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Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part Two: Stepfather and Step Grandfather

My name is Abigail, and in Part One of my story I explained how my husband Ed and I were thirty years old and owned a farm. We were in financial trouble due to a bad year for our crops. An old friend of my stepfather Franklin and our family, named Big Jim, was a major political player in the county, and he had been trying to get Ed to run for State Representative. His stepdaughter Kimberly and I were good friends in high school too. When Jim found out that we needed help and that I was also breast feeding our six month old son, he offered to help finance Ed’s election. The Representative pay wasn’t much, but would help, and he also offered to buy my breast milk if he could suck it directly from my breasts.

Ed is a veteran and decorated war hero who was rendered almost completely impotent in a farm accident, and he was supportive of me providing the milk, and also having sex with Jim if that happened. The second time Jim nursed from me he fucked me with his ten inch long and very thick cock, and Ed was involved by cleaning my pussy with his mouth and also sucking Jim’s cock. Following that I was providing milk to and fucking several of Jim’s friends, and Jim finally got me pregnant. The men were paying six dollars per ounce for my breast milk and two hundred dollars to fuck me. They also paid fifty dollars for a blowjob, whether it was from Ed or me. Part One ended as I described how several men enjoyed drinking my milk and fucking me when I was visibly pregnant, especially knowing that Jim was the father.

I don’t mean to brag, but it is essential to the story for you to know that I was blessed with having a great body and beautiful hair, skin and face. I was even voted the autumn harvest queen during my senior year. I’m five feet and five inches tall and a voluptuous one hundred and twenty-five pounds. I developed nice full and firm D-cup breasts at the beginning of my junior year, and they are DDs now that I am nursing our son. My hair is naturally dishwater-blonde and I have jade-green eyes. People are always complimenting me on my appearance, and some say that I look a lot like the actress Jessica Biel, except for my substantially larger breasts.

Part Two

Big Jim and his friends continued sucking milk from my lactating breasts right up until the time the baby was born. They stopped fucking me about two weeks before the birth so they wouldn’t harm me or the baby with their big cocks. So Ed was sucking their cocks when he was home, and I also sucked them off.

Most of the men enjoyed being sucked off by Ed while they were already aroused and sucking my breasts and swallowing my milk. That feeling of sucking my big breasts and drinking my milk, coupled with the feeling of having their cocks and balls sucked at the same time, gave them tremendous orgasms that Ed sometimes chocked on. Ed loved their semen and sperm and swallowed it every chance he got.

I still had no intention of using birth control of any kind when I started fucking the men again. My risk of being impregnated again by those men gave Ed and me a perverse thrill, and in case there was another mistake, we wanted a big family anyway. We have known these men for years, and felt that the risk of catching any diseases was almost nonexistent. The men also knew that I was unprotected, since I had already had a baby with Jim. It was more exciting for them to fuck me bareback, and feel their cum shooting into my potentially-fertile womb.

After our daughter was born, Jim and I became closer and closer. He still paid me for the milk and to fuck me, but I didn’t really want his money anymore. He is the father of my child, and several of his friends were providing me with enough income anyway. My feelings towards him were complicated. He was a close friend to my stepfather Franklin, and I always saw Jim as almost a father figure. Kim and I spent so much time together, and Jim interacted with us a lot, and provided fatherly advice. Since we are now adults, Kim and I call our stepfathers by their first names most of the time.

Two months after the baby was born I was back into my old routine of feeding those men my milk and fucking them. Jim still drank my milk every day for his health, but most of the other men only wanted it a couple of times a week, just as an excuse to suck my tits. I was being fucked an average of six times a month by each of the five men, and many of them paid extra to be sucked off by Ed while they were draining my tits.

One day when Jim was over to just drink my milk, when Ed was away from home, he told me that he wanted to talk to me about something. He seemed a little nervous but then said, “Abi, I can’t even begin to describe how happy you’ve made me and my friends. And I think it is even more special that you are willing to be with men who are old enough to be your father, and you never make us uncomfortable around you. And it’s your stepfather that I want to talk about.”

I was becoming concerned that there was something wrong with Stepdad, and I said, “Come on Jim, don’t leave me hanging. Is there some problem with Franklin?”

