Saturday, 10 September 2016

Best Wife Lessons

My wife and I married young. We have been married for over 20 years and have two grown children. I have been her only sexual partner, although a couple others tried to get their hands (and more) on her body. Her best friend, who introduced us and now lives near us, was taking a trip back home for some family things and my wife was going along with her to visit her father.

When her friend came over to pick her up my wife was at the store picking up a couple last minute things for the trip so we had a little time to talk. I knew her friend was a little on the wild side and wanted to see if she could get my wife to get a little loose and crazy, so I bet she couldn't get my wife to kiss another guy when they were away. She asked if that was something I would be upset about and I assured her it was quite the opposite and told her I'd give her $100 for the kiss and $100 for every step beyond a kiss she could get my wife to take, but that she had to send me proof.

She held up her phone and said that would be no problem, but wanted to know where the limit was. I told her there were no limits as long as my wife doesn't get hurt. She said she knew a couple of really nice guys who would give her all the help she needed so she accepted the challenge and just as we were shaking on it, my wife returned to leave for the trip. Her friend recommended my wife pack something nice, like maybe a casual dress and they would go out for a nice dinner Saturday night. My wife said that sounded fun and grabbed my favorite dress of hers which was a knee length black with floral print skirt with a black top that zipped down the back and pair of white sandals.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Horny Juhi Fucking With Younger Sisters Husband Kapil

Hello Friends, I am new to this site and this is my first and possibly last try of writing down anything like this. My sex experience is about me having sex with my younger sister’s husband Kapil for whole night. It was of a kind night of love and sex which I always use to dream before getting married; romantic,

passionate and extremely satisfying and irony of my life is that I never had that sort of sex with my husband in around one and a half decade of my married life. I am Juhi, obviously mine and all names used in the script are false but everything except names are word to word true. I am married and mother of two, almost 39, fair and good looking with sparkling smile,

curly hairs ending below shoulders, standing 5’2” with big luscious melons, fleshy thighs and heavy jutting out plump ass. Yes! overall I have overweight body with evident belly but as compared to my sister I am fair and far good looking with very high sex appetite.

Before starting how it all happened and what all we did whole night I must mention this fact in the beginning that I am not a pervert, also whatever happened between me and my sister's husband Kapil; Kapil is nowhere responsible for that, in a way it was not me either. Directly or indirectly it happened all because of my husband Jatin and my sister Deepa.

Rita Experiences Sexual Pleasure Before Marriage With Her Bhabhi

Rita came home from college late at 7 in evening and went to the kitchen directly for a cup of tea as she was having headache. She found her Bhabhi, her brother’s wife making some pakoris. Rita bhabhi ye kiske liye banaa rahi ho she asked as she ate one. Bhabhi said ye papaji ke liye banaa rahi hoon, unke kuchh puraane dost aaye hue hain. Upar baatein kar rahe hain.

Rita was 25 years and was working as economics lecturer in a college in Lucknow and living with her father who was a retired government employee and brother who was married and having 2 kids also living in the same house. Rita lost her mother a year back.

Rita was engaged to an Army officer and was going to be married very soon and she then would move to Delhi.

Rita took vessel to make tea for her. Bhabhi said ruk jao Rita thhodi der, maine waise bhi un logon ke liye chaai banaani hai, tumhare liye bhi ek cup banaa doongi . Bhabhi mujhe adrak waali chaai chahiye. Kyon ki mera sar bahut dukh rahaa hai. Bhabhi said theek hai baba, tumhare liye adrak waali hi banaaoongi, tum tab tak fresh ho jao aur apne kamre me let jaao. Main chai lekar aati hun.

Strip Poker Wife Swap

Two weeks ago our next door neighbors invited me and my wife Megan over for a barbeque. Paul and Jillian have been good friends for a couple of years now and we have done lots of things together, like attend concerts, ball games and go on camping trips. But since Jill had their first baby six months ago it has put a crimp in our activities together. I have always had the secret hots for Jillian, especially when she was pregnant. She is very attractive, outgoing, funny, amusing and a bit of a flirt, unlike Megan who tends to be somewhat shy and reserved. 

