Friday, 26 June 2015

Tit Slave 2

Tit Slave 1

It has been three months since the baby was born. My wife's tits have really gotten big. She uses a special made bra. She measures 48-36-40 now and also lost some weigh after the baby was born. She gave birth to a nine-pound baby boy. He nurses off her milked filled tits five times a day.

The past two weeks, however, the black couple weaned the baby off of my wife's tit milk to a bottle and this has caused her to swell up with unused tit milk. They knew what they were doing to her and had something special for her.

She pleaded with them to milk her but refused her. Her tit milk would seep out of her now almost two-inch nipples constantly. She even begged me to milk her but I refused.

She hadn't been fucked for about two and half months and was horny as hell. I even caught her masturbating one-day. But this didn't help. After getting that big black cock for six months straight, nothing but a big black cock would satisfy her.

Tonight we were invited over to their house and my wife could only image what they were going to do to her.

So off we went with my wife fantasizing what was going to happen and me and my video camera.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Back In The Swing

Sorrell and Mia, best friends since school, were sunning themselves besides Sorrell and Dan's pool which was screened and nestled in a sun-dappled arbour, a part of the well manicured grounds of their comfortable home.

‘Baby is well, how are you getting on Sorrell, its been a pretty traumatic couple of months since she was born, although you've got your figure back quickly and no stretch marks," Mia asked

"Everything has settled down, Kara is fine, I'm well now at my milks is flowing properly now, so the poor little darling isn't starving," replied Sorrell.

The two young women lay in the part shade, each wearing a tan through bikinis that were tiny and insubstantial, only really suitable for private grounds or private viewing. Both women were pretty if not attractive and maintained their slim and curvaceous bodies, although there were the beginnings of a mound below Mia's rib cage.

"And how about you, sweets, what, your 6 months and only just beginning to show, you are glowing, absolutely beautiful," said Sorrell.

Neighborhood Obedience

 My wife and I have just moved to the suburbs after living the country lifestyle for 15 years. We're currently in our mid 30's: my wife is 33, 5'6, 130 lbs, blonde, 36C breasts, and is in good shape due to great genetics and a healthy lifestyle. Me on the other hand, not so much. I'm your normal 36 year old with the 'dad body' even though we don't have children. I'm starting to bald, wear business casual attire on most days, and I'm amazed that I could even pull Cindy in college (my wife, I'm Steve). To top it all off I have 5" cock and though my wife as always reassured me that it was enough, I have always wondered if she meant it.

Cindy and I met back in college. I was much more studly back then as I was a student athlete while Cindy was your typical cheerleader. We met during her sophomore year and we never looked back. I've been with only 2 women up to that point while Cindy already had her fair share of men by the time we've met. When I first met her, she was dating one of my teammates who was tall, muscular, and black. I never knew why they broke up but we ended up meeting at a party sometime after their breakup and really hit it off. Fast forward through college, we got married shortly after graduating and my career took off from there. Cindy followed me around the country taking part time jobs here and there, allowing me to focus on my career. Which leads me to now.

While moving into our new house, our neighbors came out to greet us and help. His name was Mike and his wife's name was Cheryl. They were both black, the only black couple on our street, and they were in their early 40's. First thing I noticed was they were a very beautiful couple. Mike was tall, very muscular, and talked with a deep voice. Cheryl was also in shape (about equal to Cindy), slightly taller than me at about 5'11, and had a 36D breasts. They helped us unload the rest of our things from the moving truck and invited us to swim at their pool. We gladly accepted.

Down By the Lake

We were out in the woods, running free as if we were teenagers again. Well we weren't much older than teenagers but just the same, it felt good to be free of all restrictions if just for a while. We had the entire weekend out here to ourselves. We could do whatever we wanted out by the lake.

I looked over to Brooke, who was sitting down by the water's edge. Next to her was our car with camping gear piled outside of it atop a jumbled mess of a tent. Brooke was my High School crush, always just out of reach for me. It took more courage than I think I'd ever had in my life to stand up and ask her out on that last day of school. And it turned out just fine. Here were the two of us, a married couple with a nice house and good jobs, ready to start a family.

