Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Cuckold Life

Priyanka Kulkarni opened her web cam and also accepted the invitation from Zoheb Khan to see his web cam. She had been chatting with Zoheb on Yahoo messenger for quite some time and had finally accepted to show herself on the webcam after lot of requests from Zoheb. Priyanka's husband Amol was sitting beside her and watched nervously as his wife chatted with Zoheb. He was the one who had started it all and was wondering if this was in control now.

Amol was 28 and Priyanka was 22. They both worked in Software and lived in Mumbai. Right from initial days of their marriage, Amol had fantasy of being cuckolded by his wife with some other man. He had shared this fantasy with Priyanka and initially Priyanka had just laughed it off. But when Amol kept harping on it, finally she had agreed to give it a chance. Amol had chatted with various men in Yahoo messenger public chat rooms and finally had struck up friendship with Zoheb. 

Zoheb was a businessman and he lived in Powai. He was 34 and a divorcee. He was quite rich and handsome in every way. Initially Amol had chatted with Zoheb for some time. And after lot of convincing on her husband's part, Priyanka had started to chat with Zoheb. They had chatted for some time now.

Initially they had just chatted but soon they started talking on the voice call facility of Yahoo Messenger. Initially their talk had been mostly platonic and there was no mention of her husband's fantasy. But Priyanka knew that someday there would be mention of that. That was the whole point behind the talk in the first place. But she was hoping that Zoheb would bring the subject rather than her.

"So Priyanka, how are you?" She could see on the web cam that Zoheb was sitting on the bed.

"I am good Zoheb. I can see you are at home." Priyanka could see that Zoheb was sleeping on the bed and talking in the speaker phone of the laptop.

"Yes, I am home a bit early today. Wow, you are really looking beautiful in that dress." Priyanka was wearing a sleeveless Yellow colored Punjabi Dress. She wasn't wearing any dupatta so the shape of her full breasts was clearly visible through the fabric. Priyanka blushed for a moment as she noticed Zoheb looking at her breasts. Then she looked at her husband sitting beside her and noticed that his reaction was quite normal.

"Thank you." She spoke on the speaker phone as she noticed that Zoheb had now sat up on the bed and was reclining towards the laptop webcam.

"So Priyanka, did your husband talk to you about his fantasy?" Priyanka smiled and then looked at her husband.

"Yes, he has spoken to me. But I feel so odd about it. I don't know how he can do such a thing." She spoke close to the speaker phone.

"Well, why not? I mean we have a short life and we should enjoy it when we can. What is the problem with that?" Priyanka smiled at the eagerness with which Zoheb was encouraging her.

"Yes, but still sleeping with someone other than my husband makes me feel very odd." She blushed at the thought that she was having this conversation at all. She should have never agreed to talk to Zoheb in the first place.

"Well I don't think you should feel odd if your husband agrees to it. I mean if he likes it, then why you should forgo some fun. It's not as if you are cheating on him. You shouldn't feel guilty. You should feel lucky that your husband is so broad minded." Priyanka looked at her husband and smiled.

"So Priyanka, tell me something. Both Amol and you have an off tomorrow, right?" She nodded in the web cam and Zoheb continued.

"So why don't we go for an outing? Let's go to a resort. We will book 2 separate rooms. You and Amol can stay in one room. I will be staying in another. Let's spend the week end there. We will get to know each other just as friends and nothing more than that. Will you just give it a try? What do you say?" Priyanka seemed confused and looked at her husband. 

"Zoheb, I can't answer you directly. I need to talk to Amol. Can I disconnect this call and then I will talk to Amol and then call you back in half an hour?" Zoheb quickly replied.

"No Problem darling. Take your time. I will wait for you." Priyanka blushed as she heard Zoheb calling her darling. She said bye to Zoheb and then disconnected the call.

Then Amol and Priyanka discussed the matter for almost half an hour before Priyanka agreed to go to a resort. Then she dialed Zoheb on Yahoo voice call and he answered.

"Hi Priyanka, so have you decided?" She smiled at the eagerness of Zoheb. Her own stomach was full of butterflies.

"Yes, I am OK to go. So where will we go?" Zoheb came closer to the speaker phone of his laptop.

"Do you know a water resort called Shangri-La? It's near Kalyan. There are lot of rides and water sports there. You will enjoy it. Is it OK for you?" Amol knew it. He had been there before.

"Yes, it's a nice place." Her husband spoke to her. She looked at her husband. It seemed to her that he was more eager than her.

"All Right. I am fine with it." She spoke to Zoheb.

"Hey Priyanka, why don't we head off there today itself? We can book 2 rooms there. It's hardly 6 PM now. If we leave in 1 hour or so, even then we should be there for dinner. What do you say?" Priyanka hesitated and looked at her husband once again.

"I don't know Zoheb. I think we would be rushing in to the thing. What do you think Amol?" She looked at her husband.

"Well if you want, I can pack and we can leave in 1 hour." Once again she was surprised at the eagerness with which her husband was pushing this. She shrugged and then turned towards speaker phone once again.

"Where will you pick us up?" She asked Zoheb.

"Well I can pick you up from Kurla station. Let's say in 1 hour, is it OK?" She nodded and then once again spoke hesitantly.

"Zoheb, let me tell you one thing frankly. Look we are meeting you only socially. Please don't take it granted that something will happen between us immediately. Most probably nothing will happen. So in that case we will go off having had a good time as friends. I don't want to be forced in to this." Zoheb smiled at her.

"Of course I understand. I am not an animal that I will force myself on you. You can just take this visit as if you are going to a resort with your friends. We will just get to know each other. So it's good bye for now. Let's meet at Powai in an hour. I will wait for you outside the main gate of IIT." Priyanka smiled. 

She disconnected the call and then turned towards her husband once again.

"Amol, are you sure you are comfortable with this? I am asking you once again because I don't want any issues later." Amol got up and kissed her on the lips.

"I will go and pack my things. You get ready and pack what you need." Priyanka smiled and then went in the bathroom. She showered quickly and then wrapped a towel around her body and came out in the bedroom. Amol had already gone out of the bedroom and was packing his things in a bag. She closed the door and then sat down in front of the mirror.