We just found out that Megan is pregnant with our first child and so Paul and Jill invited us over to celebrate the occasion. After dinner we settled in to watch a PPV movie on TV. Their baby Suzy woke up and required some attention so Jill left the room for awhile to tend to her motherly duties. She returned a short time later. When the movie was over we started watching another one but part way into it Paul said “This movie is boring, let’s do some different for a change”. “Like what?” I said.

“We could play a game, how about some cards?” Megan indicated she didn’t know too many card games. I mentioned that we don’t play cards too often, Gin Rummy was about it. “You don’t know how to play Hearts or Spades” Paul said. Jill piped up with “Oh it’s easy, we can teach you” 

We started of with Spades but Megan kept loosing and she doesn’t like to lose at anything. Paul asked Megan, “how about some poker, everyone knows how to play that, right?” I then piped up with a wild inspiration “What about strip poker, has anyone ever played it or fantasized about it?” 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Spying on the Wife

This is a story about my wife and her good friend Debbie. Alice and Debbie have been friends for about five years now and Alice has helped Debbie through two divorces and a rocky relationship with her current fella.

I have always thought that Alice may well have feelings of a sexual nature for other women and when I discovered her secret relationship with Debbie it was like discovering a new woman.

Alice is 5'4" with short brown hair, very beautiful and a size 10. Her breasts are not that big but her nipples are very sensitive and give her great pleasure with touched or kissed. Debbie on the other hand is similar to look at but has longer hair and larger breasts, whenever I see Debbie I do enjoy admiring her full breasts and although not flirty she does seem to make the most of them.

The thought had crossed my mind about their feeling towards each other on a few private moments I had, mainly when wanking I wondered about the girls and fantasies about fucking them both together. I could honestly imaging them naked and kissing and caressing one another, but recently my suspicions grew stronger when on Alice's last birthday Debbie brought her a sexy camisole bra and pants set and my mind was made up. If they weren't already lovers then Debbie certainly was showing all the right signs of wanting them to be.

What I needed was a plan to set up the perfect evening for them to be alone, relaxed and to have the time to fulfill both of their desires. It didn't take much sorting really, I farmed the kids off to stay with the grandparents and booked a table for me and Alice for a night out, unfortunately I had to go away on business and not wanting Alice to be too disappointed I rang Debbie and asked if she'd be a stand in for me before I told Alice about having to go away for the night, I asked Debbie to stop over to appease Alice's fears of nights alone without me.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Sister-In-Law Swap

I'm writing this with 5 days to go on a remarkable vacation. The situation is just too good to believe...You see I've always had a thing for my sister-in-law, a big-breasted girl 15 years my wife's junior. My wife Jane is a beautiful lady in her mid fifties who can easily pass as my daughter. My ultimate fantasy is to have both magnificent women.

I never expected to actually succeed in becoming intimate with my sister-in-law, Linda. Linda and her husband Fred often travel with Jane and I. We have shared hotel rooms, cruise ship staterooms, and beach houses but with all this intimate contact I have never even managed to see her in anything more revealing than an opaque nightgown. 

Her tits are an obsession of mine. They are big and round and soft. I know they are soft because I never miss an opportunity to hug her. They fill out her clothes without looking fat or packed. She has a slight build below her chest; small waist narrow hips a cute butt and long beautiful dancer's legs. Her style of dress is somewhat conservative so I had never even come close to seeing much more than her ample cleavage.

For this vacation we rented a house on a little private island on the west coast of Florida. You needed a boat to get to the mainland and a golf cart is the only mode of transportation on the island. Right after we arrived Jane and Fred went back to the mainland to pick up some food and Linda and I stayed behind to unpack and get things organized for the week. We started sipping wine and I was soon feeling very loose. We were laughing and joking around and having lots of fun. At one point Linda bent over in front of me and I looked down the front of her blouse. She caught me looking and even though there was no way I could see anything, she grabbed the neck of her shirt and said, "NO PEEKING!"

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Casual Encounters - Newbies

"M-mmm." My girlfriend Nancy let out a little appreciative sound close to my ear. 