She was gorgeous, of course. She was wearing these short cargo shorts that teased mercilessly and a thin white t-shirt that covered, well, nothing really. I could see her back very well from this angle. There was no bra, no straps to obscure. She knows it tortures me when she played hard-to-get. She really does enjoy it.

I walked over to the shore, over by my wife and sat down next to her. She was staring out at the other edge of the lake where a family was packing up to set out. We would be alone for the next few days with this lake as ours. I looked over at Brooke again, up and down and focused in on her breasts. It was always her breasts that put me over the edge.

Dirtying up the Virgin Beach

Carnival weekend in Ecuador is a time when most people take advantage of the Friday, Monday and Tuesday off to go to travel, relax, and usually go to one of the countless beaches on the Ecuadorian coast. I have the unfortunate taste of loving the beach, but hating other people. I try to go on vacation when others don't have free time, and with my strange work schedule, this is usually possible. However, Carnival is one break I have that coincides with the rest of the country's. David and I were in desperate need of a vacation, but were short on funds and really didn't want to deal with the crowds, vendors, bad music on full blast, drunken teenagers, trash everywhere, and upped prices that come with beaching during national holidays. Despite being in our twenties, sometimes our preferences make us seem like old grumpy hermits. We were resigned to our usual resort of holing ourselves up in our apartment with good food, good movies, good music, good books, and the occasional pizza delivery for the long weekend. 

A few days before we closed off our doors to the outside world, we got a serendipitous message from Leo, a friend and coworker: "Diana, do you and David want to come with me to the coast to visit a friend of mine? She lives on a completely remote beach near Esmeraldas, and would only charge $12 a night for a bed and 3 meals. If you're interested, make sure to bring flashlights; they don't have electricity or running water."

It sounded too good to be true! An isolated paradise, a chance to be completely disconnected from the rest of the world for a few days, and completely affordable! I immediately called to David to ask if he'd be up for the adventure, which of course he accepted immediately. We gathered up the flashlights, bathing suits, the guitar, some toilet paper, and other such necessities in preparation for an amazing trip. 

Mother's Milk

Candy's mind seemed to be at peace today as she looked at the clothes in the shop,it had been such a long time since she had enjoyed time to look and feel new clothes on her body without someone hurrying her up. She sighed with self-indulgent pleasure as she touched the silky evening dress and wondered if she should try it on. Julia one of the women in the mother's club she belonged to was looking after the children today and Candy smiled some more. Just having the other women around had made such a difference to her life in all the most important ways she could think of .
Each of them took turns to take care of the children so that the others could have a day to themselves and of course there were the times once a week when they would get together and enjoy such fantastic activities. Her partner wondered what had turned his once tired, worn out wife into a virago of sexual power and of dominance. Candy had discovered that she enjoyed being the one in charge, in deciding what to do and he had quickly decided that if that made her want more sex he was not going to stop her from being the dominant one in the bedroom. Deciding not to buy the dress she left the shop and wandered along the shopping mall noticing as she walked by the slight woman who seemed to be having difficulty with a crying baby as tried to breast feed.

As she came nearer there was something familiar about the voice of the woman that intrigued her.

"Please take it baby, please," the woman desperately pleaded to the baby as she tried to force her milky teat between his lips.

"Can I help you?"

