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Sexy Milky Sisters

Donna was dashing around her apartment pulling herself to together for her big date. As she ran from room to room fixing her hair, putting on her carefully selected outfit, her older sister Bonnie stood holding Donna's six-month old baby boy. 

"You have my cell number. Try not to call, but call if you have to," Donna said as she flew from the bathroom to her bedroom closet. 

"Okay," said Bonnie as she jiggled the baby and cooed at his smiling face.

"I should be home by eleven. But who knows, I might get lucky!" Donna made a face and continued, "But even if I do, I'll be home for the two o'clock feeding. 

Donna was pulling on a pair of spike heels, "fuck me heels", Bonnie thought. Donna stood in front of the full-length mirror regarding her now-finished outfit and her figure, which was rapidly regaining its former hour-glass shape. Her hectic schedule of work and childcare had slimmed her down to nearly her pre-pregnancy weight. True, her hips were a little rounder and her waist wasn't quite as trim as it had been. But her vastly increased bustline made her waist seem tiny by comparison. Bonnie was inspecting her little sister's figure too. Bonnie was a little shorter than Donna, and rounder. She always had been. While Donna's bustline had ballooned with pregnancy and breastfeeding, Bonnie's had always been very full. Bonnie had an almost exaggerated hour-glass figure. Bonnie wondered whose boobs were actually bigger. 

But her idle musing was cut short as Donna suddenly panicked over not being able to find her keys. When she finally located them, still in her apartment door lock, she grabbed her purse and was out the door. Right on cue, little Sammy started to cry. Bonnie walked him around the apartment and to his little room. She tried to amuse him with little sing-songs and his favorite toys, many of which she had given him. But Sammy was still fussing. She decided he must be hungry. She walked to the fridge where Donna had said she would find a bottle of milk she had pumped earlier in the day. 

"Half-bottle is more like it," Bonnie sighed as she saw the small bottle not quite half full. She heated it up and Sammy gulped it down greedily. 

It was getting dark and Bonnie would need to turn on some lights soon, but she thought the darkening apartment would calm the baby and maybe he would drift off to sleep. She walked back to the baby's room and tried to lay him down in his crib. He was groggy, but still fussing. Bonnie sat in the rocking chair next to the crib to try to 'wait him out'. Five minutes passed, then ten. Sammy was still fussing a good bit. His pacifier wasn't helping. Bonnie thought he probably needed another half-bottle of milk. She paused. The thought that buzzed through her mind surprised her. She smiled a little to herself. She went to the bathroom and, without turning on the light unbuttoned her western shirt. She removed it and then reached behind herself to undo the clasp of her d-cup bra. Shrugging it off, she slipped it from her arms and took Donna's bathrobe from the hook by the shower and put it on. 

As she slipped the robe on, a strangely familiar feeling overtook her. Bonnie paused and steadied herself with one hand on the bathroom vanity. She felt a warmth deep inside. A tingle. She closed her eyes and it almost felt like her breasts were swelling. It was not the strong feeling of 'letting down' she had when she was breastfeeding her son, now three years old and spending the weekend with his father across town. She had only stopped breastfeeding Eric a few months back. Of course he wasn't feeding four or five times a day like he had when he was Sammy's age, but they both enjoyed the peaceful bond of his little feeding before bedtime. And every scientific article Bonnie had read said it was great for building a child's immune system. 

As she walked back to Sammy crib and picked up the crying baby boy, Bonnie could feel his little hands grabbing at the robe that he must have recognized as his mother's. Bonnie held him in one arm and opened the robe. She moved Sammy's mouth toward her large left breast and he latched on suddenly and began suckling hard immediately. Bonnie's knees almost buckled. She made her way to the rocking chair and sat down and rocked gently as Sammy sucked without pausing. Bonnie wondered how much milk he could be getting and pulled his hungry mouth away from her breast. Looking down in the dim light, Bonnie could see her nipple was engorged and a much deeper pink than it had been. Milk was leaking from her nipple and Sammy struggled to push closer and re-latched. 

A quiet moan escaped Bonnie's lips. She closed her eyes and rocked. Her right breast tingled and she felt it was swelling. As good as that little mouth felt on her left nipple, she pulled the baby away, switched his position and offered him her right. He latched on with a little less force, but sucked hard. He was tiring. Bonnie moaned again and stroked the baby's head. Minutes passed and soon Sammy's breathing became deep and even. She pulled him away from her breast without protest and held the nearly sleeping child up until she got a nice, big burp out of him. Then she laid him in the crib, raised the side rail and left his room, closing the door. 