We were sitting on the couch in Nancy's apartment, watching a porn video on the TV screen we'd wired to her laptop. It was a warm June evening and we were both in just shorts and t-shirts, our feet bare. In front of us on the TV screen a pretty blonde, naked but for the loosened pink bra pushed down around her waist, had taken her lover's cock deep into her mouth, letting a steam of saliva run from her lower lip. 

"M-mmm," Nancy whispered again as the blonde let the big cock slip out of her mouth for a moment before starting to lick back and forth across the circumcised knob. 

Nancy loved porn, something I'd discovered on a visit to the apartment several weeks earlier. She'd hurried to the door to let me in but failed to turn off her laptop. I'd heard a moaning sound and flipped the lid open to see a large black cock thrusting in and out of a very wet pink pussy. Nancy had reddened in embarrassment before confessing this was something she often enjoyed on the evenings when she was home alone. 

We were graduate students at a western Oregon university and had been sleeping together for almost a year. Nancy was a wickedly cute little Asian girl, with a mass of shiny black hair and a body kept slim by running every day. I had boringly average mid-brown hair, trimmed short, but I was also in good shape after four years of college soccer as an undergraduate. 

Indian Swaps with White Boss

Raj and Deepa had been married for 5 years. Raj worked in a large MNC and made a comfortable living. Raj was 32 years of age and was 5'10" tall. Deepa was 27 and could be called a knockout. She was just average Indian height at 5'2". But, she had a beautiful figure measuring 34-27-33 and a classically beautiful face with a lovely olive complexion that was fairer than most Indians.

Deepa was a virgin when they got married. Raj on the other hand had a long running affair with an aunty who lived in the colony where he grew up. This aunty had been widowed at a fairly young age and she seduced Raj when he was 19 years old. Raj had broken it off when he decided to marry Deepa. So, it is fair to say he had been well trained in pleasing a woman in bed.

Deepa was very shy by nature, but to please Raj she would let him indulge in his sexual fantasies, which until recently had been fairly mild. However, eight months ago Raj revealed his deepest fantasy which involved swapping with another couple. Initially, Deepa was shocked and she wanted to hear no more about it. But, Raj kept insisting. He rented a few XXX movies with the swapping theme. Deepa slowly started wondering what it would feel like to take a penis other than her husband's into her body. She soon realized that her curiosity was piqued. She told Raj that she did not want to do it with any of their friends and was too afraid to do it with total strangers. As a result, nothing was done about it for months. A month ago a manager from Raj's American Head Office came with his wife to Raj's branch for a six week assignment.

Upasana Having Affair With Best Friends Husband Sanjeev

I am Upasana ; female in my mid thirties, in appearance I am on the darker side but with sharp features and long hairs ending below my waist. Height 5’6” bit of belly, fully grown breasts; big and round, with thick fleshy thighs and plump, proudly protruding out ass mounds.

Some time back I was living in Mumbai but at present I am separated from my husband and back to Delhi; Delhi where I have lived from my childhood and done my entire studies and my experience is about when after spending around one month in finding a new job I met my best friend Priyanka and ended up having sex with her husband.

Well Priyanka and I are best friends; we have studied together for around 12 years, 9 years of schooling and then three years of graduation and I was always in her touch, even when I was going through trouble in my marriage, she knew every minor detail of my life.

Anyway I came to meet Priyanka after around month of my arrival and initially I had plan to stay till late evening and come back to my parents place but Priyanka and her 6 year old daughter insisted me to stay for the night and I agreed. Truly speaking while saying yes for the stay I did not knew that my stay at her place will somehow began my sex relation with her husband,

which will ultimately tranquilize my long lasting sexual urge in a way that I will feel helpless in betraying my best friend again and again. Anyway after agreeing for the night stay we saw some TV and somewhere around 9 Priyanka’s husband Sanjeev came back home.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Love Bites

The day the Jones told us they were moving, I told Laura, I hoped the new neighbors would be as much fun. Laura sighed and said she was going to miss how horny I got from staring at Joan's huge nipples. I reminded her, of how she teased Jack letting him peek at her panty-covered pussy. 