Jim laughed and said, “No, no, Abi, I didn’t mean to scare you. Franklin’s just fine as far as I know. It’s just that…we…well…now don’t get mad at me for asking this, but when you are with me and my friends, do you ever think that it could also be your stepdad with you, since we are all about the same age?”

I knew Jim well enough to know that his stammering meant he was about to touch on a sensitive area, and I couldn’t imagine what my stepfather had to do with any of this. So I replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever considered that Jim. Why do you ask?”

He continued, “Please don’t ever repeat any of this Abi, especially to your mother. Well you see, it wasn’t just Harley who used to party with me. I think you know that your mother has been difficult for Franklin to live with for quite some time, and we used to go to the strip clubs together and even fucked other wives. He has a taste for younger women like I do, legal aged of course, and we did a lot of fucking around together.”

I felt my temperature rising and stopped him for a minute and said, “I know that Mom can be a bitch and she hasn’t been that nice to Franklin, but I had no idea that he was running around fucking those younger women. Why are you telling me this? What the hell does his pussy-hound behavior have to do with me?”

Jim could see that I was getting irritated and said, “Please just hear me out. I’ll get to the point soon enough. Franklin and I still meet for breakfast in town some mornings, just to catch up on things. The last time we met he was curious why I hadn’t planned in quite some time another outing to the strip club with him. I couldn’t very well tell him that I was getting all of the breast milk, pussy, and cock sucking that I wanted from his stepdaughter and son-in-law could I? I did tell him that I was getting regular sex from a young married woman. I’ll tell you more about that in a few minutes. So anyway, meeting with him got me to thinking about something.”

He paused for a moment and looked at me closely to see how I was handling this information. Then he continued, “Would you ever consider letting Franklin in on our milk sucking and fucking sessions? I happen to know that he is as well hung as I am, and he still has a taste for younger women.”

Now I was really getting pissed. What made Jim think he could ask me something as fucked up as that? I appreciated everything that Jim had done for me, though, so I tried to hold my temper saying, “Come on now Jim, what makes you think that I would ever consider having sex with my stepfather?

Jim thought for a minute and replied, “I’ve got something else to admit to you that might help explain my interest in this. By the time you and Kim were seniors in high school, my wife was almost impossible to live with. That’s why Franklin, Harley and I started fucking around with the strippers, and even some of the other wives in the county. Kim is a smart girl, as you know, and she saw that things weren’t good for me at home. She took my side, knowing that her mom was the culprit, and we became very close by the time she went away to college.”

He paused again, as if gaining strength to deliver the punch line, and said, “Now, Abi, please don’t judge me too harshly on what I’m about to tell you. Kim came home from school for a long weekend when she knew her mother would be out of town, just so she could spend some time alone with me. We started drinking and trying to console one another on what a bitch her mother is, and one thing led to another and we ended up fucking. After all, she’s my stepdaughter, and not my flesh and blood, just like your relationship with Franklin.”

“We still fuck whenever she comes back to town, and her husband David doesn’t suspect a thing. He’s got a little dick anyway, and she looks forward to fucking my big cock. It would nice if we could train him to clean us up like Ed does for you. You and Kim remind me so much of each other, and that’s probably why I wanted to drink your breast milk in the first place, hoping that it would lead to something more.”

I was stunned hearing that my best friend was fucking her stepfather. Then I calmed down when I remembered that not only was I fucking Jim too, but he was the father of my child. I really didn’t know what to say, so I just asked, “Tell me, Jim, what does all of that have to do with me?”

He replied, “Well, there is more. Franklin is one of my best friends, and I had him over one time when Kim was there, and he fucked her too. And he still gets in her pants when he can. So we have both fucked Kim, and I am fucking you, but he has no idea of what I’m doing with you. I feel so guilty when I’m around him, and would like to one day tell him the truth about us. I was hoping that if I could get you to fuck him, then I could bring this out into the open more easily. And quite frankly, it would be a turn on for me to watch him fuck you. He has no idea about any of this, but knowing his taste in younger women, I don’t think it would be hard to get him involved somehow.”

As disgusting as Jim’s proposal was, the idea of fucking my stepfather wasn’t as revolting as I thought it would be. He’s a fit man as many farmers are, and quite handsome. And thinking of him fucking Kim, the strippers, and those other wives, made him seem a little less of a fatherly figure and more of a sexy older man. But I was concerned about what else Jim told Dad at that breakfast and said, “It’s quite a shock hearing that my stepfather fucked my best friend, and I want to ask you more about that. First, though, what else did you tell him about the woman you were fucking? I hope that you didn’t give any hints that it was me.”

