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Our Sex Life: The Beggining

My Wife Tanya And I Have Been Married For Over 6years, We Are A Guwahati based Couple; Tanya Is A School Teacher And I Work In A Bank, Our Initial Married Life Was Outstanding, Though It Was An Arranged Marriage We Instantly Clicked And Got Along Pretty Well Especially When It Comes To Sex, We Are Very Open To One Another, More Like Best Friends And We Share Everything About Us In Our Day To Day Life And About Our Past, When We Get Home From Our Respective Work Places We Would Relax At Home And Chat About How Our Day Went, We Talk And Discuss About Everything And Everything.
Tanya Is An Average Looking Lady But With Assets To Die For And She Does Turn Heads When She Dress Up To Impress :)
Our First Night Was Just Out Of This World, She Really Knows How And Where I Want Her And This Made Me So Happy; I Thought To Myself (My Sex Life Is Gonna Be Great). We Did Everything And Anything We Could Think Of As A Couples In Bed And After A Few Weeks Into Our Married Life I Started To Wonder How Was She So Good In Bed And Where She Had Learned All The Skills That Made Her Know Exactly What A Man Wants, So I Started Asking Her About Her Past Life (Which Was Actually The Start Of Our Bonding As A Couple). What She Said Broke My Heart: She Has Had Past Experience And Has Had Sexual Encounters With One Of Her Past Boyfriend, She Had Watched Pornographic Movies With Him And Acted Them Out;

This Upsets Me And I Was Furious As I Was A Virgin Before I Met Her, She's My First And The Only Woman I Had Sexual Encounters With; Yes I Have Kissed and Touched Other Girls In The past But Never Had Sex, For A Few Weeks I Couldn't Look At Her Nor Speak To Her But When Night Comes We Would Still Indulge In Sexual Activities Even Without Speaking A Word And For Me It Was Like Aggressive Sex, I Would Be Really Rough On Her And Just Take Out The Frustration, I Could Tell She Was Hurt Emotionally And Physical As well But She Took It With The Thought That If That’s What I Want, That’s What She'll Give Me (Her objective Was To Keep Me Happy And Make It Up To Me The Best Way She Can) And Sex Was The One Thing That I Couldn't Get Enough Of. Finally; She Couldn't Take The Emotional Torture No More And Just Broke Into Tears One Night While I Was Pumping It In Her Mouth, Calling Her Names (*****, **** , ***** etc etc......) I Made Her Swallow All Of My ***, Then It Made Me Feel Bad Seeing Her Cry So After Weeks Of Not Speaking To Her And Not Looking Her In The Eye I Looked Into Her Eyes And Asked Her What The Matter Was And If I Had Hurt Her Too Much. She Cried And Said What She Did In The Past Was Foolish Of Her, She Was Young And Was Easily Manipulated And Tricked By Her Past Boyfriend Who She Though Truly Loved Her And Was Going To Spend The Rest Of His Life With Her, She Would Have Changed The Past If She Could But What Is Done Is Done And It Was Pointless To Live Life This Way, She Would Rather Die, She Told Me That There Are Things That She Had Never Done With Anyone Else But Me; (She Has Never Had Anal Sex, She Has Never Swallowed ***, She Has Never Licked *******, I Was The First For Her At These) And She Is Willing To Give Me More Of Whatever I Want. All This Made Me Feel Bad, I Started To Looked At Things From Her Perspective And Felt Bad for Treating Her The Way I Did So I Apologized And Explained Myself Which She Perfectly Understood And Forgave Me.

After We Had A Really Good Sex Session Again With Both Of Us Showing So Much Love, Being A Holiday The Next Day, I Told Her Lets Sleep In The Next Day And Tonight We Stay Awake As Long As We Can And Talk About It, We Needed To Work On This And Both Be Happy With One Another, So We did, After A While We Got comfy And I Began To Wonder If He Was Better Than Me So I Asked Her To Which She Obviously Said I Am By Far Better :)

My Mind Began To Visualize Her with This Guy And I Wanted To Know The Details I Requested Her To Tell Everything Just As It Happened I Needed To Know, She Was Hesitant At First But Insisted And Promised Her That I Would Not React The Way I Did This Time Like She Said The Past Is the Past. So She Started To Narrate Stories Of The Times She Spent with This Guy And For Some Reason While Listening And Visualizing About Her Stories It Turned Me On And I Got Excited, I Even Confessed To Her That Now Its Starting To Excite Me I Don't Know Why And I Would Tease Her About It, We Were Back To Our Happy In Bed State.

