Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lisa having memorable sex

I am Pushpa who had an affair with my FIL and have jolly good time. My detailed account was posted in my previous post. I have seen some of your comments, some of which were not in good taste. Its ok. Now I have something totally different to tell you. and I dont know how you people are going to take it.
I told you I am working in a private company where many students come for help to finalise their dissertation for their MBA degree. One such girl working with us was Lisa, 23, tall girl, with 35 24 35. She is so beautiful that she appears to be more a film star material. Her face, complexion, deep red colour of her lips, her fall of hair, her gait, thick fleshy thighs gave such impression.
But her face always carried a pensive mood and she did not mix with people freely except me. I used to give her lot of help to collect information useful for her thesis. Somehow she liked ma and I too liked her. Her parents were abroad and she stayed with her grandparents. Another cousin of hers was staying with them.
She always wore very modest clothes and no jewellery, no make up. I used to take her for tea to a nearby restaurant. Once she asked me how I am able to maintain such a smiling face with positive energy when my husband is away for more than three months and I am sex starved. I tried to answer her question. But she insisted.

The Sex Game

Hi friends and I am Sahil 30 years and my wife is Snehal 28 years. We have been married 5 years before we haven’t planned any baby yet. Snehal is a typical Punjabi women, she resembles very much to actress Juhi chawla. The only thing is that Snehal is having huge 40 size boobs and our sex life is normal,
Snehal is a very horny women, she knows how to satisfy a men according to me I think she can satisfy 4 to 5 men at a time. She loves sucking, licking, and wild sex. She is having one weak point, if someone will put his tongue in to her pussy then she becomes uncontrollable and at that time if 10 men’s will also fuck her then she will allow 10 men’s to fuck her and I was having an old fantasy to fuck her with someone and see a satisfaction of fuck on her face but she always pretends herself a very honest and one man women kind of wife in front of me.
Basically we are from Surat and recently I got transferred to Pune as we don’t have any kids, Snehal wanted to work somewhere as she got bored in the house whole day. So I spoke to one of my friend from surat who was in Pune and working as an operations Manager in a leading international call centre after an initial interview, on the recommendation of my friend, Snehal got the Job but she has to complete her paid training of 1 month.

Padma having sex with Father-in-Law

I am a regular reader of HD and I am fascinated by the experiences of many of the readers. I had something to quote but of modesty I kept quiet. Now I think I will narrate concealing names of people involved, places, dates etc. for the purpose of secrecy. I am Padma, aged 33years, 5'6" with 34/26/36 size, fair in colour, having graduated employed in a private company.
I had boys in my neighbourhood and cousins who just wanted to play with me, but I restrained them from going ahead sexually., no fucking. At the age of 23, my parents arranged my marriage and I was very happy with my husband. When I was more demanding sexually, he was just moderate. But he never kept me wanting.
After six months of marriage he had to gulf to accept an employment. I was left with my father in law. Hence forth I will address him as FIL. My mother law had passed away soon after my marriage and hence I had to prepare food for my FIL while attending to my office. He was a nice person, very knowledgeable and friendly and healthy.

Siddhant watching wife Shivangi fucked by best friend

Hey everyone this is siddhant from lucknow.This is a story about how I saw my wife getting fucked by one of my best friend and the revenge sex that I had with his wife.It is a totally true story and even I cant believe what I saw from my wives devil.This happened just two months back and I m still recovering from the shock,
i m writing this incidence to show that you cannot trust anyone in this world and I am telling you all guys that it is a real story and such things do happen. I am 28 years old with and I got married a year back my wife's name is shivangi, she is 26 years old. ours was a love marriage. shivangi is as beautiful a wife as anyone can get.
she has a milky fair complexion, nice firm boobs which are always hidden under her push up bra and an ass to kill for.Personally she is sweet to anyone.People use to lust by seeing her and I knew she had this habit of tempting other guys.Even my friends had an eye on her,but I used to keep her like my treasure.she was referred as kristen stewart in our group because of her fantastic looks.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cuckold Story

Priyanka Kulkarni looked nervously across the table at the handsome man before her and then at her husband sitting beside her. She really couldn't believe that she was having this discussion. She couldn't really believe that she was here at all. She felt as if this was all a dream and any moment she would wake up.

She was 25 and she lived with her husband Aniket in Thane. Both of them worked in a software company and had a very good life. Aniket was a wonderful man. He was 28 and he had made a pretty good life for himself considering he came from a poor background. They had had an arranged marriage and they had married fairly early. She was just 19 when they got married. She hadn't even completed her education then. But after marriage Aniket had allowed her to finish her education and had even encouraged her to take up a job. And after 6 years of marriage, she was working as a software engineer in a multinational company.

However, what she really didn't expect that the naughty and adventurous side of her husband beneath his decent and straight exterior. Almost after 4 years of her marriage, Aniket had encouraged her to watch porn along with him. She came from a fairly conventional background and she had never watched porn in her life. But when her own husband started encouraged it, she took to it life fish to water. But soon she had realized that the porn that her husband downloaded for her were always of one type. It was almost always related to swinging, cuckolding or threesome with two males and one female. Initially she thought this was a coincidence. But soon she realized that it was intentional. And finally her husband had told her about his fantasy. She was shocked to the core and felt absolutely disgusted by it. How dare he consider this even for one moment. Was she some kind of slut?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Incest Saga