Jim smiled and said, “No, darlin’, I didn’t say anything about it being you. I did tell him about your big breasts and how sweet your milk is, and of course what a great fuck you are. He showed a lot of interest when I told him how we always fucked bareback, and that your husband cleans up after me and sucks my cock to completion on the days we don’t fuck. The best part was when I told him that I impregnated the woman and she had my baby. He really got excited hearing that.”

I was curious and asked, “What got Franklin so excited about that mystery woman being impregnated by you?”

Jim replied, “When Franklin and I fuck around with women, he refuses to wear condoms. He likes the feeling of his bare cock in a younger, tight pussy, and he likes to look down and see a cunt stretching, skin to skin, around his thick cock. But his favorite thing is to fill their pussies with his big loads of semen and sperm. He shoots an unusually large load of cum, and he likes to watch it oozing out of the women after he ejaculates into them. He even told me that the possibility of getting one of those women pregnant made it even more exciting and arousing for him to fuck them. He considers it to be her and her husband’s problem if she is going to whore around like that. So he really liked hearing that I not only got a woman pregnant, but that she had my baby.”

Just hearing Jim talk about Franklin’s big cock and huge cum loads was getting my pussy wet, but there was still something I had to know. So I said, “Jim, you know it’s one thing to fuck other women, but it’s a really big step for a stepfather to get his mind in a place where he would fuck his own stepdaughter. No offense to you, but that is really fucked up and aberrant behavior. So what do you know about Dad that would make you think he would want to fuck me?”

Jim thought for a minute and said, “I guess that I’m not sure that he would ever initiate it, but we did discuss it one time. The first time he came over and fucked Kim, we were sitting around and talking about it afterwards. Kim asked him if he had ever thought about fucking you. Franklin admitted that he always thought you two were so beautiful, but he never had any sexual thoughts about either of you until you both developed your big breasts at the beginning of your senior year. He said that after fucking Kim, he would sure like to fuck you too, but he knew that he could never be the one to initiate it, and couldn’t imagine a scenario where it would happen.”

Hearing everything Jim said about Franklin’s lust for younger women and his big cock, and how he liked to ejaculate into women, was making me horny as hell. So I said, “I know your weren’t planning on fucking me today Jim, but I’ve got to have your big cock in me. Come on, let’s go to the bedroom so I can give you a free one and you can fuck me hard.”

We went to my bedroom and quickly stripped naked, and got into bed. Jim lay on his back and I got on top of him in the sixty-nine position. He almost never sucks my pussy, mainly because of all of his friends that were fucking me. But I wanted to feel his mouth on my wet cunt while I sucked his cock to hardness. I enjoyed the feeling of his thick, ten inch cock in my mouth, and the feeling of his mouth on my labia, although he didn’t suck me nearly as eagerly as Ed does.

When he was fully hard, I got up, turned around, and impaled my pussy on his cock. After riding him that way for a few minutes, Jim must have wanted to take control, so he pulled me to his chest and rolled over on me, with his cock still in me. All of the conversation about me fucking my stepfather must have also excited him, because he was much more aggressive than usual in ramming his cock into my welcoming vagina. It usually takes him ten minutes or so to cum, but in only a few minutes, he held his big cock head against my cervix and flooded me with his big load of fuck slime.

We lay in bed afterwards, cuddling in the afterglow of our orgasms, and I brought up our previous discussion. I asked, “So Jim, if we assume for a minute that I did want to fuck Franklin, how could we make it happen? He already told you that he couldn’t initiate it, and I don’t feel comfortable bringing it up to him either.”

Jim thought for a minute while I fondled his soft, fuck-juice-covered cock and balls, and then he said, “Ooohhhh, that feels good, darlin’. Maybe we could meet over at my guest house, and you could wear one of the realistic, full-head masks that we have in storage for Kim. You might remember that one left over from her high school Halloween party, and I think it is Marilyn Monroe or some other old-time actress. I could tell him that you, the woman, are very shy and concerned about him knowing who you are. So you want to meet in a neutral place and be incognito the first time, until you determine if you want to continue seeing him.”