In the living room, she could hear his breathing on the baby monitor. As she sat on the sofa, she looked down at herself. The robe was loosely around her. She looked inside it and saw milk still dripping from her right nipple. She rubbed the now-swollen, now-darker, nipple and raised her finger to her lips and tasted her sweet milk. She reached for a tissue to dab the excess milk that had begun to soak into the terrycloth robe. It was a wonderfully satisfying feeling to feed a baby from her body again. And she couldn't deny the sensation that traveled from her nipples to her clitoris. It had always happened that way for her. It was how she was wired. She felt a warm wetness between her legs and couldn't help rubbing herself as she stretched out on the sofa. 

Bonnie was lazily touching her breasts and rubbing her mound, moaning quietly. She wasn't thinking of her ex-husband as she sometimes did when she got horny. She was just enjoying the way her body felt. She had always felt lucky to have been blessed with a great body. And she made the most of it, wearing the sexiest bikinis in the summer and form-fitting sweaters in winter. She enjoyed the attention from men and the envious glances of women. And so she simply let her fingers drift across her body from those breasts, kneading and massaging them down to her trimmed nest of light-brown pubic hair and between her pussylips. When her orgasm rolled over her she shuddered and moaned, almost growling. Again and again she gave herself one climax after another until she simply drifted off to sleep. 

The rattle of keys in the lock shattered Bonnie's blissful slumber. And it was a good thing too, she thought, as she sat up pulling the robe around her body as she stood and moved toward the door. She looked through the door's peephole as the door opened a few inches pulling the security chain tight. She had just glanced Donna. Bonnie closed the door, undid the chain and opened the door, letting her sister in. Donna had been crying. Bonnie checked the clock. It was only a little after ten. 

"You're home early, aren't you?" Bonnie asked.

"Oh, Sis, it was terrible. I thought Mark was such a gentleman. He took me The Castle Inn. We were having a nice dinner. But then, then..." Donna collapsed on the sofa in tears. 

Bonnie sat beside her sister and tried to comfort her. She felt Donna shake as she cried. 

"Donna, what happened? What did he do?" Bonnie was concerned for his younger sister and wondered what could have so totally ruined her evening out. 

"We were just finishing our main course and I felt, well, you know, I'm nursing little Sammy. And I felt my milk letting down. I had been in such a rush getting ready, when I was getting dressed, I guess I didn't put any pads in my bra," Donna said between sobs.

Bonnie knew that her sister was talking about the round absorbent cotton pads that she had also used to absorb any leaking milk when she had been actively breastfeeding her infant son. She remembered how soaked they could get if she had timed a trip out poorly and missed a regular feeding time. 

"And just look!" blurted out Donna, sitting upright and snapping on the lamp. 

On her red silk blouse were two large, round wet spots, one over each breast. Bonnie felt so bad for her sister. She knew how embarrassed she must be. She and Mark had only dated a time or two before. And Donna had begun to think he might be the kind of man she could love and who might be a father to little Sammy. 

"Mark pointed at me and thought I had spilled some food. He wouldn't stop. I tried to pass it off and make light of it, but he kept looking and asking what I had done. Finally, I whispered that I was overdue for one of Sammy's feedings. He was horrified! He acted like I had thrown up on myself. I was humiliated. I got up and ran out of there. And he didn't even get up. He's probably still there. Well, fuck him for being a stupid shithead! Didn't his mother feed him? How the fuck does he think babies get milk?" Donna dissolved in tears again. Bonnie sat beside her, an arm around her shoulder, stroking her sister's hair. 

Finally, Donna began to pull herself together. She asked about Sammy. 

"Well, I can tell you why you had so much milk letting down. You didn't leave me a full bottle. You must not have finished pumping you were in such a hurry to make your date with Mr. Shithead," Bonnie said.

"Oh my goodness! It's worse than that. I didn't pump at all! The half bottle you found was from this morning! That's why I'm leaking! Oh, Bonnie, my boobs are killing me they are so full. It really hurts. I've never gone this long without feeding Sammy or pumping. And he's asleep now." 

Donna headed to the kitchen to get her breast pump. Bonnie followed her. As she was attaching a clean bottle, Donna looked up at her sister wearing her bathrobe. 

"Why are you wearing that?" she asked.