It was a last week event when due to my official work I had to go to Jaipur for 2 day trip. I planned to leave early in the morning around 6 so that I can be in Jaipur by 10 AM and can start my meetings.
As per schedule I started and as soon as I crossed manesar, I saw one lady waiving for the Lift. She was standing near the car which shows that there was some problem with car and some male was inspecting the same. I stopped the car near her and she came and requested me for a lift.
She said, “Sir, My car got broke and my husband is unable to solve the problem. It’s very urgent for me to reach Jaipur so if you are going towards that direction than can you give me a lift. I will be highly obliged.” She spoke everything in single sentence. Her husband also came and requested the same to me. She was a smart lady wearing Black jeans and black top. She was looking gorgeous. I said Ok and she sat with me on the front seat. She bid good bye to her husband and we move ahead with our journey. After crossing around 50 KMs she spoke, “Where are you going”
I replied,” I am going to Jaipur for my official work.” And I asked her, Where are you going?”
She replied, “ We stay in Jaipur and I had an important meeting to attend. My husband will come as soon as car problem get resolved.”
She started telling about her family, her job etc. Her name was Neha and she was born and bought up in Delhi but married in Jaipur. They are married for 8 years. We shared many things about relationships, extra-marital relationship, swapping and all those stuff during the journey and became friends. She was quote a open-minded female and bold too.

Monday, 13 August 2012


iam ( raj)30yrs, working guy,avg built & stay in bangalore, a big fan of this site ISS ,go through regularly, going to share my new experience which happened 2 wks ago ,since this is somewhat different frn normal experience iam writing here ,now iam encouraged & wanting more chances like that.

next to our house stays a young couple -rupesh & beena & her mom.their is a luv marriag ,rupesh is telugu& beena is malyali, he is avg but beena -should be crowned miss creation & i scratch my head how she agreed fr marriage.her mom is also sexy-widow but too conservative & me rupesh sometime chat too much & go occationally to hav some beer r non veg outside but mostly he never spoke about beena to me & avoid when i ask him details hw he married. beena middle class but very gud luking lived with mom & hubby .

real story is she has delivered a girl baby two maonth back ,very cute ,sweet angel more like beena,her mom take care of baby ,beena is house wife so do house work & rupesh work fr steel factory ,now night shift so goes at 5.30 evening come 9 marning, so evening i go to his house talk to him ,beena & aunty also play with nisha little angel regularly as no one had problem & i also was going as gud friend only without bad thinking at all. so much close to family ,i had bike so also go shoping if beena r aunty ask any thing , that was friday night my whole life changed & i also.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Birthday Gift From Mother-In-Law

Hi my name is Sid. I am 28 years old. I am married for one year. This story is about my encounter with my MIL as my b'day gift. Let me tell you about her. Her name is Seema and she is 48 year old milf. She is very fair and had a very glowing skin all over her body. She has a very sexy figure with 39" breast, 30" waist and 36" butt. She shows off her cleavage all the time and her ass sways when she walks.
Its been quite some time that I noticed her showing interest in me. She used to scratch her pussy freely in front of me most of the times. Initially I used to feel she has some itching problem, but then I realised that she does this mostly when only I can see her doing so. She used to give me hug whenever we meet. She used to wear extra sexy clothes when we used to meet her or visit her house with prior information. Sometimes when we stay at her place, she used to spend late nights talking to me in person. She used to praise a lot of my physique. She used to touch my biceps often.
One day when I was working from her house and it was only two of us at home. She caught me watching at her boobs and smiled at this. My cock always be erected when she is around. By the way I live alone with my wife in a three bedroom flat. She often come and live with us. Those are the best days.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The V Donor Girl

ou may think that this might not be a true story but I have nothing to proof well my name is V I don’t want to reveal my religion but leave this guess work on you people by analyzing my logical ability to introduce myself and I am a 35 year olds male and I am still unmarried all my friends cousins and colleagues even younger to me are married having fun in their life with their spouse you got my point right.
I am a lonely man starved with sexual pleasure in my neither life there are many reasons I am not handsome nor do I have a permanent job and I am overweight black skinned and many more which makes not only beautiful girls and women down but also any ordinary looking as well for this life I kept on cursing myself and hated myself always in my free time I watch porn movies and keep masturbating myself.
I keep reading all the horny sex stories of this site but there will always be unsatisfied lust that brewed inside me and moreover I too have urge to have kids of my own my genes demand but I can’t meet because of my low income life it is not that I have not studied I have done up to PG but no recommendations so no job and parents have no money left for me to start any kind of business of myself.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Uma getting sexually satisfied by Boss

My name is Uma and I am a 29yrs old Married woman having a very sexy figure of 38-32-36 and been married for 4yrs. I make heads turn wherever I go because of my big mummay and butt which I am proud to show off. I wanted to share my experience with you all that happened after 3yrs of my marriage and changed my life forever, I was a virgin till my marriage and my husband was the first and the only male to take my virginity or sleep with me till this happened.
I realized that my husband’s interest in me was going down and we were not having sex like before which was two – three times a day minimum. Now the frequency was down to probably once in one or two months. So I confronted him and asked him if he was having sex with someone else or if he did not find me attractive anymore and this was making me to get into depression.
Having gotten so used to frequent sex I was getting really desperate and was constantly horny throughout the day and night. So I discussed my problem with my best friend and colleague Pooja and she immediately replied saying that this was no problem at all. She said that if my husband was not taking interest in me and not satisfying my sexual needs then I should explore the option to have sex with someone else who can satisfy me.
Then she also mentioned that our boss - Raj had his eyes on me since I joined this place and I should try to see if he is the man who can take care of my needs. I was quite shocked with what she said and at the same time my body was dying for sex and my mind started racing in all directions about how it might actually be if I went ahead.
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