But As Years Passed Our Sex Life Started To Become Routine And Sometimes We Couldn't Have Sex For A Week Or So For Some Reason Or The Other, Even We Could If Was Just Quickies, More Like Slam Bam Thank You Man/Sir. So Almost 6years Into Our Marriage We Started Discussing About Celebrating Our 6th Anniversary In A Way That It Would Revive Our Sex Life, We Started Planning About A Little Get Away, Living In A Small Town Was Not Easy As People Know People And People Talk So We Thought It Would Be A Good Idea If We Visit A Near But Refreshing Location Out Of Town Just The Two Of Us Just Hit The Road No Plans On What To Do Or Expect Just Get Away From Family (We Live In A Joint Family) And The Kids For A Few Days, Take Time For Ourselves But As Our Funds Were Limited And Time Was Running Out We Had To Make Quick Easy And Inexpensive Plans. And After Much Thought And Research And Planning We Hit The Road And Traveled To Meghalaya (A Beautiful State In North East India). It Was About 3Hours Drive From Where We Lived And The Drive Was Amazing, The Hills And The Plains, The Mountains The Water Falls And The Most Awesome Was The Weather, It was Cool And Calm, Not Too Hot Not Too Cold.

We Arrived And Checked In Our Hotel Room At About 10am And The Moment We Got In The Hotel Room I Got Horny And Ideas Crept Up; There’s Just Something About Hotel Rooms For Me, I Guess It’s The Thought That Someone Else Had Been Here, Slept In That Bed And Did What Not, I Could Just Smell A Scent Of Sex In The Room, We Started Unpacking And I Did Grabbed Her *** And Teased Her While She Was At It, I Was In A Playful Mood. Once Settled, She Hit The Shower And I Couldn’t Help It Any Hotel Room Seems Like A Sex Room To Me, Who Knows How Many People Has Had Wild Sex In The Room, So I Got Naked And Laze Around, I Checked The Windows, The Bed, The Chairs The Tables And Tried To Visualize What People Must Have Done There, Then I Laid On The Bed And Switched On The TV And Browse Through The Hotel Menu And Service Brochure Found A Lot Of Interesting Stuffs And Ideas, Then I Took Out The Handy Cam And Started Filming The Room Waiting For Tanya To Come Out Of The Bathroom,  The Moment She Came Out I Started Filming Her, Grabbed The Towel  Away From Her Sexy Body And Just t Admired Her Assets While Filming Her, We End Up Having Such A Good Sex Session And Got It On Video It Was So Hot I Go Crazy Everytime I Looked At It. Then I Hit The Shower And When I Was Done At About 1pm. We Got Dressed And Decided To check Out The Nearby Area And Do A little Shopping And Lunch Outside. While Out I Made Her Wear Pretty Tight Pants And A Top Which Would Barely Cover Her ***, I Noticed Men Glancing Down Her *** And It Turned Me On And For Some Reason I Started Imagining What Tanya’s Past Boyfriend Must Have Thought when He Looked At Her *** And While Grabbing It When They Were Together. Then After Walking Around Doing A little Shopping We went For Lunch At A Nice Restaurant On Entering I Noticed A Young Guy Eating Alone And He Was Staring Right At Tanya’s *** The Moment We Entered, I Looked At Him And He Nervously Turned Away, I Chose A Table Just In Front Of Him And Made Tanya Sit On The Chair With Her Back To Him And I Was Facing Him. While Waiting For Our Lunch I Looked Out The Window And We Could See People Going About Their Busy Life If We Bend Over A Bit So I Asked Tanya To Standup And Bend Over To See The People selling Some Stuffs Down The Street, I Just Wanted Her To Show Her *** To The Guy And The Moment She Stood Up Her Chair And Bend Over As Expected The Guy Starred At Her *** In A Lustful Way, I Was Excited And Smiled At Him, Seeing Me Smiled He Returned Smile But Still Nervous Then I Gave A Pat At Tanya’s *** Cheeks So To Encourage Him, Tanya Was Surprised And Questioned Why I Did That