Wistfully she wondered out loud if Jack would have liked her pussy if he had known about her clit. I assured her pussy was almost perfect. Giving me a playful punch, Laura asked what I meant by almost perfect. I told her it lacks a big black cock to fill it. She told me Fred, her black dildo was just fine and it was safe. The risk of disease had stopped us from becoming swingers, except for mild voyeurism and a little flashing on occasion.

Once at a party Laura and Joan had had too much to drink and let us play with their bare boobs. The next day we caught hell for giving them hickies. 

Until the day we saw two British cars followed by a moving van pull in their driveway, we had no idea who our new neighbors were going to be. Peeking through the open curtains, I told Laura to fix some cold drinks and we would go over and meet our new neighbors.

Several minutes later, armed with frosty pitchers of ice tea and lemonade Laura and I went next door. 
A tall handsome black man set down the box he was carrying and said, "You must be the Kings, the Jones' spoke highly of you. I'm Gordon Kent." Putting his arm around a cute blond, he introduced us to Inga, his wife. A minute later two cute girls came out of the house, the oldest about four. Inga introduced them as Heidi and Ann.

Wife Swapping With Friend’s Sister

Hi Sameer again here! Hope you liked my previous stories. This is the new story when we were in Visakhapatnam, which is based on our true experiences that happened recently. One of my old couple friend Roy from Kolkata have ringed me and informed me that he is coming to stay with us for five days. We are very good close friends and we have already swapped with them so many times previously and you all readers read our fucking experiences with them in this page .So we hope Roy would come with his wife and we would have good time with them. On the scheduled day when he reached with his sister in our quarter in morning, my wife Sheetal and me became little offset. But we managed to it and welcome them gladly.In morning Roy and his sister Shilpa had gone on some work. After return from there Roy had gone to his head office which situated in Visakhapatnam for complying some of his old official pending works and Shilpa was staying at our quarter rest of the day..

Shilpa had tried to help my wife Sheetal in kitchen and look after the household work, so that Sheetal would get times and then they would some charts. Now about Shilpa.She was about 25, fair colour, 5’5” ht., long black hair with nice sexy Black eyes. She was on slim side with 50 kg weight, and 36-26-38 body statistics. She looked quite sexy and I had often fantasized of fucking her. I even told Sheetal about this and she laughed; “Oh Sameer! You dirty old man! Want to fuck that girl? Oh how it’s possible? She is your friend’s sister! But I don’t mind if you seduce her. In fact I want to see Shilpa under you with your rod in her pussy! Go on seduce her and I won’t mind”; Sheetal was really broadminded and so I started my seduction. I praised Shilpa on every occasion I got for her looks and even her assets. Women, especially younger ladies love this. Shilpa called me Bhaiya and loved the way I treated her. As I was like a member of her family, all of her family spoke freely with me and Shilpa was no exception.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Our Sex Life: The Beggining

My Wife Tanya And I Have Been Married For Over 6years, We Are A Guwahati based Couple; Tanya Is A School Teacher And I Work In A Bank, Our Initial Married Life Was Outstanding, Though It Was An Arranged Marriage We Instantly Clicked And Got Along Pretty Well Especially When It Comes To Sex, We Are Very Open To One Another, More Like Best Friends And We Share Everything About Us In Our Day To Day Life And About Our Past, When We Get Home From Our Respective Work Places We Would Relax At Home And Chat About How Our Day Went, We Talk And Discuss About Everything And Everything.
Tanya Is An Average Looking Lady But With Assets To Die For And She Does Turn Heads When She Dress Up To Impress :)
Our First Night Was Just Out Of This World, She Really Knows How And Where I Want Her And This Made Me So Happy; I Thought To Myself (My Sex Life Is Gonna Be Great). We Did Everything And Anything We Could Think Of As A Couples In Bed And After A Few Weeks Into Our Married Life I Started To Wonder How Was She So Good In Bed And Where She Had Learned All The Skills That Made Her Know Exactly What A Man Wants, So I Started Asking Her About Her Past Life (Which Was Actually The Start Of Our Bonding As A Couple). What She Said Broke My Heart: She Has Had Past Experience And Has Had Sexual Encounters With One Of Her Past Boyfriend, She Had Watched Pornographic Movies With Him And Acted Them Out;

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sexy Milky Sisters

Donna was dashing around her apartment pulling herself to together for her big date. As she ran from room to room fixing her hair, putting on her carefully selected outfit, her older sister Bonnie stood holding Donna's six-month old baby boy. 