As she brushed her hair, she wondered why Amol would want such a thing. She wondered if he had some kind of inferiority complex about his small size. She smiled as she thought of her husband's 3.5 inch cock. She wondered if that was the reason behind his cuckold fantasy. She had never complained to him about their sexual life although she often had wondered if she would have liked to have a bigger cock in her. And she wondered how honest she was when she told Zoheb that nothing may happen between them. The truth was that if Zoheb made a move on her tonight, she may willingly submit to him. Although she had never admitted it to her husband, she had often fantasized about having sex with another man with a large cock. And she may give quite a surprise to her husband tonight if Zoheb made a move on her. She found Zoheb to attractive and handsome. He didn't have a potbelly like her husband. He was a large man and Priyanka smiled as she thought of a large tool proportional to his body dangling between his thighs. 

She brushed her hair carefully and the tied it with hair clips, but then removed it. She had straightened her hair just 10 days back and it looked much better when it was open and spread on her back.

Then she opened the cupboard and pulled out of her special bra and panty set. It was completely transparent red colored bra and panty set. She slowly put it on, adjusted her full breasts in the bra cups and then hooked the bra behind her back. She watched in the mirror. The bra was perfect. The cups were perfect for her breasts and covered them beautifully but still were completely transparent so that her tits showed. She wore the panty as well and then looked in the mirror at her plump body. She was wafer thin woman. She had curvy full body and she had flesh at all the right places. She smiled as she wondered why men often liked women with big tits. Then she opened the drawer and pulled out her perfume. She sprayed it profusely between her breasts and on her stomach. Then she pulled out a sleeveless Salwar Kameej from her cupboard and then wore it. It was a red colored beautiful dress.

Then she opened the cupboard and put 4 T shirts and 2 jeans in the bag. She also put one satin night gown and 2 shorts in the bag for any water sports. Then she put her make up kit and another Punjabi Dress in it. She also put in one towel and 3 sets of bra and panties in the bag and closed it.

Then she opened the door and called out to her husband.

"Darling, I am ready. How about you, are you ready?" Amol was already sitting on the sofa and he was ready. 

"Yes, I am ready. Let's go." He got up and then picked up his bag. Priyanka also picked up her bag and then walked out of the door. Amol locked it and they got in the lift.

It was around 6:45 when they saw a Red Innova drive up and stop beside them at Kurla station. The front door opened and Priyanka saw Zoheb at the driving wheel.

"Wow, you are looking stunning. I hope you won't mind sitting in the front." Priyanka smiled and then got in the front seat beside him.

Amol picked up both Priyanka's and his bag and put them in the back seat and then got in.

"Hey Amol, I am sorry for such a short notice. I hope you had enough time to prepare." Amol nodded at him.

"Yes, we got in time all right." Zoheb started the car and drove out to the highway.

It took them around 1.5 hours to get to the resort. Amol watched all the way as Zoheb flirted with his wife. What surprised him more was the fact that Priyanka responded to Zoheb's flirting positively. Every now and then Zoheb would touch Priyanka on her naked arms, but Priyanka didn't mind and in fact encouraged him to touch her. Amol's dick got hard as he watched Zoheb caressing his wife's naked arms. All through the journey Zoheb kept touching Priyanka on one pretext or the other and she kept encouraging him.

It was 8:15 when they reached the resort and Zoheb parked the car in the parking lot. Amol picked up his and his wife's bag while Zoheb picked up his. They walked along a corridor as Zoheb talked to Priyanka. As they walked, Zoheb put his hands around Priyanka's waist. Priyanka just smiled at him and continued to walk beside him without any sign of protest. Amol just couldn't take his eyes off his wife's swaying ass with Zoheb's hand caressing it as they walked together. Just as they entered the reception, Zoheb moved his and away and they entered the cabin while Amol followed them.

Zoheb talked to the man at the reception and got 2 keys. The man at the counter ordered a boy to get their luggage to their rooms and all three of them walked together. Priyanka looked around at the well lit surroundings.

"This is a nice place." She could hear her high heels on the gravel path they were following.

"I was sure you would love it. Right now it's a bit peaceful though. Tomorrow it will be crowded and we could enjoy lot of water sports."

The boy with the luggage was walking head of them. Soon he stopped at a small cottage on the left side of the path. It was a lovely cottage that stood alone in a clearing. He opened the cottage door and they all walked in. There were 2 rooms in the cottage with one door common between the rooms. Each room had a double bed, but there was one common bathroom.

"Zoheb, was this idea to hire a cottage?" She smiled mischievously at Zoheb. Zoheb smiled at her.

"Well actually it was your husband's idea." He pointed towards Amol and Amol smiled at his wife. Amol opened a cupboard and put both the bags in it while Zoheb went in his room and did the same. Priyanka removed the chop tying her hair and ran her hands through it couple of times and sat down on the bed. Then she removed her dupatta covering her chest and threw it on the bedpost. Zoheb came in the room.

"Wow, you look lovely with your hair open." Priyanka smiled and thanked him. Zoheb sat down beside Priyanka on the bed and Amol also sat behind her.

"So Priyanka, what would you like for dinner? Here is the menu." He pulled out a small drawer beside the cupboard and pulled out a menu from it.

"You seem to know a lot about this place." Priyanka smiled at him as she took the menu from him.

"Yes, I used to come here a lot with my friends." Priyanka took the menu and looked at it for about 5 minutes.

"Do you mind if we order one Dal Tadka, one Vegetarian Handi, Roti and Jeera Rice?" Zoheb smiled and replied.

"Sure, no problem darling, Order whatever you like. I hope you won't mind some wine also. What would you like to drink?" Priyanka scanned the contents of the menu and replied that she would have vodka.

Zoheb and Amol decided on whiskey and Zoheb ordered the dinner using the phone on the desk.

"So what do we do till the dinner is served?" Priyanka smiled as she looked for the remote of the TV. But Zoheb looked at her with a strange emotion in his eyes.

"I have got a better option than TV. Would you like a hot shower with me?" Priyanka looked stunned for a moment and looked at Zoheb and then at her husband. Then she smiled and just nodded.

"So why don't you change in something comfortable and come in bathroom? I will switch on the heater for getting the hot water ready." Zoheb went towards the bathroom.

"So Amol, I hope its going as you had hoped for. But let me warn you right at the start. For me, it won't be a one night thing. I will stop this only when I feel like stopping it. When to stop this will be my decision, not yours." Amol got up and kissed his wife.

"Don't worry darling, it will always be your decision." Priyanka kissed her husband and then opened her bag to pull out a towel. She quickly removed her Salwar Kameej and put them in the cupboard. Then she quickly removed her bra as well as panty and wrapped just the towel around her body. 

