was here I wouldn't have to ask. You're the only one here I can ask. I trust to do it Danny. Please." 

She didn't answer at first, measuring the silence between them as she weighed her mind. Finally, blowing out a resigned breath, Danny nodded. 

"What do you need me to do?" she asked Laurie. 

Laurie moved from the side of the bed and into a cross legged position at the top of the bed. She motioned for Danny to join her, and laid her friend across her thighs, face squarely in front of Laurie's engorged breast. With small movements, Laurie put her elbows up and gripped her shirt from the back, pulling it off her body. Danny stared at the dauntingly large breast, nipple bouncing slightly between her eyes. She looked again to Laurie, asking with her eyes if she really wanted her to do this. Her breath on Laurie nipple began to excite it, plumping slightly and letting just a trickle of milk fall from it. Laurie gave her a small smile back, and nodded. Letting go of a hot breath and closing her eyes, Danny pushed Laurie's nipple and areolae into her mouth. 

With her tongue and the top of her mouth, Danny used the same technique she had before and rolled Laurie's nipple back and forth, massaging the soft flesh to tease her milk to come forth. She careful not to push too hard into her flesh or pull on her nipple, having seen how hard and red Laurie's skin was from her attempt to hand express. She felt Laurie's nipple begin to expand as more blood flowed into it, and felt it draw further into her mouth. Finally, the taste of milk on her tongue increased, and Laurie's milk started to flow into it in earnest. Laurie sighed in relief as she began to feel the soreness in her chest dissipate. 

Flexing her tongue back and forth, every motion brought more milk into Danny's mouth. Every three or four strokes of her tongue brought enough for her to swallow. Finally properly awake, Danny opened her eyes to look up at her friend. Laurie purred contentedly as the relief she felt was beginning to stir arousal between her thighs. Danny correctly identified her friend's expression to her own rising excitement, as the act between them was beginning to make her own nipples harden and her pussy moist. Impishly, after taking her next swallow, Danny ran her tongue down the length of Laurie's nipple and flicked at the tip of the nub in her mouth. The sensation elicited a gasp from Laurie as she felt a shiver run from her chest to the pit of her stomach. She looked down at Danny with a knowing smile, and contentedly closed her eyes, gently pushing her face harder into her breast. Danny took it for approval, and did it again. Shifting in Laurie's lap, she spread her legs, as the heat between them and the pressure her thighs put on it was becoming a distraction. 

Laurie opened her eyes slightly at Danny's shifting weight in her lap and saw her opening her legs. She guessed at the reason, and was proven correct when she saw Danny instinctively begin to hump the air slightly. Laurie bit her lip at the sight, teasing herself to do something she'd never thought she would do. Guilty as she might have felt before, Laurie was in the moment, and horny. Watching Danny's closed eyes as she sucked on Laurie's rapidly deflating breast, Laurie took her two main fingers, and softly pushed them under Danny's lace underwear. Danny had no idea what her friend was doing until Laurie had her fingers pressed firmly against Danny's engorged clitoris and began to stroke. 

Danny broke away from Laurie's breast with a gasp. She looked at Laurie in shock as she rounded Danny's engorged nub with purpose, again, and again. All the while milk spilt from Laurie's breast, down her exposed stomach and onto Danny's sheets. Laurie smiled at Danny's wide eyed expression, and with a tip of her chin motioned for her to continue to suck before they made more of a mess. 

Back to sucking Laurie's milk, minutes passed as they stayed in this position. Danny felt waves of pleasure pulse through her abdomen, fluttery and slow at first before becoming stronger and faster, as Laurie's fingers continued their course around and over her clitoris, occasionally using her index finger to strike it quickly with a heavy flick. Laurie's milk seemed to be flowing from her quickly, and the suddenly softness of Laurie's flesh under Danny's cheek told her it would be quickly drained. Deciding to enjoy the moment, she closed her eyes and sucked the remaining milk from her friend, as she felt her vaginal walls begin to tighten and press hard on each other, a sure precursor she was about to cum. She flexed her hips against Laurie's fingers to milk every bit of pleasure from her touch. 

Laurie took Danny's movement to mean she was close to her orgasm. Wanting to get her there, Laurie gyrated her fingers faster, pressing deeply and rubbing the surrounding flesh as well in wider circles as well as her clit. Danny's chest heaved as she felt her orgasm rushing to break. Her moans turned into screams, muffled by Laurie's titflesh, as she bucked hard and pulled as much of Laurie's nipple and areola into her mouth as she could. Fingers working at a blurring speed, Laurie reached her other hand behind Danny's head and held it softly against her body. 

"Come on Danny, cum for me" she whispered. 

It was enough to put Danny over the edge. She screamed into Laurie's chest and her pelvis thrust back and forth out of Laurie's lap as the pressure in her vagina loosed in hot quick pulses of ecstasy, cumming all over Laurie's hand. Laurie watched on proud of her handiwork, as her friend rode through the waves of orgasm, all the while her mouth still filling with the last of Laurie's milk, seemingly unable to unlatch while climaxing. 

Finally after long moments, Danny's broken moans became a deep sigh and she slumped into Laurie's waiting legs, spent. Her mouth let go of Laurie's breast with an audible pop, breathing raggedly as she tried to slow her heartbeat with deeper laboured breaths. 

"Wow" was all she said when her breathing had nearly returned to normal. 

Laurie giggled. "You welcome. Well, thanks Dan. I..." she started. She looked back to the door she came through, wondering if she should leave before it started to get awkward again. As well as that, what she had done to Danny had left her incredibly aroused herself, and she was thinking about darting back to bed to rub one out as quickly as she was able. 

"Laur, wait, you think that, I could- could do something to say thanks?" she asked quickly. 