"Oh, this. Well, when there wasn't enough milk in that bottle to put Sammy down, I had to...improvise," Bonnie started. She saw the confusion on Donna's face.

"Sis, you know I fed Eric until a few months ago, right. Not every meal, but pretty much every night a little, right? Well, I still have my milk. And when I was holding Sammy and he was crying for more milk, it must have set something off. I felt my milk letting down. And so I took off my shirt and bra and I didn't want to stand around topless, so I put this on while I was feeding him." 

Donna reached out and traced her finger around the visible wet spots on the robe over Bonnie's big breasts. 

"It looks like we're twins!" she laughed. "Why didn't you change back after Sammy went down?"

"Uh, Donna, I'll be honest with you. It felt so good to feel him feeding. I mean he really was hungry and he gave my breasts and nipples quite a workout. When he finally drifted off, I was feeling, you know, kind of, well, aroused. You know how it can be, don't you?"

"You know I do. So what did you do?" Donna asked.

"Well, I laid down on the sofa and kind of touched myself until I guess I kind of passed out or went to sleep or whatever. And the next thing i knew there you were. But why don't you sit down and pump?"

Donna paused. The sisters were standing facing each other each looking at the milk spots covering each of their generous breasts. Donna drew in a deep breath. 

"Why don't you take my robe off. I'll put it in the wash. Take it off, Bonnie."

Their eyes locked. Bonnie's hands went to the sash and undid it. The robe hung open. Donna looked down and in the gap of the opened robe she could see the inner curve of each of her sister's huge breasts. They were full and round and stood out proudly in spite of the way they hung under their own weight. Donna reached for the robe and pushed it over each of Bonnie's shoulders and it dropped to the floor. She was now looking at her sister, nude from the waist up. Her full breasts fairly shone in the dimly lit kitchen. Her hands reached out and cupped the outer lower portion of each perfect globe. They were warm and heavy, filling her hands. A pale white spot appeared on each swollen nipple. Bonnie's nipples had remained nearly as thick and hard as they had been when Sammy was suckling. Their deep coral pink color was the same shade as her large round aureole. Donna's index fingers wiped the droplet of milk from each teat and she brought one finger to her mouth and the other to her sisters. They each sucked on her offered fingertip. 

Bonnie reached out and slowly unbuttoned the faux pearl buttons of the red silk blouse that was still tucked Donna's black leather skirt. When she had untucked the blouse and undone all the buttons, she unbuttoned the cuffs and slipped the shiny-smooth blouse from her sisters shoulders. It joined the robe on the floor at the feet of the sisters. Bonnie regarded Donna's big, white nursing bra. Unbidden, Donna turned around and Bonnie undid the heavy clasp. The bra relaxed on her torso. Donna turned to face her sister again. Bonnie slipped the straps down her sister's arms and the bra fell away revealing Donna's pair of huge, milk-engorged breasts. They glowed in the low light, their pale skin revealing a tracery of palest blue veins in the almost iridescent fleshpots. Donna was breathing deeply, aroused. She saw Bonnie's eye widen as she took in the bountiful expanse of flesh. Donna looked down at her own massive breasts. She could feel drops of milk dripping from her huge nipples. 

Bonnie had never seen breasts the size of her sister's. They were so full and round and stood out from her chest so far. Each was the size of her head, it seemed. Donna's nipples seemed impossibly big. More than an inch long and nearly that thick. She wondered how Sammy got them into his little mouth. They were a deep pinkish-purple set on two inch aureoles that were puckered and drawn up tightly. Bonnie saw the drops of milk forming at the tip of each huge teat and drop off onto the floor. Such a waste! This will never do, she thought. And then, without any further conscious thought, Bonnie bent down and took Donna's left nipple into her mouth gently and began to suckle it. Her mouth was flooded with sweet, warm milk. She swallowed the nectar and sucked again at the nipple, this time flicking it with her tongue. 

Donna sharply drew in a breath and raised a hand to cradle her sister's head. Bonnie slowly pulled her mouth from her sister's breast and moved her face close to Donna's. The two women kissed, closed lips pressing together deeply at first, then two mouths opened and Bonnie's mouthful of warm milk was shared between the sisters. When they finally pulled away from each other, each was filled with arousal and lust. 