She entered the spacious bathroom and saw Zoheb standing in the middle. Her heart skipped a bit as she saw that he was completely naked. He was over 6 feet tall with broad chest and shoulders. His hands were muscular and his chest was covered with thick hair. She lowered her gaze and gasped as her eyes rested on Zoheb's huge 9 inch cock hanging between his legs. It was almost 3 inches thick and didn't have any skin on its head as Zoheb was Muslim. Just the thought of having it buried deep in her cunt made her drool. She wondered if she would be able to take it. But she also wondered how heavenly it would be to have such a big cock in your cunt.

Zoheb looked at Priyanka and slowly came closer to her.

"So Darling, do you want a shower or do you want to bathe in bath tub? I have got both of them ready." Priyanka didn't like to make these decisions. She preferred her man to make this decision and tell her so. She liked her man to take control of her life's small things like these. She smiled and then told Zoheb this.

"All right baby, from now on I will make all the decisions for you. But you will need to do whatever I tell you." Zoheb slowly wrapped his hands around Priyanka's waist and pulled her closer.

"I will anything you want Zoheb, but within limits." Zoheb kissed her as she opened her lips for him. Zoheb's tongue invaded her mouth as it played with her tongue. Zoheb removed the chop tying her hair and threw it aside as they kissed. Priyanka noticed from the corner of her eyes that her husband was standing just outside the bathroom and was watching as she kissed Zoheb lustily. Zoheb slowly ran his hands through her hair. They continued to kiss for couple of minutes till finally Zoheb broke the kiss.

"Let's shower first and then we will have some fun in the bath tub tomorrow." Priyanka kissed Zoheb on his cheek and replied.

"I will do anything you want Zoheb." Zoheb pulled her towel covering her body and then put it on a handle bar.

Amol watched intently as his naked wife hugged Zoheb. Her full breasts were rubbing against Zoheb's hairy chest as they kissed hard. Zoheb slowly pushed Priyanka against the wall. Priyanka kept rubbing her breasts against Zoheb's hairy chest.

"Oh Zoheb, I love the feel of your hairy chest. Amol doesn't have any hair on his chest. I love it when your hair brushes against my breasts." Priyanka gripped Zoheb's hands in her hands and raised them together above her head as Zoheb kissed her neck. With one hand, Zoheb sought out her firm breasts and with other he groped Priyanka's large buttocks. Priyanka's whole body was tense with passion as Zoheb mauled her firm breasts with his big hands.

"Oh Zoheb, I thought we had come here for a shower." Priyanka playfully hit Zoheb as he tried to kiss her tits.

"Yes we will shower baby." He firmly took Priyanka's hand and slowly guided it between his legs.

Amol's cock throbbed as he watched Zoheb guide his wife hand between Zoheb's thighs and caress his huge cock with her hands. Even at this distance, he could smell his wife's juices flowing on her thighs. She was soaking wet with lust and her juices were flowing in streaks across her thighs. Priyanka slowly touched Zoheb's cock with her palm and caressed its length.

"Oh God, it's so big compared to my husband's." Priyanka caressed it and then looked at her husband standing outside the bathroom. She kept caressing it as Zoheb moved aside a bit and started the shower. Warm water started to pour on both Priyanka and Zoheb. 

Priyanka moaned with pleasure as Zoheb bent forward and buried his head in her full breasts. Priyanka slowly caressed his wet hair and patted it lightly as Zoheb sucked on her tits.

"Oh Priyanka, your tits are amazing. God I wish I could suck on them all night. They are so tender and soft." Priyanka blushed as Zoheb feasted on her tits. Her nipples were getting hard as Zoheb sucked on them.

"Oh God Zoheb, it feels so good. Please suck my tits darling." Priyanka gasped as she felt roughness of Zoheb's tongue on her sensitive nipple. She wrapped her hands behind Zoheb's neck and pressed his head firmly on her tits. Priyanka bit her lips as she felt Zoheb's teeth biting in the soft flesh of her tits.

"Oh God Zoheb, bit them honey. Please bite my tits softly." Priyanka waited for a moment as Zoheb switched from left breast to right and started to suck it again. Zoheb sucked and kissed her tits for minutes before finally coming up for breath.

"Honey, your tits are the most delicious pair I have ever seen. Would you like to bathe?" But even before Priyanka could reply, Zoheb pulled her in his arms and kissed her firmly so that she couldn't reply. His hands were firmly squeezing, kneading and pinching Priyanka's firm buttocks as they kissed roughly.

"Why don't you get some soap honey?" Zoheb kissed her beck breathlessly as he asked her. Priyanka smiled and then opened the cupboard to get one soap cake from it. Zoheb turned the shower off as Priyanka opened the soap from its cover and threw the cover in the dust bin.

Amol watched as his wife once again started kissing Zoheb as she slowly soaped his hairy chest with soap in her hands. She caressed his chest till it was soaped properly and then slowly applied it on his stomach and his hands.

"Don't be shy darling. Come on; soap my cock with your lovely hands." Priyanka blushed but then slowly moved her hand towards Zoheb's crotch and took his huge manhood in her hand. She kissed Zoheb as she applied soap on his manhood and caressed its length with her hands slowly.

"Give me the soap baby. Let me soap you up." Priyanka handed him the soap and turned around so that she faced her husband who was standing outside the bathroom.

"So Amol, are you enjoying it now? Are you hot seeing your wife completely naked in another man's arms?" Priyanka asked her husband naughtily as Zoheb wrapped his hands around her and slowly started to soap he big tits. Amol smiled weakly at his wife. Priyanka moaned with pleasure as Zoheb kissed her neck.

"Oh God Priyanka, your tits are so lovely and big." Priyanka continued to stroke Zoheb's cock with her hands as he kissed her neck and back and soaped her breasts and belly. Both of them were now sleek with soap spread all over their bodies.

"Oh Zoheb, please fuck me baby. I am so wet for you. Amol's cock is hardly 4 inches even when it's erect. Sometimes I really wish I had a much larger cock in my cunt." Zoheb kissed her again on her lips as he turned her around.

"Is it true Amol? Are you really just 4 inches?" Zoheb asked Amol. But before he could reply, Priyanka spoke.

"Who would you believe? Would you believe a wife who says her husband's cock is just 4 inches or the husband who says it is 6? After all it's the wife for who the size really matters, isn't it?" She smiled and kissed Zoheb.

"Why don't you bend over that sink honey?" Zoheb pointed towards the sink in the bathroom. Priyanka turned to look at it.