In Public, I Told Her About The Guy And She Was Embarrass And Didn’t Want To Move, Then I Told Her About My Imaginations Lately And How I Am Starting To Love The Thought Of Other Men Admire Her Assets (Not Any Guy Though, Some Guys Made Me Furious When They Look At Her, Don’t Know Why)  She Was Shocked But Later Admits That She Has Heard Of Some Guys Being That Way (A Colleague Of Her Told Her About Her Husband Sometime Back, On How He Like To Take Nude Pictures Of Her Without Showing Her Face And Shows Them To His Friends, Their Comments Turned Him On And That’s All There Is To It, They Go No Further). At Which Point I Asked Her How Would She Feel About Baring Herself To Another Man, She Just Smiled And Says She Never Thought About It And It Doesn’t Turn Her On At The Moment But If Its What I Want Then She Would Be Willing To Do Whatever I Want Her To As Long As It Makes Me Happy, Doesn’t Effect Our Relationship And Most Of All If It Is Safe; Then And Only Then.  All The While I Could See The Guy On The Other Table Kept Taking Glance At Us Perhaps With The Hope That He Might Get Some More Views Of My Wife’s ***, It Also So Happens That The Restaurant Was Very Quite No Other People Around So I Asked Tanya To Turned To Him And Just Give Him A Smile, She Hesitated As She Didn’t Want To Create Negative Attention And Unnecessarily Get In Trouble But I Told Her I Can Tell We Won’t Get In Trouble And It Would Make Me Very Happy, So She Did And Instantly I Could See He Got Really Nervous And Maybe Felt A Little Ashamed (I Could Tell he Was A Nice Decent Guy Though He Was Staring At Tanya’s *** Lustfully) . He Got Up His Chair In The Middle Of His Meal And Went To The Gent’s Room And I Immediately Followed Him,  He Was Washing His Hands After Taking A Leak I Guess When I Entered, I Said Hello And Introduced Myself And Told Him That We Are Tourist And Would Sure Love To Get To Know People Here And Requested He Join Us At Our Table, He Got Comfy With My Friendliness And Introduce Himself, His Name Is Arthur (Name Changed) But He Wasn’t Ready To Joined Us, He Felt Shy To Face Tanya Knowing That She Knows He Checked Out Her ***, So I Didn’t Want To Make Him Uncomfy And Just Requested Him To Meet Me Later Or Tomorrow Whenever He Is Free So As To Give Us A Local’s Guide To Exploring The City, He Agreed And We Exchanged Phone Numbers And He Left After His Meal Saying Good Bye To Us But Wasn’t Looking At Tanya In The Eyes.

After We Had Our Lunch We Went Back To Our Hotel Room To Settle In The Stuffs That We Bought And Decided To Just Take A Stroll Around The Town And Look Around, As We Were Walking It Got As There Wasn’t Much To See In The Area (It Was A Shopping Area) So I Called Arthur And Asked Him Where We could Go For The Evening,  He Suggested Ward’s Lake Its Walkable Distance From Where We Stayed And We Could Just Relax There, He Guided The Way Over The Phone And  We Found The Place With Ease, It Was Really Relaxing, We Took A Good Walk, Boat Ride And Fed The Fishes And Soon It Was Getting Dark, Our First Day Was Just To Relax And Connect With The Place And The  Atmosphere , We Left The Lake And I Wanted To Shop For Some Hot Lingerie For Tanya So I Can Enjoy Her In Them For The Night But It Was Embarrassing To Ask Just Anyone About Lingerie Shops Around Town So I Called Arthur Again And He Again Guided Us Over The Phone Giggling And Smiling Away As He Spoke And Suddenly Bumped Into Him, I Teased Him Saying He Was Afraid Of Us Not Telling Us That He Was IN The Area, We Could Just Meet Up And He Could Take Us, He Just Smile Not Knowing What To Say Then To My Surprise Tanya Grabbed Him By His Hand And Dragged Him With Us Saying This Will Be A Punishment For Him For Not Taking Us Personally, He Had To Come With Us For Tanya’s Lingerie Shopping, I Was Surprise To See Tanya’s Action But Was None The Less Excited About It. We Reached The Shop And There Were Quite A Lot Of Sexy Hot Lingerie Collections, I Selected The Hottest And Sexiest One I Could Finds And Made Arthur Select A Few Too, After The Shopping I Requested Arthur To Join Us For A Drink IN Our Hotel Room But He Politely Refused Saying It Was Getting Late For Him As he Has Things To Do So We Let Him Be And We Moved On