"You have my cell number. Try not to call, but call if you have to," Donna said as she flew from the bathroom to her bedroom closet. 

"Okay," said Bonnie as she jiggled the baby and cooed at his smiling face.

"I should be home by eleven. But who knows, I might get lucky!" Donna made a face and continued, "But even if I do, I'll be home for the two o'clock feeding. 

Donna was pulling on a pair of spike heels, "fuck me heels", Bonnie thought. Donna stood in front of the full-length mirror regarding her now-finished outfit and her figure, which was rapidly regaining its former hour-glass shape. Her hectic schedule of work and childcare had slimmed her down to nearly her pre-pregnancy weight. True, her hips were a little rounder and her waist wasn't quite as trim as it had been. But her vastly increased bustline made her waist seem tiny by comparison. Bonnie was inspecting her little sister's figure too. Bonnie was a little shorter than Donna, and rounder. She always had been. While Donna's bustline had ballooned with pregnancy and breastfeeding, Bonnie's had always been very full. Bonnie had an almost exaggerated hour-glass figure. Bonnie wondered whose boobs were actually bigger. 

But her idle musing was cut short as Donna suddenly panicked over not being able to find her keys. When she finally located them, still in her apartment door lock, she grabbed her purse and was out the door. Right on cue, little Sammy started to cry. Bonnie walked him around the apartment and to his little room. She tried to amuse him with little sing-songs and his favorite toys, many of which she had given him. But Sammy was still fussing. She decided he must be hungry. She walked to the fridge where Donna had said she would find a bottle of milk she had pumped earlier in the day. 

Cuckold Indian Hotwife First Adventure

This is a true story. This is the story of the first cuckolding experience in my life (which was 100% provoked by my husband!). This will tell you how I became a “hotwife”, as you may call it. I’m a 37 year old married woman from Kolkata, India. I’m married for last 16+ years & I have 2 kids too. I’m quite fare, beautiful, attractive and I look much younger than my actual age. I think I’m a bit voluptuous. But, my husband says there is more of me to love. And, I know guys love everything about me. I have 36D firm ****, 30” waist & 38” jumbo buttocks. I have large, dark brown, succulent nipples. I have sexy hazel eyes and dense shining hair like a fairy queen. People always told me that I have a very hot, seductive body & an angel-like innocent face. I know why all men considered me as treat for their eyes, ever since I became 19-20. And I always cherished & relished being watched, ogled & longed by those lusty eyes. But, I have been a good girl throughout:-)

When I got married I assumed that for the rest of life I would be with only one man - my husband. For many years it was this way and we enjoyed a normal yet boring married life. We had flirted with the idea of bringing in a third person to spice up our sex a bit and explore swinging, but it never really amounted to anything.

During February 2007, when I shifted to a new city (named Bhubaneswar) something incredible happened, which changed my life forever. After about 11 years of blissful marriage, my husband decided that we should bring in some other person in our bedroom to take our sexual exploration to the next level. Obviously, I was completely against bringing in another woman because I was not sure how I would feel seeing my husband buried deep inside another woman. To my utter surprise, my husband looked happy about my decision and immediately suggested bringing home another man instead! I had never even thought of this as an option figuring that my husband would be equally as uncomfortable seeing another man **** me as I would be seeing him **** another woman. I was totally surprised by this suggestion and was not very comfortable with the idea of sharing my body with someone else. We talked about it for a while and I told him I wanted to think about it. After a few days I was warming up to the idea and eventually decided that I would sacrifice my body to another man to please my husband. I told we could do it and that if he could find a willing suitor I would allow myself to be taken.