"Don't you think it would be rather uncomfortable?" She smiled and kissed him again. But Zoheb firmly pushed her towards the sink and Priyanka bent forward on the sink. She put both her hands on the sink as she bent forward to offer her ass to Zoheb. She spread her legs apart for Zoheb.

Priyanka was soaking wet and feeling very horny now. All she wanted at this time was to have Zoheb's huge cock enter her cunt and fuck her like a bitch. She bit her lips as she felt Zoheb's large cock press against her wet cunt hole. She felt like she was in heaven as she felt Zoheb's meaty cock rub against her cunt.

Priyanka sighed slowly and then moved her hand to touch Zoheb's cock.

"Oh Zoheb, it feels so good. Please keep rubbing your cock against my cunt." Zoheb obliged Priyanka for few moments before slowly changing the angle.

Priyanka cried out as she felt tip of Zoheb's cock entering her cunt. Her cunt lips spread apart willingly to allow Zoheb's huge cock enter her cunt and then folded back around his cock.

"Oh God, it feels so warm and juicy. You are so tight Priyanka. It looks like you are almost a virgin from the tightness of your cunt." Priyanka was too much busy absorbing Zoheb's cock in her cunt to talk. Zoheb had gripped her ass hard as he slowly thrust his hips forward and backward.

"Oh Zoheb, it feels so good. I love being fucked like a bitch by you." Zoheb was slowly thrusting his manhood in and out of Priyanka's cunt.

Amol watched with his cock erect as Zoheb fucked his wife. His cock was making squishing noises as it went in and out of his wife's moist and wet cunt. Amol marveled at the huge length and thickness of Zoheb's cock. He could see his wife's face contorted with pleasure and lust as Zoheb fucked her. Her mangalsutra was hanging by the neck and was dangling with every thrust of Zoheb. Priyanka was thrusting and matching every thrust of Zoheb with her own thrusts.

Amol could see that his wife was absolutely in heaven as she was fucked by Zoheb. Her breasts were bobbing up and down with every thrust of Zoheb. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. She was breathing heavily as she absorbed every thrust of Zoheb.

"Oh Zoheb, this is how a woman must feel when having sex. This is how a woman must feel when she has a real man fucking her. I have never had this kind of feeling before. Oh God Zoheb, you are driving me crazy. Please fuck me harder darling. Oh, Ayah, Oh my God. Ouch. Please harder honey. Give it to me harder. "

Zoheb's body was tense and his muscles were taut as he fucked Priyanka furiously. His hands were gripping Priyanka's waist tightly as he thrust his manhood in and out of Priyanka's cunt. 

Amol could clearly see that even though Zoheb was thrusting his cock in Priyanka's cunt fully, still only half of his cock actually went in her cunt. He must be hitting Priyanka's clit easily with every thrust. He could see long streaks of wet juices flowing out of his wife's cunt and flowing down her back legs are Zoheb fucked her hard.

"Zoheb, come in my cunt darling. Please fuck me harder and come in my cunt. Let me feel the hot sperms in my cunt." Amol watched as his wife's entire body stiffened with pleasure as Zoheb fucked her furiously. Priyanka was wailing loudly as pleasure mixed with pain as Zoheb fucked her furiously. She just stayed there and took every thrust from her lover. Her entire body was covered with sweat as was Zoheb's. He kept pounding Priyanka's pussy hard.

Suddenly Zoheb's hands gripped her ass firmly and his body stiffened. His body shook in spasms as even Amol could smell the salty smell of his semen entering his wife's cunt. He caressed Priyanka's back for few moments as they caught their breath. Then slowly Zoheb withdrew his cock from Priyanka's cunt. Priyanka was still catching her breath as se got up and went in Zoheb's arms and kissed him.

"Oh Zoheb, it was absolutely heavenly. I have never felt so hot in my entire life." She snuggled up to him as they kissed and recovered their breaths.

Suddenly the door bell rang. Priyanka looked towards Amol.

"It must be dinner, isn't it?" Zoheb nodded and kissed her back.

"Amol, can you open the door and get the trolley in? Ask him to leave the trolley and collect it later." Amol went out and opened the door. Zoheb and Priyanka kept touching and caressing each other as they waited the waiter to leave. It was hardly 3 minutes before they heard the door close.

"Amol, is he gone?" Priyanka shouted and Amol replied back that he had gone. Zoheb suddenly lifted Priyanka in his arms and started to walk. Priyanka protested for a moment but then kissed Zoheb on the lips. She continued to kiss till Zoheb reached the room and put Priyanka on the bed.

"Get ready for dinner honey." Zoheb kissed her and then walked towards his room to get dressed.

Amol watched his naked wife as she got up from the bed and walked to the cabinet containing her bag. She pulled out her satin night gown and wore just the inner half on the gown and kept the outer half in the bag. She didn't wear any bra or panties. It surprised Amol as he had often asked her to do it, but she had never agreed for it. But now she just wore the inner and sat down beside him.

"So my darling, did you enjoy what you saw?" Priyanka kissed her husband on cheeks and touched his arm. Amol slowly turned so that he was facing his wife now. He looked at her lovely large breasts and sexy cleavage for he felt like burying his head in her tits.

"Did you enjoy watching Zoheb licking and sucking my tits?" Amol smiled and kissed her as he replied.

"I am happy as long as you are happy daring." Priyanka slowly raised herself so that her breasts were lined up against her husband's face. Amol took the cue and buried his face in her breasts.

"So Amol, now you have one last chance to return. Do you want to stop or do you want to continue? I thought maybe you would have felt disgusted of seeing your wife with someone else in reality. So I agreed and now that it has happened, what do you want to do? We can stop at this moment and go home as husband and wife. " Amol looked up at Priyanka and kissed her lips.

"I wonder what Zoheb will say to that." Priyanka wrapped her hands around her husband's neck and kissed him.

"I think he will understand. But what do you want? Do you still want me with Zoheb? Does it excite you?" But she didn't wait for the answer and looked at her husband's small but erect cock.

"Well your crotch is answering that question. So can I take this as a go ahead?" She smiled as she pointed towards her husband's erection. Amol also laughed and replied.

"Let's spend the entire week end here and then we will see how it goes. What do you think?" Priyanka shrugged and kissed him again.

"I don't have a problem." Amol smiled as he thought about it. Why would Priyanka have a problem? She was getting a real Muslim hunk in her bed.