Overnight Bus

Waiting in the empty passengers' lounge of the long distance bus terminal, for over half an hour, on a chilly January night made me jittery. I had to attend a court case on the next day and for that I had to travel alone for the first time. It would be a long distance, overnight, bus journey and I did not have a reservation. Dumbstruck, I was blaming my luck, why on earth it had fallen on me; someone else should have been assigned for the job, however, I was aware about the reasons. Technically, I was the most suitable person in the office; I dealt the file all along, it was with me for months and I knew the facts of the case better than anyone else. But the date for a court case is always intimated well in advance. What the departmental counsel told my boss over phone was crap and pure lies; no correspondence had been made and no advance intimation about the date had come from his end. It was intimated just today, and that too had been over phone, but I could not convince my boss that there was no advance intimation and that I did not have prior knowledge about the date. As a result, all my pleadings fell on deaf ears; he did not consider that it would be next to impossible to get a rail or bus reservation in such a short time, nor did he consider the dangers of sending a young woman alone on such a long journey.
I had no escape from his onslaught but had some faint hope that my husband could arrange at least for a bus reservation since he had some connections with the providers of bus service. He came with me to arrange for the last minute reservation and to see me off. I was waiting for him in the passengers' lounge for half an hour; most of the buses had already left by then and at 8:30 pm, the last bus was preparing to depart. With no sign of his return, I was getting more impatient with each passing minute. All of my repeated rings on his mobile went unanswered. He picked up my last call and informed me that he managed the reservation, but it did not reduce my tension. On returning from the office, I did not have much time left for getting ready. In a hurry, I wore just a woollen cardigan over a sari, underestimating the evening chill. Now I shivered, standing in the open areas of the passengers' lounge, regretting that I wore a thin sari instead of pants or jeans, which would have been more comfortable for the journey, I just knew the cardigan would not be enough for the night.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


The trip on a Thursday to Annapolis took over fourteen hours so the two couples left early that morning. They planned on driving until they were all tired and finding a motel on the way. Tom and Jack had only been out of college for a couple of years and had married their college sweethearts Amy and Ellie. Tom and Amy sat in the back.
"Let's stop somewhere that has a nice pool," Ellie directed to her husband Jack who was driving. After a long week at the office she needed to unwind and since her ex-college roommate was getting married they all had planned on getting smashed and having a wild time.

"Are you all sure you want to share a room?" Amy asked for the third time. Of the four she was the most conservative.

"Yes......we can save some money," Tom replied. "Besides we've all shared a tent during our camping trips."

"Yes but sleeping in your clothes in a sleeping bag is different than nearby beds in a motel room," Amy thought. She glanced over at Ellie's slim and trim body and was envious because her own weight had increased over fifteen pounds since her wedding.

The trip took longer since they got stuck in some bad traffic along the Pennsylvania Turnpike so by the time they rolled into Harrisburg it was getting dark. "Let's stop here," Jack said as he pulled the SUV into the Holiday Inn lot. "The sign says HBO and a pool."

Awesome Foursome

This is the story of an event that happened along time ago -- 1994 if my memory serves me right. It was when I was about 21, at University, and exploring my sexuality. This event was a quantum leap in that exploration, like Columbus discovering the new world.
I had a regular boyfriend at the time, his name was Chris. We had been dating for about eight months and had been having sex for about six of those. I had been on the pill for most of those six months as Chris didn't really like wearing a condom. We had been getting more and more adventurous in our sex life and two weeks prior Chris had fucked my virgin asshole. While it certainly hurt at first, he was patient and I started to like the feeling before he came inside me. We had anal sex again on a number of different occasions and on the last occasion I had cum as he fucked my asshole from behind and I rubbed a vibrator over my enflamed clit.

While Chris and I were not living together, we spent most nights together at either of our abodes. Chris shared his house with a much older guy John, he was in his late forties and had been married and divorced three times. John now had a number of what he termed "part-time girlfriends", a collection of about half a dozen women that he seemed to successfully juggle and who seemed under no misapprehension that they he was their one and only. I did notice that one woman Yvonne seemed to be there a bit more than the others. She was short and a little bit overweight, but she had a big chest and dressed very elegantly.

Chris and John's bedrooms had a common wall and on a number of nights that I was there, the sounds of vigorous fucking emanated from Johns' room. I found this disconcerting at first, but after a few nights I admitted to Chris that I found it arousing. Nonetheless, I felt a bit self conscious at my tender age then and when Chris and I had sex there I tried to do it when John was out.

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