Donna seemed to snap out of it for a moment. She took the assembled breast pump and led her topless sister by the hand back to the sofa. Donna sat at the right end of the big couch and laid Bonnie across her lap so she had access to Donna's left breast as she pumped her right. The hum of the breast pump and Donna's moans filled the room. Bonnie cradled Donna's huge left breast in two hands and gently licked and sucked the enormous teat. Donna's hand caressed each of her sister's big breasts in turn. 

The bottle filled quickly, the milk practically flowing into it. Donna moved the pump to her left breast and began to pump it to fill the bottle the rest of the way. As she did, she saw Bonnie undo her jeans and push a hand inside to touch herself. Donna reached under her leather skirt and pushed aside her g-string and began to touch herself. The suction of the pump and the sight of her voluptuous sister masturbating as she lay across her lap had her on the edge of orgasm. When she noticed the bottle was full Donna set it aside and returned to fondling Bonnie's huge breasts and gently pinching, twisting and pulling her big, hard nipples with her left hand as she rubbed her hard clit and fingered her wet pussy with her right. Bonnie continued to finger herself with one hand and returned her other to exploring Donna's massive tits. 

The sister's mutual attention quickly brought their arousal to the summit. Almost as one they both began to moan and then shake in spasms of uncontrolled release. Their moans had a quivering quality as each was convulsed in paroxysms of orgasmic ecstasy. It was total sensory overload for both of them. The feeling of their own fingers on their pussies and the feeling of their sister's hands on their hyper-sensitive breasts and nipples and the sight of what each was doing to the other was more erotic fuel than either could handle. They drifted from one orgasmic peak to the next. How many times did the sisters come? How long did they last? Neither one could have told you.

After that night, Bonnie started coming over to Donna's each evening to feed Sammy. It did not take long before her milk was coming in as strongly as it had when her son Eric was nursing full-time. Donna continued to feed Sammy and pump bottles full of milk too. When she found that, between she and her sister they were keeping Sammy well fed with bottles left over, she donated the excess to the local chapter of La Leche League. The sisters were thrilled to be sharing the motherly task of feeding a hungry, healthy, growing baby boy. And although they did not speak of their evening of shared lust, there were many meaningful looks exchanged. 

One evening after Bonnie had fed Sammy and was getting ready to return home, Donna asked her if she or her ex would have their son Eric that weekend. 

"Why do you ask?" Bonnie inquired.

"Oh, I was just thinking you might spend the night here. We could have a little slumber party. How does that sound?" Donna's sly smile betrayed the innocence of her words. 

"It sounds like you have more than a sleepover on your mind, but it's not like either of us have a hot date lined up, so I'm in! What do you have planned?" Bonnie matched Donna's mischievous smile. 

"Oh, you'll see," said Donna. "I've been shopping." 

Friday night came and Bonnie and Donna were playing on the floor with little Sammy. He would play peek-a-boo with his mother, then with his aunt. Each woman loved the baby boy so much they would take turns smothering him with loving kisses and tickling him. As he rolled over and amused himself with a ball and rattle, the women sat back. Donna sipped a glass of wine and Bonnie took a big swig of beer from a long-neck. 

"So what did you buy?" asked Bonnie.

"Buy? What do you mean?" replied Donna playfully acting dumb.

"You know what I mean. What do you have in store for our slumber party?" Asked Bonnie. 

"Let's feed Sammy and then I'll show you," said Donna, unbuttoning the oversized man-tailored shirt she wore. She opened the nursing bra flap over her engorged left nipple and lifted Sammy up onto her lap where he noisily sucked and latched on. Donna let out a pleased hum. 

Bonnie watched with a smile on her face. Her sister looked so beautiful and at peace as she fed her son. Bonnie felt her milk begin to let down as she was thinking how that hungry mouth would soon be suckling from her big breasts. 

Donna reached inside her half-opened shirt and undid the other flap on the nursing bra and shifted little Sammy to her other breast. She wanted to make sure he got to feed from both of her breasts as well as both of her sister's. 

A couple of minutes later Donna announced, "That's all from Mommy, little man. Now have some of Auntie's milk." 

Donna handed Sammy over to Bonnie, who had unzipped the hoodie she was wearing and unclipped the front-fastening bra she was wearing, setting her big, heavy breasts free. Bonnie positioned the baby at one side and he quickly began suckling. Bonnie shivered and moaned. Donna moaned in sympathy as she gazed at her sister feeding her son and also at her sister's other big breast poised above the nursing baby. After a couple of minutes she shifted him over to the other side and the baby suckled until he was full and drifting off to sleep. 

"Do you want to put him down?" Donna asked. 