"So do we agree on continuing?" Priyanka smiled and Amol nodded. She kissed him again and then got down from the bed just as Zoheb walked in the room wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

"Wow, you look so hot in that." Priyanka blushed as she noticed Zoheb's eyes roving on her body. Her gown was hugging her body tightly and her cleavage was clearly visible. She went up to Zoheb and he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him.

Amol watched as Zoheb kissed his wife lustily and his hands slowly stroked her big buttocks.

"Let's have dinner." Zoheb stopped kissing Priyanka and they both came round towards the bed and sat side by side. Priyanka sat between her husband and Zoheb. The dinner was laid out on the table next to bed.

Priyanka put 3 plates on the table, but Zoheb touched her hand.

"Why don't we eat in the same plate Priyanka?" Priyanka smiled and then put one plate back under the table. Then she served the food in 2 plates. She gave one plate to her husband and carried the other plate towards Zoheb. Zoheb backed up a bit on the bed and patted his thigh. Priyanka smiled as she in his lap with plate in her hand. She looked at her husband sitting just beside them.

"So Amol, did you enjoy it? Did you like seeing Priyanka naked with me?" Zoheb asked Amol.

"I don't know. It was awkward but at the same time I felt very hot about it and it excited me." Amol watched as Priyanka slowly took one bite of Roti and fed it to Zoheb. The sight of his wife feeding Zoheb made him drool.

"Well I must say there are lot of guys nowadays who go in for a cuckold relationship. I would say it's quite normal nowadays." Priyanka smiled at Amol.

"I guess that would be pretty normal for guys who have 4 inch cocks, isn't it Amol? Since they can't satisfy their wives, they expect some other real man to do it." Amol was surprised at seeing this comment coming from his wife. She had never behaved rudely with him before. He wondered if he was just trying to humiliate him as part of cuckold act or was she really serious.

Zoheb stroked her hair and kissed her.

"Hey Priyanka, don't say that. Penis size hasn't got anything to do with satisfying your wife." Priyanka laughed and replied.

"Yes, that's the excuse all men give for hiding their inferiority. I bet if you asked a woman, she will say otherwise. At least I will do it. At least for me, it's bigger the better." She laughed heartily.

Then they kept talking to each other although the subject was more general than about sex. But the sight of his wife sitting on Zoheb's lap was making Amol hot and his small cock was throbbing with excitement. Every now and then Zoheb was kissing and touching Priyanka's full breasts and Amol got an erection watching it. Priyanka also kept talking to her husband all the time as they ate. It was some time before they finished eating.

"Amol, ask the room service to clean this table up. Zoheb and I will go to the other room. Once it is cleaned up join us in the other room. " Priyanka gestured at the table containing the plates and food as she got up. Zoheb also got up and then walked with his hands around Priyanka's waist towards the other room. Amol watched his wife's swaying ass and felt a pang of jealousy. But he had started it and now he had to see it to the finish.

He called the room service to clean up. It took them around 10 minutes to come there. During the time, as he waited, he could hear his wife's grunts and moans. Zoheb must be making out with Priyanka. He had never seen his wife so lusty and craving for sex before. He wondered if the room service person will hear it. But as he opened the door, everything went quiet in the other room. After everything was cleaned up, Amol locked the door and knocked the door of the other room. Priyanka asked him to come in.

Amol walked in and stood paralyzed at the sight. Priyanka was kneeling on the floor with bent knees right in front of Zoheb and her face was right between his thighs. She was completely naked and so was Zoheb. Just as Amol walked in, Priyanka smiled up at him and then asked him to sit down on the chair. Amol stood there surprised, but finally obeyed his wife.

Priyanka slowly caressed Zoheb's huge rod with her hands as he groaned at her touch.

"Oh Priyanka, your hands are so soft baby." Priyanka looked up at him as she continued to pump his cock with her hands.

"Kiss it darling. Show your husband what a woman can do if she has the right man." Priyanka looked at her husband for a moment. Amol thought that her look contained only contempt for a moment. Then she turned towards Zoheb and kissed his cock. She closed her eyes and then slowly started to rub her fact against Zoheb's massive cock. Zoheb moved both his hands to Priyanka's large tits and then started mauling them.

"Amol, your wife has the most beautiful tits in the world." He continued to squeeze and knead her nipples as she rubbed her face against his manhood. 

"Stop teasing me Priyanka and now suck it honey. Take me to heaven with your lovely mouth. It's a pleasure that has to be had to believe it. Amol, this is something your wife hasn't given you, right?" Amol noticed a glee in Zoheb's voice as he said it.

"Yes, she hasn't given me a blowjob." Zoheb looked at his crotch and guessed the small size of his penis.

"Well I know the reason why she wouldn't want to suck your cock. It is hardly worth it." Amol felt petrified as Priyanka laughed at this point.

"Of course, why would a woman want to please a 4 inch dick? A woman will please a cock with her mouth because later the same cock is going to give her more pleasure than everything else in the world. But for a 4 inch dick, it just isn't worth the effort." Priyanka looked at her husband. Amol was feeling very embarrassed but at the same time his cock was getting real hard.

Priyanka slowly licked Zoheb's cock with her tongue. Her hands were playing with Zoheb's balls as she kept licking his shaft. She was using just the tip of her tongue rather than taking it in her mouth.

"Oh Priyanka, you are making me so hot. Take me to heaven with your mouth baby. Suck it and take it in your lovely mouth." Zoheb groaned and threw his head back as Priyanka's warm and wet mouth enveloped his manhood.

Amol watched with his cock rock hard as his wife sucked Zoheb's cock hungrily. Her head was moving back and forth on Zoheb's shaft as she sucked him. Even he could hear the slurping noises as Priyanka gave her lover a blowjob that she had always denied to him. 

Zoheb had gripped Priyanka's full breasts with his hands and he was mauling them as she pleasured him with her mouth.

"Priyanka, you are such a hot woman baby. Your husband hardly deserves you. Look at him, he is stroking his pathetic dick while you are sucking dick of another man." Priyanka stopped and looked towards her husband and laughed again. Amol felt very embarrassed but he couldn't stop it. 

Priyanka slowly got up and kissed Zoheb.

"Well, let him have his fun and we will have our darling. Take me to bed darling and fuck me like a woman should be." 

Zoheb slowly pushed Priyanka on the bed. She lied down on the bed on her back and then spread her legs for Zoheb. Zoheb mounted her as she adjusted his monster cock on her cunt lips and slowly rubbed it with his cock.