To Taking A Walk Around The Area Till We Reached Our Hotel, It Was About 7:30pm The Night Was Still Young But Shillong Doesn’t Have Must Night Life Especially On Week Days Even Week Ends Night Life Seems To Be So Limited (Not Much Difference From Our Home Town When It Comes To Night Life). So We Ended Up At Our Hotel Room Having Some Expensive Wine And Just Relax And Chat About Things To Do, I Ask Tanya If She Was Upset About Our Trip As There Wasn’t Much To Do But She Responded With A Smile And Says She Didn’t Expect Anything Besides Just Being Together Just The Two Of Us, She Wasn’t Much Into Sight Seeing Or Stuffs Like That, We Can Do That When We Come Back With The Family Some Other Time, To Which  I Said So To You This Vacation Is About Having Sex, She Smiled And Said You Can Says That, She Said She Wanted To Do What We Did When We Just Got Married Having Sex All Night Every Night In Every Way We Could Possibly Think Of, This Made Me Happy And We Just Went Right At It, I Took Out My Camera Set It Up And Again Got Our All Night Action On Video, Its Was Amazing, She Modeled The New Lingerie For Me After Our Hot Sex Session To Get Me Ready For Another And I Filmed Her Sexy Pose And Walks, We Bought Almost 20 Pairs Of Lingerie That Day And She Says She Bought As Much Because This Vacation Is About Sex So Whatever We Do Will Have Something To Do With Our Sex Life, That’s How She Wants It.  Out Of The 20pairs About 5 or 6 Were Arthur’s Choice, I Asked Her To Put Them On And Asked Her If She Would Like To Model For Him Since They Were Her Selection To Which She Said She Would Be Alright With It If It Makes Me Happy And If It Wouldn’t Bother Me. As She Walked And Pose On Them I Asked Her How Would She Feel And What She Would Do If He Was Here To See Her, If He Would Touch And Grab Her *** And Boobs As She Walks. She Suddenly Seems Turned On By The Thought So I Pretended To Be Him And She Seemed Pleased And We Spoke Dirty, It Was So Much Fun For Both Of Us And I Was Surprise To See This Side Of Her So I Asked Her Seriously If She Would Be Ok With Arthur Seeing Her In That State And Nude Aswell, She Thought For A While Again Said; “If It Makes Me Happy” But I Want You To Be Happy Too I Said, Lets Be Happy With Arthur She Says, I Got Turned ON And ****** Her Like Hell That Night With The Thought That Arthur Was Joining Me In ******* Her I Was So Turned On I Wanted To Call Him Then And There So While Going At It With Slow Rhythm I Sent SMS to Arthur Asking If He Was Still Awake And If It Would Be Ok To Call Him, It Was Almost 11pm And He Responded Instantly With A Positive So I Asked Tanya To Call Him And Just Talk About Anything, Just Ask Him Stuffs About Anything For Talk Sake, We Called Him While I Was Still ******* Her In Slow Rhythm Tanya Asked Him About Local Food Items And What Not I Didn’t Pay Attention To, I Was Just Turned On By The Fact That A Man Was On The Phone With Her While I **** Her, I Wanted Him To Know I Was ******* Her And We’re Letting Him Listen To Us ****, I Increased My Strokes And Started To Make Her Moan Then I Shouted “Arthur Tanya Is Wearing The Lingerie U Chose For Her Right Now And I’m ******* Her While She Speaks To You, You Imagine That And Tell Me What You Think, Tanya Got Embarrassed And Hanged Up The Phone, We Just Continued ******* And Having A Good Time All Night And Fell Asleep Before We Know It.