Bonnie nodded, stood, and walked to the baby's room where she placed him in his bed, raised the side rail and stepped back. She heard his even breathing and quietly left his room. She glanced toward the living room, but didn't see Donna where she had been sitting. 

"In here!" called Donna from her bedroom. She was curled up on her bed in just her nursing bra and white panties. She had an unmarked pasteboard box beside her. Bonnie entered the bedroom, which was lit by four candles, one in each corner of the room. She noticed that Donna had refilled her wine glass and put a full bottle of beer on a coaster on the nightstand. 

"Isn't this cozy?" Bonnie said with a sexy laugh. 

"It's going to get a lot cozier," Donna said, opening the box. "I thought it was time to move beyond just using our fingers."

Bonnie looked inside the box and saw a pair of silver bullet-shaped vibrators and a double-headed dildo. She giggled. And then looked up at Donna, who was smiling at her. Bonnie slid the hoodie off and basked in Donna's hungry gaze at her topless form. Bonnie unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them, then joined her sister on the bed. Donna reached behind herself and unhooked her big, white nursing bra and pushed her panties down and kicked them off onto the floor. Bonnie did the same with her pale blue g-string. 

The sisters embraced and rolled on the bed. Their legs intertwined each rubbing her mound against the thigh of the other. Each was taken with the awesome beauty of the other. Donna had long admired her sister's womanly, voluptuous figure, even as she was developing. She kissed her older sister on the neck and when their lips met, she devoured her mouth tasting her and feeling her sister's probing tongue in her mouth and returning her own for Bonnie to suck on. For her part Bonnie was grinding her already wet pussy on her younger sister's thigh and pressing her massive chest against her younger sister's even fuller, even firmer breasts. The hardened nipples of each woman burned into the softer tit-flesh of the other. They moaned into each other's mouths and shudders of pleasure shook each in waves as their clits brushed against smooth rubbing thighs. They writhed and squirmed against each other like eels, each already so close to an orgasm. 

Bonnie was the first to break the embrace and move her head lower to her sister's breasts. Her hands caressed and tried to cup and handle the great masses of pliant, warm flesh. She squeezed and kneaded and massaged Donna's massive tits and as she did tiny needle-like jets of her milk arced from her huge nipples onto Bonnie's face. She nearly mauled her younger sisters full breasts, almost out of her mind with lust. Donna enjoyed the attention and the sensation of hands all over her great, sensitive boobs. But she suddenly craved the feeling of her older sisters large tits in her hands and she twisted so that each sister had access to the massive chest of the other. It was a sixy-nine of sorts. Donna's mouth latched onto Bonnie's big nipples and sucked them deeply. She flicked her tongue over, around and back and forth on them. She lightly bit them and pulled on them with her mouth as she wished Bonnie would do to her. 

As if by ESP, Bonnie began to suckle at Donna's huge tits. It was a sensuous game of follow-the-leader. Bonnie sucked and pulled and licked her younger sisters huge nipples as if she was sucking a cock. She moved her puckered lips up and down the inch-long length of each huge teat. Her teeth scraped gently across the erect flesh. And as each sister pleasured her sexy sibling in a new way, her sister would follow suit on her. Milk was flowing from each of four big nipples. It dripped and squirted and flowed into hungry mouths, onto pretty blemish-less faces and covered the two women, now consumed with lust for each other. 

As one, each became aware of the aching need of her now-drenched pussy and throbbingly hard clitoris. They each moved lower on the other. Bonnie's mouth found Donna's hairless pussy, the product of a Brazilian wax the day before. A small tuft of light-brown hair atop her mound was all that was left. Bonnie rubbed her face in the little bit of pubic hair and then buried her mouth in the swollen, wet pussy of her younger sister. She felt the warmth and wetness of her pussylips yield to the pressing in of her lips and tongue. Donna's cuntlips opened like the petals of an orchid and Bonnie's tongue lapped across and along the crease of delicate flesh from its hole up to her clit, now standing at attention having all but shed its hood.