I Love Being Spanked By My Wife

Enjoying Breastfeeding To Old Age Uncle 

Since my baby was born eight months ago at the age of 23 years and my sex life has taken a turn for the worse. My husband doesn't seem very interested, other than an occasional quickie, which leaves me feeling low, not wanted and sexually frustrated. I have worked hard to get myself back in shape and I think I have succeeded very well. The only difference in my body, compared to pre-pregnancy, is the fact that my breasts are much larger and full of milk. I am still breast feeding my baby once a day. The only problem is that I have a surplus of milk and have to express some daily. To me, though, my **** look fantastic. They are large, firm and my nipples are huge and always look swollen and erect. It turns me on no end and they feel extra sensitive and sensual. My husband, however, doesn't seem to like them for some reason and moans at me when my nipples poke through my clothes. He thinks it looks disgusting. I think it looks hot and so very sexy.

Anyway, there I was feeling frustrated when my next door Uncle called on me one morning. This Uncle was my Mother's cousin brother. He was 56 years old. He's a decent bloke and, while we chatted, I couldn't help but notice that he was fascinated by my breasts. He seemed unable to keep his eyes off them. I suppose I couldn't really blame him as my nipples were firm and showing through my thin t-shirt..I also hadn't realized that my nipples were slightly leaking milk and there were two damp patches on my t-shirt. When I glanced down I eventually saw this and felt embarrassed. I mumbled something about having too much milk. He looked at me and said, "Lucky baby."

Indian Wife and Her College Friend

We're Varun and Shriya, a married couple living in the USA. We're originally from Chennai, India. Shriya is a typical tamil Brahmin girl: very fair and very curvy, with fat in all the right places. Though she comes from a conservative family, she is very modern in her outlook and is dynamite in bed. She has lots of values, and I knew she would never cheat on me.

One day she told me that a friend of hers was coming to our city for some work, and asked whether he could stay with us during that time. We did have a spare bedroom that wasn't getting used, so that presented no problem for us. When I asked who the friend was, she told me it was Sriram. He was her friend from college and I knew he had a crush on her. They were very close, even though she had said no when he had proposed. 

Now hearing that this was the guy, I was a little apprehensive. This must have shown on my face, because Shriya asked me if I was thinking about the old college stuff. She said all that is ancient history and that they actually hadn't talked in some time. This settled me and I said sure, let him come.

So the day came when he arrived. Unlike me, he had obviously kept himself in shape. With a beard, he was pulling off the rugged look quite well. His tight tee shirt accentuated his muscles. We exchanged pleasantries and sat down, talking while Shriya went to get us coffee. Shriya had dressed nicely since she knew he was coming. She had on a semi transparent saree with a low neck blouse. I saw his eyes follow her as she walked away.

The Cuckold Life

Priyanka Kulkarni opened her web cam and also accepted the invitation from Zoheb Khan to see his web cam. She had been chatting with Zoheb on Yahoo messenger for quite some time and had finally accepted to show herself on the webcam after lot of requests from Zoheb. Priyanka's husband Amol was sitting beside her and watched nervously as his wife chatted with Zoheb. He was the one who had started it all and was wondering if this was in control now.

Amol was 28 and Priyanka was 22. They both worked in Software and lived in Mumbai. Right from initial days of their marriage, Amol had fantasy of being cuckolded by his wife with some other man. He had shared this fantasy with Priyanka and initially Priyanka had just laughed it off. But when Amol kept harping on it, finally she had agreed to give it a chance. Amol had chatted with various men in Yahoo messenger public chat rooms and finally had struck up friendship with Zoheb. 

Zoheb was a businessman and he lived in Powai. He was 34 and a divorcee. He was quite rich and handsome in every way. Initially Amol had chatted with Zoheb for some time. And after lot of convincing on her husband's part, Priyanka had started to chat with Zoheb. They had chatted for some time now.

Initially they had just chatted but soon they started talking on the voice call facility of Yahoo Messenger. Initially their talk had been mostly platonic and there was no mention of her husband's fantasy. But Priyanka knew that someday there would be mention of that. That was the whole point behind the talk in the first place. But she was hoping that Zoheb would bring the subject rather than her.

"So Priyanka, how are you?" She could see on the web cam that Zoheb was sitting on the bed.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Megan's Milk and More

Megan was brushing her brown hair as she prepared to head out to the mall. It was one of her friends' birthdays soon and she needed to buy her a gift. 