Priyanka bit her lips and groaned as she felt Zoheb's circumcised tip rubbed against her wet cunt.

"Oh Zoheb, it feels so good. Please don't stop honey." Priyanka moaned with pleasure as Zoheb started to push his cock deeper and deeper in her cunt.

Amol watched as Zoheb moved forward and buried his face in Priyanka's lovely tits. He stroked his small cock as he watched Zoheb taking his wife hard. Priyanka wrapped her legs around Zoheb's waist as he started to fuck her with small and swift strokes.

"Oh God Priyanka, your tits are just wonderful." Zoheb said breathlessly as he sucked on her heavy mounds.

"Zoheb, bite them darling. I want to see your love marks all over my tits and I want Amol to see them. Amol, you would like it, won't you?" Priyanka turned towards her husband and found him stroking his tiny cock.

"Of course he will love it honey." Zoheb was sucking all over her tits as fucked Priyanka. 

Amol watched Zoheb's huge thrusting in and out of his wife's wet hole. Priyanka had wrapped both her legs around Zoheb's waist and she was running his hands on his hairy chest.

"Ah, Ouch, Oh my God. Zoheb, please fuck me harder darling. Your big cock feels so good inside my cunt." Amol was surprised that Priyanka had never talked to him like this when they had sex. But now Priyanka was being very vocal with Zoheb.

The whole bed was creaking and moving as Zoheb fucked Priyanka hard and deep.

"Do you like it Priyanka? Do you like my big cock in you?" Priyanka licked her lips as she nodded.

"Am I better lover than your husband?" Zoheb asked while looking pointed at Amol.

"Hey darling, he is no match for you. You are 10 times better than him. I can't even feel his pathetic small dick in my cunt. He can't even make me moan with pleasure." Priyanka laughed and looked at her husband.

Zoheb buried his face in Priyanka's lovely tits and started to suck them as he fucked her even more furiously. Priyanka also started to thrust her hips back and forth as she tried to match Zoheb's thrusts.

"Ah, Ah, Oh my God. I am coming Darling." Suddenly Zoheb's body stiffened and Priyanka also gripped Zoheb's shoulders tightly as her orgasm came in a flurry. Her wet juices were flowing outside her cunt and were mixing with Zoheb's cum.

Amol watched as his wife shuddered in Zoheb's arms and had her first orgasm in their married life. Zoheb and Priyanka lay there in each other's arms as Priyanka uncoiled her legs.

"Zoheb, don't pull it out yet darling, Let me feel it inside my cunt for some time." Zoheb and Priyanka kissed lustily as Zoheb played with Priyanka's breasts.

"Your breasts are so beautiful honey." Zoheb kissed her tits as Priyanka smiled and then looked at her husband. 

In the excitement of having sex with Zoheb in front of her husband, she hadn't felt anything odd. But now that that excitement was over and she had turned normal, she felt very odd. Amol watched her but she turned her eyes towards the other side.

"Let's dress honey." Zoheb pulled his cock out and then Priyanka got up from the bed and picked up her clothes from the floor.

"Amol, please stay here for few minutes before I dress." Zoheb also got up from the bed and quickly wore his jeans.

Priyanka went to the other room to dress.

Part 2

It had been almost 8 months since Amol and Priyanka had started their bizarre cuckold relationship with Zoheb. Zoheb and Priyanka had met each other during this time on and off. Sometimes they met along with Amol and sometimes without him. Initially Priyanka had been hesitant in presence of her husband, but as the time went on, she had become much more comfortable with her husband's presence and in fact she had become even more open with her lovemaking with Zoheb when Amol was present.

To Amol's surprise and joy, their sex life also had improved dramatically after Priyanka had started her affair with Zoheb. She was now much more responsive and aggressive in sex. She often initiated it and took lead in sex.

Priyanka had also changed her dressing habits dramatically since she had started affair with Zoheb. Before that she had been hesitant to wear sleeveless dresses. Now every time she met Zoheb, she would make sure that she wore sleeveless because Zoheb loved her in it. Also, she started wearing mostly western dresses normally even when she wasn't going to see Zoheb. Earlier she didn't like it much, but now she was wearing tops and tight hugging jeans that showed her curves and voluptuous breasts. She had also joined a health center and in 8 months, her voluptuous figure had got in wonderful shape. Her breasts and thighs were big as ever, but her waistline had become thinner.

It was Friday evening and Amol was watching TV when Priyanka rang the door bell. Amol got up and opened the door. Amol was surprised to see that Zoheb was accompanying his wife.

"Hello Darling, I am sorry I couldn't inform you. Zoheb had called me in the afternoon and wanted to see if we could meet today. I invited him to stay for the week end with us here." Amol wasn't surprised and shocked. He had never expected to see Zoheb come to their home. But here he was now. 

"It's all right. Come in please." He smiled at his wife and then allowed both of them to come inside. Zoheb walked in and Priyanka asked him to make himself comfortable.

"Why don't you guys talk something? I will get ready and then we will go out for dinner." Amol looked at his wife.

"Are we going out for dinner? What about the food you made in the morning?" Priyanka raised her arms in the air as she tied her hair up with a chop.

"Oh, it's in the fridge. We can reheat it later." Priyanka went in the bedroom and then in the bathroom to shower.

"So Amol how was your day?" Zoheb asked as he switched the TV off.

"It was good. What about you?" Amol replied back.

"Oh it was terrific. I just closed a huge deal today. It will be a huge boost to my business. That's why I called up Priyanka and asked her if we could meet to celebrate." Zoheb seemed very pleased with himself.

"That's good. I never really asked you but what kind of business you have?" Amol had often wondered about this.

"Well, I have a group of companies actually. One is in construction. There is one in IT and few others involved in other businesses like catering. Obviously construction is a big cash cow nowadays. But the IT business is also growing rapidly. It has reached turnover of almost 500 Crore recently. That is where we have scored a big deal today. We have got a huge services contract to manage IT services for a huge bank. They are outsourcing their entire IT including hardware, software, and incident management to us." Amol had always known that Zoheb was a big shot, but had never thought that he would be so rich.

"That's pretty impressive. It must be quite a big deal." Zoheb smiled broadly. Amol was wondering how he could have managed all this business so early in life when he was just 31. But then Zoheb was a Bohri Muslim. He must be born rich with silver spoon in his mouth.

"Of course it is huge. I hope you're not awkward when Priyanka invited me to your home. " Amol didn't know what to say.