The Next Morning I Woke Up At 5am, Tanya Was Still Fast Asleep, I Took My Camera With Me And Went For A Walk, Left A Note For Tanya ”Went For A Walk, Be Back In A While”. Then I SMS Arthur Asking If He Was Up Or Still In Bed, He Was Already Up So I Called And Asked Him Where I Could Go For Talking Good Pictures In The Morning, I Wanted To Capture Some Good Shots Of Meghalaya’s Beauty In The Morning  (It Was Just An Excuse To Get Him To Meet Me, I Wasn’t Interested In Photography) He Suggested Some Places But Told Me It Would Be Difficult To Get A Taxi To Take Me Around Places Around That Time, Ofcourse Taxis Were Available But The  Charges Will be Unreasonable, I Asked If He Knows A Way I Could Do That That Morning As I Have Other Plans For The Next,  I Could Tell He Was Willing To Help But Perhaps He Was Feeling Shy To Face Tanya After What Happened Over The Phone Last Night, So I Told Him I Was Alone And Tanya Was Still Asleep In The Hotel Room And I Have To Friends Here To Help Me, At That Point He Agreed To Come And Told Me To Stay Where I Am, He Was On His Way, he Came With His Car, Picked Me Up And Took Me To Some Pretty Good Locations For Photography (I couldn’t Remember The Place’s names As My Mind Was Else Where).  He Was So Kind Enough To Bring Some Home Made Breakfast Aswell For Us And While I Was Having It In His Car I Showed Him Tanya’s Videos Where She Lingerie Modeled For Me. He Was Excited I Could Tell But Was Trying Hard To Hide His Interest To Watch The Videos, So I Told Him About The Reason Of Our Trip And Also Told Him About Our Entire Sex Life, For Some Reason I Felt Comfort In Him And I Explained To Him The Importance Of Good Sex In Married Life And That He Would Be Doing Us Both A Great Favor If He Would Help Us Out In This, He Told Me I Was Crazy And That There Are Many Other Ways For Married Couples To Reconnect On Their Sexual Life Without Having A Third Person In The Picture. I Told Him About Our Past And How Tanya Had Been With Another Guy Before Me But That Doesn’t Bother Me More As It Did Initially Infact Now I Felt Left Out, I Felt It Would Have Been A Different Thing If She Slept With Someone Else But With Me Being Present, Her Past Felt Like She Was Having Fun With Me & Left Me Out. I Could Visualize The Scenes Of Their Intimate Times And I Want To Be In It That’s Why I Guess The Thought Of Acting It Out Again With Him (Arthur) Pretending To Be Tanya’s Past Boyfriend And The Three Of Us Act It Out Together Might Help Me Get Some Peace On The Matter And Not Felt Left Out Anymore, Arthur Was Silent For A While  Then Said He Would Have To Think About It. Then We Drove Back To The Hotel, On The Way I Found Out A Lot About Arthur And He Is A Nice Guy Though Much Younger To Us Yet He Is Someone I Would Love To Have Good Friendship With; Sex Apart.

We Reached The Hotel at almost 8am, I Insisted Arthur To Come Up To Our Room And Give The Homemade Breakfast That He Brought Personally To Tanya, She Would Really Appreciate It I Said, Maybe Its Was Because He Was Feeling Bad About Turning Down Our Request Again And Again Or The Thought Of Seeing Tanya Again He Agreed And Came, On The Way Up I Called Tanya And Informed Of His Visit (I Spoke In Our Local Language Which I Was Sure he Didn’t Understand) Told Her To Put On Some Sexy Outfit Which Would Be Easy To Reveal Her Assets Slowly, Wanted To Take It Slow So It Doesn’t Scare Him Off, I Told Her To Keep The Door Open And Pretend You Weren’t Expecting To See Him. Then I Told Him That I Called Her To Open The Door But didn’t tell Her That He Is Coming, On Reaching The Room Tanya Was In The Bathroom And Arthur Sat On The Chair Next To The Bed Then I Called Out For Tanya And Telling Her That I Brought Breakfast, She Immediately Came Out Wearing A Sexy See-through String Night Gown Which Covered Just About 7 to 8 inches From Her Waist Down, Her *** Could Easily Be Seen With Just A Slight Bend Forward And Wore One Of The Bra Ant Panty The Arthur Selected They