Megan is a young lady, now 21, living with her older sister, her husband John, and their baby Bradley. She had always been self-conscious about her body and appearance as she was not blonde like her older sister and was not blessed with large enough breasts to compare to her. She was filling in the right places though due to her many visits to the gym, and thanks to John, her lactating breasts had gone from a B cup from when they met, to a D. 

She had the past of having found John hot when they first met and wondered about his and her older sister's sex life. Little did she know that upon sneaking in a peek at them one night, that they were an adult nursing couple. She watched lustfully through the ajar opening of their bedroom door as John slurped and suckled Madison's large breasts and pink nipples. It moistened her womanhood and made her own nipples erect just watching, until of course her noises at the door revealed her clandestine watching. 

After some time of being fully interested and involved with their play, she convinced John that she wanted to give him what her older sister was giving him too, so they induced. John would suckle Megan 3 times a day and along with her bra size increase came her natural nectar of nourishment. After some time, she realized that she had to cool down with John as she almost got a pregnancy scare after them fucking unproctected after one nursing session. 

My Indian Maid Arrives in Delhi

It was almost eight months since Sunita had arrived in the capital on New Year's Eve. She had been staying with her cousin Ram and his wife Anu in their two bedrooms flat, having taken a while to get used to the luxury of her 'own' room. The city itself had been an amazing experience for her; the crowds, the traffic, the hustle and bustle of everyday living, the shops, the sights, the many acquaintances and friends that could be made, the beggars, the entrepreneurs, the vendors, the very life. 

Delhi, in Sunita's mind, was a living thriving 5000 year old city whose origins could be tracked back to the ancient Indian text of The Mahabharata. She had soaked in this cultural, and almost religious, significance absorbing the history and culture at a scale so vast and so grand. She was always glad about having left the village to come out into the world. She spent the first few weeks travelling all over the city, taking public transport buses to the Red Fort in Old Delhi, the Qutab Minar at the southern end; she walked along the tree lined avenues of residential locations surrounding Lutyen's Delhi and down Raj Path where the Republic Day parade took place every January; she took the Metro to a station near one of the posh suburbs in South Delhi and walked along the service lanes; she visited markets in places like Connaught Circus and Karol Bagh, saw street vendors sitting outside air-conditioned shops in Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar; stared out of the window when the buses drove past grand Five Star luxury hotels like the Taj and the Maurya; walked down the chaotic Pahargunj labyrinths opposite the main railway station; she had lived through the winter and the summer and the monsoon already. 

But very soon after Sunita's arrival, her sense of responsibility goaded her towards the need to find a job, however small, so she could contribute to the household expenses; Ram and Anu had been very hospitable and generous, never once mentioning the obvious financial burden that she must have added to. Initially she tried to help out at Ram's motorcycle repair shop just below their rooms but realised she wasn't being of much assistance beyond bringing glasses of tea for some of Ram's friends who visited or came to get their bikes fixed. She asked around some of the neighbouring shops if they needed an extra hand but none of them were willing to pay for help, least of all a woman who wouldn't be able to do any menial or physical work. She tried to take tuitions for school going children but their parents couldn't really afford to pay. 

Two Couples Swapping

"Have you ever considered having sex with someone, while your partner has sex with someone else in the same room?"

This was a question which had been asked by a couple that we had been friendly with for a number of years. Once I had replied, the conversation seemed to end. Three of us were about the same age, with only my husband being older. Knowing how my craving for sex and the need to experiment over the past few years had increased, I could only think that they were now experiencing the same need. 

It would take another few months before we saw them again. 

We invited them over for dinner and as I wanted to know some answers, I slipped a little cannabis oil into the food. It worked. The four of us were seated across from one another at the table and while we ate dessert, I asked them what had being on my mind over the past few months.

"So, did you guys ever get to swop partners yet?" I asked.

"Not yet," Rob answered, looking at Sarah.

"We are still discussing it," Sarah said, beginning to blush.

"We are the same. When we do it, I want the guy to cum inside of me, which means that we need to know that he is free of any STDs and I need to be on the pill, or he needs to have had a vasectomy," I said.

"Which limits our candidates," Steve added.

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