"No it's all right. Make yourself comfortable." Amol could see his wife coming out of the bathroom now. She had just a towel wrapped around her body. But to his utter surprise, she came directly in the hall.

Priyanka came in the hall and walked directly towards the sofa where Zoheb and Amol were sitting. She was carrying a black bra in her hand as she walked. She looked lustily at Zoheb for one moment. She opened her towel without a word as she showed her shapely body to them and then allowed the towel to fall on the floor. Amol watched his wife's full naked breasts and a desire awakened in him. But Priyanka's eyes were fixed on Zoheb rather than him as she walked towards him.

Zoheb's eyes were fixed on Priyanka lovely tits bobbing up and down as she walked towards him. She walked right to the sofa and then sat down in Zoheb's lap. Amol had never seen his wife behave so lustily before in his life. She raised herself a bit so that her breasts were level with Zoheb's face and then started rubbing them against his face.

"Oh Zoheb, it's been almost a month since we met. My tits have been longing so much to be sucked by you. Please suck them darling." Zoheb didn't really need an invitation and had already buried his face between Priyanka large tits.

"Priyanka, you are so busty. I love your tits baby. I could go on sucking them all night if you want it." Priyanka smiled and replied.

"If you just sucked my tits all night, I would be very disappointed with you. I need much more than that from you darling. My husband hasn't really satisfied me for almost ages now. You are the only one who can satisfy me honey." Priyanka laughed as she looked at her husband. She trembled as she felt Zoheb's rough beard rubbing on her fleshy tits as she sucked on them.

Amol watched with fascination as Zoheb continued kissing and licking his wife's lovely tits as she sat on his lap. Zoheb moved Priyanka's hair from her shoulders and spread it on her back and then started sucking on her left tit. Priyanka moved both her hands around Zoheb's neck and then pulled it harder between her tits. Zoheb's hands were wrapped around Priyanka's chest as he feasted on Priyanka's tits.

Suddenly Zoheb stopped and Priyanka looked at him. She almost seemed disappointed. She tried to rub her breast against Zoheb's face once again.

"What happened darling? Why did you stop?" Priyanka moved a strand of hair that had come on her face. Zoheb kissed her breast for a moment before kissing her lips before replying.

"I want to make your tits even tastier than they already are baby. Do you have some honey?" Priyanka smiled as she imagined Zoheb sucking on her honeyed tits. She turned towards her husband.

"Darling, get us some honey, will you? You always wanted to get involved in this didn't you? Now is your chance." She smirked at her husband. Amol smiled at his wife and then started to go outside the bedroom.

"Hey Amol, also get some ice and cream." Zoheb cut in just as Amol was about to leave the room. Amol turned and then replied.

"All right, I will." Amol went out as Zoheb kissed Priyanka's tits lovingly. Priyanka caressed his hair as he sucked and licked on her tits.

"Zoheb, what did you like in me when you saw me for the first time?" Zoheb smiled and kissed her again.

"I loved your tits, lips and hair. Your tits are so big and gorgeous." Priyanka blushed and slapped him playfully on his chest.

"You men are so bad. All you check out are a woman's tits." Zoheb kissed her neck and replied.

"Well a well endowed woman like you shouldn't have problem with that. You have the loveliest pair of tits in the world and I can't help but admire it." Priyanka laughed.

"Oh I don't have any problem in you admiring them. But right the first time when I opened my web cam for you, you kept staring at my tits and I felt so odd at that." Zoheb rubbed her back with his hands lovingly.

"Yes, but you loved it, didn't you?" Priyanka smiled and kissed him.

"Yes darling, I loved you staring at my tits." It was at this point that Amol walked in with a tray containing honey, cream and an ice trey.

"Zoheb, this is so unfair. I am so completely naked and ready for you and you are fully dressed." Priyanka slowly unbuttoned Zoheb's shirt till it was open and then removed it and threw it on the chair.

"Oh Zoheb, I have missed you so much." Priyanka kissed Zoheb broad and hairy chest as her hands caressed it all over. Amol sat on the sofa once again as he watched his lusty wife shower kisses on Zoheb's chest. He was feeling very jealous now as he looked on Zoheb's muscular and hairy chest. Priyanka had often complained to him that he didn't have any hair on his chest. She was certainly hooked on to Zoheb for that.

Zoheb played with Priyanka's tits as she showered loving kisses on his chest. Meanwhile Priyanka moved her hands to Zoheb's waist and unzipped his pant and removed the button.

She eagerly put her hand inside the pant and shivered as she felt Zoheb's huge member in her hand. They kissed passionately as Priyanka continued to fondle Zoheb's big cock with her soft hands. After a few minutes, Priyanka spoke to Zoheb.

"Let's get this out darling. I can't wait any longer." She slowly started to remove Zoheb's pant as he allowed her to do so. She removed it completely and threw it on the floor and now both Zoheb and Priyanka were completely naked in each other's arms.

Zoheb slowly pushed her till Priyanka lay prostate with her head resting on the arm of the sofa and Zoheb lay on top of her.

"Now Amol, can you come here and pour some honey on your wife's lovely tits? Let me lick it off her tits." Amol smiled as he came towards the sofa and the poured little drops of honey on his wife's tits. He kept dropping honey till her breasts had a line of honey starting her breasts till her belly button.

Priyanka looked lustily at her husband as he did that and then asked him to stop it.

"That's enough darling. I suppose you have got real hot by now." She smiled at her husband and he smiled back.

Zoheb slowly started to lick honey off Priyanka's tits. Priyanka moaned with pleasure as she felt Zoheb's warm tongue on her naked skin. Priyanka closed her eyes and bit her lips as she felt Zoheb's warm and wet mouth envelope around her tit.

"Oh Zoheb, I haven't had any decent sex since we met last time. I can't wait any longer. Please fuck me now baby. Let me feel your boner inside my cunt." She looked at her husband as she said this.

Priyanka slowly spread her thighs while Zoheb adjusted himself so that his cock was pointed at Priyanka's wet cunt. Her body twitched with excitement as she felt Zoheb's huge cock thrusting against her wet cunt. Priyanka slowly moved her hand to touch Zoheb's cock between their bodies and then rubbed it on her cunt.

"Ah, Ah put it in slowly darling. I am not used to big size like yours." Priyanka grimaced as she felt a stab of pain in her cunt as Zoheb entered her. Priyanka bit her lips and then looked at her husband.

"Darling, it looks to me as thought you are enjoying this more than me." Amol looked embarrassed at his wife, but then smiled an indulgent smile.