That was a great idea, but I wasn’t ready to commit to fucking Franklin just yet, so I said, “I wish Ed was here to clean up my pussy and your cock for us, but we can wipe off in the bathroom I guess…what a waste. I miss that he’s not here to clean up our fuck slop. Using your guest house and wearing the mask are good ideas Jim. I just need a day or so to think about whether I really want to do this, and I want Ed to be aware of it and approve as well.”

When Ed came home that night I told him all about my discussions with Jim, and he was excited about it. He always liked Franklin, and was looking forward to the day when my stepdad knew that it was me in the mask, and Ed could suck his cock and swallow his cum. We had plans to go to my parent’s home the next evening for dinner. I was looking forward to observing Franklin and how he reacts to me, now that I know so much about his sexual perversions and his previous comment to Jim that he wanted to fuck me.

I decided to have a little fun with him at dinner, so when we got there I carefully selected my seat at the table. I wore a tight blouse with the buttons partially undone, and sat where I would have to walk behind him to get to the kitchen. Mom was nice to Ed and me and our children, but was her usual surly self to my stepdad. I got up several times to squeeze by him to refill some side-dish bowls, and I made sure to rub my breasts against his back each time. I’d usually just say excuse me, but on the third time I said, “Sorry, Franklin, these things are so full of milk, and they are hard to contain.”

His neck looked flushed and I could tell that I was having an effect on him. He also stared at my cleavage when he thought no one was looking, and one time it looked like he reached down and adjusted his cock in his pants. After dinner, Mom was watching the babies in the family room, while Franklin, Ed and I sat around the dining room table talking. That’s when he said, “You know, Abi, I’m still astonished that you guys were able to get pregnant so quickly this second time. It seems like it took forever the first time. Did you do anything different?”

I decided to tease him a little with a vague response and innuendo and said, “We might have had a little different kind of help than before, but it was probably just a matter of timing and luck. You know, Big Jim was around the house a lot helping Ed on his campaign, and maybe that was enough to help make it happen.”

He looked confused and asked, “How could Jim have helped?”

I said, “With the stress we were having financially at the time, it was a big relief having Jim around to help with the campaign, knowing that if Ed won we’d have another source of income. And less stress is a good thing when trying to get pregnant.”

On the way home Ed scolded me for teasing Franklin with my Big Jim comment. He thought it was just a little too close to the truth, and risked making him suspicious. But Ed didn’t mind me teasing Franklin by rubbing my big tits on his back, and from where he was sitting he did see him adjust his cock a couple of times.

When Big Jim came over for his feeding of my breast milk the next day, we let him know that we wanted to go ahead with his plan to bring Franklin to the guest house. We also told him about how I teased Franklin. He thought that was funny, and he said he would talk to my father and try to set it up for the next day, since his wife was out of town. Jim planned to stay in the room and watch it happen, because he wanted to see Franklin fuck me. Ed was going to hide until he saw how things evolved.

The next day I took the kids over to my mother’s to babysit, with the excuse that Ed and I had some farm-related business to attend to in town, and it would take us at least two hours. Then Jim picked us up so we wouldn’t have our car at his place. I put on the mask and Ed got into the closet just before Franklin arrived, right on time at 1:00 pm. I was already sitting on the couch with my t-shirt off and braless, wearing only a short, loose skirt and no panties.

Our plan was that if I was not emotionally freaked out having my stepfather suck my breasts, then we would continue. And I would fuck him if I was feeling okay about going that far. If I still felt good about having sex with Franklin after our orgasms, then I would take off the mask, and Ed would come out of the closet to suck my pussy and his cock clean.

When my stepdad stepped into the room, and Jim introduced him to me as Franklin, he couldn’t take his eyes off of my milk-swollen breasts. They were hanging heavily and slowly shaking and swaying in front of me as I got up to shake his hand. Jim briefly explained the price for drinking my milk and for fucking if it went that far, and we sat on the couch.

It felt surreal when Franklin leaned across from the right side, preparing to suck my left tit, just like Jim and all the other men had done. He just stared at my breasts for a few seconds before he latched onto my nipple and areola and started sucking. I was overdue to be milked and had not had any of the other men suck me that day, so my milk started flowing into his mouth immediately. I cradled his head with my left arm, as he suckled my left nipple and areola and he fondled my right one as he stared up at my mask.