Donna was reveling in the sensation of her older sister's mouth on her smooth pussy as she felt Bonnie's warm pussy against her face. Donna parted Bonnie's pussylips with her trembling fingers and slipped her tongue between them. She sucked Bonnie's full, swollen labia into her mouth and tugged. Bonnie flinched and Donna plunged her tongue as deeply into her older sister's cunt as it would reach. She stabbed in and out of the warm, wet hole repeatedly. She heard Bonnie's cries of pleasure muffled by her own pussy which was almost smothering the older sibling. Donna's tonguefucking was bringing Bonnie off just as Bonnie's clitsucking was rocking Donna's world. The sisters held each other in a grip of lust and heat as they each climaxed convulsively. Donna lapped at the pussy juice her sister's cunt squirted forth. Bonnie felt the wetness of Donna's orgasm on her face. The pleasure spasms seemed to last forever, but did finally subside. Each sister rolled aside to catch her breath. They each looked at the other and smiled. 

A few moments passed in silence. Then they both looked at the box at the foot of the bed. It had been pushed aside in their passion, but now Donna reached for it and took one of the twin silver seven-inch bullet-shaped vibrators in her hand and offered the other to Bonnie. Still laying head-to-toe with each other, the women began a slow, gentle exploration of each other's pussy's with the shiny, smooth tip of the vibrators. Again it became almost a follow-the-leader game. As Donna slid the tip of her vibe into Bonnie's pussy, Bonnie move the tip of her toy from Donna's clit to her hole. Once each sister had a hard, unyielding erzats phallus in her pussy, each twisted the base and the hum of each toy filled the room, soon accompanied by the moaning of each sister. Each woman worked the toy in the pussy of her sister and each woman's hips began the instinctive, primal thrusting against the insertion. 

Donna favored a less deep insertion that buzzed her clit and rapidly felt another wave of orgasm approaching. Bonnie thrust her hips to take the toy fully, as deeply as it would go into her. It buzzed her g-spot and she felt her body already spasming in reflexive pleasure. Both women twisted and pumped their hips against the vibrator that their sister held firmly. Each watched her sister, through half-shut eyes as the waves of pleasure hit. Bonnie saw Donna's massive tits shudder and shake. She noted how Donna's already humongous nipples seemed to stiffen even more standing almost two inches out from her aureole. And Donna was conscious of Bonnie's massive jugs bouncing and jiggling spasmodically as she jerked as if dancing to unheard music. And both women came repeatedly, almost to the point of passing out. 

Eventually, the toys slid from exhausted pussies and were shut off so that the humming that filled the room yielded to silence save for the deep breathing of the two sisters. The smell of pussy hung heavy in the room. Each woman was so deeply relaxed and so deeply aroused that they were like languishing tigresses, stretching, contemplating whether to attack each other again or to nap. Quiet moments passed. 

The sisters moved back to face each other. They kissed a deep, loving kiss. As they embraced, each felt the massive tits of the other rubbing against her own enormous breasts. The warmth and love they felt for each other was complete. They had shared every intimacy two women could share, it seemed. As they lay in each other's arms, their hands roamed the curves and valleys of their bodies. Inevitably, an erogenous zone was triggered and their legs again intertwined. As they scissored each other, their mounds rubbed softly. There was still a hunger to be penetrated by something more than a tongue. As one, they reached for the long double dong. Each took an end and each rubbed its soft rounded head against the pussy of the other. Each worked the thick rubber cock into the pussy of her sister until each woman's cunt was full. They each took a moment to take in the feeling of being penetrated and filled up like this. 

And then each sister grasped the rubber shaft that was between them and worked the dildo into one sister as it pulled out of the other. And then back the other way. They faced each other and each enjoyed the look on the beautiful face of her sister as the cock was worked in and out, again and again. Each saw the flush of pleasure color the large chest, neck and face of her sister. And each moaned an animal moan as they increased the force of the fake cock's fucking. Their hands found a common rhythm of slamming the cock deeply into first Donna's wet cunt, and then Bonnie's hungry pussy. Their wet cunts slurped and squished and the women moaned and whispered to each other. 

"Feel me fucking your pussy, Donna?"

"Oh, you fuck it so good, Bonnie. It's stretching me wide open. Is it deep enough in your cunt, baby?"

"Oh, Donna, it's so big. I'm gonna squirt my pussyjuice all over this big cock."

"Oh, Bonnie, me too. Fuck it in me hard. Make me feel it!"

"Fuck me, sissy! Fuck my cunny hard!" 

And for the final time that night, the sisters both jerked and spasmed, their bodies dancing the obscene twisting tarantella of lust as they came and came. The animal sounds and grunts of each were matched by the growls and shrieks of the other. When their passions were satisfied, each released her grip on the rubber cock and it slid from each sated pussy, glistening with the juice from them both. And the sisters slept.

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