Zoheb started to fuck Priyanka slowly as she hugged him tightly. Her cunt was dripping wet now and even Amol could hear squishing noises as Zoheb fucked his wife. He was stroking Priyanka's tits as his cock went in and out of Priyanka's cunt.

Priyanka was moaning loudly as waves of pleasure assaulted her cunt and passed in her body.

"Oh Zoheb, when you fuck me like this, I go straight to heaven. Umm, it feels so good." Zoheb kissed her passionately as he fucked her. Priyanka was rubbing Zoheb's back with her hands as he fucked her hard. She could feel Zoheb's circumcised cock almost hitting the base of her cunt. His cock was giving her intense pleasure because it didn't have any skin on its head. It was something she had never experienced with her husband.

"Ah, Oh I love you Zoheb." Priyanka moaned loudly. 

Amol wondered if his wife really meant it. She couldn't really fall in love with a man in 2 sex sessions. He also worried that her loud cries may be heard by neighbors. He watched fascinated as Zoheb and Priyanka's bodies moved in unison. He could clearly see Zoheb's huge cock going in and out of his wife's pussy. His own cock had risen to it best although he knew it was only 4 inches compared to Zoheb's 9 inch monster that was giving pleasure to his wife. He wanted to touch and stroke it, but feared of Priyanka's comment.

Priyanka's eyes were closed and her body was twitching and shaking uncontrollably as Zoheb pounded her pussy hard.

"Oh Zoheb, I am coming honey." She hugged Zoheb hard as her body shook with pleasure and her moist cunt flooded her thighs with juices. Amol smelled his wife's pussy juices strongly than ever.

Zoheb continued to pound Priyanka's cunt for couple of more minutes and then he also flooded Priyanka's cunt with his load. He lay breathlessly on top of Priyanka as he kissed her breast lovingly. Priyanka also kissed his lips and his body as she basked in the orgasm.

"Don't remove it darling. Keep it in me. I like your cock's feel in my cunt." Zoheb hugged her hard and pushed his cock further in her cunt. It was flaccid, but still it was around 6 inch and still went right to the base of Priyanka's cunt.

Priyanka looked at her husband and his face was flushed. Amol had never thought his wife would be so active sexually. She had never asked him to keep his cock in her cunt before. In fact now he understood that it was little taunt for him. His cock was so small that the moment he ejaculated, it would simply come out of her cunt. That was the only reason she was asking Zoheb to keep his cock in her cunt. To show him that even when Zoheb's cock was flaccid, still it could stay docked in her cunt. Zoheb and Priyanka lay in each other's arms for some time stroking and kissing each other.

He got up and went the toilet and quickly relieved himself. When he got back, his wife and Zoheb were still enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies.

Zoheb and Priyanka spent the entire week end fucking like rabbits. Amol wondered if they would ever stop fucking. Finally Sunday evening came and Zoheb decided to leave so he could go to his office the next day. Priyanka almost seemed sorry that Zoheb was leaving and she won't see him for some time again. She kissed Zoheb a long good bye as he left.

Both Priyanka and Amol got in the bedroom. Priyanka sat on the bed while Amol sat beside her.

"So Darling, did you enjoy what you saw?" Priyanka asked her husband. Amol seemed a bit nervous.

"Priyanka, I don't really know darling. It seemed to me that you were very interested in Zoheb than just having sex with him." Priyanka looked at her husband.

"What do you mean by that?" She almost felt angry.

"I mean its ok for you to have sex with him every now and then, but I think spending an entire week end with him is a bit too much for me." Priyanka slowly pushed her husband on the bed.

"Oh, you are just feeling jealous honey, aren't you?" She pushed him till he was lying on the bed and then she slowly got on top of him. Amol touched his wife's bare arms and caressed them.

"Well you keep calling him darling, honey and you keep telling him you love him. And also you keep taunting me for my small size. What do you expect?" Priyanka laughed loudly.

"Amol, come on, what do you expect me to say when I am having sex with him? I will have to call him something. If I have sex with a man, there is going to some emotion in it. I am not a machine that will have sex with Zoheb and not feel a thing about it. I call him Darling and honey because it helps us in sex. And I taunt you for the same reason. It boosts his ego. It doesn't mean a thing after the sex. I am still married to you and I still love you. I don't see any reason for you to feel jealous. Besides, this is only start. Maybe in future I may do 100 more things that will make you even more jealous. So don't feel jealous honey. Just enjoy what you wanted to enjoy. " Amol wondered why he ever started this thing. But even as he thought he knew that he still felt excited about seeing his wife with Zoheb. And he knew that Priyanka was right. He shrugged.

"You are just confused. I know what you need right now." Priyanka leaned over and kissed Amol. She quickly removed her breasts from her satin gown she was wearing and slowly bent forward.

"You are to feel very relaxed after you are done." She winked at Amol and slowly leaned forward till her breasts were hanging just above her husband's face. She slowly rubbed her fleshy mounds on Amol's face.

Amol stiffened a bit but quickly took his wife's large tit in his mouth and started to suck on it. In their married life, his wife's lovely breasts had become his weakness. Priyanka had made him agree to many things in the past when her breasts were in Amol's mouth. Priyanka moaned as Amol's tongue darted on her stiff nipples.

"You know, when you had come to see me for the first time, you were constantly looking at my tits. I felt so awkward. But that's why you married me, isn't it baby? You married me for my lovely big tits, didn't you?" Amol nodded but kept sucking her breasts.

But even as Amol sucked his wife's tits, he noticed the small multitude of bite marks all over her tits caused by Zoheb. It made him even hotter and his small cock started to rise. Priyanka also felt it.

"Uh Uh, Amol, don't even think about it baby. I am very sore after hard fucking with Zoheb. My cunt is still all open and loose and my thighs are still stiff. I can't have sex with you now. But I want you to lick my tits. Look at al the red marks Zoheb has given my tits. Lick all those marks with your tongue honey. Um that's so nice. You mouth feel so warm." Amol kept sucking his wife's tits for some time before Priyanka pulled them out.

"Now that's enough for tonight honey." She stuffed her tits back in her night gown even as Amol started to protest. But Priyanka kissed his lips even before he could say anything. Priyanka got up from the bed. Amol lay in the bed feeling terribly unsatisfied with his cock still erect.

"You should get used to this feeling baby. I really can't have sex with you after Zoheb has fucked me." Priyanka smiled at her husband as she went out of the bedroom.

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