Before he started sucking my right breast, after he moved to change sides and lay back across my lap from the other way, he held both breasts in his hands and said, “I don’t know who you are young lady, but your breasts are so big and full and beautiful, and your milk tastes absolutely delicious. Your breasts and body shape look so much like my lovely stepdaughter Abi’s, and I am imagining that I am drinking her milk right now, if that’s okay with you.”

Knowing that he was thinking of me made my pussy wet, and I knew that I wanted to fuck him. I dropped my left hand to his crotch and started rubbing him, just as I did to Jim the first time, which made him suck even harder on my nipple. His mouth was full and he was swallowing and moaning against my tit, as he moved his hips, pressing his big cock against my hand.

He looked up at my eyes through the holes in the mask and smiled, as best he could with my tit in his mouth, as I unfastened his belt buckle and button and lowered his zipper. Then I reached into the fly of his boxer shorts and gripped Franklin’s cock for the first time. His cock is so big and thick, and I reached down farther to feel his very big balls. I gripped him tightly as he began to swivel his hips, fucking my hand with his cock, as he neared the end of his time sucking me. I was so aroused and I leaned down next to his ear, and whispered through the mask so he wouldn’t recognize my voice, saying, “Fuck me now Franklin, I’ve just got to feel your big cock inside of me.”

As we got up and walked towards the bedroom, he looked at Jim and said, “Damn Jim, you were sure right about this hot little pussy. Her body is beautiful and she is so ready to fuck. She reminds me so much of Kim that first night I fucked her. This one is a keeper, and I can see why you enjoyed giving her that baby so much.”

Then he directed his comments to me asking, “You’re not on any birth control are you, honey? I just want to know that old Franklin’s extra big load of sperm has a fighting chance of giving you another baby.”

I shook my head sideways to indicate that I wasn’t on any birth control, and he smiled as we lay back on the bed. I wanted to get a closer look at his cock so I climbed on top of him with my face by his cock and my pussy in his face. I think he was reluctant to suck me at first, knowing that I was a whore for Jim and those other men. So I encouraged him by taking his huge cock head into my mouth. He and Jim are about the same length, but Dad’s cock is a little thicker and he has a mushroom cock head.

It was so erotic for me to be sucking his cock, and his precum was flowing heavily and tasted so sweet. Just about the time that he finally tasted my pussy, I pulled off of his cock and leaned down to suck his large balls. His scrotum is hairy and long and his balls were hanging down on the bed, so I lifted them with my hand and sucked them into my mouth, one at a time. It seemed that he had recently showered but his aroma was musky and strong, and I just loved sucking his balls that way.

Jim was sitting in a chair watching us and Ed was peeking out of the closet as Franklin stopped licking me for a moment to say, “Oh fuck, honey, I like you sucking my big nuts like that. It’s getting my sperm ready to flood your sweet pussy.”

Franklin seemed to be obsessed with getting whoever he thought I was pregnant, but I was pretty sure I was in the safe part of my cycle. I moved my mouth from his balls and back to his cock, and sucked him until he was hard and ready to fuck me. I lay on my back as he moved between my legs, and he pushed his huge cock head into my vulva. Then he said, “Let me know if it hurts, honey, and I’ll go nice and slow until you get used to it.”

He should have known that since I’d been fucked by Jim and his other big-cocked friends, that my vagina could easily handle his big cock. I still felt tight to him, but he easily pressed into me until my uterus shifted and he was in me to the balls. Then he said, “Not many women have taken me all the way on their first try, so I guess Big Jim has you stretched out a little.”

He started fucking me with long, steady strokes, and I was flexing and pulsing my vaginal muscles just enough to give his cock a kind of sucking sensation from my pussy. After only a few more minutes he pulled back his cock and shifted it until it was pressing right against my cervix. Then his cock started to throb and jerk and I felt long, sustained sprays of cum shooting against my womb. He continued to unload into me as he said, “Ohhhhhh fuck, take my juice, honey. Franklin’s pumping you full of his baby-making seed.”

I can’t begin to describe the emotions I felt, knowing that my stepfather was pumping his semen and sperm into me, and likely thinking that he might have a chance to impregnate me. He stayed on top of me slowly stroking my pussy as his cock softened. But he was still big and thick enough to keep me plugged. He stayed on me for so long that I then knew for sure that he was trying to keep his sperm in me for as long as possible, and trying to get me pregnant.