Were Easily Seen Through The Gown, She Pretended To be Surprise To See Him, Shook His Hand And Gave Him A Kiss On The Cheek  Which Was A Big Surprise To Me As She Doesn’t Do That At All, I Was Happy To See Her Happy About It And Enjoying It As Much As I Do, Arthur Gave Her The Breakfast And Complimented On Her Saying You Look So Beautiful Madam, On Hearing His Compliment I Encouraged Her To Flirt And Tease Him A Little But It Didn’t Take Much Encouragement She Was At It, She Knows What To Do And It Turned Me On even More,  She Asked Him Arthur Why Were You Looking At My *** At The Restaurant? Terry (That’s Me) Told You Were Staring At My *** The Moment We Entered The Restaurant, Arthur Turned Red, He Was Blushing And Was Speechless Then Tanya Bend Over The Bed Her Back Towards Him As If To Grab The Packet Of Homemade Breakfast He Brought For Us Revealing He Juicy *** Wearing The G-String Panty He Had Chosen, His Eyes Grew Big I Could See His **** Starting To Grow Under His Pajamas, It Was Difficult For Him To Hide As He Was Wearing Pajamas But He Kept Trying To Look Away Only Taking Short Looks At Her Yummy ***, Tanya Asked Me In Our Own Language Where She Should Draw The Line And What I Wanted Her To Do, I Told Her To Just Go With The Flow And That There Are No Lines If He Wanted To **** Her Then Let Him, Me And Him We Both Will **** Her This Morning. Arthur Apologies And Said He Will Take Leave Now But Tanya Comforted Him Saying She Wasn’t Angry Else She Wouldn’t Show Him Now Either Then She Grabbed His Hands, Placed Them On Her *** Cheeks And Said You Can Look All You Want Now But First Tell Me Why Do You Look If You Have A Good Reason Then Its All Yours To Play, He Looked At Me At That Point, I Was Lying On The Bed Looking At Them And Gave Him A Wink So To Give Him A Go Ahead On Whatever He Wants To Do. Then He Said I Was Looking Because It Looks Good And It Looks Yummy If I Could Grab It, Slap It, Lick It, Kiss It And **** It But That Doesn’t Mean That he Should do That, Guys Like To Stare At Girl’s *** He Says That’s All (He Was Still Trying To Be The Decent Guy He Is) . At That Point I Had To Join In And Take It To The Next Level, I Wanted Him To See All Of Her And Enjoy every Inch Of Her Body So I Stood Up From The Bed Caught Hold Of Tanya And Started French Kissing Her Pushing Her Towards Him And Made Her Sit On His Lap, Poor Arthur Didn’t Know What To Do, I Took Off Her Night Gown And Turned Her Face To His And Made Them Kiss It Was So Hot So Watch My Loving Wife French Kiss Another Man, Then I Pushed The Chair He Was Sitting On Towards The Bed While They Were On It Kissing Each Other, I Got Back On The Bed Took My Clothes Off And Laid On The Bed Then I Grabbed Tanya By The Back Of Her Neck And Made Her Suck My ****, Her *** Was Bend Over As She Was Standing At The Side Of The Bed Working On My ****, Arthur Was Enjoying The View Of Her ***, I Took Off Her Bra And Asked Arthur To Take Off Her Panty If He Wants , He Did And Then Buried His Head In Between Her *** Cheeks Licking And Kissing And Sucking On Her ***, It Was Great Excitement for Me To Watch Another Man Working On My Lovely Wife’s Bottom While She Works On My ****. OHHHHHH It Was So Good I Wanted Them To Feel Good Too So I Asked Arthur To Lie On The Bed Asked Tanya To ***** Him Off Slowly While Playing With Him And Build The Excitement For All Of Us, She Laid On Top Of Him Locking Lips With Him And Slowly Kissing Him Down To His Neck, Chest, Tummy, Navel And Down To His **** While Undressing Him In The Process, I Grabbed My Camera And Filmed This Exciting Event, Finally When He Got Totally Naked I Turned Tanya  So They Would Be In 69 Position With Her On Top, I Watched And Filmed Arthur Licking And Sucking  Tanya’s ***** And Tanya Giving Him A Good Blow Job, It Was So Hot I Had To Join, I Didn’t Know What To Do As This Was My First Time Sharing My Lovely And We’ve Never Really Discussed About A *********, It Just Happened, I Looked At Tanya With So Much