"You thank me?," Laurie repeated surprised. "I... well, uh, what did you have in mind?" 

Despite being red from her orgasm, more colour appeared on Danny's face as an excited gleam entered her eye. 

"Just lay back, okay?" 

Bemused, Laurie did as she was asked and lay back so that she was looking at the dark ceiling of Danny's bedroom. From her perspective she couldn't see Danny, only hear the shuffling of sheets as they hit the ground, and feel movement on the mattress as Danny got up, and then got back down on it somewhere else. 

"What is she doing?" Laurie thought. 

Suddenly, Laurie felt a pair of small hands tugging on her underwear. Pushing her head as far forward as she could, Laurie saw Danny's face looking eagerly at her own. Feeling excited and nervousness in her stomach, Laurie lifted her bottom and allowed Danny to take her underwear off. Now completely nude, Laurie laid her head back down and waited. She had an idea of what was coming, but she was uncertain. Her uncertainty was abated when Laurie felt a warm, firm push of flesh against her clitoris. 

Laurie gasped as Danny applied pressure to her, swirling and pressing her tongue into Laurie's nub at irregular intervals. Steve ate her out, but his tongue was larger than Danny's, and he used it in a stronger, decisive strokes. Danny's tongue however was softer, it's movements more testing and probing, seeing where to stimulate Laurie for the most pleasure. Laurie sighed as Danny wound her arms around Laurie's thighs and pressed her face further into her friend's snatch. A delicious buzz began to work its way through her midsection in response to Danny's licks. Laurie closed her eyes and unconsciously, she wound her fingers into Danny's wild hair on the back of her head and pushed it back and forth in a rhythm that turned the buzz into thickening waves. Danny gasped for air on the next relax of Laurie's grip on her head, but made no attempt to stop her from holding her in position, seeming to enjoy being made to submit to her friend. 

Growing waves of pleasure suddenly started to escalate without falling away, and Laurie realised she was close to cumming. She was surprised, while Steve could always make her cum from oral sex it normally took him time to get her off. This was much sooner than she was used to, Danny's carefully soft, probing technique seeming to stimulate her faster than Steve's powerful tongue. 

Being gasps, Laurie warned her friend. "Danny, careful, I'm about to cum!" 

The only notice of Laurie's words to Danny was that she buried her face harder into her throbbing pussy, and licked and flicked her sensitive flesh faster, if not harder. Laurie couldn't stand the added stimulation, and mounting, uncomfortable pressure hit it's ceiling, and broke. 

Laurie screamed as Danny tongue fell from her clitoris and slipped between her flexing vaginal walls, flicking it up and down furiously inside her. Laurie came hard, squirting hot fluid into her friend's mouth. Laurie arched off the bed as her orgasm pounded through her, her voice catching in her throat. Danny came away from Laurie's pussy, and Laurie collapsed into the bed, vaginal walls still pulsing with pleasure. Opening bleary eyes, she looked at Danny. Danny looked back to her smiling, chin covered in Laurie's hot juices. 

Danny crawled up the bed and into Laurie's waiting arms. They stayed spooning together for some time, both nearly falling asleep from exhaustion more than once. 

It was Laurie that broke the silence. " that the first time you've been with a girl?" she asked. 

"No. I had a roommate in college I slept with a few times. She showed me how to use my tongue properly. And me and Alex have had a girl in bed with us twice," she answered. "Was it yours?" 

"I've never been interested in girls before. That...I don't know, I got caught up in the moment in the hot tub I guess? This time though I wanted to do it because I was getting turned on with you at my breast. I don't know, does that make me bisexual?" 

"I don't know, probably not? I meant it sounds like when you have an adult feed from you it's pleasurable for you, maybe that all it is. Like, when you watch porn, are you watching the guy or the girl?" 

"Well, the guy, but if the girl is hot enough, I'm not going to lie, I like having a bit of a look." 

"Okay, so you're like straight, but with some exceptions? That sounds okay to me." 

Laurie made a sound of agreement in her throat. "I don't know. Maybe I'm just a little attracted to you" she smiled, and kissed the back of Danny's head. They were quiet a moment before Laurie asked her friend more questions. "So, have you been attracted to me before now?" 

Danny giggled. "You're a good looking woman Laur. Yes, but I don't think I would have ever acted on it without the help of Mr. Alcohol. Cat's out of the bag now." 

Laurie smiled. "So if you like guys and girls, why did you pick Alex instead of a girl?" 

"I guess you could put it like, I like the hotdog more than the bun? I don't know, it appeals to me more. Plus Alex likes it if we have a bit of MFF action sometimes." 

Laurie suddenly became worried. "I don't know what Steve is going to think about this." 

"We can work in out in the morning honey." 

That comforted Laurie, knowing Danny would be there to work it out with. "So what are we going to go tomorrow?" 

"Well first we're going to sleep in until well after sunrise. Then we're going to shower, ransack the breakfast bar, then go get our nails done and shop until we don't have any money left. Then you can go see your baby boy and wait for your husband to come home." 

"Sounds like a good day," said Laurie. She paused, and then added, "Was that a shower together?" 

Danny smirked. "I figured that was implied." 

"Trust you" said Laurie matching her smiled. She kissed Danny, tasting herself on her lips. "Goodnight Danny." 

They fell asleep in each other's arms within moments of settling the sheets over themselves. 


On a beach nearly a hundred miles from the girls, Steve and Alex were still in their chairs. The whiskey bottle was empty, the bucket full of fish, and they both had drunk grins on their faces, watching phosphorous sparkle in the curling waves. 

"Do you think the girls had a good time at their strip pop show?" Alex slurred. 

"Reckon they did," answered Steve, just as full of good spirit. "Whatever would have happened tonight, I reckon those two probably had a real good time with each other."

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