When I started squirming under him and he still showed no signs of getting off of me, I thought that this would be the perfect moment to reveal myself. He had his head resting on my shoulder with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of his cock soaking in my flooded pussy, as he continued his slow shallow thrusts. I slowly and carefully pulled the mask off my head, and waited for him to notice.

Jim and Ed were then standing by the bed waiting for Franklin to look at me. He finally lifted his head as if to say something to me, and I held his head in my hands and said, “Thank you Franklin, I loved fucking your big cock so much, and I’ve never loved you more than I do right now. Please don’t say a word until after you kiss me.”

I pressed my lips to his and pushed my tongue into his mouth, and he kissed me back just as passionately. I felt his cock hardening in my pussy again as we continued holding one another like that and kissing, and I sensed the wetness of his tears running down our cheeks. That’s how I knew that everything would be alright.

We finally parted our lips, but he still had his now-hard cock in me as he said, “Abi, honey, I had no idea this was you or I would have never said those things to you. But I’m so very happy that you and Jim thought up this little surprise for me, and I couldn’t love you more either. I’ve wanted you like this for the longest time, honey.”

That’s when he noticed Ed and Jim watching us and said, “I guess I might be slow, but now I’ve got it. You really are the woman Jim has told me about, and your new baby must be his. And if everything he told me is true, then Ed must be the one who sucks your pussy and his cock clean. Shit, this is all unbelievable, but I have to thank Jim for bringing me together with you like this, Abi, even if he did give you his baby. And fuck, I might have just done the same thing.”

I wanted to keep his impregnation fantasies alive for as long as I could so I fibbed a little and said, “I don’t keep track of my cycle much anymore, and would be so happy to have your baby too Franklin. It is so much more exciting fucking with that risk, and I felt so close to you when I felt your big cock spewing so much cum into my possibly fertile womb, and knowing that you wanted to impregnate me. And my goodness, you flooded me with your cum. That makes it even better for you to experience what Ed will do for us. Just lay back and relax as he does his part.”

Franklin pulled out of me as Ed moved between my legs. He looked at my swollen vulva which was covered in Franklin’s big load and said, “With all the men Abi’s fucked over the past year, I’ve never seen a load this big. It’s just flowing out of her.”

Then Ed moved in to suck my cum-filled cunt as Jim and Franklin looked on smiling. He slurped and sucked and licked until nothing remained, and then he looked over at Franklin’s big cock and asked, “May I?”

Franklin nodded yes and Ed sucked from his balls the cum that had run down the shaft, and then he covered the still-oozing cock head with his mouth. He sucked Franklin like that long after his cock was clean, and only stopped when that big cock was fully-hard again and Franklin pushed him away. He said, “Take it easy, Ed. If I know Jim as well as I think I do, he’ll want his turn in Abi’s pussy now, and then I want her again. You’ll get all of our semen if you’re patient enough to wait for it until after we fuck your wife.”

Jim and I were so pleased that Franklin wasn’t angry at us for what we did, and I could hardly wait to fuck them again. Jim then said, “You’re right about that, Franklin, I’d love to fuck her, especially after seeing you two do it for the first time, just like you did with my Kim. First, Abi you’d better call your mother and let her know that you and Ed got held up in town. It might take a while before everyone is satisfied here.”

Both Franklin and Jim fucked me two more times that day, and Ed was enjoying their thick loads of cum and sucking their cocks. After that, Franklin became one of my regulars in my home, but of course I didn’t charge him. He liked drinking my milk, but never drank as much as Jim. He really loved the feeling of sucking my breasts while Ed sucked his cock, and he came almost every day for that. I was fucking him about eight times a month on average, and Jim increased his times because he and Franklin liked coming to see me together.

Two months after my first time fucking Franklin, I became pregnant again. I couldn’t be sure who the father was, but given Franklin’s big cum loads and the number of times he fucked me, I knew that there was a good chance it was his. That made him, Jim and the other men even more eager to fuck me, especially as my belly started showing the pregnancy. About that time, a couple of other exciting things happened.