Love I Knew She Was Enjoying It Doing It For Me Our For Her Own Pleasure I Don’t Know, All I Know Was That Another Man Was Touching Her And I Wasn’t Left Out, I Was There To Hold Her Hand And Give Her Love, There Was So Much Love For Her At That Point And I Got On My Knees At The Bottom Of The Bed Looked Her In The Eye Stopped Her And Said I LOVE YOU BABY, I Asked Her If She Like Having Arthur Sucked On Her *****, She Said She Was Loving It But Would Stop It I Wants To Stop, I Said I Am Happy That She Is Happy And I Love It That We Are Doing It Together, We Kissed Intimately While She Was Still Holding Arthur’s **** In Her Hand, Then When We Let Go I Took Arthur’s **** And Put It On Her Lips Again, At That Point When I Was Gonna Stand Up And Get Back To My Camera (I Wanted To Film Arthur Sucking Her ***** From Close Angle) She Grabbed The Back Of My Neck, Pulled Me Towards Her Lips And Kiss Me With Arthur’s **** In Between Our Lips, I Moved Away, I Was Shocked And Was Disgusted With The Thought That I Just Touched A Man’s **** With My Lips, Tanya Got Scared I Could Tell At This Point And Tried To Stand Up And Stop It All But Arthur Was Really Going At Her ***** And Squeezing Her ***, I Then Came Back To My Knees And Asks Her In A Soft Tone What Was She Thinking When She Did That, She Cried And Said She Thought I Wanted To Do Things Together, Seeing Her Cry I Felt Bad And Don’t Know What Got Into Me I Ask Her Do You Really Want me To Do That, She Said Yes She Doesn’t Know Why But Thought Of Us Doing That Together Really Made Her Feel Loved By Me, Then Something Got Into Me And We Both Started Sucking On Arthur’s ****, We Were Kissing Each Other’s Lips, Then Sucking Arthur’s ****, Licking His Balls And We Were Really Going At It Like Mad. It Caught Arthur By Surprise, He Was Shocked That I Sucked His ****, He Was Going To Say Something Or Stopped What We Were Doing But Tanya Started Really Rubbing Her ***** In His Face, He Got So Much Excited And Lost It, He Lost Control And Started Sucking On Her *** Hole Like Mad. It Was Such A Wild Crazy Dirty Sex We Had That Morning. Tanya Wanted My **** In Her ***** So I Immediate Went Around And Shove My **** In Her ***** With Arthur Still Under Her, He Didn’t Like This I Guess He Was Not Ready To Feel My Balls On His Face, He Shouted I’m ******* I’m ******* Please Get Off Of Me But He Never Came At That Point, We Understood And Didn’t Want To Force Anything On Him So I Made Tanya Lie Down And Ask Arthur To **** Her *****, I Had Her Head On My Thigh And She Sucked My **** While Arthur ****** Her ***** And I Watched Him Do It, Arthur’s **** Wasn’t Big I Think It About Be Under inches But He Really Knows How To Use It I Could See It In Tanya’s Eyes She Was Really Enjoying His **** In Her ***** And Later she Told Me That he Also Had His Finger Up Her *** While First Sucking And Later While *******  Her ***** Also. Finally Arthur Came Like A Never Ending Wave Of *** In ***** (We Did Make Him Wear A Condom) And Instantly At That Very Moment I Came In Tanya’s Mouth We Both Were So Exhausted Both Tanya Still Had To Go For More, So We Made Her Lie Spread Eagle And Both Arthur And Me Started Sucking And Fingering In ***** Till She Came And All The While We Were Both Swallowing Her ***.

It Was A Good Start I Thought And With That We All Took A Quick Bath And Arthur Took Leave From Us And Went Back Home. We End Up Staying At The Hotel All Day Naked Watching The Videos We Filmed And Talked About What We Liked And Didn’t Like About The Experience And Ways To Improve And Bring In More Pleasure And Bonding For Us.

More Sex Sessions Happened On This Trip With Our Dear Friend Arthur Which I Would Be Glad To Narrate If Anyone Would Like To Hear And Also Ever Since That Incident Tanya Had Showed Her Love To Me With FFM ********* Sex On My Birthday Last Year. Now Our Sex Life Is Always On An All Time High And We Both Love ********* Be It MMF Or FFM.

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