When Kim came home to visit, she, Jim, and Franklin joined Ed and me at our home for a group fuck. It was arousing watching Jim fuck Kim, and she enjoyed watching as Franklin fucked me. Then we traded partners back and forth for hours. The room was so sexually charged that Kim even sucked milk from my breasts, and of course in the midst of all the action, Ed was there to clean our pussies and to suck our stepfathers’ cocks to clean them and get them hard for us.

Kim was so pleased with Ed’s involvement that she left there determined to find a way to make her husband David her cum-swallowing cuckold. And when they visited a few months later, our little group also included her husband. She told me that all she had to do was get him to watch porn showing other men’s much bigger cocks, and their fantasy fucking led them pretty quickly to their first cuckold experience. We continue those sessions every time they visit. What happened next may also be of interest to you.

I was about seven and a half months pregnant when Franklin was over one day, and he wanted to talk to me about something after we fucked and Ed cleaned us up. He said, “Now don’t get mad at me about this, honey, but I was over talking to my father the other day, and I told him that you were pregnant again. He was surprised when I told him that you were already seven and a half months along, and he was curious about how you got pregnant again so quickly.”

He paused for a moment to gather his courage and continued, “I didn’t at first want to let him know that you were fucking me and other men, and that I could be the father. But, well, we kept talking and I finally admitted that I was regularly drinking your breast milk and fucking you. I expected him to get upset and throw me off his property, but instead he showed keen interest and wanted to know more. So I told him everything about you and Ed, and that you had Big Jim’s baby, and might be having mine.”

I probably should have been angrier, but I guess since I had been fucking Franklin for over nine months, it couldn’t hurt if Step Grandpa Melvin knew about it. So I said, “It’s okay Franklin, I’m not mad about you telling him. What did you mean about him showing keen interest, though?”

Dad replied, “I’m a lot like my father I guess, and the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree. He told me that he was quite a rounder in his day, and he always liked women with big breasts who were lactating. He also liked to fuck bareback, and he fucked other farmer’s wives who weren’t using any protection. There were even some husbands who liked to clean up his cum and suck his cock, so he liked hearing about Ed. He suspects that he planted several seeds that sprouted, but none of the women every came back to him about it.”

I laughed thinking about Melvin being a pussy hound like that, and I thought that Franklin was leading up to something. So I said, “Okay Franklin, you aren’t telling me this for nothing. May I assume that Melvin wants to fuck me too? And if so, can a seventy year old man even get his cock hard anymore?”

Franklin looked relieved that I was so casual about it and said, “I really don’t know about him getting it up anymore, but I know that he does have a big cock like mine. About thirty years ago we were on a hunting trip together, and I accidently saw his soft cock when we were in the bunkhouse changing to go to bed. I only know that he would like to try fucking you, and he’ll at least want to suck milk from your breasts. It’s entirely up to you, honey. It would sure make an old man happy if you did that for him.”

I always loved Melvin, and although he wasn’t the man he used to be, he was still ruggedly handsome and in pretty good shape for a man his age. So I gave Franklin the go ahead to bring him over, and I was actually looking forward to seeing how big his cock is, and if he could still get it up.

When Melvin walked the next day, I was already sitting on the couch with my shirt and bra off, and wearing a short skirt with no panties, just like I had done with that first time with Franklin. He was smiling from ear to ear, and I was so happy that I had decided to let him come over. He sat down next to me on the couch and said, “Hi, Abi girl, you sure are quite a woman. Thanks for helping an old man out like this.”

I was in a teasing mood and said, “Hi Melvin, I’m glad you wanted to come over to see your step granddaughter. Tell me the truth. Are you going to be able to get that thing hard for me? If not, Ed would be more than happy to suck it for you while you’re enjoying my milk.”

He was leaning over my lap getting ready to suck my breast when he responded, “Well, honey, it’s kind of hit and miss these days. I’m sure that if Ed works on me a little I’ll be more than ready for you. I used to like it when those cock sucker husbands would suck my cock for me when I was over to fuck their wives.”

Melvin latched onto my nipple and areola and started sucking and swallowing my milk, as Ed got on his knees in front of the couch. He unfastened Grandpa’s pants, and I was watching with anticipation as he pulled down his pants and underwear. Grandpa’s cock was soft, wrinkly, and uncircumcised, and was the first uncut cock I had ever seen.

He was about seven inches long and very thick, and his big balls hung heavily on the couch. Ed lifted and massaged his scrotum and testicles, as he lifted his cock with the other hand and began sucking it. Melvin sucked my nipple harder when he felt Ed’s wet, sucking mouth on his cock, and I could hardly wait to see how big he would be hard.

When Melvin got up to change sides, his cock was getting hard and had grown an inch longer and was even thicker. As he settled down and Ed started sucking him again, he spoke to Ed saying, “Damn, boy, you’ve sure got a nice mouth on you. I wish all those other husbands sucked cock as well and acted like they enjoyed it as much as you do. Keep that up and I’ll have no problem at all fucking your wife. Just work on those balls for a few minutes before you get back on my cock, and I’ll churn up a good load for you two.”

Melvin was already lying at an angle, leaning towards me to suck my breast, so he lifted his top leg up onto the back of the couch to give Ed better access to his crotch from the back. Ed leaned in and sucked that long, hairy scrotum into his mouth, and took turns tonguing and sucking each testicle. He had sucked plenty of men’s balls before, but this exposed position must have given him other ideas. He soon leaned over at an angle and had his lips and tongue behind Melvin’s balls and was sucking his bulging perineum.

When he felt Ed’s lips behind his balls, he reached his hand down behind Ed’s head and held him tightly in place. Then he pulled his mouth away from my breast for a few seconds and said, “Fuck, boy, that feels so damn good. Now just move back a little more and suck my ass for me. I haven’t had that done by any cock suckers like you in years. Go on now, make love to my asshole for me, boy.”

Ed must have been really turned on by Melvin’s comments, because he shifted his position and began sucking his ass. From my angle I saw the movement of his mouth, and it looked to me like Ed was aggressively sucking his ass crack and tonguing his asshole as deeply as he could. I was also able to look around Melvin’s leg and saw that his cock was getting harder and longer, the more Ed sucked him like that. After about five more minutes sucking his ass, Ed moved back to his cock which was now rock hard and every bit as big as Franklin’s cock.

I enjoyed watching his thick foreskin sliding back and forth as Ed sucked up and down on him, and I badly wanted that big cock in me. So after just a few more minutes, I pushed Melvin off my tit and said, “That’s enough for now, I need to save some milk for the baby. So let’s get to the bedroom so I can feel your big cock in me.”

We got undressed and on the bed before his cock could soften, and he pushed his thick meat into me. The foreskin gave his cock a little different feeling for me, and I just loved his big, hard fuck meat. Melvin kissed me on the lips as he pummeled my pussy, and I could hardly believe his stamina for being seventy years old.

I felt the bed shake as Franklin lay down naked next to us, and at first I couldn’t see what was going on. Then I saw him lean over towards the bed and pull one leg up, which totally exposed his crotch and ass. Ed then moved in from behind and was sucking Franklin’s perineum and ass, and it looked like Melvin had taught us about a new service that Ed could provide for all of the men who fucked me. It was so arousing watching him chow down on Franklin’s ass, just like he had done for Melvin.

It only took Melvin a few minutes to stiffen further and shoot his load of cum into my cunt, and he kept stroking me long after his cock had gone soft. We then rolled apart and Ed moved between my legs to clean my pussy. I could tell by the sounds of him swallowing, that Melvin produced a very big load of cum for an old man. He held me lovingly in his arms as Ed cleaned and sucked his cock, and then he said, “Oh, honey, that was the best fucking I’ve had in years. And if you weren’t already with child, I just know that my big load of sperm would have impregnated you. Who knows, maybe next time baby, maybe next time.”

After Ed finished cleaning Melvin’s cock and my pussy, Franklin took his turn fucking me. Ed was sucking Melvin’s cock, balls and ass the whole time Franklin fucked me, and I was surprised that he was able to get his cock hard enough to fuck me again.

As I look back on all that has happened to Ed and me, since the first time Big Jim sucked milk from my breasts, I know that I have Jim to thank for starting us on the path to this new lifestyle. Many men are still sucking milk from my breasts and fucking me on a regular basis, and our financial problems are behind us. Even better than that, I am enjoying the closeness and love that I feel from Franklin, Melvin, and Jim when they fuck me with their big cocks and fill me with their fuck fluids. And of course none of that would be possible without the understanding and love from Ed, who so lovingly relishes his role as my cum-sucking cuckold husband.

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